The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


With a sigh, Simon Dulac closed his hotel room door and collapsed in one of the off-white chairs. Another exhausting evening entertaining the audience; thank the Lord that this was the last evening in LA. Thank the entire trinity, he thought, that this is the last stop on the tour. It had been great fun to start, all road shows are, but he was tired of new faces, new cities and (surveying the room around him ruefully) the same hotel room a thousand times over. But, he had brought something back from the end-of-tour party, something with a great deal of promise for the rest of the evening.

Standing and stretching, he pulled an envelope out of his jacket pocket. Gingerly tapping it, he pulled out a single strand of black hair. He couldn’t entirely remember the name of the boy it came from: Donald? Dennis? Damon, perhaps? No matter, he would find out soon enough. He had met him at the party. He was 19, with green eyes, and a trim, slender body. They had only spoken for a moment, but he had touched his shoulder long enough to capture the loose hair... And that was all that he required to get to know him very well indeed.

He flung open one of his suitcases, and began to search through the many cloth-wrapped bundles. While digging through the case, he wondered what the audience thought he was actually doing on stage, what tricks they thought he was using to deceive them. It amused him to think that, in a profession full of deceivers, Simon Dulac (“The Mysterious One”, his handbills proclaimed) was actually just what he appeared to be: a magician. No tricks, no deception; when the coins and flowers and torches disappeared and reappeared, they passed nowhere in between. And his talents could control much more than mere stage magic.

Finally, he found what he was looking for: a ceramic rod and a deep narrow cup, about seven inches long apiece. Pulling them carefully from the wrappings, he sat down and comtemplated them thoughtfully: he didn’t like using a focus, such as this, but who knows how far away the black haired boy might be now? Simon was an excellent sorcerer, but even he needed a small push occasionally. As he wound the stolen hair around the rod, he slowly cleared his mind and focused his attention on the enchantment. With a small smile, and with excitement over the possibilities of the coming evening, he began to work his spell, and pushed the rod barely a half inch into the cup. He wondered if the boy remembered him; soon he won’t be able to forget him.

Across town, David Barrett let out a small gasp. He had just gotten home from the party as well; it had been a tiring evening. As he unbuttoned his 501’s, he was completely unprepared for the sudden wave of erotic excitement which coursed through his body. He stopped and steadied himself with one hand against the wall. The wave passed, but left a teasing, tingling sensation between his legs. “It must be longer than I thought,” he smiled to himself. But, it had only been a couple of weeks since he had had sex, he chided himself; hardly long enough to get uncontrollable urges. He dropped his Levis to the floor, picked them up, and draped them over a chair.

Less than a minute later, the next sexual burst hit him, leaving him clutching the edge of the sink. In his desire, he ran a hand under his shorts, and briefly stroked himself before pulling his hand away. “This is ridiculous,” he thought. “I can’t get to sleep like this.” For a moment, he pondered what to do... Unbidden, an idea formed in his mind. “I need some fresh, cold air; a drive around the city will do me some good. I’m hardly tired anyway,” he said to himself, wondering why his sleepiness had passed so quickly.

Back in his jeans, in his car, he drove aimlessly about, wondering what in the world had possessed him to go out again. It was almost 10 in the evening, and he had a heavy schedule of classes ahead of him. Still, he was feeling lively (and quite sexy, he noted, as he examined his face in the rear-view mirror), and somehow this drive seemed the right thing to do. As he slowly meandered his way towards downtown, he thought back on the evening. The end-of-tour party was pretty boring, all things considered; he was just the son of a copy editor in the advertizing agency handling what’s-his-name’s (Simon, came the reply in his mind) LA stop. He knew no one there, and the conversation wasn’t very interesting. Still, he mused, he had been introduced to the magician himself, and he seemed very nice. Goodlooking, too: blond hair, blue eyes, sharp features; nordic without the harshness.

“I wish I had had a chance to talk with him,” he thought to himself. “I wonder if he’s still in town? I could use someone to talk to...” And with that, he started to think about his college roomate, Jim, and how he wished the two could talk about personal things. “I wonder what Simon’s like in bed with a woman; magicians are supposed to have wonderful manual dexterity.” (What on earth am I talking about?” he thought to himself in the back of his mind). As he spoke, he slowly undid his belt, and opened the top button of his 501’s. (And back at the hotel, Simon slid the rod another inch into the cup). The boy’s free right hand slid over his crotch and started to massage his cock and balls. He tried to think about Cynthia, his girl friend, as he normally did when he jerked off, but instead his mind kept flashing on images of Jim, and Simon. As he turned right onto a downtown street, one hand on the wheel, he reached down into his pants and began stroking his growing cock.

With a start, he realized that he had stopped in front of a downtown hotel. Slowly and reluctantly, he pulled his hand out from his pants. “I’ve got to get some air; I’ll go for a quick walk here,” he said firmly as he parked the car and stepped out. But he found himself walking directly in the lobby, and taking the elevator up. He was in such a fever pitch of sexual arousal that he barely noticed stepping off the elevator at the 12th floor, as if he had been summoned there.

As he walked down the corridor, his thoughts turned back to Simon. He felt very submissive and very horny, and somehow felt that the itch was one only Simon could scratch. A part of him was amazed at himself; he had never had feelings like this before. But it was overwhelmed by the desire to be near Simon. He started to imagine himself and Simon together, in all sorts of activities; playing football, fixing his old Chevy... At room 1220, he stopped, and raised his trembling hand to the door.

Simon smiled as a hesitant knock sounded at the door. He looked at the rod, slid more than two-thirds into the cup. Every time he worked a spell this powerful, that could bring a boy to him from any distance, he was never entirely sure that it would work. But this time, as every time, it did. He rose, straightened his clothes by instinct, and stepped over and opened the door. He smiled at David, standing outside with a look of bewilderment on his handsome, triangular face, swaying softly in the corridor.

“Come in, please,” he said in a soft, but firm and commanding voice. “I’ve been expecting you.” In a trance, David stepped into the room, his eyes not entirely focusing on him or his surroundings. Simon shut the door quitely behind them, and led him to the center of the room with a gentle touch on the hand.

He regarded the lovely boy before him; his green eyes glazed and his short black hair perfectly matching the tight fitting black t-shirt and even tighter jeans, his well defined chest slowly rising and falling with his panting breaths. He gently took David in his arms and raised his lips to his; the boy responded with a warm passionate kiss, his tongue darting out and fencing with Simon’s. The boy pressed himself to him, letting out a soft moan of pleasure at their passionate embrace. As they kissed, the last of his resistance melted away: he felt completely docile and obedient. All he could think to do was to be with Simon, and do whatever the older man wanted.

Gently, Simon pulled his mouth away, and looked deep into his soft willing eyes. “What do you want to do?” Simon asked him, his voice light and teasing. His voice heavy with lust, the boy panted, “I wish to serve you and obey you. I’ll do whatever you want me to do. What is your command, Master?

“Undress, slowly,” Simon replied, smiling at the beautiful boy who was now completely his.

With a soft sigh, David took hold of the bottom of his t-shirt, and pulled it up and over his head and off, exposing his muscled chest and tight stomach, which showed a very new growth of black hair. Then he reached in front of him and unbuttoned his levis. They opened and fell down into a bunch on the floor, revealing his tight white cotton undershorts, and slowly growing basket. He slowly moved his hands down to his shorts. He grabbed his cock through the fabric, and leaned his head back with ecstacy as he fondled himself. As he reached to pull his shorts off, Simon stopped him. “Leave them on for now. Come here!” Obediently, the boy stepped into his embrace. They kissed for a long time, their tongues passionately writhing and fencing with each other, David’s hands running through his hair and pulling their their mouths even more firmly together. Finally, panting, they broke their kiss. Simon was finding it hard to keep control; his cock was already hard and ready, and he wanted to bend David over and fuck him now. But it would be such a waste if he didn’t take full advantage of his new love slave.

Simon returned to the chair and picked up the rod and cup. He looked at him, standing nude except for his underpants in the middle of the room. He pushed the rod the remaining distance into the cup. David let out a cry of ecstacy as wave after wave of sexual energy flooded though his body; the pleasure was almost more than he could bear. He fell to his knees, panting with desire. “Please, Master, command me! I am yours, my lips, my mouth, my tits, my ass, everything is at your command. What do you wish?” he moaned. “I want to obey you; I am your willing slave.” As he spoke, his hands frantically masturbated himself through his shorts. “Come here, my slave and suck my cock,” Simon said looking at his aroused lover.

Slowly, David rose and walked over to Simon, his eyes half open with lust. He kneeled before Simon, and ran his hands over his pants; he loved the firmness, how it felt. He unzipped Simon’s pants and pulled them down; his 7 inch tool sprang forth. He ran him hands up and down, caressing and fondling it. Finally with a moan of “Yes, Master” he lowered his moist, willing lips to Simon’s cock.

His long, wet tongue slowly licked the shaft, running up and down from the head to the base. At the swollen top, he wrapped his lips around it, teasing and probing with his tongue, only to run his mouth back down to the base. With a sigh, he licked and sucked on his balls, pulling one, then the other, into his hot mouth. He gave head like an expert, and never had anything given him so much pleasure as going down on Simon at his command. Finally, with a moan, he took Simon’s pulsing tool deep into his mouth, swallowing all 7 inches with ease. In and out, in and out, he pumped his mouth up and down, taking it deeply into his mouth, pulling out and sucking and licking the head with erotic abandon. Small moans and cries of pleasure burst from him as he deep-throated Simon.

As he bobbed his head up and down, one of his gentle hands fondled Simon’s balls, stroking and cupping them in time to his frantic sucking. Simon reached down and began to fondle the boy’s pecs; they felt firm, the nipples erect and hard. He caressed them, running his fingers over their stiff points, pinching them, as his expert lover continued to give him a wet and wonderful blow job.

Finally, Simon felt his orgasm approach. He lifted the eager, active head from his cock. His eyes, half closed, revealed nothing but love and devotion; his panting mouth and expert tongue still ready to please him. “What do you wish?” He asked. “I’ll do anything you ask”.

Simon removed the rest of his clothes, as David stood by the bed, his chest heaving, his body trembling with excitement. Then Simon pulled the boy’s shorts off, finally exposing the boy’s proud 6 inch uncircumsized prick, which was surrounded by short, black hair.

“Lie down.” David slowly climbed onto the bed, and lay staring at the ceiling, his eyes glassy. Simon moved over to him, and laid down beside him. “Now, my slave, we are going to fuck. This will be the most wonderful fuck you have ever had in your life. It will not hurt, you will feel nothing but pleasure, and when I tell you to, you will come. Do you understand?”

Oh, yes, Master! I want to be fucked by you so badly; I want to feel your hard cock deep inside of me. Please fuck me, please!”

“Lift your legs!” Simon commanded. He smiled as David slowly raised his knees to his chest, to reveal his excited ass hole, ready for his cock.

Quickly sliding between his legs, Simon paused for a moment to stroke his hair, caress his chest and slowly lower his mouth to his nipples. David moaned and writhed under him, his fingers circling his hard cock and fondling himself. Simon moved to penetrate him. With David’s fingers guiding him, he thrust into his love tunnel, shoving his entire length deep into the boy’s rectum.

With a loud gasp, David pulled his lover to him, pressing his mouth to Simon’s in a wet, passionate kiss. As Simon began to slowly pump in and out of him, he writhed erotically, bucking his hips back and forth with pleasure. Simon matched him stroke for stroke, thrust for thrust, the boy’s long, slender, athletic legs wrapped around him, pulling Simon deeply into him. He started slowly and teasingly, pulling almost completely out of him, only to slowly thrust back in again. Raising himself on his arms as he continued his firm and slow rhythm, he looked deeply into David’s adoring eyes, a small smile of pure desire on his beautiful face.

He lowered himself back to him and increased the speed of his thrusts into him. He responded passionately, his hands clutching Simon’s ass, pushing him even deeper into him. He softly panted, “Oh, it feels so wonderful! I’ve never been fucked by a man before... Oh, yes Master... yes... oh, yes...” the boy cried. His slender neck arched back as Simon felt his strong ass muscle contract again and again around his dick. He began to pump wildly into him, matching his squeezes and continuing his orgasm to new heights. The boy’s body responded, thrusting back against him in complete abandon.

As David reached the height of his orgasm, Simon could no longer hold himself back. The boy’s tremendously talented blow job and strong, wild ass were driving him to his own climax. Abandoning himself, he contimued to pump deeply into David, driven wild by his moans and sighs of ecstacy. As he neared his orgasm, David clutched him close, his lips and tongue teasing his ear. “Oh, Master, come, please, fill my asshole, I want to feel you come inside of me!” David cried out. Simon erupted with a fountain of come inside his willing tunnel. “Now, slave, I command you to come now!” he cried out, and as the boy came in hard gushes between himself and his master, Simon collapsed onto the boy as he pumped into him, again and again, filling him with his hot seed.

Together they rested for a long moment before Simon slowly pulled out of him. David gasped as his prick slid from his ass. Simon lay beside of him, on his back, admiring his latest love slave. This was hardly the first time he had brought a boy to him, enchanted him with the strength of his quite real magic, made him serve his sexual desires. But each time was new, fresh; no two of his submissive captives were the same.

Slowly, David opened his eyes and smiled at his master. Although the wild sex had drained him, he was still filled with the desire to serve Simon, to obey his whim, to please him. He gently stroked his body, lightly caressed his softening cock.

I’d love to keep him here tonight, Simon thought with regret, but there’s always a risk with spells this strong. I don’t have the time to make it more lasting. Sighing, he decided to release him from his enchantment.

“What is your name, slave?” Again he looked over his body... When I’m back in LA, I’ll remember this one!

“David, Master.” He smiled sweetly and looked at him shyly. Simon quickly found out his address, phone number and other details about his life; he answered all of his questions eagerly. Finally, he realized it was time to send him away... He was already beginning to feel the strain it took to maintain the powerful magic making him docile to his will.

“Now, David, listen to me carefully. I want you to get dressed. And return to your apartment. Go to sleep there. When you awake, you will remember none of this.”

“Yes, Master.”

His lovely face showed a trace of regret as Simon looked at his firm body and half-erect cock as he arose and dressed.

Simon stood, and putting on a robe, he saw him to the door. With a final passionate kiss, he said goodbye to him.

“Thank you, Master,” he said under his breath as they embraced. “I have never had sex like that before; I will come to you, and serve you, whenever you wish it.” “Yes, indeed you shall, David,” he replied, smiling broadly. “Good night.”

The next morning, David awoke, remembering he had dreamed but could not remember what it was about. All that day, he couldn’t keep his mind on his classes. He kept thinking of Jim, his roomate, and decided that he’d invite him out for a beer later that night at the campus pub, to try and get to know him better...