The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by Pan

Chapter 1:

Amber had picked out her shortest skirt that day—she’d known it would draw a lot of attention, and though she had a large collection of slutty outfits, she’d really wanted to make an impression at the party.

Of course, the skirt wasn’t drawing nearly as much attention as the three cocks she was alternately sucking, or her EE breasts (which had been bared as soon as she’d arrived at the party) or even the presence of Cathy, the young mousey-looking freshman who was kneeling between her legs, licking her out as she fellated the three strangers.

But just in case someone didn’t notice any of that, the short skirt was sure to impress them.

The cock in Amber’s mouth suddenly exploded, causing her to cough and splutter on its offering. A line of cum dripped down the side of her face, and she tapped Cathy, gesturing for her to lick it off.

The lick quickly turned into a passionate kiss, which in turn quickly became a session of snowballing, and the sight of the two college girls passing cum back and forth between their mouths caused the second cock to erupt, dousing both the girls in a fresh load.

“Well,” Amber said, smiling, to the owner of cock number three. “I guess that makes you the winner...”

Amber quickly rearranged herself, and it was only a minute before Cathy was eagerly guiding the cock into Amber’s well-lubricated pussy, then sitting on on Amber’s face as the man fucked her.

I knew this skirt was the right choice, Amber mused, as her tongue reached out and made contact with Cathy’s virgin pussy.

* * *

One month earlier…

Rob stormed up to his room. His bitch of a sister was leaving in two days, and he couldn’t wait.

Until she’d left for college two years ago, he’d never really understood what an unpleasant human she was. As soon as she’d moved out, it was like his whole family had breathed a sigh of relief.

Her presence was practically toxic—it wasn’t even that she tried to be horrible (most of the time)—she was just so used to getting what she wanted that she couldn’t handle anything less. If anything went even slightly wrong, her smiling face would suddenly turn stormy, and the rest of the house would suffer her temper.

The main cause of the problem was her looks—Amber was drop-dead gorgeous. She had an athletic build that she didn’t even have to work for—long, dirty-blonde hair, a perfectly proportioned face, freckles lightly dusted across her nose, and huge, blue eyes.

It was these eyes that had led to Rob’s parents spoiling her non-stop for the first sixteen years of her life. Everything she’d wanted, she’d been given immediately. Often before she even had to ask, they’d provide her with whatever her heart desired.

Not that they were the only ones, of course. Anyone, upon looking at the gorgeous child (who had grown into an even more gorgeous teen) would fulfil her request, often tripping over themselves in their hurry to do so.

When she’s turned sixteen, she’d asked her parents for a car. Rob’s family could easily have afforded it, but they’d noticed how often the young girl was getting her own way, and so they’d refused.

What had followed had been the temper tantrum of a lifetime. She’d refused to leave her room, refused to eat, told her entire family how much she hated them, threatened to leave home, threatened to kill went on and on, until finally, Rob’s father had given in, and taken her to the dealership.

They’d returned with the exact model and make that she’d wanted—it had cost almost twice the family’s main car, but not even Rob’s mother had said a word.

After that, although aware that they’d created a monster, there was nothing that her parents could do. They managed to avoid any more major incidents, made sure to raise their other two children well, and when Amber had graduated high-school and was accepted into a college halfway across the country, they’d paid the fees without hesitation, and waved goodbye a few months later.

The second she left, the whole house had noticeably relaxed…but every summer, she returned for a visit.

It was, without fail, the worst part of Rob’s year. Each and every year, Amber would return, take over the house, invite all of her equally-bitchy friends over, and relentlessly torture her younger brother. For some reason, their younger sister Annie was never the target—perhaps because they were both females, perhaps because Annie was equally gorgeous (but completely unspoiled) or perhaps simply because she knew exactly which of Rob’s buttons to press.

Rob wasn’t born with his sisters’ looks—he wasn’t unattractive, but he certainly wasn’t a head-turner like she was. At one point, he’d entered a local competition to see who could get the most Twitter subscribers—she’d heard about it, and entered as well, just to mess with him.

She’d never updated it, just changed the profile picture to a full-body shot, and emailed a few high-school friends. Word had spread that Amber had a Twitter account, and before long, she’d had over 500 followers, and won the competition without updating her feed even once.

Rob was fairly sure that she didn’t even know how to access her Twitter any more—except for when she’d signed up, she’d never even visited the site. And a year later, she still regularly got new followers—every notification email she received would be read out to the room, just to watch Rob’s face burn with fury.

She had a cruel streak, and it came out when she got bored.

That afternoon had been the worst. He didn’t know how she’d managed to find so many girls as bitchy as herself, but whenever she came back into town, they all assembled in the house, and seemingly dedicated their time to making his life a living hell. He’d been alone in the lounge-room, playing a video game. One of his sister’s hottest friends had wandered in, seemingly by mistake—he didn’t even know her name, but she’d sat next to him on the couch, and asked if she could join in.

A few minutes later, she’d put her arm around him, and started whispering in his ear. He should have seen what was coming—of course he should have seen what was coming—but she was hot, and he was horny, and soon, at her instruction, he’d taken his pants off.

That was the moment when his sister and all her friends had come through the door to point and laugh at him. There had been a strange pause for a few seconds, but it was soon broken, and they’d all simultaneously burst into peals of laughter.

Rob, beet-red, had gone upstairs to masturbate and plot his revenge.

* * *

It was obvious, once he’d thought about it for a while. More than anything, more than even her car, his sister valued her reputation. And while he didn’t have the sway to affect her reputation at her new college, he knew a way that he could slowly and systematically destroy it back at home.

There were a few steps he had to take first. He’d managed to steal his sister’s phone while she was napping on the couch—a simple gmail filter was enough to ensure that if someone decided to email her and tell her what was happening, she wouldn’t receive it. Amber had been first in line to get the new google phone, but a quick glance at it confirmed what he’d suspected—she didn’t have a single app installed.

Then, he needed access to her unused Twitter account.

She’d bought a new phone since last logging into Twitter, so he couldn’t rely on the cookies to get him in. He returned the phone without her even noticing, and quickly put his google-fu to work.

Half an hour later, he had the program he was after—“Master Hacker”—a quick virus-scan didn’t show any malware, so he installed it, and followed the attached instructions. He entered his sister’s Twitter username, her date of birth, the name of their first dog, and all the other personal information he could find.

It was soon done, and he sat there, the empty field in front of him brimming with possibility. The program would remotely update Amber’s Twitter feed, and (he hoped) she’d be none the wiser.

Rob decided to wait until she was out of town—he didn’t want to risk anyone mentioning her feed’s sudden life—and then let the games begin.

Chapter 2:

August 18th: gr8 to be back at school—can’t stop checkin out all the hot guys, lol

August 20th: oh god, homework is so hard. wish i could find a big smart man to do it for me!

August 20th: tuesday night—time to get waaaaasted

August 21st: ugh class on a hangover. not my idea of a good time! i’m too cute to think, right?

August 21st: okay i have no idea what we’re meant to be learning today. checking out my classmates instead—even the girls look pretty sexy.

August 21st: gonna try to convince one of the nerdy guys to run me through what we learned today...and maybe just run me through, lol. wish me luck! ;)

* * *

Steve’s eyes boggled, almost falling out of his head. The sight of Amber’s blonde hair as she bobbed up and down on his cock was almost more than he could cope with. He wasn’t the kind of guy who got head at all, let alone from a hottie like her...

When the blonde girl had walked up to him after class, Steve had looked around, confused. He’d never so much as spoken to Amber in his life—he knew her name, of course, everyone did. She considered herself the queen of the school, and...well, she wasn’t too far off. She ruled at every party, had her pick of men to date, and normally wouldn’t even deign to glance at a nerd like him...but there she was, making eye contact and walking straight toward him. Like he was…like he was a person or something.

“H-h-h...hi?” he stammered, but she just smiled in response, like she found his nervousness cute.


A few minutes later, they were tumbling into an empty classroom. She’d asked if he could “drill her” on what they’d been learning that day, and though Steve was far from experienced, even he couldn’t misinterpret that. Within a minute she had his pants off, and within five he was cumming into her mouth.

“Wow...” he said, and Amber winked at him, opening her mouth to show him her cum before she swallowed it down.

“Don’t tell anyone about this,” she said, a cheeky smile on her face, “and we might be able to do it again...”

Steve just nodded as she left. She was halfway to her next class when she realized that she’d completely forgotten to ask him for notes from class.

With a shrug, she decided not to worry about it. Worrying was for other people, and if she’d started there, she would have had to reflect on her uncharacteristic decision to drink the previous night (something she normally saved for weekends), or the hangover that had hit her so hard that morning (normally she was a girl who held her liquor extremely well.)

Instead, Amber just ran to her next class, hoping she hadn’t missed too much...if she had, she might have to find another boy to “fill her in”. Or maybe even a girl...

* * *

Reading the replies that Amber was getting, Rob couldn’t help but chuckle. On some level, of course, he knew that his sister was hot, but he’d never been attracted to her. He’d seen guys drooling over her in the past, but he hadn’t realized how far-reaching the attraction was until the replies had started pouring in.

“@AmberPeach92 hey girl—I’d love to help out out with your homework. Let me know when and where!”

“@AmberPeach92 havin a crazy nite? me too! hey maybe we shoud get together some tuesday yeah?”

“@AmberPeach92 really ur into girls? lol i never knew! me too lol”

“@AmberPeach92 yeah babe u shudnt have to think if u dont want to...”

Even some of her girl friends were replying.

“@AmberPeach92 u go gurl!!”

“@AmberPeach92 good luck!”

“@AmberPeach92 oh my god I can’t believe it I wish I ha dyour guts!!!”

And best of all, no one thought that it was anyone but Amber writing the tweets...Rob smiled. He could easily turn it up a notch or two without anyone getting suspicious. By the time he was done, everyone was going to think his sister was nothing but a slut...when she next set foot in town, all of her girlfriends would have completely lost respect for her, and she’d be met by nothing but horny guys wanting to take advantage of her.

* * *

August 23rd: things ive learned today: guys really like it when you dirty talk to them! take note, ladies.

August 24th: best thing about living on campus is that if you stay the night after a hookup, its super easy to head home b4 class

August 25th: oh my god its been hot lately. still, i guess it’s a good excuse to show some skin, hey? ;—)

August 25th: mmmm, all those guys checking me out today got me so worked up. time for a glass of wine and a little “alone time”...

August 26th: gawd panties can be a bitch. u no wat? im taking a stand—2morrow, no bra, no panties. who’s with me?

* * *

Professor Moore was halfway through a sentence when Amber flashed him.

A stalwart professional, he managed to finish the thought without hesitation, but his mind began racing immediately. He’d been lecturing for twenty years, and though he’d had his fair share of come-ons, none had been quite so brazen. It was surely deliberate—why else would she have sat in the second row, worn a short skirt and no panties, and spread her legs so far apart?

He made eye contact with her, but she just looked at him as though butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. He continued lecturing, but his eyes were constantly drawn to his star student’s exposed pussy.

Moore had noticed that Amber had been acting differently recently. He normally wouldn’t have cared one way or another, but Amber was...well, she was the kind of girl that you couldn’t help but notice. And in the last week, she’d started coming to class later and later, wearing fewer and fewer clothes, and spending most of her time staring at the other students.

He’d even overheard her chatting up another of the students after class. Again, not something that would normally have stuck in his mind—two decades of teaching causes one to be exceedingly uninterested in the personal lives of students...but she’d been blatantly hitting on a boy who could only be described as a “nerd”.

And now this.

Tempting though it was, Professor Moore knew that he couldn’t respond in any way. Intimacy with a student was off-limits, and he certainly wasn’t interested in putting his job at risk.

Still, if he was ever going to do it, Amber would be the one to do it with...

He shook his head of the thoughts, and tried to avoid staring at Amber’s exposed pussy for the rest of the class.

* * *

The second she got back to her dorm, Amber’s fingers thrust into her soaked cunt. Her teacher was so dreamy, and she was certain that her escapades in class that morning had turned him on. God, she had no idea that showing off could be so hot. The feeling of all those eyes on her, the knowledge that every guy in school wanted to fuck her...

As she came around her hand, Amber grinned widely, a slightly manic look in her eyes. She had no idea she had this latent exhibitionist side, but it was definitely something she was interested in exploring...

* * *

August 27th: oh god, theres nothing like waking up next to a man and having long, slow morning sex. until afternoon ;)

August 28th: ok i’m looking at my wardrobe and i have no idea what i was thinking. god what boring clothes. shopping time!!

August 29th: got some great new stuff! i swear, anyone who sees me in this will want to fuck me for sure.

August 30th: what do u think of my new piercing? maybe i’m exploring my dyke side LOL.

As Rob uploaded the picture, he couldn’t help but be proud of his efforts. He’d had a pirated copy of photoshop for years, and finally found a compelling reason to learn how to use it. The piercing that he’d digitally added actually suited Amber—it was a simple septum piercing, with one end in the shape of a love-heart, and the other in the shape of a star. He was planning on adding a few more piercings over the coming weeks, and maybe even a tattoo or three.

Rob had been careful not to use any family photos. When she inevitably found out about the Twitter account, he wanted to make sure that there was no possible way it could be linked back to him. Master Hacker claimed to be untraceable, so he knew that if he got caught, it would be due to human error. To his surprise, the replies to his last few days of tweeting had continued to be positive, even from some of Amber’s more conservative friends.

“@AmberPeach92 haha, u kno wat? im going to join u! no more panties!”

“@AmberPeach92 holy shit amber id luv to see ur skin. pics plz!”

“@AmberPeach92 Dirty talk? I’ll try it on my husband! I’ll mention it was your idea—I’m sure he’ll love that. ;)”

Perhaps popularity was a self-fulfilling loop, Rob mused. He’d have to really start pushing the boundaries if he wanted the reaction he was looking for...

Chapter 3:

Amber panted with pleasure as Heather’s fingers plunged in and out of her. She’d never really had any interest in being with a woman, but the second she’d come home, the second Heather had laid eyes on her...

Without a word, they’d lunged at each other and attacked each other’s mouths. Heather’s lips were so soft, and her tongue was so insistent...Amber’s hands furiously ripped the girl’s clothes off, and dove straight for her roommate’s pussy.

“Oh, god...” Heather had moaned, as Amber tasted her sweet wetness. She couldn’t believe how turned on she was—they hadn’t even stopped to close the blinds, and the knowledge that anyone walking past could see her—see them—just turned her on more.

Amber got her room-mate off with her mouth twice before Heather had insisted on returning the favour. Now, two hours later, they were just laying on the floor making out, while Heather fingered her. Amber loved that she could taste herself on Heather’s mouth, loved knowing that they’d left a wet patch on the carpet...she just loved everything about the situation.

As she came for the fifth time since returning home, Heather’s fingers withdrew, and they just held each other for a few minute.

“I didn’t know you were a lesbian...” Amber murmured, and Heather laughed.

“I’m not. I’ve got a boyfriend, actually...there was just something about you, something about those clothes. You’re fucking gorgeous, you know that?”

“Yeah...” Amber said with a smile.

There was another long pause.

“So, are you?” Heather asked, and Amber shook her head in response.

“Nope,” she said. “I guess I’m just...exploring my dyke side a bit.”

To the dismay of the gaggle of boys who had gathered outside the window, Amber closed the blinds, and helped Heather get up.

“Oh dear...” she said, a pout appearing on her face. “You’ve gotten all...dirty. Join me in a shower?”

* * *

August 31st: evry day i try to do something i havent done b4. #yolo

October 1st: thinking of getting a tatt or two. tattwo. what do you think i should get?

October 2nd: smile :)

October 3rd: making a guy hard is the sexiest feeling. ive been so busy lately. you know what they say—cocks won’t suck themselves!

October 4th: feeling adventurous! today im going to try 2 men at once. will let y’all kno how it goes ;)

Stalking the campus like a lioness, Amber’s eyes scanned over all the available men.

They just all seemed so...yummy.

Ever since she’d slept with her housemate, Amber’s life had suddenly gotten a lot more interesting. She didn’t know what had made her feel so adventurous recently, but almost every time she left her dorm, she found something new that she suddenly couldn’t resist doing. The groundskeeper, for instance.

Even within her dorm (on the nights she went home) Heather and her had become quite explorative. Amber had been introduced to a range of sexual activities that she’d never even heard of—scissoring, tribbing, rimming, and her new favorite, FISTING…and on the rare occasion that Heather was out and Amber wasn’t, she had been given free access to her dormmate’s large collection of toys, clamps and ropes.

It only took her a few minutes to find two suitable men—she didn’t know if there’d been a sudden influx of hotties to her campus, or if her increased libido just meant that she was suddenly noticing them, but there was no shortage of guys she was interested in exploring.

Rather than approach them directly, she posed and stretched in front of them. It couldn’t have gone better if she’d scripted it—they noticed her almost immediately, and after she’d “innocently” bent over and exposed her lack of panties, they got up and approached her.

“Oh hi!” she’d said with a giggle, and less than five minutes later, both of their cocks were inside of her.

The feeling of fullness, she decided. That was her favorite thing about being used by two men at once. Well, that and the delicious dirtiness of it—more and more, she was finding herself enjoying the feeling of being filthy, a dirty little slut, nothing but a whore designed to take men.

One of the men grunted as he filled her pussy with his seed. I never learned their names… she reflected, before her eyes rolled back and she came. Even as she bucked in orgasm, her mouth never slowed down, and it wasn’t long before the other student was cumming as well.

He pulled out his phone as she opened her mouth to show him his own seed, and though she’d just cum, her pussy heated up at the idea of having the pictures distributed around campus.

Everyone would know what a slut I was…

She’d been planning on a quickie, but the thought of all those men distracted her, and it wasn’t until her nameless friends were cumming inside her for the third time before she remembered that she had a class to go to.

* * *

October 6th: got my first tattoo 2day! and my second, 3rd and 4th. i may have gone a bit overboard ;)

October 6th: check them out! and next time u see me in real life, if you want a look, all you have to do is ask...

The pussy-mound tattoo was Rob’s favorite. For obvious reasons, he didn’t actually have any pictures of his sister showing her pussy mound, but he’d put the effort into picking a girl with a similar skin-tone and build as Amber, and was close enough (he hoped) to fool the ever-increasing group of followers that his sister’s Twitter feed was amassing.

It was three love hearts of increasing size, but positioned as if they were floating out of his sister’s pussy. The accompanying caption was “overflowing with love”, which he was starting to consider photoshopping onto the photo itself, as a new tattoo. Perhaps after her next “visit”, he pondered.

The rest were good as well, but as he’d had to photoshop them onto an actual picture of his sister, the quality was a tiny bit lower. A busty, topless mermaid on her forearm (who bore quite a strong resemblance to Amber herself), a tongue cheekily poking out of full, ruby-red lips...and the words “bad girl” on a heart, tattooed onto her right boob.

No matter what he did, the (normally quite conservative) members of his hometown lapped it up. He’d thought that he would finally be able to shock them when he’d had Amber’s twitter feed announce that she was sucking cock and going to take on two men at once, but instead he’d been sent a huge number of “good luck” tweets, and stories of threesomes, as detailed as 140 characters would allow.

He wasn’t even sure that the shot of “her” pussy would be enough to offend anyone—judging by some of the PMs that he was seeing arrive in the inbox, it would possibly even be welcomed with open arms.

Rob made a mental note to sit down and come up with some stuff that was bound to make Amber’s army of followers look down on her. With a bit of effort, he was sure he’d be able to find something appropriately distasteful...

* * *

The artist raised one eyebrow when Amber showed him her requests.

“You’ve never had a tattoo before...and these are what you want to start with?“

“Exactly,” Amber beamed, adjusting her top to show as much cleavage as possible. It was a trick she’d learned many years ago, but only in the last few weeks had she discovered that there was no need to be subtle about it.

She’d woken up that morning feeling...wrong. Like something was missing. Strangely uncomfortable in her own skin. She’d been halfway through giving the guy she’d brought home a blow-job when she’d realized exactly what it was—she was missing her tattoos.

The thought hadn’t really made sense at first—she’d never had any tattoos to miss—but by the time last night’s pick-up had unloaded into her mouth, and was positioning himself to enter her pussy, Amber had decided that she was overthinking it. It didn’t matter that she’d never had the tattoos, they were hers, and they were missing, and she was going to remedy that first thing in the morning.

Even if it did mean missing another class.

She’d been so excited that she hadn’t wasted time on a shower—the tattoo artist had given her another strange look when he’d gotten to the tattoo she was getting right above her mound—but Amber wasn’t bothered. The thrill she was getting from watching the needle permanently etch her skin with designs felt so good, so right that it was hard to care about anything.

Finally the tattoos were done—the artist carefully put protective plastic over them, but Amber knew that the second she got home, she’d rip it off. She, she needed to see the designs that were going to be decorating her for the rest of her life. They were simultaneously comforting...and hot.

As she went to pay, a pang of doubt hit Amber for the first time. They weren’t cheap—she’d insisted on getting the best artist in town (her body deserved nothing less, she’d told herself) and they were going to eat into a significant chunk of her savings.

Ah well, she thought, forcing the worries out of her mind. I’d happily pay this twice over—if I had to choose, I’d rather have my precious tattoos back than eat!

Chapter 4:

October 7th: hav decided to hold a cock-sucking comp with other girls on college—but can’t decide on prizes! isnt pleasing men its own reward? ;)

October 8th: i won the competition. i think some of the other girls were annoyed with me. hey, no one ever said that boyfriends were off-limits!

October 9th: i can’t even imagine starting the day without waking up to a cock or 2 inside of me

October 10th: u no wat they say—blondes just wanna have anal sex!

Amber was glad to have Heather there, but also a tiny bit embarrassed. It was an awkward position, and while her dorm-mate’s words of enthusiasm and gentle hand-holding were helpful, Amber wanted to make sure that Heather wasn’t going to think any worse of her if she couldn’t go through with it.

On the other hand, of course, having Heather watch her own boyfriend take Amber’s anal virginity was one of the hottest things she could think of.

The topic of anal had come up over dinner—Amber had admitted that she was desperate to try it, and Heather had admitted that she didn’t like it, but her boyfriend bugged her for it all the time. The solution had been obvious.

At first, Graham had been slightly uncomfortable learning what the two dorm-mates had been up to, but when they started demonstrating some of their favourite positions, he’d warmed to the idea. And when the two girls had added that he was allowed to be the first to take Amber’s ass, he had quickly decided that he was okay with everything.

Now Heather was sitting and holding her dorm-mate’s hand as she bit down on a piece of rope, and Graham’s lubed-up cock slowly slid into her. She hadn’t questioned the urge to be fucked in the ass—she’d just accepted it as something that she wanted to do. And Amber prided herself on being the kind of girl who went out and did whatever she wanted to do.

Thirty minutes later, Graham was bucking into her with full force, and Amber was screaming out in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

“Cum inside me!” she cried, simultaneously wanting him to cum so that it would be over, wanting him to cum because she loved nothing more than to bring men pleasure…and wanting it to go on for just a little longer, because she could feel her own orgasm approaching.

Graham obeyed her instructions, and the pair collapsed onto the ground, with Heather watching from the side, wide-eyed.

“Wow...” she said, and when Amber beckoned for her talented mouth to finish the job that her boyfriend had started, she obeyed without question.

* * *

October 11th: all men want me, all women want to be me. its rough being this sexy ;)

October 15th: sorry havent been on ehre much. has been a hell of a ride lately! just like me—check out my new round of tattoos

October 15th: i decided that if ur body is a canvas, u mite as well go all out, hey?

October 15th: also they had a sale where piercings were half price with evry tattoo. it wud hav bin stoopid not to, rite? ;)

This, Rob told himself, this would surely do it.

The images on his computer were no longer that of a Californian beach-babe. They looked like they were from the centrefold of an alternative magazine. He’d spent a few days learning more and more advanced photoshop techniques—it had become an obsession, and one that he’d allowed himself to indulge.

It had started as a fairly tame picture of Amber in a bikini. He’d altered everything except for her face—his sister’s bust-size had been significantly increased, the bikini had been digitally removed, and Rob had given her almost a dozen more tattoos. Above her ass was a pair of bike handlebar’s, inviting anyone who saw her appealing rear to go for a ride. Above that was a bold-type tattoo reading “Daddy’s Girl”, and below was a series of checkboxes with accompanying text: “is a slut”, “loves cum”, “does porn”, “sucks cock”, “is a bimbo”...

All of the boxes were checked.

On her washboard stomach was a tattoo of a centaur fucking a schoolgirl while she deep-throated the huge cock of a minotaur, and on her collarbone was a tattoo of her cunt, exactly to scale. He’d added more topless women, many of them making out, and a pair of kinky nuns—one of them wore a strap-on as big as her leg, and was plowing it in and out of the other’s gaping cunt. On her thigh, he’d given her a tattoo of a holster, carrying an enormous vibrator, and under each nipple was written “clamp me!”

What’s more, he’d altered all of the tattoos he’d added in the first round—the extended tongue was now pointing toward a cock, spraying cum in its direction. He’d followed his gut and included the words “overflowing with love”, but “love” was crossed out, and “cum” scrawled underneath. And the mermaid was now being roughly fucked in the ass, pulling its own nipples as hard as possible.

The piercings followed no particular pattern—she had at least five studs in each ear, an industrial in her left and an ear-cuff in her right. Her nose had one huge piercing, which was connected to her eyebrow ring with a chain. And her left nipple, belly-button, and clit had matching glitter studs.

The half-dozen photos finished uploading to Twitter, and Rob smiled with the knowledge that this would both serve to arouse his sister’s fan club, and destroy any chance she had of every being respected in their hometown again. Even if people knew it was fake, every time they looked at her, they’d secretly wonder if she was pierced, or if that was really what her genitals looked like...

Though he’d never even been remotely attracted to his sister, Rob had been unable to resist rubbing one out as he’d meticulously photoshopped his favourite porn-star’s huge, fake tits and well-fucked, gaping pussy onto the image. Looking at the final product, he reached out and grabbed his lube once more. He wondered how many other people would be getting themselves off, imagining his sister before them, begging for their cum...

* * *

Even after her bank-breaking visit to the tattoo parlour, Amber stood in front of the mirror, almost crying in frustration. She didn’t...she didn’t look right. Something was wrong. Something was wrong with her, and she didn’t know what.

Much of her skin was red from the newly-applied tattoos, but that wasn’t it. That was a necessary side-effect of having the perfect images that she’d woke up suddenly needing, and Amber accepted that. One of her piercings already looked like it was infected—they’d warned her that it wasn’t wise to use anything but the stud for the first week or two, but she’d insisted…

That wasn’t it either. No, it was something else.

“You...ungh...look...oh!...gorgeous, babe...” Heather said, attempting to console her as Graham’s cock slid in and out of her ass. Ever since she’d dyed her hair blonde, in an attempt to emulate her dorm-mate, she’d been insatiable. Graham was barely able to keep up with her—and he didn’t know about the men that Heather and Amber shared on nights that he couldn’t stay over. “You’re so...oh yeah baby...fucking...keep!”

The sound of Heather’s orgasm made Amber smile briefly, but didn’t solve the problem at hand. She turned to the side, and the second she saw her profile, gasped.

That was it.

Until now, Amber had always been happy with what nature had given her—her breasts were perky, reasonably sized, and fit her lithe frame nicely. Now, suddenly, they were completely unacceptable.

Ignoring Heather’s pleas to her boyfriend for “just one more round”, Amber logged on to her internet banking, and looked at her account. The big zero stared at her—it had been sitting there since she and Heather had decided that two cupboards of lingerie just wasn’t enough, but until now, had never really bothered her. One of the various freshman that she’d recently begun to attract had always been able to pick up the tab when they went out—and she’d found a site that paid her just to leave her webcam on whenever she hooked up with Heather or brought a guy home.

Now, suddenly, the lack of funds was an immediate problem.

A quick phone-call to Katie, her latest follower, resulted in an email a few minutes later. A boob-job—a GOOD boob-job, that would make her tits the perky EE-cups that she knew they were meant to be—would cost more than she made in a year. It would cost almost as much as her college tuition for the next year...

Slumping back in her chair, Amber tried to imagine life without the big, round tits that she knew she had to have. It wouldn’t be worth it—guys would look at her face to talk to her, and her tit tatts wouldn’t be grotesquely stretched. What would be the point of living?

Almost as much as her college tuition...

Amber’s brain started ticking, and a few minutes later, she was logged into her parent’s account. She accessed the funds that they had set aside for her final year, and transferred it straight into the account of the surgeon that Katie had sent her. She’d have to reward that girl somehow—perhaps she could be the first to “try out” the new tits.

A few phone-calls later, and she was booked in. A wide, manic smile appeared on Amber’s face, and she turned on her webcam and jumped into bed with her dormmate. Despite Graham’s protests, watching the two young college girls make out for a few minutes managed to put a bit of life back into his dick, and it wasn’t long before Amber was on top of him, bouncing up and down...

Bouncing. After the surgery—that’s when she’d really be bouncing. Amber shut her eyes and smiled at the idea...

Chapter 5:

The first drink had been a bad idea. The second-through-fifth drinks had been a direct result of worsened judgement, caused by the first drink…and everything after that was a wash.

Rob sat up, his head throbbing. Glancing at the clock, he knew without looking that it was past 10. And that meant that Amber was home.

He’d been dreading the day so much that he’d decided to have one drink—just one, was the plan—to celebrate his last night of pleasantness. After the fourth drink, he’d come up with the idea of updating his sister’s Twitter account again...

Suddenly wide awake, headache forgotten, Rob’s mind started racing. The Twitter! What had he written? He’d remembered being frustrated—the pictures of his sister, covered in tattoos, completely naked, pierced almost everywhere one could be had not only failed to cause shock and outrage, but everyone seemed to admire her.

There had been the expected lewd replies, but nothing else. No expressions of disgust, no judgemental messages, nothing.

And so Rob had decided to destroy his sister’s reputation as much as he could.

October 18th: i am a dirty slut who only exists for men to cum in LOL ;)

October 18th: dirty mind, dirty cunt, dirty ass, dirty mouth...that’s me! i guess im just dirty

October 18th: god i love being used and abused. if i could b raped for a living i would!

That had gotten a few replies, but the one that had really set Rob off had been from a girl he’d always remembered as being sweet and kind—her only fault was being a little bit too religious. She’d simply said

@AmberPeach92: haha, isn’t that the dream?

He’d taken a huge swig of the port that he was drinking, and really let loose.

October 18th: can’t wait to go home—daddy’s a ex-pornstar, and he says he’s going to teach me how to fuck like a pro

October 18th: mom was a stripper for so long she sometimes forgets to keep her clothes on LOL—guess thats where i get it from!

October 18th: god i hope daddy fucks me in the ass. its been so long...

October 18th: the hardest quesiotna ne1s ever assed me is whos da betta fuck—mom or dad

October 18th: on one hand dad is ENORMUS but mom’s got such a long tung

October 18th: n boy does she know how to use it

October 18th: i guess ull get 2 see! dad has organised a film shoot to celebrate my return

October 18th: ,aybe ill finally have a film that outsells 1 of daddys...

October 18th: itll b a reel famil

He’d stopped typing halfway through that Tweet, but the damage was done. What was worse, he’d fallen asleep with Master Hacker still open...if Amber had come in, she would have seen exactly who’d been spreading rumours about her.

Rob gulped. The fact that he was still alive was the only evidence he had that suggested he hadn’t yet been found out—he decided that he should go downstairs and face the music.

* * *

The plane-ride home had been good. As Amber had sat back in her seat and relaxed, she’d really had time to do some self-reflection. When she was at college, it was just sex, sex, sex...there was never any time to think.

Not, of course, that she was complaining. In fact, she thought, sex was really when she felt happiest. It was fun, she was good at it...and best of all, she got to get men off.

Amber loved getting men off.

She hadn’t really thought about it like that before—she’d been pursuing sex out of an inner drive, a desire to get fucked, but that wasn’t what it was all about. It was about getting men off.

And who was best at getting men off? Not good girls, that was for sure. Sluts. Sluts were good at getting men off, and since Amber was the best at it, that made her a slut. Nothing but a filthy slut. Her new breasts, her long legs, her toned all existed for getting men hard, and then her mouth, her ass, her cunt...they existed for getting men off. She existed for getting men off.

Since that was why she existed, they were really all the body parts that mattered. Her mouth, ass and cunt. The rest of her existed to support them, and (as an added bonus) to turn men on.

Amber was suddenly aware of the other men on the plane. How rude of her! She’d been in their presence for almost 10 minutes now, and she hadn’t offered to get any—or all—of them off.

Well, she could certainly make up for lost time...

* * *

Rob nervously walked downstairs, and was shocked by what he saw.

Lights. Cameras. A director. Boom mikes, a few crew-members bustling of them was holding a clapperboard.

Had his parents decided to let someone film a movie in their house?

Just as his brain was processing the sights before him, Rob saw what all the cameras were pointing at. His father, completely naked, having sex with some tattooed teenager, naked except for her heels, while his mother stood to the side in a short skirt, forcing a large toy into her cunt.

What had happened to his parents??

Rob’s hangover completely cleared as the last piece of the puzzle clicked into place. As his father pulled the girl’s hair, her face came into view, and he realized that it was...

It was Amber.

She was covered in tattoos—the tattoos that he’d designed and digitally added to her body—and her breasts were enormous. Rob just stood there, open-mouthed, and stared as his father plunged his enormous cock into Amber one more time, and bellowed as he came. She smiled like a cat with milk, and flipped Rob off as her own orgasm approached.

Rob staggered back upstairs, unable to cope with what he’d just seen. Even one storey up, he could still hear the sounds of his family copulating for the cameras, and he sat on his bed and tried to process what he’d just seen.

Amber had...she was...his parents...

Everything he’d written on his Twitter had come true.

The thought took a few minutes to form, several more to gestate, and almost an hour to finally sink in.

When it did, he gave it another ten minutes, just in case he’d missed something. He went downstairs and peeked at the new scene that they were filming—his father was roughly fucking Amber’s face, while his mother pounded her ass with a strap-on—and went back upstairs.

Everything he’d written on this Twitter had come true.

He spent a few minutes reading over his tweets of the last few months—the images he’d uploaded, the off-hand comments that he’d made, the drunken posts of the previous night. Once he’d read all of his posts, he sat on his bed for a while longer, thinking.

Finally, he stood up, opened Master Hacker, and typed one final tweet.

October 19th: dont think ill be going back to college next year! need brother’s huge cock too much...can’t imagine going a day without it inside me!

As he hit “submit”, Rob smiled. He listened as there was a brief argument downstairs, followed by the sounds of his sister’s six-inch heels on the staircase. His door opened slowly.


“Come on in, sis.”