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(A nice sloppy love story,pure fiction of course!This author could do with a Stephanie of his own to love,though!)

Stephanie’s new Master

Almost daily Stephanie would look at the personal ads at Informed Consent in her search for a Master,most days she would find nothing there to inspire her,but on this day her luck was in,she read the advert and sighed to herself,

“Maybe this will be the one,the Master I so want to serve.Then again, probably not!”

The advert,’Inventive,intelligent Master seeks intelligent open minded female slave to assist him as well as serve him.Submissive nature more important than looks.A preference for bondage and mind control over CP in an M/s relationship would be advantageous.’

Not that Stephanie wasn’t pretty,she was,but not what some would call stunningly beautiful either.She was curvy too,a nice comfy size 14-16 and some Masters she had contacted had said they were looking for someone ‘slightly slimmer’ than her.She was 34,blonde and had been seeking a Master for several years now,without too much success,other Masters seemed only interested in the sex side of things,without the efforts truly involved in owning a slave.And she was brainy,not a genius but enough intelligence and wit to get by in the world,and CP certainly wasn’t her favourite thing either,bondage appealed much more to her.

“Probably won’t get an answer,“she joked as she typed and sent her application,giving him some details about her to go on,“but if you don’t try,then you don’t get anywhere!”

To her delight when she checked her emails the next day,she had an answer from him,saying that she seemed very suitable,and how pleased he was that she was a curvy girl,as he joked,nipple and breast play is much more fun with a well built girl than with a stringbean with no cleavage!He suggested a time for an initial chat on ICQ so that they could get to know each other a bit better,which was fine for Stephanie and she agreed to chat readily with him.They got on well together,he told her that his work brought in lots of money,and Stephanie would be able to serve him as a 24/7 slave if she wished,without the need to go out to work at all.She was delighted by this,this was something she wanted to do,but knew these positions didn’t come along every day.After a week or so of chatting,Stephanie told him she would be delighted to be his slave,and she would give in her notice on the room she was renting and join him as his slave,if that was alright by him.He was delighted by this news,and told her so.They arranged for him to pick up Stephanie and her belongings a week later from the house where she was renting the room.

Stephanie was so excited,he seemed just what she wanted,and not just chasing her for her body!At exactly 10.00,the agreed time,one week later there was a knock on the door,it was him.

“Hi,I’m Stuart,I think you’re expecting me.“he said to Stephanie and smiled at her.

“Yes....thats me.“she said nervously.He was gorgeous,Stephanie couldn’t quite believe her luck,and added under her breath,“And you can service me anytime you like,Sir.My pussy can’t wait to receive your cock,or my rear either!You can tie me up anytime you like too.”

He was an absolute gentleman,carrying all her cases to his car,and just letting her bring her jewellery and other little bits that she’d placed in lighter bags to take with her.When everything was loaded in the car Stephanie said goodbye to her ex-roommates and got in the car for the journey to her new home.

“Master,thank you.“she said once she was safely in his car.

“Stephanie,my slave,it’s my pleasure.“he replied.“I look forward greatly to working and owning you in the future,I hope we can be together forever.”

“Oh,Master,thats lovely,I hope we can be together forever too.” Stephanie replied.

“We will.“said Stuart quietly under his breath,“That I can guarantee.”

He then turned to her,smiled and said,

“We have a long journey to make to get to my mansion,and I need to concentrate on my driving as I don’t really know this first part of the journey very well,and as I need you to know all about my work I’m doing,I’ve brought along a personal stereo and made a tape telling you all about it.What I would like you to do is listen to the tape a couple of times so that we can get down to work tomorrow without me needing to give you lengthy explanations of everything.Is that OK with you?”

“Fine by me,Master,“said Stephanie smiling sweetly at him,“whatever you wish for your slave.”

Stephanie placed the tape in the personal stereo and started to listen to it.After listening to Stuarts introductions and telling her his likes and dislikes,the tape went into some detail of her additional duties,she was told that this would involve checking readings on some of his machinery and reading out formulas for him while he was working. At the end of side 1 she turned the tape over and began to listen to side 2,which at first seemed to be more of the same,then all of a sudden she began to feel sleepy,whether it was the journey or just because she was relaxing comfortably in a nice car,but Stephanie could barely keep her eyes open.What she didn’t realise was that there were deep subliminal messages on side 2 sending her into a deep hypnotic trance,eventually she just closed her eyes,gave a deep yawn and fell asleep.When Stuart heard this he began to look for somewhere to stop by the side of the road,after a mile or so he pulled into a layby,smiled at Stephanie and said,

“Perfect my dear Stephanie,so peaceful,and very soon my perfect slave.” and he pulled out a syringe and injected her with a sedative.“Just to make sure.“he said.

For the rest of the journey Stephanie slept peacefully,and the journey passed peacefully for both of them.When Stuart reached his mansion,he tenderly picked Stephanie up from his car and carried her indoors and directed one of his servants to carry her to his ‘study room’,and leave her there on the table.A few minutes later Stuart joined her there,he estimated he had about 30 minutes left before she would begin to come round,so he had to work fast.He stripped her naked then fastened the restraints at her ankles, thighs,wrists,arms and neck and then began playing with her plump breasts and her nipples,although Stephanie was only semi concious she still managed some moans of pleasure as this was happening.When Stephanie’s nipples started to stiffen he began playing with her clit and pussy with his tongue and fingers,and was rewarded with a little dribble of her juices.He felt his cock hardening rapidly in his pants.

“Might as well,“Stuart said,“she’s pretty,a good cleavage and her pussy is just begging to be filled.Why should I disappoint her?Just give her a little bit of this to make sure...“and injected her with a hypnotic drug to guarantee she ‘enjoyed’ it.When he had done this,he said,

“Stephanie,can you hear me?”

“Yes Master,“Stephanie replied dreamily,“what can I do for you?”

“Stephanie,you will receive my cock within your body and enjoy the stimulation provided by me,when you feel my seed within you,you have permission to orgasm,but not before,is that clear?”

“Yes Master,whatever you wish of your slave girl Stephanie,I must obey you.”

“That is all for now,Stephanie.”

“Thank you Master.”

Stuart dropped his pants,and his cock stood firmly to attention awaiting duties,he rubbed it gently against Stephanie’s slit,at the same time playing and teasing her breasts and nipples,and she let out moans of pleasure.After a little while of this Stuart plunged his cock firmly into Stephanie’s pussy and she let out a squeal of delight as he entered her.He pumped firmly while playing with her curvy body,and after a little while he knew he was getting ready to blow his seed,he tried to hold it,but eventually he came with great force inside her.At the same moment Stephanie had a mind blowing orgasm,simply screaming with pleasure as his warm cum gushed inside her.Eventually Stuart recovered and withdrew from inside her.

“What a wonderful lover she is,and she’ll be even better when I’ve finished improving her,can’t wait for that!But now I’d better get down to some work on improving her.”

He did a quick check just to make sure Stephanie was still secured by her restraints,and then fetched his tools.He fetched 2 units that looked like vibrators,placed one up her still very damp and receptive pussy,then forced a smaller one up her plump rear end,and then attached wiring to both of them.He injected a large tube into her navel and filled it with a greyish solution.He then clipped electrodes to both her nipples, placed 2 large metal units over her full breasts and connected the electrodes to these breast units,and then wiring up the breast units to the computer he was connecting all these devices up to.Then he moved up to start on her pretty face,he kissed her on the lips,then opened her mouth and placed a respirator type device in there.He then placed 2 electrodes on her temples and 2 more on her forehead.He then stopped and said,

“And now for the piece the resistance,the neural control unit.“and placed lots of electrodes on her skull and linked them into the helmet, that was the main control unit.By this time Stephanie was beginning to come round and trying to move,

“Whats...whats happening?“she said slightly dreamily.

“My dear,I’m turning you into the perfect slave and lover,thats whats happening.”

“How?“Stephanie said not really taking it all in.

“By taking control of your mind,robotising your body and stimulating you sexually so much that you will always enjoy making love to me.I’ve always sought my perfect lover and I’m turning you into her.”

By this time Stephanie was beginning to come to her senses,and realised she had to do something fast.

“But you’re gorgeous,“she said,“surely you could get any woman to love you without doing all this?I fancy you greatly,you don’t need to do this to me!”

“Well it doesn’t seem to happen,“said Stuart,“so I decided to create my perfect lover and partner,and you are the lucky woman I will spend the rest of my life with.”

“Oh!“was the only reply Stephanie could manage to that,“And what are you going to do to me exactly?”

“First of all I’m going to take control of your mind,and make you my slave,then I’m going to make you the most intelligent woman in the world by downloading all the information in the world from the internet into your mind.You will be the same Stephanie emotionally,just hyper intelligent.In fact I’m glad you will be the same Stephanie underneath because I really like you.”

“Thanks.“Stephanie muttered under her breath.

“Then I’m going to robotise your body,but not solid metal,you will still seem a normal woman to the outside world,but internally you will be made up of circuitry which will develop through the roboting solution that will enter you through the tube in your navel,there’s some very special devices in that solution.To the touch your body will feel almost normal,if anything more soft and feminine than now,“then looking at her he added,“even though you look beautifully soft and feminine now.And then lastly,the probes in your pussy,rear and the breast and nipple devices will turn your body into the perfect sex machine,so sensitive that I guarantee we will both enjoy lovemaking every time we do so together,and thats something I will want to do regularly with you,my dear.After that I will instruct you on how to adapt my body in the same way,without the mind control naturally,and then we can truly be together forever.”

“So you mean,we will truly be together....?

“....Forever,yes”said Stuart.“And I will love you forever too.”

“Thats sweet.“giggled Stephanie.“And your work?”

“We can invent forever,and because of your hyper intelligence we will probably invent many things first,and be rich beyond our wildest dreams.May I begin my work then?”

“Yes,“said Stephanie,“my eternal love,that sounds wonderful.Plump little Stephanie never thought she’d get a lovely guy like you at all, let alone forever.”

“Well I truly love my plump little Stephanie,I’m looking forward to a long life with her.I’m switching”

Stephanie felt a gentle throbbing in her head as all those electrodes and the neural unit kicked into life,but she never actually lost conciousness,first of all she felt her brain being filled with thoughts of submissive love and devotion to Stuart,and being told she was now his loving slave.Then thoughts of the best ways to serve and satisfy Stuart were added to her own,including all his favourite sexual delights.Then finally her brain seemed to ache greatly,but this was primarily because Stuart was downloading enough detail into her mind that when he had finally finished,if Stephanie had sat an IQ test she would have scored something in the range of 340!All the time this had been going on the greyish solution had been pumping around Stephanie internally and was transforming her internally into a massive set of hi-tech circuitry and microchips.When this was complete,he removed the tube,placed an electrical unit over her navel,switched it to 200 volts and powered it up,this had the effect of switching on all her circuitry and transforming her flesh at the same identical moment.After all this had been done Stuart did the final part of Stephanie’s improvements,he switched on all the stimulating devices in her pussy,rear and on her breasts and nipples and began the process of transforming Stephanie into the ultimate sex kitten.She moaned continuously with pleasure while this work was being carried out,so Stuart knew it was working OK! Finally the work was complete,Stuart switched everything off and looked nervously at Stephanie,

“Well?“he asked.

“Well my Master and lover,it’s worked perfectly.I worship you totally, but at the same time I could quote Pi to 3 million places if you wish me to.”

“I don’t”Stuart smiled,“but I’m so glad you can.How does your new skin feel?”

“All soft and lovely,I’m just like a big cuddly baby,Master,“she giggled,“and my breasts seem so perky, but still as big!”

“They are as big,my love and slave,and they are perkier,you are now a perfect sex machine.”

“Thank you Master,will you release me now?”

“Of course I will.“he said,and released all the restraints at the flick of a switch.

Stephanie eased herself off the table,and ran across to Stuart,her Master and lover,and hugged him,

“Thank you,my love.Now can Stephanie get to show how pleased she is with her Master?“and rubbed her naked body against his.

“Of course she can.“laughed Stuart,“in the best way possible.”

Stephanie started tenderly sucking on his cock until it was erect and then started rubbing it across her slit,teasing and turning on both of them.She noticed how much better it felt than it had before,it was just so sensuous to her to have his cock touching against her dampening pussy.Very soon he was plunging inside her,and it felt SO good to her, he started playing with her breasts and nipples and she was in heaven, lovemaking had never been like this before for Stephanie,her Master was wonderful!When she came,it felt like she came forever,and her Master’s seed was lovely inside her.Stuart exploded with cum,Stephanie’s improvements had certainly worked,she was truly the most amazing lover in the world.Stephanie’s new body recovered in seconds,but Stuart took slightly longer to recover from his exertions.

“Wow,“he said gathering his breath,“It works and you are amazing,and the most wonderful lover,partner and slave.Next we can do my improvements.”

“Yes Master,“Stephanie beamed,“then we can make love forever and ever.”

Stuart laughed and said,“We have got other work to do,you know!”

Stephanie blushed and said,“I know Master,but maybe sometimes we can have very long lovemaking sessions?”

“Most definitely,“said Stuart,“You’re too beautiful not to do so,and so perfect now.”

“Mmmm,I am that,aren’t I Master?“she giggled coyly.

“You certainly are.“said Stuart.“Now for me.”

Stephanie restrained her Master as he requested,injected the tube into his navel,and poured the thick grey solution into it,and she switched on the pump and saw the gallons of solution pouring into him slowly. When all the solution had entered Stuart,she removed the tube,and he told her to wait 45 minutes while it did its work.At the end of this time she placed the electrical charging device over his navel,switched it to 200 volts and powered up his circuits,she checked the data on the computer and it was fine.She then placed a probe up his rear,attached the 2 electrodes to his nipples,and placed a special sheath over his cock and connected them all up and switched them all on,Stuart sighed and moaned with pleasure as his sensitivity and sexual stamina were greatly enhanced by the programming.At the end of the work Stephanie removed all the gadgets and wiring and looking caringly at him,

“Master,are you OK?”

“Fine Stephanie,and all nice and horny,just for you!”

Stephanie just smiled and said,“Goody,goody.Lets try it out then!”

Stuart laughed and said,“You’re insatiable,but I’m not complaining! Alright remove these restraints and we can.”

Stephanie pressed the button to release him,and then literally dived on top of him,her full breasts bouncing everywhere in excitement.She felt his cock,yes it was nice and hard,so she plunged down on top of it, squealing with pleasure as it filled her.They both came and came in this lovemaking session,both were now more than capable of many orgasms at a time,no’1 climax and out’anymore,as Stephanie teased Stuart later with delight and joy.

“I suppose I can’t get pregnant now?“asked Stephanie sadly,“Now I’m not the same inside.I’d love to have had your baby,or babies.“she added with a grin.

“I’m sorry,but you’re right I’m afraid,no babies for Stephanie sadly, but as your new skin is sealed into your flesh,breast feeding would have been very difficult anyway!”

“Oh well never mind,but I would have loved to have had your baby, Master.”

“Maybe in time we can solve that problem Stephanie,who knows.But in the meantime Stephanie is going to be the luckiest slave in the world,lots and lots of loving care from her Master,and lots and lots of adult fun too.You will find your new body will be even more flexible in bondage than before!”

“You mean....?”

“New interesting positions that you could never have done before!And when I nipple clamp you,it will be a bigger high than ever before.And a vibrator up that highly sensitive pussy,or rear of yours doesn’t bear thinking about!”

“I’m looking forward to this.“she giggled.

(And in the future)

Stephanie never did have any children,but after a short time she didn’t care,Stuart made a tiny adjustment to the thoughts in her now controlled mind and any thoughts of babies soon disappeared.They married shortly after and Stephanie was delighted with her beautiful wedding dress,it certainly enhanced the line of her cleavage,something she was very proud of.Their love life,highly satisfactory is a term both would use conservatively,they both got,and indeed still get a lot of pleasure from their enhanced bodies.I say still get,they have theoretically at least just had their 200th wedding anniversary,but both still look as if they are in their thirties,and of course feel like they are still in their thirties.And yes,they are still very happy together,Stephanie has had continuous information downloads over the years,and her IQ is now roughly 2,000!Between them they developed a way of downloading information to the human mind without controlling it,and now Stuart has a very similar IQ.Not surprisingly over the years they have made many millions of pounds by offering this service to other people.

Stephanie is still Stuart’s slave,in theory at least,he hasn’t actually treated her as one for 195 years!He loves her too much for that,they are now just like a very happily married couple.They have got some mind controlled slaves of their own,willing volunteers for the positions,who are really treated as much as staff,as slaves.There are some people who so enjoy being slaves they are quite happy to do so forever!And there’s no problem with looking for new staff.

They have talked about the possibility of ‘switching off’ their new bodies in the future,but fancy that they might do it on their 1,000th wedding anniversary,they’re not quite certain what else could be so special for that occasion,but they’re not committing themselves to that one,2,000 would be even better!If they do,they will switch their slaves off with them and just take their secrets to their graves,no one else need ever know.

Oh,the bondage,absolutely wonderful,they and their slaves enjoy it,and with their new more flexible bodies,you’d be amazed what they can get up to,and how long they can stay in certain positions,heaven!And sex, thats pretty good too,once Stephanie and Stuart spent a fortnights holiday making love.....non stop for 14 days!And were ready for work the next day!Their slaves were paired off together,and given the same ability in the lovemaking field,so you could say they are very happy too.