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Son of Sleep


Hypnos, god of sleep, frequently heard that he looked nothing like anyone expected. His chiseled jaw and lean musculature made him look like a cover model, and when he went shirtless his washboard abs and taut waistline dropped jaws and panties with equal frequency.

The god assumed the notion was that he would be tired, slow and frumpy, but never bought into the stereotype. It was all because of the newly-minted human idea that sleep was a demonstration of laziness and lethargy. Too many people were confusing sleep with sloth, even though slothfulness had its own goddess — Aergia. Hypnos sometimes wondered whether Aergia was encouraging the rumors, trying to get him to do her job, too. It would be just like her.

Still, he would never stop promoting adequate rest to the weary. “Proper sleep is vital to a satisfying life,” he often declared. “And I never sleep better than after a proper day of business and a great workout.” And after great sex, of course.

Speaking of great sex...

Hypnos ran his fingers through the hair of his partner and she sighed with pleasure.

Antheia was a beautiful catch, one of the handmaidens of Aphrodite and a flower the god had had his eye on for some time. Her golden hair was tangled around his hands as his cock slid between her full lips. Her eyes were glazed, not only with pleasure but as a result of Hypnos’ unique power.

The god grunted as he began to fuck her face, Antheia’s throat relaxing as she allowed all of him to slide into her hot, willing mouth. His hands gripped her by the back of the head and he used the leverage to move quicker, his hips thrusting powerfully as he took his pleasure from her body.

A mortal might not have been able to handle his furious rhythm, but the goddess swallowed him whole with enthusiasm, her hands buried between her parted knees and her fingers desperately thrusting in and out of her dripping pussy.

“You’re mine,” he growled, his cock throbbing with pent up desire.

The goddess moaned a reply, unintelligible as his pounding rod hit the back of her throat and she shivered in bliss. Her eyes stared blankly up into his, empty of will but full of lust and devotion.

Hypnos grinned fiercely, feeling the need for release building up in his body but clamping down on it.

“Even deeper now…” His words, laced with power, drew the goddess further into the trance — mindless, obedient and wanton. Just how he liked them. He suddenly pulled back, his cock wet and glistening from her mouth. Without a word, he gripped the goddess by the waist and flipped her around onto his bed.

She landed gracefully on her hands and knees, looking back over her shoulder at him as he knelt between her feet and lined up with her smoldering entrance.

“Your mind is mine…” The god’s voice was soothing and seductive. He slid inside of her slowly, parting her folds with his length as his hands pulled her blonde hair aside.

“My mind is yours…” Antheia gasped softly, her lips parting as her eyes continued to burn into his, unable to look away.

“Your body is mine…” Hypnos grunted as her back arched and her hot tunnel tightened around him, a shiver running through her.

“My body is yours…” the goddess whispered, her eyelids fluttering over her starlit blue eyes at the sensations coursing through her immortal body.

“Your mouth is mine…” He bottomed out inside of her, the tip of his cock stretching her eternally tight womb.

“My mouth is yours…”

“Your tits are mine…” Hypnos pulled back and began to speed up, the virginal tightness of Antheia’s pussy irresistable.

“My tits are yours…” Her voice was a moan as his pace increased, her full breasts bouncing with every slap of his hips against her ass.

“Your pussy is mine…” The god gripped her tightly and fucked her like she was nothing more than a toy for his enjoyment. His fingers dug into her ass as he massaged her lithe body, taking pleasure in every curve of her form.

“Your ass is mine…”

“My ass,” she panted, stumbling over her words as she grew closer to release, “is yours…”

“You are mine…”

I am yours!” The goddess came, her orgasm sparking through her body like an electric shock. Her muscles clenched and released spasmodically, her pussy massaging her partner’s cock and begging him to fall over the edge into bliss.

With a gasp, Hypnos joined her, his seed blasting out into her womb in strand after strand of hot, sticky cum. His head fell back and he let out a long sigh of pleasure, his own muscles relaxing one by one. He filled her to bursting before he withdrew, her body begging him to stay even as he slid slowly from her slumped, satisfied figure.

“Sleep well, darling,” the god murmured, kissing her smooth back before relaxing supine on the massive bed. He settled his hands behind his head and smiled up into the darkness. We will have plenty more fun when you awaken…


My eighteenth birthday was not a day to forget, I knew that even before lunchtime. My locker had been duct taped closed and a note with the scrawled words ‘Suck it, perv’ had been stuck there for all to see.

I kept my head down as I used a pair of scissors from a nearby classroom to hack away enough of the tape to let me open the locker and stuff my lunch and a couple textbooks inside. I crumpled up the note and threw it in the trash.

It was no secret that I was the black sheep of the graduating senior class. For whatever reason, no matter how hard I tried to fit in, there was something about me that rubbed people the wrong way. I could probably have gone to the principal, but why bother? She had made it clear she reviled me as much as anyone.

If there is anything worse than having your birthday fall on a Monday, it’s having your birthday fall on a Monday after you’ve been suspended for a week while your school ‘investigates claims of inappropriate sexual behavior.’

Did it matter that I hadn’t done anything?

No. All that mattered was someone got blamed.

I had a couple minutes before the bell rang and summoned me to my first class of the day, and all I wanted was to shrink into a dark corner with some music until then. Pulling my hood up over my head, I pushed outside and slouched back against the cool brick. Closing my eyes, I tried to push the world away.

Of course, the world pushed right back.

“Hey, you!” My eyes snapped open and flicked from side to side, trying to identify the threat. My shoulders slumped in relief when I recognized the girl who strode confidently across the lawn toward me. I didn’t have the energy to deal with my enemies right now, and barely enough to deal with my best, and probably only, friend.

Still, things could definitely have been worse. Paige was a sight for sore eyes, her blonde hair cut short and teased up into a fashionable mess, her dark blue eyes piercing and glittering with energy. She wore an outfit that danced on the edge of the school’s dress code, a black crop top that exposed her toned midriff and glittering belly button piercing and a skirt just a bit too long to be called ‘slutty’ but short enough to be described as ‘scandalous.’

I managed to summon up a hint of a smile as I pulled the earbuds from my ears. “Hey,” I said, feeling the usual fluttering of nervous energy in my stomach as I forced myself not to admire her slim physique. Paige was the only ally I had, and after two years I knew better than to think that our relationship would ever progress beyond friendship. She had turned 18 several months ago, and we had been planning on doing something for my birthday before I had been suspended.

I could tell Paige was bursting to catch up after our week apart, but just at that moment the bell rang.

Fuck… I thought. Time for it to begin. English Literature, usually not a bad class, was bound to be full of sideways stares, whispered comments and simmering judgement.

“I can’t believe someone would set you up like that…” Paige hissed, hurrying to keep up with me as I shouldered my backpack and joined the river of students flowing into a nearby building.

I grimaced and shrugged. “Obviously it’s not that unbelievable. The administration certainly bought it.”

“Playing porn on the projector during a school assembly?!” My best friend sounded incensed at the unfairness of it all. “And they pin it on you why? Because you’re smart and unpopular?”

I scowled. “Whoever did it signed into the school system using my unique ID. And the school has been using me as their go-to IT guy for the past three years.” Even I had to admit, I looked guilty. I just had no idea who would want me in trouble — it made no sense. I was a nobody, not worth a glance or a passing conversation. And certainly not worth an elaborate setup.

“It wasn’t even good porn,” Paige muttered, irritated.

I felt a tug of interest as we sat down at a table next to each other and plopped our copies of Dracula onto the wood, wondering what Paige considered ‘good porn.’ In our years of friendship, the closest we got to sex was talking about her flings with various guys in our class, but at least it was something.

Focus, Alex, I ordered myself. Survive today and you can fantasize about Paige later.

Mr. O’Connor hadn’t yet arrived, so I was just flipping open the book to skim a few pages and pretend I’d done the reading when something hit me in the back of the head. It wasn’t hard or heavy enough to do any damage, but I jerked upright, my chair screeching loudly on the linoleum floor and drawing the attention of all 30 students in the room.

Looking down, I saw a crumpled, mostly-empty yogurt container on the floor, pink strawberry gunk sluggishly pooling on the peeling tile. Looking over my shoulder, I saw the culprit.

It was Jared Butler, the school playboy, football captain and star in every play since he’d arrived freshman year. According to most guys he was the epitome of cool, and according to most girls he was the hottest thing since Chris Hemsworth. Even Paige, to my chagrin, had admitted she was into him.

Oh, and he was also one of my prime tormentors.

“Sorry, dude,” he grinned, leaning his chair back on two legs and running a hand through his blonde crew cut hair while several of his cronies sniggered in the seats around him. “I was aiming for the trash.”

The trash was a good ten feet to my left, an easy target for the varsity quarterback, and I gritted my teeth in frustration. I tried to think of a retort, but my mind had gone blank and all I could feel was the fear and discomfort of everyone’s eyes on me.

“Alexander!” a voice snapped from the doorway. Mr. O’Connor was one of the only people who used my full name. The tall, prim English teacher did it with everyone. “Clean your trash up off the floor and let us all get back to work without more of your antics.”

I wanted to say something, to stand up for myself, but instead I just swallowed as dark, cold shame burned my cheeks and roiled in my stomach. Wordlessly, I picked up the yogurt and shuffled over with hunched shoulders to dump it in the trash. It was a dozen feet each way but it felt like miles, and I knew everyone was watching.

“Sorry, Mr. O’Connor,” I muttered.

The teacher, who used to be there with a kind word or encouraging smile when I had seemed in a particularly glum mood, sniffed indignantly like I was now just a distraction hardly worth his notice.

And so it begins, I thought, as I trudged back to my chair. The big one-eight. Happy Birthday to me…


One of the god’s mortal attendants was waiting for Hypnos when he emerged from his morning shower. He slipped out of his bedroom, leaving Antheia where she was — passed out in a blissful slumber on his mattress, tangled in the sheets from their late, passionate night.

“One of your children reaches manhood today,” the woman — Mariah? He tried to remember her name, but the mortals passed through so quickly — told him, unable to stop herself from tracing her eyes down his muscular, nude figure to rest between his legs. She wore her brunette hair pulled back in a professional ponytail and a tailored gray suit that was far more formal than what the god of sleep usually required of his team. Most of them simply wore their pajamas to work.

Hypnos had never gotten used to the modern idea of clothing, though he supposed if it would help the woman focus...

He snapped his fingers and a snug pair of designer boxer briefs encased him from thigh to hip. Then he sighed and ran his hand up his face, tangling it in his dark, curling hair. “I suppose you want me to give him a gift, then?” Blast it, the god thought. Another one? This is why I swore off having children.

“It is traditional,” Mariah sniffed, eyes flicking to her clipboard and then to his face.

“I’ve been taking care of his mother, haven’t I?” Hypnos grumbled. He assumed he had, as his assistants had strict instructions to look after the needs of his infrequent human offspring. “Shouldn’t that be enough?”

Mariah just narrowed her eyes and gave him a look.

“Oh, fine…” Hypnos was feeling too relaxed to argue.

“A note would also be nice,” Mariah prompted.

Hypnos took a deep, irritated breath and looked at the woman. He considered her for a brief moment, wondering how to react to this bossy mortal. Then a slow, indulgent smile drifted across his lips. “Since you asked so nicely...” he murmured.

The woman gestured toward the kitchen counter where she had already laid out stationary and a pen, expecting his capitulation.

Hypnos snorted out a laugh and sauntered over, sitting down and cracking his knuckles in preparation. He needed more people in his employ who were willing to push his buttons. It wouldn’t do to get lazy, after all. A good night’s sleep must be earned every day, and he wouldn’t earn anything surrounded by a bunch of fawning servants.

But now to the matter at hand… The god scowled thoughtfully at the blank sheet before him. What does an immortal father write to a son he’s never met? No matter how many times he had to do this, and it was surprisingly few compared to some of the more lustful Olympians, Hypnos felt hard-pressed to come up with the right words.

He looked out the window, the eternally twilit sky and the clouds below the only reminder that his home was not an ordinary penthouse atop a skyscraper. It was, rather, a lonely villa floating somewhere In Between, where Day and Night met and the Lethe, the River of Forgetfulness, could glitter enticingly as it flowed between the clouds.

“What is the boy’s name?” Hypnos asked Mariah after a moment of reflection.

“Alexander,” the woman replied, not needing to check her documents. “And his mother’s name is—”

“I remember,” Hypnos interrupted her, a momentary expression of sadness flashing across his face. He took a deep breath. So… Celeste’s son is finally a man…

With a sigh, the god of sleep bent over the creamy stationary and began to write.


I closed the front door quietly, hoping I could escape to my upstairs bedroom before I was noticed. Of course, with today’s luck, I wasn’t so fortunate.

“Alex?” my mom’s voice came sweetly from the kitchen. “That you, baby?”

I sighed and tried not to scowl. I hated when she used those terms of endearment. It was weird enough that a couple of my friends had big sisters older than my mom, who had gotten pregnant with me at 18, but when she called me honey, baby, sugar… It felt wrong.

“Yep!” I called back anyway, trying to keep a positive note of enthusiasm in my voice. Please just let me be alone… I begged silently, but in the next moment my mom appeared in the entrance to the kitchen.

Paige had told me on multiple occasions that if she had been bi she would have fucked my mom in a heartbeat, and I had to admit (grudgingly) that my mom was hot. Not just hot, honestly, but stunning. She ran some sort of online blog fitness business that I didn’t understand, but it kept her in extremely good shape — at 36 she could have passed for a woman in her mid-twenties. Add to that her perfect makeup and she had gotten her carded on multiple occasions buying a bottle of wine at the supermarket. Her wavy, dirty blonde hair fell down to the small of her back and her yoga pants hugged legs that were more athletic than slim and an ass that —

I cut off my internal appraisal. That’s your mom, I scolded. What the fuck, man?

“How was school?” My mom’s voice was cheerful and her expression bright and hopeful. “Things back to normal?”

She hadn’t questioned my week-long suspension beyond the basics, for which I had been grateful, but for once I wished she cared enough to commiserate. I forced a smile. “Back to normal,” I agreed, remembering my locker and Jared’s taunting smirk. Everything is picking up right where it left off…

I escaped upstairs, closing the door to my bedroom and dropping my backpack to the floor. I was walking to my bed to slump bonelessly onto the mattress when I noticed something strange. There was a creamy white envelope on my pillow that had definitely not been there when I’d made my bed this morning. I wondered if mom had put it there, but it didn’t look like her handwriting.

The flowing cursive script said just one word — Alexander.

That clinched it. Mom never called me Alexander. Just Alex. Plain, boring Alex.

Furrowing my brow, I picked it up. I turned it over, trying to figure out who had sent it, but there was no return address. There wasn’t any address, which made me wonder how the letter had gotten to me in the first place. As I carefully tore open the paper, I felt a strange sensation wash over me. It wasn’t nervousness or fear, but an unidentifiable energy coiled in my stomach and tingled down my spine.

The paper inside the envelope felt strangely heavy in my hands as I unfolded the three creases.

Dear Alexander,

Almost two decades from your conception, and this is the first time you are hearing from me.

As I read on, my heart lurched in my chest and I had to stop several times. The words scrambled together in my mind, spinning round and around until I felt dizzy with them. This is your father… I hope you enjoy this gift… No need to mention this to your mother…

But there was no gift. The envelope was empty, and all I was left with was the strange tingling sensation in my gut that was probably my lunch threatening to escape.

Mom had never spoke about my father. Despite my hints, outright questions and begging throughout the years she had remained frustratingly silent. And now, after all this time… I wanted to tear the letter to pieces but instead I folded it carefully back up and returned it to the envelope. I slipped the envelope under my pillow and flopped onto my neatly folded comforter.

What the fuck is going on…?

I didn’t realize I had fallen asleep until I woke up, my thoughts unusually fuzzy. I shook my head groggily and checked my phone, jolting upright in surprise when I realized what time it was. I’d been asleep almost three hours!

Still, I settled down somewhat, it’s not like I have anything to do. School had always been easy for me, and I was miles ahead in all of my classes. My mind wandered back through my day, halting at the image of Paige.

Fuck… I thought, my skin prickling as my body reacted to the image. Her smooth skin, chaotic blonde hair, red lips and dark eyes... Instead of stopping myself, I let my hands begin to undo my belt and slide my pants down to my knees. My stiffening cock throbbed hungrily as I closed my eyes and let a familiar scene wash over me.

Paige was down on her knees, her eyes gleaming with pleasure as she wrapped her lips around my cock.

My fingers wrapped around my shaft, slowly beginning to stroke up and down.

She moaned, a shiver of bliss rippling through her. Her hot mouth pulled back as she murmured, “God I’ve wanted to do this for so long…”

In response, I placed one hand on the back of her head and pushed her back down.

She leaned in willingly, her mouth enveloping my cock as she began to suck, bobbing up and down in a slow, steady rhythm.

“Oh fuck…” I grunted. “That’s it… That’s a good girl…”

Paige shuddered and groaned at my words, her body reacting lovingly to my praise. Her shapely breasts pressed against my thighs and I could feel her hard nipples against my skin.

“Alex?” my mom’s voice shattered the scene as it came echoing up the stairs. “Someone here to see you!”

I sat upright like I’d been struck by lightning, scrambling for my pants which I had kicked off at some point in my reverie.

I heard footsteps on the stairs and realized with horror that I hadn’t locked my bedroom door. I started to open my mouth to blurt out that they should give me a minute, but I didn’t get the chance.

“Happy Birthday!” Paige’s voice was cheery as she stepped threw open the door theatrically. “Don’t think I forgot about —” My best friend froze in the doorway as she saw me, naked from the waist down with a raging hard-on swaying side to side.

“Shit!” I shouted, mortified, as I dove onto my bed, ripping the covers up to my chin. I spun around, expecting her to be either fleeing down the staircase or laughing her ass off. With Paige, I really wouldn’t have been surprised by either situation.

What did surprise me, however, was that she didn’t do either of those things. In fact, Paige hadn’t even moved. Her face was strangely calm and her eyes were hazy, like she was lost in a thought or a daydream. Her hand was still on the door knob but her fingers looked slack and effortless, like she wasn’t really gripping it anymore.

“Paige…?” I asked, suddenly concerned. What the hell? “Are you okay…?”

My best friend blinked slowly then bobbed her head slightly. “Mmhmm…” Her eyes didn’t meet mine, but I could tell they were glazed and unfocused.

“What’s going on?” I asked hesitantly.

Paige’s posture changed slightly, as though she were stirring in her sleep. Her tongue darted out to wet her lips before she replied. “Your cock…”

I was about to ask, jokingly, if it had really been so bad as to send her into shock when the tone of her voice registered. It wasn’t upset or even surprised. She sounded…


Hearing Paige, the object of so many fantasies, refer to any part of me with such longing… I felt my length, still painfully hard, throb with desire.

“What about my cock…?” I felt like I was in a strange alternate universe, and if I said the wrong thing or spoke too loudly I might shatter the whole scene and we might revert to a reality where I would be embarrassed instead of strangely aroused. Then, as if prompted by an unspoken command, I slowly, hesitantly, lowered the sheets. The cool air touched my chest, then my waist, and then my thighs as my cock sprang free from beneath the covers.

Paige’s eyes locked onto it immediately and she let out a sigh. It had a strange, relaxed quality, like she was slumping back onto her bed after a long day at school. “Mmm…” she murmured wordlessly, and then she closed the door behind her.

It was the first time she’d moved since she had flung open the door in the first place, and her hand swam through the air languidly, like she was at the bottom of a pool of water. Then, still moving with a relaxed slowness, my best friend crossed the space between us and knelt on the edge of my bed.

“Wait…” I said, starting to protest. Yet, despite Paige’s slow movements, it felt like I was the one who was three steps behind. Before I could do anything, the 18-year-old beauty leaned down and kissed my cock.

* * *

“Oh fuck…” My voice was a strangled moan. I gave up. I didn’t know if I was dreaming, had been drugged or was on the receiving end of the strangest birthday gift in the world, but I couldn’t resist as Paige’s pink tongue slid sensually across the head of my prick.

I wasn’t completely amateur when it came to sex, but it only took a few moments for me to realize that Paige was far more skilled than any girl I’d been with before. Her mouth wrapped around my cock and with her first movement she took three quarters of my length.

I grunted at the sensation, feeling the tip of my manhood slide briefly into her throat. As she pulled back, I gasped, not just with pleasure but with surprise.

My dick isn’t that big…

As someone who paid considerable attention to that part of his body on a daily basis, I should know what my cock looked like. I was proud of my size, sure — it was definitely above average — but it wasn’t like I had a pornstar cock. Only now… I did. My fully-erect cock was at least several inches longer than I remembered, and as Paige moaned and bobbed her head, taking me into her hot mouth once again, I realized another thing.

My skin was completely smooth and hairless, as if I had shaved, only I knew that I hadn’t. I hadn’t taken a razor down there since my last break up — there was really no point in making the effort — but somehow my pubes had completely disappeared.

“Fuck me…” The groan escaped my lips voluntarily, and I realized that there were far more important things to be thinking about than the transformations that had taken place in my body. My best friend was giving me the blowjob of a lifetime, and I needed to take advantage of it before she came to her senses.

My shaft was wet with her saliva as Paige pulled back, each bob of her head now ending with her nose pressed to my stomach. Her hair tickled my inner thighs and I grunted, my cock sheathed all the way in her throat with each swallow. She was taking me all the way to the hilt without even trying, like her gag reflex had been completely eliminated.

I sighed and my eyelids fluttered, her lips slurping up and down my shaft. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked, begging me to fill her mouth with my cum.

“That’s fucking good.” I glanced down, meeting her gaze, and saw that her eyes were still dreamy and distant, their usual intensity dulled. It was surprisingly…


As if the energetic, self-controlled, confident girl I knew had been replaced with a mindless toy who existed purely for my pleasure.

My mind, too, was no longer my own. All blood had flowed to my cock, and my mind was fuzzy as I suddenly reached down and tangled my fingers in her blonde hair, pulling Paige back off my shaft.

She sighed as I did, as if she would have been happy to keep going down on me forever. But I had other plans.

“Get over here,” I ordered, somehow confident that I would be obeyed. “On your hands and knees.”

Wordlessly, Paige did as I commanded, taking my place as I slipped off the mattress and around to the foot of the bed. She was still wearing her outfit from earlier, and I grinned as I leaned forward and flipped up her too-short skirt to reveal her lacy black panties.

“Mmm,” I murmured as my eyes took in her smooth, round ass. While she didn’t go to the gym, Paige was an avid runner and her body had the slim, toned muscles to prove it. Suddenly hesitant, I reached out and slid my palm across the expanse of flesh, feeling her pliable skin beneath my fingers.

“Yes…” Paige’s low moan was all it took for my self-control — and with it any last hesitations — to disappear.

I pushed aside the sheer fabric and lined up the head of my prick with her entrance, feeling the slick wetness of her arousal as I gently parted her outer folds. My hand was at the base of my cock, and I was suddenly much more aware of my increased length. I felt like I was wielding a medieval lance instead of my usual weapon.

Later. You’ll figure it out later, I ordered myself, pushing the innumerable questions from my mind, and then tightened my jaw and slowly pushed.

Paige’s back arched as I slid inside of her, her hands bunching around the blankets as my girth split her in half. “Ohfuckyeah…” she hissed, her body shuddering.

I didn’t stop until I was buried to the hilt in her tightly clenched pussy, my hips against her ass. I let out a strangled grunt. Somehow, my fantasy had become a reality.

Then, I pulled back and rammed inside of her.

Paige let out a soft cry as my body slapped against her ass, my cock plunging all the way into her core. I felt my iron-hard rod pressing against her deepest walls, and I knew that she could feel me stretching her inside out.

I began to fuck my best friend with a will, my hands clasping around her hips for extra leverage as I hammered into her once again. Paige’s high-pitched gasps and moans increased in frequency as I sped up, all my focus on the pounding I was giving her tight little body. Her tunnel was tight around me and I could feel her shuddering with every powerful pulse.

Suddenly, her muscles clenched and then released, and her head fell down into the pillows as she came. A wordless moan escaped her parted lips, muffled by the comforter, and her entire body shivered beneath my hands.

I never slowed. I ravaged her with my cock, pounding her body into submission beneath my own. For maybe the first time in my life I felt powerful, completely in control, and I wasn’t letting up. Her pussy tightened again, milking my shaft, urging me to release myself deep inside of her.

I didn’t obey. I was in charge, of her body and mine, and I wasn’t letting go so easy.

Still, I allowed myself to relax a fraction. Instead of short, desperate strokes I let myself pull almost all the way out before sliding my full length back inside of her. I was going to enjoy every moment of this — every inch of my cock penetrating Paige and stretching her to the limit before I pulled back.

My best friend raised her head and looked over her shoulder at me. Her eyes were still glazed, but now I could see the pleasure written clearly across her face. Her slim shoulders clenched as she pushed back against me with every thrust, the impact of my body against hers sending a shiver down her lithe frame.

I felt stronger than I ever had, suddenly knowing what I really wanted.

I pulled back, letting my cock swing free as I gripped Paige around the waist and grunted, flipping her onto her back. I slid her panties down her legs and threw them thoughtlessly across the room, then gripped her wrists in my hands and pinned them to the bed above her head. I gathered her thin wrists in one hand and used the other to guide my cock back into her smoldering slit, her entrance slippery with need.

I arched my back, sliding inside of her smoothly and easily, her body a perfect sheathe for my aching length. My cock throbbed as her mouth opened and she came again, her soft gasps of wanton lust music to my ears.

Paige’s dark blue eyes stared into mine, her cheeks flushed with arousal and exertion. “Fuck me, Alex…” she gasped, and it was my name on her lips that finally did it. She said my name in a tone of complete submission, utterly giving herself up to me.

At the last second, I pulled back and came, my cock sliding free of her pussy as my hot, sticky cum exploded across her bare stomach. I groaned and my eyes rolled back, my hand wrapping around my pulsing shaft and milking strand after strand of my seed onto her willing body.

“Yesss…” Paige moaned, and her body shivered as if the sensation of my essence on her skin had made her cum again.

With a final groan, I relaxed back onto my heels, my body letting go of all its tension with a single, explosive sigh. “Fuck,” I breathed, my body buzzing as pleasure hormones raced through me.

I glanced languidly about. From the tangled sheets to the girl sprawled on her back across my mattress with my cum splattered across her smooth stomach, everything looked… Perfect.

Then, all of a sudden, a wave of guilt crashed over me with a frigid impact. What the fuck were you thinking? I demanded, standing and stepping back from the bed as my cock slowly deflated. Your best friend is acting like she’s drugged or something, and you take advantage by fucking her? I shook my head, trying to clear it, and struggled to figure out what to do.

Paige remained where she lay, her eyes closed and her body relaxed and satiated.

Clean her up, I thought, nodding at the decision. Be logical. Just one step at a time. Tugging my shirt over my head, I scooped up my pooling seed, wiping Paige’s smooth skin clean. I got most of it, but was amazed at the quantity of cum that had erupted from my body.

I’ve never cum so hard in my life, I reflected, shocked. Something really freaky is going on.

As I mopped up my handiwork, Paige only shifted a few times. She seemed asleep, the hint of a smile on her lips as though she were enjoying a good dream, but I was beginning to worry that something was wrong.

Maybe it is drugs, I thought anxiously. I knew Paige had experimented with a few things, but I had no idea what might have brought on this type of effect — obedience and arousal followed by a satisfied sleep.

There was still a sticky residue on my best friend’s skin when I was done, and I knew I would need a cloth and some warm water to finish the job. One step at a time, I reminded myself. Clean her up, then you can figure out what kinds of drugs she took. With that, I turned and dashed into my bathroom.

Of course, as soon as I stepped into the bathroom I realized something else was wrong. As I flipped on the light, I caught sight of my shirtless body in the mirror and froze.

What the hell…?

The guy standing in the mirror staring back at me was certainly wearing the same belt, jeans and socks that I had put on my own body this morning before school. And he had the same dark, tousled hair, deep brown eyes and approximate height. But that was where the similarities ended.

The Alex in the mirror was lean, his jawline sharp and his cheekbones chiseled. His arms were rounded out and his chest was square, with a line between his pecs like he lifted weights in his spare time. Most obviously, his abs were no longer chunky with belly fat but instead razor sharp and defined. He looked like a Calvin Klein or Abercrombie and Fitch model, the kind of guy who got invited to parties because the girls wanted to bang him, not like the computer science geek and social outcast who I had seen when I stepped out of the shower this morning.

But… as I moved, the reflection moved with me. I was the guy in the mirror.

Then, I caught a movement in the corner of my eye and saw the second thing that was wrong with this image.

I wasn’t alone.

“Holy shit!” I cursed as I spun to face the man standing in the corner of my bathroom, my whole body tensing as adrenaline shot through me. I lifted my fists instinctively, even though I’d never thrown a punch in my life.

“Woah there…” the man raised his hands, palms out, the universal gesture to indicate: I come in peace. “Calm down, Alexander. I didn’t mean to startle you.”

Then, as he said my name, I realized with a sudden surety who this man was. Even clad in black joggers and a gray v-neck, I could tell the man had the same chiseled physique as the one I had just been examining in the mirror. About my height, with the same dark, curling brown hair and eyes... It was his eyes that captured me as I met them, and suddenly my heart rate seemed to slow and my adrenaline levels flattened. In an instant, I went from ‘fight or flight’ to ‘relaxed and easygoing.’

“You must be him…” I said, my voice far calmer than it should have been.

The man sighed and nodded, leaning back against the wall and keeping me pinned in place with the weight of his gaze. “And if you can give me a moment, Alexander, your father would like to introduce himself to you.”

* * *