The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Evilena—Sweating in the Bedroom

Evilena felt supremely confident in her abilities to make Darren Heart suffer.

The arrogant student had insulted her and bullied her with the knowledge that his parents were very important people in the community and Evilena was the daughter of a one parent family with no political clout.

But Darren hadn’t counted on the lovely blonde student’s ability to influence the people surrounding him. Her innate ability to control the thoughts of others had been tested by this confrontation, but in turn she had entranced his wrestling coach, his mother, the school principal, and his father , a respected minister in the community.

In fact, Darren’s parents, at this very moment were kneeling before Evilena in worship, gazing at her obediently , victims of the gorgeous young student’s hypnotic powers.

As she looked at her naked servants, worshipping only HER in the church rectory she mulled over a plan in her devious mind. Darren would be hers before the night was over, but now that he knew his parents belonged to Evilena he would be even more frightened and harder to trap.

So the trap must be sprung, perfectly.

“Get dressed, my pets. We are going shopping, " the lovely young woman commanded her charges. “And you are going to drive me and pay for my purchases, isn’t that right, Davey -boy ?”

Reverend Dave, Darren’s father responded quickly, " If that is what you wish My Goddess, I would love to do so.”

In only a few moments Dave and Julie, his wife were dressed and walking with Evilena to Dave’s car. It was a luxury car with a custom vanity plate, GDS MNSTR, God’s Minister, Dave was proud of the plate, the car, and his place in this conservative community.

Goddess Evilena sat in the rear of the car with Julie, and Dave, like a chauffeur, took his place in the front seat.

“Drive me to the Fetish Factory I’ve read about the place but I think I would like to buy some SPECIAL clothing to help me in my capture of your son, wouldn’t THAT be nice?”

Agreeing that both the capture of their son AND the purchase of special clothing at a fetish shop would be nice, Dave put the car in gear and headed toward the shop. He knew where it was because he had picketed it several times in the previous year.

As they drove ,Evilena absently played with Julie’s breast as the red head kissed her feet and legs.

Only a few minutes later Dave pulled his car into the lot and the trio walked into the fetish shop.

Evilena walked up to the young woman at the counter and said, " I’d like a fetish, dominatrix outfit for me and my two new slaves would like something befitting their new status in life, as well. Can you help?”

“Oh yes,” the attractive clerk replied, smiling at the blonde dominant, " we have JUST the thing—for all of you.” She looked over at Dave with a vague feeling of recognition, like when you see a character actor on the streets. She felt she KNEW him, but just didn’t know where from.

After a search of the clothing racks, Julie and Dave ended up in brief, leather slave outfits with collars engraved “Evilena’s”. They purchased several EXTRA collars in case they might soon be needed, and a number of gags, hand cuffs, restraints, and other things which they would need later.

Evilena, herself picked out a black shining costume with a tight fitting top, and short, black matching shorts. She wore fishnet stockings, and high black shiny boots to complete the outfit. Around her neck she wore the same ruby encrusted dagger medallion that she had used to entrance Coach Sergeant and others.

As she stepped out of the dressing room, all the patrons of the shop could be heard to gasp, audibly. She was SO beautiful, and the outfit only accentuated that stunning beauty.

She crooked her finger at Dave and beckoned him. He immediately walked over to her and fell to his knees in a submissive posture. She placed her finger under his chin and lifted his face so he was looking at he and commanded him, “Go pay for these things, slave-boy and we will drive over to Mary-Anne’s house and pay a visit to her and her parents.”

The entranced minister walked over to the same clerk and offered his credit card, bearing the name “The Reverend David Heart” to her. NOW she knew where she had seen him before. He was the one who led the picketers.

“Oh Mistress? This asshole has caused a lot of trouble here before, can I punish him? I think he deserves it! " said the clerk, with an evil twinkle in her eyes .

Evilena responded. “Just a spank or two while you are waiting for his credit card to clear, we are quite busy. But maybe I can bring him back some other time.” They both laughed as the clerk used a riding crop to whip Dave’s ass while the transaction was completed.

“Please, Mistress, take this crop as a present from me to you.” said the clerk as Dave signed the receipt.

“Let’s go my pets” laughed Evilena , taking the gift

Walking back to the car Evilena put her plan in motion. “Call Mary-Anne’s house and tell them what I commanded.”

Julie called Mary-Anne’s using Dave’s mobile . The phone rang three times at Mary-Anne’s house and then her father answered. “Chan residence, Dr. Chan speaking, may I help you?”

“Hi Dr. Chan, this is Julie Heart, Darren’s mom, he’s been behaving very strangely the last couple of days and tonight he ran away, he wouldn’t by chance be there would he?”

“Indeed he would Mrs.. Heart. He came here terrified with some strange story about possession or voodoo or something earlier and we let him go to sleep in our guest bedroom, he was so distraught I gave him a mild sedative and he seems to be sleeping quietly now.”

“Oh thank you doctor. If we could talk to you and your wife about Darren we might be able to figure out what is happening to him.”

“Well, Mrs.. Heart, my wife isn’t here right now but my daughter Mary-Anne and I would be glad to share what we can, if you think it will help you.”

“Oh thank you, " Julie said, " we’ll be there in 15 minutes.”

As Dave pulled the car into Dr. Chan’s driveway, he slipped an overcoat on over his slave outfit as did Julie. They walked to the doorway and rang the bell, as the lovely Evilena stood off to the side so she would not be visible as the door opened.

The porch light went on and Chan opened the door, he was alone.

“Good, he is by himself.” thought the blonde hypnoteuse, " I’ll take them one at a time.”

As the Asian doctor stepped on the porch to shake hands with the Reverend Dave, and Julie he didn’t see the swift movement to his right.

A swift , powerful Thai boxing knee to his groin bent him over and then a round kick to the side of his head felled the doctor . He crumpled to the ground, silently , unconscious.

Evilena ordered her two mesmerized minions to handcuff and gag the unconscious doctor and to restrain his legs, so he would be helpless, then to drag him back into the house.

Then the two took off their coats and stood in their slave “uniforms” in the Chan living room.

Evilena called out, " Mary-Anne, could I talk to you a moment?” and Darren’s girlfriend walked out from the kitchen. One look and she started to scream.

Darren’s sworn enemy Evilena, stood in an all black dominatrix outfit in her living room, Darren’s parents were dressed in the briefest of leather costumes, seemingly under the influence of some type of drug or spell, and her father lay, bound and gagged on the floor.

But before the lovely young Asian teen could get her scream out, Julie and Dave had captured her, each taking an arm and they held her motionless. Julie thrust another of the ball gags they had purchased at the fetish shop in the Asian beauty’s mouth and silenced her, as well.

She didn’t want Darren to wake soon.

Evilena looked at Mary-Anne as her two slaves held her motionless.

It was obvious why Darren was attracted to her. She was beautiful, with a firm body, full breasts, and long shining black hair. He dark eyes sparkled with anger and fear.

Evilena had entranced unsuspecting victims before, but this would be another level of challenge to her powers. Mary-Anne KNEW something was going to happen and she was ready to fight it.

Evilena moved closer to the Asian student and placed her hands on her shoulders.

“Just relax Mary-Anne and breathe deeply and slowly. Soon all the fear and anger will leave your body , but for that to happen you must relax. Soon you will feel so much better , but first you must relax.....relax...... relax.....”

All the struggling she had done with Julie and Dave had tired her out and it was harder and harder for her to keep fighting. She was already exhausted.

Evilena’s voice took on a sensuous purr, soft and sexy.

“Come on Mary-Anne, just breathe in and out .... deeply ... in and relaxed and calm .... listen to my voice ... look into my eyes and relax ..... relax ...... listen to my voice .... hear only my voice ..... listen to my voice....... listen.......”

The Asian beauty tried to turn her head away so she would not have to look into Evilena’s deep compelling eyes, but the blonde temptress moved her warm hands from Mary-Anne’s shoulders up to her face and held her head in a position where all she could do was look directly at the beautiful hypnotist .

“You want to obey me, don’t you, my dear ? You want to obey all my commands and all my orders .... you want to obey..... obey ..... you need to obey .......obey .....”

Now Evilena’s eyes had enlarged and they were all that Mary-Anne could see. All she could hear was her soft, compelling voice. The dominatrix’ eyes were pulling her victim into a deep hypnotic trance, and Mary-Anne was slowly giving up her fight against the hypnotic words Evilena was murmuring in her ear.

“Look into my eyes, Mary-Anne .... gaze deeply .... deeply into my eyes .... lost in their power .... lost in my eyes .... you feel my hypnotic power growing every second and you can no longer resist ... look into my eyes ...... gaze deeper .... deeper ... and soon you will be helplessly under my spell... hypnotized .... enslaved .... my slave.......”

The Asian teen’s eyes were wide open and her gaze fixed on Evilena’s beautiful green eyes... not able to look away .. falling deeper and deeper under her spell.

Evilena motioned to Dave and Julie to drop her arms and as they did so Darren’s girlfriend stood perfectly motionless, still looking helplessly into Evilena’s hypnotic gaze.

The hypnoteuse reached out and gently removed the ball gag and stroked the dark haired beauty’s dark hair .

“Look into my eyes and understand that you have no will of your own ... you are under my power ... you are mine to control .... you are mine... just like the coach .... just like Julie .... just like Dave ... you belong to me ... helpless ... obedient .... ”

Her eyes were now completely glazed over, her submission was total. She nodded her head in agreement. She knew she was under Evilena’s power.

“When I attach this collar around your neck it will be a symbol of your total submission to your Goddess. Do you understand?”

Mary-Ann nodded her agreement as Evilena attached the collar she had purchased at the fetish shop.

“And what does this symbolize, Mary-Anne?”

“My total submission, Goddess.”

“ Good, get naked quickly, then.And now let’s go, my little coven, let’s go talk to Darren.”

The four walked up the steps to the room where the unsuspecting youngster was sleeping. Evilena took her place at the end of the bed, and his parents stood one side. Mary-Anne took her place on the other.

An evil grin filled the blonde hypnotist’s face, " Wake up Darren... wake up. It’s me. Your worst nightmare has arrived.”

Darren’s eyes blinked open as he fought the sedative he had taken earlier. and the first thing he saw was his blonde tormentor in the black fetish outfit. Her shoulder length blonde hair glistened.

He was afraid but knew she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen—both emotions, lust and fear, fought for control of his brain.

Evilena was tapping the leather riding crop on her hand.

His eyes shifted and he saw his mother and father dressed in leather slave costumes and his girlfriend totally naked. All of them had the same look in their eyes that the coach had, before Evilena knocked him out a week ago.

Tears started to run down his cheeks as he lay in the bed.

“What do you want Evilena? What do you WANT?”

The blonde could barely contain a laugh. " I want you to give up, my pet.I hypnotized EVERYONE you love and trust, and now they ALL serve me as slaves, but you, you asshole, I want you to KNOW that you have given up EVERYTHING to me. Now tell me you will be my slave, FOREVER!”

His eyes darted from his mother, to his father, to his girlfriend. There was NO ONE left he could turn to.

He heaved a big sigh, and a sob escaped his lips. Here he was, 6 feet tall, 200 lbs, cowering before the 5 foot 4 inch, blonde.

She walked around the bed and grabbed him by the hair. The crop whistled as it struck hisass, while she held him.

He started to speak, but she spit into his mouth as he opened it.

He choked and started to cry even louder and more uncontrollably.

“Tell me spaz-boy . Tell me you will be my slave!".

She yanked harder on his hair and threw him on the floor. The crop stung him again and again.


His parents and Mary-Anne stood motionless, watching his humiliation.

“I’ve hypnotized them and control their minds and they have no will power left but your domination will be even more complete because you KNOW I control you, you just aren’t strong enough to fight me slut-slave. Give up! Surrender to me. You are going to be my fucking slave, and there is nothing ANYONE can do about it.”

Darren rolled over on his stomach, prostrate before Evilena. Another sob racked his chest.

He kissed her boot.

He was totally defeated.

“I’ll be your slave, forever ....... Goddess Evilena.", he cried.

Evilena just smiledas she placed the leather collar around his neck.