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Anyone under the age of 18, along with anyone offended by stories of a sexual nature or containing sexual situations or offended by the idea of mind control in any fashion, please do not read this story.

The people and events in this story are fictional and do not represent anyone or anything from real life.

If you enjoyed this story, please be aware that I write under the name Chrystal Wynd as well as the name Dark Wynd.

* * *

Synopsis: Four college girls compete for admittance to an arcane sorority.

* * *

Sorority Wars 1 — Fast Times at Chrystal Heights U.

By: Dark Wynd

“So, Nicole,” said my friend Alice, “do you think we’ve been accepted by the Kay Zetas to be in their sorority?”

“Yeah,” I said. “I do. We’re better at the arcane arts than anyone else pledging this week and that’s what they’re all about. Heck, we’re probably better than half the members they already have.”

“Well, I hope so,” said Alice. “I mean, the Kay Zetas are almost as big as the Kitty Psis here at Chrystal Heights University.”

“We’ll find out soon enough,” I said, “since we’re on our way there now.”

“I know, I know,” said Alice. “I’m just excited. This is the Kay Zetas! It’s a big thing!”

We arrived at the Kay Zeta’s sorority house a short time later. As we entered, a girl selected two envelopes from the table next to the door. One had my name on the front; the other had Alice’s.

“They’ll be announcing the selections shortly,” said the girl, handing each of us our envelope. “Hold on to these and don’t open them until you are told. And remember, there’s only two openings, so try not to take it too hard if you don’t make the cut. You’re only Freshman, so there’s always next year.”

Alice and I nodded our understanding.

We walked over and mingled with the rest of the pledges. Like us, they were waiting to hear the results. Several of the girls were chatty with nervousness, but a few were calm and collected, even downright arrogant.

“This is a cute way of building the suspense,” said a redheaded girl, talking to her Asian friend, “but they really should stop wasting these poor girls’ time. It’s obvious you and I have it, Bit, so why not give the rest of them time to pledge another sorority?”

“I know, Tara,” said the Asian girl. “You are so right.”

“Overconfident much?” I said.

“You’re half right,” said the red-haired Tara. “Just confident.”

“You might have even been right,” I said, “any other year.”

Tara laughed. “You think you and your friend, umm, whatever her name is, actually beat me and Bit?”

“Oh, did you guys participate?” I said. “Alice and I never noticed you.”

Tara and I smiled, the ice between us almost visible. Alice and Bit glared at each other.

“After Bit and I get sworn in to the Kay Zetas,” said Tara, “I think we’ll pass by your dorm room for a little visit. It won’t be a long visit, but it will certainly be educational.”

“A sweet sentiment,” I said, “but wasted, since Alice and I will have rooms here at the sorority house. We’ll be sure to visit you and your friend at your rooms, though, don’t worry. In fact, I think you can count on it.”

The air between us was taut, but right then Millicent, the head of the Kay Zetas, spoke up from the front of the room.

“Good morning,” she said. “It’s been an interesting and competitive pledge week, and I’m sure you too anxious to listen to a speech now.”

A nervous titter sounded.

“All right then,” said Millicent. “Every pledge should have an envelope. Each of those envelopes contains a card that is either red or black. If your card is red, then your pledge to the Kay Zetas has not been accepted at this time. If your card is black, then you have been accepted to continuing pursuing your pledge with us.”

I took a deep breath. My nerves were working. Just two openings. Just two out of this entire crowd had been accepted.

“And now,” said Millicent, “it’s time to open your envelopes.”

The sound of shredding paper instantly filled the air, but I paused and instead watched Tara.

Tara knew I was watching, so she took her time. As a chorus of disappointed exclamations sounded from the crowd surrounding us, she carefully opened the flap and studied the card inside. Then she pinched the card between two fingers and slid it from the envelope.

“It’s black, sweetie,” said Tara, smiling, “and I’m looking forward to that visit.”

Bit held her black card next to Tara’s and gave me a smug look. The bitches had actually secured both invitations to join the Kay Zetas. I clenched my teeth, trying not to show my disappointment. Then I realized my friend Alice was jumping up and down.

“Black!” she said. “I got black! I’m in!”

What the hell?

I looked down at my still unopened envelope, then tore open the flap. Inside lay a single card. It was black.

Black. I was in!

I looked around. The room was emptying. The only pledges left were Tara, Bit, Alice and I.

Millicent waited until the room fully emptied. Then she walked over.

“Congratulations on making it this far,” she said.

“Thank you,” we chorused.

“Now, as you know, there’s only two openings,” said Millicent, “and there are four of you. The trouble is, we’re deadlocked on who to select. So, we’re extending pledge week by a few more days, until Wednesday.”

“Okay,” I said. “So, what do we do now?”

“What it means,” said Millicent, “is that you have the next couple days to show us why we should choose you rather than the others. Keep a journal of your spells and accomplishments. Whoever impresses us is in.” She nodded her head. “Now go. We’ll see you on Wednesday.”

* * *

Alice and I walked to the campus canteen for coffee and a strategy session.

“What exactly do we have to do, Nicole?” said Alice.

“We have to show them we’re better than Tara and Bit,” I said. “We cast some impressive spells or whatever and we record everything in a journal.”

“Well well well,” said a voice. “Look who’s here.”

We glanced up. The red-headed Tara and her Asian friend Bit walked to our table.

“Hello, Tara,” I said. “I wondered what that funky smell was.”

“Aren’t you the witty one,” said Tara. “Your sophistication astounds.”

“It’s a gift,” I said. “Following us around isn’t going to help you, you know.”

“No worries there,” said Tara, leaning on our table. “We just wanted to let you know that you two little no-talents have no chance against us.”

Tara and Bit snapped their fingers in unison, and suddenly there was an audible pop and a small ball of brightly colored smoke exploded over the table, making us jump.

“Wow, pretty,” I said, faking a yawn. Then I pretended to leisurely check my watch and made shooing motions with my other hand. “Wow, is that the time? Well, you and Bit enjoy your coffee now, ’kay?”

“We will,” said Tara. “You enjoy yours, okay?“

Tara and Bit walked away. I waited until they were too far to overhear us before turning back to Alice.

“All right, let’s make our plans.”

“What kind of spells should we cast?” said Alice.

“Hmmm,” I said, taking a sip of coffee. “Good question. Maybe we could find some wands or make some potions.”

“Yeah,” said Alice. “There’s gotta be something we can do to win.”

“We’ll think of something,” I said, hips wriggling.

“I’m s-sure we will,” said Alice, her cheeks flushed.

I blinked. “Are you okay?” I asked, fanning myself.

“Yeah!” said Alice, her voice pitched high for some reason. Her nipples were obviously rigid.

I was watching Alice, but whatever was affecting her was affecting me too. My belly muscles were jumping and I couldn’t stop my hips from wriggling. My heat was rising.

Alice was breathing heavy. “Nicole,” she said. “Ummm...something’s weird. I’m...I’m...I really think I’m about to...”

“We can’t,” I said, teeth clenched. “We have to...have to get...have to get...”

Alice tried to move, then gave up and closed her eyes. A moment later she moaned as pure pleasure swept over her.

Alice and I then exploded into helpless public orgasms.

I writhed in my chair, moaning incoherently as every muscle in my body simultaneously relaxed and clenched. The harder I tried to fight it, the more intense the sensations became. I could no longer control my body or my reactions, and judging by Alice’s cries of ecstasy, neither could she.

My body was a roller coaster of erotic heat. My hips bucked as wave after wave of pleasure rolled over me. My hands cupped my breasts, my nipples rigid against my palms as I moaned. The intensity peaked, then dipped, then peaked again. I couldn’t stop.

Our helpless pleasure-fest lasted for just over a minute. When the final tendrils of intensity finally misted away, Alice and I were drenched in sweat.

There was complete silence in the canteen. Every single customer and employee stared at us incredulously.

“My gawd,” gasped Alice. “What just happened?”

And that’s when I saw Tara and Bit laughing. Tara looked at me, gave me a smirk and then made a show of writing in a book. Her journal, no doubt.

The bitches had spiked our coffees.

I narrowed my eyes, then turned back to Alice.

“All right,” I said. “We have work to do.”

* * *

Faces bright red, we exited the canteen.

“Damn,” I said. “They spiked our coffees while we were distracted by their stupid smoke ball trick.”

“I’m going to die of embarrassment,” said Alice. “We just had very loud, very public orgasms, in front of God and the world. We’re going to end up on YouTube. We’re going to have to transfer to another school.”

I was just as mortified as Alice, but I was furious as well, and I wasn’t letting that redheaded bitch get away with it.

“C’mon,” I said. “I have a plan, but we have to move fast.”

* * *

Three hours later, Alice and I were back at the canteen. We were standing outside, however, because Alice didn’t want to enter.

“We can’t go back in there!” said a horrified Alice. “I can’t show my face in there!“

I was firm. “We have to,” I said. “We can’t let them win. We have to go back in there like nothing happened. Besides, you want revenge, don’t you?”

“Yes,” said Alice. “Still, can’t we just do it from out here?”

I shook my head. “No way,” I said. “Not close enough...or effective enough. And you know it.”

“All right, all right,” she said. “You’re right. Still, did we really have to steal their panties?”

“Of course we did,” I said. “The spell requires it.”

“But, dirty panties?” said Alice. “I mean, ewwwwwwww!

“Yes, dirty panties,” I said. “It had to be something that’s touched their...well, touched them there. Anyway, you want to be a witch, don’t you? Quit being a baby.”

I turned, ending the debate. Alice grumbled, but followed me into the canteen.

We approached Tara and Bit’s table. Alice looked down and walked behind me, seemingly too embarrassed to face our rivals.

“Well, I didn’t expect to see you here, sweetie,” said Tara. “Not after that show you put on for everyone here earlier today.”

I shrugged. “Whatever,” I said. “We come for the strudel.”

Tara looked at me incredulously. “Did you really just quote Fast Times at Ridgemont High at me?“

I shrugged again. “A movie for the ages.”

Bit tried to peer at Alice, who was still standing behind me, mumbling under her breath. “What’s the matter with your friend?” asked Bit, smirking. “Too embarrassed to show her face?”

“No,” said Tara, trying to get to her feet. “She’s casting a spell. Stop her!”

I stepped up, preventing them from interfering with Alice. It only gave Alice a few extra seconds, but that was all she needed.

“...clitorius heatius nowus!” said Alice, parting her hands and spreading her fingers.


Several heartbeats passed. Then Tara laughed.

“Is that all you got?” she said. “Cute little party tricks?”

“Oh, you’ll see,” I said. “You’ll see.” Privately, I was hoping they would see, but realistically, I was wondering what the hell had gone wrong.

“Well, so glad we could have this little chat,” said Tara, “but our burgers are getting cold. So, scoot along, little girls. Come back when you’re wearing your big girl panties.”

Teeth clenched, I turned. “C’mon, Alice,” I said. “Let’s leave the losers to their dinner.”

Alice joined me and we made our way toward the exit. We had almost reached the door when we heard a gasp.

Alice and I stopped and turned. When we saw what was happening, we laughed and high-fived each other.

Tara was leaning back in her seat, her skirt around her waist. Her hand was shoved inside her panties and her fingers were working her obviously soaking wet pussy. Her hips were bucking and she was mewling with need. She appeared unable to stop herself.

The Asian Bit had torn open the front of her jeans and was assaulting her helpless little clit just as vigorously. Her moans competed with Tara’s and it appeared to be a race to see who would reach climax first.

Tara won, but it didn’t matter, as her fingers continued to slide in and out of her over-lubricated tunnel. The manager was standing in front of the table now, demanding they stop, but they continued working themselves into a heated frenzy. The manager, of course, had no idea they were unable to stop, and he continued scolding them in a rising pitch. The scene was hysterical.

Alice and I took out our journals and made a few quick notes. It was a wasted gesture—Tara and Bit were completely and helplessly occupied—but style demanded it. Then we closed our books and made our exit.

* * *

“Omigod, that was great!” said Alice. “Did you see their faces? They barely got out before campus security got there!”

I had laughed so hard, I nearly wet myself. “At least we can eat there in peace now,” I said. “They certainly can’t go back for a while, and we’ll be sworn into the Kay Zetas by then.”

“Yep!” said Alice. “And that reminds me...we haven’t had dinner yet ourselves.”

“Good point,” I said. “Let’s grab some food, then get back to our dorm room to finalize our plans.”

“Sounds good to me.”

* * *

We got back later than we expected and it had been a long day, so we were tired when the door shut behind us. Despite that, we realized immediately that someone had been in our room.

“I smell incense,” I said.

“Me too,” said Alice.

I started looking around the room, careful not to walk anywhere yet. “Why the hell didn’t we set up wards?” I said. “We knew they’d come after us.”

“We’re not allowed to set up wards yet,” said Alice, her eyes scanning the room as well. “You know that. Besides, if wards had been allowed, we couldn’t have gotten into Tara and Bit’s room to get their panties.”

I knew she was right, but I wasn’t about to admit it. Besides, we had to counter whatever Tara and Bit had done here.

“All right,” I said. “They couldn’t have taken any of our dirty laundry because we took care of that before we left. check the closets, I’ll check the toiletries.”

I checked the toiletries carefully, but nothing seemed amiss. I sliced off the top layer of our deodorant sticks for safety and squeezed out a bit of toothpaste, but there was no real danger there. Our hairbrushes were in our purses—no witch leaves her hairbrush untended—and so were our toothbrushes, so there were no true danger points in this area.


I walked back inside the room. “Yeah?”

Alice smiled knowingly. “Smell your underwear drawer,” she said.

I pulled open my top drawer and sniffed. Incense.

“Oh, yeah,” I said. “They booby-trapped our panties.”

Clever on their parts. We come home, slip on a pair of clean panties just before bed...they have an easy trigger and all night contact.

I smirked and nodded at Alice. “Good catch,” I said. “They’re going to be so disappointed.”

“I know,” said Alice. “Isn’t that a shame?”

* * *

When I woke the next morning, my head was fuzzy from the incense fumes we had inhaled all night. I grumbled, not wanting to get up.

I sat up and put my feet on the floor. Then I blinked as I nearly fell forward from unexpected weight on my chest.

What the hell?

Then my eyes widened and my hands leaped to my boobs. Heart pounding, I jumped up and dashed to the mirror.

Staring at my reflection, I let out a helpless squeak. This was impossible. Impossible! Unfortunately, the evidence in the mirror told me otherwise.

My boobs had swelled over three cup sizes during the night.

Huge bubbles jiggled under the long t-shirt I was wearing. Despite their overwhelming size, they were surprisingly firm. The slightest movement in any direction, however, created a wobbling that was almost impossible to prevent.

As I struggled to come to terms with the fact that my rack was over twice the size I had gone to sleep with, a startled gasp told me Alice was making the same discovery.

“Omigod!” she said. “Nicole! My boobs..!”

My heart was beating in my throat. “I know!” I said.

“What the hell are we going to do?” said Alice. “We have ridiculous bimbo tits! No one’s going to take us serious with these things!”

I tried to answer her, but my voice caught in my throat as I discovered another characteristic of my non-consensual boobs.

Namely, they were sensitive as hell.

Every tiny movement sent heated tendrils rippling through my body. Sliding a finger over my nipple made my belly muscles twitch and jump. I took two steps and had to pause to catch my breath. The fabric shifting over my chest was making my cheeks flush. Simply wearing clothes, let alone walking, was going to be ridiculously challenging.

“Tara,” I said. “Tara and Bit. Somehow they got us.”

“Bedsheets,” said Alice, eyelids fluttering as she tried to catch her breath. “The panties were a red herring.”

I slapped my forehead, gasping as the motion inadvertently caused my huge tits to jiggle. Our bedsheets. Alice was right. We had fallen for the hexed panties diversion.

“Oh, gawd,” I said. “You’re right.”

“This is ridiculous!” said Alice, fanning her face. “I don’t think we’d even fit into a double-D bra, and my nips are so sensitive, I can’t frickin’ think.”

“I know,” I said. “I know. But we can’t let them win.”

“How the heck do we get them back?”

I managed a smile. “We get them back,” I said, “by using the hairs you confiscated from their dorm room when we did our b&e yesterday.”

“But how do we know for sure which ones are theirs?” said Alice.

“We don’t,” I said, “so we use them all.”

“Is that a bit dangerous?” said Alice. “We don’t know who else will be affected.”

“I know,” I said, “but we know whoever it is will be a friend of Tara’s, and that’s good enough for me.”

* * *

Getting the spell components involved an embarrassing trip to a local shop.

Just getting dressed was ridiculously challenging. Even if our bras hadn’t been hexed, there was no way we were fitting our E-cup boobs into our B-cup bras. So we had to go without.

That by itself wasn’t a solution, however. An oversized tee-shirt wouldn’t work, because our heavy boobs needed some form of stability or the jiggling would leave us twitching and drooling from orgasms within twenty steps. So we packed our melons into a pair of tank-tops.

“It won’t stop the jiggling as much as I’d like,” I said, “but at least they won’t bounce. Now, a couple of sweat shirts and we can go.”

And that’s when we made a discovery.

“Those bitches stole our sweat shirts!” said Alice.

“Son of a bitch!” I said. “They’re dead!”

Great. Without oversized tops, we had no choice but to put on tee-shirts. Neither of us owned anything close to big enough, however, so we both ended up in tops that were stretched to capacity. Our hard nipples protruded through the fabric.

“Grrrrrr,” I said. “We look like sluts in heat.”

“Can’t be helped,” said Alice. “Let’s get what we need to get fast.”

We locked our dorm room door carefully and headed out. Unfortunately, we had to pass through the dorm common area to exit the building.

“Can’t be helped,” said Alice, again. “Let’s just get it over with.”

Every guy in the common area stopped talking when we entered the room. One guy even wolf-whistled. I clenched my teeth and pretended not to notice.

Unfortunately, halfway through the common area, we had to stop. My heart was pounding and my knees weak from the heated sensations caused by my over-sensitive nipples. I had to catch my breath.

“Wow,” said a voice I knew too well. “Shouldn’t you two be working at Hooters?”

I turned toward Tara and forced a smile. “We don’t want to put you out of a job,” I said.

Tara and Bit stared at my boobs, smirking.

“Very sweet of you,” said Tara, “but we don’t mind. I’m sure you have rent to pay, and E-cup bras are expensive, after all.”

“Yeah,” I said. “Whatever.”

Tara turned to her Asian friend. “I think having that big rack is making poor Nicole all cranky, Bit.”

Bit nodded. “I think you’re right,” she said. “We should help.”

I rolled my eyes, then turned to Alice. “C’mon,” I said. “We don’t have time to play with the kids.”

We turned and walked away from them, heading for the doors.

“No, we insist,” said Tara.

We continued toward the door, but suddenly, incredibly, Tara’s arms circled me from behind and her hands cupped my boobs.

I jumped in surprise. “Oh!” I said. “S-Stop...!”

Tara’s hands squeezed and rubbed my sensitive boobs. “No, we insist,” said Tara, whispering in my ear.

I tried to pry her hands from my swelled mammories, but my efforts were too weak. Tara’s hands worked my boobs without mercy and her ministrations were turning me into a wet, wriggling mess.

“S-Stop,” I said, falling back against her. “I...I can’t think...I’m...I’m gonna...c-c-c-c...”

The whole common area was silent, except for Alice’s moans. I vaguely guessed that Bit was doing Alice the same way Tara was doing me.

Tara’s breath whispered in my ear as my head fell back on her shoulder. “Awwwww,” said Tara. “Is poor big-boobed Nicole going to cum like a slut for Tara?”

I tried to pull away, but I was too hot. Tara’s hands and fingers worked my boobs tirelessly and seemed to touch every erogenous spot on my body at the same time. My hips were wriggling, my belly muscles were twitching and jumping, and every nerve in my body screamed for release.

It was too much. I turned my head to the side, buried my face in Tara’s neck and came like a slut.

My screams were muffled by Tara’s neck, but there was no doubt to anybody watching what was happening. A few moments later, Alice’s cries joined mine.

Our respective orgasms lasted for nearly a minute. We knew we were on display for everyone in the common area, but there was no stopping the waves of intensity. We could only ride it out as Tara and Bit pinched, squeezed and rubbed our boobs through the whole thing.

The rolling, swirling sensations finally tapered off. Tara’s hands released my boobs and Tara stepped back from me.

I had no strength in my legs and I dropped to my knees, arms crossing over my breasts. Alice dropped as well.

Then my face flushed as the watching crowd burst into spontaneous applause.

Tara waited until the applause faded. “You know,” she said, “I’m straight, but that was pretty damn hot. Good thing you’re an easy slut. I might never have known how much fun that is.” She stepped forward and patted my cheek. “Later, sweetie.”

Bit ruffled Alice’s hair, then joined Tara as they exited.

* * *

We struggled to our feet and got out of there.

“Oh, gawd, Nicole,” said Alice. “Oh gawd oh gawd oh gawd. I’m dying of embarrassment, but my nips are still making me so damn horny, I can’t think straight.”

“I know,” I said. “Let’s just concentrate on what we have to do. If we do it right, those bitches will fix us and we’ll be fine. Just focus.”

It wasn’t easy following my own advice. My firm, heavy boobs were so erotically charged, I just wanted to lay in bed and cum my brains out. Every step set them into a light wobble, sending sensations from my shoulders to my toes. Every male eye locked onto my chest and I would have killed to have a cock inside me, just banging me silly.

We finally made it to the apothecary shop. We collapsed on a bench and caught our breath for several minutes. Then we went inside and did some shopping.

“Oh, yes,” I said to Alice. “This will do just fine.”

Alice nodded. “They have everything we need,” she said. “Shall we?”


The trip back to the dorm room was no easier, but we were at least getting used to walking around with huge racks. Still, we were wet messes by the time we got everything set up.

“This better work,” said Alice. “I’m running low on batteries.”

“I know,” I said. “I’m ready to scream. Anyway, we’re ready. Let’s do it.”

So we started the fire and brewed a boiling potion. It didn’t really look like the movies, but it would do. When the critical moment came, I nodded to Alice.

Alice nodded, then dropped the hairs into the potion.

Tara and Bit would be getting theirs.

* * *

The following morning, Alice and I waited in the common area of our dorm. we knew we’d be receiving visitors.

We weren’t disappointed. Tara and Bit stormed in a short time later. At least, we assumed it was Tara and Bit under the huge, permed masses of hair sitting atop their heads.

“What the hell did you do?!?” said Tara. “I swear, if you don’t fix this, you will be so fucking sorry!”

“Awwwwww,” I said, making a show of writing in my journal. “What’s the matter, Tara?

“You’ve gone too far!” said Tara, trying to brush red curls from her face.

“Are you having a bad hair day, Tara?” I said. “Your locks are a mess. Trouble with split ends?”

“You’re not funny!” said Tara, teeth clenched. “You know damn well why we had trouble brushing our hair!”

Yes, I did. Along with giving them huge perms, Alice and I had turned every strand of their hair into an erogenous zone twice as sensitive as their clits.

I gave her a bitchy smile. “Could it be because a couple strokes of the brush made you cum like a slut?”

“Whatever!” said Tara. “But you need to fix our hair.”

“Sorry,” I said, “but I’m feeling a little too top-heavy to feel sympathetic.”

“I’m serious!” said Tara.

“Fine, fine,” I said. “If it’s such a big deal to you, we’ll fix your stupid hair.”

I stood and circled behind Tara. Alice did the same with Bit.

“We have to do it together,” I said. “Ready, Alice?”

Alice nodded.

“If you try anything, you’re dead,” said Tara. “I mean it.”

“Gosh, I’m scared,” I said. “Let’s do it, Alice.”

In perfect sync, we reached up and grabbed double handfuls of those massive perms.

Tara and Bit gasped as our fingers began stroking through their hair without pause.

“Oh!” said Tara, hips wriggling. “S-Stop! I m-mean it. S-s-s...”

“Oh, yeah, baby,” I said. “Move those hips, girl.”

Alice struggled with Bit as the Asian girl’s hips bucked.

The crowd in the common area was silent as they waited to see what would happen.

Tara dropped to her knees as her legs weakened. She squirmed as I worked her hair without mercy.

“C’mon, sweetie,” I said. “Cum for me. I know you can do it.”

Tara fought it the best she could, but finally her eyes closed and her back arched. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh....!” she said, body wriggling, unable to control her reactions any longer.

Moments later, Bit’s moans and cries joined Tara’s as their pleasure overrode their ability to contain themselves. It was sweet music.

When their cries finally died down, we released their hair. They dropped onto their hands and knees as they waited to recover their strength.

“Well, it’s been a slice,” I said, heading for the door. “When you’re ready to talk business, let us know.”

Alice and I left then, trailing clouds of victory behind us.

“Sorry to cut it short,” I said, glancing at Alice, “but a couple more seconds of their orgasms shaking my boobs and I was going to be cumming as hard as they were.”

“I know,” said Alice, who was noticeably breathless. “I need to get back to the dorm room, stat.”

* * *

The following morning, we woke up with new hairstyles.

Alice’s dirty blonde hair had lengthened to her waist. It had also thickened and taken on a more wavy style. Washing and brushing that mess was going to take her at least an hour and half.

My hair? Grrrrrrrrrr.

I wasn’t going to have to spend huge amounts of time on my hair, although I would have preferred it. My soft brown hair had woven itself into two thick pigtails jutting off the upper sides of my head and dangling to my waist. I looked like an anime fetish girl.

I couldn’t undo the pigtails. Even if I could have figured out a way to unlock them, my hair now had the same sensitivity my breasts had.

“Stupid bitches!” said Alice, shuddering as she ran a brush through her tangled hair. “Why couldn’t they come up with their own idea?!”

“I don’t know,” I said, “but I’d like to know how they got pieces of our hair.”

Alice shrugged, inadvertently causing her big boobs to jiggle. She took a moment to catch her breath. “Maybe when they were groping us the other day in the common area?”

“Whatever,” I said.

Our boobs were already distracting us and now we had to worry about our hair. And my hair, though not as high-maintenance as Alice’s, was a horribly embarrassing attention-getter. Between my oversized rack and my sex doll hair, I looked like a sex toy.

I had no idea yet what we were going to do, but Alice and I were due for the same class, so we both had to get ready. We immediately argued over who would get to use the shower first, as both of us needed some alone time in the shower in the worst way. Once that was settled, we packed our oversized racks into some stretchy t-shirts and left our room.

“I think,” I said, trying to ignore my jiggling boobs as we approached the History building, “we’d better make a truce with Tara and Bit.”

“Yeah,” said Alice, though obviously not happy about it. “Unfortunately, I agree. I’m sure this morning convinced Tara and Bit as well.”

We entered the building, but decided to stop by the bathroom to compose ourselves. The walk had flustered us enough to warrant it.

“Grrrrrrr,” I said, checking my reflection. “I haven’t had soft nips in a day and half, and this hair makes me look like a fluffer.”

“I know,” said Alice, fanning her cheeks. “Even with two shirts on, these things make me feel naked.”

We heard the bathroom door open. We casually glanced in that direction, then stiffened. It was Tara and Bit.

Oddly enough, they stared at our hair incredulously.

“Oh, my gawd,” said Tara. “You actually did that to your hair voluntarily?”

“Very funny,” I said. “You couldn’t come up with your own ideas? What a couple of losers.”

“Oh, please,” said Bit. “You know damn well we didn’t have anything to do with your hysterical hairstyles. We have our own ways of taking care of stupid little girls.”

“Yeah,” said Tara, pushing red curls out of her face. “We figured you’d stop here before class. You’re so predictable.”

“Yeah,” I said. “So?”

Tara lifted a stick. “So, this,” she said.

Alice took a step back. “Watch out, Nicole,” she said. “That’s a magic wand.”

Tara muttered some activation words, then lifted the wand in our direction. “Too late,” she said. “Enjoy.”

Then she and Bit turned and exited the bathroom. A moment later, the door reopened.

“By the way,” said Tara, “nice hair.”

Then the door closed again.

Alice and I looked at each other.

“That was strange,” I said. “Nothing happened.”

Alice shook her head. “No,” she said. “I’m sure something will happen. It’s just a delayed effect.”

“What are you worried about?” I asked, looking at Alice. It didn’t look like anything had happened, but she knew more about wands than I did.

“Wands are limited in the sense that they can only cast the spell used to charge them,” said Alice, “but that spell can be a powerful one.”

“Well, it doesn’t seem like it took,” I said. “Maybe we have natural resistance?”

“It’s possible,” said Alice. “But unlikely.”

I said, “Maybe they forgot—”

That was as far as I got, as Alice and I suddenly jumped simultaneously.

“My clothes!” I said, slapping at my jeans and top. “They’re alive!”

“No, they’re not,” said Alice. “Our clothes are changing. They’re rethreading themselves.”

I blinked and stopped jumping.

Alice was right. Our clothes were recreating themselves right before our eyes. The self-directed threads weaved fascinating patterns before our amazed stares. Then I realized exactly what was happening.

“How do we stop it?” I asked, heart pounding.

“We can’t,” said Alice, “and keep your fingers clear or you’ll find them sewn into the outfit.”

There was nothing to be done. Helpless, we remained still as our new outfits slowly formed on us. Even the thread hues changed as we watched.

Finally the horribly ticklish sensations passed and the thread movement stopped. Cautiously, we ran our fingers over the material, then turned and looked in the mirror.

It was as bad as we feared.

Alice was now attired in a breathtakingly racy French maid’s outfit. It was black, with white lace trim and a small white apron hanging from the tiny white belt circling her waist. Her breasts pressed against each other, the low-cut top barely covering her nipples and prominently displaying plump, rounded cleavage. The bottom hem of the dress flared away from her legs and barely covered her ass. Black garter straps were visible, holding the top of the fishnet stockings that now encased her legs. The exotic leg wear disappeared into the black high heels that now hugged Alice’s feet.

If possible, my outfit was even worse. I was dressed in a less exotic but equally slutty school girl outfit. My Catholic school skirt consisted of hot pink and white lines and barely covered my naked ass. My top was a small white button-up blouse knotted just below my boobs, baring my belly and barely covering my nipples. Hot pink ribbons circled the base of my pigtails now, and white knee socks covered my legs from the tops of my knees to my toes. Instead of Mary Janes, however, my feet were encased in hot pink high heels.

My cheeks burned. If there was a better way to make me look like a bimbo slut, I wasn’t aware of it.

“Oh, you poor thing,” said Alice.

“They’re dead,” I said, teeth clenched. “They are so dead.”

“Try to calm down a little,” said Alice. “You do look adorable, you know.”

I turned around, breath hissing through my teeth.

Alice held up her hands. “Just kidding!” she said. “I agree with you. They’re going down!”

“All right,” I said, trying to calm my racing heartbeat. “Let’s just get to class and we’ll take care of them after.”

Then our eyes widened as we realized our predicament.

“Omigod,” said Alice. “We can’t go to class looking like this!”

“We can’t miss this class!” I said, feeling the early onset of hyperventilation. “It’s the first week!”

We stared at each other, trying to come up with an inspiration and failing. Finally we turned and headed for the door, breasts bobbing at every step.

“Tara and Bit are so dead,” said Alice. “I can’t believe I’m going out in public dressed in a barely-there French maid outfit.”

“At least your outfit has panties,” I said, trying to tug my schoolgirl micro-skirt down.

* * *

It was the most embarrassing hour of my admittedly short college career.

We were a few minutes late and the professor stopped lecturing at our entrance. Every pair of eyes focused on us as we made our way toward the back row of desks. A wolf whistle sounded from the back of the room.

I couldn’t even blame them. We looked like a pair of fantasy fetish girls as we jiggled our way back. My dangling pigtails and naughty schoolgirl look paired against Alice’s sleek and exotic look overwhelmed most of our male classmates’ libidos...and a few of our female classmates’ as well.

I had to spend the entire hour trying to remember to keep my knees together, which was difficult as I was distracted constantly by my oversensitive nipples and hair. Every time my knees drifted apart even slightly, a cell phone camera was pointed at me.

“Oh gawd oh gawd oh gawd,” I said to Alice. “I’m going to be all over the Internet tonight.”

Alice patted my hand in sympathy.

When the professor signaled the end of class, Alice and I bolted for the door.

“Gawd,” I said, fanning my face. “I am so fucking horny. Dorm room to change clothes, stat.”

A sudden look of consternation passed over Alice’s face.

I stopped. “What is it?”


“Just tell me!”

Alice took a breath. “If that wand did what I think it did,” she said, “then we’re stuck in these clothes until the enchantment wears off or gets removed.”


“I don’t know for sure!”

I stomped over to a bench. “Well, let’s find out.”

Alice sat next to me. I removed a shoe and handed it to Alice, who handed me one of her shoes in return. I took a deep breath and tried to slide my toes into the black high heel.

It was like trying to push my toes into the sidewalk.

“No!” I said. “This isn’t happening! I can’t stay like this!”

“What are we going to do?” said Alice.

I gave Alice her shoe back, fuming. “We need a wand of our own, dammit.”

“Yeah,” said Alice. “That would probably do the trick. But where the hell are we going to find a magic wand?”

“Wait a minute,” I said, looking down the hall. “Look...there’s Tara and Bit leaving class now.”

“Yeah, I see ’em,” said Alice. “Grrrrrrr.”

“Well, there’s our opportunity,” I said.

“Huh?” said Alice. “What do you mean?”

“We need a wand, don’t we?”

“Well, yeah, but we don’t have one yet,” said Alice. “We have to find one first, remember?”

“Yes, I do remember,” I said, with exaggerated patience. Then I pointed down the hall at our despised rivals. “And I know where one is at this very moment.”

“But what if they don’t have it with them?”

“They obviously have the same class time block we have,” I said, “and they zapped us just before class. They haven’t had a chance to take the wand anywhere else yet.”

Alice’s eyes widened with comprehension. “That means they’ve still got it with them!”

“Very good,” I said, hurrying after Tara and Bit. “This is by far our best chance to get it. We can fix ourselves and give them some interesting outfits of their very own.”

“And then quesadillas for lunch!” said Alice, sounding optimistic. “Which one do you think has it?”

I studied the pair. “Tara,” I said. “She has an oversized purse.”

Alice nodded her agreement. We made our plans.

* * *

I waited until Tara and Bit were completely out of the building to approach them.

“All right,” I said. “Fix my hair and clothes now and we’ll just forget the whole thing. Otherwise, you’re going to be sorry.”

“I already told you we had nothing to do with your hair,” said Tara, making a show of looking me up and down. “As for your outfit...well, I think that look suits you.”

“Yeah,” said Bit, snickering.

“I’m serious,” I said.

“I’m so scared,” said Tara. “Where’s your loser friend?”

I smiled. “She’s getting a few items together for a spell that’s going to make you wish all you had to worry about were slut clothes.”

“Good luck with that,” said Bit. “Let us know how it goes.”

“Last warning,” I said.

“What are you going to do?” said Tara. “Jiggle your boobs at us?”

“Well,” I said, “here’s your chance to find out.”

Tara and Bit smiled in anticipation. Then they gasped, eyes widening. They tried to turn around, but were unable to, and then their heads tilted back and they were looking straight up.

Taking advantage of their sudden confusion, I jumped forward and grabbed Tara’s oversized purse.

“No!” she shrieked, grasping the bag with desperate strength.

I pulled with all my might. Alice, standing directly behind Tara and Bit and grasping them both by their huge hair, pulled in the opposite direction.

The purse tore into two pieces and the contents flew everywhere. Tara and Bit tumbled backwards onto Alice.

I spotted the wand and snatched it up.

“Alice!” I said. “Get out of the way!”

Alice scrambled to her feet. “Do it, Nicole!” she said. “They can’t move!”

A crowd was gathering now, but I couldn’t let that distract me. Hopefully they wouldn’t realize I had anything to do with what was about to happen.

Alice jumped to the side, but Tara and Bit remained on the ground, their heads pressed together. They appeared to be pushing against each other.

Whatever. I pointed the magic wand and said the words I had heard Tara say when she had zapped us in the bathroom.

Nothing happened, but then again, nothing had happened at first when Tara had zapped us, so I wasn’t worried.

“We’re done,” said Alice. “Let’s get out of here.”

“Good idea,” I said, although I had wanted to be there when their outfits appeared. “What did you do to them, anyway? They can’t get up.”

“I tied their hair together.”

All that sensitive hair tied together? They’d have twenty-five orgasms just trying to separate themselves. Perfect.

I turned to Tara and Bit and gave them a finger wave. “Enjoy your outfits,” I said. “Or rather...”

Tara and Bit suddenly squealed in perfect unison.

“...your lack of outfits,”

Tara and Bit’s eyes were huge as they struggled to free themselves. They were having little success, however, as they were simultaneously trying to cover their suddenly naked bodies.

Alice and I high-fived each other, then turned to leave. Alice suddenly stiffened and spun back around.

“Nicole!” she said in a strained whisper. “Look at the crowd!”

“What about them?” I asked, glancing over my shoulder. Then my eyes widened as well.

Around twenty students had gathered to watch the spectacle of the French maid and the sexy school girl fighting two girls with huge perms. Those students were, to a person, now completely naked.

There was complete silence for a heartbeat. Then a girl squealed, and then another, and suddenly twenty naked students exploded in different directions in a desperate search for clothing.

“Uh-oh,” I said. I hadn’t meant to scatter naked people all over the campus.

“Omigod,” said Alice. “We so have to get out of here.”

I fully agreed with her assessment and we quickly made tracks. The last thing we saw as we made our getaway was the completely bare figures of Tara and Bit struggling to their feet and waddling away, each with one arm across their hips and the other across their breasts.

* * *

We rode a victorious high as we walked across campus toward our dorm room.

“That was perfect, Nicole!” said Alice. “And since you used the wand to make them naked, they can’t put anything on! They’re stuck without clothes!“

“Outstanding!” I said. “We’ll just leave them like that until Wednesday after the Kay Zetas announce us as the new members, which they will, since Tara and Bit won’t even be there.”

“Yep,” said Alice. “Meanwhile, let’s get back to our room and get rid of these embarrassing outfits.”

That was rhetorical, since we were already nearing our dorm building. As we entered the common area, however, there was an unexpected sight.

“Millicent!” I said, seeing the student president of the Kay Zetas walking toward us, flanked by two men I hadn’t seen before. Had we already won the sorority invitations?

Millicent stopped directly in front of us and held out her hand.

I pressed my hand into her’s. “We’re honored, Millicent,” I said. “Thank you so much for—”

Millicent slapped my hand away. “Nicole,” she said with precision, “give me the wand right now.”


“Wand?” I said, trying to sound confused. “What do you—”

“Give me the wand now,” said Millicent, “or the two gentlemen behind me—who are both graduate student warlocks commissioned to act as security guards for the College of Magic—are going to take the wand from you. You won’t like it if they do that.”

All feelings of victory vanished as I handed the wand to Millicent. I was suddenly pretty sure Millicent wasn’t there to award us the placements after all.

Millicent slipped the wand into a thin canvas bag with a shoulder strap. Then she looked back to us.

“You will now accompany us,” said Millicent, heading for the door.

Alice and I blinked. “Ummmm...” I said. “Can we change out of these outfits first, please?”

Millicent didn’t even turn around. “No,” she said, continuing out the door.

* * *

We were ushered into an elegant office with heavy oak furniture and stately decorations. It was the Dean of Magic’s office, and the Dean was not a happy man.

Tara and Bit had been escorted to the office as well, along with an Asian male student I hadn’t seen before. Apparently Tara and Bit had also not been given the option of retrieving clothing, as they were both still naked. Alice, Tara, Bit, the unknown guy and I stood waiting as Millicent and the Dean talked. Millicent was giving him a full rundown on everything that had occurred.

“They cast silly spells back and forth initially,” said Millicent, “which wasn’t a big deal, except when they targeted me.“

“What?” I said. “No, we didn’t, Millicent! We wouldn’t do that!”

Millicent looked at me. “Do not interrupt me again,” she said, “and yes, you did. Why do you think your hair is the way it is?”

I blinked. “Because of Tara and Bit.”

Millicent rolled her eyes. “No, you silly girl,” she said. “You targeted me with a hair spell. I have protections in place and your spell rebounded on you. I only shaped the spell. I didn’t create it.”

Alice looked at me. “Oh, no,” she said. “The unidentified hair.”

I saw it immediately. I felt like I had just been punched in the stomach.

Millicent turned back to the Dean. “It started getting out of hand when Bit’s brother John,” she said, indicating the Asian guy standing next to Tara, “got involved. John apparently dated one of the Kay Zetas previously and knew how to get hold of one of the College artifacts. He figured no one would notice if one of the wands was gone for an hour.”

So that was how Tara had gotten that magic wand. Pretty clever. We hadn’t realized Bit had a brother already in the Darkview College of Magic.

Millicent continued. “Anyway, sir, you know the rest,” she said. “Nicole and Alice wrested control of the wand from Tara and Bit, and Nicole promptly misused the artifact, resulting in the situation. We’re still locating the students, but we should have it under control by tonight.”

The Dean nodded. “All right. Thank you, Millicent.” He looked at us. “The question now is what do we do with you all? So far, expulsion from the program is almost a certainty and criminal charges are a distinct possibility.”

I closed my eyes. It was becoming a worst case scenario.

There was silence for several heartbeats. Finally, Millicent turned to the Dean once again.

“May I forward a suggestion, sir?”

“Certainly, Millicent,” he said.

“The Kay Zetas have mixed feelings about this matter, sir,” said Millicent. “On the one hand, they deserve everything you’ve suggested and more for irresponsible spell-casting and the outright theft...not to mention the chaos on campus they caused.”

“True,” said the Dean.

“On the other hand, they also showed initiative, strength and planning...valuable traits for potential witches.”

“Also true,” said the Dean.

“Strong punishment is required, but perhaps it can be customized to our purposes. Okay, customized to our entertainment is probably more accurate.”

“I’m listening,” said the Dean.

“The Fantasy Fetish Festival is being held this weekend,” said Millicent. “I think that would be an adequate punishment, sir.”

“Hmmmm,” said the Dean. “I think you’re right. Well done, Millicent.”

“Thank you, sir,” said Millicent.

Me and Alice looked at each other anxiously. The Fantasy Fetish Festival?

Millicent turned to us. “Okay, here’s the deal,” she said. “Every year, a festival is held that can best be described as a celebration of fetishes. This includes all aspects of fetishes, and much of it is magical or mystical in nature.”

We nodded

Millicent continued. “You guys are being given a choice,” she said. “Expulsion and possible criminal charges...or attend the Fantasy Fetish Festival as hostesses on our behalf.”

There was silence. Then I said, “What’s the catch?”

“No catch,” said Millicent. “You attend the Festival from 6pm Friday night to 6am Saturday morning. You do that, then all is forgiven. We’ll even extend invitations for all four of you to join the Kay Zetas and retract any potential criminal charges for you, John.”

Tara narrowed her eyes. “That’s all we have to do?”

Millicent looked at Tara. “Yes, that’s it,” she said, “but don’t underestimate the Festival. We are not responsible for what happens at the Festival. You may end up wishing you had taken the sanctions instead.”

That hardly sounded likely. I preferred to avoid getting kicked out of college and possibly going to jail, so I didn’t wait for the others. I just said, “I’m in.”

Tara agreed immediately as well, as did Bit and John. Alice looked thoughtful, but finally nodded.

“It’s decided then, sir,” said Millicent, speaking to the Dean. “They’ll attend the Festival. Assuming they show up and stay until 6am, they’ll be pardoned.”

The Dean actually laughed. “You’re right, Millicent,” he said. “This will be fun.”

I wasn’t sure what would be so funny, but I wasn’t going to risk asking him questions, either.

“All right,” he said. “That’s settled. Now clear out of my office.”

We looked at each other. Alice and I had huge, oversensitive boobs, embarrassing hair and were dressed in horrible slut outfits. Tara and Bit had embarrassing hair and were naked. Finally, we looked back at Millicent.

“Could we...umm...can we...” I said, “ know...fixed...?”

Millicent looked us up and down. Finally, she smiled. “Sure,” she said.

We exhaled in relief. Thank gawd!

“See me Friday before you go to the Festival,” she said. “We’ll take care of it then.”

“Friday!” we chorused.

“Yes, Friday,” she said, smiling. “You really shouldn’t have targeted my hair with your silly spell.”