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I’ve been on a bit of a slow roll with my MC writing, reading, and commenting lately, so wanted to see if I could get off the schneid a little and post something new on the Archive. So I dug up this story that I’d started awhile ago, and finished it. Nothing complex here at all, but hopefully something hot for those who like such things, and enjoyable for anyone who reads it. My big thanks to the person who helped inspire parts of this, and for her noodges to keep writing.

* * *


For the briefest of moments, a small part of my brain whispered this is trouble. Still, just because she looked too old and well-dressed to be wandering around in a college library, didn’t mean she couldn’t have a good reason for being here.

Maybe I should’ve tweaked when, instead of heading out into the library to try to find what she might be looking for, she came directly to the Reference Desk... and to me... to ask for some help.

She didn’t speak right away though, simply standing there, looking me up and down and smiling, perhaps appraising me and my qualifications to help her in some way. I wasn’t sure how she could tell such a thing just by looking, but it did give me a better chance to appraise her, too.

So I did, seeing her newly permed dark hair, staring at her nearly perfect makeup, and looking at her dress; a dress I could never afford in a thousand years, and one that seemed to combine elegance and sluttiness in ways I never thought possible.

When I finally looked back up into her eyes, I could tell she’d beaten me to that punch. She was still smiling, and when she gave me a quick wink, I couldn’t help but blush that she’d caught me checking her out.

I wondered if she already knew I was more les than bi in my life right now, but dropped my internal questions when she moved closer and said....

“Hi, um... Rachel,” she started, glancing at the nametag above my left breast. “I’m Katherine, and I was wondering if you’d be so good as to help me find a particular book?”

“Certainly... what book is that, Katherine?” I replied, moving over to my keyboard, knowing if I knew the title I could give her chapter-and-verse on its stack location.

“That’s just it... and sorry... but I’ve forgotten its exact name, and now I’m going to have to just search for it. I know its general classification is American History, but I’m really in a terrible rush and could use some help.”

I knew I could simply tell her “second floor... to your left... the last five rows before the far wall”, but I already had the impression that wouldn’t be good enough for her.

And I was right.

“I realize you could put me in the right place to look for it, Rachel, but I did mean it when I said I was in a hurry here, and if you could help me look...?”

Leaving the Reference Desk unattended was considered very bad form, but with Randy just a couple of terminals over, and with this being the slow time of evening, when most of the other students were having dinner, I figured I could spare a few minutes to direct her.

So I told her, “Sure, no problem,” walking out and around from behind the counter to approach her. “But if you don’t even know the name of the book, how will we know when, or if, we find it?”

“Oh... I know I’ll remember it if I see it, and I did an online search before I forgot the title, so I know you have it here somewhere. Either that, or as we look, hopefully the title will come to me.”

“Well, it could be checked out by another, um... student, in which case we’ll never find it, Katherine. It would be like trying to prove a negative.”

She just laughed, took me by the elbow, and started walking, saying, “No, I’m not a student or a professor here, Rachel. I’m just someone who, frankly, has given the college so much money over the years that they’ve agreed to give me the run of the place. And I promise, no more than five minutes of searching and then I’ll give up, as I don’t want to keep you from your job.”

Stopping suddenly, as if finally realizing she didn’t know where she wanted to go, Katherine grinned a bit sheepishly, and whispered, “Please lead on, Rachel. Sorry... I’m just used to running things in my job. However, I do know when it’s time to bow to the experts.”

She seemed so nice and friendly I couldn’t help but laugh, even as I blushed again from being called an “expert” by a woman of such seeming power and wealth. I told her “thanks” and then moved in front of her to lead her up the stairs.

We finally reached the American History section and started to finger-scan the books on the shelves there. It only took about half a shelf for me to realize how useless it was for me to be helping her. I mean, I didn’t even know what I was looking for, for god’s sake!

When I told Katherine that, she just smiled again and said, “I know, Rachel. I’d say ‘I’ll have to search for it myself’, but I see no reason to continue the charade. No, all this was just basically a smoke-screen to get you up here.”

This was getting more than a bit confusing for me, and so far at least, I was still refusing to believe the most obvious reason was possible.

“But why?”

“Because I needed you to see something. Here, come with me.”

Katherine took me by the elbow again and led me around the AH stacks until we got to the last row, the one just this side of the back wall. She kept glancing up at the books and shelves as she did, confusing me more than ever. When we finally reached the end of that last rack… basically in the furthest corner of the library from the Reference Desk… she let go of my arm and turned to face me.

I waited, expecting her to start talking. But again she waited, looking me up and down, leaving me to do the same thing to her, too. I was starting to feel those tingles, as it was becoming clearer by the moment that Occam’s Razor was in effect here, and that any second she was going to hit on me.

That seems to happen to me a lot, with les, bi, and even just drunken, curious women... so no big there, as I can handle such things. This was a bit different though, as, if she could be believed, Katherine was a woman of influence, and possibly even a major mucky-muck at the college.

Turning her down was going to have to be handled very carefully.

So we gazed at each other, my eyes lingering where they always seem to linger with other women, as I’m weak that way. I finally looked up to see her still staring at my clothes and body (even though my skirt and blouse were certainly no match for her expensive, form-fitting dress). Though I do enjoy such attention, as vain as I am, I simply couldn’t take the silence any longer.

“What was it you wanted to show me, Katherine?”

She looked back up to catch my eyes with hers and said, “Why me, of course.”

Uh-oh... here it comes. Well, I made my own bed, seeing as how I didn’t trust my instincts and was foolish enough to let her get me alone like this.


“Yes, me. I’ve been in here before, and seen you before, though you didn’t notice me watching. I’ve seen the way you’ve chatted with the other girls and guys, and think I learned something about you from that.”

“And that would be?”

“That you’re attracted to other women, Rachel. And that, of course, made you even more attractive to me.”

Struggling not to blush at her compliment and obvious come on, I stalled, trying for a better read of how I should handle this. “I’ve never seen you in the library before.”

“Probably not, as I’ve tried to be as inconspicuous as possible. I certainly wasn’t dressed like this during those times. No, I bought this dress to wear tonight, to wear just for you.”

“For me?” I hated that my response came out as almost a squeak; but this, added to her age and position, was becoming increasingly new territory for me.

“Yes. Part of what I noticed about you, and which gave me a clue as to your sexual predilections, was the way you seem to enjoy sneaking peeks at other women’s breasts.”

Crud... she’s right about that, as I do.

“So I decided I needed to wear something befitting my station in life, but also something you might really enjoy staring at, something that does a good job of showing off my nice, round breasts, Rachel. Do you think I made a good selection? Do you think how deeply cut my dress is shows off just the right amount of cleavage, just the right amount of my big, soft breasts?”

I couldn’t help but look closely at that area of her outfit again... for about the sixth time tonight... as I had to answer her question, didn’t I? And given everything about her, it seemed important to me to answer her questions accurately and honestly, too.

She was right, as it was something I’d noticed from the very first, though shunted aside in my mind for all the obvious reasons. She did have nice breasts... very nice breasts... just the kind I adore if I was going to be honest with myself. That, and her black, silky, expensive dress did fit her wonderfully, and did do an excellent job of displaying her breastflesh and impressive, deep cleavage.

In fact, on closer look, it did appear so deliciously sensuous and enticing that I was proud of myself for having managed to dismiss it so completely when I’d first met her.

As I stared into her cleavage for a few seconds more, I realized that dismissing it, in any way, was going to be a lot more difficult now.

I looked back up at her and all I could think to answer was, “It’s a very nice dress, Katherine.”

“Thank you, dear. But we both know you don’t give a rat’s behind about my dress, do you, other than how it holds and frames what you’re really interested in?”

“I’m... I’m not, though.”

Katherine just laughed quietly. “Oh please, sweetie. We’re both adults here, despite how young and attractive you are. We can feel free to discuss sexual things, sexual longings, and deep sexual desires, can’t we?”

God... she’s certainly upping the ante in a hurry, isn’t she?

“Maybe we shouldn’t,” I whispered, my head sort of spinning, not remotely prepared for any of this. “It’s the library... I work here... our ages and all....”

“Nonsense. It’s not like we’re making any noise, or that anyone will care. I promise you won’t get into any trouble. Besides, even if you do, believe me, I can fix it. In fact, if you wanted all A’s this semester, I do believe I could fix that, too.”

While she could have been making all this up, for some reason I really doubted that. “You could?”

“Yes, I could. But enough about why we shouldn’t be discussing my breasts, and your increasing attraction to them, Rachel. For now, and just for a moment, I want you to look at them again; then I’m going to ask you something.”

Katherine took a step closer to me, until we were only about three feet apart. I took that as the signal to look at her breasts and dress again, even though a small portion of my mind was encouraging me to just turn and run.

“Okay, Rachel... you just keep looking at them, as I want to see how observant you are.”

I did, watching them move slightly as she breathed, then sway a bit from side to side, as she must have moved her shoulders.

“Now, tell me what you notice?”

“That… that you’re not wearing a bra?”

“That’s right, well done. But given that, don’t you think my breasts are rather nice and firm for a 43-year-old woman?”

I have big breasts, too, and could only wish mine looked as good as hers when I was her age... so, I told her that, still wanting to be honest with her.

“Thank you, dear. I’m vain enough to think so, too. But do you also notice how my nipples are beginning to respond to your warm gaze, how they’re pressing into the soft fabric clinging to them so tightly, as if trying to make themselves even more obvious and alluring to you?”

I was noticing that… how could I not? I was also noticing how the air of sexuality was increasing around us, and how my heart was beginning to beat faster, just the way it does when I start to get very aroused. I didn’t say anything back, instead just nodding my head, afraid about how my voice might sound if I tried to speak.

“And now tell me, Rachel, with the way my dress is cut, and the way it holds my breasts and gives me such a warm, deep, dark cleavage, aren’t you starting to think about what a perfect nest it would make for your face? It’s shaped so perfectly to just rest your face in there, to let your cheeks settle against my warm breastflesh, to let your mouth and nose slide between my soft, smooth tits so easily and gently. It would be so easy, warm, and nice to do, and I can tell you’re starting to think about it so deeply, because you know how much I would love that, too, wanting you to do it very badly, because I know how soft and wonderful it would feel to both of us if you did.”

Staring at her chest, my tunnel vision seeming to increase, it was getting difficult to argue with what she was saying. It really did look magnificent, and I was starting to imagine things… very erotic things… prompted by her seductive words.

“Nobody would care, either, and nobody would see as you did that, as you just let your face rest in the warm, soft, perfect nest of my flesh, the flesh that you’re looking at again, that is calling you to step even closer to get a better look. And the closer you get, the better you can sense how good and right it would feel to rest your head there, to relax and let me hold you as you get lost between my breasts, everything so dark and soft and fragrant. You want to do it, and I want you to do it, and no one will care and it will be so wonderful, will feel so soft and wonderful and right for you to do, everything so still and perfect as you just allow yourself to keep staring at my breasts and letting yourself imagine how good it will feel to relax, to just let your face drift down, to sink down, into my deep, warm, soft cleavage....”

In the middle of her long, languorous comments, I’d glanced up to see her staring at me, rather stunned that she could possibly be saying such sexual and salacious things in a public place. By the time she’d finished saying them though, I was staring at her breasts again, unsure of what to say anymore. I’d been planning to tell her how wrong she was and how she should stop and that I wasn’t interested, no matter how deeply attractive she made such things sound.

But it’s difficult for me to lie to anyone, and with each word she’d said I felt myself agreeing with her more and more, as I really do have a weakness for other women’s breasts, and hers looked so soft and inviting the way her dress was cut, and with her saying such quietly sensuous things about them.

And it seemed the closer she moved to me (I moved to her?)... her back to the main aisle, my back to the corner wall... the more her words rang true in my ears, and in my mind.

“You can see it now, can’t you, Rachel? You can almost feel my smooth, soft breasts against your cheeks, letting them take the weight of your head, letting your neck relax as your face sinks in between them, as your nose and mouth slide so smoothly and deeply into my dark, inviting cleavage, can’t you, dear?”

I almost could, so I told her, “Yes....”

“That’s right, and you know that as you do that, so happy to do that for both of us, that everything else will just drift away and you’ll be left in relaxed pleasure, in total softness and warmth, not seeing anything but the soft darkness of my chest, not hearing anything but the quiet, rhythmic beat of my heart. That sounds so good to you, doesn’t it?”

I continued to stare and simply nodded. It sounded incredibly good to me, yes.

“Yess, so very good and something you deeply want, almost as if your entire mind and body were at rest in my softness, were floating in my softness, wanting to just melt into it while my gentle words let you know that everything’s all right, that everything is safe and perfect as long as you let your face rest and relax in the warmth and softness of the inviting, irresistible nest of my breastflesh....”

At some point in all that she was whispering, I forgot that I wanted to tell her anything, simply staring and listening. As she’d gone on and on, I could feel my whole body starting to tingle… partly in arousal, and partly with a warm numbness that felt almost as good. I could see that she was right, that what I couldn’t pull my eyes from was as warm, soft, and inviting as anything I’d ever seen.

The fact that it was now only two feet from my downcast eyes wasn’t helping me think this through clearly, either, as I was having trouble even remembering where we were. Nor was the fact Katherine simply kept talking, telling me things I seemingly already knew, but somehow making them seem clearer and more important in my “creamy, fogged mind”.

Those were her words, not mine, but they were difficult to argue with anymore, and didn’t seem worth the effort, anyway.

I’m not sure when I started to lean forward, my head feeling as if it suddenly weighed a hundred pounds. My neck was really straining, too, and her suggestion of how I could give it a rest seemed so obvious to me now. That, and knowing how very pleasurable it would be, and how I could pleasure her in the process.

I know I love to please other women, and the thought of pleasing Katherine was growing ever stronger to me.

So, I let my face settle against her big, soft breasts. I let my mouth and nose slide into the deep, dark nest of her luscious cleavage. I think I moaned as I did it, though I couldn’t be sure, everything seeming so muffled and hazy, my mind sending signals to my pussy and getting them back, doubled.

Her hand was in my hair and I could her hear saying, as if from a mile away, “That’s it, baby... that’s it,” and all I could do was moan again. It was becoming a bit difficult to breathe, but that only bothered me because it kept me from smelling her flesh as much as I wanted, and as deeply as she was telling me I should. I couldn’t help but let my tongue out, either, the warm, salty taste of her as delicious as she’d led me to believe.

In fact, it all felt so perfect and wonderful, and as she smelled and tasted so good, I think I would have gladly remained there until I passed out, rather than missing a moment of such bliss.

Instead, Katherine used my hair to pull me away, to make me look up into her face and eyes as she smiled and said, “You loved that, didn’t you, Rachel?”

“Oh, yess,” I managed, gasping a bit, my body rebuilding my oxygen supply. I know I felt dizzy and lost for far more reasons than that, though.

“You need and want to do that, to feel that, again, don’t you?”

“Yes, Katherine. Need it... wanna feel it....”

“I thought so. And because you’re being such a good girl for me, and because it’s so pleasing to me too, then yes, you can do it again.”

As she was already guiding my face deep into her wonderful cleavage, I didn’t bother to thank her. From what she was saying, and from all that she’d said, I knew Katherine understood how completely I appreciated what she was allowing me to do.

She held me there again in the dark, luscious softness, telling me more things, asking me things I couldn’t answer, but things that made me quake and shiver inside. Responding to her words, I didn’t even try to resist the warm waves of lust pulsing through me now, simply sinking into my building arousal for her. I kissed her chest right over her heart, my pussy almost buzzing, and the only reason I didn’t start working it with my fingers was because she hadn’t told me I could.

Again I could barely breathe, everything but her perfect breasts slowly going all fuzzy and vague. My knees almost buckling, my tongue still extended, I submitted to the pull of her hand and raised my head again.

“There’s a bathroom just behind us, Rachel. You will come with me into the bathroom... yes?”

“Yess,” I gasped, as that was the only word I could think to say, and mean.

“I’ll lead, and you follow,” she told me, and that seemed like the easiest thing to do, too.

She let go of my hair, and turned and walked away. I followed her, needing to more than anything. Unable to see her wonderful breasts for the moment, I felt an ache and longing that I couldn’t suppress.

Katherine entered the one-person bathroom, and so did I, not finding it strange at all when she turned and locked it behind us. She wanted us together, alone, and I know I would have begged for that myself, if she hadn’t been thinking for the two of us.

That wasn’t a problem for me either, as somehow I now knew I could trust her to know what was best for us, for me.

Before I could say anything, and even if I’d been able to come up with anything to say, Katherine’s fingers were in my light brown hair again, drawing my face back in and down.

“Reach under my skirt and panties, Rachel, and finger my hot, wet pussy, just the way you know you need to, and the way you know I want you to.”

I did, without a second’s thought, knowing inside that pleasing her, as she’d been pleasing me, was both my responsibility and honor. Though I’d done such a thing many times before with other women, my fingers fumbled as I sought out her wetness by feel, my face already sinking back into its new home.

It’s difficult to describe the pleasure I felt when she moaned, when my fingers moved into the treasure they were seeking. I worked two fingers in and out of her soaked, clinging cunt, moaning into her chest, my own pussy seeming to feel what I was doing to hers.

This went on for minutes... me finger-fucking Katherine’s pussy, my head pressed into her soft, erotic nest, her whispering things to me... only interrupted by Katherine lifting my head from her breasts and telling me how good I was doing, and how proud she was of her “obedient little girl”. I can’t even remember how many times I almost came, my desire like a small, sexual monster inside me, clawing to be released.

She pulled me up again, staring into my glazed eyes, and said, “You love all breasts, don’t you? Playing with your own makes you so hot and wet. Your mind and body respond to all women’s breasts so strongly, and mine most of all, don’t they?”

“Yess… love all breasts… love yours the most….”

“That’s right, Rachel, and you must, and will, remember that. Now pull your wet fingers out of me and slide them all through my cleavage.”

I did that, as, like everything else she was telling me, it felt so right and perfect to do. Sliding my juicy fingers over all her naked flesh there, I helplessly watched as her soft, sloping breasts began to gleam with her own juices. Realizing it was her arousal for me, all I could do was melt even more, sink even more into the deep eroticism and attraction that we so obviously shared.

“All is ready,” she whispered, even though no one could really hear or see us in our locked bathroom. “Now it’s time for you to bury your face in my breast pussy and cum for me.”

Her breast pussy? Oh my god, that’s so kinky, so hot... she might just as well be rubbing my clit, I mind-moaned as I hurried to do as she’d said.

Even in the milliseconds before my nose touched her sternum, I could smell her arousal... the warm, musky scent of Katherine’s wet sex.

I could feel my whole body twisting and writhing with desire as I felt, smelled, and tasted her... her... breast pussy. Unable to resist, I pressed my face in tighter, hearing her use the word “Goddess”, and wanting to call her that myself.

“Reach under your skirt and finger your own pussy now,” she told me, and I rushed to obey, feeling a hot, irresistible need to do so. I knew my panties were already soaked with lust for her, but it was only after my hand slid underneath that I knew the full extent of my arousal.

I almost came, feeling my fingers slide over my swollen clit to press deep inside me, and hearing her call me her “good girl” again as she pulled my head up so I could breathe. Still panting, I “let” her guide my slick lips to hers, her kiss searing and so demanding I could barely remain standing. Every part of me had turned to wet jello, and all I could do now was, well... whatever she wanted me to do.

That was fine by me, too, as I knew it would be what I wanted as well.

Then I was back between her breasts, buried in them, and she was telling me to “Cum!”

I did, my squeals and moans of release smothered in her flesh, everything flying away from me and off into space, only the anchor of her words and body keeping me from disappearing completely.

The next thing I knew, Katherine was holding me tightly in her arms, my head on her shoulder, simply letting her whispered words flow through my mind. She seemed to understand everything, to know everything about me now, so it was totally easy to agree with her, to feel the jolts of pleasure whenever I was allowed to say, “Yes, Goddess.”

I think we kissed again, and I had images of using the bathroom for its intended purposes. Still, the next thing I clearly remembered was being back at the Reference Desk, a silly smile on my face, wondering why I wasn’t wearing any panties.

That, and hearing a number... 5558969... echoing through my brain.

Strange... must be a phone number. I’d better call it as soon as I get off work or I’ll never be able to get it out of my head.

“Excuse me?”

I looked up to see an attractive, dark-haired fellow student staring at me. She was pretty, with long, black hair, and her thin tank top was doing such wonderful things to her braless breasts.

Recovering myself, and dragging my eyes back to her face, I said, “Sorry... was drifting a bit there. How may I help you?”

“That’s okay,” she said, smiling. “I can imagine it’s easy enough to lose track of things in a place this big and quiet. I was just wondering if you could tell me where the American History section is?”

Trying to ignore the rather massive tingles suddenly pulsing through me where my panties used to be, I pointed and began to tell her.

“Second floor, to your left, the last five…aw, heck. It will be easier to show you.”

I walked around the counter and said, “Follow me, please.”

“Thanks so much, but you really don’t have to do this.”

“No problem,” I told her, giving her my best smile and sneaking another quick peek. “It’s my pleasure.”

* * *