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This story is the result of my wanting to explore the idea of the ‘victim’ of MC not being the person who is affected by it.

I expect some people will recognize insiprations for some of these characters...

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Stacie Sex Toy

“Girls, come in here, I’ve got something to show you.”

Chiela, Pari, and Stacie turned at Eric’s voice. “What is it?” The three headed from their various points of amusement to the front foyer, to find Eric standing next to a large box.

The next words out of his mouth were heard, but not registered by any of the girls, as they all fell into a deep hypnotic sleep.

* * *

Stacie returned to awareness, finding herself looking into the faces of her friends. She checked herself for status changes: She was nude, but nothing else that she could notice.

Not that her previous outfit, or Chiela’s or Pari’s, covered all that much. Eric liked to be able to admire his girls.

She had no compulsions, so she asked Eric: “What’s up?”

“Just an idea I had, that I thought you might like.” He grinned. Stacie waited, hopeful. Since they’d formed this little harem of his, Eric had rarely misjudged what any of his girls would like. Of course, the frequent hypnotic sessions were probably a big part of that. “I know you’ve always wanted to be, well, a little less human.” The term she’d usually used was ‘robotic sex toy’. Everyone should be allowed their fantasies. “Well, I thought of a way to help you experience what that would be like.”


“Yep. In the box is an empty cage. I’m going to tell the others that I’ve bought us a new sex-toy, and you are going to play the role. I’ve already given you a couple of suggestions that should help you play it.” He turned to face her. “Think of it as a couple week vacation from being human. If you agree.”

“Of course I agree.” As if he had a doubt. “What do you want me to do?”

“Well, first I want you to put on this collar and leash, then I want you to get in the cage. After that, just play along.” Stacie took the slightly techie looking items and fastened them around her neck, then crawled into the cage through the open side of the box. Eric closed the cage door, then turned to the other girls under his control.

“Ok, Chiela, Pari, these commands are for you. When you wake up, you are going to forget all about your friend Stacie. You will forget that you ever met her, or that she ever existed. All of your memories of her are going to be locked away, sealed from the rest of your mind until I unlock them. When I open this box you will see a new-model sex doll that you have heard of, but never seen before. One that is remarkably lifelike and real. You will accept my description of this sex doll absolutely, and until I say otherwise everything you see or hear will only serve to reinforce your belief that the being I am about to show you is a sex doll. Now you will quietly awaken.”

Eric waited until prepared awaken trigger had woken the girls. Chiela spoke first. “So, what is it?”

Eric smiled, and theatrically opened the box the rest of the way, to reveal Stacie kneeling in the cage. “Oh, wow, is that what I think it is?”

“If you think is a new top-of-the-line LifeDoll, you are right. She looks and feels just like a real human being.” The girls were circling the cage, poking and prodding their friend within. Stacie played the part of the unactivated doll, and didn’t move. “I thought we would have fun with her.”

Pari asked the question Eric had been waiting for. “How does it work?”

“Well, first off, these are very human. She’ll have to be fed and cleaned instead of powered and washed. Daily. But the built-in AI can help some: it’s got three modes: ‘Off’, which is in right now, is mostly good for shipping. It just holds the body stationary, and powers down. ‘Disabled’ is the normal background mode: she can do basic maintenance, feed herself within certain restrictions, dispose of wastes, that sort of thing.” He paused for effect. “’Active’ is the fun mode. In active mode she’ll always do one of two things: follow her most recent command, or try to administer sexual pleasure.”

“Here, let me show you.” He reached in to the cage, picking up the end of the leash, and pressing a random point at the base of her skull. “That press turns her on, there is another to turn her off.” Stacie took her cue to move a little. “In her cage is is always in ‘Disabled’ mode, taking her out will put her into ‘Active’ mode. She will follow the commands of the most recent person to hold her leash. If we want her in this mode outside her cage, we have to say ‘Disabled Mode’. ‘Active Mode’ switches to the other mode, as long as she isn’t in the cage.” He tugged on the leash, and opened the door. Stacie started to crawl out.

“Disabled mode.” He said, just as she’d exited. “Stand.” Stacie stood at attention.

The girls took the chance to make a further examination. “Is there a way to get her to moisten up?” Chiela asked, removing her hand from Stacie’s crotch disappointed.

“It should stay wet on it’s own. It may just take a moment to get flowing after she’s turned on.” Stacie felt her body react to the words, understanding that she should be wet and aroused. Her body obliged as Chiela slid her hands back into Stacie’s cunt to check.

“Yep, it’s wet now.” She licked her fingers. “Mmmm. Not bad.” She sent a conspirator’s glance at her friend Pari.

“Would you two like to try her out?”

“Can we, please?”

“Oh, all right.” Eric tossed the leash to Chiela, who grinned just as wide as he did.

“Come on, Pari, I think our master wants to watch.” She strutted into the living room, where Eric took a seat on the couch and Chiela set up her new toy in the center of the room. “Hmm. I think we will need an accessory... Pari, hold this. And don’t start without me!” She ran off.

Pari took the control leash, and decided she wanted to know what the new toy tasted like. She bent down to suckle on Stacie’s breast a moment.

“I said don’t start without me!” Chiela came back in, holding a strap-on dildo in her hands.

Pari stepped away guiltily. “I didn’t do anything.”

“Right.” She started affixing the dildo to Stacie. “Now, do you want the top or the bottom?”

“You know I like to be eaten.”

“Ok. I get the bottom then.” Chiela turned her attention to the doll. “Lie down.” Stacie complied.

The two girls straddled their new toy, facing each other. Removing panties was unnecessary; in this house, none were ever worn. Chiela was already wet, and slid down the dildo easily. Pari dripped onto Stacie’s face as she positioned her cunt over their toy’s mouth. “Active mode.”

Stacie had been waiting for this. She’d known what was coming the moment Chiela had returned with the strap-on. The feeling of helplessness she’d had following her friend’s instructions, knowing they didn’t think of her as anything to consider, but just a thing to used was intoxicating. She’d held back until commanded because that was what a sex toy would do, but she wanted to taste that cunt pressing against her mouth. Wanted to thrust that artificial dick into her friend, to bring her friends as much pleasure as she could. The moment she was allowed, she attacked, digging her tongue into the cunt above her, bracing herself and thrusting the dildo into Chiela’s cunt.

Eric watched Pari and Chiela writhe as they rode Stacie. They started just facing each other, but soon leaned into each other, kissing and caressing to extend the sensations beyond what one person could deal out alone. This was a situation the three girls had been in before, though before Chiela and Pari had always held back just a bit to make sure they wouldn’t hurt Stacie. Now, thinking her no more than a toy, they had no such restraint.

Not that Stacie was going to be hurt, or at least not much. But now they didn’t expect her to tire, or to get sore, or to want stimulation of her own, and Stacie was doing her best to keep that lack of expectations from being disappointed. She wanted to be taken for granted like this, and had told them so.

Which had given Eric this idea.

Pari orgasamed first, bucking and gushing onto Stacie’s face. She relaxed a moment as Chiela finished off, then they both slid off, looking at Eric.

Stacie was still in ‘Active’ mode; she caught her breath, but tried to prevent the two from pulling off her, so that she could keep pleasuring her friends and owners.

Chiela, still flushed, tossed the leash to Eric. “Your turn.”

“Come over here, toy. Hands and knees.” Stacie crawled up between his legs. When she started up his body he pushed her back down, face at his pants. She switched emphasis immediately, and started to undo his zipper.

She didn’t need to get him hard. Not after the show he’d just watched. She just slid him into her mouth and started pumping away.

Meanwhile, Chiela had decided to add her own efforts to pleasing Eric, and unfastened the top she had been wearing, throwing the fabric (little more than a push-up bra) to the side, and easing into his lap, careful not to disturb the work already being done there.

Eric accepted, and kissed her deeply, letting his hands room over her willing body. She pressed herself into him, and found her crotch pressed against the crown of their new toy’s head. It felt good, and she let her body rub against the hair as Stacie continued on her main purpose.

Eric didn’t last long, bursting deep into Stacie’s mouth. As a good sex toy, she swallowed eagerly, and started to work on finishing off Chiela a second time.

Then they got down to some real sex.

* * *

Two weeks later Eric walked up to where Stacie waited in her cage. It had been moved, but it was agreed that keeping their toy ‘in the box’ was the most convenient way of storage. The box was left open so Stacie could ‘perform routine maintenance’, but she was expected to stay there.

Chiela and Pari were around, busy in the house. Stacie hadn’t expected someone to retrieve her for a while yet. Besides, Eric didn’t often pull her out himself. Stacie could tell he still thought of her as human.

Eric placed a device with two buttons on it beside the cage, where Stacie could reach it, and stepped back, then sat on the ground. “So, Stacie, how have you enjoyed your vacation?”

Stacie sighed, and shifted to a slightly more comfortable pose. “It’s been great. Chiela and Pari have been enjoying having me around, always trying to play pranks on each other, and you.” She remembered them sneaking her into Eric’s bed one morning without waking him up, then activating her and telling her to do her best not to wake him either... Eric had come twice before he finally woke up. “Their latest trick is to hand me something odd and then switch me to active mode.” She had no idea where she’d gotten the idea to do that with three spoons, but they’d liked the results. Stacie had afterwards started concentrating on thinking up ideas of how to use different items, should the need/opportunity arise.

“Yeah, they’ve liked it. But I asked about you.”

She looked at him seriously, then blushed and looked away. “I cum every time one of you does. I sit here just thinking about what to do next time one of you comes to use me.” She looked at him again, and gave a knowing grin. “And I’m always wet.”

This time he blushed and looked away. “Well, it seemed to fit the role...” He coughed, collecting himself. “Well, the initial timeframe for this vacation is over. But, I thought I’d give you a choice. In front of you are two buttons. The blue one means you get your old life back. Chiela and Pari will remember everything, and so will you. We might even do this again. The green one means you stay like this. Forever, being nothing more than a living sex toy. Your choice.”

He sat back, and Stacie examined the machine. From where Eric sat, he wouldn’t be able to see which button she pressed. It was obviously homemade, and there was nothing on it besides the buttons. It was within easy reach.

She reached out, hesitated, then made her choice.

The house speaker system activated and Stacie heard a word of command. For just a moment she went under, but just long enough to forget the word. She hadn’t even slumped down when she awoke.

She removed her hand from the green button and looked over at Eric, who was in trance. His voice came over the speakers: “This message is for Eric: From now on, you will forget the human Stacie ever existed...”

Stacie watched and listened as Eric’s pre-recorded voice programed him just as he’d programed the girls, to think of her as nothing more than a sex toy. When it ended, he (as instructed) picked up the device and put it away, then returned and awoke.

He blinked back to awareness and looked down upon her where she displayed herself. He reached in, grabbed her leash, and pulled her out, saying only “Active mode. Kneel.”

Stacie the sex toy was in heaven as her owner fucked her face.