The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter 3—Drs Visit

It was exactly one week to the day that Eric had gotten Dr Motley’s special supplement. He had never felt better. He wasn’t sure if he had gained the four pounds promised but he did feel great every time he left the local gym. Dr Motley had him come by the lab late after classes like before. You had to be careful about keeping a secret like this. Besides, Eric wanted the stuff all to himself.

“Hey Doctor Motts!” Eric said as he practically ran into the lab. “Go the new batch done yet?”

Dr Motley chuckled. “Easy Eric. Yes its ready, but we need to get your new measurements so we can see what progress your body has made. Why don’t you take off your clothes and go over to the examining table?”

“Ok Doc.” Eric responded eagerly stripping off his clothes as he walked over.

Dr Motley just watched in amazement. Eric had not said anything after he was asked to strip and go to the table. It seemed that the mind-altering portion of the supplement had taken effect. Dr Motley was enjoying watching this prime specimen of a campus stud strip off his clothes without a second thought.

Eric had been taking Doctor Motley’s special muscle building supplement, not knowing that the supplement also totally opened his mind to control by others aware of his condition. If he weren’t given any direction he would act as he normally did. Any suggestion, order or request would result in Eric’s full compliance.

Eric turned around in front of the table, waiting patiently for DR Motley to check his measurements. Eric stood about 6′1″ all of about 185lbs and by last week’s measurements he was 5% body fat to boot. He had the wash board stomach men dreamed about. The kind you could literally wash your clothes on. His blond hair was cut short in a military style, which only brought out his green eyes even more. His chest was what wet dreams were made of, perfectly chiseled with that deep valley between his pecs. Years of working out for Rugby and Wrestling had paid off in so many parts of Eric’s body. Smooth chest with rounded pecs, giant 17″ arms and legs that looked like an artist sculpted them. Eric’s ass was also perfect. Straight men were known to stare at his smooth, well-muscled ass as he walked by them in the showers.

DR Motley started to take the measuring tape to Eric’s body. It felt so good to run his hands over Eric’s pecs and abs. Watching the stud just stand there totally open to DR Motley’s every wish.

“You know Eric, from the looks of these measurements I think you’ve gained more than four pounds of muscle. In fact I would say its more like six pounds. Doesn’t that make you feel so good Eric? It must make you feel so much stronger, much sexier?”

“Yes, I feel much stronger lately Doc Motts...much sexier...supplements are working so well.”

“Stand up Eric.” Dr Motley watched as the jock stood obediently, still staring at his cock with pure lust. “Eric I think we need some pictures of your body for the research why don’t you do some poses for me with that HARD cock of yours. You want your picture taken don’t you Eric?”

“Yes, Doc I would love my picture taken. I love to pose nude for you. Love showing off my hard cock.” Eric’s mind was awash with needs and wants. His own personality had slipped below the surface of these needs a long time ago. He was just happy to obey. As Eric began his poses DR Motley walked to get his camera.

As Eric posed the Doc snapped his pictures. Eric jerking off, Eric rubbing his chest, Eric playing with his ass. They were all caught on Doc Motley’s digital camera. He had so many plans for Eric.

After the pictures where done, Eric had worked up a light sweat, which the Doc made heavier by having him do some workout routines. Pushups, jumping jacks, crunches, leaving Eric breathing heavy with a sheen of sweat. He looked HOT! All buffed out. Dr Motley couldn’t hold back any longer.

“You know Eric, I have been inspired by your dedication and have been working out too. You can see how much I have improved? I am as well built as you now.”

Eric looked over at DR Motley with glazed eyes. “Yes Doc Motts, you really have gotten bigger. Your cut as well as I am. You look great.”

“NO Eric, I don’t look great, I look HOT. I look so hot to you, you can feel your skin tingle when I touch you.” A shudder went through Eric’s body as DR Motley continued “taking measurements” feeling up his pecs and arms and slowly down to his abs.

“ look so hot Dr Motley. So sexy.”

“Yes, Eric you can feel yourself getting excited at the sight of me. My touch makes you hard. My body makes you lust for more of it. You want me Eric, you need me.” Another strong shudder passes through the jock’s body, as he feels himself slip into a lustful daze over Dr Motley.

“Must have you Dr Motley. I need you” and with that Dr Motley guided his new jock slave to his knees before his crotch, as his cock grew harder.

“That’s it Eric, see my cock growing to you. Release it Eric and bring your master pleasure.”

Eric rapidly undid the Doctor’s belt and pants behind his white cloak, pulling out his eight inches of throbbing cock. He easily took it into his mouth. Sucking the doctor’s cock like a well-trained cocksucker. The week of workouts under the supervision of Jason and Greg had shown him how to be a very good slave boy. Eric had stopped in their gym mid week and had been their boy toy ever since. They had no idea what made Eric so submissive and they really hadn’t cared to ask. All they knew was that he had been sucking their cocks and bending over for them after every workout.

“Oh, Eric. That feels fantastic. You are a very good cocksucker Eric. You must LOVE to suck cock Eric. You need to suck cock. " Eric just mumbled his reply, too rapped up in sucking his master’s cock. Eric’s mind was racing. He knew he had to have cock. He loved it. The feel of its velvet head against his lips and tongue as he slid it in and out of his hungry mouth. It’s just that these needs would come onto him so fast and out of the blue. As the question of why he liked cock so much started to form in his mind, Dr Motley’s voice pulled him away from it.

“Eric, you look so good naked. You must feel really sexy. I bet you must want to be my fuck toy so bad its driving you crazy.” Eric suddenly had an overwhelming need to have Doc Mott’s eight inches of manhood inside him. He wanted it so bad!

“OH DOC please, please let me be your fuck toy. Your cock is driving me crazy! It’s not enough to suck it anymore sir.... PLEASE!” Eric moaned. As Eric begged the Doctor to fuck him he turned around to show Dr Motts his tight muscled ass. Gyrating his hips, Eric could almost feel Dr Mott’s cock inside him. He just knew how good it felt to be fucked. He loved to be fucked by a hot man like the Doc.

Doctor Motley watched in part amazement part awe. It wasn’t every day that you had a hot college jock stud offer his entire body for your entertainment. Eric lay over the examining table, his well-muscled ass in the air still begging him to fuck his ass.

Still naked the doctor walked up behind Eric and began to caress his fuck toy’s round ass. Feeling the Doctor’s hands on his ass only made Eric beg more.

“Oh please Doc, please I’ll be a good fuck toy I promise. I will do ANYTHING you ask me to do SIR, OH GOD PLEASE FUCK ME!”

Doc Motley reached over to his lab cloak and took out the vile of lube. Sliding his lubed finger along Eric’s ass had the desired effect. Eric went wild with LUST. He begged even more, practically screaming to get fucked. When Doctor Motley slid his two fingers up Eric’s tight ass, the fuck toy began to fuck himself against them, finally happy to be used.

“That’s it Eric, get your hole all nice and lubed for my big cock. I want to slide in you on the first push. I want to feel you open yourself up to me completely.” Hearing this Eric just fucked himself hard on the Doc’s fingers. He wanted it so bad. He couldn’t think of anything else.

Doctor Motley withdrew his fingers, at the utter disappointment of his “patient.” Letting Eric quietly moan for a bit, the Doctor finally succumb to his own desire. He slid his cock up the crack of that perfect ass, his cock finally arriving at Eric’s cock starved hole. With one smooth push, Doctor Motley entered Eric’s ass.

Doc Motts grabbed Eric’s slim waist and began to fuck him faster and faster, reinforcing Eric’s programming. “Eric, your such a good fuck toy. You love to be a fuck toy. Its what you were made for isn’t it Eric?”

“YES, Oh FUCK yes Doc, take my ass please. You feel so good inside me!” Eric squealed in utter delight. Eric felt so good. It was so natural now to get fucked. He knew he was a fuck toy and he loved the idea. He had always loved the idea hadn’t he? " I am a fuck toy Sir, its what I have always been, I am a good fuck toy SIR!”

The Doctor reached around Eric’s beautiful body and began to jerk Eric’s now engorged seven inches. “Eric, I want you to cum for me. I want you to cum a huge load in my hand.", the doctor purred into his new toy’s ears. The effect was almost instantaneous. Eric’s balls tightened up and he began to moan even louder as a huge load of spunk worked its way up inside him. In seconds Eric was blowing one of the largest loads of spunk he had in his life.

“Good boy Eric, such a wonderful load you’ve given me. Look at it Eric, stare into my hand. You feel it draw you. It must taste so good, and you love the taste of cum. You need it don’t you Eric?”

Eric could barely speak his craving was so strong. “Yes, love cum, tastes SO good.” Eric groaned. And with that, he dropped his lips to the Doctor’s hand and began to lap up the sweet tasting spunk like a thirsty animal.

It was the combination of Eric eating his own cum and the rate at which the Doctor was slamming his cock into the stud’s ass that got to Doctor Motley. In one final ass pounding the Doctor exploded inside Eric’s ass. This had two results; the Doc collapsed on top of Eric’s hard body and Eric’s renewed hard on exploded in load after load of hot cum.

“Eric, that was so good. You’re a very good fuck toy, Eric. It makes you feel very proud don’t you?”

“Yes, Doc. It feels so good to obey, I love being your fuck toy Sir.” Eric smiled with an inner feeling of accomplishment.

“Eric I want you to go over to the sink and wash off all the hot man sex you have just had. Get dressed and then come to my office when you’re ready for your next batch of supplements.” Doctor Motley ordered. Eric just smiled and walked to the sink.

It took another twenty minutes for Eric to clean up, dress, and receive his new batch of supplements. As Eric left the Doctors office, the Doc’s final words kept ringing in his ears.

“Eric the supplement is working great on your body. You have gained six pounds of pure muscle. Since its working so well you will only need to take half of the usual amount. As far as the extra supplement you will have, feel free to share it with a friend who shows some interest in it,” Doctor Motley said with a wide grin.

Just after Eric left the Doctor Motley, there was a knock at his door.

“Ah Doctor Motley is my next batch ready?”

“Come on in Seth, how was crew practice?” Doctor Motley inquired......

Chapter 4—Brothers

Eric came home from the gym feeling better than ever. The Doc’s formula must really be working! He never felt so good from his workout. It was like every muscle in his body was feeling stronger and better. And he’d only been taking the supplements for a little while. Imagine what would happen after a week or a month!

When he walked in the front door of his parent’s house, Eric saw his kid brother, Ethan, sitting Indian-style on the floor of the living room playing some video game on the N64. Ethan had just turned 19, and he was a lot smaller and skinnier than Eric, who always liked to tease and play around with him. He was wearing baggy jeans, a white tank top that fitted close to his slim torso and a hemp necklace around his neck. No shoes or socks, Ethan never wore them indoors.

“Hey, squirt,” he said, throwing his gym bag onto the couch. “What’s up?”

“Nothing,” Ethan muttered, not taking his eyes off the screen. Eric didn’t know it, but Ethan was so quiet because nobody knew that he found himself thinking about hot guys all the time. He couldn’t tell his jock-brother or the rest of his family about it, so he kept pretty much to himself.

“Where are Mom and Dad,” Eric asked.

“They went out for dinner,” his brother said, still not taking his eyes off the screen. “They’ll be back later.”

“So what’s this?” Eric said, grabbing the controller out of Ethane’s hands.

“Hey! Give that back!” Eth said as his character got killed and the screen flashed “GAME OVER.”

“Asshole!” Ethan said. “You messed up my game!”

“Whatever,” Eric said, tossing the controller on the floor. “You should be out putting some muscle on that scrawny body, not playing with some dumb computer game.”

“Yeah?” Ethan said. “Well you should suck my dick!” He turned and stormed out of the room, ran upstairs and slammed his door.

Eric stood in the middle of the living room in a daze, feeling the effects of the supplements that made him so suggestible. He looked up the stairs where Ethan went and muttered to himself. “Yeah, suck your dick...”

Ethan was pissed. His brother was such an asshole! He couldn’t wait until he could move out of the house on his own and get away from his family.

There was a knock at the door. Ethan sat up on his bed.

“What?” he said, and Eric opened the door and came into the room.

“I’m sorry, bro,” he said. “I didn’t mean to get you mad.” Ethan was surprised for a second. Eric had never apologized to him for anything. Still, it didn’t change anything.

“You should be sorry,” Eth said.

“I am, I really am,” Eric said and Ethan could see it was true. Hell, it looked like his brother was going to start to cry or something. “I’d really like to make it up to you,” Eric said.

“How are you going to do that?” Ethan said, wondering if this was just some kind of joke.

Eric closed the door behind him and came over to the bed where Ethan was sitting. He sank down to his knees in front of his little brother and looked up at him.

“Like this,” he said, then he pressed his face against Ethane’s crotch and started mouthing his dick through his jeans.

Holy shit! Ethan thought. He nearly jumped right out of his pants.

“Dude, what are you doing?” he asked.

“I want to suck your dick, bro,” Eric said, panting heavily. “I want to suck it so bad.”

Ethan never suspected that his hot jock brother could be into guys, much less into him. It was like a dream come true!

“Please, Eth,” Eric pleaded, looking up at him. “PLEASE let me suck you. I won’t tell anyone, but I’ve gotta have your cock, man!”

Ethan started to recover from his shock and decided to see how far he could take this. Was his brother playing some kind of game? There was one way to find out.

“You really want to suck me?” he asked Eric.

“Oh yeah! More than anything!” his brother replied.

“Okay, then show me how much you want it by stripping down to your boxers for me. Like you’re the hottest exotic dancer in the world.”

Eric immediately stood up and went over to Ethan’s stereo. He picked out a CD and popped it in, filling the room with a driving disco beat. Then he started to dance and it was the hottest thing Eth had ever seen. He never imagined anything like it in his wildest dreams. Eric grabbed the bottom of his T-shirt and slowly lifted it up, showing off his rock hard abs, then his big pecs, with his nipples totally erect. He flipped the shirt up over his head, swung it around a couple times, and then tossed it on the floor.

Next he kicked off his shoes and slid off his socks, leaving his feet bare. Then came the pants.

Eric smiled and looked at Ethan with pure lust in his eyes as he undid the buttons on his jeans, revealing his boxer briefs underneath. Ethan couldn’t fucking believe it! He was so hard watching his big brother’s incredible, muscular body dancing in front of him, he felt like he was going to cum just from watching.

Eric slid his jeans down and stepped out of them, leaving him in just his boxers. They showed off his round, hard ass and Eth could see that his brother had a serious hard-on. The whole thing was blowing his mind! Eric just continued to dance, waiting for his brother’s next command.

Ethan had an idea to have even more fun at his brother’s expense when he realized his big bro was wearing his favorite pair of Calvin Klein boxers.

“Those boxers look hot on you bro! They must feel really hot though. Must be uncomfortable to wear. You like to be naked don’t you Eric?”

“You know it little bro, I love to be naked.”

“Yes, Eric, feels so good to be naked, but you can’t seem to get them off. As hard as you try, you cannot get them to come down.” Eric began to pull his now uncomfortable boxers off his body. He wanted them off and he wanted them off NOW! No matter how hard he tried though they would not come off. He finally looked up at his brother the confusion written all over his face.

“Eth, they won’t come off, GOD DAMMIT, I hate these fucking boxers. Why won’t they come off!”

Ethan just looked at his big jock brother trying to take off a simple pair of boxers and failing miserably, becoming more desperate by the second. Finally, Ethan stepped in and helped out his poor brother.

“Well Eric, if they wont slide down, how else could you get them off your body. You must be finding them terribly uncomfortable.”

“Yes Eth, these boxers SUCK!” Looking back down at his boxers his head snapped back up seconds later. “HEY I could rip them off!”

Ethan smiled and simply asked “But Eric those are your best CK boxers?”

“Who the fuck cares, I NEED them off, NOW!”

“So rip them off Eric, take your best CKs and rip them to shreds. It will feel so good to be naked.”

Eric’s hands flashed to his fly and instantly pulled it apart till the new fabric tore to shreds. When Eric was done all that was left was the waistband and a few strips of material.

“Oh man!” Ethan said. He’d seen his brother naked a couple times, but never like this, all worked up and rock hard, his dick standing out from his hard body as he danced and swayed in front of him. It was true! Eric was doing everything he told him to do! Ethan wondered just how far he could take this.

“So you want to suck my dick?” Ethan said.

“Oh yeah!” Eric said, licking his lips.

“You want it real bad?”

“Oh please bro, don’t tease me...”

“How bad do you want it?”

“I’ll do anything,” Eric said. “Anything!”

“Get on your knees,” Eth told his brother and Eric instantly obeyed him. Ethan lifted his shirt over his head and tossed it on the bed, leaving just his baggy jeans and boxers on.

“You like my body don’t you?” he asked Eric.

“Yes, I love it!” Eric said looking his little brother from head to toe.

“Tell me how much you like it.”

“You’re body is so hot,” Eric said. “Just looking at it makes me so horny.”

“Come over here,” Ethan said and Eric crawled to him on his knees.

“Take off my pants, with your mouth,” Ethan said. Eric immediately pressed his mouth to Eth’s crotch and Ethan shivered from feeling his big brother’s face against his hard dick. Eric struggled but managed to undo the button with his mouth. He grabbed the zipper in his teeth and pulled it down, letting Eth’s jeans fall to the floor. His hardon was tenting out his boxers big time.

“Take off my shorts,” he said, and Eric snagged the waistband in his teeth and yanked them down, leaving Ethan as naked as his brother, his hardon standing up almost flat against his stomach. Ethan had never felt so fucking turned on in his life. He looked down at his big brother, kneeling naked in front of him, looking up at him with total obedience and lust in his eyes.

“Suck me,” he said.

“Oh, yes!” Eric said. He opened his mouth and dove on his little brother’s cock like a starving man.

“Oh fuck!” Ethan threw his head back as his brother sucked on his cock. He took it all the way down his throat like he was a born cocksucker. It was the best thing Eth ever felt. “Oh yeah, bro! Suck that cock!”

Eth grabbed the back of Eric’s head and started fucking his mouth, sliding his hard dick in and out. It felt SO good! He looked down at his brother mowing down on his dick and loving every minute of it, moaning and jacking his own hardon the whole time. Eth started to wonder again just what Eric would do.

“I bet you want my dick up your ass don’t you?” Ethan said. Eric pulled on his brother’s dick and looked up at his, one hand on Ethan’s cock and one hand on his own.

“Oh yeah!” he said. Eric was instantly on Ethan’s bed on his knees, his hands grabbing his ass cheeks and spreading them. He wanted, no he NEEDED, Ethan’s dick up his jock ass. Ethan couldn’t believe it as his brother looked over his shoulder at him.

“Please, Eth, please fuck my ass! I need it bro! I need your hard dick in me!”

Ethan didn’t need to get told twice. He came up behind Eric, grabbed his hips and pressed his dick against his big brother’s hole. He took some lube he used to jack off from beside his bed and rubbed it over his cock before he slid it right into Eric’s ass. Eric cried out as his little brother mounted him.

“Oh YEAH bro!” he yelled. “Oh fuck me! FUCK MY ASS!”

Feeling that tight ass around his dick Ethan totally lost control. He started pounding into Eric’s ass like mad, sneering and grabbing the back of Eric’s head. “You love it, don’t you?” he said, pulling his head back. “You love taking this cock up your ass! You like being my fuck toy don’t you, you little slut?”

“Oh yes!” Eric cried. “I love it! Make me your fuck boy!”

“Oh take my dick!” Ethan cried out. Eric’s ass was so tight he didn’t thing he could last for very long. It felt SO fucking good.

“Oh bro I’m gonna cum!” Ethan said.

“Do it, Eth! Spunk up my ass!” Eric yelled.

“Ah FUCK!” Ethan yelled as he dumped his load up his brother’s asshole. At the same time Eric cried out and sprayed cum all over Ethan’s bed. Ethan collapsed on top of his brother sweat running down both their bodies and fell asleep.

About two hours later laying in bed starting to wake up, Ethan had another idea. “Eric do you think you could take me to the gym and let me work out with you?”

“Sure Eth, anything you want bro, in fact you can take some of the muscle growth supplements I have. They work great and will make you big really fast!”

“AWESOME!” Ethan said, he would have a hot body AND control his bro. What could be better than that?