The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“Smoke From an Old Flame”

Amy jumped out of her seat the second she saw Dawn come down the escalator into the baggage claim area, looking as though she hadn’t aged a day in the last three years. “Dawn! Dawn Louise Gracen!” she called out, unable to stop a trace of her old accent from creeping in. She hadn’t been back to North Carolina since the day she graduated from Chapel Hill, but somehow seeing Dawn made the time fall away.

She got to the bottom of the escalator just after Dawn did, and enfolded her old friend in a ferocious hug. “Aren’t you just a sight for sore eyes,” she said warmly.

Dawn leaned into the hug, returning the embrace with an equal intensity. “And they are sore,” she whispered into Amy’s ear. “They’re simply aching with the effort of keeping them open, when you know how badly you want to let them slip shut and sink deep into a soft, obedient trance like the good girl you are. The strain makes your beautiful brown eyes burn and your eyelids flutter, makes you sag into my soft, warm body for support...because you’re so sleepy now, so deeply exhausted that you don’t know how you can possibly stand on your own. You want to sink down, deeper down, helpless to my will all over again, my beautiful good girl.”

Amy didn’t have time to realize just how much she’d been hoping Dawn would do this to her over the weekend. She didn’t have time to realize just how much she’d missed this feeling since the day she and Dawn ended things. She didn’t even have time to meet Dawn’s deep, storm-blue eyes with her own. The wash of drowsiness, arousal and nostalgia swept through her so quickly that all she could do was let out a tiny sigh and lean gently into her old lover’s arms in a way that only a very interested observer would recognize as a slump.

“That’s right, pretty girl,” Dawn whispered, the tickle of breath on Amy’s ear sending tiny shivers down her spine. “You’re so well trained. I’m so proud of you. It didn’t even take you an instant to remember exactly what you were programmed to do.” She reached down and took Amy’s hand in her own, lifting it only slightly before letting it drop down to her side. Amy sighed deeply, remembering all the times when the sensation of her arm dropping anchored her even deeper into the endless, whirling trance.

Amy felt her other arm slip helplessly down, leaving her held in Dawn’s arms. It made her feel deliciously helpless, and her head dropped another fraction of an inch as she felt herself losing the will to hold it up. Dawn’s long blonde hair brushed against Amy’s nose, and she inhaled deeply to catch the other woman’s scent. She was shocked at just how familiar it was—three years hadn’t dimmed the memory of it even a little. “No need to think, beautiful sweet girl. All you need to do is remember and obey, and remembering makes it so much easier to obey.” Amy felt her nipples harden with every slow, lazy breath, and she swayed just slightly against Dawn in an effort to feel the other woman’s body against hers.

“Not just yet, beautiful,” Dawn said before the sway could become a grind. Amy heard the smile in her voice. Her body stopped moving in response to the command. “Not with so many people. Soon, my good girl, you can sink deeper and feel everything. You want that, don’t you, my blank and obedient pet?”

Amy murmured a “yes” in response. It came out mostly as a whimper, but she knew Dawn would understand. Dawn had gotten very used to interpreting Amy’s moans and whimpers over the course of their relationship, and she clearly hadn’t forgotten a thing since they last saw each other.

“Good girl,” Dawn whispered in her ear. “Eyes open, now, still in deep trance.” Amy’s eyelids drifted upward, but her mind couldn’t really process anything she saw. The only thing that she was really aware of was Dawn’s words in her ear and Dawn’s hand holding hers.

“Walk with me, pet,” Dawn said. Reluctantly, Amy broke the embrace, and followed along behind Dawn’s gently tugging hand. “Where are you parked?” Dawn asked.

“C4, Red Lot,” Amy sighed out. It seemed so easy to answer Dawn’s questions, so easy to follow her commands. Only thinking for herself or moving of her own volition felt like an impossible effort right now. She felt dreamily passive, perfectly willing to act only on command even though she wanted to tackle Dawn to the ground right there in the airport and grind against her until they both came so fucking hard...

“Good girl,” Dawn said, interrupting Amy’s train of thought like a hand brushing through a spider web. “Follow.”

Amy followed. She felt as though time melted away with each step like the last three years were nothing but a dream, and she was waking again to the inexorable truth: Dawn was her Mistress, and Amy obeyed. Amy could do nothing but obey. Amy was Dawn’s perfect good girl, her hot and horny pleasureslut, and everything else was just a flight of fancy.

It had seemed so sensible at the time. They were both being responsible adults; with Amy taking a demanding production job in New York, and Dawn jumping into an editorial post for the Austin Chronicle, it just didn’t seem workable to carry on a relationship. Both of them knew the commitments their new jobs would require, and both of them had always been ambitious and devoted to journalism. That passion had drawn them together to begin with. It had seemed like the right thing to do, parting as friends and enjoying the memories of their time as lovers.

But now? Now Amy couldn’t imagine how she’d endured three minutes without feeling like this, let alone three years. Her hand felt feverish where it touched Dawn’s, and only Dawn’s control kept Amy from fingering herself right there in the elevator as it descended towards the parking ramp. Amy had no self-control at all; she had blissfully given every bit of control up to her Mistress in the instant Dawn spoke to her again. She ached for Dawn’s touch on her nipples, Dawn’s tongue on her clit. It was all she could think about.

Dawn made sure of that. “You’re going to come so hard,” she whispered in Amy’s ear. She grabbed Amy’s dark brown hair—shorter than the last time they were together but still long enough to get her fingers through—and pulled Amy in for a slow, lascivious kiss. Amy quivered with arousal and her eyelids almost fluttered shut again despite her Mistress’ command. “I hope that townhouse of yours has very thick walls, little pleasureslut, because I’m going to make you scream all night long. We both know that hot, tight, sexy little quim of yours has been doing all the thinking for you ever since you laid those sleepy eyes on me, and I’m going to give it the good, hard fucking it needs.”

Amy couldn’t help herself; she let out a low, husky moan that gave away her undisguised lust to anyone within earshot. But the only person who heard was Dawn, and her only response was to grin wickedly and graze her lips across Amy’s earlobe. “Good girl,” she said as the elevator doors opened. “Good girl.”

The walk through the parking lot lasted an agonizing eternity for Amy. She felt like her clothing had become too tight. The urge to pull it off was almost unbearable. Her thoughts circled endlessly around memories of night after night of relentless pleasure, unsure whether she was remembering or fantasizing all the different ways that Dawn drew out every ounce of sensation from her body. She had no idea how long it was before they finally made it to the car. She waited for Dawn to wake her so they could drive home, but instead Dawn guided her around to the passenger side.

“” Amy muttered, her hazy mind unable to express her confusion in anything more than the simplest terms. Her fingers fumbled for the keys more out of instinct than anything else.

“I memorized the directions, pet,” Dawn replied, gently prising the car keys from Amy’s unresisting fingers. “You’re not going to spend a second out of trance, love, not until I will it. And this isn’t worth waking over. Is it, pet?”

Amy let out a sigh of relief. “,” she responded. It felt so good to respond. It felt so good to sink into the passenger seat once Dawn opened the door for her. It felt so good to relax into the cushion, her body freed of all its demands and allowed to rest completely at last.

Dawn’s body brushed sensually against hers as the other woman buckled Amy into her seat. Amy felt the erotic warmth, and heard the click. Her body bucked briefly against the restraints, reveling in the tightness and the pressure that reminded her that she couldn’t move freely anymore and it was by Mistress’ will. Amy moaned openly now, no longer caring if anyone heard her in the brief moments before the door closed.

She heard more than saw the passenger door slam shut, and the driver’s side door open and shut again a few moments later. The engine started, but before the car shifted into gear, Dawn reached over and held Amy’s wrist in her hand for a long moment. She lifted Amy’s limp arm, then pulled back Amy’s skirt to reveal her already-moist panties. “Just the way I want you, my sweet little slut,” Dawn said. “Deep and helpless and aroused...” She placed Amy’s hand against her own crotch. “And frozen.”

Amy whimpered as the command took effect. She could feel the heat and dampness slowly soaking through the sheer fabric onto her fingers, but she couldn’t move a muscle. Dawn pressed down a little, so that Amy’s hand pressed against her sensitive pussy hard enough to turn her on even more, but not nearly hard enough to come close to satisfy her growing lust. She felt the vibrations of the engine as the car started up, but the motion just drove her even wilder with need.

“Eyes closed, pet,” Dawn said. Amy didn’t even remember closing them. She just knew that at some point, she must have obeyed. “Deeper and deeper. Lost in my power. Lost in my will. Surrendering so completely now.” Amy felt Dawn’s fingers flickering across her skin, brushing the sensitive flesh of her thighs and caressing her neck. “And it’s so easy. Your resistance already flowing out of your sweet pretty slavecunt onto your fingers, fingers that obey my commands so perfectly...”

It said a lot about how strong Dawn’s hold over her was, even after all these years, that Amy’s hips remained still. In her mind, they bucked and thrusted involuntarily under the surges of arousal that Dawn’s words awoke, but her body remained perfectly still. The desire and need poured out through her mouth instead, as she groaned with reckless abandon.

“Good girl!” Dawn cooed, her touch tracing its way down Amy’s earlobe and tickling its way down Dawn’s jawline. “Good, good girl. So needy, so lost in arousal. Just the way I want you, little pleasureslut. You’re going to be so horny by the time I finally let you come. Your mind is going to leak right out of your slutty pussy. You’re going to beg me to bring you off again and again and again...”

Dawn reached out and tweaked Amy’s nipples, and her groans turned to yelps. “And do you know what, pleasureslut?” Dawn said. “I just might do that. I just might make you come for me until you beg me to stop. What do you think of that, my sweet girl?”

“Nnnnh!” Amy wasn’t sure if she was really supposed to answer, and any answer she might have had vanished in a swirl of pleasure as Dawn lifted Amy’s hand up to chest height, then let it drop back down onto her sensitive pussy with an audible smack. The jolt of sudden, intense sensation almost triggered her first orgasm right there in the car, but Amy was too well-trained to come without permission.

The sudden understanding of just how easily she’d fallen back into obedience triggered another dizzying dance along the edge of orgasm before Amy settled back into her haze of arousal. She realized that she was openly panting now. She wondered loosely how much longer the car ride was going to be. Time didn’t have any meaning anymore, except for the wait to be naked and horny before her Mistress and that was never going to be short enough.

Dawn slipped her hand inside Amy’s panties for just a moment, eliciting a squeal of pleasure as she slid them along slick and slippery flesh, then she just as quickly withdrew them. A moment later, Amy breathed in the scent of her own juices. “Smell that, pet,” Dawn husked out. “Breathe in your own arousal and let yourself spiral deeper and deeper into it. Every breath makes your pussy wetter and wetter, and the more aroused you get the more mindless you get, and the more mindless you become the more aroused you are. So hot, so slick, so wet, your clit aching for my touch...”

Amy didn’t know that she was drooling until Dawn wiped it away from the corner of her mouth. Her fingers brushed across Amy’s lips, and Amy sucked at them eagerly. Her own salty taste made her pussy surge with heat. “Soon, my sweet slut,” Dawn whispered in Amy’s ear. “Soon.” There was a clicking sound, and Amy felt the seat belt release. The car had stopped at some point. Amy didn’t know when.

“Eyes open and follow,” Dawn said, taking her hand. Amy’s eyelids fluttered upward again, her eyes even more glassy and unfocused than before. The car door was open, and Dawn stood outside; Amy tried for a moment to remember when that had happened, but it was too much like work to think. It didn’t matter. If her Mistress had wanted her to know, she would have told her. The only important thing was to obey.

Amy drifted to her feet and followed Dawn out of the garage. At Dawn’s prompting, she pointed out the key that unlocked the door leading to the interior of the house. At Dawn’s command, she mumbled out directions to the bedroom. The throb in her pussy almost drowned out the sound of her voice in her own ears.

Dawn guided her to the bed and sat her down. Then she brushed her hand over Amy’s eyes, and they slipped shut gratefully. “Good girl,” Dawn said. “You obeyed perfectly.” Amy shivered all over.

Amy sat there for a long moment, reveling in her own helplessness. She felt totally passive, utterly without will. Her clothes felt unbearably constricting, and she longed for the moment when Dawn would command her to strip...or when she ripped Amy’s clothes off herself.

Even that was proof of her submission. Dawn could keep her like this for hours if she wanted, trembling with arousal and unable to even move without being commanded. She could make Amy watch, eyes open as Dawn pleasured herself. She could hold Amy like this forever if she desired.

It made Amy so fucking hot. She felt sexier fully clothed in front of Dawn than she had naked in front of some of her other lovers. She wanted so bad to be naked, but at the same time her desire to obey was greater still.

“Good girl,” Dawn whispered. Her fingers tangled into Amy’s hair, drawing Amy’s head down to her chest. Amy’s mouth opened wide as Dawn’s nipple brushed against her lips, then closed once more as she began to suckle. “So helpless now, can’t even speak, can’t possibly resist because all you can do is listen and suck...” Amy moaned loudly into Dawn’s breast.

“Can’t resist the power of my hypnotic breasts, pleasureslut. Feel how they make you hot...and slick...and wet...” Amy felt Dawn’s hands hooking into the waistband of her panties, peeling away the damp fabric to leave her sticky, dark thatch of pubic hair open to the cool air. “Every word I speak goes deep into your sleepy mind, programming you to be more and more obedient. More and more helpless. More and more mine.”

Amy felt Dawn’s fingers slide deep into her slick pussy, and she groaned her pleasure into Dawn’s titflesh. She clenched around them hungrily, greedily, but she was so wet that they pushed in and out with almost no resistance. “This is mine.” Dawn’s hand cupped Amy’s vulva possessively, one finger pistoning in and out. Amy’s moan was a sustained howl now, muffled only by Dawn’s heavy breasts. “I own it.” The heel of Dawn’s hand ground rhythmically against Amy’s clit. “Just like I own you.”

Amy gasped out her agreement, but it only came out as a muffled grunt around Dawn’s deliciously stiff nipple. Her tongue slid ceaselessly over the warm, moist flesh, her mouth opened wide to suckle at as much of Dawn’s breast as she could. “Good girl,” Dawn husked out, still pumping her finger into Amy’s cunt. “Feel all your resistance leaking out of that slutty pussy onto my fingers. You can’t resist me, can you?”

Amy’s eyes flew open as Dawn tugged sharply backwards at Amy’s hair, pulling her free of Dawn’s breast. “Can you?” she repeated.

“No, Mistress,” Amy panted, her response utterly instinctual. She didn’t know how to think anymore, only agree.

“Good girl,” Dawn said. Her smile was almost cruel. “Come.”

Amy’s grunts dissolved into a high, wordless shriek as her body shook in the throes of a powerful orgasm. She heard Dawn whispering in her ears, but her mind couldn’t register the words. All she could do was feel the pleasure that gripped her like a giant fist and refused to let go. Every time she thought she was going to calm down, Dawn’s hand stimulated her pussy and she hit another crescendo of bliss. She didn’t know how long she came. She didn’t know what Dawn programmed her with while she squealed in helpless delight. All she knew was that she was coming and coming and coming and it felt so fucking good!

And then Dawn’s fingers slid out of her cunt, triggering another peak of shivery bliss as they left. Amy felt herself sink even deeper into trance as the dreamy afterglow merged with the blank emptiness of hypnosis, leaving her even more malleable to Dawn’s will. Just like Dawn had planned. Just like Amy had ached for. She sat on the bed, swaying slightly. Only Dawn’s control held her upright and prevented her from slumping onto the mattress. She stared straight ahead, seeing nothing.

Then Dawn ripped open Amy’s blouse and pulled it down to her wrists, scattering buttons all over the room and trapping Amy’s hands behind her back.

“Look what I found,” Dawn said, her voice alight with wicked glee. She deftly unhooked Amy’s bra and pulled it free, throwing it to the floor with heedless abandon. “My sweet little slut’s beautiful breasts. You missed the way I touch them, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Amy purred out, her head lolling as Dawn stroked the soft flesh of her tits. Her eyelids fluttered as Dawn’s fingernails traced their way down the silky skin to halt teasingly just at the edge of Amy’s aureolae.

“Good girl,” Dawn said. “You were born for this. Born to obey. Born to be mine.”

“...born to be yoursss...” Amy’s mouth hung open, her words slurred as a trickle of drool ran down the corner of her mouth. The endless teasing touches were melting her mind, leaving her floating in pleasure. It felt different from before, less needy; the first orgasm had taken the edge off of her hunger for sex, but in its place it left a mellow blankness that felt irresistible. Amy felt so utterly passive now that she couldn’t even remember what thinking felt like. All she wanted to do was accept, comply, submit.

Dawn ran her fingers slowly, teasingly along Amy’s collarbone. Slowly, they traced their way down the sensitive flesh to caress Amy’s breasts again, then departed. Amy shivered, feeling her nipples tighten in anticipation. “I own these, too, beautiful. Don’t I?”

“yes, Mistress,” Amy replied blankly. She’d forgotten how deep Dawn could take her. She’d forgotten how open she could be, listening to Dawn’s words and feeling them settle into her empty mind like a blanket of snow settling over an empty field. Every thought was covered with Mistress’ will, enfolding her mind with perfect totality.

“Good girl,” Dawn said, stroking rapidly along the pale expanse of Amy’s breasts again and again until Amy gasped with the bliss of it. There were no distractions from the pleasure. There was no escape from it. All Amy could do was feel. She didn’t even think about obedience anymore; she only obeyed. “You obey.”

“i obey.” The words were automatic. Amy didn’t think about them at all.

“You obey.” Dawn punctuated the words with a brief suck at Amy’s left nipple, just long enough for her to register the warmth and the wetness.

“i obey,” Amy sighed out. The pleasure felt like a fog, thickening all around her. Every time she breathed in, she inhaled the trance and the obedience and the pleasure. It became a part of her, as though her erogenous zones now extended far beyond her actual skin.

“You obey.” This time, the right nipple received Dawn’s blessing. The hot, wet kiss lingered longer this time, building Amy’s arousal even further. She felt herself leaking onto the bedspread, her wetness obvious to her Mistress’ gaze.

“i obey,” she repeated. She didn’t know how many times she’d said it. She felt timeless, as though her past had joined her body in fading into the endless haze of pleasure. It kept getting thicker, stronger, almost obscuring her vision completely now. Her eyes were wide open, but all she could see was the fog in her mind.

“You obey.” Dawn reached back and twisted the improvised bonds that held her wrists, tugging at them—not painfully, just enough to remind her that she was held. That she was helpless. That she was bound.

“i obey,” Amy whimpered. It wasn’t until she heard her own voice, trembling with arousal, that she realized how close to orgasm she really was. Dawn gently caressed Amy’s breasts again, holding the blouse tighter as Amy felt her body begin to shudder involuntarily.

“You obey.” Both of Dawn’s hands moved to Amy’s breasts, now. She flicked at Amy’s nipples, each touch drawing another tiny whimper from Amy’s throat. Amy had long ago lost track of her surroundings. The world had narrowed to her Mistress’ touch...or perhaps Mistress’ touch encompassed her entire world. She didn’t know the difference anymore.

“i obeyyyy...” Amy heard her speech slurring now, and knew that the pleasure had built to the ragged edges of orgasm. Her head swayed back, sank forward, but she didn’t notice. All she knew was how good she felt. All she knew was that endless touch, those tiny kitty licks along the flesh of her breasts. She couldn’t come yet, she knew that with the same certainty that she knew she couldn’t fly or breathe underwater, but the pleasure kept growing and growing beyond anything she could bring to herself. Alone, she would have lost control ages ago, going over the edge into orgasm. But Mistress could keep her here, in this haze of bliss that was somehow beyond orgasm, forever if She chose. Because Amy obeyed.

“You obey.” It felt like Dawn was reading her mind, when she spoke the words. Amy experienced an almost religious awe at Mistress’ understanding of her, at Mistress’ power over her. Amy’s entire being belonged to Mistress. Amy’s entire world had become Mistress. She was exactly what Mistress wanted her to be, a pure and perfect slave to the ultimate devotion and pleasure that engulfed her. She was the pleasure and it was her, just as Mistress wanted it.

“I obey!” Amy heard the desperation in her own voice, the ache for a final consumation of the endless bliss. “I...obey! I...obey! I...obey!” The words spilled out, an endless babble of mindless obedience that Amy could only pray met with her Mistress’ approval. “I...obey! I...obey!” Each word took up its own breath as Amy gasped again and again, her arousal so deep and complete that she panted helplessly. And always, endlessly, Mistress caressed her sensitive flesh almost past the point of endurance. Her fingers knew just when to brush at Amy’s nipples, when to slowly trace along the skin of her tits. Mistress no longer needed to remind her of the bonds. Amy felt them constantly as she writhed helplessly on the bed.

“Good girl,” Dawn said at last. Amy didn’t know how many times she’d repeated her mantra. It was ingrained into her mind now like a channel carved by a river through soft earth. “Good girl. Come.”

The words were punctuated with a firm, almost painful grip on Amy’s nipples, a final and intense stimulation that combined with Mistress’ command to send Amy over the edge into ultimate ecstasy. Everything blurred and tightened into a starburst of pleasure that radiated from her breasts deep down into her pussy, making her clit throb in orgasm without even being touched. Amy didn’t know how long the orgasm lasted. Time had stopped so that she could feel it for as long as Mistress wanted. She skimmed from one peak to the next without even noticing the troughs, aware of nothing but touch. It was only when she finally came down that she felt the hoarseness in her voice and realized she’d been screaming. It was only when she slumped into Dawn’s arms that she realized that every muscle in her body had been tensed with bliss. It was only when she spiraled down into deeper darkness that she realized her eyes had closed.

She might have lay there for minutes or hours. Deep trance slipped so easily into light sleep that Amy wasn’t even sure if she was awake. The next thing she remembered was a plastic straw being pressed to her mouth. “Drink, pet,” Dawn cooed in her ear, and Amy sat up just a little so that she could sip gratefully at what turned out to be ice water.

“Good girl,” Dawn whispered, petting Amy’s hair gently as she drank. “We have to make sure you stay hydrated, don’t we? You’re gushing all over the place, and there’s so much more pleasure to come...and that lovely mouth has so many more screams of pleasure in it. Wouldn’t want it going so hoarse that you couldn’t beg me for more, would we?”

Amy mumbled around the straw as she drank. Her head still felt fuzzy and light, and she knew she wasn’t anything close to awake. Dawn’s gentle caresses of her hair and her soft whispers lulled her insistently back into trance before she could decide whether or not she wanted to wake up. When Dawn removed the straw from her lips, she slumped bonelessly into Dawn’s embrace. Loosely, she wondered what had happened to the rest of her clothes, but the question slipped away like sand out of the top of an hourglass.

“There we go, pet,” Dawn purred, running her hand possessively over the swell of Amy’s hip. “All rested, refreshed, and ready for more...aren’t you, my sweet little slut?” She patted Amy’s pussy sharply, forcing a gasp from her lips.

“y-yes, MistrESSSS!” Amy’s halting, slurred reply dissolved into a yelp as she felt an ice cube brush across first one nipple, then the other. The shock of it drove everything else out of her head; what had been a loose, scattered train of thought turned into an absolute focus on the intense cold focused on her sensitized breasts.

“Oh, good girl!” Dawn husked out. She kissed Amy savagely, slipping her tongue into Amy’s mouth and duelling her tongue with Amy’s own. “So beautiful! You shiver magnificently, pleasureslut. You show every sensation so perfectly.” She slid the ice over Amy’s shuddering skin, leaving a trail of freezing cold water behind it to evaporate in the breeze from the ceiling fan. “Your body is like an open book to me, pet, and I love every word of it.”

The ice trailed its way down Amy’s belly, down towards the intimate nest of her pubic hair. Amy shook in anticipation, knowing what was coming but unable to do anything other than open herself up to her Mistress’ touch. She let out moan after low, juddering moan as Dawn’s hand slowly approached her vulva.

No matter how much she thought she had steeled herself, the touch of the ice cube against her pussy lips made her squeal in surprise. The chill was relentless, fizzing against the heat of her sex and intensifying every sensation. Dawn never left the ice anywhere long enough to numb her flesh; instead, it moved to startle and shock her in a new, equally intimate spot. And then, just as she thought she could take no more, Dawn’s fingers spread her cunny wide so that the ice cube could glide over her throbbing clit.

“Ayiiiihhhh!” Amy couldn’t help herself. The electric mix of cold against her heat woke every nerve in her cunt, causing her hips to buck into the air as though a current was running through her. The ice cube moved away, but the sensitivity remained.

“Oh, my poor sweet...” Dawn said, her voice dripping with secret delight. “Too cold? Let me warm it up for you.” The bed rustled gently as Amy felt Dawn’s pussy grind into hers.

Everything that had been touched by cold now felt feverishly warm. Amy felt like she was aware of every single nerve where Dawn’s body pressed against hers, each one reveling in its own unique sensation. Dawn’s pubic hairs danced along Amy’s skin, tickling flesh that had already been stimulated beyond reason, while the slick musk that trickled out of Dawn’s pussy mingled with Amy’s own juices and slowly dripped down their thighs onto the bed.

“Oh, fuck yes,” Dawn moaned, and Amy’s arousal spiked to see her Mistress lose her veneer of calm and control and give in to her obvious and aching need. “Oh, fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck fuck fucccccckkk...” Amy felt Dawn’s stiff, throbbing clit rhythmically grinding into her own. Over and over, Dawn’s clit rubbed against hers, pulling away for moments so that their clits could slip and tickle against each other before being pulled back together as if by an invisible force. Again and again, flesh pounding into flesh as both of them forgot their roles, forgot Mistress and toy, forgot everything except for sheer, animal lust. Amy couldn’t imagine pulling away, and she couldn’t imagine Dawn pulling away either.

“Fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes...” Amy watched Dawn’s face as the other woman utterly lost herself to desire. Dawn’s eyes were fluttering with arousal. Her voice had slipped into a mindless chant of pleasure. Her face was slack with bliss, totally enfolded in empty pleasure as her body shuddered in ecstasy. In that instant, Amy knew, her Mistress was balanced on the knife’s edge of vulnerability. If Amy were to simply say the right word at this moment, their roles would reverse and Amy would control Dawn.

“Fuck, oh oh oh fuck fuck fuck, oh...” But as lost as Dawn was in pleasure, Amy was lost all the more. Dawn’s chant of instinctive need only mingled with Amy’s own; Dawn’s helpless need mirrored and deepened Amy’s desire with every perfect rub and touch and grind. Nothing mattered but the heat, the bliss, the mindless and unending waves of ecstasy. Amy was chained to it as surely as if she’d been tied to Dawn’s perfect pussy, and that need would always control her, even after Dawn’s arousal was sated. Amy was a true pleasureslut in a way that Dawn never could be. If giving up the chance to dominate her Mistress was the price she had to pay for this kind of feeling, Amy paid it gleefully.

“Fffffuuuuhhhhh...” Dawn’s last, explosive grunt of pleasure obliterated her speech, slurring into a low growl that seemed to go on forever. The knowledge that Dawn was coming brought on Amy’s own orgasm, a high shriek of pleasure escaping her lips as her back arched involuntarily. The orgasm flooded her, swamping her brain with sleepy, dreamy heat as she flopped back onto the bed and Dawn flopped on top of her. “...good...good girl, good...girl,” Dawn panted, her voice strained with the exhaustion of afterglow. “Good girl.”

“thank you, Mistress,” Amy husked out. She gasped sharply as Dawn shifted off of her, the brief touch sparking an aftershock of pleasure that sent her body shuddering all over again. “...thank you...thank you...” She couldn’t stop saying it. The sheer overwhelming power Dawn had displayed, and the wondrous gift of obedient pleasure that she had used that power to grant, had left Amy in a state of purest amazement. The experience felt sacred in its intensity, like Amy was a supplicant and Dawn a goddess.

“You’re welcome, pet,” Dawn replied. She stroked Amy’s hair gently. “Did you enjoy that, my sweet little pleasureslut?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Amy whimpered.

“I thought you might,” Dawn purred. “Let’s see how much, shall we?” She reached down between Amy’s thighs, her fingers brushing easily through Amy’s tangled pubic hair so slide effortlessly into Amy’s wet pussy.

“Gnnh!” Amy whimpered as Dawn pumped her fingers in and out—first one, then two. Each invasive thrust took place slowly, almost lazily. Amy tried to buck against them, to welcome them in deeper and harder and faster—but the harder Amy tried to thrust against Dawn’s hand, the slower Dawn moved. Until all Amy could do was relax and let Dawn set the pace. Just like always.

“Oh my,” Dawn whispered seductively. “You are a wet little girl, aren’t you?” She pulled her fingers out with a mischievous wiggle. “Up on your hands and knees, pleasureslut. I want a better look at that juicy little cunny of yours.”

Amy’s arms and legs felt rubbery from the orgasmic workout they’d just been through, but the command was irresistible. She pulled herself up into a crouch and awaited Dawn’s attentions.

Amy felt warm breath on her vulva, a slow inhalation followed by a warm, purring exhalation. It was followed by a second, then a third deep breath. “You smell so good, pretty girl,” Dawn said. “Your sweet little slit is so wet, so stimulated, so...” Amy felt the solid thwack of Dawn’s open palm against her pussy lips, and it sent shudders all the way up her body.

“So sensitive,” Dawn whispered triumphantly. She smacked Amy hard across her pussy again, electrifying the flesh with a mix of pleasure and pain. “Isn’t that right, my sweet little slutpet?”

“yes Mistress,” Amy whimpered. Dawn rewarded her with a rapid fusillade of light taps, too fast to count them. “ohhhhHHHH yes Mistress yes Mistress yes Mistress...”

Dawn finished the sensory assault with another hard swat, right over Amy’s tender clit. “Oh, good girl,” she sighed out. “I’m going to make that pretty pussy bright red for you now.” She followed the words with another series of smacks, varying her rhythm and pressure, never allowing Amy to anticipate the next blow. Amy felt her juices leaking onto Dawn’s hand with each impact, the slow burning mingling with the sexual heat in a dreamy endorphin rush that left Amy feeling like she was floating.

Dawn paused to lick Amy’s wetness off of her palm. “How do you feel, pet?”

Amy couldn’t process the question at first. Her eyes were totally glazed, the headboard in front of her nothing more than a blur. “good,” she said at last, unable to describe anything in more complex terms.

“Good girl,” Dawn said. “You’re very deep, aren’t you? All those endorphins have made you such a fuzzy little slut, haven’t they?”

“yes,” Amy whimpered.

“Very good,” Dawn said, her voice ringing with praise. “But you can go deeper still.” Her palm caressed Amy’s buttocks possessively. “Such a beautiful ass,” she said. “So round, so firm. This belongs to me too, slut. Doesn’t it?”

“yes Mistress,” Amy said blankly. She could feel drool trickling from her lip again.

Dawn’s hand came down hard on the flesh of her ass. Amy shook hard from the sensation. “Good girl. Now you’re going to take twenty good, hard swats for me, slut. You will count down each one, from twenty to zero. Do you understand?”

“yes, Mistress,” Amy replied blankly. “i will start at twenty and count down to zero.”

“Very good, pretty girl,” Dawn replied, punctuating her words with another hard swat. “But you know what happens when you count down for me, don’t you, pet?”

“nineteen,” Amy whimpered. “i go...deeper...”

“That’s exactly right, slut.” Dawn spanked her again. “You go deeper. Ten times deeper with each number.”

“eighteen.” Amy felt the slow, tingling heat of the blows spreading across her buttocks. “deeper...”

Dawn spanked her again. “And what happens when you go deeper, deeper down as you count deeper down?”

“ssseventeen,” Amy whimpered out, feeling the fog gently entrap her sleepy mind. “it gets...harder to remember...”

“That’s right, pet.” Dawn spanked her again twice in rapid succession. “The further you count down, the deeper you go. The deeper you go, the harder it gets to remember those numbers.”

“...sixteen...fifteen...” Amy felt her eyelids flutter. Her head dipped down once, then again.

“You have to count, though, pet.” Dawn spanked her again, a hard swat that sent a rush of sensation through Amy’s whole body. “Because you know I’ll spank you until you’ve counted all the way down.”

“four...fourteen...” Amy tried to hold the number in her mind’s eye, but it felt like the fog was everywhere now. She could barely hold her head up, and she’d already given up the fight to keep her eyes open.

“Good pet,” Dawn purred, slapping her ass again. “Deeper and deeper, fuzzy and foggy from all those buzzing endorphins...”

“...fins...” Amy slurred out, her mind echoing her Mistress’ words reflexively. “...thirteen...”

“So hard to remember the next number now,” Dawn purred out, giving Amy’s ass a long, slow lick before swatting it again. “But you know you have to...”

Amy’s mouth worked silently for a long moment as she grasped at the next number. “...twelve...” Just saying it made her sink ten times deeper, exactly as she’d been programmed to do.

“But you know that sinking deeper, forgetting your numbers, going totally blank for me is also obeying me, isn’t it?” Dawn’s hand came down again, rubbing the tender flesh and spreading the heat all through Amy’s ass.

“i...i...nine?” Amy’s head hung limp now, her arms only holding her up through long conditioning.

“Are you sure, pet?” Dawn chuckled, giving her bottom another solid smack. “Think as hard as you can about the numbers.”

“...twelve?” Amy said, completely unaware that she was repeating herself.

“But of course, the harder you try to think...” Dawn spanked her again. “The harder it is to think.”

“...four...” Amy couldn’t remember what order the numbers came in anymore. The shivery, warm, tingling heat overwhelmed her sleepy mind.

Dawn slapped her ass again, then traced her fingers over the sensitive flesh. “And the deeper you count, the deeper you go.”

“...four...” It was the only number Amy could remember anymore, and as soon as she said it she sank so deep that even that one slipped away.

“Until all the numbers slip away, pet,” Dawn said. She gave Amy another hard slap across her buttocks. “And what replaces them?”

“yes Mistress,” Amy said, her voice completely empty.

“Good girl,” Dawn replied. She spanked Amy again.

“yes Mistress,” Amy responded. It was the only thing remaining in her blank and sleepy mind now. It had replaced all the numbers, all the other words, each and every other thought. She felt another slap on her ass and responded the only way she could.

“yes Mistress.” Thwack. “yes Mistress.” Thwack. “yes Mistress.” Thwack. “yes Mistress.” Thwack. “yes Mistress.” Thwack. “yes Mistress.” Amy didn’t even feel the pain anymore, just an endless buzzing of pure endorphins that melted into the trance and left her totally vacant, completely open to Mistress Dawn’s will.

Amy had lost track of the numbers, but she must have pleased her Mistress because the spanking turned to fondling and the fondling turned to fingering and suddenly, almost before she knew it, Mistress had two fingers sliding easily in and out of her slick pussy all the way up to the knuckles, pounding her cunt over and over agin, and Amy hadn’t even realized how aroused the spanking had made her until she heard her own mindless, hypnotized voice wailing in wordless pleasure.

“Good girl!” Mistress exclaimed, over and over again. “I’m so proud of you, good girl. So proud of you. You obeyed perfectly.” Amy shivered and shook at the praise. Mistress was proud of her. She felt like she was incandescent with bliss, like pure joy was streaming from her every pore. She was a good, obedient pleasureslut and Mistress was proud of her. The knowledge went beyond pleasure. She felt fulfilled, like she had finally found her true purpose and it was being Mistress’ fucktoy.

Dawn’s fingers thrust hard into Amy’s cunt, her body swaying with the force of it. Amy could actually hear how wet she was—each time Mistress slid into her pussy, Amy could hear the squishing sound and it spiked her arousal even further. Mistress Dawn added a third finger, angling her thrusts so that the palm of her hand bumped Amy’s clit over and over again as she fucked Amy harder and harder.

Amy felt her tits bouncing beneath her with the rhythm of Mistress Dawn’s hard fucking, the heavy, aroused breasts aching and tingling with desire. All she could do was feel now; her mind had already been pounded to mush by the relentless waves of brainwashing, endorphins, and sexual heat. There wasn’t a coherent thought left in her head; even Mistress Dawn’s words were nothing more than a series of sensory impressions that her subconscious soaked in while her conscious mind was utterly overwhelmed by pleasure. She couldn’t even beg for orgasm, because that would require words and she could no longer form them. She could only moan in animalistic lust as Mistress Dawn fucked her.

The pace of the fingering increased, Mistress Dawn sawing in and out of her cunt with all four fingers now. Her other hand was busy too, swirling and rubbing on Amy’s clit until her moan became a constant, keening wail of mindless arousal. She was shuddering, quaking, her whole body feeling like one gigantic erogenous zone that Mistress knew exactly how to work to make her scream with pleasure, and she didn’t know when it had happened but Mistress must have given her permission to come because suddenly the orgasm overtook her and she ground back against Mistress Dawn’s fingers in a wild, mindless rush of pure bliss that seemed to last for hours before she finally collapsed onto the bed in a heap.

Amy felt Mistress Dawn move her around on the bed, posing her like a doll, and she sighed in pleasure. It felt so good to be docile and compliant. It felt so good when Mistress Dawn moved her body and she responded easily and openly to the unspoken command. She held the position effortlessly, knowing that she was obeying and it felt absolutely perfect.

And then Mistress Dawn moved on the bed as well, shifting around so that she was in front of Amy. “Eyes open, pet,” she commanded.

Amy’s eyelids snapped open, her eyes staring straight ahead in blank and mindless trance. Then she saw Mistress Dawn’s beautiful cunt right in front of her face, and her stare went from unfocused to hypnotically fixated within an instant. “Ohhh...” she gasped.

“That’s right, pretty pussygirl,” Dawn sighed out. Her fingers curled into Amy’s hair, pulling the other woman closer. “You remember so well, don’t you? My pussy has such power over you. If my hypnotic breasts made you weak...and helpless...and aroused...then my pussy must bring you deeper still.”

Amy nodded. Or maybe Mistress Dawn moved her head into a nod. It didn’t matter—Amy was controlled either way. Mistress Dawn’s pussy controlled her. It looked so perfect. The soft blonde hairs tangled into each other, each one kissed with just a tiny bit of dampness so that they matted together into a warm nest of sweet, floral-scented beauty. Below them, Mistress Dawn’s vulva glistened with arousal. The waves of her scent wafted into Amy’s nostrils, making her even more helplessly aroused.

“Doesn’t it smell good?” Dawn asked, as though reading Amy’s mindless mind. “If the sight of my pussy overpowered you so completely, what is that scent doing to you?” She pulled Amy’s face just a tiny bit closer, now only inches away. If Amy reached out her tongue, she could almost reach it. Suddenly, she couldn’t think of anything else. “You don’t need to answer, pet. We both know already. It’s turning you into my good little pussygirl. My cunt worshipper, my slutty little pussy licker, my blank and obedient little clit-sucking pussygirl. Of course you remember that now. Of course you do. Your place is right here between my thighs, isn’t it?”

Amy felt an insistent tug on her hair, and realized that it was actually holding her in place. She was straining against Mistress Dawn’s hand without even realizing it, trying desperately to lean in closer to that mesmerizing cunt. “Yes, Mistress,” she said, swallowing back her saliva to get the words out.

“Good girl,” Mistress Dawn said. Her voice was thick with arousal. “Good pussygirl. You know what to do.” She stopped holding Amy back, and Amy felt her head moving forward as if Mistress Dawn’s cunt had a magnetic pull.

She tasted so wonderful. She was so slick and salty and wet against Amy’s tongue, her labia swollen with arousal and ever so slightly parted to allow Amy to kiss the inner lips of her pussy. Her cunt was so fucking gorgeous that Amy couldn’t look away—even as Amy licked and licked and licked, she kept her eyes open so that she could memorize every delectable inch of Mistress Dawn’s flesh. Amy couldn’t help herself, she nuzzled her face between those beautiful thighs, smearing the sensual scent and taste of it against her lips, her nostrils, her cheeks and chin. Mistress smelled like pure desire and Amy wanted to immerse herself in it forever.

Amy pressed her mouth against Dawn’s pussy lips and gave them a deep, suckling kiss. Mistress Dawn’s pleasure flowed onto her tongue and she moaned in arousal, her lips buzzing against Mistress Dawn’s body and eliciting a groan of pleasure in return. Amy felt light-headed with joy at hearing her Mistress cry out, and she redoubled her efforts.

“Ohhh, good...oh, fuck, good pussygirl, fuck me with your tongue...” Dawn slurred out the words, her voice already thick with the desire that Amy remembered so well. In response, Amy stuck her tongue as far down into Mistress’ slit as she could and bobbed her head back and forth over and over again, like a butterfly drinking sweet nectar. Mistress met each thrust eagerly, bucking her hips in an urgent rhythm of aching need. “Good, ofuck, good girl...”

Amy felt herself falling back into the patterns she had been trained so well to perform for her Mistress. Long hours of practice had taught her exactly when and how to lick without even being told. She pursed her lips around Dawn’s swollen clit and began to suck, flicking her tongue gently across the tiny nub in her mouth. Mistress arched her back, pressing her cunt into Amy’s face as hard as she could and growling wordlessly in pleasure. Amy’s clit tingled in sympathy—she could feel Mistress Dawn’s ecstasy. More than that, though, she knew that her Mistress was happy with the way Amy was pleasuring her, The part of Amy that had been conditioned to please her Mistress was flooded with a bliss that went all the way down into her soul. Amy knew she was being a good pussygirl for Mistress, and it felt almost better than sex.

“FUUUUUUCK!” Dawn grunted out, her hips convulsing in orgasm as her juices flowed all over Amy’s face. “Oh, oh, oh fuck fuck fuck oh fuck oh oh oh fuck!” She ground her pussy against Amy as the first orgasm dissolved into a second and then a third. Amy felt each one reverberate through her mouth and all the way down her body right onto her clit, sparking her own spasms of ecstasy. Amy couldn’t remember a time when she didn’t feel the pleasure she brought to Mistress in her own body. Right now, in fact, she couldn’t remember her own name.

Amy lost track of how long she licked at Mistress Dawn’s pussy. Time lost all meaning when she was between her owner’s thighs, lavishing attention on that perfect cunt. She brushed her cheeks against Dawn’s soft pubic hairs, feeling the tickling sensation, and then dived back down to flick her tongue against Dawn’s clit once more. She knew that Mistress was so horny right now. She didn’t know how long Dawn had spent teasing her and spanking her and fingering her, but she knew that it had left her Mistress so charged with sexual tension that one orgasm, even a multiple one, wouldn’t possibly be enough of a release. She ran her tongue up and down Dawn’s labia, eager to give her Mistress all the pleasure she wanted.

Amy had lost herself so totally in the rhythm of her pussy worship that it came as a complete surprise when Dawn pulled Amy’s head away and dragged her up by the hair to kiss her ferociously on the lips. “Oh, fuck,” Dawn gasped out, “I need to fuck you right now, right fucking now.” She kissed Amy again, and Amy knew that she was tasting herself in Amy’s mouth. “Go get my cock, pet. It’s in my bag.”

With an intense effort, Amy brought herself far enough out of trance to walk. She slid off the bed and walked unsteadily across the room to where Dawn had left her carry-on. She felt as though her legs would barely carry her, and on some level she wondered how long they’d been fucking—an hour? Two hours? More? Had there been time she’d simply lost, so deep in trance that even the memory of it faded into mist? It would be so hot if she had. Amy already knew that today would fuel her masturbation fantasies for months.

It took her less than a moment to find the double-ended vibrator and harness. Dawn hadn’t even made a token effort to hide what she’d come here for—there were ropes, nipple clips, a flogger and even some cherry-flavored lube in a TSA-approved baggie. It all took up so much room that there was barely any space for underwear, let alone full outfits. Amy shivered at the implications.

For now, though, she brought the vibrator, the harness, and the tube of lubricant back to the bed. “Good girl,” Dawn said as she stood up. “You know what to do now, pet.”

“yes Mistress,” Amy replied, kneeling. She fitted the vibrator into the harness and then slowly, reverently slid the harness onto Dawn’s body. She gently slipped one end into her owner’s pussy, quivering slightly in sympathetic lust as the other woman sighed in pleasure. Then she tightened the fittings until it was snug.

“Good pet,” Dawn said, running her fingers possessively through Amy’s hair. She looked so powerful standing over Amy, the thick, royal blue fake cock jutting out from her crotch. She swayed her hips a little from side to side, and Amy instantly fixated on the tip of the dildo as it moved back and forth. “Oh, you remember that too? Very good.”

Amy’s eyes went vacant again as they watched Dawn’s cock, the light gleaming off of it as it danced back and forth in front of her like a metronome. Her mouth hung open as the trance that had been holding her loosely while she prepared Dawn’s strap-on grabbed hold of her inexorably once more. “That’s right, pet,” Dawn whispered, gently stroking the length of her fake cock, giving it an occasional tap to help its motion. “My foggy, sweet girl loves her owner’s cock. Don’t you?”

“yes...Mistress...” It was a little hard for Amy to talk; she was salivating so hard at the sight of the dildo that she kept having to swallow every few words. “my...owner’s...cock...”

Dawn reached down and picked up the tube of lubricant. “Hands out, pet,” she whispered. Amy responded wordlessly, lifting her cupped hands in front of her. She never once looked away from Dawn’s cock.

“Good girl,” Dawn responded, pouring some of the lube into Amy’s hands. “You may.”

Amy didn’t need to be told what she had permission to do. She took the vibrator in both hands, sliding her fingers up and down the shaft with a shudder of bliss. With every downward stroke, the vibrator buzzed against her fingers, and Mistress moaned softly in arousal. This had always been one of Dawn’s favorite toys—the button that turned the vibrator on rested right up against the harness, so that each thrust was accompanied by a burst of stimulation.

Amy leaned in and licked the dildo, worshipping it with her tongue until the taste of cherries filled her mouth. She looked up at Mistress, reveling in the desire she saw on the other woman’s face. It felt so good to make her Mistress hot and horny like this. It felt so good to tease her, to bob her head up and down on the cock in her mouth and feel the buzz and know that Mistress was feeling it right on her clit and—

Dawn grabbed Amy’s shoulders and pushed her backwards onto the floor. The carpet was rough against Amy’s tender buttocks, still sensitive from the spanking, but she only noticed for a moment before Dawn’s cock slid into her in one smooth motion. It buzzed and throbbed inside her cunt, and Amy knew that Mistress felt it too. “oh yes fuck me Mistress please...” she whimpered out, unable to hide her desire.

“Good girl,” Mistress moaned, pumping into her pussy again and again. “Good girl, oh fuck, so wet for me now, so blank, so deep, good fucking girl, good slut...” The words came urgently, gasped out in time to Dawn’s rapid thrusts. Amy had forgotten how hard Mistress loved to fuck her and how much she loved it.

Mistress leaned in, rubbing her heavy, full breasts against Amy as her hips bucked back and forth in a hungry rhythm. “In and out, fucking your body with my cock, fucking your...oh, fuck...fucking your mind with my words, feels so good, you can’t resist the pleasure...” Their nipples scraped against each other, adding tiny starbursts to the pleasure that threatened to swamp Amy completely. “You can’t stop, you have to come, you have to come...”

And Amy felt it washing over her, so intense and powerful that she heard herself squealing in time to each thrust. Each pump of Dawn’s hips brought another orgasm, and she couldn’t stop it. She couldn’t fight it. Her hands were roaming over Mistress Dawn’s back, finding her ass, pulling her in tighter each time she slid her cock into Amy’s pussy. “can’t stop coming,” she heard herself say, almost in awe.

“Good girl,” Dawn moaned, her voice slurred with bliss. “Fuck, oh fuck, good girl, fuck yes, oh, you remember perfectly, you obey perfectly, all your programming comes back to you so easily, sooooohhhhfucccckkkk!” The words dissolved into a growl of ecstasy as Dawn’s hips lost their rhythm and her eyes rolled back in pleasure.

The sight of it made Amy’s cunt go nuclear with heat. She bucked her own hips up, grinding her clit on Dawn’s cock. It felt like her orgasm never stopped now, like Dawn had pushed her all the way over the edge into a state of perpetual climax. Everything faded away except the bliss—she just kept coming! and coming! and coming! and coming! and coming!

And then she heard her own voice, as though from a distance, saying, “please, i can’t, too much, too much, please...” and then Mistress was holding her, arms wrapped tightly around Amy’s body as the orgasms slowly subsided into aftershocks and the aftershocks gently eased into trance and the deep comfort of Dawn’s touch.

“Good girl,” Dawn whispered as they held each other, “good girl my good girl my beautiful sweet pet my perfect good girl...” The words were little more than a soothing babble in Amy’s ear, a soft lullaby that sank into her soft mind and caressed her hazy, submissive mind the same way that Dawn’s hands caressed her body. “So proud of you. Begging just the way I wanted you to, the way I commanded you to. Good. Girl.”

Amy didn’t know how long it took before she was recovered enough that the two of them could climb back onto the bed and slip under the covers together. She only knew that Dawn whispered into her ear softly, deepening the trance into sleep. The last words she remembered hearing were Dawn saying, “You need to rest now, beautiful. After all...we have a whole weekend of this.”