The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

This is part one of my salute to syndicated spy shows of the 70’s-80’s, shows that almost always had a mind control episode.

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(Bongo Drum beating very fast. Scene of a commando jumping out of a plane)

My name is Mark Blade, formerly of the SAS.

(shot of file with Mark’s picture being stamped in red ithe word “DISMISSED”)

After a misunderstanding that led to me and the Service parting ways, I was recruited by this man, Lord Campion, into joining in his “consultancy” firm. An organization called Rapier, International. We help Democracies get done what their own agencies can’t.

(Shot of Mark driving a speed boat away from an exploding yacht. Shot of Mark with a sniper rifle. Shot of Mark firing a sub machine gun)

This is Rose, Lord Campion’s half Aussie daughter. An upcoming model and actress, she has a wide range of skills.

(Music becomes disco instrumental. Shot of a gorgeous Blonde face, pulling back to show her throwing a male opponent in a judo studio.)

On his deathbed, Lord Campion made me promise to look after her.

(shot of Mark approaching a graveside where Rose stands)

Despite my best efforts, trouble always seems to find Rose.

(Shot of man in ski mask pointing a silenced pistol at Rose. Shot of Rose strapped to a table staring blankly as strange lights reflect on her face, shot of Rose trying to defuse a time bomb. Shot of Mark and Rose jumping out of a plane clinging to each other with one parachute.

Me and Control, the bloke who took over for Lord Campion, decided the best way to keep her safe was to bring her into the family business. And that’s how we became a team. A team they call.....

(shot of Mark in a tuxedo with a pistol against a white background, joined by Rose in a bikini. The title is imposed over their image:
“The Sword and the Rose”

Prologue: (Fade in)

(The musical finale to Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake plays from hidden speakers. Shot of weirdly lit spinning hypnotic spiral.
Shot of a beautiful brown haired young woman’s face, her expression blank and drowsy, eyes half opened, but focused upward. Reflections of light play across her face. A longer shot reveals she is strapped to a flat table at her wrists and ankles. She is in a hospital gown. Wire electrodes are a fixed to either side of her forehead, both wrists, and the soles of her bare feet. It is actually the table slowly revolving, the spiral fixed on the ceiling. The table’s rotation creates an illusion from the girl’s perspective that the spiral is moving.
Close up of her soles. Every few seconds, the music includes the sound of an electronic gong rung three times. There is a slight electrical crackle, and her toes involuntarily curl, then relax. A recording of a male, Slavic voice intones “Laura obeys the Master of the Dance” each time.
Fast, intercut shots of the spiral, her face, her soles. The gongs and recorded voice repeat.
Close up of the Laura’s face as she begins to whisper.

Obey the Master of the Dance....must obey....must obey...

Fade out
Fade in. Closeup on Laura’s face, smiling and laughing, seemingly awake, outdoors.
The camera pulls back, showing Laura is wearing a bikini, and sitting on the lap of a corpulent, middle aged Asian man, General Tang, also in bathing attire. They are in a patio chair next to a large pool. A bikinied beauty serves the General food and drink while another massages his shoulders. A uniformed officer, Col. Han, stands in front of the General.
General: should go enjoy the pool. Colonel Han and I have business to discuss. (Laura and the two other women go into the pool, giggling as they do.)

(He waits until the ladies are frolicking in the pool and lowers his voice, speaking to Han)

You know I appreciate your patriotism...almost as much as I appreciate your fine taste in women, Colonel. I just think a coup now is....premature.

Col. Han
(with force, but respectfully):

Please, General...... President Lee moves closer to Washington and London every day..I’m telling you, the fool trusts me...every day he complains to me about our Comrades in the USSR. He is going to betray our Revolution...


Enough, Colonel. Look....I agree our security forces must be ready to step in if needed...our comrades in Moscow know I can be relied upon...but the Army shall act when I and I alone think the time is right. Let the President have his little summit in 10 days...if he goes too far with the imperialists then I can re-assess the whole situation. Now...enough... I wish to enjoy your lovely gifts.

(giving a slight bow of deference):

As you wish....General.

( The General stands and waddles toward the pool, where the girls happily greet him, pulling him into the shallow end. The Colonel is joined by Dr. Zinoviev, a man in a dark suit with a shaved head. The Colonel nods his head. The bald man pulls a minircorder from his pocket and pushes “play”. Camera view shifts to the General and the three girls in the pool. The girls are playfully draped over the General, who has a big smile. Suddenly, the air is filled with three recorded pings of an electronic gong...which has an eerie effect on the ladies. The tape recorder begins playing ‘Swan Lake into the air. Their laughter and smiles fade into blank, entranced expressions, as their arms fall to their sides. Their focus shifts completely away from the General to Zinoviev, who is now standing over them on the pool deck.

Ladies......what’s the matter.......and who the devil are you?

(ignoring General Tang)

Ladies, time to attend your Dance Master. Begin the performance now.


Colonel Han...arrest this....

(The General’s command is interrupted by Laura savagely thrusting her knee into his midsection, causing him to double over in pain. The three women, with remarkable speed and strength, push his head under water. After a while, the General’s thrashing slowly comes to a stop and and he floats face down. Zinoviev reaches down and feels his neck for a pulse. Satisfied, he looks at the women.
Zinoieiv: troupe..Bravo. Now go...get dressed and go into the van. I will join your presently. (The three woman robotically step out of the pool and walk off screen)

(Col. Han joins him, a stunned look on his face. )
Col. Han:

Incredible....I....I believed Moscow.....what they said about your techniques...but to actually see it operational......such beautiful women transformed....

Zinoviev: ballerinas perform my choreography with perfection. Now Tang is gone...only President Lee stands in your way. But this was but the First Act. Now we must hurry to Australia, to cast our leading lady.

Col. Han:

But why this already have three brainwashed killers...why not just use one of these ladies to kill President Lee?


The Ballet I have written needs a far more spectacular finale. Imagine it..Colonel....not only is President Lee killed in a Western Country, under the protection of their security organs, but the assassin is known to be a mercenary who works for them...almost one of them. We both remove a traitor and cripple the West’s credibility forever.

Col. Han:

I suppose....

(pulling from his coat a 8 by 10 photo):

Trust me, ten days, this lovely woman shall be the prima donna of my greatest production...“The Death of President Lee.”

(close up on the’s a glossy head shot of Rose Campion.
Freeze Frame, episode title on screen “Flower for the Dance Master.” (Fade out)
(Fade in. Close up of Rose, angry. She is in Control’s office at Rapier, International’s Australian headquarters in Sydney. Mark is watching, amused.

I can’t believe this.....and you’re going along with it?


Lady know I hold your abilities in the greatest have become a skilled and resourceful agent.


Pffft. You clearly don’t respect me enough to stand up to this Colonel Han and his male chauvinism.


She’s right about that, Chief......besides..I thought Communists were for equality between the sexes.


Actually...I don’t think Lady Campion’s sex has anything to do with it....I took from our conversation he was far more concerned with her class.

(even angrier):

What the devil does that mean?


Easy Poppet, I don’t think he doesn’t means “class” as in manners.


Exactly...they don’t want your involvement because you’re an aristocrat. Look...I don’t like it either, but try to see it from Colonel Han’s point of view. He’s worried about President Lee’s well being after the mysterious death of General Tang, so worried he has hired Rapier, a very British and very capitalist security firm, to provide security. He’s sticking his socialist neck rather far, don’t you think?


Politics! Why can’t i work quietly...behind the scenes...Colonel Han need never know.

(standing, his patience running thin):

I have given my word, Lady Campion. Your father left me in command, and I will not marr our first assignment for an Eastern Block State by breaking that word.


Oh all win. I guess I’ll take this modeling assignment, Rodney has been on about.


Something fun?


Lucrative. This Greek photographer, Makreides, wants me for a swimsuit shoot. Rodney says he’s offered a queen’s ransom for two days. Since, I appear to be free from any Rapier duties, I might as well say yes.


Then what are going on about? We’ll be working...putting our necks on the line...and you’ll be poolside, dipping your toes in the water.


Don’t blame me....blame Control....and this Colonel Han. At least Makreides appreciates my talents.

(Fade out. FADE IN. Shot of Rose’s MG pulling into the driveway of an expensive Suburban house/. A panel truck is parked curbside. Rose exits her car and walks to the front door. She is dressed in a summer dress with a hand bag and sandals. She rings the bell. After a moment, the door is opened by Laura dressed in short tennis skirt and white top. She is barefoot.)

I’m Rose for the shoot with Mr. Makreides.


Of course, we’ve been expecting you..I’m Laura O”Neil. (They shake hands.)


Are you in the shoot, as well?


No....I am Mr. Makreides’ production assistant.....but where’re my manners, please come off, rules.


OK (she pauses to pull off her sandals, dropping them by the door, and enters.). So where is the “Great Man”?


Mr. Makreides is outside on the pool deck...making some last lighting touches. He wants it to be perfect for you....he’s almost ready, come this way and I will show you your wardrobe.

(Rose follows Laura through the house to a spare bedroom. Laura lets her enter first.)

The first outfit is in the closet.


I can’t wait to see it. I love seeing a new line before the rest of the world.

(Rose opens the closet door... and is surprised to see only a hospital gown hanging.)

I...I don’t get it....some sort of beach coverup?...I......

(Laura, has moved quickly behind her and touches the side of Rose’s neck with a small, metallic disc. There is a slight electrical sound, and Rose plummets to the floor...Camera shot from her hazy view of Laura’s feet near her face. Other female bare feet join hers.)

Well done, Laura. our star in her wardrobe and bring her downstairs for her first lesson.

(screen goes dark as Rose loses consciousness, suspenseful music rising as Fade Out.)

First Commercial Break.