The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Software Support

“My name is Uma, sir. How may I help you?”

“You can tell me how this god-damned robot is supposed to work.”

“Yes, sir,” the woman said, “I can help you with that.”

Uma could hear the man scowl into the phone. “You got a funny accent. You ain’t one of those damned furreners, are you?”

“No, sir,” Uma lied. It was none of the man’s business where she was located.

The man scowled again. “You sure do sound like one of them furreners.”

“Please, sir,” Uma said. “Can we get on with the nature of the problem?”

“What? Oh yeah. I got a god-damned defective robot.”

“Yes, sir. All right, I’m going to need to get some information from you. First of all, can you tell me what product you have?”

“Yeah sure. It’s the Mark-10. You know, your fucking salesman said these things were supposed to be reliable. That’s why my wife got it for me. She knows I can be hard on the things I own.”

“Yes, sir. I understand, sir. Now, can you tell me what kind of a robot she is? Is it a Mary, a Cassie or a Kelly?”

“It’s a god-damned fucking Mary.”

“Thank you, sir. Now can you tell me the exact nature of the problem.”

“Yeah, I already told you. The god-damned thing doesn’t work. You know, my wife spent good money on this thing.”

Uma tried her best not to let the man hear her sigh into the phone. “I understand, sir. I’m just trying to get some information so we can fix the problem for you. Were you able to turn her on?”

The man snorted. “Honey, I’m a man. I don’t have no fucking problem turning a woman on.”

“All right, so you were able to turn her on. Did she boot up properly?”

“How the fuck would I know that?”

“Are her eyes open?”

“Yeah, her eyes are open. What the fuck’s that supposed to mean?”

Uma fought back another sigh. It was the first thing on the start-up page in the instructions. Okay, so she was dealing with someone who most likely hadn’t gotten past page 2 of the instruction book. “In the off state, your robot’s eyes are closed. When you boot her up, her eyes open.”

“That’s stupid. What if I want her to close her eyes?”

“Then you tell her to close her eyes.”

“I still think it’s stupid,” the man said.

“Yes, sir. So when you get her booted up, what happens?”

She just kind of stands there,” the man said. “Kind of like my wife,” and the man laughed at that.

Uma didn’t laugh. “So she’s standing, is that what you’re saying?”

“That’s what I’m saying, girly. She’s standing up.”

“Okay, that’s a really good sign. Have you tried to get her to suck your cock yet?”

“Honey, that was the first thing I tried.”

“And what happened?”

“She sucked me off just fine. It was after that that the problems started.”

“After that?”

“Yeah, after that. She sucks off my fucking cock and then she stands back up again so I tell her to get down on her fucking hands and knees, and you know what happened?”

“No, sir.”

“She started to go down, but then she stopped and she stood up again.”

“You say she started to go down. What do you mean?”

“What the fuck do you think I mean. She bent at the knees and she started to go down.”

“All right. It sounds like we have a software problem here.”

“You’re god-damned right you do. My wife paid good money for this piece of shit.”

“I understand, sir, but I think we can fix it. Now, do you know what her serial number is?”

“No. How do I get that.”

“Okay. I’m going to need you to turn her off, first.”


“Is she powered down.”

“Not yet. Hold on. Hold on. Okay, she’s powered down.”

“Now I need you to push her head down.”


“I need you to push her head down. Just put your hands on top of her head and push her down.”

“Okay. Whoa ... what the fuck.”

“What happened, sir?”

“She just went down on her hands and knees.”

“Yes, sir. That’s the maintenance mode. Now I need you to give her ass a smack.”

“Okay. Nothing happened.”

“Sir, I really need you to give her ass a good, hard smack.”

“Okay, I ... what the fuck.”

“What just happened, sir?”

“Her fucking ass just came off.”

“Yes, sir. It’s supposed to do that.”

“Well, why the hell didn’t you tell me it was going to do that.”

Uma took a deep breath and counted to three. What she wanted to tell him was that it was supposed to do that and if he’d read the instruction manual, he would know that, but that wasn’t what she said. “We needed to reach the control center,” Uma told the man.

“Her control center is in her butt?”

“Yes, sir.”

“That’s fucking stupid. I mean, what if I had my dick inside her and I fucking smacked her ass and then her fucking ass fell off. That’s just plain bad product design if you ask me.”

Uma shook her head even though she knew the man couldn’t see her. “It wouldn’t do that,” she told the man. “Access to the Mark-10’s control center can only be made when the unit is powered down.”


“Now, sir, if you’d look inside the unit’s ass, I’d appreciate it if you could read the serial number off for me.”

“I don’t ... oh wait, I see it ... it’s 018335-ZB4099-M.”

“Thank you, sir, and now if you’ll notice, there should be a red toggle switch over on the right hand side. That’s the manual interface switch. If you could flip that to the up position.”

“Okay, I did it.”

“Yes, sir, I can see that. Now, if you’d put the Mary’s butt back in place.”

“How do I do that?”

“Just put the butt back and give it a firm smack. That’s all it needs.”

“Okay, it’s back in place.”

“Yes, sir. Now, if you’ll power the unit up.”

“I’m doing that now.”

“Yes, sir, I can see that.” Actually, as the interface came online, Uma could see much more than that. Her heads up displays and neural interfaces allowed her to tie in directly to what the unit was sensing and feeling.

“All right, sir, I want to run a few test programs. Are you naked?”

“What the fuck? No, I’m not naked. What the kind of stupid, dumb ass question is that?”

“Sorry, sir, but we have to ask. Sometimes, we get calls from people who are so anxious to get their units running that they forget to put their clothes on. So just to confirm. You are fully clothed?”

“Yes, god damn it. I’m fully clothed.”

“Good. All right then. Anything that you don’t want the Mary to do?”

“What do you mean?”

“Any acts that you don’t want it to perform? Anything that turns you off.”

“No, I guess not.”

“All right then. Let’s start with a level one diagnostic. Can you order the Mary to suck off your cock.”


“You heard me.”

Uma heard the man clear his throat and he was clearly talking to the robot. “Um, you there, Mary, I want you to suck off my cock.”

It was a weird kind of echo effect that Uma never quite got used to but even as she heard the command through the telephone, she also heard the command through the headset that allowed her to interface to the robot. She pressed a key on her computer and she began to receive the telemetry through the interface to the robot.

Uma watched the telltales coming up even as she felt the effects herself. Unlike their predecessors, the Mark-10s were designed to have human reactions. That meant that the command to suck off the man’s cock did more than just create a command that had to be followed. The robot could actually feel desire and want and need and through the interface, Uma could feel it, too, the saliva building in her mouth, the sudden need to suck the man’s cock, the need to satisfy his desires.

She pressed another key and this time, the robot easily dropped to her knees. Her hands worked at the belt. Good, Uma thought. Good. Manual dexterity was good. Visual recognition, good. Her hands were pulling at the man’s belt and then she was taking his pants down.

Uma could feel the desire building inside her. She needed to suck that cock. She needed to suck it bad.

The Mary was pulling the man’s underwear down and then she wrapped her hand around the man’s cock. She looked up at the man, not so much because she cared about looking at him, but because that was what she had been programmed to do, and Uma made a note of the appropriate response in the unit’s system logs.

The need to suck cock was growing more and more intense and Uma moaned again. She hoped she’d remembered to mute the line while the testing phase was in process. It was always so embarrassing when the customer heard you moan.

Uma licked her lips just as she knew the Mary was doing thousands of miles away and she moaned again. Damn it. What was the fucking Mary waiting for?

And then she felt it, the feel of that cock sliding between her lips. It didn’t matter that the cock really wasn’t in her mouth. All that mattered was that she felt it and it felt so good.

Uma knew her mouth was moving in the same way that the Mary’s was and she knew that that cock was the best cock in the world.

Not for the first time, she tried to tell herself that that that wasn’t so but the Mary’s programming dominated her thoughts and Uma knew that that cock was the best cock ever.

Uma moaned again and her finger tapped a key on the keyboard. Damn, that cock was good.

Now that she had that cock in her mouth, a new imperative presented itself to her mind. She needed to taste it. She needed to feel what it felt like when it came in her mouth. She needed to taste its cum.

She tried to remember if this Mary had the swallow package installed but she just couldn’t remember. She tried to look down at the computer screen in front of her but she was having trouble making her eyes focus and she knew why. All that mattered was that cock in her mouth.

In the Mary’s mouth, she corrected herself.

She moaned again. She needed to taste it. She needed to taste it so bad.

She’d forgotten to ask the customer what settings he had on his Mary. Given the right settings, a Mary could draw out a cock sucking for hours. Uma hoped this wasn’t the case. She was supposed to go off shift in a couple of hours and she didn’t want to still be sucking the man’s cock when it came time for her shift to end.

Uma heard the man groan, both over the phone and through the Mary’s sensors. “Oh fuck,” the man groaned and then he groaned again.

It was all the warning that Uma got as she suddenly felt the surge of cum in her mouth. In the Mary’s mouth, she corrected herself.

Uma could feel her mouth tightening around that cock and she knew what that meant. Even though there was nothing physically in her mouth, she swallowed and she could feel the cum going down her throat.

Down the Mary’s throat, she corrected herself.

Oh yeah, Uma told herself. This one definitely had the swallowing package installed. She swallowed again. It felt so good to feel that cum sliding down her throat.

The man wasn’t cumming as hard as he’d cum before but he was still cumming hard and the Mary was still sucking on his cock but Uma could sense the change in the robot. She hadn’t been told to keep sucking that cock so she’d slipped into maintenance mode, meaning that she was keeping that cock nice and hard.

“Hey,” Uma heard. “Hey, are you there?”

It took a second for Uma to realize that the man was talking to her and not to the Mary. “Yes, sir,” she replied. “I’m here.”

“Good. I thought I lost you and I sure didn’t want to have to go and start all over again.”

Uma licked her lips. She could still feel the desire to taste the man’s cock but at least it wasn’t as strong as it had been before. “No, sir,” she said rather guiltily. “No, sir. I was, um, just checking the logs. It seems your Mary passed her level 1 diagnostic just fine.”

“What’s that mean?”

“It means she completed the blow job within the specified paramaters. Was there any problem with the blow job she administered?”

“No, but if you guys had let me tell you, I would have told you that wasn’t the god damned problem.”

“Sorry, sir. What does seem to be the problem?”

“She gives blow jobs just fine, but it’s the other stuff—”

“Let me just bring your order up online,” Uma said. “All right. Hmm. Okay, I see what you’ve got. You’re talking about the sex, right?”

“Damn straight it’s about the sex. You know, my wife paid good money for this thing. Bought it for my birthday, you know.”

“I didn’t know that, sir.”

“Well, she did. So we get the fucking thing out of the box and we’re all set to go, and all of the sudden, nothing.”

“I see. What’s your favorite position, sir?”


“Your favorite position. What way would you like to use your Mary most.”

“Doggy, I guess.”

Uma nodded. No real surprise there, she thought. “So just to make this quick, can I ask you to take off your clothes?”


“Because I want to run a level 2 diagnostic. We could have the Mary undress you but it’s just quicker this way.”

“Oh. Okay. I guess that makes sense.”

“So have you taken your clothes off.”

“Hold your horses, missy. I’m getting to it. All right. There. It’s done.”

“Tell the Mary to get down on her hands and knees.”

“Okay,” Uma heard the man say and then he was turning away from the phone. “Get down on your hands and knees,” he said.

The Mary stopped her cock sucking and Uma felt her start to respond before she stopped. I don’t want to, came the thought in Uma’s mind.

“There,” said the man. “She did it again. She started to do it and then she stopped.”

“I can see that, sir. Hold on.”

Uma quickly worked her way through the robot’s file system. Most everything was in order, but ...

Uh oh. There was a corrupt file, and another. Damn, the whole preferences directory looked bad, but that was easy to fix. Just delete the directory and download a new directory.

“Are you still there,” the man asked.

“Yes, sir. It looks like the preferences directory got messed up. I’m downloading a new one now. What was the first thing you did after you got her out of the box. Do you remember?”

“Yeah, I had her suck my cock.”

Uma nodded. It made sense. Given the state of the preferences directory, that first act probably became a new directive for the Mary. She’d be a blow job machine but not much good for anything else.

“All right, sir. The download’s complete. Everything looks fine. Let’s try that again. Tell her to get down on her hands and knees.”

“Get down on your hands and knees.”

Uma could feel her pussy respond. Well, it wasn’t really her pussy that was responding, it was the Mary’s but since she was connected to it ...

Keep your voice calm, she told herself. “Now,” she cleared her throat, “now,” she said again in a slightly strained voice, “I want you to fuck the Mary.”

Uma moaned as she felt the man come up behind her, behind the Mary, she meant. Through the interface with the Mary, she could feel her pussy getting wet in anticipation of the fucking she was about to get.

She moaned as she felt the man’s hands on her ass, on the Mary’s ass she corrected herself. She knew the Mary was getting hot just as she had been programmed to do. She made another key press on her keyboard. She knew what was next and she knew she couldn’t wait.

There was the man’s cock pressed up between her kips. Between the Mary’s lips, she corrected herself.

Fuck it, Uma thought. It felt like it was coming between her own lips and she wanted to feel that cock. She wanted to feel it so bad.

That was the Mary talking. Uma knew that but she didn’t care and then she moaned. She could feel it. She could feel that cock sliding up inside her tight, little pussy.

It really didn’t matter how big the man’s cock was. She knew her pussy would adjust to it. Her pussy would always be nice and tight.

Uma moaned again.

Uma was finding it hard to make her eyes focus on the screen in front of her but it didn’t feel as if he’d ordered the virgin add-on package and Uma was glad of that. That package could be a bitch to take and really, the units that had it just seemed to wear out faster.

Uma moaned again. Her pussy was so wet but it was so tight, too. She moaned yet again and she made another entry on her keyboard. Fuck, her pussy was just the way it was supposed to be.

She moaned again. She was going to cum and this time it wasn’t just the Mary. She was going to cum.

Uma moaned as her pussy came right along with the Mary’s. She could feel her pussy gripping the man’s cock, gripping him, holding him, squeezing him, and she could hear the man moan.

“Oh fuck,” the man groaned.

His cock was cumming inside her and her pussy loved it, and that, too, was the appropriate reaction.

Uma waited to see if the reset function would come online and it kicked in just the way she’d expected it to. That pussy wasn’t just holding that cock. It was working it and getting it ready. It was keeping it nice and hard for her.

Uma moaned again. She hoped to god she’d remembered to hit the mute button before she’d begun this level’s testing.

She could hear the man groaning both through the phone and through the Mary’s ears but more than that, she could feel his cock staying nice and hard. It wouldn’t be that hard, she told herself. It wouldn’t be that hard to tell the man that she needed to rerun the diagnostic, and she, well, the Mary really but her, too, she really did want to feel the man’s cock as it fucked her again.

But she didn’t do that. Instead, she hit the button that would unmute her phone line. “That’s good, sir,” she said with a strained voice. “Did you enjoy that?”

“Yeah. Hey, what’s wrong with your voice. You ain’t fucking getting off on this, are you?”

Uma fought to get her voice under control. “No, sir,” she told the man. “That would be unprofessional.”

The man wasn’t sure. “Well, it sure sounds like it,” he said with a tinge of doubt.

“No, sir,” Uma said again. “Just a bit of stress.” That much at least was true. “Now, I take it you enjoyed that last test phase.”

“It was okay,” the man allowed.

Liar, Uma thought. It was better than okay, and she knew it. “But I take it you have no complaints with the performance of your Mary.”

“No. I keep trying to tell you. That’s not where the problem is.”

“What seems to be the problem then?”

“I haven’t been able to fuck her in the ass. My wife paid good money for that, you know. It’s one of the reasons she bought this thing, so I wouldn’t keep asking her for that, but it doesn’t work.”

“I understand, sir. That must be very upsetting.”

“You’re damned right it’s upsetting. My wife paid good money for this.”

Uma was only half-way paying attention to the man. Even as he continued to prattle on, she was continuing to look at the log files from the Mary. “I think I see the problem,” she said.

“What,” the man asked, clearly startled that he had been interrupted in the middle of his tirade.

“I think I see the problem.”


“The anal add-on package has three settings. You’re wife ordered setting number 1.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Let me show you. Tell the Mary you want to put your cock in her ass.”

Uma could almost hear the man shrug. “Okay,” he said. “I want to put my cock in your ass.”

Uma could feel the resistance from the Mary. “No,” the Mary whimpered. She didn’t want to get fucked in the ass but she’d let the man do her that way if he kept on pressing.

“See,” the man said. “What the fuck did I tell you. She doesn’t fucking want to do it. She’s fucking broken.”

“That’s the first setting. She resists but lets you do it if you press her. Now, let me change her to the second setting ... all right, go ahead now. Tell her you want to put your cock in her ass.”

“I want to fuck you in the ass.”

Uma could feel the change coming back at her through the link. It wasn’t resistance anymore. It was acceptance. “Okay,” she said.

“Whoa,” the man said. “What’d you do?”

“Just changed the setting, sir. It’s in the handbook that came with your unit. There is a third setting if you want to try it.”

“What’s it supposed to do?”

“Maybe it would be better if I showed you.”

“What are you going to do,” the man asked but already, Uma was pressing the controls.

“Go ahead and tell her again,” Uma told the man. “Tell her you want to fuck her in the ass.”

The man paused for a moment. “I want to fuck you in the ass,” the man said.

Uma could feel it now, the need to get fucked in the ass. Getting fucked in her pussy was fine but she needed a cock in her ass, too.

“Oh yeah,” the Mary moaned. “Oh yeah. That’s what I want. I want you to fuck me in the ass.”

That’s what Uma was thinking, too. That, and why hadn’t the fucking Mary asked for it earlier. Intellectually, she knew why. The Mary was now in active participant mode which meant she really wanted to get her ass fucked and since Uma was still linked to her, it meant that she wanted it, too.

Intellectually, she knew that but it wasn’t her mind that was telling her what she wanted to do. She knew that. It was the Mary that was doing that but that didn’t make those thoughts any less real. She groaned to herself. She knew what the Mary was saying and she knew there was a part of her that wanted it.

She heard the man laugh behind her. It wasn’t a kind laugh or a giddy laugh. It was a laugh that signaled triumph. “This,” the man said. “This is what I want.”

Uma couldn’t help herself. She knew it was the Mary talking but she just couldn’t help it. Stop talking, she wanted to tell the man. Stop talking and start fucking my ass.

Surely he couldn’t hear her, Uma thought and yet there was the man pushing his cock between her cheeks.

“Oh fuck,” Uma moaned. “Oh fuck.”

She knew she was sitting in her chair but the Mary’s mind kept telling her that she was on her hands and her knees. Oh fuck, she moaned again. Oh fuck. It felt so good to be on her hands and knees.

“Oh yeah,” the man groaned. “Oh yeah. That’s what I wanted.”

She certainly hoped so, Uma kept telling herself. She certainly hoped so.

The man wasn’t saying much of anything anymore. He seemed to be too busy groaning as he worked his cock in and out of her ass.

Uma wasn’t sure how much more of this her butt was going to be able to take. Every time the man pulled back, she thought that was it. She thought there was no way she could take anymore and yet every time she thought it, the man would shove his cock forward and once more bury himself between her cheeks.

“Oh fuck,” the man groaned. “Oh fuck.”

Uma groaned as she felt it. That cock that had already felt so incredibly tight suddenly swelled even bigger and in the next instant, she was feeling it. She was feeling something warm and wet being pushed into her ass and she was feeling something warm and wet leaking out between her legs.

The man groaned yet again. “Oh yeah,” the man groaned. “Oh yeah. That’s it. That is what I am talking about.”

Uma moaned herself. She knew her butt wasn’t full of cum but she just couldn’t help feeling that it was.

“You there,” the man said. “Hey, missy. You there.”

It took Uma a second to realize that the man was talking to her and not to the Mary. She unmuted her headset. “Yes, sir,” she said. “I’m here.”

“That was what I was talking about,” the man said. “Why couldn’t she do that right from the very start?”

“It’s like I said, sir. The settings—”

“Yes, yes. I heard you the first time. So what you’re saying is your people sold my wife the wrong stuff or are you trying to tell me that my wife doesn’t know what I like. I hope you’re not trying to tell me that.”

“No, sir, but—”

“But what?”

Uma backed down. “I’ll tell you what,” she said. “I can give you some promotional downloads to compensate you for your inconvenience.”

“Promotional downloads? What kind of promotional downloads?”

“Normally, you’d have to pay for these but we have a number of software packages that are available for 30-day trial periods. If at the end of thirty days, you decide you like the package and you want to keep it, you can purchase a license key to make it permanent.”

“Yeah, but you’re not answering my fucking question. What kind of downloads?”

“We got a number of packages that you might want to choose from. Let’s see now. The available packages vary depending on the model. Let’s see, for your Mary, we could give you the Make-Me Maid. You come home and find her doing the housework and then you bang the hell out of her.”

“My wife does the housework. I don’t need my Mary to do that.”

“Yes, sir. I understand. Hmm. There’s the Lick-Me Lesbian. Good if you want your wife to enjoy her, too, or for that matter, the Two-Time-Me package where your Mary would be big into threesomes.”

“No, no, no. None of those sound like something I’d like. I want something more ... personal.”

“Hmm. Okay. There’s the Preggers-Me package. No wait. That’s not available for the Mary.”

“What’s that?”

The Preggers-Me package? She would show up as eight months pregnant, but like I said, that’s not available for the Mary. There’s the Bang-Me Babysitter, where you get to bang the babysitter, and the Show-Me Schoolgirl, always very popular, where she’s always rather inexperienced and wants you get to teach her something new, and then let’s see, there’s the—”

“Hold on. Go back. What was that last one?”

“The last one was ... the Show-Me Schoolgirl. Your Mary becomes a precocious young woman who needs you to show her the ropes. She’s eager and willing and what she lacks in experience, she more than makes up for with enthusiasm.”

“I like that,” the man said. “Can you give me that?”

“Certainly, sir. Hold on a minute while I set up the download. Okay, download commencing ... 25% complete ... 50% complete ... 75% complete ... 100% complete. Installing new software package complete. Integrating into core systems complete. System checks are ... verified. All right, you now have the Show-Me Schoolgirl.”

The Mary came back online. “Hi,” she said. “All the boys in school think I’m totally hot, but what I really need is a real man who can show me the ropes.”

“Is there anything else I can do for you,” Uma asked.

“No,” the man said. “No. I think that will be fine.”

“Very well then. I’m glad I could be of service to you and thank you once again for purchasing your Mary from us.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” the man said and then without another word, he broke the connection.

Uma picked up her headset and she put it back on. Most people forgot to flip the toggle on their robot back from Manual Interface and this one was no different. Uma let a hand slide down inside her panties as her mind once again made the link with the robot. She couldn’t wait to see what the man was going to do with her little, schoolgirl pussy.