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Symposium — a Dr Diggler Tale

Issue 1: The Hell of Horny Women

tags: mc, mf, md

Bryan, our hero from the Dr Diggler universe, and his friend Sammy take a lunch break with the head cheerleader’s MILFy mom, Mrs Buccio. However, when a little bit of the Chinese Hell of Horny Women gets loose, Mrs Buccio suddenly begins to ... well, let’s just say they don’t make it back to the Symposium after lunch.

* * *

Legalese: Contains adult material. Anyone under age 18 must leave now. Anyone that might be offended by sexy or sexually explicit material or strong language must leave now. The activities in this story may be unrealistic, unethical and/or illegal, and they ignore the reality of sexually transmitted diseases—this is fiction, do not try any of this at home. All characters are over age 18, proof of age on file. Any resemblance to any actual person, place or event is purely coincidental.

* * *

Author’s note: The comic this story was novelized from is available for free at (in both PDF and CBZ formats).

I hope you enjoy!

* * *

Bryan stood there, watching the Symposium’s featured speaker, Commander Awesome Powers, surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women.

“Bastard,” he grudgingly thought.

All of the women around him, adulating him, were beautiful. But even the head cheerleader at the college was in among his googly-eyed admirers.

The head cheerleader!

Kylee Buccio was a gorgeous redhead that—rumor had it—had tried to branch out into a modeling career before becoming disgusted with the seedy morals of the field and returning to college to head up the cheerleading squad. So she was about two years older than the other students there, and everyone’s ideal of a sexy slightly older woman.

And there she was, competing like the rest of them for some small bit of attention from Awesome.

He let out a sigh and glanced away from the pathetic scene.

A woman in a sexy pink dress caught his eye. Mrs Buccio, he recognized, the cheerleader’s mother.

Bryan had always thought she was pretty, from the first time he met her years ago. To be honest, he’d always thought she was actually hotter than her daughter Kylee. But don’t tell anyone that. He’d be embarrassed if word got back to her that he was thinking of her like that.

And there, standing next to her, was Sammy, one of his friends when they were kids.

Mrs Buccio’s eyes drifted toward Bryan, and when she recognized him, she gave him a smile and a small wave.

Bryan blushed all over himself and waved back, then realized he was wearing a goofy grin and hmmphed it away. And got cool again. You can’t be too gushy with the women. Hrrrrrmmph!

So he ... coolly sauntered over to the hot MILFy woman and spoke, “Hi, Mrs Buccio. Sammy.”

“Hi, Bryan,” she smiled. She REMEMBERED HIM! YES! “And just call me Grace, hon. You’re a full-grown young man now.”

Bryan’s cool just dissolved underneath him, and left him in nerdy free-fall. “Oh, gosh! Thanks, Mrs Bu—I mean, Grace.” Stop talking, he commanded his runaway goofy mouth—stop talking right now! He tried to salvage what dignity he could. “Are you enjoying the Symposium, Grace?” he asked in his most-alpha voice.

“Actually, I’m not attending the Symposium. I’m just here to meet Kylee for lunch.” She sighed, “Although ... the girl seems utterly distracted with that gentleman over there.” She nodded toward Mr Scrote-Chin himself, Awesome.

Bryan followed her gaze, and—wow! Kylee still had all her clothes on, but one of the ladies around him had removed her top and was standing there with her breasts just hanging out in the open air. Maybe she thought it would give her an edge in getting Awesome’s attention.

Actually, the bare-boobed woman WAS fairly pretty. How the hell did Commander Awesome DO that?!

“Sammy,” Grace sighed, “would you be a dear and go remind my daughter that I’m still waiting for her here?”

Bryan noticed that Sammy didn’t dissolve into gushy foolishness. He simply said, “Sure, Grace,” and headed toward the gaggle orbiting about Awesome.

“How is your mother doing, Bryan?” Grace asked.

Don’t gush! Don’t gush! Don’t gush, he warned himself! “She’s doing well, Grace—thanks for asking. As a matter of fact, she’s temporarily moved into my apartment with me. Helping me study and all.”

“Oh, that’s so sweet,” she nodded with a sweet smile. “Do you two play Strip Study?”

Bryan lost his air for a moment. “I’m sorry—wh-what?”

“You know—she quizzes you with questions. And she strips off clothing for you if you get them right; and you have to strip off clothing for her when you get them wrong.” She nodded, nudging him with the obvious, “You know: Strip Study.” He had a carefully posed blank look on his face. “As I understand it, ALL the mothers are doing it, to help their sons through college. Once they turn 18, of course. They say it’s stunningly effective.”

Bryan and Trish actually ... DID do that. But he thought it was just the two of them that did. He didn’t know it was a ... thing. With “ALL” the moms, apparently.

Still. He gave a gave a careful and measured response, polished to perfection. “I—ah—ehr—no—we, uh ... don’t. Do anything like that, that is. Me and—my Mom. We ... don’t. Strip Study ... I mean.” Dammit! Where ... did all his polish scatter off to?!

“Oh, that’s a shame,” Mrs Buccio tilted her head, “Perhaps I should adopt you, then. So that you ... have a nice mom to DO that with. Strip Study, I mean. Although ... you’re not biologically related to your mom, are you?”

“Uh, no. I’m adopted. But I was just a baby, so she’s the only mom I’ve ever known.”

“See, that’s the way it ALWAYS is,” she smiled and wagged a finger. “I swear, 99% of sons and mothers are step-related these days, rather than biologically related.

“Anyway, my point is: SHE’S just fine strip studying with you too. You don’t have to go out and adopt a non-biological mother to have someone to play strip study with—you have a perfectly good mom right there at your apartment.

“You’re not blood-relations, and you’re both legally adults, so she could actually reward you with HOT MONKEY SEX for every correct answer if she really wanted to.”

“Uhm ...” yeah, how do you reply to THAT?! “yeah, maybe we should talk about something else.”

Sammy got back then, rolling his eyes. “She’s just acting goofy, Grace. She said for you to go on to lunch without her, that she needs to stay here and unlock her bra and take it off for ‘Lord Awesome.’”

Grace shook her head, frowning. “’Unlock her bra’?” What did that even mean?

Sammy sighed and shook his head. “Yeahhh, and she was playing with a stapler, like IT was the latch to her bra or something. And she was trying to get her bra loose by fiddling with the stapler. Like I said, she’s just acting goofy.”

She gave a skeptical look in the direction of the gaggle. “Could you stay here and keep an eye on her, Sammy? I don’t entirely TRUST this ... ‘Lord Awesome.’”

“She’ll be fine, Grace. Kylee is a smart girl, and knows how to take care of herself. Meanwhile, why don’t I take you out to lunch, and we’ll check back on her afterward?”

“Sure,” Mrs Buccio sighed. How much trouble could Kylee get into while surrounded by people at the Symposium. Right? “Bryan do you want to come with?”

OHYEAH! “Uh, sure. I guess I could.”

“I know just the place we should go,” Sammy offered as the trio walked along. “There’s this Chinese restaurant just up the street. And I just happen to have found this special coupon for it on the floor at the Symposium.”

“Really?” Bryan asked as they got to the restaurant, and the hostess led them to a table. Sammy pulled the card out of his wallet.

“Yeah, it has the name of this restaurant inside a circle, but no person’s name signed on it or anything, so I have no way to return it to anyone. We ... just get to use it, I guess.”

“Ahh,” the Hostess gave a velvet purr as she saw the card, “our Inner Circle Club card, sir. Very good. I compliment you: a most beautiful choice of vessel. I will bring the special ferry dish momentarily.” And she floated off to the front of the restaurant.

“Uh, okay. Thanks,” Sammy said in her wake.

“What was all that about?” Grace asked. “A ‘most beautiful choice’?”

“Can I see that card?” Bryan asked. Sammy handed it to him, then he and Grace whispered about the Hostess’s words.

Soon, the Hostess returned with a dark, multicolored teapot. It gleamed with a rainbow of colors, like the spectrum of oil or gasoline on water, but constantly swirling slowly. “The ferry is ready, sir,” the Hostess purred.

“Oh! Pretty!” Grace admired the teapot.

“Yesss, it is beautiful, is it not?” the Hostess spoke again, her voice like the gentle tracing caress of soft velvet gloves. “Look closely to study it, the way it sparkles and dances ...”

Grace, almost entranced by the shimmer, leaned in until she was just inches from the teapot. “It ... really IS ... beautiful ...” she sighed.

A breath of pink mist wafted out of the teapot ... almost tentatively, uncertainly. Grace hung where she was, fascinated by the special “ferry” teapot ...

Then the faint pink mist ... decisively moved to Grace’s nose and mouth, and entered her.

Grace gasped and snapped up from where she was leaned over to see.

And ... just held there, frozen several moments.

“Grace?” Sammy whispered.

“Mrs Buccio, are you okay?” Bryan asked her a little louder, starting to become alarmed.

“Ohhhh ... Gawwwwwd,” Grace sighed luxuriously, arching her back and stretching. She looked at Sammy, an expectant smile on her face, then at Bryan. “Oh, this is GOOD,” she declared.

Bryan noticed the Hostess had slipped away at some point when he was concerned about Mrs. Buccio. “Wh-what’s good, Mrs Buccio?”

“This flesh ...” she shivered, “oh, this lusty body is VERY good ...” She leaned back, confident and comfortable in the chair. “And you two young men are ...” she thought a moment, “yes, age 20.”

Something ... was wrong. He’d never before heard Mrs Buccio say, “this lusty body is VERY good,” about herself. That was just ... weird.

“You’re not Grace, are you?” he blurted.

Grace met his eyes without a qualm of guilt. “And that ‘Inner Circle’ card was not yours, was it?” she countered.

Seconds passed, then she exhaled. “I am Chang-Ying, and I have been for ages and ages in the Chinese Hell of Horny Women.”

“That’s, uhm ... mighty specific—for a hell, I mean—isn’t it? A whole hell JUST FOR horny women?”

“We have many hells in China. In fact, we just recently added a hell just for men that leave the toilet seat up.”

“But not for ladies that squat without looking?” Bryan blurted again, before he could think better of it. Grace glared at him until he regretted his remark.

“We souls that are imprisoned in the Hell of Horny Women,” she continued finally, “were ... frigid and bigoted in our corporeal lives. We denied our sexuality. Aloof, full of ourselves, that we did not have the same needs as others, and so were better, we ostracized women that ... listened to their bodies and lives more naturally, and were NOT frigid. We were bitties, and we made their lives hell—for not being self-deformed, as we were.

“So ... in our afterlives ... we are ‘rewarded’ for our sins. We are forever UNBEARABLY horny. The libidos we are given ... melt any soul to slag. We NEED sex. There IS no choice, we MUST have it. No matter HOW MUCH those that we once terrorized would gloat, to see us in such humiliating desperation. We ravenously lap up that which we once sneered at.

“It is called ‘hell’ for a reason.

“But it’s said that a clever man can live comfortably, even in hell. And there IS some minor reprieve that we value above everything.

“Our earthly descendants can arrange with the Hostess here to ... ferry ... us here, into flesh, where we CAN finally, desperately cum in great, gushing splashes, to satisfaction for a few hours.

“We must return to that hell after our brief time here, in-body, but we have had a gasp of climax, a breath of relief.”

She shuddered at the thought of returning to that place, but then swung her head from Sammy to Bryan and back, “So, boys, let us CUM OUR FUCKING BRAINS OUT ... before I must return to that hell.”

Bryan and Sammy were both a little stunned. But, “Grace is still in there? With you? In her body?” Bryan whispered.

Chang-Ying, in Mrs Buccio’s body, gave a throaty laugh. “Oh, she’s in here,” she nodded, “clawing at the walls of her mind, with these pathetic sexual howls.”

“H-howls?!” Bryan swallowed.

“I carry part of the horniness of that hell with me, in me—it has permeated my soul. I ... REEK of it. Poor Grace, in such close proximity to me, can’t help but to go a little mad with lust.”

She gave a tired sigh. “Welcome to MY world now, Grace. It is hell, is it not?”

Silence stretched a few moments, and Mrs Buccio’s eyes swung to Bryan, who was looking ... quite concerned, actually.

“She’ll block most of the torture out of her memory by tomorrow,” Chang-Ying chuckled and assured him. “And she’ll just remember RIDICULOUSLY HOT SEX with you boys.”

Bryan wore his concern for the poor woman on his face, and Chang-Ying chuckled again. “Y’know, unless one of you does something really kinky with her, which will BURN THAT OBSESSION into this poor lady’s soul?”

“Burn it,” gulp, “into her SOUL?”

“Bryan, this horniness is SEARINGLY HOT. Touch it to anything, and it will leave a mark. It will leave a scar, on her soul. That she’ll find herself lapping at, again and again, until it’s a sexual obsession for her.”

“Maybe,” Bryan began, “we shouldn’t—”

“Oh!” Grace interrupted him. “This is Symposium week, isn’t it? So no one will be surprised if I’m topless ...” Off came the blouse, and she wasn’t wearing a bra, so ...

Well—wow ...

“Nice, aren’t they?” Chang-Ying giggled.

“Ungh-hungh ...” Bryan sighed as he gazed. So did Sammy.

“Still,” Bryan shook himself out of his admiration, “maybe we shouldn’t—”

Grace, smiling, held up her index finger, then ... touched Sammy’s forearm.

“YIKES!” he gasped, eyes snapping wide.

I knew it! I knew it, Bryan yelled at himself. Hot sex with thousand-year-old Chinese chicks NEVER ends well! It’s one of those things you don’t have to be taught! You just know it in your soul! So NEVER DO IT! “What—did—you do to—”

“Oh, he’s okay,” Chang-Ying turned to Bryan with a smile. “I just gave him the biggest boner he’s ever had in his life. That’s all.”

“Sammy?!” Bryan’s voice cracked.

Sammy ... nodded. Stiffly, he nodded, almost trembling with lust.

“Sort of 25 pounds of horny in a 12-pound bag,” Grace offered.

“I gotta ... I gotta FUCK something ...” Sammy muttered.

“You did that ... just by TOUCHING him?!” Bryan couldn’t believe it.

“I told you, horny sears through me like the stench of that hell. It’s ... steaming off me. If I touch anyone, they get a tiny glimpse of what it’s like to be in that hell. They go ... horny out of their minds.”

“I gotta ... FUCK ...” Sammy whispered raggedly.

“But ... you CAN’T have sex with us, Mrs Buccio. You’re a married woman. You can’t ... be DOING this.”

Grace looked away and sighed as her shoulders sagged. “Gee, thanks, Bryan. Now THAT’S searing into Grace’s memory now. Screwing around on her husband is going to be an INSANELY HOT FETISH for the poor woman now ...”

“I—I didn’t MEAN to—to—” Bryan tried to explain.

“No, of course you didn’t, darling. Still, this poor woman is going to get off OBSCENELY whenever she cheats now.”

“I—I’m still not sure if we should—”

Grace touched him.

FUCK! Bryan swore he could HEAR his penis snap suddenly full of blood. And then, godhelphim, he thought he heard faint groaning sounds as it filled just a little further—the sounds an over-inflated balloon makes when you twist it with your fingers.

“I gotta—I gotta—”

“I know you do, Bryan. So let’s go tickle Grace’s little fetish some, ’kay? She can cheat on her husband with you two young cocks, and we can all fuck our brains out.

“We’ll go back to my place. My husband isn’t home, so we can molest each other for hours. Maybe I can even put on a red wig and pretend to be my daughter, the head cheerleader, for you to bone silly ...”

Bryan was entirely out of will to resist. The three went back to Grace’s home, where the two young men were initially the dictionary definition of hair triggers. Slime splatted, unaimed, at coffee tables, couches, carpets, and even ... unfortunately ... well ...

Ahem. Okay, there WAS some accidental friendly fire. They would never speak of this later, but it was a little like playing paintball in there—they couldn’t dodge every splat, so an occasional heel or elbow took a hit. The soldier that took the hit then immediately desperately scraped that body part on the carpet or side of the couch to wipe off the toxic substance, while making gagging sounds.

Though ...

Grace did sometimes lick the injured body part clean, which ... wasn’t SOO bad ...

After an hour, they started getting a little more control over their firearms. And were able to aim a little before accidentally triggering sprays of splat-fire.

At that point, Mrs Buccio was ... unloaded into so many times that ... it all became a blur ...

“Wow, Chang-Ying,” Sammy sighed as he took 30 seconds to recover, letting Bryan unload into pretty woman, “Do you do weddings? Or retirement parties?” Any bride would look beautiful if Chang-Ying made her THIS horny for the reception party ...

After a couple hours, Bryan brought up, “You mentioned a ... ‘Kylee’ wig, Mrs Buccio?”

“Ooh! Aren’t YOU the kinky little bastard?

“Now, my physique is a little different from my daughter’s. So don’t expect TOO much.

“But the ‘Kylee’ wig IS enough to make Mr Buccio cum in 20 seconds flat.” She gave a naughty smirk, “Daddy ...”

She headed back to the bedroom, then came back out with a redheaded wig, about the same shade as her daughter’s hair, and a cheerleader uniform on.

“Do I look like a hot cheerleader, guys?

“Not so much like a ‘hot cheerleader,’” Sammy noted, “as a hotter-than-hell MILF that is TRYING TO LOOK like a hot younger cheerleader.”

“And that’s ... sexy?”

“Desperation is ALWAYS sexy, Grace! You are the hottest MILF I know!”

Twenty minutes later, Bryan was cupping her breasts while nibbling on Mrs Buccio’s neck. “Actually ... I think you’re even prettier as yourself, Grace. Without the wig—you’re even MORE beautiful as you. Could you ... take it back off?” He wasn’t sure how to say that—he didn’t want to insult her—but ... well, it was neat to see her dressed like her daughter, but he actually thought she was prettier as herself.

She stiffened a little, then turned to look him in the eye. “Bryan—I—Are you saying that I’m ... hotter than my daughter?”

Good! She took it the right way! “Oh my God, YES, Grace! You put your daughter to shame!”

But she didn’t meet his happy grin. Instead ... tears well up in her eyes.

“Oh CRAP, Bryan,” she wiped the corner of one eye. “Chang-Ying here, and ... some CRAZY-MAD INFATUATION for you just SEARED into Grace’s lusty little mind here.”


“She doesn’t compete with her daughter, but she DOES always find herself the ‘leftover girl’ when her daughter is around. Everyone wants to make fools of themselves for her daughter, not giving a crap about THIS also-beautiful woman standing beside her, and—and here are YOU ... WANTING Grace for herself.” More tears welled up in her eyes, and she wiped them away. “Crap! Crap! Sorry, I can’t stop.” She pulled a tissue and wiped her eyes until she had it under control.

“Beware,” she warned Bryan, “Grace may come out of this MADLY IN LOVE with you, young man.”

The trio boinked some more ...

After a couple more hours, they all slipped asleep on and around the couch, sexually exhausted, and dozed.

Grace was the first to awaken, feeling remarkably at peace with things at first. Mind-blowing sex can often have that effect. “What a nice little nap,” she quietly purred. And noticed that ... hmm, she was naked.

Curled up with her daughter’s friends, Bryan and Sammy ...

With NAKED Bryan! And NAKED Sammy!

And all the memories of the last few hours—the incredibly satisfying hot sex—just came flooding back to her ...

ALL ... that ... SEX ...

With NAKED Bryan!

And NAKED Sammy!

The pit of her stomach dropped.

She ... must have molested the young men. Or ... they may have molested her. And no matter HOW God-fucking-wonderful it was, they were—she was—


She had NAKED PROOF curled up at her crotch, where Bryan was cuddling her naked thigh, using it as a pillow as he dozed!

And she’d woken with her head laying on the BUTTCHEEK of naked proof, where SHE was using SAMMY’S ASS as a pillow!



She could NOT let her husband Aaron catch her—naked—with two other—naked—guys!

“C’mon, guys, get up! Wakey, wakey!

“You guys need to get OUT of here!

“Before my husband or daughter come home and catch us here ... all A’NAKED!”

Bryan blinked his eyes and started to stir as his pillow—Mrs Buccio’s naked thigh—jerked around as she started to panic.

Sammy sighed and stirred and almost got his penis tangled up in the back of Mrs Buccio’s hair.

“UP! UP! We HAVE to get you guys out of here!

“OhmyGOD! How could I DO that?! We—we fucked—”

“Soo many times,” Bryan sighed as a happy grin spread across his face.

“We DID! Ohgod! How many PINTS of your SEMEN do I have INSIDE me?!”

“A WHOLE LOT, Grace.” Ohyeahhh ... he’d just about dipped and coated and deep-fried the beautiful MILF in semen ...

MILF a la cum ...

So had Sammy ...

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” Grace complained. “I’m still FERTILE! I can’t AFFORD to get KNOCKED UP by my friend’s son!”

That COULD be sort of embarrassing: “I’m going to have your son’s baby, Patricia. Yeah, I know my daughter is much more his age, but ... I’M the one he soaked down in sperm ...” Yeah, that REALLY wouldn’t go over well ...

“Out! Out, you two!” she continued shooing the young men. “And PLEASE don’t brag about BAGGING me!

“My husband and Kylee can NEVER know that I—

“Ohgod, I hope I’m NOT PREGNANT! There’s NO WAY I can convince Aaron that his vasectomy ‘didn’t take’!

“Ohgod! If my BELLY starts to SWELL from this—I don’t know WHAT—Oh please, God, don’t let—”

She was on the verge of hyperventilating with panic.

So Bryan planted his lips on hers as he wrapped his arms securely around her waist, bent her back a little, and kissed the FUCK out of her.

She ... whimpered and kissed him back.

Her breathing shifted from shallow and fast to deep as her tongue followed his back into his mouth to play around there a little while ...

When Bryan finally broke the kiss, she just ... laid there back in his arms and breathed with a faint smile.

“Wow, you’re a really good kisser,” Bryan breathed.

“I ... do want to have your baby, Bryan,” breathed out her mouth before she could stop it. And then—fuck it, she didn’t care. “I am yours forever, darling. I want you, I need you!

“I want to give birth to OUR CHILD! I want the world to know that I am YOUR bitch, that you’ve soaked my insides down with our love, and now a baby has sprung up from it.

“And once it’s born and meets its daddy ... Ohgod, plant another one inside me, lover! Keep marking me as yours, for the world to know!

“Ohgod! WHY am I SO IN LOVE with you?! Why is my heart SO UTTERLY YOURS FOREVER, Bryan?!

“Keep sowing my womb, and planting kids inside me, Bryan!

“I will LEAVE MY HUSBAND for you! Right now! This afternoon! Consider him LEFT! For YOU!

“Kylee is old enough to fend for herself! I want just YOU AND ME FOREVER!

“Let’s KNOCK ME UP to christen our love! We’ll give Kylee a little brother or sister!

“And let’s keep on—”

“Ehr,” Bryan interrupted, “Let’s ... take it a little slowly, Mrs Buccio, hmm?

“I mean ... let’s enjoy your beauty and our relationship,” Bryan gave silent thanks that Venusy words kept rolling off his tongue, “before you start cranking babies out like a kid factory. Don’t you think? That our love is worth taking it slowly ...”

“Bryan,” she breathed, gazing caringly into his eyes, “you are THE MOST CARING MAN! If I’m not careful, I’ll starting crying with joy again.” She met his words with a gush of her own, “Yes, my love, let us enjoy our union, our partnership, our ...”

“Yeah, exactly—and hold off on the whole ‘knocking you up with kids over and over’ thing for a while.”

Mrs Buccio gave a contented sigh, still in Bryan’s arms, gazing up into his eyes, “Yes, darling. I love you.”

When Bryan loosened his embrace and stepped back, she did likewise, and sighed, “Until you RAVISH ME again, lover ...”

Bryan and Sammy stepped outside and began walking back to the Symposium.

“Sticky predicament, that,” Sammy commented, “when a chick wants to start keeping and applying your lotion, to sprout kids in her belly. Aaaand nice sidestepping on your part.”

“Thanks.” To be honest, Bryan was quite pleased with his own performance too. Putting the brakes on becoming a daddy several times over was definitely a survival trait.

“Although, ‘venusy’ is not a word.”


“The author used ‘venusy’ to describe your melodramatic words when you were backpaddling. That’s not a real English word.”

“Of course it is. It’s an adjective. It describes your words when you talk to a female in her native language, so that it’s easy for her emotions to latch onto and understand.”

“I don’t think we’ll find it in a dictionary.”

“It’s like when the vet prescribes pills for you to feed your dog, and you bury the pill in a wad of cheese, and the dog slurps down the cheese, never realizing it also just swallowed its medicine too. ‘Venusy’ words are like cheesy pills for women.

“It HAS to be a word—otherwise there would be a hole in the language, with no word to describe a piece of reality.”