The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Succubus’ Folly

(dg, br, purification)

By Anostus

Spectra waited for the smoke that always accompanied callings to clear. The first thing to become visible was the runic circle. She appeared to be standing on some sort of glass, and the circle had been cast via hundreds of tiny lights powered by the movement of electrons along metal threads. Just how long had she been away from the mortal planes? She was worried for half a second, but then her summoner started to become visible and she breathed a sigh of relief. It was just a boy. By the look of him, he couldn’t have seen more than 18 summers. She wasn’t dealing with a great sorcerer—she was dealing with an ambitious and naive apprentice. She looked down at the form his subconcious had forced her to take—a thin, red-headed young woman with an ample bosom and birthing hips, adorned in garments of a fabric unknown to Spectra, which barely covered any of her pale flesh. Spectra had to force herself not to smile. If this was what the young sorcerer’s mind had conjured up, she was practically already free. The process for casting a circle may change from age to age, but the heart of mortal men never would.

The smoke had entirely cleared by this point, and Spectra used the opportunity to size up her future victim. Scrawny, unimpressive, but not wholly unattractive. Not the least impressive specimen to ever summon her, but definitely a contender.

“Uh,” the apprentice said to her. “Uh, hello S-Spectra! I’m sure—, I’m sure you’re wondering why I have summoned you.” His reaction was one of someone who had spent too much time in a cramped room studying sorcery with an old master, and too little time wooing young maidens. Spectra’s job was just getting easier and easier.

Spectra paced around her tiny prison, swinging her hips seductively as she did so. She completed one lap before responding.

“I know exactly why you summoned me, mortal,” she gave him a sizzling look, and moved right up to the edge of the circle. “In some dusty scroll or tablet, you saw the phrase ‘Queen of Carnal Bliss’, or ‘Crafter of the Gates of Pleasure’ next to my name and you wanted to fully experience what those epithets mean. Lucky for you, I am in a... very good mood,” she traced the outline of her cherry lips with her finger, “and I would be happy to show you how I earned those titles.” She dropped her voice to almost a whisper. “But before I do that, you seem to have me at a disadvantage. My name is Spectra, obviously. And you are?”

The whole time she was pacing and talking the young apprentice had hungrily looked at her body. He cleared his suddenly dry throat and said, “M-my, uh, name is Lu—,” but then a look of shock seemed to pass over his face and he clamped his hands over his mouth. He seemed to want to say something more, but apparently didn’t trust himself enough to remove his hands from his mouth.

Drat! He had more willpower than she thought. No matter, she was just getting warmed up.

“Alright mortal, no names for now. I have the start of your name, so why don’t I just call you ‘Lucius’ for now. Does that work?”

The boy nodded, his hands still firmly on his mouth.

“Lucius,” Spectra gave a smile so dazzling and charming it beggared belief that a spirit like her was capable of giving it. “I think your loose tongue is probably fine now. Why don’t your remove your hand, and tell me if I correctly guessed your purpose for me here.”

Lucius kept his hands on his mouth for several seconds, before slowly removing them. He breathed a sigh of relief before speaking. “Actually, no. I-I don’t, uh, need you to show me the Gates of Pleasure.” He shivered involuntarily. “I intend to st-steal your p-power and show my da—, my fa—, my master that I d-deserve the brand of mastery.”

Spectra almost burst out laughing. Almost. She had thought mortals would never be able to surprise her again, but this harebrained apprentice had managed to do it.

“You intend to steal my powers? When I have already said that I will share them freely?”

Lucius shook his head. Much to Spectra’s surprise, he seemed to stand up a little straighter before speaking again. “Spirits never ‘share’ anything. Every gift you would give me would just be another chain around my neck.”

Spectra shook her head. “Is that what dear old daddy told you? How many greater spirits of the Abyss have you summoned before me?”

Lucius’ confidence disappeared. “Well, uh, about that...”

Spectra actually did laugh this time. “Amazing! I’m your first greater spirit and you’re still in one piece... Well, no matter. Since I am here, I can tell you that there are things about me, about us great spirits, that never get written down in any book. I’m not a lowly imp or mite—you can’t just bind me with a standard circle and seal me in your soul with a flick of your channeling stick. You’re going to have to spend maddening months doing calculations, and slow trial-and-error experiments—”

“Shut up, fiend!” Lucius said so loud that he seemed to surprise himself. “You underestimate me, as my father has. I have created a great machine,” he motioned to the room all around her, “and even as we speak it has been doing the necessary calculations. It is ready, all I have to do is press this button,” he pulled out a rectangular box with a glass-and-light surface similar to what Spectra was standing on. “And you will be at my mercy!”

He pressed the button, and smirked. But then all the lights in the glass beneath Spectra went dark, and his smirk turned to a look of panic.

Spectra wasted no time, she lunged at Lucius ready to rip his spine out. However, with her now clawed hands mere millimeters from his chest, all of her momentum suddenly stopped. A new, much more intricate circle was below her. A binding circle! But how? It should have taken months, if not years to work out!

Lucius’ heart took several seconds to return to a normal heartbeat. He smirked again, but it looked kind of half-hearted compared to before. It was hard to look like a bad-ass, when you were just microseconds away from painfully dying.

“See! I told you it would work. I told everyone it would work! Now I’ve just got to, uh, use my wand to...” He pulled out the stick, and pointed it uncertainly at Spectra. He had absorbed mites and imps before, how different could this be?

He pointed his wand at Spectra and focused. Soon he was feeling her essence vibrating in front of him, and it was- There was no other word for it, it was incredible. He could feel how tiny his soul was compared to her essence—it was like a drop of water trying to absorb an ocean. Maybe he should have built up his soul, and worked his way down through the orders of the Abyss, like his dad had said... But no! That was quitters talk!

“Peace of cake!” Lucius said. “I’ve just got to, uh,” he started making motions with his wand.

Nothing happened to Spectra’s essence.

He kept making the motions for a few minutes, but he eventually had to admit that this approach wasn’t going to work.

He paced back and forth in front of the immobilized abyssal spirit. There must be some way to make this easier?

It was times like these that he wished he hadn’t decided to make this run his beta test of all his tech. He couldn’t be sure the binding circle would hold up as well as a “proper” one. If even one stroke had been wrong, there was no saying how much time he had before he was dead and the succubus was free, on a rampage through the town. Okay! He had to keep a clear head. What did he know about his current situation?

He kept pacing, deep in thought. Then it came to him! It just might work.

He walked to the opposite side of the room, and typed some stuff into his smartphone. Last time, this was barely enough distance... He closed his eyes as he pressed the button again.

A few seconds later, and he opened his eyes to see that Spectra’s clawed hand was frozen in front of his face this time. He took a step back into the wall. He looked down, and sighed when he saw that she was now in two circles. A summoning circle and a binding circle.

He knew she could hear him, so he decided to take some time gloat. “All it took was realizing where I had seen your gorgeous body before. You’ve literally taken the form of the girl of my fantasies. That means there’s some sort of connection between me and the form you’ve taken on this plane. If that’s the case, I should be able to—” he raised his wand, and instead of focusing on Spectra’s essence, he focused on her outward form.

Spectra’s breasts started to shrink, going from grapefruits down to plums until she was flat as a prepubescent girl.

Spectra’s mind went hazy as her body changed. What was happening? Her outer form was just a shell, a simple illusion, a way for her to appear in this realm. Right?

He focused on her hips and butt now. As they shrunk down to almost mannish proportions, she could feel herself growing less confident. Without a gorgeous body, she wasn’t a succubus, she was just an unfortunate girl. As that thought crossed her mind, it felt like something in her head snapped. What had she just been thinking? Where was she? Who was the boy in front of her?

Lucius focused on Spectra’s face. It went from gorgeous, to just plain. Then from plain to awkward ugly duckling. He gave her braces and big, unfashionable glasses.

Spectra’s mind was swimming as she underwent the changes. When she could think clearly again, all she could think was that the boy seemed pretty cute. But she was like a ghost, no one ever saw her. What were the odds that a boy like that would ever notice her?

Lucius looked her over. There was only two more things. He changed her hair from its vibrant red into a dull brown.

Spectra was sure she was forgetting something important. But what could be more important than her new crush on the cute boy there? Well, she knew one thing for sure. She was a beast in bed. She knew all sort of ways to make boys feel pleasure they could barely conceive of.

Then Lucius focused on her clothes. Slowly, her bra and thong expanded and grew, until it was a nun habit that covered every inch of her except for her face.

Snap! For the second time, Spectra felt like she had forgotten something important. She realized she had no idea what to do around cute boys. Let alone what to do with them, she was a virgin after all!

Lucius said aloud, “If you promise not to hurt me in any way, you may move freely around this room.”

He was so relieved and thankful when Spectra dropped from the air, and landed in a heap in front of him. The mind is a plaything of the body. At least for abyssal spirits.

She got up and blushed as she looked at Lucius.

“Wh-what’s going on? Who are you?”

Lucius gave a friendly smile. “I’m Lucius.” He offered her a hand to help her to her feet, which she readily accepted.

Once she was on her feet, she realized she was actually touching her crush and she took a few steps back.

“I’m, uh, Spectra,” she said softly.

“I know,” said Lucius.

‘He actually knows who I am!’ she thought excitedly. ‘I’m not invisible after all.’ Shit! How did you flirt with boys again?

She tried to lightly touch his arm, but instead of being cute it just came off as awkward. Touching him again, caused her to feel a warmth between her legs. In spite of her lack of experience, she had the strangest urge to sleep with him.

“Hey, uh, Lucius,” Spectra said shyly. “Are you a v-virgin?”

Lucius smiled wickedly. “Do I look like a virgin? I’ve had hundreds of partners. My partners call me the King of Carnal Bliss, and say that I can Open the Gates of Pleasure.” All lies, but he thought he could sell it.

The titles sounded oddly familiar to Spectra, and she realized she needed to sleep with, no, fuck Lucius. That knowledge, it needed to be a part of her. The feeling between her legs was getting unbearable at this point.

“Well, I am a virgin,” Spectra said. “D-do you think you could, uh, y’know?” She took a few awkward steps towards him.

“Do I think I could what?” Lucius said.

She wanted to say ‘Fuck me right here, right now!’, but the words wouldn’t come out.

“C-could you, uh, k-kiss me please?” her eyes were begging at this point. She needed so much more, but a kiss would be a step in the right direction.

“Alright,” Lucius said. He leaned forward and kissed her.

Spectra was... not a good kisser. Her braces got in the way, and she didn’t know how to use any part of her lips, tounge or mouth right. But Lucius had been with one girl before, so he managed to do a good job. For Spectra it was fireworks, and she fell even harder for Lucius. She needed him. She grabbed his hand and tried to guide it down to her long skirt.

Lucius pulled away, “Woah, what is that? Did you want me to do something else?”

Spectra looked down at the ground.

“Well, do you think you could... Y’know...?”

Lucius was loving this. A few minutes ago she had been in total control of the situation, leaving him tongue tied, but now she was the tongue tied one.

Spectra rubbed her thighs together. It was so hard not jumping him right here and now. He had something that was missing from her, and she needed it. She needed to be whole again. To remember what she had forgotten.

“Fuck me! P-please fuck me! I have to know what the Gates of Pleasure are! I can’t live without them anymore.”

Lucius took her, and pushed her up against the wall. He kissed her again, and again, again. She started moaning. They undressed, and soon he was moving from her mouth down to her neck to her nonexistent breasts. It was humiliating being reminded of her inadequacy, but the electric feeling when he sucked on her sensitive nipples made the humiliation worth it. Or was she being turned on by the fact that she was so below average? It didn’t matter. Lucius continued kissing down her stomach until he got to it, her (she could barely think the word) pussy.

Yes, her pussy! He worked his tongue like a pro, causing Spectra to feel things she could never remember having felt before. She could feel a dam of pleasure filling up. He moved his tongue skillfully on her clit, and every stroke was building the pressure, until...

The dam broke, and Spectra’s whole body started being wracked with pleasure. Her mind went totally blank, and she felt a strange explosion of bliss as if her very soul were dripping out of her pussy.

She looked down. Lucius was still going, and and she could still feel the aftershocks of pleasure playing across her body, but he was also holding a weird stick and pointing it directly at her. What was happening? That question was dismissed, as Lucius seemed to gain skill the longer his tongue was inside of her. He came up for air.

“I’m betting you don’t just want my tongue.”

“N-no, of c-course not! I n-need your,” she panted, “I need your c-cock. I need it inside of me!”

He stood up, and took charge of the situation. He guided her to the ground, and started fucking her. The feeling that her very being was leaking out of her pussy intensified. Every second, he became more artful. Every second, she needed what he was doing more and more. Where did he learn all of this? After a fucking like this, no one else would ever compare.

The next week was a blur for Spectra. Lucius somehow had a never-ending reserve of stamina, and she was able to keep up with him. He showed her everything there was to know about the gates of pleasure, every position, every toy—the border between pleasure and pain. She was left a shivering, puddle of barely coherent moaning in the middle of the room.

“Are you ready for one more, my lover?” Lucius said, clearly ready for more than just one more.

Spectra looked up at him, not even registering his words. Her mind was gone. Every particle of her was pleasure. No mere mortal like her could survive something like what she had just experienced with a mind intact.

Lucius smiled, and dropped his wand.

“I think that’s everything. Even if you have any power left, you’re basically harmless now.”

* * *

The nun Spectra Carmichael woke up in her monastery room. There was a wet patch in the middle of the bed. She had just had the most wonderful dream. Had it just been a dream? She realized that she was going to have a lot to confess after this...

“Lucius” showed his father some of his new tricks, and after a little “persuasion” got the brand of mastery he so rightly deserved. With the resources that came with a mark of mastery, he wondered who or what he should summon next? If every greater spirit was as fun as the last one, the rest of his life was going to be great!