The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Spiral Girl

(mc, mf, ff, md, fd)

Synopsis: An unscrupulous hypnotist recounts his fateful meeting with a new subject, and how his plans spiral out of control.

Part One

I was tired of Sophie. I had fun, sure, but I was bored with her. She wasn’t really my type anyway. She started getting pulled by the rest of the world too much to suit me, making it more trouble than it was worth to keep her.

So I erased what I could from her mind—even her passion for hypnosis—so that she would happily move along and not bother me anymore. And if she did manage to show up at one of the hypno gatherings I was at, I was confident she wouldn’t remember me. Besides, her submissive personality would never allow her to approach me, a stranger, for a session. I could just ignore her.

I usually hit three events a month—a seminar or a munch or whatever it was. The city was big enough to keep a pretty steady stream of newcomers wandering in to one or the other. And the regulars knew me only as well as I let them.

I’d do a trance or two, usually just a harmless down-and-up. Or I’d set up my tablet with a spiral for the curious—or the addicted—and let them drop for me. I kept it all very consensual, very casual. I saved my more colorful trances for private sessions. Once I had gained the trust of the latest prey. With me as the predator.

I didn’t mind looking at myself as that. I preyed upon poor Sophie and a dozen girls like her to fill my needs. But with Sophie out of the picture and Sherri and Rita well-conditioned and regularly scheduled, I had an opening for a new girl.

The Sunday afternoon hypno meeting at the coffee shop was usually lame, but I hit it every few months just to check things out. Mostly regulars—lonely guys needing someplace to make their stupid lives seem important or lonely women who have been doing hypno so long all they needed was some attention and a snap of the fingers to make them sink into bliss for a little while.

It was boring to watch them all do the same shit over and over again. And the talk! Like they were all masters of their craft. If they only knew.

Then I saw Kennedy. Stupid name for a girl. I’d seen her type many times before, so I didn’t pay much attention to her at first. So typical. College girl, about 19 or 20. The kind who says she’s “at university” instead of “at college.” Mousy, but cute. Big, round glasses. Her hair was pulled back like she never did it up for anyone. Loose-fitting clothes so she could pretend to be a bohemian when she was really just a nerd.

She did have an innocent smile, though. That worked. And when she bent over to look at someone’s phone, she uncovered a perfectly tight, round ass in those jeans. There was a bod under all that flannel I could stand to see more of.

Even better, she was a spiral girl.

I really had a thing for spiral girls. Sure, every induction has its rewards. Sometimes there’s nothing more enjoyable than making a girl sleep the deep sleep. Or having her obediently follow my finger or pendulum like those eyes were glued to it. Back and forth. You can practically see the thoughts dripping out their ears. That always got me hard.

But spirals are different. The frozen stare. The drool. And the openness. Yeah. Open to anything I wanted to plant in those fertile, melted minds.

We chatted a bit as she went around the room meeting people. I wasn’t going to show her much interest, but I wanted her to know I was a friend. Ask me anything. Build a little trust.

A few people did a few trances—the regulars getting their turns first since that’s why they had come. The newbies watching intently. Kennedy told me she had just started getting into hypno. Perfect. Someone had posted a hypno file with a spiral on her Instagram and she ate it up. She was hooked. More files. More spirals. I imagined her sitting there on her bed with her mouth open and her eyes unblinking. Then waking up slowly and seeing how the time had passed. How long she had been floating in the open sea of trance.

I hoped maybe she had started getting a little wet from them. The anticipation can get her primed. The eroticism of her own self-induced emptiness making her body, full of need, react. Like a sex drug.

She admitted it took a lot for her to manage the courage to come to the meeting, but she wanted to meet people who were into what she was now into. Maybe meet a tist. Someone to draw her in deeper.

There was a guy there named Charlie who must do nothing else on the weekend but attend these things. He got Kennedy to check out the new file he’d made. A spiral vid. He was so proud of himself. Amateur. Kennedy, after some begging from Charlie, agreed to watch it for him.

She dropped like an anvil.

I made up my mind right there that Kennedy was the ideal playmate for my needs. Cute, hot-bodied and susceptible.

The thing is, with guys like Charlie, they don’t have a clue what to do with someone as receptive as Kennedy. He was probably more shocked to see her jaw slacken and eyes glaze as anyone. But instead of a covert whisper to trigger her for some fun of his own later, he brought her up. What a waste.

A couple of people clapped. He thought it was for him and his stupid file. Weak-assed subliminals. Worthless loser. You missed your chance, buddy. She’s all mine now.

I don’t think I even bothered to drop anyone that day. I wanted Kennedy to come to me. Ask questions. Yearn for more.

“How’d I do?” she asked eagerly.

“Well, I don’t know. How did you do? Enjoy that?”

“Yes! It makes it so much more intense when you are with someone.”

“That’s why they’re all here. Looking for someone to share the experience.”

“Don’t you?”

“Don’t I what?” Oh, I was smooth. Just interested enough to seem disinterested in her.

“Didn’t you do any hypnosis today?”

“Oh, I enjoy it a lot. Spirals are the best.”

“I know!”

Her excitement almost had me veer from my plan. She was a willing, naïve subject. Just what I was looking for. But I knew how to get what I wanted and patience was the key. I could see the outline of her nipples even under the thick, flannel man’s shirt she wore. Nice tits. It made me smile.

I waited for the meeting to end and kept near her, but not too near. Waiting for her head to turn. Looking for me.

“I’m right here, Kennedy.”

“Oh! There you are. What’s your name again?”

“Brandan. So you want to do this again?”

“I think so. The next meeting isn’t for two weeks though.”

“Long time to wait, huh? Tell me, how many times have you been hypnotized by a spiral file?”

“Uh, maybe like 20? This was my first time with an actual hypnotist with me. Hearing his voice made a huge difference. And I didn’t wake up half out of my bed, you know, the next morning.”

Her laugh made my cock jump.

“Yeah. Say …” I was ready because I could see she was ready. “If you want, we could do a session. I have some really good spirals on my computer at my apartment. We could try a few different ones, see what you like. Trust me, it’s a lot safer to do them with someone instead of home alone. You live alone?”

She sighed.

“Yes. Technically, no. But my roommate stays overnight with her boyfriend nearly every night, so …”

“Well, we could do it there then. Or my apartment. I can even throw in some lunch. The spread here is always so lame.”

I could see she was hesitant. I expected that. But it was clear she was up for doing it again. Spirals do that to new subjects. Once they’ve bitten from that apple there is no going back.

“Anyway, think about it. Here’s my card.”

I gave her one of my cards. I’d had them made just for this. It all looked very professional. Like I was a real hypnotherapist who enjoyed the recreational aspects of trance. It was all bullshit. She stared at the card with my info on it and nodded slowly. I stepped away from her. Her eyes followed.

“Oh, sure!”

Wait for it. I felt a hand.

“You know, I’m not really doing anything. Just laundry.”

I had her.

“I don’t live too far,” I said as nonchalantly as I could. “Wanna follow me in your car?”

“I don’t have a car. I took the bus.”

Such a nerd.

It was my turn to sigh. God, I was good at this.

“Well, c’mon then. I’ll make some sandwiches and show you my files. Sound good?”

* * *

When we got to my apartment I gave her lunch. The perfect gentleman. But I continued to bring up Charlie’s spiral—how she felt, seeing how eager she was to see one again. And again.

I showed her my killer spiral on my desktop first. No reason to wait any longer. I had the perfect plan for someone with a weak mind like I could tell she had.

It dropped her quickly, surprisingly quickly. I reinforced the feelings of calm, of relaxation. Of bliss. I gently massaged her tit to gauge her reaction. Her nipples grew but her face remained even. I told her to forget that I had squeezed it. But I wanted her to remember that spiral. To see it clearly in her mind, even when she was awake. Locked in her daydreams.

I then brought her up, quickly enough that after a few blinks and an unsure smile she looked disappointed. Like I had just snatched away her favorite stuffed animal from her bed. College girls. She was so easy to manipulate.

Now that she was awake, I needed to see if the image of the spiral still held in her mind the way I wanted. I talked about other things—school, the munch, anything. She was very relaxed. She began to rock her hips slowly, however, telling me she wanted more.

“You enjoyed my spiral?”

“Oh, yes. It was … it was really a good one. I got … sucked into it. Really fast, I think.”

“Round and round. Deeper and deeper? Just making you feel soooo good?”


Her head rose slightly. She was looking for the image in her mind.

“Did you already start imagining a spiral?”

She laughed nervously. “Yeah. Kinda.”

“I started talking about a spiral and you immediately pictured one. Yes?”


“What colors?”

Her head tilted.

“Green. Bluish.”

“Is that what you imagined when I was talking about it? Or is that usual?”

“I never thought about it. I usually do think about certain spirals when I daydream about them, yeah.”

“Green-blue or blue-green?”

“Haha! I don’t know. Isn’t that about the same?”

“When I asked what was the first thing to pop into your head?”


Green. Perfect. Green is the color of hypnosis. Not red, bold and aggressive. Not just blue, cool and serene. But green. Warm enough yet soothing enough to engage an open mind. My spiral really had gotten to her.

“There you go. Green-blue. What other colors?”

“Well, dark or black background.”

“Green-blue and black. Okay.”

“I don’t like white backgrounds. They’re too bright.”

“Black then green-blue or green-blue then black?”

There was a long pause. Her eyes were caught.

“Black first, I guess.”

“It is okay. You can just tell me what pops into your head. This is easy. You imagined a spiral.”

“Haha. Yeah.”

“And it’s back again now. Found it?”

“I see it. Yes.”

“Now, when I ask questions, you can just answer. Whatever pops into that pretty little head. Like a good girl, yes? Like a good girl.”


So far, so good. She was starting to slip. The spiral was in front of her eyes as she stared at the wall. I spoke to her slowly, calmly.

“Yes. Like a good girl. Black then green-blue then black then green-blue then black then green-blue. Yes?”

“Yes, Brandan.”

“Spinning fast or spinning slowly?”


“Spinning fast, black then green-blue then black then green-blue then black then green-blue. Spinning which way?”


“Spinning fast, counter clockwise, black then green-blue then black then green-blue then black then green-blue. Where do your eyes go?”

“In middle.”

Kennedy couldn’t make a complete sentence. Just reacting. Answering. The image in her mind holding her. She was spinning down.

“Eyes pulled to the middle. The middle of the perfect spiral. That is what we are making. Yes? The perfect spiral.”


“What are we making?”

Another pause. It was harder now for her to think, to respond. I rubbed the bulge in my jeans.

“Perfect spiral.”

Her face revealed the faintest of smiles.

“Yes. Good girl. And every time you start to look away the perfect spiral pulls your eyes back. Where does the perfect spiral pull them to?”


“Yes. To the middle. Each time the pull gets more powerful. Stronger, faster. You are testing the pull. Struggling to start to look away. And what does the perfect spiral do?”


My face was close to hers. I could hear her breathing slowly, relaxed. I smelled her skin. “Pulls back to the middle. Getting stronger and stronger as you get weaker and weaker. Yes?”


Poor Kennedy. Her mind was getting soft, weak. Her shoulders began to sag but her back remained straight.

“The perfect spiral stealing your strength. Making you what?”

“Weaker and weaker.”

“Who is making you weaker?”

“Perfect spiral.”

Dumb bitch. Who!

“Who made the spiral?”


That’s better. I licked her cheek. She tasted good.

“And I am making you weaker and weaker. So weak. Eyes glued to the center now. Stuck, frozen, unable to even try to look away. Yes?”


“What happens when a good girl stares at a normal spiral?”


“Yes. And then what?”

“Get weaker and weakerrrrrrr.”

She was dumbing down. Her mouth was slack. Her body stiffly at ease. Lost. I wanted to push her down and fuck her brains out. She was ready.

“Programmed, addicted, enslaved. Yes?”


She really was a very good girl.

“That is what a normal spiral does. What type of spiral is this?”

“Perfect spiral.”

“The perfect spiral is perfect. So much stronger. So much more powerful. Overwhelming. What is the perfect spiral going to do to you?”

“Overwhelming me.”

“Are you sure?”


“And enslaving you. Enslaving you to who?”

“I don’t … Brandan.”

“A slave to Brandan?”

“Wake me.”

She surprised me. As deep as she was, she was trying to resist. A delicious moment. A little resistance is always good. Once they break, they stay broken.

“Why do you want to be woken up?”

“I … I’m weak.”

“You will only get weaker. Now. You are getting weaker. Don’t resist. You can’t resist. What kind of spiral is it?”

“Perfect spiral.”

“I put it in your head. It will always be in your head. Where?”

“In my head.”

“And it will be there forever. Doing what to you?”

“Get weaker.”

“Yes. Keeping you weak and addicted and controlled. Addicted to the spiral, to my control. Yes?”


“And what type of spiral is it?”

“Perfect spiral.”

“Perfect. So it will last forever. Yes?”


“Where will it be forever?”

“In my head.”

“Keeping you under my control. Keeping you addicted. Addicted to what?”


“Even when you are awake, what will the perfect spiral be doing?”

“Get me weaker.”

“What else?”

A long strand of drool dripped slowly down her chin. The last defense to resist washing away.


“Who controls you?”


“I am Brandan. Yes?”


“And when you are awake and I tell you to look at the spiral, you will instantly come back to this state. Empty and enslaved. Yes?”


“Whose slave?”


She was struggling inside her mind again, I could tell. I repeated the words. Again and again until her responses became automatic. They became truth. Her truth.

“Look at the spiral. When you struggle against the perfect spiral what happens to you?”

“Pull to middle.”

“It gets stronger. Stealing your strength. Making you weaker. The more you struggle the more powerless you are. The more you resist, the more vulnerable you become. Yes?”


“Where will the perfect spiral be when you wake up?”

“In my head.”

“Lasting forever. Spinning forever. You will not remember this trance, Kennedy. Only that you enjoyed it and you feel wonderful. Now. I am going to count up to three and wake you up. Waking up in three. In two. In one. Wake up now.”

It took her a long moment before her eyes focused. She had been mindlessly, helplessly deep.

“How do you feel?” I placed my hand on her shoulder. I wanted to her accept me touching her.

“Pretty fuzzy but really good.” She looked up at me for approval. “Did you like it? Was it good?”

“Very good.” I ran my fingers through her hair and her eyes nearly closed. “You liked my spiral then?”

Her eyes drifted to my monitor but it was dark. She had the cutest confused face. Not there, my good girl, not there.

“I loved it.”

“What do you remember?”

“Ummm … not much really.”

“Do you remember what it looked like? Maybe you have a favorite spiral you like to think about?”

She froze—trying to snatch it out of thin air in her mind’s eye.

“Ummm …”

“Let’s see.” I lifted her head with a finger. “Look at the spiral, Kennedy.”

Immediately, her mouth popped open. Her eyes lost focus. Those cute, brown eyes dulled.

“The green and blue spinning. Round and round. Pulling you in. Deeper and deeper. And down. Down. Down. Deeper than you have ever been before. A nice, deep trance. Weak. Mindless. Controlled. Addicted. Overwhelmed. Programmed.”

I paused for effect.


I let her drift for a few minutes there in her spinning nothingness. I needed to see how deep she was from my trigger, how responsive she was to just listening to what I say and nothing else. Nothing but the spiral.

I unbuttoned her shirt and lifted the cups of her bra, freeing those perky boobs. I massaged them. All she did was blink.

“Feel my finger circling closer and closer. Spiraling in toward your nipple. Your mind just filled with the sensations, nothing else.”

I was going to enjoy this. Nice and slow.

“My finger getting closer and closer to your nipple. Feel it growing harder and harder. Then my finger touches it. And you feel my tingle directly on your nipple. Making it is so hard, so sensitive. And you feel that tingle shoot down your body. Down your tummy and into your clit. Feel the tingle in your clit as I tease your nipple.”

She stuck her chest out proudly. Yeah, she was feeling it alright. She was enjoying it. Now for the real test. I put my hands down. This time she was going to feel it in her mind.

“Then I drift my finger back over to your other nipple and circle it slowly. Spiraling in, closer and closer. Your skin tingling as I get to your nipple. You feel it tingling. Both of your nipples tingling together, connected by the line I traced.”

She moaned softly. She was deep and defenseless to the invisible hands which stimulated her body and mind.

“They are both sensitive, and they both feel it, as I rub one … as you feel me rub a nipple, you feel my other hand do the same. As I pinch one nipple, feel the other get pinched as well.”

Her body jerked slightly. She was so needy. Aroused. Controlled.

“You feel it now on both nipples, don’t you, Kennedy?”

“Yessss.” Her voice was breathy.

I covered her tits and buttoned her up.

“Waking up now. In one. Two. Three. Wake.”

She sucked in a breath.

“Oh my god …”

The perfect response. Now it was time to finish her off.

“Look at the spiral, Kennedy.”

Down she went.

“You are enslaved. Yes?”

A long pause as she spun and tumbled down. “Yes.”

“The more you stare, the deeper you fall. Feel your thoughts washing away. Slowly emptying yourself more and more.”

I knew her resistance was gone, but I still wanted to make sure. It was time to empty her mind and fill it back up with only me. Then fuck it.

“You need my words to replace your thoughts. To help you think. My words are your thoughts.”

I couldn’t help saying “mmmmm” in her ear.

“You love this, don’t you, Kennedy?”


“Very good girl.”

She moaned in response.

“You are now in a deep trance for me. And you can’t stop falling deeper into it. The more you stare at the perfect spiral, the more you need to listen to my words. My words are your thoughts. My thoughts are your thoughts. Your thoughts are my thoughts.”

I grabbed her under those tits and lifted Kennedy up. She rose compliantly. I moved behind her and took an ass cheek in each hand. Damn it was a nice ass. I kissed the back of her neck to taste and smell her some more. I briefly considered just bending her over my desk, but I needed to stick to the plan.

“You are calm and relaxed,” I whispered. “How do you feel?”

“Calm and relaxxx …”

“You are horny and empty. How do you feel?”

“Horny. Empty.”

“You’re very horny. You need to cum. Don’t you?”


“You are aroused and addicted. Yes?”

Her knees trembled. I knew she was soaking her panties. “Yes.”

“Listen very carefully, Kennedy. If you cum you will become addicted to the spiral.”

I said it three times just to make sure. “Yes?”

“Yes …”

“Orgasm now and become addicted to the spiral.”

She came. No fingers needed. She let out a small squeak. Delicious. I could tell it was a good one.

“Keep staring at the spiral, my good girl. You love it when I call you good girl. Yes? Good girl?”


“Keep the perfect spiral deep in your mind, Kennedy. This is what you want. What you crave. Obedience. It makes you feel so very good. So relaxed.” I chuckled. “Makes you feel horny too, doesn’t it?”


“Feel the desire growing more and more. As it becomes harder and harder to handle. You want to pleasure yourself for me, don’t you, my good girl?”

I waited. A wobbly nod. She was too far gone to answer. Her little pussy must have been drooling like her mouth was. But she heard my words. They were her thoughts. I opened her jeans and took her hand, steering it inside her panties. She began to rub her pussy. She barely blinked.

“When you’re awake, you won’t see the spiral unless I tell you to look at it. But you will need to see it again. Want to see it. Must see it. You’ll need me to show you the spiral. You need me. You will always be so horny for me. You need to be with me. To obey me. And you will always come when I call for you. You understand, Kennedy?”


“The rest of your life is as it was before. Go to school. Study. Do things with your friends. Everything is normal. But my spiral is deep in your mind. Forever. In your head. You belong to me. You are enslaved. You won’t think of yourself as my slave when you are awake, but you will wish to be. Forever. Yes?”


“Good girl. My good girl.”

She accepted it all so well. I could see she wasn’t struggling anymore. I zipped her up, smelling her on my fingers. I gently pushed her back down into the chair.

“Your conscious mind won’t remember this trance, but your subconscious will remember my programming. You will wake up now. In one. Two. Three. Awake.”

* * *

We didn’t talk much in the car. She was pretty wiped out. But I could tell she was okay. I’d seen that face before. All of my programming was swimming around in her head and she couldn’t quite understand why. Yet the feeling of blanked-out bliss was there on her face too, keeping her from questioning the gaps in her memory.

I drove her to her dorm. I love college girls. No mommy or daddy to get in the way. I triggered her butt at a stoplight and just let her float. I didn’t say another word, but I snaked my hand inside her panties to check to see how she was doing. Nice and wet. No reason to get her off again. I wanted her needy.

I woke her up as we got to campus. She was clueless. We made plans to have her come over the following night for another session. She was enthusiastic—even as zonked as she was—though she tried to not act like it. She didn’t want to scare me off, maybe.

A born submissive.

Monday night, at 7 on the dot, there was a knock on my door. She had taken the bus again, which saved me from having to pick her ass up. It was important for her to come to me.

She must have been thinking about me all day because she dressed in a tight t-shirt and jeans so I could admire what God gave her. A compact body with really nice tits. There was more woman than girl under those clothes. She even did up her hair.

I didn’t need to waste much time on small talk. She had the addiction. I sat her down in front of my computer—at the dark screen—as I pretended to load up a spiral for her.

“Ready for a new spiral?”


Oh, she was horny. I could have fucked her right then without the hypno.

“Look at the spiral, Kennedy.”

There was no spiral on the screen; it was in her head.

She dropped quickly, smoothly. The corners of her mouth lifted as she went down. A happy, empty sub. I felt her up.

I reinforced how wonderful it was to be hypnotized, how horny it made her, how much she needed to be controlled. How obedient she was to me. Then came the tricky part. Sure, it was easy under hypnosis to let me play with her body, but sometimes it took a lot of conditioning before my playmates would take care of my needs.

I stood close to her and undid my pants. She let out a sweet gasp as I pinched a nipple and groped her. Oh, yeah, she was horny. Yesterday’s playtime had really sunk in.

“You love cocks, don’t you my good girl?”


“You’d love to suck mine. Wouldn’t you?”

There was hardly any hesitation now. “Yes.”

“Open your mouth.”

I turned her head toward me and she blinked. She still saw the spiral. She also saw my meat swaying in front of her face. I slid it in and she started sucking without being told.

She may have been a nerd but she knew her way around a dick. No need to tell her what to do, just a little positive reinforcement—“You’re doing so well.” “Yes.” “Good girl.” “You’re loving this.”

I tried to hold off as long as I could but she’d been practicing. I blew my load and she didn’t even gag. If I could get her to do that, I could get her to do anything. I really believed I was the best hypnotist in the world.

I was spent. I didn’t even feel the need to fuck her. I just reinforced her addictions—to the perfect spiral, to my control, to pleasing me. Besides, now that I had her I was going to keep her around awhile. She sucked cock better than most, certainly better than Rita or Sherri. I knew she’d be a good fuck too.

“Deeper and deeper now, Kennedy. Deep into trance. Deeper than you have ever been before. So deep.”

Fridays and Saturdays were taken up by my other two slaves, and I was already counting on Mondays with Kennedy. Still, I was pretty full of myself at that moment. Maybe a fourth wouldn’t hurt?

“Tell me, Kennedy, do you have a friend who might want to join us? Someone you think would love my spirals too? Hm?”

I waited patiently as she tried to think. She almost looked pained using her mind on her own without me guiding her.

“The first person who pops in that empty head of yours, Kennedy. Who would you like to play with?”

“My … Dr. Chambers.”

“Dr. Chambers is a woman?”

“Yes. My art history teacher.”

“Is she pretty? Nice body?”

She smiled. “Very pretty.”

“You like girls?”

“I like … her.”

Jackpot! I could get into a threesome. I’d tried that with Sophie and Rita, but they just went through the motions. They were straight, so I spent so much time getting them to play together that it didn’t do much for me. Or my cock. Not much passion there, no matter how much I controlled their minds. Yet I could see in Kennedy’s smile that she could definitely get into fucking with her instructor. And I had a feeling Dr. Chambers gave her more than a few signals that it would be just fine with her if they did—she was the first person Kennedy thought of.

“Good. Very good. Next Monday night, you’ll come back here to see me and see the spiral. You’ll invite Dr. Chambers to come with you. Tell her anything to get her to agree to go out with you. And then come here. Rent a car if you have to. But be here at 7. Understood?

“Yes, Brandan.”

“Good girl.”

I kept Kennedy under a long time. I even had her suck me off again. My spiral was fixed in her mind. I was confident it would be there in a week when we played again. The hold on her was strong. Really strong. I could show them the spiral—as a demonstration, of course—and entrance Kennedy while I made my move on someone new.

Little did I realize that Kennedy’s Dr. Chambers was going to change my life forever.

To be continued …