The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Team Player

by J. Darksong

Danielle Gellar sighed nervously, pacing back and forth, waiting for her turn to speak to the coach. She was still new to the team, a walk-on who’d auditioned and had done remarkably well, but had merely been told to wait to hear the coach’s decision. She fought the urge to twist a lock of her long chestnut brown around her finger, a nervous habit from her youth. Which was, really, ridiculous! She was a gifted athlete, after all, the star setter of her high school team. They’d gone to the State championships two years in a row, and had won the title the second time around due in no small part to her. But... that was high school... kid stuff. College level volleyball was a completely different game altogether, just a step away from becoming professional. And Long Beach State was California’s premiere volleyball school.

Just relax, Danielle, she told herself. Just relax and breathe. You did fine. Hell, you did awesome. The coach just probably wants to congratulate you in person... without embarrassing the other players. Yeah... that’s it. There’s no reason to be nervous at all...

The door opened, and another student, a cute little redheaded pixie named Julie walked out. Her eyes were wide and glassy, and she stumbled a bit as she walked by, nearly bumping into Danielle. “Mmmm... sorry. Excuse me,” she mumbled softly, shaking her head briefly before shuffling along down the hall. Slightly alarmed at the other prospective player’s dazed state, she wondered idly what kind of lambasting the coach had delivered to the poor girl.

Geez... I didn’t think she did THAT bad. Maybe I should save myself the humiliation and bow out now while I have the chance...

“Ah! Miss Gellar,” Coach Susan Schuler said brightly, sticking her head out of the door. “Just the young lady I wanted to see. Please, come in!” Sighing inwardly, clenching her hands into fists to keep from playing with her hair, she walked into the office. And blinked, nodding in surprise. Coach Schuler’s office was a far cry from the usual team leader’s office. For one thing, it was very girly, with lot of pink fringe and lace all around. Secondly, it was tastefully and somewhat expensively decorated, with a large well padded couch in the corner, track lighting instead of the usual overhead fluorescents, a big screen, flat screen TV monitor on the far wall, and a pair of padded recliners across from her desk and her own black leather Barcalounger. The room even smelled nice, with a pleasant flowery scent in the air—again, a far cry from the sweaty grimy gym smell of most athletic institutions.

“Please, have a seat,” Susan said sweetly, and Danielle sat down nervously, still unsure why she’d been called in. “First of all, Danielle—may I call you Danielle?” the brunette nodded, “—I just wanted to say, wow... your performance out there was truly spectacular. You’re really good. Very good. One of the best setters I’ve seen in years. I’d be happy to offer you a spot on the team.”

“R-really?” Danielle said in surprise. “T... that’s great! Thank you, Coach! I was just hoping I didn’t embarrass myself too much out there—”

“Yes, yes, you were fine, my dear,” Susan replied with a wave of her hand. “Still, the reason I called you back was to discuss some of the, ah... finer points of being a Long Beach Bomber.” She sat back in her chair, fingers steepled as she spoke. “You know the old saying—there is no ‘I’ in ‘team’. That’s especially true in volleyball. One player can’t win the game alone. You win by having the entire team work together in unison, like cogs in a well-oiled machine.” She sighed. “You’re a great player, Dani... I just hope you can learn to conform, to fit into the slot we need you to play, and work together with the other players.”

Danielle nodded, smirking inwardly. Ahhhh... now I get it! I guess I was TOO GOOD out there! She’s worried about me showing up the other players with my killer moves! She just wants me to tone it down a bit so I won’t look like such a hot dog in front of the other girls! Yeah... I can do that.

“To that end,” Susan continued, hitting a small switch on her desk, causing Danielle’s chair to swivel and turn one hundred and eighty degrees, “I’d like you to watch this short little video about our team here at Long Beach... how we play, what our goals are—you know, the whole ‘getting to know you’ spiel.” She tapped another button, and the lights dimmed, as the view screen on the wall switched on. “And, just to make sure you enjoy the show,” Susan added, flipping a third switch, causing Danielle’s chair to vibrate, the seat warmer heating up, and the surround sound speakers on the sides of the headrest coming to life as well.

On screen, a bright light flashed, momentarily stunning her, as a series of multicolored shapes began to flood the monitor, shifting, pulsing, strobing, as a soft voice began to whisper in her ear...

* * *

“Danielle? Hey? Dani!”

Danielle blinked, gasping, sitting up, glancing up at the person speaking to her. “K...Karen?” she asked, frowning. She was back in her dorm room again, at her desk... but... wait? “How did I... when did I...?” she started, shaking her head. The last thing she remembered was... the coach’s office? She was watching some kind of... movie? A video? It was all kind of fuzzy after that... she vaguely remembered stumbling out of the coach’s office, nearly bumping into another girl waiting to go in... mumbling an apology, and stumbling her way back to her room. But... it all seemed like a dream, like she’d been sleepwalking or something...

“Hello? Earth to Dani?” Karen repeated, waving a hand in front of her face to get her attention. “I asked how the tryout for the Bombers went? You were all hyped up about it earlier, and when you came back, you didn’t even say a word.”

“The tryout? Oh...” Danielle murmured, shaking off her fugue. “Oh, sorry. I did okay. Great, actually. I made the team!” She grinned, a bit of her spark coming back to her. “I actually did so well that the coach asked me back to her office for a private talk about toning it down a bit, so I don’t overshadow the other players.”

“Hey, that’s great!” Karen enthused, patting her lightly on the shoulder. “After the way you lead the team to victory in high school, it’s little wonder!” She sighed. “So, anyway... wanna head over to the Student Union Building and grab something to eat, maybe hang out for a bit at the REC, and bowl a few frames?”

“Sorry, Karen,” Danielle said with a yawn, “but after the tryout, and that long speech from the coach, I’m feeling totally wiped. Just gonna grab a few winks, ’kay?” Moving over to her bed, she flopped down, eyes closing before her head even hit the pillow. “I’ll catch up with you tomorrow.”

* * *

The next day, Danielle felt more like her old self. After a few classes, and catching up with her friends, she dropped by the Pyramid gymnasium to meet up for her first practice. Whistling softly as she stepped inside, she noted a few of the other girls warming up, doing stretches and sprints. The coach blew her whistle, clapping her hands loudly. “Okay, girls, time to get ready for practice. Everyone to the locker room to change.”

“Woo hoo! Uniforms!” Danielle cheered as she followed the other girls to the locker room. “You know, I’ve really missed being part of a team. High school was so fun... but being able to play for a college team this way is... is...” She paused as she opened her locker door, staring in stunned surprise at the uniform hanging inside. “Wh... wha... what the HELL is this?!?” she yelled, pulling her ‘uniform’ out on its hanger, holding it up for everyone to see. A uniform that consisted of a very tiny ripped up blouse that was little more than a bikini top, and a pair of equally short shorts little more than a spandex bikini bottom. “Is this some kind of joke? Is that it? Is this ‘haze the new kid’ day or something? You guys trying to mess with me or something?”

“Huh? What are you talking about?” a tall, voluptuous dark skinned girl asked, removing her own uniform from her locker, and began removing the clothes she was wearing. Danielle’s eyes went wide, and she averted her gaze, blushing furiously at the image of the young black girl’s large heavy breasts bouncing freely still flashing in her mind’s eye. Gah gah gawwwd... she’s... a double-D cup at least... how the hell... can she even walk, let alone play... without knocking herself unconscious?

She stood and gaped as, all around her, the other girls simply stripped naked, slipping into their so-called uniforms without complaint. Normally, such a display would have made her turn away instantly, uncomfortable with so much naked flesh around her... but for some reason, she just couldn’t seem to turn away...

“Hey, Rookie?” Coach Susan asked, jarring her out of her trance,” what are you doing? Time to get dressed so we can play some V-ball!”

“Y-yeah. Sorry.” Danielle mumbled, “but coach? What gives? You CAN’T be serious about this... this... lingerie version of a uniform? I mean, okay, practicing in private like this, maybe... and that’s a serious maybe! But there’s no way this is a legal uniform! No way the NCAA would allow something like this!”

Susan merely chuckled, shaking her head. “Ah. I see. Well, I suppose that’s to be expected. Newbies have that reaction at first all the time. Just let me say that, yes, that IS our official team uniform, and yes, I am being perfectly serious. And yes, the NCAA did give their approval, albeit somewhat reluctantly... I had to go to the committee and make an appeal in person. It IS a bit skimpy, but it covers all the necessary areas, is all one color, and meets all of the rules and regulations for college level uniforms for volleyball.”

Danielle groaned softly. “This is crazy! There’s no way I am going to play volleyball in front of anyone dressed like this!” She tossed the uniform back in her locker and slammed the door. “If this is what it takes to play on this team, then you can forget it. I don’t wanna play THAT badly—”

“Well, Dani, that’s just too bad,” Coach Susan cut in, crossing her arms at her chest. “And here I thought you were more of a team player...“

Danielle gasped. “Wh... what did.. you say?” she asked, as a wave of vertigo swept through her.

“Oh, you know... that I THOUGHT you were a team player,” Susan repeated, smirking as the dark haired girl’s eyes glazed over. “You know, someone willing to put the team’s needs above their own. I thought you were that kind of person... someone willing to sacrifice for the good of her teammates.” She walked slowly over to Danielle’s locker, opening it again, taking out the uniform, and holding it up in front of her. “So tell me, Dani,” she asked, placing the small scraps of fabric into her outstretched hands. “Are you that kind of person? Are you a... team player?“

Dani nodded slowly, a vacant smile etched onto her face. “Yeah, Coach,” she replied, beginning to unbutton her blouse. “I’m a team player. I’d do anything for the team. The team is all that is important.” She blinked slightly, as all the lessons she’d ‘learned’ previously in the coach’s office slid into place inside her mind. Slipping swiftly into her uniform, she hurriedly followed her teammates outside onto the practice field.

* * *

“Whew! Good game, girls!”

Danielle jerked slightly as the whistle blew, shaking her head. She felt a moment of confusion, of disorientation, as if she’d been one place, blinked, then found herself somewhere else completely different. Huh... kind of the way I felt after that meeting in the coach’s office... she mused. She frowned, glancing down at her hands, and the volleyball she was still clutching. She’d been about to serve again when the coach had called it a day. Taking stock, she found that she was panting, and sweating, her arms and legs slightly sore after the work out she’d just had.

Oh yeah... practice. Of course. No wonder I’m so worn out. Coach really is a bit of a slave driver... still I guess it worked. We were so in tune with each other out there, it’s like we were all working on autopilot, just reacting without even having to think! She chuckled at that. She’d often got into ‘the zone’ playing before, but never as deeply as she had just now during practice.

“Hey! Gellar! The ball!” her dark skinned teammate, yelled, hand outstretched. Without a thought, she tossed it, noting with interest as the girl caught it easily with one hand, swirling it on one finger before tossing it over her shoulder into the basketball net above her, and down into the waiting ball cage. Walking over, she grinned, smacking her lightly on the rump. “Good game out there today, Gellar! You’re pretty good. Lots of hustle. I like that.”

“Thanks,” Danielle replied, blushing hotly, a momentary image of the girl’s naked breasts flashing through her mind. “Um, ah, and it’s ‘Danielle’, actually... or Dani to my friends,” she added. “You’re pretty good too! I don’t know how you managed to move like that... scooping up the ball from those impossible angles! If that had been me, the ball would have hit the ground at least a dozen times!”

The girl shrugged, grinning. “Yeah, well, I play a lot of beach volleyball in the off season too. It’s pretty much second nature. The hard part is in NOT diving to the hardwood floor after a ball like I would in the sand.” She held out a hand. “And the name’s Barbara... or Barb, to my pals.”

“Good to know you, Barb,” Danielle replied, shaking her hand. Umm... and maybe getting to know you a bit more later... especially those hands, and those strong, limber fingers... She blinked in confusion. Wait... what? Where the heck did THAT come from? Gah... first time in a year back on a women’s sports team and I’m getting thoughts like that? Maybe Karen is right... I need to get laid. Badly.

“Okay you two, off to the showers with you,” Coach Susan barked, tweeting her whistle again. Chagrined, Danielle ran off to the shower room, even as Barbara hung back for a bit. Once she was gone, the coach nodded. “So, what do you think?” she asked her dark skinned player. “Think she’d adapting to the program?”

“So far, so good, I’d say,” Barb replied, still staring at the door the brunette had just walked through. “Other than that scene in the locker room, she hasn’t said anything about the uniforms so far,” she stated, gesturing to her own barely-there clothing. “And well, that look she gave me just now before you interrupted... I’d say she was just short of jumping my bones!”

Susan laughed. “Well, who wouldn’t?” she responded with a leer. “You’re one hot piece of ass. And to think, when you first joined the team three years ago, you were just as skittish and headstrong as she is.”

“And strongly hetero as well, Coach,” Barb purred, leaning into the older woman, pressing her impressive cleavage against hers. “Of course, a few sessions with my dear Coach helped cure me of that affliction.” She sighed. “I just hope it doesn’t take as much to break her as it did to break me. She’s a good player... a little bit of a hotdog, maybe, but really good. I’d hate to have to sideline her for a few weeks until her programming settles into place.”

“Hey! Whether she sits the bench or plays is MY call, you know?” Susan groused, pinching Barbs nipple lightly with a smirk. “You might be the team captain, but I’m still the coach! Besides which, you’re a senior this year, Barb. At the end of the year, you’ll be moving on, probably hitting the pro circuit. I’m hoping you can take this new girl on and help shape and mold her into taking your place once you’re gone.”

“Mmm? You mean on your team, or in your bedroom, lover?” Barb asked with a wicked smirk of her own. Forestalling an answer, she leaned in, giving her coach a searing, toe-curling kiss that left them both breathless.

“Mmm... damn, woman,” Susan replied after a moment, eyes slightly glazed. “I’ll say this for you. With your skills, you can definitely train Dani to take over for you... but believe me, sweetie...she’ll never replace you. Now then, player,” she added, slapping her lightly on the bum, “you stink of sweat! Hit the showers!” Giggling, Barbara sprinted off for the locker room to do just that.

* * *

“So, how it’s hangin’ Dani?” her friend and classmate Richard asked, leaning against her desk as she was packing up after class. “I heard through the grapevine that you recently joined the volleyball team. How’s that working out?”

“Oh, not too bad,” Danielle replied with a shrug. “And, Richard, please, I told you, it’s ‘Danielle’.”

“Yeah, um, okay, sorry, Danielle,” he said with a smirk. “So, is it true? You’re officially a Bomber?“

“Yep,” she replied with a grin. “I sure am. And we have our first home game this Saturday. I’m hoping you’ll come out to cheer us on!”

“No doubt!” Richard replied with a grin. “This school is very big on supporting all its athletic teams... I just hope I can get tickets.” He sighed. “So, um... Dani, er, elle... I was thinking... would you maybe wanna catch a movie together at the SUB tonight? A friend of mine is working the projector, and he mentioned that the SUB managed to get an advanced copy of ‘American Sniper’ fresh from the theaters.”

Danielle blinked, frowning slightly. “Um... sounds like fun,” she said slowly, sliding her books swiftly into her backpack, zipping it up, “but I, um... I have a thing, that, ah, I have to tonight. Sorry!”

“Um, okay,” Richard replied with a shrug. “Well, how about Friday night instead?”

“Er, no, sorry,” she replied, getting up, hurrying out of the room. “I have something to do then as well. I’ll, um, talk to you later... bye!” Richard, disappointed, and slightly confused, merely shrugged, and turned to leave as well.

“Hey! Hey, Dani, wait up!” Karen called after her, running to catch up to her just outside their dorm room later. “Dani... what was THAT all about?”

“What do you mean?” she asked, frowning again.

“What do I mean? Don’t play coy with me, Danielle,” her blonde friend responded, arms crossed at her chest. “That whole little exchange between you and Richard after class just now? He was totally into you... and you just brushed him off!”

“I didn’t brush him off,” Danielle said defensively, glancing away. “I just... um... you know... have something else I have to do, that’s all...”

“Really? Something more important that going out with the guy you’ve been mooning over since junior high school? If he’d so much as given you the time of day last year, you would have fallen all over yourself to say yes! And you would have been screaming and shouting it from the rooftops afterwards! So come on... fess up. What’s going on with you lately?”

“Nothing... I’m fine, really,” Danielle insisted, frowning deeper, even as she considered her friend’s words. Karen’s right. I’ve crushed on Richard ever since the eighth grade! Just last week I was lamenting about how we both went to the same school shared two of the same classes, and he barely even knew I was alive. And yet, now, when he started show interest in me... I just... She shuddered. It made my skin crawl... I was totally creeped out. And... it doesn’t make any sense!

Karen continued to stare at her for a moment longer, before sighing, shaking her head. “All right. If you say so. It’s just... I dunno, Dani, but ever since you joined the Bombers you’ve been acting kinda weird. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were on drugs or something.”

“Sorry. I think maybe I’m just really tired,” she said after a moment. “Practice is really hard... harder than I thought it would be. Coach Susan is all about teamwork. It doesn’t matter how well we play individually, it’s how we work as a team that she cares about. Sometimes I feel like a damned robot, a mindless drone, simply repeating the same motions over and over again, or reacting to whatever command my operator gives me without even thinking about it.” She shook her head. “But, I have to admit, it works for us. We might be just cogs in a machine, but it’s a well-oiled machine, one that operates with pin-point precision.”

Karen chuckled softly, shaking her head. “Well, it sounds weird to me, but it certainly seems like you’re enjoying yourself. You’ve definitely become one heck of a team player.”

Danielle gasped, blinking rapidly. “Wha... what did... you say?” she asked, her voice trembling slightly.

“I said, you’re one heck of a team player,” she repeated, only to gasp in shock as Dani pulled her into a deep kiss. “Mmmmmppph... Dani?” she gasped in surprise. Dani, meanwhile, simply grabbed her doorknob and twisted, pulling them both into her room.

“Mmmm, Coach,” she breathed, scrambling to take off her clothes. “I’m ready to be a team player. Please, show me how to be the best team player I can be!”

Karen stood, wide eyed, stunned, not sure what to do or even think. Her best friend was acting completely insane, kissing her, coming on to her, stripping naked in front of her. It was totally unlike the girl she’d known and grown up with. And yet... she felt her arousal stirring deeply by the sight before her. Truth be told, she’d fancied the spunky brunette since puberty, but knowing Danielle was completely straight, she’d never for a moment let herself imagine that she could ever be in this kind of situation with her best friend.

She looks... and is acting, like a damned zombie, Karen mused, like she’s in a trance or something. I... I can’t take advantage of her this way, She swallowed. Even if she is there, open, and vulnerable... and ripe for the taking...

“Coach?” Dani asked, sounding so lost and unsure. “What do you want me to do?”

Ahhhh... fuck! Karen groaned inwardly, moving over to Danielle’s bed. I’m not made of stone, after all. “Okay, Dani, sweetheart,” Karen husked, kicking off her shoes, “let’s see how well you’ve learned what you’ve been taught. Come here, and show your coach what you’ve learned.“

* * *

Sometime later, Danielle yawned, and stretched, opening her eyes. Then screamed, jerking up out of her bed in a panic. “KAREN?!? What the hell? What are you doing lying in my bed naked?” She blinked. “For that matter, what the FUCK am I doing lying next to you full assed naked as well?!?”

If she was disturbed by the outburst, Karen didn’t show it. “Dani, sweetie, we need to talk,” she said seriously, sitting up and wrapping the bedsheets around herself. “Please, calm down, and have a seat.”

“Calm down? Calm down?” she exclaimed, moving back to the bed. “How the HELL am I supposed to calm down when I wake up and find myself like this?!?”

“And yet, as mad as you are, you still did just what I asked,” she pointed out. “Dani... I’m sorry about taking advantage of you like this. But there’s a larger issue at play here. Hon... you’ve been compromised.”

“Compromised? What does that even mean!” Danielle screeched, standing up.

“Dani, calm down!” Karen snapped, letting a bit of her own frustration show. Chastened, Danielle sat back down on the bed. “Sorry. What I meant by that was that you’ve been hypnotized... brainwashed somehow. And I’m pretty sure it was your new team’s head honcho Coach Susan Schuler that’s responsible.”

“What? That’s crazy! Coach Susan would never do anything like that! And anyway, what makes you think I was brainwashed? That kind of thing doesn’t happen in real life...”

“It happened in the hallway. I was talking to you, and something I said put you into a trance,” Karen insisted.

“Really? What did you say? What words?”

“Well, I can’t say them out loud, doofus, or you’ll go back into a trance, and wake up after we’ve had another round of... um... you know,” she said, blushing hotly. “And anyway, that’s not important right now. You still don’t believe me? How else do you explain all the weird stuff that’s been happening to you lately?” Karen countered, causing Danielle to pause and consider. “Even discounting the fact that you come back from every single practice like a zombie, and pass out cold on your bed ’til the next morning... is there any conceivable reason why you’d reject your heartthrob Richard and try and seduce your best friend? Or any reason you wouldn’t remember exactly how you came to wake up exactly where you did just a moment ago?”

“I... I mean,” she started, only to shake her head in denial. Everything Karen was saying made sense... and yet she couldn’t make herself believe it. She literally could not make herself believe it... which in and of itself was troubling. Sighing heavily, she shook her head. “Okay... so let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that you’re right. What now? What do we do about this?“

“Well... umm... I mean,” she said, floundering. She hadn’t really thought that far ahead. “We have to confront her,” Karen said, resigned. “If we can’t scare her into confessing, then maybe we can get some proof. If she’d done this to you, there’s no telling how many other members of your team she’s done this to. If we go to the authorities with what we have now, we’ll just get laughed at. No way they’d believe us... hell, it happened to you and YOU don’t even believe it.” Dani shrugged. She had a point.

“Okay. Today was a rest day,” Dani said after a moment, “so no practice. It’s late, so Coach is probably at home, resting up or getting prepared for Saturday’s game. We could go over to her apartment and confront her there while she’s alone.” She shrugged. “Not that I believe this whole mind control angle... but IF you’re right, we’re better off talking to her by herself than when she has the team with her.”

* * *

“Coming, I’m coming,” Coach Susan called out as she made her way to the door. Pulling her bathrobe closed and belting it tight, the raven haired coach opened her door to find two students standing outside. “Ah, Ms. Gellar! Good evening. Nice to see you again. And... you’ve brought a friend with you as well. What can I do for you ladies?”

Danielle glanced away, obviously uncomfortable with what they were doing, but Karen refused to back down. “We know what you’ve been doing, Coach,” she said, pushing her way into the apartment. “We both know, and we’re here to ask you to explain yourself before we go to the Dean.”

Susan blinked in surprise, but otherwise showed no sense of alarm. “You know what I’ve been doing, hmm?” She mused, walking over to her couch, sitting down, crossing her legs. “Well, dears, I have a lot of stuff going on at the moment, so maybe you’ll be kind enough to enlighten me as to what it is you know about me?”

“We know that you’ve brainwashed Dani, and the other girls, and turned them into your personal sex slaves!”

“What?” Susan asked, eyes wide, then laughed, shaking her head. “Ohhhohohoho... ohh, oh thank god! Yes, yes, that’s right. Whew. For a moment there I thought you were going to say something else!” She sighed, wiping the tears from her cheeks. “Yes, you’re right. I have brainwashed the entire volleyball team. They’re all my obedient thralls.”

“WHAT?!?” Both girls exclaimed, Dani in disbelief, Karen in surprise that she would actually admit it up front so easily.

“I said, you’re right. I’m the supreme Mistress of the Long Beach Bombers,” Susan declared, walking over to her kitchen, returning with an ornate teapot and three teacups. Setting it on the end table in front of them, she gestured for them to help themselves. “Please, have some. I’d just brewed myself a pot before you arrived.”

Dani reached for a cup, but Karen pulled her arm back. “Are you crazy? It’s probably drugged!”

Susan merely shrugged, pouring herself a cup. “Suit yourself,” she stated, sipping lightly. Karen and Dani glanced at one another, and reluctantly poured a cup of tea as well, drinking, nodding in appreciation.

“So... um. Why did you admit to taking control of the Bomber’s minds so easily?” Karen asked, curious.

“Why? A better question would probably be, why do it at all,” Susan replied, crossing her legs again. “Do you know the biggest problem with college athletics? It’s that it doesn’t matter how successful or prestigious your team is. No... what matters in the end is how POPULAR your team is.” She sighed. “Men’s sports gets the lion’s share of the funding and advertising. Men’s football, men’s basketball... hell, even men’s soccer, volleyball and lacrosse, all get more buzz than any of the women’s sports. The Bombers are a championship volleyball team, have gone to the playoffs for seven years in a row, and won five of them. But did anyone care? Our ticket sales were in the basement, and we’d be lucky to sell a thousand seats even at a playoff match!”

She sighed heavily. “I used to go to this school too, back in the day. I was a bit of an anomaly... a ‘smart jock’, so to speak. I was on the volleyball and basketball teams, and I majored in psychology. When I graduated, I came back here to serve as an assistant coach to Coach Williams, and for two years I watched as our teams won time and time again to lackluster crowds of diehard fans barely in the triple digits. It was frustrating... and stupid... and it finally drove Coach Williams to give up and retire. It was then that I had an epiphany.” She sipped lightly from her teacup. “People watch men’s sports for the competition. But people watch women’s sports for the T&A. If I wanted to draw the crowds, and bring some real money and prestige to this program, I needed to play up to that strength.“

“So... so you turned us all into a bunch of hypersexed sluts?” Danielle asked, still struggling to understand.

“Well, yes and no,” Susan admitted. “Sex sells, sure, but that was only half of the equation. I needed players that were beautiful, sexy, and well-proportioned,” she stated, gesturing at Danielle’s ample bosom with her cup, “but that were also phenomenal players. I wanted to keep alive the same spirit and drive that the Bombers had during Coach Williams’ tenure. She preached teamwork above all else, everyone working together in unison.” She shrugged. “I merely... took it to the next level.”

“I ... I see,” Karen replied dumbly, staring down at her teacup. She felt... weird.

“You know, dear, I think you do,” Susan replied, standing up, taking the cup from Dani and Karen’s slack unresisting hands. “That little drug I slipped into your drink should be affecting you by now. Your brains should be nice and softened up for me to do my thing.” Reaching inside her blouse, she removed a shiny ruby pendant, holding it aloft by its chain.

“But... but... how?” Karen managed, unable to turn away from the glittering jewel. “We all... drank... the same... tea?”

“Yes, we did,” Susan replied gently, her voice dropping into a soothing relaxing cadence. “It wasn’t the tea, dearlings, it was the cups. I slipped a few drops of the drug into your teacups themselves. But that’s neither here nor there now, is it?” She smiled, lifting the stone, smirking as their eyes rose, tracking it perfectly. “Now then, ladies... just relax, and listen very carefully...“

* * *

A loud cheer went through the crowd as the whistle blew. “And the winners are... the Long Beach State Bombers!” the announcer yelled as the scoreboard buzzed, showing a clear victory of 25 to 7. The coaches stepped forward to shake hands while the teams congratulated each other. On the sidelines, a cute short haired blonde girl clapped softly, gathering up the players’ towels, smirking as the players filed in past her, heading into the locker room.

“Good game, Bombers,” Karen said briskly, reaching out to slap each girl lightly on their scantily clad rear as they went by. She glanced up at Coach Susan as she approached, and the older woman nodded. Sighing softly in appreciation, she made her way back to the locker room to join the others girls for their after game discussion. True, as the towel girl, she wasn’t officially part of the team, but that didn’t make her any less of a team player. Inside the locker room, she found most of the girls already in a state of undress, preparing to shower.

“Hey, Karen, over here!” Dani yelled, waving. “Perfect timing. A stall just opened up. I was hoping you’d help scrub my back.”

Karen blinked. a wave of vertigo sweeping through her momentarily. For a second, the world seemed to tilt on its axis... and she remembered what had happened the night she and Danielle had confronted the Coach—being drugged, hypnotized, conditioned to obedience, reinforced with some truly hot and mind-blowing sex, then hypnotized again, and again, and again. The past several days seemed more like a series of snapshots, images of her doing things that she couldn’t quite recall. Now, for a moment, being asked to share a shower with her naked best friend, had shocked her out of her spell.

“Dani.. wait... this isn’t...” she shook her head. “Something’s wrong...”

Danielle sighed softly, whipped her head back, sending her long chestnut hair behind her in a wave. “Oh, sweetie,” she said gently, walking over to the confused girl, reaching out to caress her cheek, “there’s nothing wrong. Everything is just as it should be. Well... almost,” she added with a giggle, gesturing to the towel girl’s uniform. “Unless you intend to shower with me fully clothed!”

“But... this is... we’re not... supposed to be... this way,” Karen whined, even as that familiar feeling began to grow deep within the pit of her stomach, growing and spreading out.

“Shhhh,” Dani replied, placing a finger against her lips. “It’s okay, sweetie. You just need a little reminder... on how to be a ‘team player’.”

Karen blinked, shuddering, the feeling moving down between her thighs, which began to grow slick in anticipation. “Wha... wah... what did you...” she stuttered, only to moan as Dani silenced her again, this time with a kiss.

“You want to be a ‘team player’, don’t you, baby?” she whispered into her lovely blonde friend’s ear.

“Uuuhhnnnn,” Karen groaned, cumming hard in her panties, leaning into her sexy brunette friend as her knees went weak and her mind shut down. “Mmmm... yes, Coach... teach me... teach me to be a true... team player,” she rasped, sinking slowly to her knees.

“Well, sweetie, since you’re already down there,” Danielle husked, “why don’t you show your ‘coach’ what a good little pussy licker you are.” Nodding simply, Karen delved in deeply, intent on doing just that. Sighing in contentment, Danielle glanced at the stall across from her, finding Team Captain Barbara staring at her in amusement. She nodded, giving her a thumbs up.

“Not bad, Rookie,” she said with a grin, gesturing to one of her teammates, a cute redhead named Jackie, who came over to join Barbara under the spray of water. “Not bad at all. Looks like you’ve really come into your own.” She chuckled as Danielle groaned, cumming hard from Karen’s devoted ministrations. “Now THAT’S taking one for the team...”