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The Spiral Boy

(mc, fm, ff, md, fd)

Synopsis: An unscrupulous hypnotist recounts his fateful meeting with a new subject, and how his plans spiral out of control.

Author’s note: This is the continuation and conclusion of the story “The Spiral Girl.” Much thanks, again, to Margot, my friend and hypnotist extraordinaire, for all her help.

* * *

It was 7:20 and still no Kennedy.

Maybe her Dr. Chambers said no. Maybe she wanted to do something else. Kennedy should have called in either case. I knew I had my hooks in her tight, but anything can happen in a week. I probably should have made it Friday and moved Sherri to Sunday.

No. Something wasn’t right. Did I rush those suggestions at the end? Kennedy seemed to accept all of them so easily. I considered giving her a call, but that might confuse her if she was obeying. I told her what to do. I’d just have to hammer that obedience into her mind next time. This time—

There was a single knock on my door. Finally.

As I opened the door, my eyes fell upon a pair of really awesome tits.

“Hello, Brandan? I’m Gina.”

She put out her hand as I pried my eyes off her cleavage to see Kennedy standing next to her. She looked shy, nervous. We shook hands and Gina pulled on mine, leading herself into my apartment. Kennedy shuffled behind. Gina looked around, appraising my place as if she was planning on moving in.

Gina wasn’t what I expected. She was younger, maybe 30, and tall, nearly as tall as I was in her heels. She had great boobs and an ass to match, converging on a slim waist her dress and belt accentuated nicely. Sharp features and stunning blue eyes. Blonde hair that practically glowed around her shoulders. I couldn’t wait to get her clothes off. Those tits just about spilled out of that dress.

“Hi, Kennedy. How are you?”

“I’m great, Brandan.” There was that smile. It settled me down a bit. She told me with that smile that she had done all that I asked.

“So you’re a hypnotist?” Gina spun around to face me. “Kennedy could barely stop talking about you. I just had to come and see for myself.”

“I’m glad you did.”

Gina appeared more dressed up than she really was. She looked, well, elegant in a way I didn’t see all that often. She was not the kind of woman I ran across at my IT job.

“Can I get you anything? Wine? Beer?”

“No, thank you. I’m not sure if we’ll be staying long. I’ve made plans for the evening with Kennedy. I did want to see what’s had her so … obsessed.”

I let out a laugh that may have sounded forced. It was forced. Gina was going to be a challenge, I could see that. Her guard was up. Probably had never been hypnotized before. This might take a while.

Kennedy’s eyes wandered to my computer and Gina laughed at that, keeping things light.

“It’s all right, Kennedy, dear,” she said. “This is why I agreed to come. Go ahead. Let’s see Brandan do his thing.”

I led them to two chairs in front of the screen. Kennedy sat down, reaching for the hem of Gina’s dress.

“Come on, Dr. Chambers, it’ll be fun.”

“Kennedy, dear, if you call me Dr. Chambers one more time I may have to take you over my knee.”

Gina and I laughed at that, but Kennedy’s face fell as if she had been scolded by her mother.

“Very well.” Gina sat down next to her. I needed to drop Kennedy first, then I could concentrate on Gina. She checked her watch. She looked bored.

“Ready, Kennedy?”


On the screen popped up my killer spiral. The one already planted in Kennedy’s mind. She gave a small smile to Gina before turning her head to look at it. Gina patted her hand in her lap.

“Nice and relaxed, Kennedy. You remember this spiral? You enjoyed looking at it so much. Your perfect spiral?”


“Watch the spiral, Kennedy.”

Nothing happened for a long moment. Both women looked at the screen. Then Kennedy’s mouth dropped open. She was caught.

“You’re very relaxed now, Kennedy. Very calm. Focus on the spiral. Nothing else you need to think about but how good it feels. The perfect spiral. Just listen to my words as you spin down. Down. Down. Sinking into it. A nice deep trance for me. All the way down.”

Kennedy was gone. Out. Completely submerged in the spiral. My eyes darted over to watch Gina. She didn’t move. I couldn’t gauge her reaction.

“How do you feel, Kennedy? Calm and relaxed?”


“Calm and relaxed. Feeling so good. You are empty. How do you feel?”


“Yes, good girl. Do you like my spiral too, Gina?”

I didn’t expect her to be tranced, but I wanted her relaxed and focused on the spiral.

“Yes, I do. It’s very … hypnotizing.”

“Yes, and you want to drop into a deep trance for me. Just like Kennedy. Yes?”

Nothing. She just looked at it like she was watching TV.

“Feels so good to be calm and relaxed. Slipping down. You feel good, Gina?”

After a moment, she looked up at me. Her eyes unchanged.

“That’s quite the spiral you have there, Brandan. I can see Kennedy enjoys it very much. That’s also quite a bevy of suggestions to throw at someone you’re showing it to.”

I was taken aback. Had I given Kennedy too many suggestions? I didn’t think I had. But I kept my mood light. Gina returned to looking at the spiral. Good.

“Yes, she loves being empty for me. Empty and horny too. Yes, my good girl?”

“Yes, Brandan.”

“See? She loves it. Relax, Gina. Keep looking and focusing. Don’t you want to feel good like she does? Deep in a trance. Calm and relaxed? Empty?”

I let Kennedy float, while I concentrated harder on Gina. She was staring at the spiral. I could see her relaxed breathing, those beautiful tits rising and falling. I was standing almost above her, so I could look right down between them. I grabbed the back of Kennedy’s chair as I nearly lost my balance. Get your shit together, man!

“You’re feeling so good now, Gina. Sinking deeper into the center of the spiral as you listen to my words. Not thinking about anything else. Just what I say as you watch the spiral spin and spin.”

I couldn’t be sure how deeply Gina was falling. If she was falling at all. I looked at the spiral like I was checking to see if it was broken or something. I tried to keep calm, although I was getting a little frustrated. Relax.

I bent down to whisper to Kennedy, regain some control of the situation.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you my good girl?”

“Yes, Brandan.”

“Yes. So deep. Seeing only the perfect spiral. Taking you deeper. Emptying you out. Making you so horny. Yes?”


Kennedy wiggled her ass slightly. At least she was responding the way I wanted. I still had a firm grip on her mind. So what if Gina was going to take longer? I knew she’d be worth it. God, those tits were amazing. She was still receptive to watching the spiral, after all. She stared at it without moving.

I began to enjoy myself at last. Watching two sexy women and their mouth-watering boobs going up and down. Up and down. I wanted to grope Kennedy, but I still wasn’t sure about Gina and I didn’t want her getting the wrong idea if she hadn’t fallen yet.

Five minutes passed.

I kept repeating my lines; Gina didn’t even respond to them. Then …

“Kennedy really is lost in that spiral,” she said, taking a deep breath. “It’s … thrilling watching you do this for me, Brandan. She does love it so.”

“Yes, she does.” I was mildly surprised Gina could even think for herself. She had been watching the spiral a long time. “And you do too. Yes?”

She looked over at Kennedy.

“Yes, well, spirals are a matter of taste, aren’t they? It’s hardly surprising I don’t have the same enthralled response as Kennedy. But so many of our urges are subconscious, and sometimes there’s just the urge to relax and let go and stare at a spiral. You can hardly make rhyme or reason for its allure.”

The way she drew out the word “allure” while looking at Kennedy tranced out made me all but certain there was more to these two than a simple teacher-student relationship. And she definitely wasn’t looking at Kennedy’s blank stare, either. She was noticing one of the first things I noticed about Kennedy and it made me smile.

“...noticing those really delightful tits she has.”

Wait, had she really been talking about Kennedy’s tits? Had this woman with her elegance and composure just said “tits” within ten minutes of meeting me?

“I do see we share some tastes though,” she continued. “Speaking of alluring, of course. The way they just rise and fall as she breathes herself deeper into that trance of yours? Mmm, it’s exquisite, don’t you think?”

“Yes!” I blurted, maybe a little too enthusiastically. Something was off about this interaction and even though I just proved I’d made a mindless toy of her student, I suddenly felt like admitting to my baser thoughts was out of line.

“It’s a good one, granted. You enjoy looking at her breasts rising and falling. Don’t you?”

I smiled at her smile.

“Yes. I enjoy yours too, Gina.”

“Oh, I know you do. I could tell you liked mine. Their size. Their shape. I don’t mind if you gawk at them.”

She turned her head back to the spiral, but she wasn’t under at all. Not even a bit fuzzy-brained. She was trying to be clever. I hated that. I wanted to say forget it, you can’t be hypnotized, thanks for playing, see ya. But I couldn’t. I wanted the conquest. I wanted her naked and drooling and at my command.

I kept up with my trance lines—“Feels so good.” “Going so deep now, Gina.” “Just relax.”

She sighed. Half bored, half tired? I couldn’t tell, but my eyes drifted down to those gorgeous tits, hoping for a hint of nipple.

“You’d like to see my naked breasts, wouldn’t you, Brandan?”

She lifted her head and looked at me expectantly. I was surprised. I couldn’t even answer.

“Honestly,” she said after a moment, “you think I’d just stare and be hypnotized? When was the last time you tried to hypnotize someone who hadn’t conditioned themselves from fantasizing about spirals?”

Busted. Ruined. So much for playing with Dr. Chambers. Even the word “conditioned” didn’t sink in. I was wondering what to do with her now.

“Not everyone can be hypnotized by them,” I said, still keeping my tone pleasant. “I was hoping you’d get into them like Kennedy does. Look at her face. See how happy she is?”

Neither of us looked at Kennedy. Gina ran her fingers causally across her chest and my eyes followed.

“Yes. She’s very happy. And she’s turned on. I can see that. I can see you are too. Even that tiny dick of yours is responding. Isn’t it? Or am I mistaken?”

I did have a raging hard-on.

“I’m very relaxed and calm, Brandan. Maybe not hypnotized, but that’s okay. You’re enjoying the show. I can see that.”

Gina reached over and squeezed one of Kennedy’s tits. She moaned. I saw Gina smirk, but my eyes dropped down again to those tits. Up and down. Up … and down. I wanted to feel them with my fingers.

“I’d let you feel them, Brandan, but you do need to keep focused on Kennedy. How aroused she is. Isn’t that right?”


Fuck! I was the hypnotist and Gina was making fun of me. Me! And I don’t have a little dick! It was full-on hard now. I was standing so close to Gina I wanted to yank down my pants and face fuck her. Show her who was fucking boss!

Gina didn’t even seem to notice how frustrated I was getting. She looked at Kennedy strangely. Like she was her kitten.

“Watching Kennedy, you must relish this, I think. It must be addicting for you. To be like this.” She ran her hand smoothly down Kennedy’s back. “How effective it is just watching. The spiral feels good.”

She leaned into Kennedy, looking at her spiral eyes, then back to me, grinning.

“You enjoy knowing what it does to weak minds, Brandan. So easily hypnotized. Now, for me, it’s not just a matter of falling. It’s being controlled, don’t you think, Brandan? As you become hypnotized...” She began petting Kennedy’s head. “… all that thinking is replaced by obedience. To me, it’s compelling to watch you.”

She petted Kennedy’s head again. I didn’t really think about why. She seemed so amused by it all. It was getting harder and harder for me to know what she was thinking. Maybe she wanted to play with Kennedy right there. Maybe both of us. I may get my threesome after all, yet my focus wasn’t on Kennedy any more. It was all on her. She took another deep breath.

“Must be numbing too, forcing you to wait here with me. Waiting for me to drop. You knowing it’s what you want.” She smiled at me and I wanted her so bad in that moment I could taste it. “It’s all in how you process it, right? Thinking is good but it’s better to obey. Me, I enjoy playing this game. Kennedy does too, I can see that.”

I felt stupid. I was stupid. My mind was racing but it was if it was running in place too. I didn’t even think about the fact that Gina wasn’t looking at my spiral anymore. I was. And her words were pushing me over a cliff.

“You must relish this.”

“I think it must be addicting for you.”

“To be like this.”

“How effective it is.”

“Just watching the spiral.”

“Feels good.”

I was caught. My eyes were fixed on the spiral. On the spinnnnnn.

“You enjoy knowing what it does to weak minds.”

“Brandan so easily hypnotized now for me.”

“It’s not just a matter of falling. It’s being controlled.”

“Don’t you think, Brandan, as you become hypnotized.”

“All that thinking is replaced by obedience to me.”

“It’s compelling to watch.”

Her lips were moving, I could hear her words, but they didn’t stay in my mind long enough to process …

“You must be numbing too.”

“Forcing you to wait here with me.”

“Waiting for me to drop you.”

“Knowing it’s what you want.”

“It’s all in how you process it.”

“Right thinking is good but it’s better to just obey me.”

I looked over at her dumbly, her hand on my chin. Her voice deepened.

“I enjoy playing this game.”

I felt her hand graze my zipper before massaging her own tits right in front of me.

“You’re a very horny boy, Brandan. Kennedy is horny too.”

She leaned over again and whispered in Kennedy’s ear. She slid down her jeans and jammed both hands inside her panties. It was so hot.

“Eyes here, Brandan.”

I looked back at Gina but my eyes fell past her eyes and lips and down to those two wonderful tits. I wanted to jack my cock right there, right then. But I couldn’t move. My eyes were stuck on those tits. I strained to see if a nipple was hard.

“You don’t need to hypnotize me, Brandan. You’re in control here. You’re calling the shots. You love looking at my lovely breasts. Just focus on them. Lifting and dropping. There is a rhythm to it. You can see that, can’t you? So … perfect? Fondling them in your mind.”

I forgot about Kennedy rubbing herself. All I could see was Gina’s boobs. Those perfect boobs. Why was she teasing me like this? I couldn’t think. I just stared. She kept talking but whatever she was saying was soaking into my brain without me even realizing it.

“You don’t want to be hard now, Brandan. What would Kennedy’s friend think? You didn’t even hypnotize me. So embarrassing. Let’s have that little dick back to normal now, shall we?”

I was frozen. I needed something to put my mind on.

“You’re very relaxed now, Brandan. Like that little dick of yours. Just listen to me. Keep staring at my marvelous breasts. How beautiful they are. How entrancing. Fall into them. Bury your mind in them. Deep, yes, very deep.”

I didn’t notice that my cock had shrunk. All that was important was staring at those tits and that sexy woman. Her smile. Those eyes. Everything about her.

I should have been pissed off. I should have kicked her ass—God, what a nice ass too—out the door. But I couldn’t move. I wasn’t even sure if I was supposed to speak. I couldn’t make my brain work. The only thought in my head right then was that I needed to keep staring at her. Waiting for her to let me touch them.

“Stop rubbing now, Kennedy,” she said as she stood up. She seemed much taller than I was. Those two, round beauties were right in my face. “You don’t see a spiral any longer, Kennedy. Look at me. Come back to me, Kennedy.”

It was a bizarre feeling. Kennedy was coming back to Gina wide awake, while my eyes were coming back to her deeply tranced. I knew I was tranced. There wasn’t anything I could do about at that point. I was as focused on Gina as Kennedy was, yet I was down and she was up.

Up! Wake up, stupid!

“Sit down and stare at the spiral again, Brandan. You know you want to. After all, I asked nicely, didn’t I? You’re our host. Show us how effective your spiral can be. Show me how you can sink into it, all the while knowing my beautiful breasts are so very close to your mouth. That’s a good boy. You like being called a very good boy. Don’t you, Brandan?”

I was being fed my own hypnotic words. I can’t be tranced by spirals. I’ve never been hypnotized.


Did I say that or did I think it? Could I even think anymore?

“I suppose I made a miscalculation with Kennedy. I could see in class that she wanted me. And I wanted her. I don’t think she even knew why. A wonder of human chemistry. Anyway, she was too shy and sweet a girl to let her feelings be known to me, so I sent her some nice spirals to her blog with some mild suggestions embedded in them. She reacted wonderfully. Accepted all of them.

“So, when she came to me—because I had planted that suggestion in her mind, you understand—I knew I’d have to push some of the desires she confessed to me into her subconscious. I didn’t want to scare her away from pursuing me.”

I could see Kennedy lean into her, Gina’s arm protectively around her waist.

“I only had a short time to teach Kennedy how to properly please a woman, but she’s learning. She is controlled. And awake.”

Gina resumed petting Kennedy’s head. Her hand moved rhythmically across her scalp.

“Apparently, however, her needs were stronger than I thought,” she said. “And she still felt unsatisfied. She sought out someone to fill them. A man. You. Fortunately, another session or two with me and penises will be the last thing on her mind. That sounds like fun, doesn’t it, dear?”

“Yes, Miss Gina.”

“See there? You were right about one thing, Brandan. She is a very good girl.

“As for you …”

* * *

I found myself staring at the spiral again. I had no idea how long I sat there.

“Kennedy, dear, I know you might be surprised by this, and I didn’t want to introduce you to this darker side of what I do yet, but you really are a miracle of suggestibility, so drastic measures are required.”

Drastic measures? Darker side? What … what was she saying?

“But first things first.”

Black then green-blue. Black then green-blue. Round and round. It’s really all I had on my mind. I could sense movement. All I could hear was Gina’s sweet whispers in my ear. I thought it was my own voice at first. Telling me to sink, drop, relax. Calm and relaxed. Empty and horny. Yes. Those were my words. They were in my head. I felt good. Calm and relaxed. Empty. I felt horny, but I knew I had gone soft because Gina told me I was.

I heard a faint click, felt a gentle squeeze on my balls. Gina’s wonderful hands on me. Nothing else mattered. I hadn’t realized my pants were around my ankles.

“There. That’s better. Kennedy, dear, do you remember our last meeting?”

“Yes, Miss Gina.”

“Remember when you told me everything about your time with Brandan?”

“Yes, Miss Gina.”

“Good. Remember what you did for me? Think about that now.”

“Yes, Miss Gina.”

“Excellent. Continue, now, with what you were doing, please.”

I couldn’t pry my eyes off the screen but I was vaguely aware of what was going on around me. Kennedy was kneeling in front of Gina and eating her out. God, how I wished I was in her place! I felt a tightness around my dick, like a vice. Unyielding. It started to hurt a little. My cock wanted to be free, but couldn’t. I wanted to be free, but wouldn’t.

“Yes, dear, very good. You’ve come a long way in a very short time. I would have enjoyed training you fully before this, but … this interruption has forced me to change my regimen for you.”

I heard a satisfied sigh, not knowing who it came from. It didn’t matter to me.

“Still, you’re doing nicely. Only a few more triggers, dear Kennedy, and you’ll be perfect. That’s enough now. I need you to watch this. This is what happens to naughty boys.”

I could feel Kennedy’s eyes on me.

“You wanted to show me how effective your spiral is, Brandan,” Gina continued. ”Show me how easily it is to drop, sink, fall deeply into the spiral. Good boys must behave, Brandan. Yes, very good. Spinning and spinning. All the way down again for me. You love your spiral, Brandan. You want to keep your eyes right on the center of it. Going deep inside it. Leaving everything else but my voice far, far behind.

“You are hypnotized now, Brandan. Very deeply hypnotized. And you will remain hypnotized until I, and only I, bring you up. Isn’t that right, my very good, very bad boy?”

“Yes ... Mistress Gina.”

“Delightful. That wasn’t very hard, now was it? Don’t answer that. You don’t need to look at the spiral any longer, Brandan. Turn off your computer and face me.”

* * *

There was a jump in time. I had no recollection of following her instructions. No recollection of anything, really. Everyone was naked. It was just her tits, heaving, above me. Mistress Gina smiled down at me. I was on the floor.

Mistress Gina unfastened my chastity cage. I had a woman’s taste in my mouth. I found myself on my back.

“Normally, I’d keep you in this once I’d put it on. But … I’m not a monster.”

She freed me and I got hard right away. Her hand was cool, gentle. She squeezed my balls as an embrace and I leaked out a drop of joy.

She put a condom over my growing dick.

“Since this will be the last time—for the foreseeable future—either of you will be doing anything remotely close to this, I’ll let you two have some momentary fun. Climb on top of him, dear. Take him the way he wanted to take you.”

Kennedy obediently climbed on my thighs and lowered herself down on me. She gasped, but didn’t look down. She turned her head toward Mistress Gina. I wanted my hands on her, but Mistress Gina slapped one away and I held still.

Kennedy rode me. I expected to enjoy it more than I did. I realized just then—clear as my entrapped mind would allow—that she was fucking me. Me. As I lay there and tried to swell into her. I was being fucked up and down.

“Cum, slave.”

I shot into the rubber. I don’t remember if it felt good or was just a release. I didn’t have to know to know it was going to be my last for a very long time.

Kennedy stood up. I didn’t feel her orgasm, but she had a big grin on her face. Was it ecstasy or merely satisfaction?

“There now. Enjoy that?” Mistress Gina yanked off the condom and clasped the cage back on me, not even bothering to wipe me clean.

I felt a tug around my neck. A collar? A leash? She made me kneel. It felt right, natural. I was free to stare right at her gorgeous pussy and bush in my face. Wait … did she call me slave?

She drew Kennedy to her and they kissed passionately. I sat there drooling like a used sex toy. She didn’t even look at me. She spoke only to Kennedy.

“I wanted to give you what you truly needed, Kennedy, but I am selfish too. I should have expected you’d go wandering off on me. Although here? I’m not pleased that I set the table and allowed someone like him to feast on it.

“You’ve had kind of a trial by fire, Kennedy dear. You might have to decide how and if you want to keep coming to see me.”

She petted Kennedy again and I almost craned my neck to share in it.

“What you need to do, my sweet, submissive student, is decide for yourself what you truly want. Although I’ll have to insist it not be as Brandan’s little playmate. That’s over with. I have rather unpleasant plans for him. Unless of course …”

Kennedy looked at me oddly. I couldn’t find any words to say. Mistress Gina wanted me exactly how I was. Kennedy stepped close to me, kneeling there naked. I could smell her. I may have been panting.

“Miss Gina?”

“Yes, dear?”

“May I … may I hold his leash?”

The end