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1667 small village in the Virginia Colony

Samuel Priest is a demon hunter. Good, bad it did not matter to him. See Samuel Priest is a fanatic about his work, even benign wish demons were evil to him. He thinks about this as he looks threw a window at a man whose name he and a Succubus. He looks on as the two rut and groan like animals. It leaves a foul taste in his mouth. He wonders “how could this man let her take his precious bodily fluids.” He signals his men with disgust. The men grab their slated whips and move into position. Samuel watches the lovers with growing disgust till they’re left panting. He moves to the door, and kicks it in. The man tries to stop them but years at this job made his body into cast iron. He stops the man by snapping his neck with lighting speed. The Succubus leaps from the bed in rage at he loss of her meal ticket or so he thinks. A whip too stops her. She looks up at him and says “he did nothing why kill the man I love?” His men hear this and stop. What had they done, why had they killed their friend? They think and find the answer Samuel Priest. They all knew what she was but she never made a move on them or their children. She had been nice to them all never a mean word to say about anyone. She had dedicated her life to the town and to her man. Till this man came to town. He had stirred them up to think like he did, only with malice and hate. By the time they had worked all this out she was gone cursed to a book for all time. The book and Samuel Priest were gone. The entire town had now was the misery of their actions. Samuel Priest was ecstatic, but he knew that the blinding spell would wear off by now. So he ran as fast as he could to his horse that would take him to New Amsterdam. As he rode fast and hard, he never felt the book slip from his grasp. He never heard the book hit the ground. He just rode of into the night laughing like a mad man.

Chapter 1

Indianapolis present day

Jack Stone was a rare book dealer, he found them for people for a large fee. He liked his job, so when man by the name of Samuel Priest came to call he didn’t give it a second thought. He just wanted a rare book about a Succubus. He didn’t give it much thought. He found it in a rare bookstore in a small town in Southern Indiana. He took it home to clean, and to check through to make sure there were no torn pages. He opened the book to a magnificent woodcut of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen the caption underneath read, “Succubus a demon slave to a mortal.” This intrigued him so he read on.

“A Succubus is a demon from Hell. Unlike her demon cousin the Incubus whose only goal is to make women commit sinful acts, and destroy the fragile society around them. A Succubs only thought is the happiness of her master. All of her incredible power belongs to the man who releases her. Succubi have no name other than the one the man who releases gives her, after his death they loses their names. There only weakness is salted leather when it touches them they lose all of their power. More than one Succubus is called Succubi. A Succubus only food source is human semen. A Succubus can be imprisoned in a book and can only be released when these words are spoken “accersio abante abyssa, ae corruptrix, icis affectator, is meus, a, um.”

After reading all that. He put the book in his safe and went to bed. Falling asleep he had weird dreams of someone beckoning him promising pleasure beyond expectation. When he awoke he found the book in his hands. Jack did what he always doses when he’s upset. He went to his down to his basement where his gun/knife range is. He looked at all of them most were illegal, but since he just used them to calm down with he didn’t worry about it. He took out his 1911A colt 45, a micro Uzi, and five throwing knives. He went back to bed about a half-hour later. The same dream plagued him a woman’s voice promising pleasure beyond compare this time though instead of waking he fought to stay asleep. Jack found himself in a room of what looked like a castle with stone walls, stain glass windows that depicted carnal acts, and a bed four-poster bed in the middle with a woman on her knees on it. The woman was strange her eyes looked almond in shape but with brilliant unearthly green color, her skin was the color of coffee with just the barest hint of cream with nary a blemish, no hair of any kind except on her head that flowed like water to the middle of her back. It was the color of the deepest night you had ever seen, her lips where full and made to kiss and other non-honorable things, her breasts were big and full and sent a challenge to gravity that it could never win, capped by big meaty nipples that stuck out a full inch. She was perfection in every sense of the word. She looked at him and said with words that oozed sexuality “I and all that I am could and should be yours, just say the incantation that will free me from my book.”

With that he woke bathed in sweat and with a major chub. He had to decide what to do, should he keep the book and release what was inside, or give the book to Mr. Priest. He went down to his gun/knife range to think. Three hours later after almost melting the barrel of his M60, he came up with an answer. Jack would release what was inside the book interrogate her then send her back, at least that’s what he told himself. Jack got the book out of his safe open it up and said “accersio abante abyssa, ae corruptrix, icis affectator, is meus, a, um.” There was a crack of lighting out side but no clouds. After God knows along she was free and in heaven.

She wanted to tell him what he meant to her she knew that he was a good man, and in the end that was all that counted with her. She had had masters before who had ordered her to kill whole cities because someone had stepped on their new shoes, she shuddered every time she thought of it. But he would be different, like Adam her last master. All he wanted was a good wife that would be a whore in the bedroom she did that just fine. Now she was on master 356 and to her eyes he was a god.

Jack could not stop staring at her. He thought to himself “a goddess was sitting less than five feet from me, that dream did not do her justice.” She looked just like the dream except maybe in realty he just dawned on Jackie boy that he could have her, and hold her. Jack thought back to his last girlfriend Karen who left him because one he wanted to hold her naked body when he slept and two he wanted to try anal sex, role playing, hand jobs, blow jobs, 69, the Kama Sutra, ect. All she would do was missionary. Now he had a chance with a goddess.

After staring at her breasts for a good fifty seconds Jack’s mind started to think again. He took a deep breath counted down from twenty and tried to start his interrogation but promptly forgot all of the questions he wanted to ask. So the thought popped into his head to test her. Jack’s line of reasoning was “if I ask her to do something and she doesn’t then I know that she is not a Succubus.” So he said trying and failing to keep his voice from cracking “uhhh could you come over here and ummm gi, giv, givemeablowjob.” With a sigh of relief he waited for her answer.

She gave a squeal moved faster than the human eye could fallow. Tore his pants in two and vaporized his boxers. When she got his cock in her mouth she felt at home. Bobbing her head up and down swirling her tongue from the head to the base. It felt so good to her to be back in action after 335 years.

When she gave him that squeal Jack knew that he could die a happy man. He was kind of scared when he couldn’t see her for a second, and down right terrified when his boxers disappeared. Then all of a sudden the world was gone all that was left was her warm mouth. After about fifteen seconds of this he wanted more oh so much more. When he told her to stop his heart almost broke, and then he led her to his bedroom. He could only remember snippets of it later. Her on her back while he ate her out, them in a 69, her on top, him on top, doggie, anal, and between her titties. When they finely stopped Jack knew then that he never wanted her to leave and not just the sex part to but he was starting to fall in love with her. Has they were about to drift of to sleep

Jack asks, “what’s your name?”

Her reply was “I don’t have one yet you have to name me.”

Jack thought about this for a second then said “your name is Mary Ivonava from now on, goodnight Mary.” And with that they fell asleep in each other’s arms