The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Summer and Winter

Jake Summers looked in the mirror at his solidly built, muscular, 210 pound frame. What two months ago looked suntanned and frighteningly healthy, now looked pale, and the bags under his eyes were very dark. He had barely slept for a week now and the nervous stomach had come back with a vengeance.

It was all too much for him in his final year at Lakedale High. He needed high marks and he needed the football scholarship. Never having a tremendous amount of real confidence, he knew that he had put on this front of well being and confidence for everyone but himself—and it was only himself he saw in the mirror now.

His father had made it all too clear that he expected not only “a” scholarship, but only the best scholarship would do. It didn’t matter that his father could afford to put five kids through college—but, then again, that’s why he had so much money. His dad had always pushed him, pushed his limits and, to this day, he was frightened of the man. His mind followed directions but his body was rebelling. Thus the sleepless nights, the baggy eyes, the sickening pit in the bottom of his stomach.

His father had not been highly sympathetic to his condition even though it had been hard for him to be honest with the old man. Still, he arranged for him to see a shrink. A shrink, for God’s sake! All I need is a little pulling back from the expectations of my father, he thought.

As he undressed for bed, Jake thought about the past evening. He had gone out with Link and Greg and they drove around the downtown, finally stopping at a rave in the woods outside town. Jake thought that Link was acting like a jerk and probably had too much to drink. though he never actually saw him drinking. He and Greg talked with two girls from his homeroom and then when they went off, shot the shit about last week’s game. All in all the evening was pretty unmemorable for a Friday, and he had come home smelling of smoke (which he hated) and vomit (which was beyond disgusting) from Link’s final gift to them all in the car.

Tomorrow he had to go to the school gym and work out for a couple of hours and then go to see Dr. Brandiose at the Westbury Clinic. God, if he could only get a good night’s sleep...

At three o’clock he got sick of tossing and turning and finally got up. Every time he almost went to sleep he dreamt of that time his dad had gotten angry with him for putting a hole in the pool liner. He could see clearly the look of rage on his father’s face. He soon felt the stinging wrath of his belt. He wondered why he was thinking about that now—past history. Why couldn’t he sleep.

He flicked on the TV and watched Pinky and the Brain. Bored, he flicked over to a cable station hoping to at least find an erotic movie but instead found Mr. Bean. He was not in the mood for Mr. Bean.

Finally at 4:30 he managed to sleep. He slept soundly til seven when the alarm reminded him that he had to be at the gym by eight. McCormick was a stickler for being on time. He took a morning look in the mirror. The dark spots under the eyes had not gone away.

* * *

At one o’clock he was ushered into Dr. Brandiose’s office by a sweaty, bosomy peroxide blonde who didn’t even bother to look at him. As she closed the door behind him, the desk chair swung around and Dr. Brandiose appeared. Jake stared straight at the heavy set, imposing man with thick white hair and a large half smoked cigar in the centre of his mouth. A tiny shiver went through Jake, but before he could even be really aware of it, Dr. Brandiose spoke.

“Sit down, Jake. No. Over here on the couch. Make yourself comfortable. How are you today?”

“Well, I...”

“Still not sleeping?”

“No, sir. I...

“Your father explained the situation to me and I told him I thought I could be of help. I’m sure I can.”

“Well, that’s...”

“Just lay back and we’ll begin.” the doctor interrupted, the cigar never leaving his mouth.

Shit, thought Jake, this guy really gets down to business. No niceties here! I guess I’ll do what he says and give this a chance. I really have to get some sleep soon.

“Now just concentrate on the flickering light above you in the ceiling and listen to my words. You are feeling very relaxed, very comfortable... There now. How are you feeling? Any better now?”

“What do you mean how am I feeling? Nothing’s happened. You just told me to lie back and relax.” He sat up and looked at the doctor. A much longer cigar was now burning in his mouth. Jake found the smell strangely soothing.

“Actually, Jake, you have been asleep for about a half hour of hypnotic sleep giving you about two hours worth of regular sleep. Once you are wide awake you should feel pretty good. I’ll see you next Saturday, same time. Goodbye, Jake.”

Jake was a little stunned but managed to get up, thank the doctor and leave the room before he had time to think much about it. Once out on the street he realized he was feeling a lot better, less tired and starting to feel like he might want to go out tonight after all. He began the short walk home, stopping briefly at the party store, and then headed directly and studied for a couple of hours. He maintained his alertness throughout and was still energetic as he dressed for meeting the guys downtown.

* * *

At seven o’clock he arrived downtown at the Cloak and Dagger. The moment he opened the door he was a hit with a whiff of cigar smoke. He took out the cigar he had bought earlier, picked up a coffee and went over to a window table. He could see himself in the window and he watched as he lit his cigar, drew in deeply and inhaled the wonderful tasting smoke. He watched himself as he blew out a steady stream between his nose and mouth and he felt his cock begin to harden a little. He was starting to feel horny.

Also through the window he saw his friends Link and Greg and he waved. Link came in first and Greg crashed into him as he noticed Jake taking a deep drag on the cigar.

“Fuck, man! What are you doing? A cigar?” screamed Greg.

“Cool,” said Link.

“This place sucks, men. Let’s split.” Jake got up and sticking the cigar in his mouth he walked by them out into the street. He moved quickly. He felt so fucking wired tonight.

They walked down Keldon Avenue and Jake noticed a car with an unlocked door. He’d always wanted his own car but his fucking dad wouldn’t get him one unless he had all A’s. Fat fuckin’ chance! “C’mon, guys. Look at this!”

He ran into the street and opened the driver’s side. His two companions just stood there in shock. What the fuck was he doing??

Jake got in the car and reached down, pulled out the wires and brought them together. The car started instantly. He reached over and opened the passenger door. “C’mon. What the fuck are you waiting for?”

Gary just stared open-eyed. “What are you doing. We can’t do this. What are you thinking about?”

“Listen, you cock-sucking pansies. Get in here. We’re gonna have some fun!”

Link looked at Gary he wasn’t moving and then jumped into the car.

“Suit yourself, asshole.” Jake stepped on the gas and off they went. “Link, open up the glove compartment and see what the fuck’s inside.”

“Jackpot” said Link. “A fuckin’ credit card and a pack a smokes.”

“Light me a smoke.”

“Hey, man, we shouldn’t be smoking. If the coach saw us he’d kick us off the team.”

“Like I fucking care. Light me a godamn cigarette. And one for yourself.”

Link did as he was ordered.

Jake drew deeply and drew again. Not good like a cigar, he thought. But he needed money for some good cigars and he didn’t have any. He laughed as Link coughed on his drags.

“Link, do you fuckin know where we can get some booze?”

“Now you’re talking, man. Drive by my place, My folks are gone for the weekend and I’ll get some from my dad’s stash.”

An hour later they had driven to a cabin on the lake that Jake knew about and had broken in. It was secluded and Jake knew no-one would see them.

Once inside Jake had found a ten dollar bill under the mattress and they found another bottle of whiskey. Jake encouraged ink to drink heavily and smoke some more while he drove into the closest variety store and bought a couple of cigars. The man at the store was friendly and surprised to see strangers around at this time of year. He asked Jake his name.

“Jake. Jake Winters.”

“Glad to know you, Jake.

When he got back to the cottage Link was to the point where he was smoking pretty expertly and getting off on it.

As soon as he lit up and took the first deep drag on the cigar Jake started to feel horny again. He looked over at Link who was lighting another cigarette. Link had drunk almost a while bottle himself and was feeling no pain. Jake reached over and placed his hand on Link’s cock.

“Whatcha... watcha doon, man?”

“Just helping a friend, man, Relax. He opened up Link’s fly, took a deep double drag on the cigar and bent over the cock. Slowly he released the smoke over the cock and slowly placed his mouth over the smoky rod.

Link moaned “Oh, shit,” and fell back. After Link came, a drunken stupor had set in and Jake turned him over and inserted Part A into Part B. He thrust hard despite the screaming of the boy below.

In the morning the drove back to the city and ditched the car. Link was following Jake like a puppy and over the week they got together three or four times at night. Link had easier access to cash and would buy cigars for Jake. As soon as he smoked, Jake became this incredible, sexy madman and Link grew more and more under his spell.

During the day, though, Jake managed to study well, get his A’s on 2 tests and play football even better than before. Jake felt that he would tell the Doctor that he didn’t need to come any more because he was sleeping again and things seemed to be going well.

That Saturday he went to the office and the same bored secretary asked his name. “Jake Summers. Two o’clock.”

“Yeah. He’s free now. Go on in.”

Jake entered the office and again the doctor spun around in his chair, cigar in mouth.

The moment Jake saw the cigar he walked over to the desk and opened up the humidor. He took out a cigar and ran it under his nose, smelling the wonderful fragrance. All the while he kept his eyes on the doctor. He bit the end off the cigar. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a lighter and lit, inhaling three drags. Then he walked around the to the side of the desk and knelt before the doctor, reaching for his zipper and pulling it down. He drew on the cigar again and looked up at the doctor and smiled.

“Mr. Winters, I presume.” The doctor also smiled.