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A Taste of Power

Chapter One

Katie turned up the music through her headphones, trying and failing to ignore the rattling of her desk. Did they have to do this all morning? Just living in the same house as Adriana was stressful enough, it didn’t help that she kept inviting her awful girlfriend over, and it certainly didn’t help that the two of them insisted on having loud sex all the time.

She gritted her teeth and focused on her computer monitor, pretending not to notice it shaking back and forth. Every night Lucy would come over, Adriana would only become more unbearable, and she had to hide away in her room to get away from the two of them. She didn’t understand why they were so mean to her! She tidied up after herself, she wasn’t loud or rude or ever in the way, and she never asked anything of anyone. But she couldn’t risk any visit to the kitchen or even the front door without them cornering her and teasing her.

Her stomach rumbled and for a moment she considered sneaking out to the fridge to grab breakfast while her houseguest and flatmate were occupied. Usually Lucy left in the early hours of the morning, but if she stayed past sunrise it always meant she was staying the rest of the day, too. But getting up meant taking off her headphones, and just listening to the two of them was painful in its own way. Katie might have had a little crush on Adriana once, she could admit that. Maybe that influenced her decision to rent a flat with her somewhat. And sure, that did perhaps factor into why it was so unpleasant to know she was with someone else, especially such a mean girl like Lucy. She couldn’t deny any of that. But it wasn’t just that, the two of them were just so loud! She winced as her music failed to drown out an especially passionate moan from next door, accompanied by a rythmic thumping hard enough to detach a poster from her wall. Both Adriana and Lucy were forceful enough outside the bedroom, she could only imagine what exactly there were getting up to in there.

But no, listening to the two of them having sex was only going to make her feel worse about spending all her time on her computer, too shy to leave her room without having a minor panic attack. It must be so easy being someone like Adriana, Katie sometimes thought. She could do whatever she liked, boss people around without feeling anything. Not that she wanted to be someone like that, but... Well, when she caught her reflection in the computer screen she couldn’t help but feel resentful of the pasty nerd staring back at her, bags under her eyes, hunched over a keyboard with giant headphones tangled up in her unkempt curly hair. Dimming the light on her desk, Katie unravelled the blanket she had wrapped herself in and draped it over her head and her monitor. She’d find some videogame to lose herself in and play until Lucy was gone, however long it took. It wasn’t as if she had any other plans this weekend, she had no assignments due in and no friends to hang out with. She could lose herself in some online games, or at least build up enough of a losing streak to direct her anger somewhere less embarrassing.

It worked well enough until a brief dip in volume between matches allowed the noise of the front door slamming to reach her. Katie glanced at the clock. Had it been an hour already? Maybe they were gone... Carefully she removed her headphones and put a single ear to the wall. Nothing. Maybe Lucy had taken Adriana home, or they’d both left for a date elsewhere… This was the only chance she had. Building up her courage, Katie crept over to the door to her room and peeked her head out into the hallway. It was still quiet. Gently she shut it behind her and walked on tiptoes towards the kitchen. She’d make herself a sandwich and then head back. It wouldn’t take long, surely she’d have enough time alone for that… She placed one hand on the door handle, turned it slowly, pushed upon the door and-


Fuck! Lucy was still there, right in front of her. She stared at Katie expectantly, eyeing her up with a smirk on her face, leaning over the counter with her butt barely touching the stool she was perched on. As Katie’s eyes widened in fear, Lucy licked her lips, daring her to come in.

“H-hi” Katie replied, frozen in place like a deer in headlights. She contemplated turning right around and running, but somehow she managed to force herself from her spot and hurried over to the refrigerator. “I was just getting a snack, don’t mind me…”

“Hungry, are you?” Lucy purred, sitting back and crossing her legs. “That’s funny. I’m hungry too.”

“Haha, uh, yeah…” Katie replied, burying her face in the fridge. No doubt she was leading up to something. She just had to get this over with before Lucy could start whatever it was she was planning.

“I’m hungry and yet my darling girl left me all on my lonesome…” Lucy said, emphasising ‘darling girl’ with a hideous breathy moan. “Don’t you think that’s sad, shortie?”

Katie winced at the mention of “shortie”. It was such a silly thing to let bother her, she knew that, but they never called her anything else. Maybe she was a little short compared to most people, but Lucy and Adriana were both so tall it was unfair. Being just under five foot was only made worse by having to spend so much time around two six foot giants. She couldn’t get mad about it though, they’d just tease her more...

“Where’s Adriana?” Katie mumbled, trying to take some control of the conversation. She grabbed her sandwich ingredients and made a beeline to the counter furthest away from Lucy as possible. “Why didn’t you go with her?”

Lucy shrugged. “Ehhh. Family emergency or something, I dunno.” she replied, curling her lip. “Addie got a phone call and said she had to leave. Didn’t want to follow her outside. Weather sucks.”

Katie glimpsed towards the windows at the sunlight barely filtering through the blinds. Even with the blinds drawn she could tell it was a glorious, sunny day. She supposed it was pretty hot for spring, but this was the type of morning that made even her feel bad about shutting herself indoors. She might even have gone out in it if she could have gotten to the shower without the risk of encountering Lucy. “Well, maybe you should go.” she said, hastily assembling her sandwich and piling it onto a plate, grabbing her meal and turning to leave. “You’re even more pale than me…”

“Oh?” Katie heard Lucy get up behind her, and before she reach the door her heart skipped a beat as she felt a hand clamp down on her shoulder. “What was that, shortie?” Lucy’s grip only tightened when Katie tried to pull free. She yanked Katie to face her and bent down to look her in the eyes. “Are you telling me to go away?”

“W-well no, I just meant…” Katie stammered back, her lunch clattering to the ground as Lucy grabbed her. She mentally kicked herself for trying to get in a parting shot instead of just running for the door. “Umm, I-I’m sorry?”

“Aww, you’re sorry?” Lucy threw back her head and laughed in that horrible, hyena-like way she always did. “Oh shortie, you’re so adorable! And such a little baby. I was only teasing you but look, you’re all shivering and scared!” She playfully jabbed Katie in the stomach, only making her shake more. “Oh and look, you dropped your sandwich too! You’ll have to stay here and make another one. Keep me company until my snugglebunny comes back!”

Katie glanced towards the door. She could try and force her way out now, if she knew Lucy wouldn’t chase her… And if she really was waiting for Adriana to come back, things could only get worse. “N-no, it’s fine, I’ll just pick it up and go…” She motioned towards her dropped plate but Lucy only clutched her tighter. “C-can you just let me go, please?”

“Oh, sure thing, shortie.” Lucy spun around and relaxed her grip, causing Katie to stumble backwards as her legs scrambled to find their footing. “Oops!” Lucy said, very deliberately stepping on Katie’s dropped lunch, blocking the kitchen door behind her with her body in the process. “Gosh, I am so sorry! Looks like you have to spend some more time with me now, shortie. Good thing too, because I so hungry...”

Katie clutched the countertop to stabilise herself, head throbbing with the adrenaline from her near fall. She knew she didn’t have to let her walk all over her like this, any normal person would stand up for themselves in her situation, but Lucy was just so domineering, and she could always make it seem like it was her own fault for resisting whenever she tried to do anything back…

“I’m not cooking for you again!” Katie snapped, her bout of self loathing turning to rage. Adriana wasn’t here and it wasn’t like Lucy could kick her out of the house or anything… “Why are you always so mean to me? I don’t treat you like this! I’ve always been nice to you but you just push me around! Can you please just…” Katie trembled, feeling a lump in her throat “c-can you please just leave me alone?”

“Mean?” Lucy gasped in mock offense. “Oh, shortie, no! I am never mean to you!” Katie glared at her, but she kept talking. “I don’t think I’ve ever forced you to do anything… You’re just so helpful and nice! Are you telling me that lovely dinner you made me and Addie wasn’t something you did out of the goodness of your heart? It was such a sweet gesture…” Katie winced and looked away as Lucy walked towards her, towering over her. “That time you cleaned Addie’s room for her too, wasn’t that kind of you? There’s no need to be modest and act like it wasn’t your idea… You looked so cute in that little maid costume! We had such a laugh about that together, didn’t we? I do hope you’re not trying to imply I would ever make you do anything against your will…” Suddenly she reached out and grabbed a lock of Katie’s hair and twisted, yanking her forward. Her insincere, playful smile changed one of sadistic cruelty, her wicked grin only widening as Katie yelped in fear. “Because if you want to tell lies about me then I might just start being mean for real.”

“Get off me!” Katie yelled, pushing back against her to no effect by getting her hair even more tangled in Lucy’s grip. “I-I told you, I’m not making lunch for you! Let me go or I’ll, um…”

“Or you’ll what?” Katie froze. She only came up to Lucy’s chest, and she was so skinny she doubted she could even make her flinch with a punch. She let her arms fall limp in resignation, all too aware of how hopeless this was. “That’s right. You’re not gonna do anything, are you, shortie? Because you’re such a wimp. You can posture all you want but at the end of the day we both know you’re just a spineless little bitch. I know you’d make me lunch if I wanted. You even brought it up without me having to ask! But that’s not what I want from you, shortie…” Lucy pulled Katie closer, so close she was breathing down her neck. “Addie left me all unsatisfied on my lonesome. She’s so inconsiderate, isn’t she? I need a nice girl to help me out, and who better for that than lovely little Katie who does everything I say?”

Lucy let her tongue hang out of her mouth as she finished her sentence, and as Katie felt hot, wet breath on her face her eyes widened with horror. Was Lucy hitting on her? Nobody had ever flirted with her before, not genuinely. How the hell was she supposed to respond to this, and what if Lucy wasn’t going to take no for an answer... Maybe if Adriana knew her girlfriend was doing this they would break up, and Katie would finally be able to feel safe in her own home. Maybe she could just scream and run. But some strange, horrible part of her mind came to a different realisation when she saw the way Lucy was looking at her. Lucy was hot. Not quite pretty and elegant like Adriana was, but Lucy was scarily beautiful. Her tattoos, her black leather boots and ghostly pallor, her skull necklace dangling over her cleavage and those too tight clothes she always wore… She was the very picture of a goth girlfriend, the one everybody hoped would love them back.

Katie shook her head. Those thoughts were not helpful, or normal, or even sane. Lucy was mean, she was awful, and just because someone was showing any interest in her did not mean that she should think they were attractive. “No!” Katie said, finding new resolve to assert herself as best as she could despite her voice cracking, “I-I’m not going to kiss you, Lucy!”

“Kiss?” Lucy paused for a moment, head tilted with a look of genuine bewilderment. Then she burst into laughter. “Oh, shortie, you are so funny! If that’s the sort of thing I wanted I’d hardly be satisfied with just a kiss. Addie gives me so much more than that.” Lucy winced as she recalled the screams and moans and thumps that had kept her up at night so many times. “And really, you say I’m mean but kissing me is what first came to your mind? You really are hopeless, shortie. I didn’t know you liked letting girls walk all over you in that way, too!”

“I don’t!” Katie said, her cheeks flush with embarrassment. “I don’t like anybody walking over me! Y-you’re just a…” The words caught in her throat. This was the first time she’d ever tried standing up to Lucy, she wasn’t going to let herself be treated like this anymore, she just had to make herself heard. “A b-big fucking bully! And I’m not listening to you ever again!”

Neither of them said anything as Katie shivered impotently with rage, as much as was possible with Lucy gripping her. Her throat was so dry and her tongue so heavy, she couldn’t say anything else. She just stared Lucy in the eyes with what she hoped was a look of bold defiance and not the face prey made moments before the jaws closed around its neck.

Finally, Lucy made a move. She let go of Katie’s hair and let her drop before catching her, holding her by the shoulders. “Wow, shortie. You hurt my feelings. I can’t even tease you without you making me feel bad? You’re being just as inconsiderate as Addie, not letting me have what I want when I need it most. Leaving me hungry and lonely.” Katie growled in response, or at least she tried to. It came at as more of a whimper. The face Lucy made back was one of what she assumed was pity, if she was even capable of feeling it. “Tell you what. Why don’t I teach you how to stand up for yourself? If you’re not going to be any fun you can at least be a little less of a loser. How’s that for an apology?”

Katie said nothing. She wasn’t sure she could. Standing up for herself had only made things worse, why hadn’t she just said yes…

“Not gonna say anything? I had a lot else in mind for you when I finally caught you on your own… I really am being nice here, do you get it? People aren’t normally this kind to cowards like you. That’s why you have to be tough.”

There wasn’t any point arguing. Whatever she said or did, Lucy had won. This was all going to be just another horrible game to embarrass and humiliate her, nothing more. Katie stayed silent.

“That’s okay. Ignore me. Because step one of not being a loser is doing what you want. Like me. First lesson: you’re hungry, what do you do? Sit in your room, hiding like a baby until you think it’s safe? No.” Lucy gripped tighter, her fingernails digging into Katie’s shoulder. ”You work out what you want, and you take it.”

Lucy opened her mouth wide and lunged at her, and for a split second Katie thought she saw something like a bright red eyes and a flash of sharp teeth until suddenly she couldn’t see anything.

“Stay still” someone’s voice said, somewhere. Something warm trickled down her neck and a wet tongue lapped it up, licking and slurping.. “Just like that. God your blood is fucking delicious. Addie wouldn’t run off like that again if I told her I’d found someone tastier than her.” The words she could hear and the dull, throbbing pain she could feel were miles away. “You’re such a good bleeder, shortie. Of course you would be. You’re just so eager to give…” The voice moaned with pleasure, breathing heavy between drinks. “You had better make this worthwhile. It’s gonna be such a waste, giving up a perfect little snack like you. Do you promise to be fun when I turn you, shortie? I’m going to make you so hungry, and so mean, but you’re going to have to do the work yourself. Addie’s going to have her hands full with you… And you… you’d better… mhm...” The voice trailed off, overcome with ecstasy. Hands grasped Katie’s body for support. “You’d better be grateful. I’m doing you such a big fucking favour...” Her back hit something solid. She slid down onto the floor, too weak to support herself. A body knelt on top of her, slobbering at her neck. “You wanna assert yourself? You wanna be powerful? You do it… like this...”

Katie drifted in and out of consciousness, minutes turning to hours. At last she felt the licking stop and something pinch her neck. A shadow stood up and loomed over her. “Oh dear,” it said, “can’t have Addie finding you like this, can we? She might get jealous… Let’s get those dirty clothes off, shall we? I know how to wash the blood right out… I’ll put you to bed and nobody’s gonna be any the wiser.” A cold hand grabbed her foot and began to drag her across the floor. “I was gonna bite you anyway, but doing things this way will be so much more fun… Promise me you’ll be interesting, okay shortie?” Katie could do nothing but let herself be dragged. She felt a door open, her body lifted up, and then nothing...

* * *

Katie awoke face down in her pillow, her temples throbbing. Her pillowcase was wet with drool. Bleary eyed, she turned her head to her bedroom’s one window. It was still dark out. Typical, her Sunday lie-in ruined by waking up too early with a pounding headache…

No, that wasn’t right. She forced herself up, her head spinning as the blood rushed to her skull. She’d woken up once already, forced out of bed by the horrible sound of Adriana and Lucy. She’d went to get some lunch and then... gone back to sleep? Thinking was painful. Katie stumbled up out of her bed, lurching over to her desk in search of a glass of water. She reached for one, half blind, nearly spilling it all over her keyboard, and raised it to her lips. It tasted like the inside of her mouth.

She poked at her phone until the display came on, the sudden burst of light sending another throb of pain through her forehead. 10:56pm… Not too late for dinner. Her drink had only made her aware of just how hungry she was. Adriana and her awful girlfriend had gone, hadn’t they? She’d heard them leave, so she’d have the kitchen to herself. Scratching at an itch on her neck, Katie stumbled out of her room and in the direction of food. She’d find something sugary she could pour into a bowl to take her mind off of her hideous migraine...

The sight of her flatmate as she opened the door snapped her out of her tired stupor. Adriana sat hunched over the counter, poking at her phone, her dirty blonde hair bunched messily into a ponytail. Katie blinked slowly as she recalled her earlier meeting with Lucy. She stood still in the doorway for a moment, wondering if entering worth the effort. At least it was only Adriana this time, she was easier to cope with…

“Hey” said Adriana, still poking at her phone. She narrowed her eyes when she lifted her head up to look at Katie. “You’re just gonna walk around the house in your panties now?” Katie looked down. She was wearing nothing but the pair of white frilly knickers she’d gone to bed in. Instantly she raised her hands to cover her chest. She could have sworn she’d gotten dressed as soon as she got up this morning, this type of thing only happened in dreams…

Adriana sighed with frustration as she gestured towards Katie’s feet. “And you’re gonna just dump food all over the floor and leave it out for the ants? For fuck’s sake Katie, I have to live with you, you know.” Katie lifted her leg up to see a slice of bread stuck to the sole of her foot. That’s right, something made her drop her lunch when she came into the kitchen earlier today…

Adriana rolled her eyes as Katie bent down to retrieve it and the assortment of other sandwich ingredients she half remembered dropping. “Some shit happened today and I really don’t want to deal with this right now.”

“Sorry” Katie opened her mouth to say, but something stopped her. This wasn’t fair, it wasn’t her fault, and her flatmate would never apologise for the same... She let the remains of her ruined lunch fall back to the floor and marched over to Adriana, looking her square in the eyes. “Excuse me? You… I’ve… I-I’ve done so much cleaning up after your… after your shit! I have to clean turkey bones, vomit, god knows what else out of the sink every day, you and your… harpy girlfriend keep me up fucking all night, and you get mad at me for this!? I… I—”

Adriana stared back at her, mouth wide open. Her brow began to furrow and Katie realised she may have made a big mistake. “I’m sorry!” she blurted out, dashing back through the kitchen door and slamming it shut. She ran back into her bedroom, bolted the door, and dived onto her bed, clutching a pillow to her face to stop her hyperventilating. She’d really fucked up now, lashing out at her flatmate like that. Adriana would kick her out and then she would have no place to go, she’d have to drop out of university and then-

No. Katie sat back up, throwing her pillow back onto her bed. She closed her eyes and clenched her fists, slowly breathing in and out. There was no need to regret anything, she had been in the right there. Adriana was a bitch. And Lucy, Lucy was the worst person she had ever met. If her flatmate tried to do anything back she wouldn’t just lie down and take it. No reasonable people acted like the two of them did. There had to be some way to get back at them, but how? If anyone treated the two of them the way they treated her they’d be furious. She could make an even bigger mess, but they’d only force her to clean it up… Maybe she could invite a troublesome guest of her own.Taking a loud girl back home with her would be the perfect revenge but she didn’t even have any friends, let alone lovers. Although… She’d never snapped at anyone like that before, let alone Adriana. Katie ran her thumb over her canine teeth as she pondered, the thought of revenge leaving a tingling in her chest. There was a first time for everything...

To be continued.