The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Storm Hunter

Chapter 3: The Eye Wall

Had time reversed itself?

Megan was standing behind the couch. On the couch, facing the television, was Jake. Megan looked around to check her surroundings, she was in Jake’s childhood home. It didn’t make sense. Jake was dead. Megan was an adult. She looked at her hands, her body, she didn’t look like a teenager. Jake hadn’t stirred yet, but, from behind, he didn’t look like a teen either. In fact, Megan mused, though she could only see the back of his head, Jake looked closer to how she remembered him than before he had passed.

There was definitely something wrong.

The brain does funny things when reality doesn’t meet expectation. Megan had to see with her own eyes, even if she couldn’t fully trust them. She stepped around the couch, her gaze fixed on Jake. Something was on the television, but Megan was only dimly aware of it. She was focused on Jake, nothing else mattered.

Jake was as handsome as ever. However, he wasn’t the Jake that Megan remembered. He was healthier, happier, stronger, he looked as though if she asked “what about the cancer”? that he would quip back with, “what cancer?” Jake smiles at her, his dark brown eyes twinkling with hints of mischief. It was as if he was in on a joke that she wasn’t privy to.

“Is this—is this real?” Megan asked, the words spilling from her before she could think to stop them.

“What do you mean?” Jake’s brow furrowed, his smile faded, he gave Megan a familiar look of concern.

Stupid she thought.

Megan looked around, a fleeting, helpless look flashed across her features. How did she explain what was going on in her head? None of this made sense.

“I—this. You’re not—” Megan hesitated and shook her head. There was no rational explanation, nothing she could say that would be believable. Not if her suspicions about this Jake were true. “I can’t Jake. I don’t know how to explain this.”

Jake stood up and embraced her. Megan’s thoughts seemed to melt away at his touch. This was more familiar, this was something she remembered. No matter what Megan felt. No matter how angry or sad, no matter if she was crying or threatening to rip off heads, Jake holding her seemed to make things right again. Megan took in some deep breaths and shuddered. She wanted to cry, but it was pointless, Jake would think she had truly gone off the deep-end. Megan sniffed instead.

Safe in Jake’s arms, it was easy for doubt to creep in. Like an unwanted friend, it peeked its head in and, seeing opportunity, began to talk. Perhaps the things that Megan remembered were the false reality. What if she had simply been dreaming a nightmare, and only now just woke up.

“Then maybe you shouldn’t say anything.” Jake’s voice was warm and deep. Megan shivered a little with pleasure.

It wasn’t the sort of thing that Jake would usually have said. It was domineering, controlling, but Megan found that she liked it. Maybe it was the way that Jake said it, with that deep voice of his, or mabe it was simply because it was Jake saying it. Either way, Megan closed her mouth obediently, though she did venture with biting on her bottom lip.

Megan had always been a “daddy’s girl”. He was strict, but fair. Megan was the good girl that listened to her father, she finished her homework, did her chores, and always talked respectfully. In return, her father was a rock in her life, someone to whom she could cry, or vent her frustrations. When Megan began dating Jake, he began to assume some of those roles.

Yet, this felt different. Jake had never asserted himself over her in overt ways. He made decisions when she was indecisive, and let her know when she had wronged him. Now, Jake was pulling her over to the couch, sitting, and plopping her on his lap. She couldn’t help but squeeze her thighs together. This Jake was powerful. That was the best way to describe it, she thought. Jake had always been strong, but now he was exercising his strength over her. Megan lay her cheek against his chest.

Megan didn’t even know what was on the television. It was some sports thing. She found that somewhat odd, because Jake only watched sports stuff when she was doing something else. But it didn’t matter. She had Jake and she was drinking in his warmth, the musky notes of his scent, and the feel of his hard body against her own. Megan eventually drigted off to sleep, comfortable and happy.

When Megan woke up, she was back in the white room.

Megan screamed.

no. No. NO.

Looking around wildly, Megan felt like a caged animal. She discarded her covers and swung out of the bed. Her heart began to pulse with a primal rhythm. When Juli entered this time, Megan would tackle her. She would force this nightmare to end, one way or another.

“Relax.” A voice said, sounding through the walls. Oddly, it sounded a bit like Jake’s voice.

Megan started to relax. Her heart resumed a more normal rhythm. Her muscles, which had tensed, began to loosen up once more. Megan felt tired all of a sudden, and her body betraying her entirely, she sat down on the cot.

What’s going on? Megan thought wildly. Her mind was still racing with thoughts, but it too was succumbing to a slow, lethargic fog.

“Good girl.” The voice was condescending, and yet it still sounded as though it was Jake. Megan wasn’t sure she’d ever heard Jake sound like that. Feelings of shame and excitement battled one another in her breast.

“Jake?” Megan asked tremulously.

“No. Jake is dead.” Said the not-Jake voice.

This had to be the nightmare, Megan needed to wake up. Maybe if she antagonized the voice enough, it would try to kill her. Megan couldn’t remember a nightmare that continued on after she was about to die.

Megan willed herself to stand.

“WHO ARE YOU??” She yelled.

“Sit down.” The voice responded. It still sounded like Jake, but now it was acrimonious, Jake had never sounded like that.

Again, Megan felt fatigued. Her body began to sit before she even realized what it was doing. This time, however, she caught on and struggled against it.

“What the...” she whispered, her muscles straining to hold her halfway between being seated and standing.

There was a moment of pause, then not-Jake spoke again. “Bad girl!”

Pain lanced through Megan’s head, as if someone had just given her a solid whack from behind. She whirled around, body once again ready to fight, but only the wall on the other side of the bed faced her.

“Relax. Sit.”

Megan sat down. This time, she was seated before she had even become aware of it. As she realized, something inside her welled up. There was anger, fury, rebellion. A more powerful thought beat those emotions back: Relax. Why shouldn’t she? Megan felt very tired. She sighed and tried to marshal her thoughts together.

“Good girl.” not-Jake said. The dull throb in the back of her head went away.

It was only after Megan realized that the dull throb went aware that she noticed she was no longer tired. Quite to the contrary, she felt well-rested. Something small inside of her told her she needed to get up, but her thoughts still felt confused and jumbled. Megan couldn’t remember why she wanted to stand up.

The door to the room opened and in walked Juli.

“Hi!” The bubbly blonde chirped.

Juli was carrying a tray of food, which reminded Megan that she was hungry. Yet, even as the hunger turned in her stomach, Megan was reminded of why she had wanted to stand up in the first place. She had to surprise Juli, get past her, get out. Rising much quicker than she had before, Megan rushed the blonde and sent Juli flying backward with a quick shove.

Food and plastic flew up into the air as Juli went flying backward. She gave a frightened “eep!” but Megan didn’t pause to see if she was alright. Instead, Megan continued for the door, which remained open. It was only after she had crossed the threshold that Megan glanced back. The door had begun to close, but stopped.

“Get her!” shouted the not-Jake’s voice from within the room.

There was a groan, but Megan didn’t wait to see if Juli had gotten up. She ran as though her life depended on it, as it surely did. Whatever was happening here, whether it was just a nightmare, or if it was, in fact, a real place, her life was in danger. Megan had to remind herself it was just a nightmare. That, on the other side of all this, Jake was sitting on a couch with her nestled up against him. Even now, the memory of Jake was fading. She couldn’t recall what had been on the television, she couldn’t recall what Jake had been wearing, or the color of the sofa. All of these things, she had to have known them, she would know them once again once she was out.

The corridor in which Megan stood went north and south, and was just as white and institutionalized as her room. She saw the blinking red dots of cameras recording, but little else mattered other than the doors that doubtless led into rooms like hers. She had to find a door, but not those doors. Randomly, Megan headed north.

Glancing over her shoulder, Megan realized that Juli was still giving chase. The blonde woman was having a harder time running though, and Megan was gaining ground. The hallway suddenly opened to the right and to the left. Megan had to make a decision. Juli was still behind her, she couldn’t give the blonde the slip yet, that would have to wait until the next junction.

Except there was no next junction. Megan had chosen to go left, but found herself faced with a double door with simple metal handles. It was the sort of door she was looking for, but to the right of the door was what appeared to be a keycard reader.


Megan wheeled around, but the hallway to the right also led to a set of similarly secure double doors. Juli had made up a lot of ground in the few moments that Megan had paused. The hallway continued to the north with more doors like the one that led to Megan’s room. Juli held a syringe in one hand. Megan balled up her fists and crouched.

She wasn’t going down without a fight.