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Social Parasite

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot © 2018, and not for reposting or other such uses.

* * *

Tina tugged her backpack tighter, careful to not get any of her long wavy brown hair caught in the strap as she continued the long walk home from the bus stop. Public transportation was a lot cheaper than a car not even counting gas—but it sure wasn’t convenient. It even added insult to injury, taking her past fancier, more expensive apartments than any she could imagine herself living in.

Those were the sorts of apartments that got bus stops.

Hers was past a long stretch of road with sidewalk only on one side—notably the side opposite of her apartments. There were only street lights on that side too, and of course there was no crosswalk anywhere near her home and a blind turn just beyond them.

It was a coin flip which side she’d walk on any given night. The side without an actual walkway always felt a bit more dangerous. Crossing the street with barely any light was always worrisome, but even with more light shining on her Tina didn’t believe that she wouldn’t eventually be hit by someone driving too close to the curb.

So she walked on the side with the sidewalk, or at least she did that night.

It was dark immediately along where she walked, but a barrier of bushes and trees hid away a series of houses and apartments. The foliage was thick, but some light did still shine through. If she didn’t work so late, then she imagined she’d be hearing people more. She certainly heard people more when she headed to the bus stop a little before noon.

Tonight was quiet. There was no laughter, no sound of the television from the nearby apartments. It was later than usual, so that felt reasonable enough. People did eventually quiet down, even if it was just when people like Tina were getting home.

She paused when a rustle in the nearby bush caught her attention. It wasn’t very loud, and it didn’t last for very long. Probably just a squirrel… Not even big enough to be a raccoon…

When nothing else happened, she decided to put it out of mind. There were bigger concerns after all. What she was going to do for dinner felt far more important than some rustling in a bush.

If it was rustling in my bush I’d care, but that’s about as unlikely as my roommate getting herself a job. Ugh. It’s been over a month, Cindy. Any time you want to have a half of the rent again… Tina grumbled to herself as she crossed the street. It wasn’t like Cindy didn’t have money to contribute, or like Tina didn’t know the job market was shitty.

None of that changed the way things were, and finances were already feeling tighter than Tina liked. Nothing to do about it. Cindy was a reliable enough friend. She’d find something.

Plus, living alone would mean that Tina would talk with no one that she didn’t work with during the week. That sounded depressing. She could live with a brief time where she was the only one who felt like a responsible, fully grown-up adult.

She slid her key into the lock, sliding open the door to their townhouse apartment. As expected, Cindy was sprawled out across the couch, her blonde hair fanned out like the mess it was. “Heya, Cindy. I’m home. Tell all of your girlfriends to head home.”

“Oh. Oh no.” Cindy’s voice was somewhere between mock upset and incredibly bored—or closer to unamused. “But they all totally want your body. Why you gotta pretend to be straight, Tina? Nobody likes straight girls. Straight girls are boring. Straight is just like, a shirt you should take off, like the one you’re wearing. Joooin uuuus.”

The lounging woman shifted to sit up, wiggling her fingers menacingly as Tina raised an eyebrow and dropped her key in its small faux wooden container by the door. “Riiight.”

Cindy rolled her eyes and dropped back flat on the couch. Her face was again focused on her phone as Tina made her way into the apartment and set down her backpack. “Hey, what am I supposed to say? If you think I’ve got some hive of girlfriends all poised to pounce you or even just ready for really loud sex any time after you get home… I have to play it up. Predatory lesbian isn’t really a card I get to play with many of my friends, because they’d laugh at how I’m so not predatory I could almost look like you.”

Tina rolled her eyes harder than Cindy as she started to rifle around the kitchen for some food. All that divided it from the living room was a counter that was supposed to double as a bar, but neither of them had gotten any stools or even considered the possibility. The only thing it ended up doing was making it easier for them to chat back and forth without having to yell around a wall.

As hungry as Tina was, the hunger was not the kind that would be patient enough for anything terribly resembling real food. She dropped bread into the toaster, and pushed it down as she stared over at Cindy. She blinked, sniffing the air a little.

“Yeah, yeah… That’s cute and all but… do you smell that?” Tina sniffed loudly, detecting the faintest scent that she couldn’t quite place. Something about it was both sweet and metallic at the same time in a way that she couldn’t quite place. It wasn’t quite like anything she could remember smelling in a way that was vaguely alarming. Hairs on the back of her neck stood on end, and obnoxiously, she felt everything clench between her thighs.

Now is not the time to start giving in to Cindy’s teasing that all straight girls need is the right woman, cunt. Chastising her own pussy, even in her thoughts, was enough to make Tina blush. It wasn’t overpowering, but it was hard to ignore that sudden dampness.

With a curious sound Cindy rested her cellphone atop her breasts and took a long, slow sniff of the air. Tina watched her curiously, trying to see if she could detect any familiarity in the woman’s eyes. Cindy wasn’t exactly suspicious, but her body reacting so intensely to some random smell that didn’t even completely beat out the scent of slowly toasting bread was enough to make her feel like being hyper aware wasn’t the worst idea.

After several long moments of sniffing at the air with a look of intense concentration, Cindy gave only a vague shrug. Without fanfare Cindy retrieved her phone from atop her breasts and went back to scrolling through her social media feed.

“Sorry, I might have forgotten to shower today? I’ve been looking for jobs online, but like, that doesn’t mean going outside. If I got even a call for an interview I’d be right under the suds. Promise.” There was a bit of sadness, and annoyance in Cindy’s voice… but Tina knew that none of it was directed at her. “It’s amazing how many places can know they don’t want me without even needing to hear me talk. You’d think they’d figure it out after hearing my obnoxious voice or figuring out what a dyke I am.”

Tina sighed, biting her lip. It didn’t smell like body odor to her, but she’d still made Cindy feel self-conscious. She couldn’t really blame her for letting a bit of her hygiene falter. The job hunt wasn’t even going well enough to have her coming home depressed from interviews.

A loud mechanical sound was so unexpected that Tina nearly screamed, grasping desperately at the counter as she nearly leapt into the air.

Fuck! After a moment of intense breathing she looked across the counter and narrowed her eyes at a hunk of red painted metal. We really need to get a toaster that doesn’t sound like some rusty death trap. It’s not even that fast and the toast is always a bit uneven… Ugh I can’t even get a good grip on it… Grabbing the handle she pulled it down without letting it click and pushed it back up. In a practiced motion she grabbed the toast out of the air, and then repeated the process for the other slice.

It was inconvenient, but the sort of inconvenience that made it hard to justify spending one of her few days off getting a new one… or having Cindy use their money to get one when she didn’t have a job. Better to just keep making it a game. Maybe she could set up a scoring system.

“Your voice isn’t obnoxious, and you know it.” Tina smiled as she began to smear peanut butter across the decently toasted slices of bread. “And as for your being so gay you can’t even think straight, I mean… Yeah, that shouldn’t fuck with your chances. Sorry.”

Cindy waved a hand dismissively, not even looking away from her cellphone. “Don’t worry. I’m sure someday all of humanity will come together in the name of something greater than themselves and all of this worry about things that make us different will be a thing of the past. Until then, I’ll just stay here on this couch and amuse myself by finding funny things to retweet, retumble, re… uhm… What do you even do on Facebook?”

“You don’t have a Facebook anymore. Something about calling someone a fake goth…?” Tina laughed as she poured herself a glass of water.

“Totally. Fucking. Worth it.” Cindy pumped her fist in the air for a moment before her fingertip went right back to her phone. “I mean, she totally is. You agreed when I showed you the pictures. Anyway, yeah, I’m sure there’s some capability inside of human society to evolve past bigotry and come together to make a better future for the Earth… and I’m so excited to be a part of it when it happens… but for now, I think I’ll just stick to distracting myself. It’s too late to fill out any more applications.”

Tina frowned. She really wished there was something more she could do for her friend, but besides continuing to make sure she had a place to stay there didn’t seem to be any good options. She’d already given Cindy a recommendation at her call center, and was down on her resume as a reference. It wasn’t like she could hire her, or she would have done it already.

She put the pitcher of water back in the fridge, and stared over at Cindy as she continued to browse the net on her phone. Really… I just wish there was some way that I could be a part of making that future happen. I’m the straight one, doesn’t that mean I have to make things better?

“Do you want to watch something? I don’t wanna leave you alone if you’re not feeling so great…” Tina bit her lip. She didn’t want it to sound like she thought Cindy was pitiful.

Everyone needed some company sometimes.

“Nah, I’m good, really. I think I’ll actually go up into my room and try to incubate in there for a while so you get the place to yourself. I’ll take a shower tomorrow while you’re at work.” Cindy peeled herself up from the couch, actually managing a smile. “Don’t worry so much, I’m tougher than I look… and I think I look all spunky.”

Tina scanned her eyes over the shorter woman. Cindy wasn’t that much shorter, but it was hard to deny that she did have the sort of athletic build that on a short woman did make the word ‘spunky’ come to mind. Tina wouldn’t want to be in a fight with her.

Cindy’s breasts looked a bit perkier, maybe even a bit bigger than Tina remembered, but she wasn’t about to comment on that. If she was putting on a little weight and it was all going to her chest that was at least one good thing? Tina wasn’t about to say she was jealous. Her own modest chest worked just fine for her, but maybe having more would help Cindy actually get that harem she used to joke about wanting.

Even if she didn’t want to be a part of it, Tina did want Cindy to be happy. It was hard to imagine Cindy treating a harem of women poorly. They just might not shower enough.

If that happened, Tina would actually start thinking about asking her to move out.

“Okay, okay. You’re spunk. You are spunky.” Cindy broke into giggles, openly staring at her roommate who stood in the hallway between the kitchen and the living room with a look of absolute confusion. “What’d I say? Well… whatever! I hope you sleep good, okay?”

“You bet. Don’t worry so much, okay, Tina?” Cindy hopped up to her feet. Her breasts were definitely bigger. Tina remembered that EFF shirt being tight in the chest, but it hadn’t been tight enough to do that in the middle. Tina blushed, and met her eyes a moment later.

The blonde raised an eyebrow, and took a step closer. That faintly sweet metallic scent in the air grew a little stronger, the faintest bit more potent. Tina inhaled it, and quivered as she felt her traitorous pussy squeeze again in spite of her earlier warnings. Whatever had caused her scent to change, it did seem to be coming off of Cindy. Having her closer made it the faintest bit stronger. It was faintly tangy, with an almost citrusy edge to it.

She sniffed again, and blushed darker when Cindy took another step closer. The points of her nipples looked puffier against the shirt than they had before, too. Tina swore to herself that she didn’t memorize what the other woman’s tits looked like, but it was hard to not spot the difference.

“Keep being that good little straight girl, all right?” Cindy moved closer, and Tina stayed frozen. She did her best not to inhale. She didn’t want to embarrass herself more if having Cindy even closer made her body react more powerfully.

The last thing Tina wanted was for Cindy to notice.

Cindy leaned up on the tips of her toes and patted the top of Tina’s head in the most playfully belittling way that she could. Tina grumbled, all of the sexual tension falling away in one perfect moment of mock annoyance. Tina was glad that the other woman wasn’t about to catch on to the odd way she was being affected by her, but she still didn’t like the smaller woman acting like she was somewhat needing or deserving of head pats like that.

It was at least a sign that Cindy wasn’t really feeling completely like hot garbage. If she was, she probably wouldn’t have bothered to tease.

“I’ll be up in my room if the straight girl decides to get herself a little bent!” Cindy began to hop upstairs before Tina could reply. Halfway up the stairs she called down amidst entirely too satisfied giggles. “Not that plenty of straight girls don’t check out their roommate’s tits! Clearly it isn’t a sign of the next stage of humanity, evolving to bring us all together!”

Tina opened her mouth to reply, but took too long trying to think of a snappy come back. By the time she did, Cindy’s door was closed. She looked over to the couch where she was sure to smell more of Cindy, and decided to eat in her room instead.

Cheeks burning, she set herself to consuming the toast while trying to think about anything other than Cindy’s growth spurt or her offers of being reshaped by her roommate.

I don’t think that bouts of lesbian sex are what’s going to bring the world closer together, but you keep telling yourself whatever helps you get off I guess… Tina’s blush took a long time to fade, and by then she’d been looking through her twitter and spent no small amount of time pondering on what little app she’d code up next.

The strange scent didn’t completely go away, but it was easy enough to adapt to. Cindy had probably just done something weird with her diet or was using a new shampoo.

For the most part, Tina was successful at not thinking about Cindy’s scent, or her breasts. When she wasn’t, at least she was successful enough at not conflating the two. Even if she was suddenly having urges, she was not going to indulge them with her vulnerable roommate. Even if she was just laying around on the couch all day, Cindy wasn’t just some leech. She was her friend.

The rest of the night was relatively uneventful, and Tina curled up thinking more about the next day’s shift more than her roommate’s scent or her breasts.

* * *

Before Tina’s eyes could focus, and before she was even sure that she was awake, that sweet, tangy, citrusy, almost metallic scent was engulfing her. It was like being sprayed in the face with someone’s perfume, only the longer she smelled it, the more it invaded her nose the less that she found herself especially minding.

It still made the hair on the back of her neck rise up. Some part of her was screaming how bad, wrong, and dangerous it was to just keep breathing it in. Some part of her was trying to kick her adrenalin into overdrive.

So tired and sleepy, there was no way that part of her was big enough, or loud enough. Her eyes didn’t flutter or even bother trying to focus. She didn’t even bother looking at the clock beside her bed. All she did was mewl and breathe deeper, trying to get comfortable again. The more the scent sunk through her, the easier it became to lay on her back and spread open her legs. Her lips didn’t want to stay closed, and it was too much effort to try fighting them.

Tina was so tired, and she knew that she had work ahead of her. Sleep was the sensible thing. Letting herself drift in the scent was only smart.

Its effect on her pussy was no less than it was before. She’d woken damp, her thighs all but on fire. Her toes kept curling and uncurling on their own. She wanted something. Someone.

Not enough to get up, of course, but if it came to her it would be hard to refuse.

“Hey, straight girl.” Cindy was sitting beside Tina on her bed. Her eyes were hooded, but something about them didn’t look quite right. Tina didn’t bother letting her eyes focus long enough to figure it out before letting them fall shut. “You sleeping well? You were so worried earlier… so I wanted to check on you—make sure that you were okay, y’know?”

“Y-yeah… Hey… Cindy…” Tina yawned, squirming. Her eyelids felt so heavy. Her body felt so heavy, almost as heavy as her sex felt warm.

I should be embarrassed to be feeling so hot with Cindy on my bed with me… but she’d the weirdo who snuck into my room in the middle of the… night? Morning? It’s still dark outside, I think… But I go to bed so late… Tina groaned, rubbing the back of her head more into the pillow under her. She arched her back, making the blankets fall away to expose the oversized t-shirt she wore to sleep. It was long enough to reach down her thighs, but she only ever wore it when she was going to bed.

It was old, and worn out. The super heroine’s logo stretched across her chest was faded and chipped away from too many unforgiving laundry days. By no means was it sheer, but with how much her body was sweating it did cling so tight.

Cindy licked her lips, but Tina’s eyelids felt too heavy to bother opening.

“Good. You seemed worried about that smell in the apartment earlier.” Cindy paused, her eyes wandering around the hard nubs of Tina’s nipples standing out against her top as her chest rose and fell. Every breath she took was so deep, and was followed by such intense shuddering. “Are you still worried?”

“N-nooo… It’s… kinda nice, actually…” Tina groaned. Her hands were clutching the sheets under her but she didn’t remember trying to do that. It almost felt like she was still asleep. That would explain why Cindy was in her bed in a way that made everything feel safer. She wanted to feel safe. She wanted everything to make sense, so it was an easy explanation to accept.

Cindy wouldn’t sneak into her room at night. Cindy was a lesbian, but she wasn’t really a predator. That was just a funny joke.

Neither of them had meant it seriously.

“Good, good… But you were worried. That means that you’re starting to remember.” Cindy shook her head. Her tongue slid over her own lips again and her saliva caught the light in an almost bluish way that it didn’t used to. Her hands reached up to pull off her own t-shirt with movements that could only hint at how many times she’d done this exact ritual. She wore nothing underneath, and her swollen, perky breasts stood proudly at attention with her back so straight. “That’s not good for us.”

“Not good for… us…?” Tina groaned, rubbing her lips together. She inhaled the scent deeper and felt it drawing her thighs together that much harder. She felt so warm. The space between her thighs ached to be filled. There was something familiar about that feeling that wasn’t arousal.

There was something very, very specific that she wanted between her legs. It wasn’t Cindy’s mouth. It wasn’t Cindy’s hand. It wasn’t her own. It wasn’t the boyfriend she didn’t have.

Cindy nodded, rubbing a finger along her own tongue so it glistened a faint slick blue before she rubbed it between Tina’s upper lip and her nose. On instinct Tina sniffed, hard, and the scent was strong enough to make her arch up so much higher with a loud groan. Her legs were so far apart. Her hand had found its way down between her legs, holding her pussy lips open wide.

She didn’t know why, but she knew it was important.

“Uh-huh. We have to work together to bring humanity together, so we can all grow past our differences and celebrate our diversity… remember? We have to help humanity reach the next stage of their cultural evolution.” Cindy quivered, squeezing at her nipples. A brighter blue fluid began to dribble from both of them, and she didn’t bother to hold back the moan. “We’re working together on it, remember? They chose us. So it’s important that everything go perfect…”

“Chose… us… I… don’t… Cindy… why am I… why are you… Cindmmph!” Cindy’s breast filled Tina’s mouth. Blue dripped down her throat as her mouth filled with a taste that was so much more the sweet side of the overpowering scent.

Tina’s fingers began to rub at her clit even as she kept herself so open. She needed to be ready for it. She didn’t know what it was, but she knew that it was important. It was so important. It was more important than she would ever be. It was more important than she could ever be. It was her duty as a human to serve it, to empower it, to surrender everything she was to make it stronger.

So many nights had been spent, preparing her as a suitable host for what would help bring the most people together. Humans were suitable hosts, but they weren’t perfect—not for the more advanced stages of the creatures making them better.

Tina couldn’t remember ever being told these things, but somehow, all at once, she knew it. It was as much a part of her as the fingers rubbing her clit. It was as much a part of her as her suckling lips desperate for more of that blue as it continued the delicate process of preparing her for what she was to become. It was important that her change come on slower than Cindy’s, or she wouldn’t be a good enough host.

People would notice before it was too late.

If they all didn’t advance together, then… then...

Cindy pulled back her breast, and Tina more readily accepted the other, suckling with nearly limp lips as the pouty nipple reached her face. It had taken time for Cindy’s body to be able to synthesize the right compounds, or for her breasts to be properly repurposed.

Now, the blue that dripped its way down Tina’s throat was finally adequate to finish her preparation. It wasn’t long before it had melted into her. Her pussy sang with how good it felt to change to become a better host. Her eyes fluttered half open as she stared up at Cindy. It was so easy to see the inhuman blue in the white of her eyes, or the way that the veins in her breasts were almost glowing.

When her second nipple popped free, Cindy groaned. A hand slid down between her legs, stroking at her own drenched cunt. “Ohhh... You look so good, Tina. It feels so good to convert you, for Them… So They can use you… Like They’re using me… A-aaaah… I can feel it, inside, controlling me, driving me… I can’t resist Them… You won’t be able to, either…!”

“Won’t be able to resist Them…” Tina groaned. She’d never felt so wet, and the blue inside of her was doing something between her legs. Her juices felt stickier, thicker, like they were filled with something new. She could smell her own pussy in the air, but it was different now. There was a faint tang, almost like a fruit she’d never tasted. It made her mouth water, but she knew that it wasn’t for her to taste. “I… I… aaah… Am I… finally ready… to be a host…?”

Cindy screamed. Her body shook, making her now empty but sill so round breasts bounce so dramatically at her chest. Her nipples were stained dark blue, and rivulets of the sticky fluid still poured down along her body. “M-my Controller says that I need to taste you to be sure…”

Tina groaned, rubbing her clit with more and more insistent circles. She needed to be ready. She needed to be a host. She couldn’t remember the late night visits Cindy had been making over the course of a month. All that she knew was how this was the most important thing she’d ever wanted. It was the sexiest thing she’d ever wanted. She needed to be a host. She needed to be one of their vessels, a vehicle for them to control from inside of her body.

There was no hesitation between Cindy’s words and Tina’s reply. “Taste me, please! I need to be Their host! Please!”

The blonde grinned as she pulled the sheets away to watch Tina’s hand hard at work between her legs. She inhaled Tina’s scent, feeling the Controller inside of her clench and squeeze in ways her body had never been able to do on its own.”Oooh my Controller… Says you must be close… I must taste… I must serve our Controllers… I must provide them with hosts!”

Cindy dove under Tina’s shirt, lapping like a woman possessed at her roommate’s pussy. Strands of sticky-wet blue stretched between the Tina’s sex and Cindy’s tongue, thick with inhuman compounds. Any human tasting them wouldn’t stay a human for long. Any human smelling them would be compelled to lick until there wasn’t enough of them left to fight back when they were given their Controller.

Cindy’s Controller injected her with a flood of chemicals, rewarding her with pleasure she’d never felt before It had become a part of her. It was the most important part of her. Her brain was just a tool, an appliance for Them to use.

Her Controller could have pulled her away from Tina’s pussy at any time, but there was no need to rush. Pleasure was useful for converting human creatures into fitting hosts. Cindy had taught them so much so quickly. Making her anticipate orgasm at the idea of filling other humans with Controllers was arguably more effective than physically rewiring her brain. The higher level functions she was capable of were left intact, but she was no more able to resist.

With how many needs humans required fulfilled to function at top efficiency it was good that they were capable of being Reigned while still being capable of fulfilling them.

Tina lost track of how many times she’d felt her body burst. Serving Them is the most important thing in my life! Being used by Them is the most erotic thing in my life! Being converted by Them, to carry one of Them, to turn my species into slaves… NNhaaaa! Tina was a sweating, panting, drenched mess.

At last, when Cindy pulled herself out from between Tina’s legs her face was slick with a thin sheen of blue. “You are ready to be a vessel… You will be a host!”

Tina came again, her eyes rolling back into her head as she twisted and writhed. Her toes dug into the sheets under her as she let out a pitiful whine. It was everything she wanted. It was everything she needed. Host. She would finally be a host.

All of the other milestones in her life were unimportant by comparison. Her first job. Her first apartment. Graduation. Her first boyfriend. Her first orgasm. None of them mattered now.

Well, they mattered in one way. They helped her to be a more useful host! That was even more important than just being converted. She had to serve Them. She had to make Them thrive. She had to make sure that everyone was guided by a Controller.

How else could all of humanity be happy and fulfilled otherwise?

“Ohhh… Your controller has been… carefully incubated inside of me… Aaah…” Cindy rubbed at herself desperately. She could feel the way her body had been rebuilt to serve Them and her Controller. She was infertile, but They had quickly determined that her preferences made her an inadequate choice for the breeding of additional human hosts.

Those parts of her would be better served being repurposed to create specialized Controllers out of human genetic material for the highest compatibility.

Tina groaned, nodding frantically. She couldn’t stop rubbing herself. She couldn’t stop holding her sex open. She needed it more than she needed anything else. Her body had to be ready. She needed to be the perfect host. She needed to help destroy any chance that humanity could resist Them.

Cindy slid out of her panties, slick with a thicker blue than between Tina’s legs. Her eyes looked so empty as she moved to position her pussy above Tina’s. She couldn’t stop shaking. Serving Them was the Right thing. Serving Them was the Best thing.

“They… Oooh… They’re… coming…!” Cindy’s eyes rolled back into her head as a slick, translucent blue mass stretched out from inside of her. It almost looked too big to fit inside of Tina, even coming from the smaller woman. The way it bulged and pulsed made it look intimidating, but Tina screamed as she felt it squeeze itself to fit inside of her.

Every moment Tina felt the sack that contained her controller pushing deeper and deeper inside of her was pure erotic euphoria. Her slick orgasms made it easier for the creature to push its way in deeper. Above her Cindy screamed, feeling the large gel like creature needing to compact itself to be able to fit out of her. She was the smaller woman, but straddling Tina all she could feel was the pleasure of pleasing her Controller. All she could do was obey.

When the last of the sac emerged from Cindy she fell beside Tina on the bed, stroking her clit frantically. Her mind raced with the pleasure that only a vessel could feel when her Controller was pleased with her. She had served Them. She had converted and infested Tina.

Her orgasm felt like it would never end.

Tina mewled as she felt the sac writhe inside of her. Secretions poured out of it, and even if she wasn’t yet bound with her Controller, her body knew what to do. She fell limp, her hands finally falling away from her drenched flesh. She wasn’t paralyzed, but all of the tension in her body just dripped and poured away. All of her volition to move was gone, and the perfect afterglow that embraced her didn’t leave room for her to wriggle. She was to remain still to allow her Controller an easier time with her flesh.

Inside of the sac the controller moved. It was small-impossibly small for how complicated it was. It was no bigger than everything past the final knuckle on her thumb as it cut its way through the sack. Driven by instincts stronger than everything inside of Tina it used the same part of it that sliced through the sac to imbed itself along lines of nerves that connected directly with her clit.

The conversion process had made her body ready for the Controller to imbed into her, and in almost no time at all her brain was being invaded with signals that she’d trained herself to yield to.

The same pleasure that she’d rubbed into herself, the same pleasure that made humans so weak to Them, now carried her Controller’s commands.

You are now a host. Cum. Its voice in Tina’s mind was the same one as her own thoughts. There was no questioning it. There was no fighting against it. There was only obedience. Tina came, shuddering and screaming.

Everything she wanted was coming true.

You require rest. Sleep. Tina did not need to acknowledge, submit, or surrender to it. The moment her controller gave her a command, Tina obeyed.

There was nothing worse than being a bad host.

* * *

Tina tugged her backpack tighter. Her brown hair was tied back in a graceful ponytail. Her controller had determined it would be an attractive, and effective at keeping her from snagging her hair. Very quickly her Controller determined that Tina was not very good at optimizing her experiences, instead merely ignoring minor inconveniences while worrying about things that she had no capacity to change.

She was so lucky to have a Controller take care of such concerns for her.

Two women followed close behind her, making small talk. Tina occasionally spoke back to them, but it wasn’t that important. They had already been softened by her pheromones. Even if their sexualities were not compatible for a human relationship, they were nonetheless tethered to her by their clits.

She walked along the side of the road with the crosswalk. It wouldn’t do to put her life at risk, and her Controller had analyzed the likelihood of a car coming too quick for her to get across the street to be outside the realm of reasonable possibilities. While on its own a Controller was small, once They fused with their host the wetware at their disposal made them much more effective at logic and reason than humanity. It helped that they were less attached to humanity than their hosts had once been.

Her mind was too focused on her entourage to particularly care if she could hear or see any signs of life from the other side of the foliage. It wasn’t as late as it had been the night that Tina had been converted into host, but it still wasn’t loud enough to be notable and the woman’s senses were being used far more carefully than they had before.

They were much better at using human sensory organs, and the pleasurable rewards for falling into habits of looking and listening were incredibly effective.

Tina was looking forward to Cindy. Now that she was converted there was so much more that Cindy could do from home with the women she brought in tow. The last set of women would already be hosts. By morning the women she brought with her would be eager to return to Cindy for future conditioning until their bodies were ready to be perfect hosts.

She slid her key into the lock, sliding open the door to their townhouse apartment. As expected, Cindy was in the kitchen, finishing the last steps of preparing dinner for their guests. Tina didn’t need to inhale to know it was full of conversion fluids.

“Hey, Cindy. I’m home, I brought some new girls for you to seduce to your dykey ways.” Tina grinned as she dropped her key into the small faux wooden container by the door.

One of them, her Controller had quickly determined, would best be used like Cindy—as a breeder for Them. The other had family all over the country. After her conversion, she would be incredibly useful.

“Oh. Oh yes.” Cindy’s voice was somewhere between devious and incredibly silly—perhaps amused. “They both totally want my body. Why would you wanna pretend to be straight like Tina, huh? Nobody likes straight girls. Straight girls are boring. Straight is just like, a shirt you should take off, like the ones you’re wearing. Jooooin uuuus.”

The cooking woman raised her hands from the stove and wiggled her fingers menacingly as their house guests giggled, their bodies already showing the telltale signs that arousal had betrayed their individuality.

Soon, they would be hosts.

It turned out that Cindy was pretty good at being predatory after all-so long as something else was holding her reigns. Deep inside of her, Cindy’s Controller spiked her mind with more arousal… and the dumb smile she wore grew imperceptibly.

Cindy liked her new job a lot more than the last one. This job let her really make a difference. She was helping people. She was helping humanity evolve past bigotry to come together for a better future for the earth… and she was so beyond excited to be a part of it.

* * *