The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Take-down Of Quinn.

By The Slaver.

The jock’s name was Quinn, and in the begging, Quinn had had everything going for him. Fortune had granted him model looks, and a great physique, metabolism and genetics. His blonde hair, blue eyes and chiselled face could have graced magazines. At collage Quinn had honed his skills; he had bedded his way through the bramble rush of study, and had achieved some success, on the football field.

But on leaving collage, Quinn unfortunately had chosen a criminal enterprise. He enrolled in a male-on-male dating service, and posed as a would-be date for unsuspecting men who desperately wanted to keep their orientation private. Quinn would meet his John, always at the date’s home; he would perform his duties, he would then drug the guy and then steel all their currency or some valuable trinket that he could pawn. His lucrative dating life generated more than $40,000 a month. His victims never called the police. He knew they would not call the police. It would destroy what they sought: privacy. Quinn knew this and took advantage of the situation.

How do I know this? A year ago, I was one of his victims. I arranged for Quinn to come to my home in the Hills outside of the city. I arranged for a limousine to pick him up and return him to home. He came to me, late on a Friday evening. Quinn, always the professional, did everything I asked of him, but he also did not waste any time. Upon arrival, Quinn led me to the Master bedroom. As I lay spent on the bed, my spent cock still in his mouth, Quinn pulled off my cock, and he hopped off, and walked towards the bathroom , saying that he was going to fetched a glass of water. He returned with a glass of water and offered me some the water. I took the glass and drank some of the water, at the time I was unaware that Quinn had laced the water with a strong narcotic. I passed out.

I woke the next morning. The limo had transported Quinn to his address, which it turned out to be fake. As I ambled about the bedroom, I noticed my wallet on the dresser. $250 in the wallet was taken, as was the $2400 in my money clip. Deeply, pissed I stormed around the room, I stood in front of the dresser and looked into the mirror: ‘That Fucker Quinn!’ I thought to myself. ‘He had no idea what a mistake he’d committed.’

At age 42, I was nearly twice as old as Quinn. I stood in front of the mirror and looked at the colossus I had become. Out of shape and obese, I had resorted to a dating service for random, anonymous sex. When Quinn stole from me, I resolved to make changes to my life. With the help of the luxury of my wealth, I spent the next year reshaping my entire body, first with exercise and then with a little plastic surgery to soften, and slightly change my facial features. And now at 43, I did not need a dating service, I attract plenty of willing younger partners. With my new life and body in place, I set in motion my revenge, on Quinn. My private assistant, and a private investigator I had hired researched Quinn’s whereabouts, they located him in Malibu, where he was still up to his old ways, working his way through scores of random victims. The private investigator over some weeks developed a dossier on Quinn’s routine.

Based on the information my private assistant, and the private investigator had collected, one Friday afternoon in early summer, I headed for a beach in Malibu were Aton was. He was so predictable, hanging out near the life guard station. I parked my car and climbed out, I was wearing a pair of tight speedos and made my way to the life guard station. I stopped close to the guards’ station, I caught Quinn’s attention, we made eye contact.

Quinn stared at me and smiled. He stood underneath the life guard station platform. “Hey!” Quinn said to me. He was wearing a tight black speedo that framed his groin and buttocks. If anything Quinn it seemed had nicer body, than before. He was tanned, lean, muscled, perfect, in the year since he seduced, and stole from me, his body had improved. “Hi!” I said. “What’s your name?”

Quinn starred at me before he replied “Quinn.” He said, “I’m Smith.” I laired, as wasn’t going to use my real name, not yet, but I still spoke coyly. “You come here often.” I asked, “Sometimes. All depends. How about you?” Quinn asked. “Yeah. I live nearby. Plus, a place in town.” I said. I was teasing the little fucking shit, make him think he had found another victim with deep pockets. “I would love to live near the ocean. Always been a dream.” Quinn said.

I walked away from Quinn, I removed the knapsack I had strapped to my back, I pulled out a towel and lay it on the sand, I sat on the towel, I reach again into the knapsack, and found my tanning lotion and began to spread it on my arms. Quinn moved over to me and offered to lotion my back. When he finished my back, Quinn then spread some lotion on my chest. His hand caressed my core and headed for my groin. I looked into Quinn’s eyes and smiled. “Friendly, aren’t you?” I said, Quinn smiled, at me, the fucker assumed he had scored another victim, ‘we’ll see who the victims’ going to be, you fucker’ I thought. For the next two hours, Quinn and I chatted, just as if we were on a blind date. When time began too waned, I said to Quinn, “Why don’t you come back to my place?”

“Sure.” Quinn replied, he was ready and eager to attack his prey. I packed up my gear and walked towards my car. Quinn collected his gear and followed me to my Mercedes-Benz convertible. We drove down the coastal Highway until we reached the house that I had rented that stood on a cliff overlooked the coast. As we entered the house, I said, “Care for a drink? I’m.”

“Sure. Whatever.” Quinn said, surveying the house, casing the joint as it were. I walked into the kitchen and made a pitcher Margaritas, heavy on the tequila. I poured the drinks and then I spiked Quinn’s glass with a mind-controlling serum. It took several glasses, but within an hour, I had Quinn just where I wanted him.

The sun filled the master bedroom of the clifftop beachfront home, I opened my eyes, I rolled over on the bed, kneeling at the foot of the bed was Quinn. I smiled. Quinn had drugged me and stole from me, but he had also done much more harm to me. He robbed me of a sense of worth, it had taken the last year for me to regain that self-esteem. I also knew that, in order to avenge myself, I would have to rob Quinn of his sense of worth.

The night I had drugged Quinn, I had learned a great deal about him. First, he claimed was a heterosexual. But in my opinion ‘gay-for-pay’ means ‘you’re gay’. Quinn dabbled in pussy to keep up appearances; but a man’s cock is what Quinn wanted. Quinn targeted gay men and had sex with them. Therefore, he preferred gay sex. So, the first thing I did was to removed his ability too be sexually attracted to women, from now on he would exclusively service men.

Also, I learned that he considered himself an alpha male. He penetrated, and he fucked. So, the second thing I removed was his ‘top side’. Quinn became a submissive, dim-witted bottom, ready to suck cock and take a cock in the ass at my beck and call. And lastly, I learned that he prided himself on his hot dude looks. Quinn was the archetypical blonde stud. So, I removed all of his blond locks. He now sported a completely shaved skull, which with the rest of his body and pubic hair had been completely shaved smooth. Quinn had also been laser-treated and chemical treated to destroy all hair, body hair, and pubic hair roots, he would remain, smooth and hairless for the rest of his life.

I climbed out of bed and walked over to the dresser. Quinn crawled under the sheet of the king-sized bed. The clean, white cotton sheets covered his, sculpted physique. Like a temptress demanding her man, I turned round, and faced Quinn, revealing my full glory, I wiggled my semi-hard cock, cut, 9″, thick mushroom head at Quinn. “Come back to bed. I want that cock. You know you want to.” Said Quinn

“I have to work.” I said, as I opened the drawers of the dresser, I found a black cotton jock-strap, and dressed, first in the jock-strap, then in my suit trousers. As I fixed my sizable junk in the briefs and tucked his shirt, “Someone has to pay for all of this. ”I said giving Quinn a knowing smile. “Yeah. I know, but …” Quinn said, in a coo-like voice. I approached the bed, now dressed for work, and said, “Tonight, we’ll play all night. I promise. Be a good little boy.” I kiss Quinn on the top of his smooth, bold head and walked out of the bedroom. Quinn hopped out of bed and run towards the window. He watched as I walked out the front entrance of the home, enter my Mercedes-Benz convertible, and drive off to my office.

The minute Quinn could not see my car, he grabbed his cell phone and placed a call. “Yeah. He’s gone. Okay. In fifteen.” Quinn ended his call, he then entered the en-suite and washed his face, brushed his teeth and applied some oil to his hairless head. He must look his best for his visitor, he then returned to the window in the bedroom and stood watching, nervously awaiting his guest.

Fifteen minutes, a Jaguar convertible pulled into the driveway of the house; and a well-dressed man exited the vehicle and walked towards the front entrance of the house. In the bedroom Quinn heard the front door open as the guest used the keypad code to enter the building and climb the stairs of the two-story colonial style home, to the bedroom, Quinn quickly ran to the bed, and seductively covered himself with the bed sheets, and waited. The bedroom door opened, and the well-dressed man stood in the doorway, “Hi.” The well-dressed man said, walking into the room closing the door behind him. “Hi.” Quinn replied. “What kept you?”

“Traffic, it seems that everybody’s going off to work.” The man answered, with a smile, as he removed his suit Tangye, then his silk tie, then his white shirt. Quinn loved watching men strip. Like so many times before, the man knew that Quinn became aroused from his seductive disrobe. Once he kicked off his shoes and undid his trousers, the well-dressed man approached the bed wearing only his black satin jock strap, that clingged to his form, tightly covering his massive bulge, his cock slung in the front, his balls cradled in the basket of the jock strap. As he climbed on to the bed, the man slowly crawled towards Quinn, he kissed Quinn, and Quinn said, “I’ve been waiting so long for this.”

“Me, too, bitch.” Came the reply, Quinn fondled the man’s cock and balls from the front of the jock strap. The man, already in the mood, became slightly aroused. “Tangye, I want that cock, now.” Said Quinn, he lowered Tangye’s jock strap. Tangye’s cock flopped towards Quinn’s inviting, wanting mouth. Quinn licked the tip of Tangye’s cock. “Yeah, I like that, bitch.” Tangye said. Quinn continued to lick Tangye’s cockhead, his shaft, his balls, the undercarriage, and then back up the shaft until, finally, he swallowed Tangye’s cock to the base of the shaft. “Yeah.”, Tangye replied, his breathing become deeper, his voice trembling with arousal. Quinn understood precisely what to do. Fast, deep motions with his tongue and lips and then a deep throat, twirling his tongue about Tangye’s cock. Tangye loved that action.

His cock hardened and hardened, and then slowly wiggled, allowing some leeway. In seconds, however, Tangye’s cock grew rock-hard. He pulled his cock out of Quinn’s warm, wet mouth. Quinn kneeled on the bed, on his hands and knees. Tangye pulled a tube of his own lube from his pants pocket, which were near the bed. He squeezed the tube and then, smeared lube in to Quinn’s asshole, he then fingered Quinn with two fingers; which left Quinn cooing and slightly moaning. Tangye greased his rock-hard cock with the lube and roughly thrust it into Quinn’s tight pussy. “You like that, bitch, don’t you?” Asked Tangye, thrusting harder.

“Yeah, Oh yes, Sire. Do it. Fuck me hard.” Screamed Quinn, Quinn loved Tangye’s thick hard cock, bobbing in and out of his ass. With every thrust Tangye’s cock went in deeper. When he had started fucking Quinn, Tangye had maintained a steady pace. But as his fucking progressed, Tangye sped the pace of his thrusting, until, finally, without telling Quinn, Tangye tell out a loud moan, and bust his nut, cum dripping from the tight crevices of Quinn’s ass. “Fucking hell, that was fucking oarsmen.” Panted Quinn, that remark was followed be a moan from Quinn, as Tangye pulled out his cock.

Tangye did not reply, he just hopped off the bed, and walked into the bathroom to freshen up. He had a meeting at work in twenty minutes, and needed to bathe. Quinn remained on the bed, waiting for Tangye, Tangye’s cum still dripping from the tight crevices of his ass. Quinn knew that Tangye always wanted private time after his orgasm. Quinn heard the shower running, he closed his eyes, and practically falling asleep. Minutes later, Quinn was woken by a noise, he opened his eyes and saw Tangye dressing in his business suit, standing by the bed . Tangye walked towards Quinn, kissed his lover and said, “Same time next week?.”

“Yes.” Quinn answered, Tangye walked out of the bedroom, and down the stairs, out the door and to his vehicle. As Tangye drove away, Quinn remained in the bed, cum still leaking from his ass onto the white cotton sheets, Quinn was exhausted from his fuck workout, Quinn closed his eyes, for a moment, but this time, he did fall asleep.

Around noon, Quinn opened his eyes. He felt dirty and sweaty, he got pulled the sheets off the bed, he throw then into the closet. He had the bed with clean sheets; he then walked into the en suite to take a quick shower. Minutes later, closer to 12:10PM, another man pulled into the driveway of the house. He parked his vehicle, opened the front door, and climbed the staircase to the second floor.

The man entered the bedroom, but he could not see Quinn, but he heard the shower, the man removed his clothes, but for his colourful jockstrap and his socks, he sat on the edge of the bed and waited for Quinn. He heard the shower extinguish, and knew that Quinn would not be long. Quinn walked out of the bathroom, naked, and was surprised to see the man, partially dressed sit on the bed. “Hey, Err Spencer! I didn’t expect you, so soon.” Quinn said. “It’s Friday, about noontime.” Spencer answered, he leered at the naked Quinn whose body impressed him, and he wanted it.

Quinn walked towards Spencer, leaned over and kissed the handsome man. Spencer returned the kiss with passion. He loved to fondle Quinn’s body as they kiss. Quinn grabbed Spencer, pulled him to his feet, and then he flung him upon the bed, he kissed Spencer breast, his torso, his groin. When Quinn reached Spencer’s jock-strap, Quinn pulled it off, he then kissed the hairless base of Spencer’s shaft and then began to slowly lick Spencer’s cock from the base to the tip of his dick. Spencer loved the sensuous touch of Quinn’s tongue. Spencer’s cock tensed and hardened in an instant. The young guy needed little foreplay to get ready for action. Quinn loved to suck Spencer’s cock. He loved the feel of the flesh in his throat and mouth.

Quinn knew that he was there to pleasure Spencer. Spencer lay upon his back as Quinn seduced his mind, triggering an erection of gagging proportions. Quinn teased, licked and sucked Spencer’s fleshy 9″ cock. Then Spencer had got hard, he pulled his cock out of Quinn’s mouth, he hopped off the bed, and ordered Quinn too getting on all fours on the bed. As Quinn got onto all fours, Spencer saw a tube of deep-penetration lube on the night-stand. He picked it up, he tickled the Quinn’s ass, and then greased Quinn’s whole, and then, Spencer greased his stiffened rod with lube and rammed it into Quinn’s pussy. “You like that, don’t you, bitch?” Panted Spencer.

“Yeah, big boy. Fuck me, hard.” Quinn screamed as Spencer thrust his cock deep into Quinn’s tight little whole. With every thrust, Spencer shoved his cock, deeper and deeper, into the screaming Quinn. Spencer had started slow, but accelerated his thrust, fucking the screaming Quinn, harder and harder, and faster and faster. Spencer cried out aloud, and busted his nut, his cum drizzled from Quinn’s ass. Spencer pulled out of Quinn, and kissed the top of Quinn’s bold head. Spencer looked at the clock on the night-stand and said, “I’ve gotta go.” As Spencer hurried to find his clothes.

Quinn said to Spencer, “You’re too sweaty. Let’s shower.” Quinn took Spencer by the hand, and led him to the bathroom and into the shower. The two men bathed, each other, enjoying the soapy touch of each other and the steamy waters of the shower. It took little to arouse Quinn; Spencer looked down at Quinn’s aroused cock, and decided to finish what he had started with Quinn. Spencer soaped his own cock, and slid it into Quinn’s soapy whole, and then fucked Quinn, until Quinn orgasm upon the granite shower walls and floor. Spencer kissed Quinn, they finished showering, and rinsed off, then they towelled each other dry, and returned to the bedroom and dressed.

“I’ll see you same time next week, bitch.” Spencer said as he left, Quinn just lay on the bed, and nodded yes. As Spencer left, he smiled. “Great ass that bitch has, and a great fuck too.” Spencer thought to himself as he walked down the stairs.

I headed for the men’s room of the Bugger King, were I had just finished lunch. As I completed my business and washed his hands, someone entered the bathroom and stood next to me. On the granite countertop, the man left $600 in crisp, new hundred-dollar bills. I smiled at the man and just said, “Thanks, Tangye.” “My pleasure. Worth every cent.” Tangye said. “Same time next week?” Tangye asked: I nodded yes. As Tangye walked out of the bathroom I folded the currency and placed the bills in my pants pocket. Before I could finish drying my hands, another man walked into the bathroom and likewise placed $700 on the granite countertop. “Thanks, man.” The man said.

“No problem, Spencer. I replied, as I took the currency and placed the bills alongside the first deposit. “Same time, next week?” I asked. “Beats going to the gym for lunch. Or anything my wife could do, he’s no good in the sack.” Spencer chuckled in reply. He walked out of the bathroom, leaving me to dry his hands. I stared into the mirror, smiled and shook my head. “He should never have stolen from me. But he now makes over $10,000 a week, well over $52,000 a month. And that somewhere over $744,000 a year, tax-free.” I smiled, and thought about how easy it had been to program Quinn. The mind-controlling serum, the videos, the little suggestions, little mind control programming and, poof! I had my revenge, and also an instant money maker who loves sucking cock and taking it up the ass. Quinn thought he could take me, and others for a ride. I made sure Quinn would never pull his scam ever again, I had made sure that he would be mindless, and a submissive bottom for the rest of his life.

I returned to my office, locked the door, I sat at my desk, and turned on my Laptop, I called up the CCTV footage from the cameras hidden around the house. I stroked my cock through my pants as I watched Spencer & Tangye fucking Quinn: as he earned his keep. I then switched too a live feed; on the bathroom camera, a naked Quinn was bent over the side of the bath, behind him stood a large build guy who was thrusting his fist in and out of Quinn’s whole; Quinn’s screams and cries were muffled by the cock-gag that filled his mouth.

Still watching, and stoking my cock thought my pants, I placed a call on my cell, I leave a voice-mail for Quinn. “Later today, go to the supermarket and pick up two roasted chicken, a large Pizza and some sides. I had ‘FRIENDS’ coming over tonight, and after we’ve eaten ‘MY FRIENDS’ and I will ‘PLAY’ with you.” As I finish the call, on the Lap-top screen the large build guy’s cock, which he had been jerking with his other hand erupted, shooting ropes of cum all over Quinn’s back and the bathroom floor. I turn off the feed, I stand up cross to the door, unlock it and return to my desk.

As I begin that afternoon’s work load, I smile to myself as I thought of what was going to happen later on; ‘the friends’ that were coming round ‘to play’ with Quinn, were some of his victims, who had been found by my private assistant, and the private investigator . The men were paying a hefted price to have a piece of Quinn’s arse.