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synopsis: A smug muscle stud in his three-piece suit screws the wrong person.

Suited Up

Judging by the response I received when “He’s Better Suit Ted” appeared on the net I realized suit sex is a genre that many enjoy. So here is one more and again thank you guys for buying my books on okay. Let me know if you like this one as well. To my eternal muse Mark Allen.

Kyle Cicero


So how did this happen? I’m sitting here on the leather couch in this nerdy Asian dude’s private office dressed up like a hotshot young business executive in my three piece grey suit kneading my basket with my right hand while my cock and nuts are pressing under my tight whites aching to get out into plain view. Worse yet, I’m fighting the urge to unzip and release my dick so I can start jerking my freaking ten inches into a full erection with one hand while letting my other hand cradle and massaging my large balls. Even more humiliating I’m whimpering in arousal like some pathetic bitch while this skinny asshole and this other older Asian dude silently watch my ‘performance’ with amusement. Fuck I suddenly realize the old dude is setting up a camcorder so they can tape me doing all this shit!

“Go on muscle boy,” the nerdy one says smugly, “you know you want to display yourself to us.”

I glare at him, “No fucking way,” I hiss. Shit, I want to get up and kick his ass but, even as I’m thinking of doing it, I see my other free hand reaching downward to my suit pant’s zipper. “Aw fuck,” I moan out loud as the two men laugh and nod to each other. The room grows quiet. The only sounds are my pathetic whines and the metallic clicks as I slowly unfasten my suit pant’s zipper link by link. “Mutha fuck,” I groan as I reach into my fully opened fly to move aside the final coverings that my bikini underwear provides to my manhood so I can pull out and expose the family jewels to these men and that fucking cam.

“Go on boy,” the older one says forcefully. “Show us how much of a degenerate slut you are.”

I scream to myself to just get up but my body has other ideas and I when I look down I see the dark hairs of my bush coming into view as I tug away the white cotton. I’m going to fucking do it! I’m going to expose my fucking cock and nuts for them! This was not in the plan! What did happen?

Part One:

Okay let me backtrack it a bit. My name is Bart. I’m twenty-three years old. I was a total jock at college. You know the type right? I was into sports, my fraternity, and yeah every piece of feminine ass I could nail in that order. Being six foot two and carrying about two twenty-five in defined muscle trust me I had no problem with getting tail. Hell, I was THE star of both my school’s the wrestling and the freaking football team. The coeds were lucky if I gave them a shot at me. I’d check out the herd at school, find the ones I wanted then, used my good looks and beefy pumped up body to sweep them off their feet and into my bed. It was just like playing another type of football game or wrestling match. Like the coaches always told us prior to any game, “okay boys let’s get suited up for action, then drive the ball into their end zone till they squealed like little babies or, if it was wrestling, grab their asses and nail them to the mat”.

Besides, who wouldn’t want to bed down with a genuine heroic jock stud that was the acknowledged BMOC right buddy? Man I got off big time feeling my cock slip into them and hearing them panting and moaning like a bitch as I spread them and popped them. Shit, after a night of my big buff form pounding them into the mattress they were mine. I got them to run my errands or take notes in my early classes so I could stay in my dorm sleeping off the hangovers from the parties the nights before. Man I ruled the place.

Then the crash when, after I graduated, I found that barely getting by in classes was not the key to success. I also realized that my business degree translated into mailroom boy employment. Not so great. Luckily I also discovered that having a hot fucking brawny body and striking good looks was an asset I could use. The business world was filled with a world of married old women would pay for the privilege of being seen with this well dressed younger powerfully built burly stud. Yeah I escorted a few of these “dogs” and supplemented my income. I knew how to play them buddy. Look all ‘Mr. Young Executive’ then afterwards in private strip off to show them my jock’s powerful body. For a nice piece of change they got to feel my hard strapping torso slam into them. Loved to play those bitches humping their butts hearing them whimper their bitchy “ohs or ahs” knowing later they’d soon be spreading open their husbands wallets so I could fuck

them out of their cash. It was college all over again. Pick the one in the herd, “suit up” and then, score off their rumps or in this case slam them to the “mat” with my cock and my low hanging balls. The only difference was that instead of a campus attire of tight wife beater shirts and snug jeans this time I dressed in well-cut three piece suits that showed off my hard well-built meaty torso to its best advantage. Fuck, I looked hot in my suits buddy and they knew it too judging by the way those bitches would stare as I casually let my thumb flick over my large covered basket. I got to admit I like doing this to them!

* * *

“Go on get it out now,” I hear one of them say as my hand reaches into my underwear to drag my ‘junk’ into the open. I’m sweating and the heat in my crotch is intense. The palm of my hand cups my stuff and pulls it past the last material barriers. It’s hard as first because I’d massaged myself into a semi-erection but I do it. “Shit,’ I hear myself whine like some bitch as I spread my legs to give myself some room to let my stiff dick and low hangers hang free. I see them there in full view of the men and that damn cam. My fucking equipment waving down there fully visible outside of my fly framed by the tight suit pants that surrounds them. I fucking did it for them. I cradle my nuts with one hand and with my other I start caressing my dick. What next? Shit just when life was going so well!

* * *

So it was sweet times. I got good money and, you know, a few of these old hags took me to some nice places. That’s where it began in fact. I was taking this withered old piece of dried out crap to some CEO’s party that was being held in the company’s headquarters. You know the kind of event the power guys toss off to impress the biggest stockholders. This one was for Saki Inc. that honestly I’d never heard of but, judging by the swanky party they were throwing, the company must have really been pilling up cash from its business. That’s where I met her. I saw here cringing in a corner of the room. Young about twenty at best, Asian and honestly bro she was as homely as hell. My ‘date’ pointed out that her father was the CEO and that she was his only child. My ‘date’ went on to tell me that she was a nice girl but, “painfully shy and awkward”. I gazed at her and caught her eye. She smiled weakly before glancing away. My date went on

yakking about how her father dominated her life and her relative inexperience with other boys. She then pointed to this nerdy glass wearing Asian guy talking to some other guys in the corner. Seems this skinny jerk was ‘chosen’ by her father to marry her although no engagement had been officially announced. From the looks she was not giving him it a clear he held no interest for her.

It was then it came to me. Why fuck these old broads when I could use my hot looks to score on this kid. The fiancé obviously was a slight problem but I figured if I got to the honey pot first he’d be toast. So I sauntered over to her. She was still gazing at the floor when I got to her. I got in close and waited for her to glance up at me. She barely lifted her eyes up past my hips. Since she was staring down there I positioned myself so she had to get a good view of my rounded basket. Man she was pathetic. I could hear her breathing as she took in the sight but she didn’t look up so I just let my left hand drop to my side and subtly moved my thumb to flick lightly across my crotch area. Buddy you could have cut the silence. I knew she was sniffing now like these bitches do when I zoom in close. Bet she was used to that scrawny weak assed and deferential Asian boy. Shit he was probably a shrimp in his pants as well. After a few minutes to let her

contemplate a man’s hefty equipment I figured it was time to show her just what a well-built man was like in action.

“Hey you want to go somewhere private,” I purred. Her head shot up and I saw she was scared. “ I hate crowds and I’d really like to get to know you if its okay to tell you this.”

“I…my father…he is hosting,” she replied haltingly as I shot her my best smile and took in a deep breathe so she could see my well-developed chest strain against my vest buttons. I always had my suit vest cut tight to give the potential buyers a nice glimpse of my upper broad chest area and how it flared downward to a narrow waist. Later when I’d stripped they get an eyeful of my defined Pecs and Lats. You know the old “hooded cobra” torso look that women melt over.

“I shouldn’t…leave,” she murmured uncertainly as the bitch took in my expanding and contracting chest movements. Her breathing grew shallow. Yeah this one was getting turned on big time seeing this prime beefcake in front of her. Time to just alpha dog her.

* * *

“You seem to be a bit excited young man,” the older dude chuckles.

I can feel myself flush with humiliation because it’s true. My dick is hard. For the first time my arousal is getting me embarrassed. I look at my rigid cock and really see it for the first time. How many cunts did it plow and I’d never bothered to truly see it until now. I gulp trying to swallow. I need to get it soft. I mean fuck I’m throwing boner for these guys. My meat waves away without a care in the world. Some precum drops fly off and hits my suit pants. Shit!

“Masturbate,” the nerdy one says softly.

I look at him in horror. I want to say no but I sense my hand moving down. I’m gripping my cock harder and the real stroking begins!

Why didn’t I pass up on that Asian bitch!

* * *

I imagined slamming my massive body into her smaller frame while she whined and moaned. By the way she as staring I knew this as the first time some stud had ever given her the time of day. "You’re going to be mine you bitch,” I thought as I reached over to take her hand and easily led her out of the room to the hall. “Just for a bit of time.” I said flashing my most seductive smile.

“I…shouldn’t actually,” she said even as she let me take her hand to lead her away from the crowds. Yeah daddy’s girl was a sucker for strong aggressive men.

“Just a tour of the place and we can really talk because honestly I was drawn to you from the first second I saw you,” I whispered huskily knowing now she was getting turned on by my attentions. Throughout our tour I poured n the charm and let my muscular body brush hers at crucial junctures. She glowed under the attention and I could tell I was melting her resistance.

When we entered some side office I suddenly turned and took her in my arms. She stiffened but said nothing. I pulled her tightly to me so her frail body could feel my hulking body against hers. Okay I also ground my crotch into hers to seal the deal.

“I wanted you from the second I saw you,” I whispered as I kissed her full out. After slightly protesting she gave in to me. I took her hand as we kissed and let it explore my hard full my chest then brought it lower so she was discover to fondle my growing excitement. She tried to pull away but I kept her close and in a hard lip lock. Soon she stopped struggling and succumbed to my aggression. “Yeah a true submissive daddy’s girl,” I smirked to myself. I moved her backward toward a desk and pushed her down on it. Without releasing her I reached down to unzip then push my pants and underwear down to free up my hard-on. She gazed at my thick hard cock and then glanced wildly up at me. “You must…not,” she whimpered as I lifted her skirt and lay on top of her. “Oh …its not right,” she moaned as I roughly started to enter her.

Despite her initial ineffective protests I intended to take her full out on this desk. As she panted and squirmed under my larger form I figured she was a fucking virgin. That dumb fuck her father had chosen hadn’t done her and sealed the deal. My luck his misfortune

“I am to be engaged to Joong-Hoon,” she whined pathetically trying to hide her inexperience, I figured, with the sensations that I was igniting in her.

“It is right,” I purred as I slipped my erection fully past her pussy’s outer lips to get deep inside her. I sensed her cunt open up as my helmeted warrior drove inward. I had her! “That frail puny boy is worthless. Someone as beautiful as you needs to be loved by a man.” I grunted sexily as I pressed onward.

“But …my father…our family is…oh my,” she squealed as she experienced what was no doubt her first full out cock penetration. Her small hands tightly gripped my back muscles for support. I slowly began to hump the skinny bitch getting her used to my thick schlong as it went about its mission.

“We will fix that after this my love,” I cooed. “You think I’d make love to you and not make this all honorable afterwards.” I said in mock serious tones as my balls slapped away on her outer crotch area while my dick rammed home into her pussy. Shit, I always get off on the sensation of the other bitch’s skin hitting my sack. Fuck the sounds of my low hangers whacking into a bitch is music to my ears! “You and I will marry my love,’ I shamelessly rasped as I sensed my spunk getting ready to spray into her cavity. “You deserve a strong man by your side not some weak boy.

“Marry me?” She cried in a way that clearly showed she had not thought that. The idea that this prime “Grade A” beefcake would marry a dog like her probably blew her mind. “Yes…marry…my honor…now we must,” she sobbed. After that she just let it happen. Honestly she was a poor screw but knowing I’d taken her and soon would take her dad’s money made it okay.

Yeah I popped her hard in that office knowing that as I did I was making her mine. I had played my cards right and fucked her into marriage. Bye, bye Joong-Hoon old boy. This stud just whipped your butt in the fuck meet. Asshole should have stuck this bitch when he had his chance. I bet his dick is as puny as his frame.

Man I was going to ride her bony ass into some cushy executive job with my future ‘father-in-law’! After all ‘papa’ now had some damaged goods and from what I’d heard before from my ‘date’ the old man was heavy into all this fucking honor and saving face crap. Well this buff boy had just ‘done’ his little girl good and right. Hell, I bet despite her griping she loved getting it too. I mean these bitches could never get enough of this suited-up muscled hunk.

We returned with “my new bitch” clinging to my arm. Yeah by her submissively cowed demeanor when we got back to the party this Asian dog was collared. I saw Joong-Hoon suddenly observe us. A look of shock came to his face. He rushed over to us.

* * *

“That’s right get it all nice and hard and stiff for us white boy,” the old man mocking says to me as I just stroke myself.

“Yes,” and play with your balls and whimper you muscle bound asshole.” The nerdy one joins in. “Our viewers like to see hot muscled white boys, make noise like a pathetic bitch while the pull and squeeze their balls for them.”

I stare at them. Waves of arousal are coursing through me. More pre-spunk flows out of my cock’s head while the sweat from my nuts stains the material around my fly’s opening. My suit is going to be a freaking stained mess! I never felt so helpless yet even that thought turns me on now. These dudes have somehow fried my manhood reducing me to some performing hunk. “AW fuck,” I hear myself whine lightly over and over like some kid. My nuts are rolling in their pouch and I’m leaking copiously now as I work my schlong. “Oh…ewhhh,” I sigh as I drift off in heat even as the events of the night continue to flow in my mind.

* * *

“Where have you been,” he asked her urgently as if he senses something was wrong. “Who is this man?”

“His name is Bart and we are engaged,” she chokingly replied.

Joong-Hoon shot her a look of horror. “This is impossible.” He yelled so loudly everyone turned. He realized this and quickly lowered his voce. “You cannot marry him. We are to be engaged. He is not even one of us!” He stared at me in pure anger. “Your father will never permit it.”

“We…have to…marry,’ She quietly continued to say. “I’ve been dishonored and will be even more if we do not…marry!”

“Let me talk to him my love,” I said softly as I took him by the arm and directed him to the hallway. “But for now don’t tell your father understand. I will speak to him.” The poor idiot nodded as I took her almost “fiancé” out into the corridor. Once there I gave him the facts. I’d fucked the bitch and her father would permit the marriage or face disgrace. No need to sugar coat it.

“I will make you pay,” Joong-Hoon sputtered.

“Bro take a look at yourself,” I laughed. “Man I out weigh you. I definitely out muscle you. You think some five foot and what, four inch nerd like you could ever kick my ass!”

Joong-Hoon gazed around clearly seething in anger. “We cannot discuss this here. My private office is downstairs. If you will accompany me I will settle this with you.”

The thought this punk wanted to even attempt to take me was so laughable I could resist. “Okay lets go to someplace quiet.” I chuckled. “And just to let you know if you get physical on me I’ll fuck you over pretty hard okay you little dweeb.”

So that’s how it started. We went to I went with him smugly confident in my prowess and masculinity. He was nothing I couldn’t easily handle. How wrong was I!

* * *

“I’m told some white boy’s develop a nice thatch of hair on their chests,” the older one suddenly says as he fixes me with a leering grin, “unbutton your just the top of your shirt so we can see then we will ask you to fondle your nipples for us white boy!”

I glare in shock at this new request. They can’t be seriously expecting me to do this but then I realize my hands are moving like they have a life of their own! Fuck I do it! I realize now that going with Joong was beyond stupid even as I push aside my tie and open my shirt buttons. My chest comes into view. They stare at it.

“Now I must say this white American boy is very hot with that fur coverings don’t you think?” The older ones says with a smirk. True, you are only lightly haired but still it would be nice if you played with your hairs just a few seconds before…” his voice tails off.

I look down at my well-developed chest covered by a nice healthy patch of chest hairs that lead down the honey trail to my “personal charms.” I let my fingers run through the thatch around my nipples. My skin tingles from the ends where my hairs meet the surface as I feel myself up before I start tweaking my fucking brown orbs for them. Sparks of pain hit their sensitive skin area. “Aw shit my tits,” I grunt as I rub my hard muscled pectoral area while continuing to squeeze my nips until they stiffen. “Aw fucking groping my nipples.” I whimper as I fondle and massage the muscles of my chest while still beating my meat. “I’m fucking feeling myself up for you bastards,” I hiss as I detect a further rise in my dick. I feel my chest expanding as well under my manual assault. I break out in a sweat as I gulp in air. My fucking vest is like a vise holding my upper torso in its grip.

“Maybe muscle boy needs to show some ass to Sir?” the younger one suddenly suggests.

“No please,’ I croak as I beat my meat faster. Maybe if I come they will stop making me do all this.

“Yes good idea especially if he fingers his asshole as well,” the other one replies as he directs his vision to me. “Let go of your cock, stand up, and then bend over boy,” he sharply orders

“Yes, bend over the desk and spread your legs,” Joong says with a smirk. “And loosen your belt.” Joong sharply continues, “ I want you to rub your ass for awhile. When I tell you too you will slip off the pants and underwear to your ankles.”

I do as I’m told fearful of what might happen next. Slowly I lay face down on the hard desk while lifting my suit jacket’s back flaps to expose my rear end. The desktop’s cool wood presses on my sore nipples but I’m not feeling better because of it. I spread my legs apart causing my upper body to lean firmly down on the desktop. I unhook my belt, bring both hands behind me and, let the palms of my hands slip under the waistband of my tight whites.

“Go on,” I hear them say in tandem. I hear myself give out a strangled moan of protest but fuck I begin to rub my freaking butt. My ass is cool to my touch but soon the round cheeks warm as I kneed them. “Aw man please no more,” I bawl as I see the mocking faces of the two of them staring as I fucking massage my rump like some whore under my suit trousers. I can sense the muscles in my cheeks moving. I’d never realized how beefy and hard my rear was until now. I want to stop but I’m terrified of what they might have in mind once I do that. The metal hooks of my zipper scratch the soft back area of my nuts. The sensation is painful yet also surprisingly arousing. “Shit my balls,” I hiss as I squish down so that the metal can scrape that soft moist area harder. As I do this I discover that it also feels good having my pouch mashed onto the surface of the flat top. My cock grows even stiffer as the hardness of that plane under it grinds into

it as well. “Aw shit,” I grunt. By now I’m totally excited by the combined sensations coming from my zipper, the desktop and, my rear end actions.

“Such a slut isn’t he,” I hear one of them say to the other.

“Aw fuck,” I groan as I just continue my obscene activities. Part of me though is humiliated that I no longer have the balls to take them on. As I continue my rear massaging I recall how this bastard cold-conked my ability to resist his commands.

Part Two:

We went down a staircase to the floor below then into a side office that was furnished simply with just a small desk and chairs. The only other items in the room were a desk lamp and a small crystal globe with the Saki logo on it that rested on a six-inch ornate wooden stand. The latter was slightly off to one side of the desktop. Joong sat behind the desk and directed me to a chair right in front of him “Now we can talk,” he said as he flicked on the light from the lamp. The crystal picked up the light causing the lamp’s illumination to flicker right into my eyes.

“Do you think we can turn on the overhead neon’s buddy?” I grumbled. The reflected brightness off the crystal was hitting me dead on. “The light of the fucking globe is annoying.” I groused harshly.

“The lights in the ceiling are under repair,” he answered as he reached out to touch the globe with his fingertips. As he did the object spun and the beams from the lamp flashed faster across my face. “If this bothers you we can switch places. I’m not concerned about it,” he muttered as he played with the globe increasing its spinning.

“Mind games huh,” I thought to myself. “Trying to make me appear weaker.” I figured. So, like a jerk, I just let the shimmering beams continue to hit me full on. “Nah its fine,” I sneered.

“You know the globe it rather interesting.” He suddenly replied as his hand moved along the globe causing it to spin faster. “It was crafted especially for us. If you concentrate on it you can see an amazing holograph at its center.”

“No shit,” I said as I directed my full attention to the rotating object. The flickering lights played across my eyes as I tried to keep my lids from blinking. “Don’t see it,” I answered as I stared into it.

“Well maybe you are not adept at seeing deeply into things,” He snickered as his fingertips hit the globe making it move quicker.

“Fuck you,” I snarled as I riveted my attention now on the moving object.

“See it yet?” Joong mockingly said.

“I do,” I reply lying through my teeth. I glare at the object. After awhile I felt kind of dizzy watching it but I was determined to “see” whatever was in it by now. My eyes blinked as each shaft of light hit it and then it just seemed as if all I could see was this shimmering orb spinning so fast before me. “Shit,” I slowly heard myself wheeze as I fixated on it. “It so…” but I just went silent.

“So mesmerizing isn’t it.” I dimly heard Joong say in reply. “You just cannot break off seeing it right?” He continued saying in a soothing tone that struck a cord in my brain.

“Yeah,” I sighed. The lights transfixed me. It was as if I was floating into them. “I…see…” I went silent. An overwhelming urge came over me to keep my eyes fixed on the orb.

“That’s right,” Joong cooed as his finger’s moved to speed up the object’s spin. “Just watch the pretty lights while you merely concentrate on my voice.” He said. “You enjoy listening to me while looking at the lights. You will go on doing both for me right?”

“Sure,” I gulped keeping my gaze on the flickering display of beams. As Joong voice seeped into me a compulsion to hear more of it took hold as well. “Yeah I’m listening,” I replied softly.

“Such a good white boy,” he says. “Just let go now and float into the bright lights. By now you know how much you enjoy listening to me as well I bet?”

“Yes I do,” I whimper back to him really meaning it too. “Aw shit those lights,” I moan letting my brain drift off. I hear Joong talking about how much I must appreciate him and how his voice it taking care of me as I relax. The warm tones of his voice seemed to flow into me and somehow gave me an inner sense of comforting stability. “Yeah bro sure,” I replied at one point feeling warmed all over now by his voice. I’m thinking this guy is really nice. I smile thinking about how good he is as I fixate on the pretty globe. Hell, I don’t even resent him calling me “white boy” for some reason.

“Good boy,” he says one last time as my breathing slows and I find myself losing all sense of my surroundings. I barely detect him coming up close to my head. He leans in and began whispering into my ear. The lights appeared to grow and the sound of his voice became a dull but pleasant buzz. I think he was talking to me a lot because I recall nodding throughout it all but things got so woozy. The next thing I knew I was sitting on the couch rubbing my crotch with Joong standing there in front of me grinning alongside with this other older dude.

* * *

“Drop your pants and underwear now.” Joong says sharply, “and be more respectful now when talking to us!”

“Yes Sir,” I mumble as I push on my suite pants and tight whites under it. They slip over my upturned round big butt and drop to my ankles. The chilly air tingles across my rear. I instinctively spread my thighs. A cool breeze hits my but hole causing me to quake slightly.

“Our boy is cold,” the older man snickers. “Lets warm him a bit,’ He laughs. He reaches out and I feel his hand running along the hard full roundness of my rump. My body starts tingling. Could I be getting aroused by what the old dude doing to me? Suddenly I feel a hard slap on my pale rump.


“AW FUCK SIR!” I yelp as the sharp sting explodes across my rear. I jerk up slightly but Joong reaches over to press my upper body firmly back down.

“Don’t move!” he commands as he grinds my chest to the flat surface of the desk.

I out weigh and definitely out muscle him and could push him easily away but something in me forbids that, “Yes Sir,’ I hear myself respond steadying my muscled torso on the surface like some pathetic wimp.

“You have acted very badly white boy,” the older man states firmly. “Strutting around like some muscled savage and defiling my daughter!”

“Aw shit,” his freaking daughter I’m thinking when I get another fast hard wallop.


“Please Sir,” I moan, “I’m sorry Sir.”

Another blow hits me causing a low howl of “awww fuck” to escape from my lips yet I don’t move an inch.

“Go on he will not stop you right white boy.” Joong teasingly taunts me. “Keep quiet now white boy. Whining is distracting.”

“Yes…Sir,” I whine in agreement. I bite on my lip so as to not make a sound.




The older Asian wails on my bare ass landing a series of blows that renders my poor beefy rear spearing hot. I hear soft grunts escaping from me inspite of my resolve not to utter anything. I finally cannot hold it in and soon, I’m bawling like a baby with my muscled thighs quivering like jelly. My cock is totally soft and my breathing comes in gasps. “Oh Sir,” I start yelling as I get the tanning of my life.









“Are you sorry for fucking my daughter you pathetic whining bastard?” He yells as he continues his punishment.



“Yes please Sir.” I whine louder. “I was bad Sir. I was wrong Sir.”

Then it just ends. I reach back and rub my sore rear. The heat coming off them is so intense. I just lay there in front of them ass up & bent over the desktop rubbing my beaten cheeks while sniffling like a kid with my face buried on the desktop. That’s what I now felt like too, a pathetic young boy and not the hotshot macho stud all getting dressed up in his three-piece suit. Then I hear the words I dreaded.

“Since your hands are already down there why don’t you finger out your hole boy,” the older Asian man says with a chuckle.

“Shit,” I mutter, as my right hand takes on a life of its own as it slips along my rounded butt to go between my cheeks. I wiggle slightly as my forefinger works its way to my chute. “Fuck,” I wheeze when my probing digit gets to my hole then worms inside past the tight outer ring. “Gees Sir,” I babble as I penetrate and jiggle my finger deep into my guts. My cock, which had been soft, starts to stiffen as I work out my hole for the two men. A pleasurable itch hits my rear, which builds in intensity. I increase the thrust of my finger up my ass to try to hit the place where the itch is located. As I do it my fucking dick get rigid and I realize my hips are mashing by erection on the desk. Soon my chest is expanding; the tight constraints of the shirt and vest on my sore nipples only add to this overall satisfying sensation. Fuck, I know this sensation. I’m fucking getting turned on. “Oh man Sir,” I grunt as I wiggle my hips up and down

even more obscenely. I freaking humping the fucking desk while my finger is plowing my asshole!

“Yes quite the degrading bitch isn’t he,” Joong says as I continue fingering out my straight ass for them while pressing my now respectable erection onto the hard desk’s surface. “Tell us how great it feels doing this all in front of us white boy?”

“Oh yes my dick Sir,” I say without thinking. “I’m so hot fingering out my rear end while you watch me Sirs,” I grunt shamelessly as another wave of arousal courses through my muscled form. I’m horrified by my words and actions but unable to stop either activity. Soon my powerful body is humping the freaking desk like crazy as my thighs spread wider held in check only by the waistbands of my suit pants and underwear that lay around my ankles. I slip my top frame backward slightly to let my knees bend thus giving me more chute access. “Fuck sirs,” I whimper feeling degraded yet fully aroused. My actions now result in giving the men a better view of my exposed inner hole as I finger fuck my rear-end. “Fingering my asshole out Sirs.” I groan as my dick throbs in response to this knowledge. I’m completely sexual stimulated by now. I gulp in more air. “Man I’m so fucking turned on,” I babble as I begin hyperventilating. My snug

vest is so strained across my chest I think I’ll pop the buttons. I know I’m closing in on an ejaculation and damn I want it bad now. Knowing these two are watching me only increases my need to blow my wad.

“I think he is ready don’t you,” Joong laughs as he comes over to me and then moves behind me. After a few seconds I feel his hand grip my wrist and pull my finger out of my ass.

“Fuck Sir,” I groan disappointed by the emptiness my hole senses. “Let me put it back in I was so close to popping my nut Sir.” I whine pathetically.

“Easy white boy,” Joong sneeringly says as he pushes between my well-developed thighs. He roughly grabs my hair and yanks my head up

“Ow,” I grunt as my neck painfully snaps back but an even greater one at my rump quickly replaces the sharp pain there as I suddenly detect a hard object pushing past the outer ring muscles of my previously tight chute.

“Relax bitch I’m just using two fingers to loosen you up for my cock,” Joong says mockingly as he thrusts his digits in and out of my ever-relaxing anal opening.

“The dude is planning on fucking my ass,” I say to myself in shock. “I’m going to get buck fucked like some bitch,” I realize that this smaller weaker guy is going to plow my freaking rear. Worse, I was not going to stop him from doing it!

“Lets see how hot you are,” Joong chuckles as he grabs my narrow waist and pulls me back toward him. My erection roughly scrapes along the desktop till it flops over the end of the desk exposing my humiliating arousal to them both. “See our young boy gets off on all this,” he sneeringly laughs as he grabs my balls with his other hand and rolls them like a set of marbles in his palm.

“Fucking hell Sir,” I wheeze as he jiggles my nuts between his fingers before he then gives them a hard squeeze. At the same time, his other hand pushes his fingers deep into me hitting some spot that explodes a bomb of sexual urges inside my brain. “Ah fuck Sir,” I yelp as, to my shock, my dick lurches and shoots a wad of spunk that splatters onto the side of the desk. “I popped my nuts Sir,” I mutter totally humiliated that he had milked my stud cream.

“I think we should try this again,” Joong hooted as I buried my face down on to the desktop. He rolled my nuts and rammed his other fingers back to hit that sweet spot in me. Fuck if I didn’t get stiff again.

“Aw shit Sir,” I yelp as my balls felt his hand close around them like a vise. He pressed on that inner button and I blew another gob of jism. “Fucking creamed Sir,” I babble. “You fucking made me cream Sir!” By now I’m completely mind fucked by the thought that this dude had made me come just by squeezing my nuts while also shoving his other fingers just inside my asshole.

“Get up and jerk off white boy,” Joong snarls as he yanks me upright by the hair and spins me to face them.

“I reach for my tie to take it off.

“No,’ the older one barks. “Stay dressed. In fact, straighten yourself out in your suit white boy. Leave the pants at your feet though.”

“Yes Sir,” I whisper as I adjust my suit clothes that still cover my upper torso. I stand there with my fucking pants bunched up around my ankles. As I look down past my vest I see my manhood flying at full mast between the flaps of my dress shirt. “Fucking pussy,” I mumble to myself. When I glance up I see both men smirking. They heard me shit.

“Go on,” Joong orders. “Masturbate!”

I grab my rod and begin to pump it. My large nuts ache from both the abuse they had just received and the effects of cumming twice in such a short time. “I…don’t…aw fuck…think I have any…goddamn…nut juice left,” I grumble submissively as I beat my meat. By now my nuts are painfully hanging down in my pouch. I cup them with my other hand. My shirt is damp with sweat and my rump is sore yet my hole feels so empty. I want to finger myself back there now but I know my ball-sack needs the support I’m giving it if I’m to pop another round. The room gets quiet with just the sounds of my cock’s skin slapping as I work it. “Sir,” I wheeze as I sense my balls rise up. “Oh sir …I’m,” and then I just squirt. Not much and mostly it doesn’t go far from my dick but I did it. I’m streaked in my own perspiration. I redirect my gaze to them and realize I’m grinning like some kid who just made his ‘daddy proud’. Fuck my brain is

totally screwed up.

“Four more times,” the older man calmly replies to me.

“AW man Sir,” I whine like a teenager. No one has ever treated me this degradingly. I’d always been the manly macho big shot take-charge guy. Now, I’m some freaking homo lapdog toy who’s completely jumping through any hoops they want me to do.

“Yes sirs,” I reply in a servile tone as I take my deflated cock in my grip again and pump it. The pain in my nuts is intense and I can’t look up at them. I hear myself whimpering and my cock must like what it hears cause it stiffens. After God knows how long I manage to get a glob of spunk to ooze from my cock’s opening. I drop my hands to my sides with my eyes gazing as the junk slowly falls downward off my dick-slit to hit the crotch area of my suit pants.

“Such a poor result for such an effort,” Joong says. I glance up at him to see him yawning. “Milk yourself boy.”

“Yes,” the other man agrees. “You wanted to shoot that shit into my daughter just a short time ago didn’t you. Well muscle boy you can continue doing that right now.”

“Yes Sirs,” I croak as I take my now overly sensitized and irritated meat and begin again. For the next hour I stand there in my suit jacket, snug vest, dress shirt, and tie masturbating like a bitch in heat. Each new ejaculation is less than the one before until, at last, I can’t emit anything more to save my life. “Please Sirs,” I’m babbling and sobbing as my last pop consisted of nothing more than air. My dick is red and hurts like hell and my nuts are screaming in agony. I can’t let them go because I know if I don’t support them the pain of their dangling would fuck my brain.

“Dried him!” Joong hoots to nods from the older man. “Okay bitch up on the desk on your back and grab your ankles forward over your head. That muscle butt is getting seeded.”

I drop my head and shuffle to the desk. My pants are a mass of wrinkles and stained with the cum I’d milked from myself. I lay on the desk gazing at the overhead neon lights as Joong pulls my suit pants and underwear away from my ankles. I lift my legs up as directed and spread them wide. “I’m getting fucked!” I murmur as Joong comes between my powerful thighs. How many women had wrapped their legs around me as I screwed them senseless? Tonight it was my turn to do the same to some other guy! Unexpectedly Joong pulls away from me.

“The honor of defiling this truly belongs to you Mr.Saki,” he says as he whacks my upturned once straight rump.

The older man smiles and disrobes. He comes up between my open legs and I see him place his manhood at between my thighs. “After tonight we will sell your muscled body to our friends…got it white boy,” He sneers as he thrusts his erection into me.

“AW shit sir!” I babble shaking my head in agreement as the shock of getting my first butt-fuck sends me over the edge into absolute humiliating submission mind mode. The fiery pain is intense between my legs but as Mr. Saki begins humping deep inside my hole he hits that freaking sweet button and fuck if I don’t start mewing in pleasure like a cheap back alley whore. “OH FUCK YES SIR,” I squeal loudly. “AW FUCKING MY ASSS SIR!”

“Big muscled oaf fucking my daughter,” The older Asian yells as he rams in and out of me. “You pathetic white cunt do you think I’d let that happen. That was an actress we use to lure hot young straight American boys into our ‘honey-trap’.” He laughs as he continues taking my jock ass. “Our industry’s product is supplying young ‘re-programmed straight American studs’ to clients who prefer owning former muscled straight boys as their sex toys. I have no daughter only my son: Joong”

I stare at him wide eyed in shock then over at Joong who is laughing as he stands there stroking his own erection getting ready for his turn at my rear-end. “Shit Sirs,” I manage to hoarsely reply to this fact before the older man’s dick hits that inner button harder. A bolt of pleasure fires my brain and my cock comes to full attention. I reach instinctively down to beat my meat and I don’t care any more. “Aw just fuck my ass Sir.” I beg. “Sell it later or fuck it as yours twenty-four seven Sirs,” I bellow in arousal. “I’m your bitched boy Masters.” I sob as my new self- image slips into place in my brain.

As I lay on the desk still dressed in the top part of my three-piece suit getting screwed by one guy while knowing Joong is waiting for his opportunity to pussy my hole as well I think about my prior life as a womanizing jock stud. If life is just a series of competitive games, the thought hits me that, as I enter this new phase of my life as a cock hound, I’m still “suited up” to play. This time however the game is rigged and the other team is always going to score. Then, words of my old coach’s explode in my brain as Mr. Saki explodes into my ravaged hold while I pop air from my drained nuts: “Okay boys let’s get suited up for action, then drive the ball into their end zone till they squealed like little babies or, if it was wrestling, grab their asses and nail them to the mat”.

The End