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I wrote this. This is an original work of fiction, bearing little to no resemblance to reality. This is neither intended nor recommended for minors, the faint at heart, or forums/areas/locales where such depictions are proscribed, censored, or illegal. This has been posted with the kindly aid and permission of Simon bar Sinister, who also correctly notes, “The situations described here are at best impossible or at worst highly immoral in real life. Anyone wishing to try this stuff for real should seek psychological help and/or get a life.” Please do not repost, publish, or distribute in whole or in part without the author’s explicit permission. Stories by this author (and many others) may be found at MC Stories.

* * *

A loud moan woke me from a sound sleep, the noise seeming to reverberate through the two-bedroom apartment. God, not again. I have classes in the morning! I rolled over, half-clutching my pillow to my ears, and fell asleep...

...only to be woken up again. A woman’s scream pierced the air, barely muffled by the thin dorm walls. The cry rose higher, paused for breath, then went higher still before finally dissolving into a loud descending sobs of pleasure.

Jamie. Dammit... A few months ago I would’ve called 911, gone to help, or at least gotten out of bed. That was before Jamie started dating David. I rolled over and looked groggily at my alarm clock, not really wanting to know the time. 2:30. Jesus, don’t they ever sleep? Why can’t they fuck at a civilized hour?

I’d gotten along fine with Jamie since the day we’d met, when we were assigned the same dorm room together Freshman year. She was blonde, cheerful, a good student and an easy-going friend. Best of all, we were about the same size; same dress size, nearly the same measurements, even the same shoe size! It seemed like a perfect match. I couldn’t have asked for a better roommate. Jamie was sweet, friendly, and considerate, if a little shy. She’d go out only if I asked her to, and rarely even dated. If she ever let anyone get past second base, I didn’t know about it—until she met David. Inside of a month, he had totally changed her.

It had started small, of course. Jamie stayed out later and later, until she was gone all night, coming home with tired satisfied circles under her eyes and still wearing the previous day’s clothes. She brought David home to meet me after about a week. I liked him ok; he was cute, smart, funny, and really affectionate to Jamie. I was happy for her, maybe even a little envious; she had a cute guy panting after her, while I was still single. And I missed her company as well. So it took me a while to start noticing the little things.

Jamie got a lot more concerned about her appearance. I mean, she’s a good-looking girl, but she started going the extra mile on a regular basis. She began showering two, sometimes three times a day, perfuming herself each time. She started wearing cosmetics all the time, even to bed, and would show up late to class than have less-than-immaculate makeup. Then she shelled out for a manicure and pedicure, following it up with an obviously-expensive pixie-cut hairdo. Don’t get me wrong, she looked great, but it was weird, almost obsessive.

Her clothes began to change, too. I needed some ‘fat clothes’ one morning, and checked Jamie’s closet for something to fit the bill. As I’d expected, she hadn’t come home yet, so I went searching. Nothing. I looked harder, thinking she might have packed them away somewhere, but she seemed to have gotten rid of a lot of her wardrobe. Gone were the loose-fitting jeans and baggy sweatshirts, the comfortable things a girl needs sometimes. I didn’t recognize more than half of what was there: new blouses, skirts, dresses, and shoes now filled her closet and drawers, some of them still tagged from the store. Eventually I uncovered a lonely pair of sweats, but they turned out to be so tight I might have well been wearing nothing at all.

Dismayed, I got a grungy sweatshirt and an old flannel from my room and pulled them on, wondering what had come over Jamie. I was on my way out when the thought struck me: what else? I sat my bookbag down and went back to Jamie’s room on impulse. Timidly, I tugged open her underwear drawer, a little ashamed at my sudden snoopiness.

Oh, my God... The drawer was packed so full it spilled over when I opened it, a small shower of lace ringing my feet. Bras, panties, camisoles, thongs... underwear I couldn’t easily identify were crammed into every spare inch of the drawer. Most of them were lacy, diaphanous things with (I guessed) next to no practical value at all. Many looked to be silk or satin, with occasional outcroppings of some kind of shiny material breaking up the downy collection.

Startled, I started gathering up the fallen items on the floor, mentally inventorying them as I shoved them back in as fast as I could. Stay-up fishnets... lace choker... push-up bra... is this a garter belt? Jamie, what in the hell do you need this for?

I slammed the drawer shut rushed to class, not knowing what to think. Eventually, I decided to ask Jamie about it that night, assuming I saw her at all.

* * *

As it turned out, I did. It was late, but I was still up studying when I heard her come home. My nerve failed, though, and I waited until I heard the shower turn on before I left my room. I watched TV in the living room while she showered, wondering all the while if I wasn’t making a big deal out of nothing. So she got some new clothes, a subversive voice argued. So what? She’s not doing anything you wouldn’t be doing in her place.

Then my eyes fell on a package by the sofa. I hadn’t picked up anything at the mailbox, so Jamie must have brought it from the RA’s office earlier in the day. I heard the water turn off in the distance, but I got up anyway, curious. It was an oversized rectangular box, the kind outlets use to pack larger purchases. The brown wrapping paper gave no indication as to the contents, but the shipping label was an eye-opener: “Heat Lamp Designs—for all your exotic dance and adult costuming needs!”

Before I had time to register what I was seeing, the bathroom door swung open behind me. I jumped a little, guiltily, and managed to look Jamie in the eye as she walked into the living room. “Oh, hey, Jamie,” I said weakly.

It wasn’t easy. Jamie had apparently discarded her pajamas as well, for she was dressed in nothing but a baby-blue camisole and matching panties. “Hey yourself,” she said casually, toweling her hair dry, water beading on her freshly-scrubbed skin. “What’s up?”

I sat down on the couch, not looking at the package, and Jamie joined me, drawing one leg up on the cushions. “Uh... well...” I began lamely.

“I know I haven’t been around much lately,” she told me, tossing the towel around her neck. “Sorry. Been seeing David a lot lately.” She grinned impishly. “And he’s been seeing a whole lot of me, too.”

I didn’t want to know. “Yeah. Um, about that, Jamie, I —”

“I’ve missed you too, Nikki,” she interrupted. Puppy love. You know how it is.” She giggled, as if reminded of something. “But don’t worry. I already talked to David about it. I told him he could sleep over here, so I could see you more often. Wouldn’t that be great?” she beamed.

My resolve failed. I was totally unprepared for this, for her blithe enthusiasm. “Sure will,” I told her, imitating her smile.

“Oh, I knew you’d be cool with it!” Jamie leaned forward and gave me a big hug, warm and close. But before I could recover, or say anything else, she was standing again. “Was that what you wanted to ask, baby?” She yawned, her cami riding up as she stretched. I caught a quick glimpse of the bottoms of her creamy breasts swelling beneath the silk, and looked away, swallowing.

I had to salvage something from this. Do something! “Um. Well, there was one more thing, actually. I, uh, went to borrow some pants this morning, but...”

“Oh, you can borrow anything you like, Nikki,” she admonished. “You know that! I donated a lot of my old stuff to make room for my new clothes, so take whatever you want! I got some pretty exciting outfits, too, so have fun, all right? ‘Night!” She turned to leave, humming to herself.

“Uh... Jamie?”

“Mmm?” she asked, turning over one shoulder.

“What you’re wearing now... uh...” When did you start dressing like a lingerie model for bed?

She giggled again. “You can’t wear this right now, silly!” I must have looked horrified, for she went on quickly. “I know, I know, that’s not what you meant. It was a joke, ok? Seriously, I got rid of my PJs, but I can’t just prance around naked, right? Originally I got this stuff—and a lot more like it—just for David, but I’ve fallen in love with ‘em. You just wouldn’t believe how comfortable they are to wear!” She smoothed the fabric down with her palms sensuously. “Mmmm... feels nice on my skin, way better than that frumpy stuff I used to have. And as a bonus, I get to walk around all day feeling kinda naughty, just knowing I’ve got this on underneath.”

She sighed contentedly, then gave me a wink. “I just love how pretty I feel with it on, I guess, all, you know, seductive. I put something sexy on first thing in the morning, and mmmm...” she purred. “Then David sees me and he’s like, ‘Mmmm’. And then... well, you know...”

A few seconds passed, Jamie lost in thought, and me just lost. Finally she broke out of her reverie. “Well, gotta get some sleep now, pardner. Got to keep up my energy, right?” She winked and turned, leaving me alone and wondering what to do next.

* * *

So naturally, I did nothing at all. David slept over the next night, and stopped in at least once a night after that. Sometimes they left for his place, and sometimes they stayed in, but it was obvious what their itinerary was regardless of where they ended up. By next Monday he’d practically moved in. The whole time, they were both friendly and everything to me, but the nonstop screwing got on my nerves pretty fast.

It wasn’t the sex per se that I objected to. I like it as much as the next girl, maybe more, even if I hadn’t indulged in longer than I cared to admit. I wasn’t a prude, I just thought it should have a time and a place, like everything else in life.

Jamie and David didn’t share my philosophy. They would go at it any time of day, in whatever place they happened to be in. The first few times I walked in on them there was at least some embarrassment all ‘round, but after a while David didn’t seem to care anymore, and I doubt Jamie even noticed.

That was the main thing. However I might have felt about David or Jamie, or the increasingly frustrating knowledge that I wasn’t getting any, was beside the point. For his part, David was perfectly happy to hump Jamie like a rabbit—what man wouldn’t? But my real problem was with Jamie. She had taken to sex like a fish to water, and she wasn’t at all shy about it. She was ready and willing any time, and she preferred her fucking athletic, energetic, and loud.

It wasn’t that she couldn’t say no, it was that she never did. There didn’t seem to be anything she wasn’t willing to do for David... or with him, or to him. And she was almost as bad when he didn’t stay over, all by herself. She’d chat for a while, then retreat to her room to ‘study’ with a vibrator, emerging half an hour or so later flushed and happy.

No, the main problem I had was the noise. My studies were suffering, and I kept catching myself seriously thinking about buying earplugs. As I listened to Jamie’s passionate gasping wind down, I made a decision, one I’d put off far too long. Something has to be done. Tomorrow I’m going to have a talk with them.

I took my time getting home, running a handful of errands I didn’t have to do to put off the encounter. In the end, though, I could only delay it so long, and I took a deep breath as I opened the front door.

“Jamie? David?” I called out. I’d learned the hard way to announce myself before I entered. This time, I was hoping they weren’t home yet. No such luck.

“In here,” David called back. I put my things down in my room and went in, mentally preparing my complaint.

Jamie wasn’t there. David lounged on the sofa like a modern-day godling, watching TV and drinking a beer in jeans and a t-shirt. “Hey, Nikki,” he greeted me. “Jamie’s out shopping, but she ought to be home in an hour or two. Want a beer?”

“No thanks.” The last thing I wanted was something fuzzing up my senses. Since I usually took care of groceries, Jamie was probably out getting clothes, so I was stuck with David for a while yet. Get it over with; it’ll probably be easier to tell them one at a time, instead of both at once.

I composed myself and took my stand. “David, we need to talk.”

“Sure,” he said, straightening himself and turning off the television. “What’s on your mind, babe?”

I winced inside, but kept my cool; I didn’t want to start this off on the wrong foot. “It’s about Jamie. Well, you and Jamie. You guys —”

“It’s kinda hot in here, isn’t it? Yeah, it’s hot. Why don’t you unbutton a few buttons, Nikki? You’ll feel a lot cooler.”

It sounded reasonable enough; it was a pretty warm. I undid the first three buttons on my blouse, fanning the lapel a few times to circulate some air. It felt nice. “Thanks. Anyway, it’s about you guys. I mean, I know you’re in love and all, but —”

“It’d probably be even better if you took your pants off, you know. Cooler, I mean.”

I bit back a retort, starting to get a little angry. “Fine.” I stepped out of my shoes and began tugging my jeans off. They were Jamie’s, so it was harder than it should have been. I ended up having to sit and peel the skin-tight denim off. I felt a lot better when I stood, though, and I unbuttoned the rest of my blouse as I continued.

“Better?” he asked.

“Yeah.” I had his full attention now, at least.

“Well then, lift your tits up for me and tell me what’s on your mind.”

I stopped a moment. Why does he want me to...? Well, I don’t see any harm in it... I cupped my breasts with my hands, squeezing them together and raising them slightly. I almost let out a sigh of relief. Wow... that feels really good! I hadn’t realized how cooped-up they’d been until now.

“Thanks,” I told him sincerely. “See, this is what I’m talking about. You and Jamie can be so sweet sometimes... mmm... and I understand you two are an item, but... ah... but sometimes, when you’re together, it’s getting so that I... ahhhh... I can’t... ummmmm....” I stopped rubbing my breasts, somewhat embarrassed; I hadn’t even realized I’d started doing that. “Uh, David? Would you mind if I took off my bra? It’s sort of in my way.”

“Go right ahead.”

“Ah...” I sighed, unhooking it. I was a little self-conscious, but David’s eyes showed nothing but approval. And he said it was all right, didn’t he? I removed the oppressive garment and continued to massage my sore breasts, letting them enjoy their freedom. “Oh... oh... oh, that’s nice...”

“If you like that, you’d probably love pinching your nipples while you do that.”

Why not? I’m the same size as Jamie, and he sees her boobs all the time. I nodded gratefully, taking his advice, and was rewarded with dozens of tiny bolts of pleasure radiating out from my stiffening nipples.

David let me fondle myself for a few minutes before he cleared his throat, sitting up. “I’m sorry, Nikki, you were saying something. Why don’t you kneel down here and do that? I like to talk to someone eye-to-eye.”

“Mmmm... ok...” I’d almost forgotten why I wanted to talk to him! I dropped to my knees, still tugging at my little peaks. “Oh... Yeah... thanks, David. Ahhh... I was just saying... ah! Saying that... ohhhh...”

David shook his head. “No offense, Nikki, but I don’t think we’re going to get very far this way. I’ve got an idea.” He stood and unzipped his pants. “Just suck on my cock whenever it feels too good to speak, ok? That should cut down on the interruptions, and relax us both.”

God, he’s so sweet! Why didn’t I think of that? Embarrassed, I helped him take out his cock, already hard and throbbing. Nice and big, too. It must be getting hard for him to concentrate. I could... But I felt another wave coming on, and quickly took him into my mouth, moaning around his thick shaft. Oh, it’s so delicious... this is heavenly! “Mmmph... slurp... mmmoohh... yeah, that’s good, David,” I told him. “Thanks. So... mmmph... what I was mmm... slurp saying was, that you and mmm... Jamie keep me slurp... awake all night with all that... mmmph...”

I paused. Something wasn’t right here, but I couldn’t quite figure out what it was. Wait... This is... Didn’t I want to say something? It was so hard to think, and that gorgeous cock was right there, just begging to be sucked, for me to... “Uh, David? Should I really be d- MMMPH!”

David had pushed himself between my lips unexpectedly, cutting off whatever I was going to say. Truth be told, I couldn’t remember now. I moaned again, this time purely in appreciation of his command of the situation. I just love a man who takes charge, I mused, swirling my tongue around his cock thoughtfully. It’s so masculine. It just makes me feel all... oh, look him in the eyes. He said he likes that...

David grinned down at me, one hand on my shoulder, and I smiled reverentially up at him. “You’re certainly... giving me... a lot to think about... Nikki. Yeah, keep those lips nice and tight for me... If I’d known how... passionately you felt about... not being included, I’d... ahh... that’s nice, babe, keep doing that... I would have asked you to... join us… much earlier... ah!” He pulled himself from my mouth and looked at me, a question on his flushed face.

I thought furiously. Was that what I... yeah, that has to be it! “Well... can I?” I asked as convincingly as I could.

David smiled wider. “Well, that all depends. Bend yourself over the couch here and we’ll talk about it.”

Yes! I stood up, almost falling over in my haste, and scrambled over to the side of the couch, kicking off my panties before leaning over the armrest. “Brace yourself,” he warned me considerately, guiding himself between my parted thighs. He groaned as he eased himself into my now-sopping pussy, his thick cock stretching the walls of my cunt.

“Ah...” I gasped, face down on the sofa, hips high in the air. “Yes... so good... do it...”

“Tight little snatch you’ve got here,” he opined, beginning to pump in and out. I mewled in renewed pleasure, both at the sensation and the compliment.

“No-ohh... ohhhh... it’s just... ohh... that you’re... so... big...” I panted out between thrusts. I could feel ever inch of that magnificent cock pushing its way into my hot box, and gave my hips a little waggle of gratitude. “I can... oh! See why... Jamie... oh... Always c-comes... so... looooud...” I felt dizzy, hungry for him, wanting nothing more than for David to fuck me senseless, to master me. “I’m so... hot for you... lover... god, yessss... fuck me, David... fuck me hard... Make me come... like you make Jamie come...”

“Anything you ask, Nikki,” he told me. I had relaxed somewhat by now, and David began gradually increasing his speed. I squealed in response, pitching my hips back to meet him as best as I could. “And when we’re done,” he told me between thrusts, “I’ll let you talk to Jamie. If you’re... as persuasive with her... as you have been with me... I’m sure we can all... come... to some kind of... accommodation...”

That sounded like a great idea. I tried to tell him so, but by then my voice was pretty muffled by the cushions. David had seized my hips with both hands, holding me firmly in place while he pounded away at my welcoming snatch. Every impact sent reverberations of joy throughout my body, and I reveled in the sheer naked carnality of it. A hot-blooded babe getting fucked by a willing man. Could there be anything more beautiful? I yelped into the pillows with each pounding thrust, wanting to let him know my gratitude. Sweet Jesus, he’s so good! I’d do anything to get more of this!

I knew Jamie would be reluctant to share him, though. In her place, I’d want to keep this glorious stallion all to myself. David’s right, I realized. I’ll have to talk to her. But how to persuade her? What should I...

It was as though my thoughts were being displayed on the back of my skull. “I noticed a French Maid’s costume came in the mail today, Nikki,” David told me. He had slowed now, fucking me with long, deep thrusts, systematically reducing me to a writhing, whimpering mess. I couldn’t have replied if I’d wanted to. “And Jamie doesn’t know about it yet. If you put it on before you approached to her... I think you’d find her... quite willing... to talk...”

I couldn’t do anything but moan in reply. Yeah... shower, put it on, cook some dinner... serve it up, all meek and sexy... and then... I’d never been with a woman before, and I’d certainly never imagined doing anything sexual with Jamie, but if that’s what it took, then I was more than ready to. And if David wanted to join in, that’d be even better. I’ll have to talk to him about it later, I decided, and surrendered myself gladly to the beginnings of my first climax of the evening.

* * *

So that’s the story. That was all... gosh, almost nine months ago! Jamie and I talked first; it was a lot more awkward than with David, ‘cause neither of us had ever done it with another girl, but we got through it all right. David, Jamie and I have been a threesome ever since, in every sense of the word. We’ve done almost anything that three people in love can do with each other, and took notes on the stuff we liked. Jamie had been as horny as a bitch in heat since her first date with David, and I’ve been making up for lost time with gusto.

It hasn’t been all come and roses, though; there was a period of adjustment in the beginning. Jamie and I fought over some things at first: David, housework, clothes. We had to learn to share, and neither of us really wanted to. Eventually, David settled it by coming up with a comprehensive schedule, allowing for study time and chores as well as the more... intimate stuff. Neither of us were very much into the ménage a trois thing at first, either, but David had a long talk with both of us to set us straight. For an entire week, he decided, the only sexual release either girl would be allowed was with the other. No sex with David, no masturbation. My satisfaction was in her hands, as hers was in mine. So to speak.

We held out for about a day. It was a little strange at first, with both of us unsure and self-conscious, but after the first few times, David almost had to turn a hose on us to break it up. By the end of the week, we’d gotten so enthusiastic about our newfound bisexuality that David bought a camera to capture the occasion. He’s gotten to be a pretty good photographer, too, if a touch specialized; if Jamie or I ever need a portfolio for modeling or something, we’ll have plenty of material.

The point is, once we got a few bumps leveled out, the three of us were deliriously happy together, at least privately. Publicly, Jamie and I are an ‘item’ now. The ‘lipstick lesbian couple’ cover gives us an excuse to turn down the occasional unwanted advance, cuts down on the questions about our after-school lifestyle choices, and keep David our little secret. I mean, if the other girls found out about that magic cock of his, we’d have to fend them off full-time! I don’t know if even he could talk a girl out of wanting more, once she’d had a taste. So as far as the world at large knows, the ‘Terrible Twins’ are strictly look-don’t-touch.

Yeah, ‘Terrible Twins’, that’s our nickname now. Isn’t that funny? David got this notion a ways back that he wanted a matching set of sex toys, and talked Jamie and I about it. The next thing we knew, we were about as identical as we could be. Same hair color and style, same makeup, sometimes even the same outfit. Jamie hit on the idea of acting like each other, too, so we practiced copying each other: speech, gestures, everything. It wasn’t long before people started assuming we were twin sisters—very close, very affectionate twin sisters.

For his part, David has been ecstatic with the results, and claims he couldn’t tell us apart. He had preferred us to be clean-shaven from the neck down, but then he decided he wanted us to grow a patch ‘down there’, supposedly for ‘identification purposes’. We humored him: I now have a cute little triangle pointing right at my sweet spot, and Jamie has trimmed her tuft into a dainty heart. Of course, to tell us apart, we’d have to be naked, but that’s kind of the point, right? There’s a recent set of photos of us 69ing each other in the bathtub, and none of us can tell which babe is which. We’ve been redheads for over a month, but Halloween’s only a few months away. Jamie wants us to dye our hair blue and do a whole ‘bad schoolgirl/good schoolgirl’ thing for the first week or two of class. Isn’t she just crazy? I just adore that hot little minx!

We all have our favorite things to do, naturally. Jamie is kind of the conservative one. After our glorious “Girls Gone Gay” week, she’s really taken to three-ways and girl-on-girl stuff. She’s got quite a talented tongue, and she’s taught me pretty much everything I know about going down, both eating out and sucking cock. It’s harder for me to come that way though, so we’ve built up a pretty good stash of strap-ons, dildos, and vibrators for those ultra-feminine encounters. She’s also quite the clothes horse, as you may have guessed. Her lingerie ensemble by now is staggering, but since her clothes are my clothes, it works out well for me too. I think she could outfit the whole school in corsets and teddies if she wanted to. She loves playing dress-up, and goes to elaborate lengths to stage the perfect role-playing scenario. It’s an expensive hobby, but her costume collection grows weekly, and she’s gotten adept at sewing and makeup.

I was a little reluctant to try the play-acting thing at first, but Jamie finally persuaded me to try it out. We cut our last class one Friday and changed outfits in a gas station restroom, going from Jamie and Nikki, to ‘Gretchen’ and ‘Jacqueline’, a hot pair of lezzie German and French students, hitchhiking their way across America. I didn’t think David would see us when he drove past, but I guess the tied-off t-shirts and tight shorts caught his eye.

We threw our backpacks in the trunk and rode home with him, asking questions in stilted English and playfully teasing each other. Jamie and I had gotten as far as some light petting by the time he pulled up to the dorms, so it was no surprise when he graciously offered us a place to stay the night, and then took frightful advantage of our foreign naivety. David took one of my favorite pictures of us that night, a great black-and-white cumshot from above of us tit-fucking him. It’s a thing of beauty: two gorgeous sluts kneeling half-naked and looking up, David’s cock trapped firmly between our mounds, hot come running down our faces and splattered on our tits. The look on our faces is absolutely priceless, kind of slutty, satisfied, and serene all at once. I had David blow it up and hang it on my wall, with some of my other choice portraits.

While Jamie may have the magic mouth of the group, I’ve got the stamina of a racehorse in bed. There’s no feeling like seeing a bedroom destroyed by an orgy, your partners collapsed and happy. I’ve turned out to be the sexual explorer of the group, too. After a few searches on the Internet, I felt like a whole new world was opening up for me to find, and we’ve just been working our way down my list of ‘Things to Do’. Currently, my favorites are bondage and fetish dress. Jamie was right; there’s just something about dressing up naughty that really gets you going. The outfits are expensive, and some are a real pain to put on, but the end result is usually well worth it. My latest discovery is ‘rough play’; I just convinced Jamie to try it out with me last weekend, and she was almost as excited about it as I was. We’re going to showcase a little rape-fantasy for David tonight, as a matter of fact, and see what he thinks. I’m really looking forward to it!

David, as you might have guessed, is something of a sexual omnivore, willing to oblige pretty much any kink his girl-toys throw at him. He’s also something of a romantic, so it’s fairly easy to keep him satisfied. Jamie and I are in constant friendly competition, though. While she’s got the record for giving him the most orgasms in a day (seven—he was pretty tender the next day, though), I once kept him erect and aroused for six hours straight, tied to a chair and moaning through his gag. You should have seen the finale, though! He came so hard I thought it was gonna blow through the ceiling. Jamie and I are in a dead heat for ‘Most Creative Sexual Position’, and the standings change weekly. It’s all in fun, though, and he fucks us like it’s going out of style. How did we ever get along without him? Taking that thick cock in my mouth and sucking him off, or feeling it stretch my poor tight pussy... I’m getting creamy just thinking about it.

I can’t believe we’re going to be sophomores already! You’d think our grades would have gone into the toilet, what with all of our extracurricular activities, but David has been adamant about our studies. Jamie got a 3.7, and I even made Dean’s List! Some of the study sessions got really sidetracked during finals week, but nothing takes the stress out of taking a test like knowing you’re gonna get your brains fucked out when you get home.

Summer break just seemed to fly by. I felt a little sorry for David, interning all day at some firm, but us girls made sure his days had some excitement to them. One or the other of us managed to squeeze in a ‘nooner’ at least once a week, and we even snuck in as temps once to play ‘seductive secretaries’, so he didn’t get too bored. Jamie and I found much more interesting ways to make money, though: Jamie sold lingerie at a mall boutique, and I tended bar at a local ‘exotic dance’ club. I know what you’re thinking, but all I did was serve drinks. I thought about doing more (and the management certainly hoped I would), but David was against the idea, afraid it would get out of hand too fast. It’s been great money, though, and I’ve been learning how to strip from the pros. You should see me teaching Jamie sometime; David says it’s like getting a watching strip tease in a mirror. I doubt any man’s ever had so many gratifying lap dances, and in stereo, to boot. And Jamie’s position has kept us well-stocked in the finer things in life, with her employee’s discount keeping us from going bankrupt in the process.

Oops! Only half an hour ‘till David gets home, and I still have to get ready for tonight’s little ‘experiment’. Jamie and I couldn’t decide earlier who gets to be the victim tonight, so we’re going to wrestle for it after dinner. I’m going to wear a thin ‘wife beater’ t-shirt and a threadbare pair of shorts, and I think Jamie has something similar in mind. I can only imagine David’s face when he finds a disagreement over dishes turning into an out-and-out clothes-tearing catfight, right in his living room! And it’s ‘winner take loser’ rules, so whoever wins gets to totally dominate the loser until one of us has an orgasm. I know Jamie wants to win, but I’m pretty sure losing won’t be so bad either.

Oh, one last thing: Jamie and I put in for a larger room, and we just got notice that it’s been approved. We really need the space, too. Three people in a two-bedroom dorm can get old, and we’ve got a lot of clothes to store! It’s a four-person, so there ought to be plenty of room, but there’s a catch: another roommate. We had a long discussion about it last week, and decided to see how it goes. Jamie’s already met her, and it sounds promising. Her name’s Erin, sophomore, currently single, and might be something of a party girl. We’ll just keep David under wraps for a week or two, and then gradually bring her up to speed. David says he can’t wait to talk to her, and remembering my own introduction, I can hardly wait myself.

The End