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Stranger Tales

Under the applause of the audience the amateurish and rather nervous young singer left the stage. “Not exactly lively tonight, right?” The young half asian woman send a questioning glance to her friend who sat down her glass before nodding. “I think we might call it a night soon. There is work waiting for us tomorrow, too.” That caused the young woman to groan. “You had to mention that, didn’t you? At least say you’ll go for one more round with me!” Her friend remained silent until Adelyn already thought her demand went unnoticed. Ultimately, however, Tabatha agreed. “You’re right. Simply one of those nights, I suppose.” “Now we’re talking!”

The girls finished their drinks and headed for the bar. Sitting comfortably in the loge could grow old awfully fast when you were hoping to forget your troubles. For that it required people. And the acts that had paid their way onto the clubs’ remodelled stage were not an adequate replacement for social interaction tonight. The bar on the other hand was the perfect place. Much less secluded, it was frequently filled with all who could not afford the rather exclusive prices for the inner-most seats. Adelyn had to admit that when the old theater had to close it’s doors for good three years ago she never could have imagined it would be reopened as one of the town’s most prestigious establishments. There was a restaurant and bar. Thanks to the spacious interior the new owners had decided to blur the lines between the two. No matter whether you came for a drink or the food, you’d find what you sought. The sheer size of it allowed for anonymity of the patrons. You’d always be able to avoid being spotted if you wished. Adelyn noticed that as so often her friend took anxious looks around. There were rumors if a place like this flourished. Many of them unpleasant by nature. But she had come here since two years now and never saw any of the things that supposedly happened in isolated corners.

What really drew the people here was the entertainment. All kinds of acts could pay a fee to perform on stage. And many made use of this. After all, it could be considered a great way to draw attention. Sadly, every now and then this also resulted in nights like today, where the contenders were mediocre at best. And foolish at worst. It were nights like this that reminded Adelyn why it certainly was not a loss for the new owners to have kept only one of the former theaters’ show rooms. She didn’t remember who it was, but apparently someone else had bought half of the building including the second—and much more impressive—stage.

Just as expected the bar was filled with people tonight as well. But then again, even here the patrons seemed to have noticed that it was one of the less eventful evenings. One end of the bar was relatively deserted, occupied only by a single guy staring into his drink as if searching for ancient wisdom in the amber colored liquid.

The girls made their way to him, smirking as they realized the opportunity. Besides, everywhere else was too loud and busy for them. In a certain way Adelyn appreciated the irony in leaving their loge because it was too isolated only to move to the most isolated spot the bar had to offer. But this was just right. Besides, the guy looked like he could use the company.

“Mind if we join you for a bit?” Even to her own ears the question seemed bland. But conversation had to start somewhere. “Oh, no. Please, feel free to sit and relax for a bit.” They took him up on the offer, one woman on either side of him. Adelyn caught Tabatha’s eyes and chuckled. Time might have gone by since the both of them graduated, but they were still every bit as in tune as during their liveliest college parties. The other woman smiled warmly at him, even as the two of him noticed his eyes jumping to her cleavage which for a few moments hovered so conveniently at eye level before him. She’d only join Adelyn for one more round? Somehow she doubted her friend really intended to leave that soon.

“Can I get you something? Evenings like this are best spend with a drink to wash the stress away.” They pretended to hesitate before first one, then the other nodded. A couple moments later the three of them sat in front of filled glasses and exchanged pleasantries. Adelyn made use of that time to muster him. Something about him did not seem to belong into this place—if only she could figure out what it was. Oh, certainly, he was by no means less proper than the other guests around them. Though perhaps rather than festive wear for special occasions, his suit felt worn and used. Working attire, perhaps? He had to have a rather profitable job then. Which in turn promised an excellent drinking companion.

“I’m curious. What is it that you want to wash away with that drink?” He blinked. “I’d rather not think about that right now.” “Something painful then?” For a moment the doctor in Tabatha broke through her thirst for alcohol. Adelyn was torn between letting her do as she wished and interfering. Thankfully the choice was taken from her. He shook his head with a wry grin. “Not painful, no. More like… overwhelming. Hard to wrap my head around. I wonder if you know that feeling? When things happen so fast that your mind can’t follow and you just fall into confusion? Thinking about it will just confuse you even more so you try not to think too deeply about that thing that you think you musn’t think about right now.” She felt a bit woozy. Clearly she had one drink too many for this kind of deep talk. How convenient that he seemed to be talking more to himself than them.

“It’s actually simple. So simple that paying attention makes it extremely difficult. So I’m not paying attention to the way it made me feel. Even if there is something to think about it’s so much easier to think about not thinking about that thing until the thought is gone. Which can be confusing. But luckily I am aware of how confused you used to be right now. And thus I can just keep talking about things without thinking about thinking things. It’s fine to be a bit confused because it will make so much sense as you just sit there and let these words slip past you.

“I’ve recently discovered that people seem confused by listening to me. And it occurred to me that even if you know you will be confused right now listening and following along is surprisingly easy. There is no need to start stopping to be attentive as I wonder about these things and think about how much easier it will be for you to not think about what I am talking about. Because you already know you will be confused so of course my words won’t confuse you right now. And even if you became confused in a moment that is perfectly fine. Because until that time comes you can allow your attention to slip from one thing to another until you stop noticing anything. And just follow along.

“Just the other day I tried talking to a pair of marvelous young women much like yourself who got so confused as they listened that they allow those minds to drift along now. Can you imagine that? Imagine how those girls just stopped thinking about the things I say and followed along? Imagine how those thoughts just drift right now as my words don’t seem to make sense? Of course you can imagine how that felt. Since you have a wonderful imagination and are so good at listening to my story.

“Those girls were such wonderful listeners as well. As I talked about things they noticed that they understand more the less they think about individual words. Because words can be confusing and distract from how horny they became this evening. I wonder if you can imagine what it will feel like getting so horny as those thoughts fade more and more for a while?

“I told them about how the other day I stood in front of a larger group and demonstrated my work to them. We all have been in that situation at some point, I’m sure. And so I was certain that if I just did as I normally do it would be fine. But still I wondered if my words would be understood or if they will just slip past awareness to reach somewhere deeper. Since my words do that sometimes, which is just fine that way. People are so easily distracted as that body became sensitive to the slightest touch. I see you squirm there a little. That cloth on your skin has been teasing your skin all night long in the most sensual ways. So it is fine to just let your hand wander and touch wherever that body feels so very sensitive right now. No need to pay attention since all that focus is on my words right now anyway. And as that body feels better and better perhaps that sensation gets distracting. How strange that the better that body feels, the less things there are to think about. And the less thoughts there are, the more sensitive that body becomes. How good that right here, right now, you don’t need to pay attention as it is so easy to let my words slip right past awareness. Just follow along for now. I won’t mind.

“Those two girls were rather preoccupied with their bodies as well, I recall. They would get so confused as they listened to me telling them things and thought about not thinking of those things that they never noticed those fingers circle over their skin. But they were so accutely aware of the pleasure that filled them more… and more… right now. Pleasure has a way of distracting the mind that people are eager to give in to. And is that not the most natural reaction? Pleasure feels so wonderful. Thinking on the other hand is hard and confusing. It is so wonderful when that mind can take a rest for a while and has no need to think about anything. Instead just following the things I think about here and now. And feel all that pleasure grow even more.

“And as I told those two girls about my work from the other day I noticed them becoming distracted by all this arousal. They in fact allowed those minds to stop thinking for a while because they realized that right now following along with these words is so much easier. Curiously enough, the same reaction as that audience as I performed in front of them. That was a lovely sound you made. I see that you can imagine exactly how they felt as my words fan that pleasure more and more.

“My performance also required the help of volunteers. Which was a lucky coincidence since as soon as I so much as asked there were a few kind people who offered to assist in this act by focusing intently on these words. They did not think much of it, which is so helpful since that way it has always been easier to just drift along with my words for a bit. And the volunteers found themselves getting so very horny from that. So horny, in fact, that as they follow along with these words those hands just move to wherever their touch feels the best right now.

“I pointed out that moving those hands and stroking or rubbing, touching and caressing, pulling or pinching would just make them even hornier, make anyone that follows along so obediently a horny mindless slut for a while. But that is just fine right now. I see you agree that being a horny, mindless slut would be so much better than thinking. Go ahead and stop thinking while you keep following these words. I promise I won’t mind. I rather enjoy talking to such good listeners. And as long as I do there is no need to think about anything at all.

“Neither audience nor volunteers or listeners were aware of how my words confused them to the point where they would just accept my words without thinking. Those hands teasing that sensitive flesh really are distracting! But go ahead and enjoy how horny you are right now. Mindless sluts have so much fun playing with their sensitive bodies just like that and follow along.

“Of course, it was not equally as simple for those people that volunteered for my performance the other day. Since no matter how good those bodies feel they could not cum. Oh, I’m sure cumming would be so nice right about now—but not yet! After all, I still have something to think about as my words continued to flow around them and tease them even further. Can you imagine how they looked? Frantically touching themselves along with my words. It was a sight to behold, their bodies twitching and shivering, skin flushed as their lust reached ever new highs. Each of my words made them so very needy, so very desperate to be stimulated. Craving to cum. But it is not quite enough just yet. There was still something missing. And I was wondering and talking to them about what that something might be. Just like I am talking to you about that same thing right here, right now.

“See, it has actually been very simple all along. So simple that it could be easy to let yourself be confused about it. All it takes is a very simple truth. But that truth, I told all that are so wonderfully confused by my words, must not be said by me. Else even though it holds true it wouldn’t make anyone cum. You must be the one to admit it. Even if I spoke the words ‘I am a hypnoslut’ right now, well, that would just be me saying so. And all those that are so confused and following my words would be every bit as horny as before.

“But let us consider this for a moment. As I began talking about things, you got confused. And the more you allowed yourself to be confused, the more you followed my words. The more you follow my words, the hornier you become. So it is obvious that you must be rather slutty even if only right here and now. That is perfect. After all, even if you might only be a horny slut right here and now you still get to feel so amazing. Now we can easily agree on how horny you are right now. How turned on you are as all you are aware of is that pleasure surging through your body. Not a single thought in that head of yours as you follow my words so easily and effortlessly. Just as if you were hypnotized. Exactly like a mindlessly hypnotized slut. That sounds like a perfectly submissive hypnoslut, wouldn’t you agree? Of course you do. After all, agreeing with my words comes naturally to good hypnosluts.

“So let’s talk about that lovely orgasm we know you desire so much. All that is needed to get it is to admit one small thing. Something very obvious and natural. In a moment I will ask what you are and when I do, all you need to do is admit being such a horny hypnoslut. I don’t know if you would admit it loudly, or quietly. Perhaps you are shy and will only whisper the words under your breath? Or perhaps you know just how true it is and confidently declare that you are a hypnoslut. Either way is fine as long as you admit it for me as soon as I ask what you are. As soon as you admit that, it will send a jolt of pleasure through your body and tip you right over the edge into that powerful orgasm you crave so much right now.

“But I realize I have been talking on and on for quite some time now. It certainly is a lot of fun chatting with you about all these interesting things. No matter how true it may be, however, all things come to an end. And so does this talk as I wonder if perhaps you find my words have become much simpler and easier to understand. It’s really as simple as counting from one to five. Anyone could do that, right? Starting at one, that body will stay this aroused until you admit to me what you are. Just like those two girls did before you. Three, finding that it is already simple to pay attention to my words. Four. Hm? Oh, what am I talking about, of course you have been such a wonderful listener from start to finish. And five, completely aware of this talk.

“Thank you for listening to me talk like this. Some days I just need a good listener to talk to about all these things that I find myself curious about. Speaking of curiosity, there is something I simply must know before we part ways.

Tell me, dear, what are you?”

* * *