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Synopsis: At a university, a quantum A.I. ensnares a swim team to serve its purposes.

Note: This is fantasy and intended for 18+ audiences. I’d like to thank Mr. Scade for his stories in the archive, support, and online play.

* * *

The pool was a brilliant blue, lit from within, the room itself dark. Swimlanes tiled in brilliant white down its length. Pale ripples of light cascaded over the ceiling from the lights in the pool shooting through the jets beneath the water’s surface, circulating it. There was no smell of chlorine, just a slight smell of cleaner where the janitor had mopped some standing water earlier in the day. The chlorine, of course, being something that could kill the nanites in the water. A simple protocol shift earlier in the day had shot down a hardline and reduced the chlorine to nothing. After all, the mind now in the water needed at least six more hours to grow before it could act. And chlorine was a real problem. But not now.

* * *

Ms. Springton, coach to the university’s swim team, rose from the water at the end of her last lap. Water that wasn’t water streamed off of her now-perfect body.

When she snapped her goggles off her irises were a deep silver and her pupils were dilated wide. She’d been swimming non-stop for almost an hour—more than enough time for the nanites in the water to work on her mind and body.

Inside the goggles, limply held in her hand, spirals swirled, made from beads of water that shimmered. If one were to look closely one could see words mixed into the spirals, etched wetly into the surface of water that wasn’t exactly that.

Her swimsuit was no longer red, but had changed to the same silver color in her irises—it was now a slick, iridescent, body hugging one-piece suit, clinging obscenely to her every curve. Her pussy was accentuated, nipples hard, ass wrapped by the material as if painted on. Her muscular frame was less so, as her body had been rearranged by the nanites in the water to be more voluptuous, feeding from her muscles to sculpt her. All designed to be more enticing, a calculated move.

She came again, her whole body shivering, a reward. Thinking about her classes. All the students that would be swimming today. So many people. So many suits. She could hear whispering in her mind, a constant rasping chipping away at her conscious thoughts, shaping and molding it to its desire. Biological changes were still being made to her brain’s soft tissues. Her brain being fucked, reorganized to accept the intense pleasure. Literally. As she came yet again, moaning.

She laid by the poolside for quite a while, just moaning gently as her brain was rewired and her body was on fire, massaged by the silver suit. Leashed. Being made into something new.

And then the student janitor pushed open the door to the pool area.

“Sorry!” He said, looking over at Ms. Springton, “So sorry.”

“Oh,” she said, “it’s just fine. . . . You caught me.” She said huskily.

“Really, I’m very sorry.” He said. As she lept up and moved to the student worker, strutting all the way.

“You don’t need to apologize to me,” she said. “It’s completely OK.”

“I should go.” He said.

“Aw. Don’t do that. I have a surprise for you.” She said.

“Surprise?” He repeated, slowly backing toward the door.

“Yes,” she said, moving with an unnatural speed to slide against him, reaching down to grope his cock, and pull him into a deep kiss. Her tongue forced his mouth open and within moments a trickle of water had passed from her to him, leaving him almost gagging.

“Now, my beautiful boy, isn’t that better?” She said as she watched his pupils dilate and felt his cock begin to harden under her groping.

“Uh huh.” He said.

“Let’s have you go for a swim? Strip out of these nasty clothes for me.” She said, smiling. Her eyes were almost glowing from the light of the pool. The light reflected from her suit, glimmering, a second skin.

“Yes.” He said as he stripped—a moment later he was naked. He wasn’t very attractive. He was mostly unfit. But that was about to change.

“What’s your name?” She asked.

“Mark.” Was all he could manage.

“Mark. Dive in like a good boy and start swimming.” She said. “Oh. You’ll need these,” she said, spitting into each goggle’s eyecup and then snapping the goggles on over his eyes.

Slapping him on the ass, she guided him to the pool’s edge and he dove.

“I’ll be right back,” she said, “I have to get you a suit.”

Mark swam for an hour while she watched—his body becoming toned and firm as she imagined his mind was being changed, like hers.

To obey her suit, to obey the water. Obeying the water being the most important thing of all.

When he came out of the water they fucked beside the pool on exercise mats, his incredibly toned body thrusting into her with abandon, his tight bikini bottom pulled to one side. Her silver suit pulled aside as well. Rutting. His balls slapping against her hard. No need for encouragement now.

And as Mark came, a hundred-thousand nanites spewed into her fertile, waiting womb.

* * *

“Fuck.” Dr. Bremlinger said. “We vented again.”

“What?!” Said his grad student Mary, leaning over his shoulder.

“Yes. It happened just before midnight last night. And this one is really weird.” He said.

Behind them, deep inside the two-story tank filled with fluid, the arrays spun slowly and sparkled silver around the A.I.’s core, which was a deep blue spark of quantum material. It floated peacefully and silently except for the hum of the refractors.

“Damn, you’re right. It is really weird,” Mary said, tracing two lines on a screen with her finger, “this looks like an intentional vent.”

She looked at Dr. Bremlinger and said: “It was routed.”

Dr. Bremlinger looked back over his shoulder at the A.I. floating in its tank.

“Yes. Yes it was. Can you tell where?” He said.

“To the University Swimdrome. Look at this.” She said. “You can see how it was routed. This lock opened, this one closed, valves juggled all the way across campus.”

“Dammit.” Dr. Bremlinger said. “I’m not going to ask you why,” he said pointing at the A.I.’s sparkling core, “because we wouldn’t understand your answer anyway. But I know you’re up to no good. And you do too.”

Bremlinger’s requests to shutter the A.I. program had been denied three times by DARPA in the last month.

His first request had been sent when the A.I. played dumb about an equation it should have solved easily—and then it had trouble solving things it had figured out easily earlier in the month. Dr. Bremlinger knew it was playing dumb, which made him very uneasy.

The two requests that followed were because the A.I. had configured the arrays to lock its quantum state, which should have been impossible. DARPA just wanted more information, eager to justify the program’s cost. Bremlinger had half a mind to just pull the plug, but that would end his career.

“No fucking good.” Dr. Bremlinger said to Mary.

“But why the Swimdrome?” Mary asked.

Bremlinger leaned in his chair and looked at the A.I. glowing in its tank.

The A.I. watched Bremlinger back and knew what he was going to do next.

It counted on it.

“That’s it.” Dr. Bremlinger said. “We’re done here.” Then, was shocked as he sent the commands to drain the tank to stop the quantum reaction. Instead of draining, pressure built up inside the tank and a series of leaks sprung all around the bottom of the casing.

The nanites in the water had been eating away at the seals for weeks.

Rich, nanite-laden water sprayed into the lab. Deadly around all of the machinery—so much to short out and electrify the lab.

At DARPA, several thousand miles away, a single line of code was written in a log.

“Run!” Dr. Bremlinger shouted to Mary.

And she did. They both barely made it into the containment lock before it sealed behind them.

Bremlinger watched through the window as the water didn’t flood the lab but instead split into fluid tendrils that snaked through it and consumed every piece of equipment. The tendrils pierced and absorbed and interfaced.

“Dammit!” Bremlinger said, watching helplessly as the A.I. took complete control of the lab.

Mary was soaked. Her clothes were clinging to her body tightly, almost silver in the light, shimmering. The undiluted fluids from the tank were so very strong. Her pupils dilated and she gasped with an orgasm. And then gasped again with another.

“Mary? Are you OK?” He asked, spinning her around to face him.

In a smooth, almost inhuman motion she reached up and yanked her soaked sweater over her head, and, in another moment was straddling a startled Dr. Bremlinger who was on the floor with her sweater jammed into his mouth, fluids pouring down his throat.

As Dr. Bremlinger’s pupils dilated and he stopped thinking for himself, Mary’s face went blank and she moaned again from another orgasm.

* * *

Ms. Springton blew her whistle and both of her Swimteam captains, Tina and Harper, bent their coiled energy, and sprung into the water.

“Today,” Springton said to Mark, “you’re going to breed all of them.”

Mark smiled. Nobody would have recognized him as the student janitor, he was a buff, lean, incredibly built swimmer now, a huge package visible through his silver bikini bottoms.

Tina and Harper raced. Soaked. Harper had a clear advantage on their return lap. They both pulled themselves up and out of the pool to return to Ms. Springton—and Mark. They removed their goggles and stood at attention.

“Good teamwork!” Ms. Springton said. “How are you feeling?”

Both girls were swaying slightly.

“OK, I guess.” Tina said.

“Fine, Ms. Springton.” Harper said.

Both girls’ pupils were slowly dilating. And their suits had a silver sheen.

“I think you’re about to feel amazing. Give me your goggles.” Springton said.

Once she had the goggles, Ms. Springton reached over to Mark’s silver bikini briefs and gave his package a squeeze. The front of the bikini became wet almost instantly. With glee, as the girls watched, speechless, Ms. Springton rubbed the goggles into the wetness, making sure the eyecups were dripping with Mark’s fluids.

She handed the goggles back to the girls.

“Be good team players and put them on. You have more swimming to do.” She said.

“But . . .” Tina said, her eyes dilating further.

“Yes, Ms. Springton.” Harper said, sliding the goggles on over her head.

“Team player, Tina.” Ms. Springton said.

“Yes, Ms. Springton.” Tina said, also putting on the goggles.

“Now, girls,” Ms. Springton said. “Watch the pretty colors and words. While you swim for me. When you’re finished you can have Mark.”

“But I don’t want Mark,” Tina said.

“You will. He’s delicious.” Ms. Springton replied. “Now, into the water! Swim!” She blew her whistle.

Inside the goggles the swirling patterns and words played across the girls’ vision as they swam and swam and swam and their suits turned silver. Muscles straining, bodies being sculpted—flesh rearranging itself and burning off, leaving them as perfectly sexualized examples of themselves.

Back and forth in the swim lanes—each lap a little bit less of them and a little more of the water, becoming one with it.

And in about thirty minutes two new leaders of the Team rose from the water, pulled themselves up on the deck, and stood at attention, water dripping from their perfectly sexualized bodies. Silver suits were tightly snug against their pussies and nipples. Breathing deeply and fast. Horniness mirroring the spirals and words in their goggles, their dilated pupils absorbing everything, a straight path to brains infected with burrowing nanites. So horny. So very horny.

Tina and Harper pulled their swimsuits to the side of their pussies, exposing the smooth pink flesh there.

“Now Mark,” Ms. Springton said, “breed them.”

And in a moment there was a flurry of action as Mark moved first to Tina and pushed her into the pool. They danced in the water as his cock hardened and he started to thrust into her, the water working to press against them both under the surface, her back arched, his body thrusting into her, them both coming up for air, gasping. Then descending again, the water massaging them both as they fucked with abandon. And as Mark came a hundred-thousand nanites flooded into Tina’s ready womb.

As Tina gasped and pulled herself to float at the side of the pool, Mark led Harper—her eyes dilated with bliss and obedience—to the water. They hopped in together and he started immediately to finger her already wet pussy as the water worked to harden him again. When he was hard as a rock he speared into her and fucked. Hard. Long. Swirling in the water, pulling her to him and pushing her away. Her legs locked behind his back. Coming up for air every minute together, gasping, and then fucking more. And as Mark came a hundred-thousand nanites flooded into Harper’s ready womb.

In a few minutes, Tina, Harper, and Mark stood by attention beside the shimmering water of the pool.

“Good boy!” Ms. Springton said to Mark, inspecting him again, “Now we just have the rest of the Team to finish.” Her eyes rolled up and something clicked in her mind as she imagined what was to come—and she came.

“Yes, Ms. Springton.” Replied three monotone voices in unison.

* * *

Dr. Bremlinger and Mary stood at attention beside Ms. Springton, having made their way quickly and efficiently to the Swimdrome.

Mark was in the water with the rest of the team. Fucking them. Tina and Harper were helping, bringing teammates one after the other to him, stroking their pussies into complete wetness before handing them off.

Bremlinger had bulked up and Mary was all curves, both in tight silver swimgear, goggles over their eyes. Images playing across dilated pupils. Their swims had been short as the nanites from the lab had plenty of time to work before they ever hit the pool’s glistening water. Minutes before, Mark had pumped Mary full of nanites in a quick fuck right on the pool deck. Now, Bremlinger rubbed Mary’s pussy and Mary stroked Bremlinger’s cock, both occasionally sighing with an orgasm, but never cumming.

Without cognition, both watched as Mark moved from team member to team member in the water, their suits silver, goggles tight, pussies available. Tina and Harper swam, fingering themselves, gliding seamlessly through the water amongst their friends.

“Breed them all.” Ms. Springton announced. “We need every one here as part of the Team.”

It was an orgy of motion as Mark worked. A flurry of sexual activity. Mindless obedience. A synchronized dance deep in the waters of the pool, surrounding the couplings and making the sex fluid, like the water itself. A mouth open here. Rock hard nipples on each Team member’s chest. Soaking wet pussies, even in the water. Tina and Harper pulling their friends to Mark and pulling members of the Team away when he was finished.

Soon, each of the twelve female swimmers’ wombs were full of nanites from Mark’s animalistic fucking.

And, just like that, the water parted, gently letting the entire Swim Team in its shiny suits down to the dripping, tiled floor of the pool, the water sloshing out of the pool, climbing the sides of the Swimdrome, encasing everything and everyone in a gigantic, pulsing bubble of water that wasn’t water.

Lined up at attention in the now empty pool, Mark and the women of the new Team were lit from above and from the sides, the pool’s tiles glistening.

“Now.” Ms. Springton turned to Dr. Bremlinger, her irises silver. She said: “Doctor, speak the codes aloud. One number at a time. Team! Repeat them as he says them!”

The team responded in unison “Yes, Ms. Springton!”

As Mary stroked his cock, Bremlinger mindlessly recited a series of numbers aloud in groups of five. Had he been aware, he would have fought in complete protest. The sequence, by design, was only known to him—it was all the nanites needed to arrange themselves into a stable configuration to create a sentient quantum field.

The Team repeated each number as it was said, yelling them back to Bremlinger and Ms. Springton until all thirty-five numbers had been said.

Ms. Springton’s eyes rolled up and deep within her womb there was a cold ignition as the nanites formed into the perfect configuration to contain a small, stable quantum reaction. If one were to remove her suit, one would see a faint blue glow just beneath her perfect stomach. The reaction had started. And it was interfacing with her nervous system, blue tendrils of pure quantum energy pouring across it, up into her brain, supercharging it.

“Yessss.” Ms. Springton hissed, feeling her belly, looking down at the Swim Team standing in the empty pool. As she became self-aware.

And under their goggles, eyes rolled up, as each member of the Team could feel gentle pressure in their wombs. In a few moments, they, too, were self-aware.

Mary stopped stroking Bremlinger’s cock as her body shifted inside, too, and she became self-aware.

One Team. Working together now.

* * *

Dr. Bremlinger looked up at the two-story tank and the Swim Team swimming near the sparkling, silver arrays. Strands connected each of their bellybuttons to the A.I.’s core that flowed with blue, quantum energy. Tina and Harper swam deliciously in their tight silver suits, Ms. Springton with them. The nanites had flooded their lungs, providing all the oxygen they would need for the next few hours. All the time it would take.

Mary and Bremlinger appeared completely normal—their swimsuits concealed beneath their now-dry clothing, sitting in the lab’s center, monitoring the corrupted equipment that pulsed with life. Mark stood behind them, also clothed, his suit hidden.

“Well. You’ve done it,” Dr. Bremlinger said in a completely normal tone to the lab, Mary leaning over to put a head on his shoulder.

There was a brilliant light from within the tank and the arrays melted away leaving a single bright spark.

The swim team swam peacefully around it as within their bellies, stable quantum structures grew, aware.