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Taking Advantage

* * *

Lexie gets dumped, and goes to learn hypnosis with her friend, Audrey. Audrey takes it a little too far.

* * *

Please note this story is intended for adult audiences! Do not read if you are under the age of 18. There are depictions of non-consensual hypnosis and sex here; what happens here would be highly immoral and illegal (along with impossible) in real life, and I do not condone these things.

* * *

Taking Advantage

Lexie groaned out loud, waiting for Greg to respond to her text. Normally she wasn’t big on expecting boyfriends to respond absurdly quickly, but Greg had just started breaking up with her through text. What kind of boyfriend — or, ex-boyfriend — sends an ambiguous text like, “I’ve been thinking a lot about our relationship and what I want in life” and then take over 15 minutes to respond when Lexie double texted back demanding an explanation?

She pulled at her hair, trying to mask her annoyance towards Greg. The two of them had been together since their junior year of college, and Lexie really thought she was going to marry this guy. After all, she’d been with him for… 3 or 4 years. Time passed so quickly during their time together, like they were stuck in the honeymoon phase for their entire relationship. So why the hell was Greg breaking up with her now of all times? If he even was breaking up with her?

Lexie wasn’t much of an optimist in general. Her philosophy landed somewhere between nihilism and realism. And yet, her relationship with Greg provided some sense of security and warmth in her depressing life. So, her worst fears were confirmed when Greg finally texted back: “I just don’t think I want to be in a relationship anymore. I want to focus more on my career.”

The newly single girl felt so bitter that her immediate response back was, “Yeah, your lucrative film career where you hire people with exposure and haven’t made a single movie yet because you expect some Hollywood exec to pick you up. Fuck you, asshole. Never speak to me again.” She sent exactly those words, before blocking his number and moving to her social media to block him everywhere else and change her relationship status to ‘Single’.

The world seemed just a bit dimmer to her, like she had drifted more from realism to deep, empty nihilism. The world was empty, and there was no point to having morals, core values, or doing anything altruistic. And yet, Lexie hated being alone. Moreso than getting dumped, the knowledge that she was now alone without Greg and with only her one true friend brought tears to her eyes. She began sobbing in the living room of her small apartment. Her roommate, who she also avoided, was out of town. She was so, completely alone.

Might as well call my one friend, Lexie thought. She found the text chat between her and her best childhood friend, Audrey.

“Guess who just got dumped?” Lexie texted. “Want to come over to drink our problems away?”

Audrey was usually slow at texting. But she texted back almost immediately, knowing just how much Greg meant to Lexie. “Oh no, hun, I’m so sorry,” the text read with a frowny face at the end. “I can’t tonight, I have work tomorrow… but can I come over tomorrow? I promise you, I’ll bring a bottle of the best tequila in the store.”

Lexie smirked to herself, bitterly. Of course Audrey was busy, of no fault of her own. But Lexie couldn’t help herself from thinking to herself, “Typical.”

Before she could sink into her bitterness and rage too deep, Audrey texted again, “maybe there’s something you can do that will help? Try a new hobby tonight, maybe do one of those online classes you splurged on when your tax return came in?”

Lexie ruminated. That was a good idea. She texted back, “yeah, sure. I’ll do that. Thanks Audrey.”

She put her phone on airplane mode. There was no reason to have it open to texts and messages. She just wanted to be alone and throw herself completely into a pint of ice cream, and whatever online class she thought looked most interesting.

After her tax return came in, she found some website that offered online classes for cheap. She just got whatever was vaguely interesting to her. Programming in C#, woodworking, Russian… all kinds. She scrolled through the dozens of classes, before landing on a random one — Beginner’s Hypnosis.

Hypnosis. When had she bought a hypnosis class? It must have been in that three month dissociative fugue she’d go into every now and then. After all, she did hear once or twice that hypnosis was used in some therapy sessions — not that Lexie would ever go to therapy, herself. Maybe she thought it would be fun to teach herself how to self-hypnotize, and then forgot all about it. She laughed to herself. “Maybe this way, I can make sure no guy ever wants to leave me.” Lexie knew that hypnotizing someone into doing something they didn’t want was morally gray — she knew that much — but did that really matter anymore?

She started the first video, which was an introduction to the course. The class was taught by some older lady who seemed way too into witchcraft, along with her test subject, a blonde girl who was much younger and cuter than her. Internally, Lexie mocked the younger girl — who dyes their hair that shade of platinum blonde?

“Greetings,” the lady spoke. “Welcome to my Beginner’s Hypnosis class. My name is Winters, but my hypnotist name is Madam Subconscious.”

Wow, guess you couldn’t pick anything less cheesy than ‘Madam Subconscious’. Lexie shoved the thought out of her mind — she knew she was just laughing at others to make herself feel better.

She tried to turn off her internal monologue, and watch the awfully bright online class. Lexie did start to get a few ideas…

* * *

Audrey came over the next day. Of course Audrey felt bad about not being able to be there for Lexie the night of her breakup, having brought not only the fanciest bottle of tequila with her but also a tray of flavored vodka shots. Lexie managed to get herself to not hold a grudge against her friend, thankfully. After all, who could hold a grudge against anyone who brought over a bottle of $50 tequila?

Not to mention, Lexie needed to show Audrey the class she got hooked on. Lexie accidentally stayed up all night watching and rewatching the classes and hypnosis demos, trying to memorize each and every induction and doing some inductions onto herself. She had a feeling Audrey would like it as much as her. The plan was to get her into it, and perhaps convince her to hypnotize men into being obedient sex toys with her. Audrey was bisexual, and she did lean towards girls or other not-male genders, but who didn’t like a better-than-average man every now and then? Besides, Audrey was a nice person. If watching hypnosis videos together would make Lexie feel better, then Audrey would sure be on board with it. After all, it wasn’t acid or anything like that. (Lexie suggested that one time.)

“Hey friend,” Audrey said as she walked through Lexie’s door with a sympathetic smile. “You doing okay? I know things must suck right now.”

“Eh, yeah. It’s garbage. This whole thing is a massive dumpster fire. I personally slept for like, maybe 12 minutes last night.” Lexie shrugged as if it were nothing. It was normal for her to get at most 4 hours of sleep, but anything under an hour meant she was real fucked up.

“I know I always say this, but I feel bad for straight girls,” Audrey chuckled. For once, Lexie agreed with her. “I mean, I couldn’t imagine only dating or sleeping with guys. I think I’d go crazy within a month. Remember my last experience hooking up with a guy?”

Lexie burst out laughing. Any reminders of that story instantly cheered her up. “You mean when you asked him to do foreplay, he didn’t know what that was, and then—“

“I asked him how he usually had sex and he told me he just sticks it in until he’s done?” Audrey was now also cackling — her enthusiastic laughter was so contagious, even for Lexie. “I asked him what else, and he — he said ‘I thought that was it’?!”

“Oh, didn’t he also not know what a clit was?”

The two laughed for a while. Lexie almost forgot about her hypno-propisition to Audrey. Lexie remembered Greg, and her face noticeably fell. Soon after their laughter ended, Lexie welcomed Audrey into her kitchen. She grabbed two of her tallest beer glasses and some mixers for the tequila. Making a tequila-version of a screwdriver for herself, she started to talk.

“So. I did what you suggested. I watched some online classes.”

“Oh, really?” Audrey asked, sipping her tequila-infused blue sports drink. “Which one?”

“Well…” Now that Lexie actually had to explain, she didn’t know where to start. How do you ask your friend to take part in manipulating and brainwashing men? “Actually, it was a Beginner’s Hypnosis one. Just kinda picked one at random. Ended up enjoying it a lot more than I thought.”

“What, you gonna learn how to hypnotize men into staying with you?”

Lexie nearly spat out her drink. She coughed and choked as some of the liquor went down the wrong way. As she reoriented herself, she tried to figure out how the hell Audrey knew something like that.

“Oh, wait, I was right?” Audrey’s eyes widened in amusement. “I was joking, but wow. That’s risky, even for you.”

“Well, I mean, obviously you get consent to hypnotize them first, but… like… I dunno. Obviously I wouldn’t use it all the time! I just think it’d be fun, y’know? And…” Lexie blushed and closed her legs. “Hypnosis is kinda hot, don’t you think?”

“Oh, yeah, one hundred percent,” Audrey agreed. “Hell, I thought I was the only one into it! Good to know great minds think alike.”

Lexie got the pun and laughed.

“So… what do you think?”

“About what?”

Lexie blinked. She didn’t actually ask Audrey if she wanted to join in on it. Wow — how clumsy of her. Now she was nervous.

“Well… maybe you’d like to learn with me?”

“How to hypnotize men into being sex toys?”

“Well… yes… but also, you can do other things with it, like—“

Audrey slammed her hand on the table, sporting a massive grin. “Say no more. I’m in. It sounds fun. Always good to learn a new useful skill, right?”

Lexie hesitated, shocked at how well that went over. Audrey usually walked on the safer side of the road, unlike Lexie who didn’t fear death and would try skydiving in an instant. Also — Audrey was an angel. Lexie could never see her wanting to hypnotize men. It wasn’t like Audrey had it in her to have ulterior motives or anything…

Regardless, she’d take it.

“Alright, um, lemme grab my laptop, and why don’t we start the class together? It’s a few hours long…”

Audrey grinned. “I’ve got all the time in the world, babe.”

* * *

Evening came and went. Audrey went home soon after they finished the course, though she kept coming back every day for the next two weeks. Each day, they’d buy a new online hypnosis course and finish it in one night. They agreed to practice in their own time on themselves, before they’d come back together a few days later to practice on each other.

That day arrived, the day where they’d attempt to hypnotize each other. Lexie couldn’t lie and say she wasn’t nervous — she was. What if she failed and embarrassed herself in front of Audrey? Or worse, what if she fucked with Audrey’s mind too much and she’d be turned away from hypnosis or… from Lexie?

Regardless, there was no turning back. The times Lexie had cancelled plans last minute were the only times she made Audrey even slightly angry. So… it was now or never. Audrey came back through the door, the two exchanged pleasantries, and then Lexie walked Audrey into her room. They grabbed some pillows and sat on them, staring each other in the eyes for a long moment.

“Well, I guess today’s the day,” Audrey spoke, trying to break the ice. “You started getting me into hypnosis, so… why don’t you try on me first?”

“M-me?” Lexie stammered. “Alright, sure… I dunno how good I’ll be, though. My inductions are a little…”

“Don’t worry,” Audrey reassured her friend. “Just try. If it doesn’t work, we can work through it.”

Audrey was so kind. Her smile was so warm, so safe. It made Lexie feel so secure in her friend’s presence. Audrey was a good friend. In fact, just spending so much time with Audrey made Lexie completely forget about Greg within a week.

“You sure this will be okay?” Lexie asked.

“I’m sure.”


Lexie grabbed something from her sweater — a cheap pocket watch she found online for one dollar — two including shipping. The clock had broken almost immediately, but that was fine. She held it up to Audrey’s eye level, swinging it back and forth. Audrey looked at the watch, her eyes darting back and forth to follow it.

“Just watch the clock,” Lexie spoke with a bit of tension in her voice. “Just follow it. Watch it. See, um… the light, the sound, or wait — not the sound, the clock is broken. Just follow the clock. Feel a little sleepier every second, with every… not-tick.”

Lexie knew it wasn’t working. Audrey still had her smile on, and she didn’t look even an ounce sleepier. There was no way she was going into trance from this.

“Countdown from three… three… two… one, and drop.”

Lexie thought that would work. It didn’t. Audrey was still wide awake, immune to the attempted induction. Audrey’s lips curled, and Lexie couldn’t tell if she was being empathetic to Lexie’s bad trance or if she was feeling awkward about this whole thing now. Regardless, Lexie wanted to bury her face into a pillow and die of shame. She felt so humiliated.

“It didn’t… work, right?” she meekly asked.

“I’m afraid not,” Audrey responded. Somehow, the fact she was being so damn polite about it felt even worse to Lexie. Might as well have told her she was a terrible hypnotist and she was going to die alone. “It’s okay. I’m assuming no one’s first induction goes perfectly. After all, you’ve never been hypnotized before, have you? I saw in one of the videos that prior subjects make the best hypnotists.”

Lexie nodded, not immediately responding. Audrey was right — Lexie’s only exposure to hypnosis were those weird online courses, some of which were of less-than-great quality. And yet, she still felt so bad. Now Audrey’s first experience with being hypnotized would be Lexie’s pathetic attempt.

“Don’t feel bad, Lexie,” Audrey spoke as her hand reached out and patted Lexie on the shoulder reassuringly. “Let’s try again, later, shall we?”

“Mm… if you want, yeah.” Despite her affirmative response, the discouragement in her voice was clear as day.

“Well, why don’t I try hypnotizing you?” Audrey suggested, bringing Lexie out of her fog of self-hatred. “I think I’ve got the basics down well. Why don’t I just put you in a simple trance, give you a relaxation suggestion, and then bring you out? Then, if you understand it better, we can go straight to hypnotizing men into being obedient thralls.”

Lexie pondered for a minute. That seemed like a nice idea, and Lexie had kind of accepted that Audrey was better than her at everything. Also, it was strange, how quickly Audrey had adapted to seeing men as potential sex toys. But… if being hypnotized could help Lexie learn how to hypnotize others, what was the harm?

“Okay, sure.” Lexie readjusted herself into a more comfortable sitting position, staring at Audrey expectantly. “Put me under.”

“As you wish.” Audrey pulled out another fascination of her own. It wasn’t a pocket watch — it was a neat, pretty pendulum made out of some blue-green gem. Maybe aquamarine? Audrey held it similar to Lexie, though she didn’t swing it nearly as hard as Lexie did and she held it slightly above Lexie’s eyes. Lexie had to strain to look at it. Oddly enough, that put her in trance just a little.

Lexie tried to pay attention to Audrey’s induction to get ideas or inspiration. That soon proved difficult when Audrey showed how potent her inductions were.

“Feel free to let all your tensions go. Just inhale and exhale slowly.” Lexie did what was told of her, inhaling and exhaling all of her anxieties and worries away. Already, she felt much more relaxed. “Feel free to lighten your eyes if you want.” Lexie did so, keeping them just open enough to stare at the pendulum. “That’s it. You’re doing so well, Lexie. Just follow my voice, deep into trance. Keep breathing, letting more and more of your consciousness go.”

She’s good at this. Audrey is… good… so kind… Lexie’s body began to droop as she thought to herself. She could feel her mind slipping away.

“When I snap my fingers, you’re going to fall into a deep trance — only being aware of my voice, tuning out everything else in the world. Sinking into a nice, comfortable place deep in your mind. All feelings, everything… gone. Just find that place…”

Audrey snapped her fingers, said “and drop”, and Lexie fell into the deepest slumber she’d ever been in.

“Now, if you’re deep in trance for me, give me a small nod.”

Lexie nodded. She followed orders. That was all she could do in trance.

“Good,” Audrey cooed. “You’re doing so well for me. Now, I’m going to give you a few suggestions, and when you wake up, you’re not going to remember any of them. Do you understand?”


“I want you to tell me one thing.” Audrey inhaled, and if Lexie was conscious, she could feel Audrey’s grin on her skin. “Are you still straight as a ruler?”


“Hmm,” Audrey hummed in understanding. “Good to know. Let’s see if we can fix that.”

Lexie couldn’t register what Audrey just said, but she just drifted off along with Audrey’s voice. It didn’t really matter what she said — her voice itself was the most peaceful thing Lexie had heard in days. And after going through her breakup from hell, Audrey’s soothing, quiet voice was just what she needed.

Lexie didn’t have to think about what Audrey was saying. All she had to do was fade away, and listen.

“Feel yourself, in your mind, wake up and look around. Instead of pure darkness, you can begin to see a vision in front of you. You can feel a field in front of you, on a bright grassy hill. The air is clean, you can just relax in this nice, serene place.”

Lexie exhaled. She knew deep down she wasn’t actually in a grassy field, but it felt so real.

“In front of you, you can see a bush. You can see its vines, the leaves on it, the flowers… and hanging off some of the stems are red and blue leaves. They look unnatural, like they don’t belong in this bush. Maybe they belong in someone else’s bush. Maybe they look like they belong far away. Either way, they’re not meant for this bush. Why don’t you take the pair of scissors next to you and cut them off?”

Lexie subconsciously looked to her right. There were indeed a pair of scissors by the bush. She picked them up, opening them up, and cutting one leaf off.

“As you cut the leaves,” Audrey continued speaking as Lexie cut the leaves off one by one, “you can feel your attraction shifting. You’d like something different. Your need to stay with guys who don’t make you happy, all those masculine hormones, any straight energy you have… as you cut the leaves, you can feel it sinking away. It doesn’t feel real to you anymore, the idea that you could like guys. You never did really like guys — you just felt you had to. And now you don’t have to. And you never have to again.”

Lexie nodded. She still didn’t register what Audrey was saying. It didn’t seem right, somehow… but Lexie couldn’t put her finger on it. All she focused on was cutting off those leaves, feeling emotions and urges in herself change.

“When you’re done cutting the leaves, give me a small nod.”

Lexie cut off that one final leave, feeling a shiver run through her body. Regardless, she nodded.


Audrey ran a finger down Audrey’s cheek, to her chin, neck, and shoulders. Lexie couldn’t help but giggle. Why did it feel so good?

“When I count you back up, you’re going to forget this entire trance. Everything I’ve said is going to fade, but the suggestions I’ve given you are going to stick. You’re not going to remember any of these last few minutes. Do you understand?”


“Good,” Audrey smirked. “Now, let’s count you up…”

* * *

When Lexie woke up on Audrey’s count of 5, she felt like she had to physically force her muscles to move. She couldn’t remember a damn thing that happened in trance, other than how warm and relaxing it felt. When she opened her eyes, she saw Audrey sitting right in front of her, a knowing yet innocent smile on her face.

“How are you feeling? Are you all back?”

“Oh, yeah,” Lexie smiled. “I feel… great. Wow! I feel like… so energized. Why do I feel so good?”

Audrey giggled again. “Oh, that relaxation trigger must have worked too well. Well? Do you feel you understand hypnosis a little better?”

Lexie blinked, coming back fully into her body. “Wait… I think. I remember the induction, that helped, but… the hypnosis… I can’t remember anything. Is that normal?”

“Oh, yeah, but I’m sure the fact I said it to you in trance would have put it in your mind. Besides, the induction is the most important part.”

Audrey’s words were reassuring, as always; they soothed any discomfort or tension Lexie was having. In fact… she felt more trusting of Audrey than usual. She wondered why that was? Maybe just being hypnotized and vulnerable around Audrey made Lexie feel more like… Audrey felt like home. It was a weird feeling.

“Well, why don’t you go test it out?” Audrey offered. “The bar should still be open. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of guys to throw yourselves at, or… guys to make mindless and drooling.”

Lexie stood up, the burst of energy getting herself ready and ready to rush out the door. “Yeah, sounds good! I, uh, think I understand hypnosis a little better, now.” That was still a lie, but she had to try, right? At least she knew what inductions were like now. Hopefully that wouldn’t get her thrown out of the bar or anything.

“Mind if I wait here for you to get back?” Audrey asked. “I wanna hear how it went, immediately after you get back.”

“Of course! Make yourself at home.” Huh. It was a weird feeling. Lexie was normally super distrusting, even around Audrey, but… it felt okay to let her stay there. After all, there was no harm in it. Audrey wasn’t going to steal anything of hers. At least, she didn’t think so.

“I’ll be back in like, maybe an hour or two?” Lexie stated as she walked to the front door.

“Sure thing. Good luck, darling.”

Lexie didn’t even question the use of the word darling, a title Audrey would only use for partners. Maybe Audrey felt closer to her, too? Lexie felt like she had more to say…

She made her way out, ignoring the feeling. Lexie skipped to the bar, a strange look for a goth girl in black combat boots, ready to make some men obey under her word and will.

Lexie was so grateful to Audrey. Not only did Audrey actually help her through her post-breakup funk, she also learned a new skill with Lexie to take her mind off of it. And, once Audrey topped over Lexie in terms of skill and expertise, she taught Lexie how to do hypnosis well and do it right. Surely she would have next to no problem at the bar — after all, bars were filled with either stupid men, drunk men, or stupid and drunk men.

She grabbed her ID, flashing it to the bouncer as she strutted inside. The noise overwhelmed her instantly; it was her least favorite part of going to these establishments. Lexie briefly wondered how in the world it could be so noisy. She looked around for clues, and… ah, yes. There was a baseball game that night.

Why did people feel the need to drink in excess when people were hitting or throwing a ball around? It didn’t matter. Either way, their drinking would certainly help with Lexie’s attempt at hypnosis. Now it was just a matter of finding some prey.

Most people had come with their partners, or with their other sports-obsessed friends. But one guy Lexie found sat alone, smiling at the TV absentmindedly as he drank what she assumed was some crappy beer. He was muscular, the sports jocket showing it off nicely, and his eyes had some sort of blank and empty stare to them. Probably himbo material, Lexie thought to herself as she laughed.

She walked on over to him, her presence not immediately taking his attention away from the TV. As soon as she started talking though, louder than she would have liked, he turned his attention to her.

“Hey there, handsome,” Lexie started with her best seduction voice. “Enjoying the game?”

“Hell yeah I am! My team is winning!” he grinned heartily. “We’re going to go for the championship next!”

Okay. He was definitely himbo material. “Oh yeah?” Lexie grinned toothily. “That excites you?”

“Oh yeah! I haven’t been this excited since the last time I watched the game.” He took a pause. “Which was yesterday, of course.”

“I see,” Lexie pursed her lips. She wasn’t too into guys who were this obsessed with anything, but he could be a fun plaything. “Well, you know what else is interesting?”

“What?” He asked, probably barely paying any attention to Lexie.

“The way the TV overloads you with sounds,” she started. He turned to her, the same dopey smile on his face as he stared into Lexie’s eyes. Perfect. “You can see the game playing, all the flashing colors as people run around, the slight static, the shining of the TV against the bottles at the bar…” Lexie was trying an overload induction, which was downright one of her favorites due to how sadistic and cruel she could make it.

“Just keep watching, keep hearing every… thing…”

Suddenly, Lexie’s mind was stopped like a truck at a traffic light. The induction was gone — she couldn’t remember what the hell she was even doing. Where was she? She was… telling him about the sounds in the room, right?

At first, the guy seemed interested. Lexie couldn’t help but let her smile become more excited once she tried to get back into it. Alas, suddenly people started cheering at the top of their lungs, dragging his attention back to the TV. “Hell yeah! TOUCHDOWN!”

Lexie narrowed her eyes at him. And she waited for him to come back to her. He just… forgot she existed. The game was just that much more interesting.

Lexie scowled, and walked away, trying to find another guy to hypnotize. She was wildly and completely unsuccessful. Every guy she was with was either too engrossed in whatever they were doing or watching, or was too awkward for Lexie to feel comfortable hypnotizing. Usually, they either pushed her away, or one of their girlfriends came back to push Lexie away for them.

Not to mention, something was blocking her mind. Every time she wanted to hypnotize someone, her mind blanked out. Her train of thought disappeared into a thick lilac fog, disappearing forever. Obviously, this didn’t work for hypnotizing others.

Her heart was aching. Why was this not working for her? This one thing.

She tried one more time. This time, as soon as she started the hypnosis on the unconsenting guy, he just stood up and walked away. In frustration, she audibly groaned, “oh come the fuck on!”

Why didn’t it work? Why did she feel so… nervous, all of a sudden? What the hell was she doing wrong?

Lexie was near giving up. She looked around one more time and tried to find one final attempt. She glanced around. Her eyes landed on someone — a lady — she would like to try to make her toy. She narrowed her eyes, studying her and her movements, and almost walking up to the innocent woman.

She blinked. What the hell? That person was a girl! Lexie was straight, she came here to play with guys. Not… girls. This didn’t feel right — maybe the smell of the alcohol got to her. And yet, she couldn’t take her eyes off of this woman. She wanted to be near her, smell her, have this woman embrace her…

And use Lexie as her toy. Use and abuse her, own her, take her on a leash around town…


Lexie slapped her own face to snap herself out of it. What the fuck? Not only was she not in any way attracted to women, she also didn’t have a submissive bone in her body. So… why was she acting like this? Was she wrong, all this time?

She needed to get out. Every time she questioned it more, her headache felt all that more splitting. And this weird purple fog drifted through her brain, making it hard to question it at all. Lexie gathered her stuff together and ran out. At the very least, she only had a water, so she didn’t have to pay for any alcohol.

Though she was beginning to wish she’d grab a drink before she left. At least then she wouldn’t have felt like such a worthless failure.

* * *

Lexie opened the door, slipping back into her apartment. The weariness and discouragement on her face was apparent and clear as day. She briefly wondered if Audrey was still in the apartment. She probably went home by then, didn’t she? It was past midnight, after all, and Audrey still had stuff to do.

It’d be nice if she could talk to Audrey though, about the sudden gay and subby thoughts she was having. Audrey was bi. She was also kinky — as she told Lexie at length about (also while showing off her massive kink toy collection.) Maybe Lexie could ask how… she knew? Or who turned her?

Lexie nearly panicked when she heard Audrey walking out of the door. She then breathed a sigh of relief — of course Audrey was there. She was a good friend, and she said she’d stay to hear how it went.

Oddly enough, she knew. Lexie knew that Audrey was aware of how badly it went, based on the sympathetic smile on her face. How in the world did she know? It almost made Lexie feel even more insecure in her skills.

“How did it go?” Audrey asked, though she knew the answer.

“Not how I expected, that’s for sure.”

“I’m so sorry, darling,” Audrey cooed. The warmth of her friend’s voice usually made Lexie feel better about whatever was ailing her. This was no exception but Lexie had to wonder… why was Audrey still calling her darling?

Lexie always had her suspicions about Audrey’s feelings towards Lexie. Audrey was obviously a kind and warm person to everyone, but to Lexie, she was even more welcoming. Her hugs were tighter, and she would always choose Lexie as her first choice to hang out with — even with her myriad of other friends who were much more fun and happy than Lexie.

Lexie one point joked about Audrey having a crush on her. Audrey simply chuckled back, saying it would be a waste of time to chase a straight girl. Lexie brushed it off after that, but… perhaps Audrey was lying? She wondered about it from time to time.

“It’s… fine,” Lexie shrugged. “It was a waste of time anyways, thinking I could be good at psychologically manipulating people.” She took a brief pause. “I mean, more so than I already kind of do.”

“You’re not manipulative.” Lexie had to wonder if Audrey was actually right about that, but she accepted her good faith comment for now. “I just wish I could do more to help.”

“Whatever. I’m going to grab a drink, since I didn’t have one there.” Lexie started towards the fridge, adventuring around for the 12th bottle of tequila Audrey had gotten her. “Not that any of the guys there were worth my time or energy anyways. I mean, what the hell do I need from a guy whose true love is a baseball game?”

“Did they have any redeeming features? Any of them?” Audrey asked, sitting down at the kitchen table and leaning towards Lexie.

Lexie thought for a moment. “Not really.”

“Huh. Would have thought super jacked guys were your type. I mean, that’s what straight girls like, right?”

A pang of guilt ran through Lexie’s chest. She remembered her brief looking-over of a super hot lady at the bar, and how that random woman appealed to Lexie much more than any guy she chatted up. “I guess. Maybe my tastes have changed since Greg, though.”

Audrey hummed in understanding. Suddenly, she asked quite a strange question. “Just for my own personal curiosity… what were the girls like?”

Lexie blinked, still looking away from Audrey to hide the shocked look on her face. Did Audrey… know?

“Uh… they were cute, I guess. There was one who was like, super attractive. Kinda stared at her for a bit, and…” Lexie trailed off, realizing she was beginning to… drool? When the hell had she become so gay and thirsty? She whipped back around to Audrey, a defensive gritting look on her face. “But, but I’m straight. So it’s like, maybe just a fluke.”

“Are you straight though?” Audrey smiled. “I mean I didn’t think I was bi until I was in my late teens. Maybe you should give it a shot. I mean, maybe Greg’s bullshit changed you.”

Lexie pondered. She didn’t even know how to sleep with women — hell, she barely knew how to have good sex with guys. Dating them was a whole other can of worms; how could a girl so straight get used to sleeping with girls? Lexie had to admit, it sounded hot. Being eaten out, fondled all over with warm soft hands, being forced onto her knees to worship a hot woman…

She snapped herself out of it. Hell, why not give it a try? “Sure,” Lexie shrugged. “I don’t know if I even want to date guys for a while. I’ll give it a try. So… where do I start?”

Audrey’s compassionate smile shifted into a devious grin. She narrowed her eyes, looking at Lexie with ravenous hunger in her eyes. “You start here.”

“H-here?” Lexie stammered. She was about to ask follow up questions, before Audrey stopped her with one very specific word.


Lexie felt like a train had slammed into her. She was completely shaken out of her fugue and uncertainty as she realized something. She was suddenly extremely turned on — more so than she’d ever been. She could feel herself twitching all over, but especially her cunt. Her panties suddenly felt much more wet as her legs turned to jelly. She struggled to stay standing, continuing to look at Audrey with confusion and horror.

“W…what did you do?” Lexie was scared of the answer, but she had to know.

“I practiced hypnosis a lot on my own,” Audrey said with an uncharacteristic smirk. “Then I decided to do something a little different than what you planned. I just molded you a little.”

“I… I…” Audrey’s eyes widened. She couldn’t believe what Audrey was saying. “You said you would just put me in a trance and bring me out! You… W-what the fuck did you do to me?”

“Good question. I did a few things. I sort of just shifted your sexual attraction around a little.” Lexie knew it — she knew it was weird that she felt so disinterested in the guys at the bar, but couldn’t take her eyes off the ladies. It never occurred to her that Audrey of all people would condition her like that — especially without her permission!

“I… I trusted you…” Lexie spoke with a voice barely above a whisper. Suddenly, her voice was filled with much more fury towards her former ‘best friend’. “You betrayed me… just like everyone else! You fucking traiter, you — you bitch!”

“Oh come on, Lexie,” Audrey dismissed. “You were going to do the same thing. Go to bars and hypnotize men into being sex toys. How is this any different? You don’t actually care about anyone you were trying to hypnotize. Huh, maybe that’s a way we’re similar, aside from us both being big gays now.”

“Fuck you! I’m… I’m not anything like you.” Lexie tried to keep her voice more leveled, realizing that the angrier she got, the hornier she got too. She was struggling to stay up. She kept standing. She had to get answers.

“Yes you are. You went out to hypnotize innocent people into serving you. You didn’t care about them for anything other than their ability to pleasure you. I’m the same way.”

Emotions rampaged through Lexie. Namely, anger and grief. “You… you didn’t care about me? All this time?”

“Oh, not in the slightest. I just wanted to see how long it would take for you to crack so I could take advantage of you.” The way Audrey spoke those words as she glanced at her trimmed nails was somehow even more hurtful to Lexie. Her voice was so casual, so uncaring towards Lexie’s feelings. Audrey told Lexie how much she used her like it was her Wednesday morning breakfast.

Before Lexie could ask more questions, Audrey continued. “I couldn’t figure out how to do it. But what can I say? I’m patient. And then you went out and told me about hypnotizing people; hell, you even taught me to. I thought it was all fake science, but then I realized! This is the perfect way to make you mine!”

A plethora of words hung on Lexie’s tongue. Eventually, she decided on one. “Y-yours?”

“Yeah. My sex toy, obviously. My plaything. All that jazz.”

“Fuck you!” Lexie spat, not caring about her wanton twitching.

“That’s the plan,” Audrey laughed. Before Lexie could fight back, she spoke again. “Sink.”

Lexie did just that. Another rush of pleasure soared through her, rushing through her blood stream. She wanted to get fucked, not by any woman but specifically by Audrey. Lexie tried to force the thoughts out of her mind as she struggled to stay standing. She moved to the fridge, using it for support.

She was about to fight back again.


Lexie collapsed on the floor, becoming a writhing mess. She couldn’t help but pant and moan in desperation. A visceral need came to her. She clutched her legs together, trying to ignore the growing arousal. It was increasingly hard, with each time Audrey would use her new trigger phrase.

Audrey stood up, towering over her new sex toy as she squirmed. “You dumb idiot. You walked right into my trap. Not a problem for me though.”

“Please… p-please, Audrey, stop…” Lexie begged. “This isn’t like you…”

“It is.” Audrey didn’t give Lexie a chance to respond, now using a different trigger.


Suddenly, Lexie was filled with another urge — an urge to submit. An urge to obey. An urge to be a submissive ditzy toy, only there to serve Audrey. “N-no… I can’t…”

“Yes you can, and you will. Lexie, take off your pants and panties and start touching yourself.”

Lexie wanted to fight back. She couldn’t help but obey, though. Her hands shot to the hems of her pants and undergarments, pulling them down to reveal how wet she was. Lexie’s hand moved to her clit, beginning to jack off. Every single touch and rub drove her crazy — much more so than any time she’d have before, either by herself or with partners.

“Good,” Audrey grinned. “Your conditioning worked much, much better than I expected.”

Lexie couldn’t respond — she just kept jacking off for her new owner. Her moans became more and more wanton, as she panted and gasped. She all but straight up begged Audrey to fuck her. Even her legs were shaking as she throbbed.

“Rinse,” Audrey repeated. Another wave of submission washed over Lexie. “Spread your legs for me, pet.”

“Mmmf…” Lexie couldn’t resist. She spread her legs out wide, revealing her dripping sex. Already she was making a giant mess all over the floor.

Audrey kneeled down to her sub. She pressed her hand over Lexie’s. The additional force and pressure of Audrey’s hand over her own fingering caused Lexie to throw her head back against the wall, panting and moaning in desperation. She hated it, but she needed more. She needed Audrey to fuck her senselessly.

“Good girl,” Audrey purred into her ear. “You’re going to make such a good lesbian fuck doll. This was the best thing I could ever do with you.”

“I… I…” Lexie wanted to fight back, but her resolve had faded away. “Please, d… please fuck me! Please fuck me, Audrey!”

“That’s ‘Miss’ to you,” Audrey chided. “The correct way is ‘please fuck me, Miss’.”

“Please fuck me, Miss!” Lexie didn’t question it for another second. She wanted to get fucked. She wanted to get used and abused. She wanted to get tortured sexually and emotionally — specifically by Audrey.

“Wow, I did not expect any of that hypnosis shit to work this well,” Audrey chuckled. “But man, Lexie, you love this so damn much, huh? I wonder how else I could make you gayer. I mean, I’ve already taken away pretty much all your attraction to guys. The sky’s the limit, y’know? There’s a lot more I could do.”

“L…like what?” Lexie asked through her moaning as Audrey slipped two fingers into Lexie’s cunt. She began fingering Lexie roughly, not immediately answering her question and savoring Lexie’s gorgeous, passionate, lovely sounds.

“Oh, I don’t know. We could start with a nice appointment at the hairstylist. The black hair can stay, but you need something a bit… shorter, don’t you think? Maybe side swept to your right. Oooh, or — we could add some color in. Black to purple might suit you.

“And then we’d have to do a bit of shopping vis-a-vis your whole ensemble. Sure, lots of lesbians were goth clothes, and you do pull it off quite nicely. But, I think you can do a bit better. Maybe punk it up a little? Get you a leather jacket, maybe some tall, black platform boots with studs and buckles everywhere. Tear up some of your clothes too, huh? Most of us like that never-aged-past-sixteen style.

“And then we’ll have to take a look at how you act. You’re so passive aggressive, so distrusting. I mean, after what I did to you, you have every right to be,” she laughed at Lexie. “But Lexie! Plaything! You have to at least try. You have to try to look so girl-thirsty, like you are now. Flirt a little, show a little skin. Maybe compliment every girl you see on her hair, tattoos, or — or maybe even her tits! Imagine how humiliating that’d be, you just walking up to some random chick and saying ‘nice tits!’ because you can’t fucking help yourself.”

Audrey paused to inhale, the evil grin still on her face. “You know. Stuff like that. And we have a long, long time. We’re going to have lots of fun.”

It was a strange sensation, one that Lexie had never experienced before. Somehow, the thoughts of Audrey altering her appearance, changing how Lexie acted and composed herself… It was even hotter than the thoughts of submitting for her Miss. It was much, much more arousing than thinking about Audrey using Lexie as a toy, stuffing each of her holes, making use out of every single inch of her body.

“M-Miss… please…” Lexie panted out. She was at the tip of the edge — she was going to finish at any second.

“Hmm? Please, what?”

“Please… please let me cum, Miss!” Lexie shouted, barely being able to even see straight anymore. “I- I can’t hold it anymore!”

“Of course you can’t. You’re getting so horny, just sinking and rinsing and sinking and rinsing and thinking about how much you want to get fucked by a bunch of hot women. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes!” Lexie screamed. “Please, I— I need to cum! I’ll do anything!”

“You don’t need to do anything,” Audrey cooed. “You already love girls. I’ve done my job. Just think about how much you like girls.”

Lexie could do that. In fact, it was all she could do.

“Cum,” Audrey growled into Lexie’s ear. “Cum for me.”

Lexie came. Her cunt twitched and her hips bucked forwards and back, riding out her first orgasm against Audrey’s fingers. Audrey wasn’t kind enough to stop, however — she continued fingering Lexie even after her first climax finished. Her fingering became even rougher, dragging Lexie through a second and third orgasm. Her clit ached in pain, but she was given orgasm after orgasm. Audrey cackled as she fingered the life out of Lexie, watching her pass out from pleasure.

* * *

Lexie woke up in her bed. It must have been at most a few hours later. The dawn of sunrise had cracked, light seeping through her windows. She expected herself to be depressed over everything that happened — the betrayal of her best friend, and the death of her straight identity. Lexie thought she would want to throw the blankets over her head and fall back asleep, or take a few doses of Benadryl to pass out.

But honestly? She felt pretty good.

The doorbell rang again. Somehow, Lexie just knew it was Audrey. She slumped out of bed, her legs still barely functional from being overstimulated for what must have been hours.

Lexie answered the door. Audrey was indeed there, a cruel and dominating smirk on her face. Behind her was a few of her friends — four other hot lesbians of varying body types, places on the butch-femme spectrum, and styles.

“This her?” One of them asked in a deep husky voice. “Wow, she does look like fresh meat, huh?”

“She’s still wearing the clothes I fucked her in,” Audrey commented. The other girls laughed at that statement. Lexie blushed furiously, wanting to hide in a closet — but also wanting to kneel down right then and there, opening all her holes up.

“Aww, I already know she is dripping. Can we just get in and get this started already?” Another asked impatiently.

Audrey turned back to Lexie, staring her new submissive down. “That’s not a problem at all. Right, plaything?”

* * *