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Teen Hypno!

(mm, hm, hu, mc)


High school kids hypnotize their handsome teachers, leading to the hilarious consequences.


  1. The story is a work of fiction. It is meant for gay men, or anybody who enjoys gay erotic stories! Read something else if you are not an adult, or are offended by stories with sexual content.
  2. The story is © Copyright by HypnoHugh, and may not be published, reproduced, distributed, or reposted without my prior express written permission.
  3. Any similarity to the actual person is not intentional and is purely coincidental.

Comment from the author

This story is all about hypno-humiliation, particularly of emotional and sexual kind. If you like the idea of hypnotizing the gorgeous guys and make them perform the embarrassing, degrading and shameful acts, this story will be for you. What I had in mind was something like an X-rated version of American high school sitcom, a fun mixture of humor and sex. Enjoy!


‘Now, the living cells produce the complex molecules called nucleic acids...’

Darren Roberts, a 27-year-old biology teacher at Sunnyville High School, was giving a slide presentation in a darkened science room to the tenth grade students. Clad in a chic dark suit, Darren was a good-looking man with well-groomed dark hair and blue-gray eyes, which were marked by intelligence and wit. Not surprisingly, this olive-skinned 6-footer with a good worked-out body had many secret admirers at the school, mostly female students, but also several fellow female teachers as well... plus, of course, some male students. Eddy, Rick and Billy were among them.

Having finished with his slides, Darren switched off the slide machine, turned on the ceiling light, and started walking around the room.

‘Now, let’s see how much you learned from my lecture. There are two types of nucleic acids, DNA and RNA. What does DNA stand for, and what is it?—Rick?’

Darren stopped by Rick, a Latino student with black hair and big brown eyes.

‘DNA? Um... deoxy something... deoxyrrr... deoxyrrrrr... No, I give up! For me, it’s an abbreviation of Do Not Ask, sir!’

Suppressed chuckles occurred here and there.

‘Seems like you had a good nap in a darkened room, huh?’ Darren said, rolling his eyes. ‘Are you trying to say “deoxyribonucleic acids” by any chance?’

‘Bingo! That’s what I wanted to say! Well done, Mr. Roberts.’

The bell rang, and the students started closing their books one after another.

‘Chapters 3 through 4 by tomorrow people!’ shouted Darren to the students streaming out of the classroom.

It was such a beautiful day, so Eddy, Rick and Billy decided to have lunch outside. They went out to the school courtyard, which was flooded with energetic kids and the bright sunlight of May. They secured an A-frame pine bench in the shade of elm tree, and pulled out their sandwiches brought from home in brown paper lunch sacks.

‘Hey, I’ve got something exciting to show you! You’re gonna love these,’ said Eddy, a round-faced, skinhead Afro-American, pulling out the printouts of digital photos from his knapsack. Billy, a chubby Caucasian boy with curly brown hair, took the photos and placed them on the table to share them with Rick who was sitting next to him.

‘Hey,’ said Rick. ‘Is this Scott?’

‘Scott, the quarterback??’ Billy exclaimed in disbelief. ‘Is this really him???’

‘That’s right,’ answered Eddy, grinning slyly. ‘That’s him!’

‘I don’t believe this!’

The photos showed images of Scott Corbin, a star football player at Sunnyville High, in a state of panic—twisting, squirming and wriggling his body. As the photos went on, he was undressing his clothes one by one, polo shirt, jeans, sneakers, socks and even his short! Toward the end of the photos, the blond jock was stark naked, exposing everything about his big football physique in front of the camera. Somehow, he looked like he was brushing his body all over with his hands, as if he were trying to shake off something.

‘What’s he doing anyway? What happened to him?’ questioned Rick with an enthusiastic smile.

‘Well, I hypnotized him!’

‘You what??’

‘I hypnotized him, and made him believe he’s got hundreds of ants crawling in his clothes.’

‘You’re joking!’ said Billy, almost bursting with laughter.

‘I’m dead serious!’

‘This is cool man!’ said Billy, devouring the photos. ‘He may be an arrogant jerk, but he’s got a real nice bubble butt! My mouth is watering!’

To look at Scott Corbin in a humiliating situation like this was a real treat for the gang, as pride and arrogance were the trademark of this man, and he always behaved like a king at school, thinking everybody else was beneath him. And the gang was chosen as a frequent target of his bully. Corbin first caught them when he saw the three boys staring at him with starry eyes in admiration on the school corridor. Ever since, Scott started calling them ‘fag’ whenever he came across the trio. Tall, muscular and good-looking, his girlfriend was a glamorous brunette who belonged to the cheerleader squad.

‘How did you manage to hypnotize him anyway? I didn’t know you could hypnotize,’ asked Rick.

‘Well, I’ve got this!’ Eddy produced a baseball cap from his knapsack, and put it on his head. It was a strange-looking cap with two small lights attached in the front.

‘Now what the heck is that?’

‘Introducing my Hypno-Cap! I bought this by mail order. 55 bucks with instruction booklet and cassette!’

‘55 bucks? For THAT? That’s a rip-off man!’

‘I wouldn’t say so! Just look at the proof in your hands!’

‘Hmmm, you may be right...’

‘Now we’re gonna have lots of fun with this stuff!’

‘Well, well, well. Look who’s here.’

The boys were so engrossed in their conversation, they didn’t notice someone standing by the bench until they heard the loud, threatening voice coming from above. Standing there, looking down on the gang with a confident smile on his face was none other than Scott Corbin!

‘How are you fag boys doing today?’ said Corbin.

‘You know what?’ said Eddy, grinning mischievously. ‘We’ve been just talking about you. Would you care to have a look at the photos of yourself?’

Scott frowned, and grabbed the photos on the table. Corbin’s face grew white.

‘What... what... what’s the meaning of this?’ said Corbin, his hands trembling.

‘That... that... that’s you, Scotty. Can’t you tell? It was such a disaster to have thousands of ants in your clothes, huh?’

‘But I don’t remember any of this! What’s going on??’

Scott seized Eddy by the breast of his shirt, and forced him to stand up from the bench, gathering the attention of the students around.


‘I... I can explain everything, Scotty. Don’t forget to water your fig.’

‘What? What did you just say?’

‘I said, don’t forget to water your fig!’

There was a moment of silence. Corbin suddenly took his hand off Eddy. His face was burning red. Shock and confusion were written all over his face.


‘What’s the matter, Scotty? YOU DIDN’T HAPPEN TO WET YOUR PANTS, DID YOU?’ Eddy deliberately said out loud.

Indeed, Corbin’s jeans were soaking wet, from crotch to the thigh area. The students around started pointing and laughing at him.

‘I... I don’t know what kind of nasty trick you worked on me, but you’re gonna pay for this, faggot! DID YOU HEAR ME???’ Scott shouted in a trembling voice, and dashed off to the clubhouse to change his pants.

‘Wow! That was amazing!’ said Rick excitedly.

‘Great job, dude! I’ve never felt so good in my life!’ said Billy. ‘So was it part of your hypnotic trick?’

‘Yup! It was a post-hypnotic suggestion. “Don’t forget to water your fig” are the trigger words to make him wet himself.’

‘Cool! So from now on, we just say those words whenever Scott threatens us?’


‘This is getting interesting!’ said Rick, rubbing his palms. ‘Hey, why not make him do something more outrageous?’

‘Like what?’

‘Like quacking like a duck or barking like a dog? Turn him into a pig and make him grunt and squeal on his all fours in front of his girlfriend!’

‘Smashing idea! I can do that for you, no problem.’

‘Now we’re talking!’

‘But for now, guys, I have something even better in my mind. How about hypnotizing Mr. Biology?’

‘What? Mr. Roberts??’

‘Exactly! We’re gonna hypnotize one of the most gorgeous teaches at our school and have lotsa fun with him!’

‘That sounds awesome if you can manage it,’ said Billy.

‘You know what I think?’ said Rick. ‘He sure looks great, but he knows it, and it gets on my nerves sometimes.’

‘Yeah. Just look at the way he walks. He thinks he’s a model or somethin’?’

‘And his glossy hair! He combs it all back with gel, and then let just one strand of hair fall on his forehead. I bet he spends as much time in front of mirror as women!’

‘Exactly! And he completely ignores me! He’s fooling around with chicks all the time!’

‘Let’s bust that Mr. Overconfidence!’

‘Oh yeah! Let’s knock down his pride and turn him into a clown! But can you really do it?’

‘Of course I can! I’m 100% positive!’

‘We’re talking about risky business here. I don’t want another detention, man!’

‘Don’t worry about it. Just trust my invincible Hypno-Cap, Okay? Now, here’s my plan...’

The rays of the late afternoon sun were pouring into the science room, coloring Darren’s face in the orange glow. Time was nearly 5 o’clock. He was grading the papers. He could have done this at home, but he wanted to enjoy his date with Stacey that evening, without worrying about the papers. Stacey would cook a special dinner for two at her place. He must buy a bouquet of flowers on his way back. He already bought a very special bottle of Sauvignon Blanc a couple of days ago for this occasion, and it has been chilling in the fridge.

There was a knock on the door. Who could that be at this hour? A janitor?—In fact, coming into the room was a scooby gang of Eddy, Rick and Billy.

‘What’s up boys? I was just grading your papers,’ said Darren, looking at the gang suspiciously.

‘How did I do with my paper, Mr. Roberts?’ asked Rick, smiling.

‘Um... you got C plus.’

‘YES!!’ Rick clenched his fists in triumph. ‘That’s what I call an improvement!’

Mr. Roberts rolled his eyes and continued.

‘Whereas... you, Eddy got B minus, and C minus for Billy! Now there’s enough scope of improvement for all of you, I shall say. Anyway, how can I help you?’

‘Mr. Roberts,’ said Eddy. ‘I’m sorry to barge in like this, but there is something I wanted to ask you about.’

‘Ah ha... but you’d better make it quick. I’ve got to leave any minute.’

‘Don’t worry, this will take only a few minutes. I found this cap at the shop of science museum last Sunday,’ said Eddy, pointing at his Hypno-Cap on his head.

‘Now, that’s one silly looking cap, isn’t it?’

‘But this is an exciting stuff, Mr. Roberts. You see the lights flashing? If you look around here closely, an image of Yippee Mouse appears!’

‘And he’s dancing too, with top hat and stick!’ added Rick enthusiastically.

‘Really? Is it a hologram or something?’

‘I don’t know. That’s what I wanted to ask you. How does it work? It looks fantastic!’

Darren was staring at the flashing lights intently, left and right, left and right...

‘I don’t see anything.’

‘You’ve got to watch more closely, Mr. Roberts. Relax your eyes as if you’re watching beyond the lights, and the image will slowly come up.’

‘It’s like magic eye 3D picture!’ said Billy. ‘It takes some practicing.’

‘This is hard to believe, but...’

Darren kept looking at the lights flashing rhythmically, left and right, left and right...

‘Don’t give up, Mr. Roberts. Beginners always have a problem watching it, but once you get the knack, it’ll become a second nature.’

‘Oh yeah?’

‘Yeah. Calm your mind, and watch intently. Feel the rhythm of lights. Fascinating, isn’t it? Feel the soothing effect of lights. Feel the soothing effect of lights, which relaxes you. Keep looking, and you start getting very, very relaxed. Very relaxed.’

‘I... ah... I started feelin’ kinda funny,’ said Darren, blinking his eyes frequently.

‘Yes! You’re well on your way to see the image. Just keep watching, Mr. Roberts. Your body is becoming lighter. Your mind is becoming lighter.’

Darren’s eyes were now glazed over and completely transfixed on the lights.

‘That’s right, Mr. Roberts. You cannot take your eyes off the lights anymore. You’re feeling so sleepy and happy. Very, very happy.’

A nutty smile appeared on his face. His eyes were unfocused and his eyelids were drooping.

‘Now, it’s time to close your eyes, Mr. Roberts. Your eyelids are getting heavy. Your eyelids are getting heavy...’

Darren closed his eyes and drooped his head.

‘That’s fine. You’re feeling calm and relaxed now. You can remain in this happy state as long as you listen to my words, Mr. Roberts. Do you understand this?’

Darren nodded with a silly grin on his face, reclining lazily in the chair, arms dropped to the sides.

‘YES!!’ shouted Rick excitedly. ‘He’s out of it!’

‘Shhhhh!’ said Eddy with his index finger crossing his lips. ‘Be quiet Rick. It’s not over yet. I must program his brain a little more. Now Darren, listen to me carefully. From now on, you will feel a compulsive urge to do ANYTHING we tell you to do. Do you understand me?’

Darren responded by nodding his head, with his mouth half-opened.

‘That’s fine. You are in a deep sleep. Now, you WILL do anything we tell you to do, won’t you?’

‘Ah do anythin’ you teh me to do.’ Darren slurred.

‘VERY GOOD! You’re doing very well. You’re in a deep sleep. You can remain in this happy state as long as you obey my command. Do you understand me?’

Darren nodded sheepishly.

‘Okay guys!’ said Eddy, smiling triumphantly. ‘He’s all ours now!’

‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’ shouted Rick, pumping his fists in the air.

‘So what shall we do to him? Any ideas?’

‘Turn him into a stripper!’ said Billy, watching his entranced teacher with horny eyes. ‘Let him take it all off! What do you say?’

‘Luuurv that idea!’ said Eddy. ‘How about you, Rick?’

‘Turn him into a... um... CHICKEN! Make him lay some eggs too!’ said Rick, smirking. ‘Now THAT would be hilarious, wouldn’t it?’

‘Love that idea too!’

‘Good. Oh, there’s one more thing.’


‘Make him change his mind about our papers, and let him give us all A-plus!’

‘No prob. Let’s work on that first. Now listen up, Darren. When you wake up in a few minutes, you will change your mind about our papers. You shall give us all A-plus. Is that understood? Talk to me!’

‘Ah give ya all A-plus,’ Darren murmured with his head drooping.

‘Good boy! Now, let’s program him to be a stripper, shall we? Darren, when you hear this piece of music... um, wait a second...’

Eddy pulled out a portable CD player from his knapsack.

‘Okay, when you hear this piece of music...’

Eddy switched on the CD player. A groovy hip-hop music started playing.

‘You will instantly become a strip dancer. It’s your job to entertain and delight the audience. So make sure to give your ass a good shake. Do you understand me?’

Darren nodded, completely slumbered in the chair.

‘Very good! Now, on the count of three, you will open your eyes, but you won’t remember any of this hypnosis session when you awake. You won’t even remember you’ve been hypnotized. But as soon as I say “sleep”, you will instantly fall into a deep sleep. Is everything clear?’

Darren nodded.

‘Good boy! Now, when you hear the rap music, what will you become? Talk to me!’

‘Ah become a strip dancer,’ Darren answered thickly.

‘That’s right. You’re allowed to take off everything. You know that, don’t you?’


‘Good boy! Now, on the count of three, you’re gonna wake up, feeling good and refreshed. Ready? Three, two, one! Open your eyes!’

Eddy snapped his fingers.

The handsome biology teacher opened his eyes with a start.

‘Are you all right, Mr. Roberts?’ asked Eddy, grinning mischievously.

‘I feel great... but... um... I’m a bit woozy. What’s going on?’

‘Don’t worry about it,’ said Rick. ‘By the way, how did I do with my paper?’

‘I believe you’ve got A-plus. Let’s see... Oh, that’s strange. It’s marked C-plus.’

‘Perhaps you should change it to A-plus then?’

‘Of course! There you have it, A-plus!’

‘Good! How about others?’

‘Um... Oh. What’s wrong with me today? Eddy got B-minus, and Billy got C-minus. I know all of you guys deserve A-plus. Let me cross these marks... and there! Everything is in order now!’

‘Please don’t make a mistake like this from now on, Mr. Roberts.’

‘Sorry about that! My apology to you... Oh God! I’m getting late for a date! I need to go home and take a shower!’

‘Never mind the date, Mr. Roberts,’ said Eddy with a wicked grin on his face. ‘In a minute, you should be in the mood of strip dancing.’


‘Never mind. Just listen to this.’

Eddy switched on his CD player. No sooner than the music started playing, Darren’s eyes got glazed over, and he jumped out of his chair. His pelvis was already gyrating in a horny fashion.

‘Way-hay! That’s the spirit Darren! Let’s get out on the floor! C’mon!’

With a spaced-out smile on his handsome face, Darren danced his way in front of the boys, shaking his hip real good.

‘C’mon everybody, let’s clap hands for our gorgeous entertainer!’ Eddy said, and the gang started clapping their hands to the energetic rhythm.

‘And I’m gonna rap for our stripper teacher!’

‘Cool! Go for it, Eddy!’

Here we go!

Here we go!

Heeeeere we go!

I could play with your mind

If you doubt what I say

Just watch my Hypno-Cap

Before you say this is bullshit

Your mind will go B-B-B-Bang!

Your mind will go far away from home

In a happy coo-coo land!

Hit me!

You jump

You funk

You pump

You shake

Shake your body B-B-Body for me

Shake baby baby shake

Shake baby baby shake

Thanks to Darren’s dance and Eddy’s rap, the science room 109 has turned into a virtual clubhouse. The hypnotized teacher loosened his elegant silk tie of harlequin pattern and took it off the shirt collar, hanging loosely from his neck. He then grabbed the front openings of his shirt and ripped them apart in one go, causing the shirt buttons to come off and fly all over! Having dropped the shirt on the floor, Darren was exposing his impressively muscular V-shape torso, which was only covered by his swinging necktie. Next to come off were his shiny black leather shoes, which he kicked away, leaving his feet with navy blue socks.

Darren licked his index finger suggestively.

‘You wanna see more boys?’ asked Darren with lewd eyes, swirling around his butt.

‘Go for it Darren! Take it all off!’ shouted Rick.

‘Yeah! Take it all off! Don’t be shy!’ shouted Billy.

Darren responded to their call by loosening his black leather belt of his pants, and pulled it out in one go. He then twirled it around and threw it to the boys, which was caught by Rick. Darren then shook his hip briskly, causing his pants to drop down on the floor!

Whose school is this?

My school!

Whose teacher is this?


Teacher gets high at my school!

Teacher gets high at my school!

Strip down!

Strip down yourself

To bare necessities

B-B-Bare necessities

Slap me!

There’s no need for you to polish apple

Cos my teacher will polish apple for you!

There’s no need for you to be a teacher’s pet

Cos my teacher will be your pet!

Teacher gets high at my school!

Teacher gets high at my school!

He’ll sit

He’ll beg

He’ll play any trick you want

Shake your body B-B-Body for me

Shake baby baby shake

Shake baby baby shake

Energy was high in the science room 109. All Darren was wearing by now was his flesh-colored bikini brief, clinging tightly to his bulge and round ass. He was taking a semi-crouch position, protruding his butt, straddling a silk tie, stroking it back and forth between his legs, a classic strip routine. The tie was then pulled out and thrown off to the gang. The hunky biology teacher then turned around, hooked his thumbs on the elastic of his underwear, and pulled it down to expose his mouth-watering full moon. But immediately this teaser put the brief back on again. He then repeated this ‘flash and cover’ routine, moving his brief up and down, to tantalize the audience.

‘God his ass looks good! It’s worth a million, don’t you think?’ said Rick, drooling.

‘Yo teacher! Take it all off! I wanna take a good look at your hot ass!’ shouted Billy.

Darren turned his head around with seductive smile, gave boys a killer wink, turned back, and then bent over all the way, while pulling down his brief to his ankles in one go, offering his firm bubble butt and the long smooth legs for a full view. Darren didn’t forget to wiggle his derriere briskly to further entice the audience. Having become stark naked, the teacher turned around to finally reveal his impressive manhood, and started shaking it to the rhythm with his arms swinging in the air.

‘Wow! This is so unreal!’ Rick shouted, feasting his eyes with a sight of his tall, dark and handsome teacher dancing butt naked! The other two boys, too, were completely enchanted by this surrealistic scene, witnessing their dream teacher strutting his stuff in front of their very own eyes.

‘Hey guys,’ said Eddy. ‘This is great, but let’s cut this out for now, Okay?’

‘Oh! Do we have to?’ said Billy.

‘I could watch this all night!’ said Rick.

‘I know. But we don’t have all night. Let’s move on to the next act, shall we?’

Rick and Billy reluctantly agreed to his suggestion.

‘Okay stripper, that’s enough!’

Eddy pressed the stop button of his CD player, and the room suddenly became quiet. As the music stopped, Darren’s pelvis movement stopped too.

‘What... what’s going on?’ said Darren, looking around the room in confusion.

‘Never mind that, Darren. Just look into my eyes. Good boy. It’s time to SLEEP!’

Eddy snapped his fingers, and Darren immediately closed his eyes, drooping his head.

‘That’s it! Now gentlemen, let’s turn him into a chicken, shall we? But before we do that, I wanna program his brain a little more for an extra fun! Now Darren, I want you to listen to me very carefully. From now on, as you follow our commands obediently, you become happy. You become SO happy that you get sexually excited. And your cock gets hard. Is that understood?’

Darren nodded, gently swaying his body.

‘Good! The more you obey, the more aroused you will be. You take a great pleasure serving us. If we laugh at you, you become happy. The bigger the laugh, the happier! And if you’re happy, you get sexually excited. Understood? Good boy! Now listen to me, Darren. When you wake up in a moment, you’re gonna become a farmhouse chicken! Run around the barn crackling, laying some eggs as you go! Do you understand that? VERY good! Now let the show begin. Open your eyes!’

Eddy snapped his fingers.

Mr. Roberts opened his eyes, and immediately took a semi-crouch position, with his knees bent, ass sticking out, and arms bent.


Crackling like a chicken, he started running around the room bowlegged with his elbows ‘flapping’. All the boys started laughing like crazy, watching their gorgeous teach joyously running around the room all nude, wiggling his ass, believing he was a farm chicken.

‘Okay chicken, time to lay some eggs. Come over here!’ Eddy shouted.

The hypno-chicken happily ran up to the gang with a goofy grin on his face, and positioned himself in front of them. His cock was now in a semi-erect state. He then lowered his ass while crackling, pushing hard. A sign of relief on his face indicated one imaginary egg safely popped out from his ass hole. An entranced teacher started flapping his ‘wings’ proudly.

‘Cock-a-doodle-doo!’ crowed Darren loudly in an uninhibited falsetto voice.

The gang gave a big applause to his performance, which encouraged teacher’s cock getting even bigger!

‘Great job, chicken! But now it’s time to lay another egg. Only this time, it’s a square egg! Go on!’ Eddy ordered. This was a more difficult task for Darren to accomplish. He took that stylish ‘chicken pose’ again, and pushed hard to let it out. It didn’t. Another try! He wiggled his butt several times, but it still remained in his ass. One more try! With his eyes firmly shut and his face red, the hypno chicken shook his ass vigorously, much to the delight of the gang. Then one final push, and voila! A sign of relief on his face again. After much difficulty, one imaginary square egg safely popped out! With an entranced smile on his face, a hypno-dazed hunk stretched his arms and started flapping them fiercely up and down.


And this time, he managed to crow even louder! Showered with jeering laughter of his delighted students, Darren’s cock finally reached its fullest glory, shining deep red, and sticking out proudly from his crotch!

Suddenly, a door opened, and a young dark-blond hunk stepped into the room. He was shocked to see his buddy in a semi-crouch position, stark naked with a full erection, moving his arms up and down with a stupid grin on his face. A dark blond then recognized the three students sitting on the chairs. Boys were in a shock state, watching an unexpected intruder with an open mouth.

Darren, in the mean time, didn’t pay any attention to his colleague, and started walking around the room, shaking his firm, round ass. By now, he was squawking at the top of his voice!

‘What... what’s going on here? I heard the strange noise in the room. Why is Mr. Roberts naked and crackling like a chicken? Can anybody explain what’s going on here?’ Todd, a 29-year-old PE teacher, asked angrily.

‘I can explain!’ a black student stood up from a chair, putting a silly-looking cap on his head. ‘I can explain everything, Mr. Duncan.’

There was something weird, threatening and overpowering about him, and Todd stepped back a little, momentarily oblivious to his massive physique and his superior position as his teacher...


Darren arrived home around 8:30pm. He was feeling good and refreshed, yet there was a lapse of memory. He couldn’t remember what he was doing from the late afternoon till this time. His shirt was a mess, having lost all buttons. What the hell happened to him? There was a message from Stacey on the answering machine. Obviously, she was angry for his standing her up. Speaking of Stacey, another inexplicable thing was that he brought home a bag full of women’s underwear, panties, stockings and all. Do they belong to Stacey? Confused, Darren decided to drink before returning a call. Darren couldn’t bother to hang his suit on a coat hanger, so he draped it over the sofa, fixed a drink, and sat down on a sofa stark naked, sighing with frustration. What the heck is going on here? While he was sipping margarita, massaging his temples with his fingers, a phone rang, which he picked up immediately.


‘Hello! Mr. Roberts?’

‘Yes. Who is this?’

‘This is Eddy, your student.’

‘Eddy? What’s the matter? How did you get my number?’

‘You gave it to me this afternoon, sir.’

‘I gave it to you? I don’t remember giving you my number. In fact, I don’t remember anything at all! Are you behind all this? I do remember seeing you this afternoon. And I noticed your silly cap, and—’

‘Never mind, Mr. Roberts. It doesn’t matter. What matters is this. Chin-Chin!’

As soon as Darren heard the word Chin-Chin, everything went white in his head. He straightened his back immediately.

‘Yes, Master,’ Darren answered in a monotone voice.

‘Very good, Darren,’ said Eddy. ‘First off, we picked up a nice name for you. While you are under our hypnotic control, your name shall be Darren Asshole. Do you understand me?’

‘Yes, Sir.’

‘What is your name then?’

‘My name is Darren Asshole.’

‘Very good! Now, we came up with an excellent plan for tomorrow. I want you to listen to my instructions very carefully, Asshole.’

‘Yes, Master.’

Darren woke up from an unusually deep sleep. A digital clock on his bedside table was saying it was 6:37am. He was feeling good, refreshed, and energized, looking forward to a GREAT DAY. Let’s take a hot shower and eat good breakfast before hitting the road. He had this gut feeling that something wonderful was going to happen to him that day. And he was right.

Everything went smoothly on this day, and Darren had more than enough energy left for an extra lecture planned on this day. Darren was aware that this lecture was the most important of all on this day. It was supposed to start at 4pm in the science room 109. When Darren entered the classroom for his lecture, he saw Eddy standing on the podium, speaking to his classmates, but noticing an entrance of his teacher, he quickly returned to his seat. There were 12 students in the classroom, and they were all male. Somehow, they were all grinning at him with a strange glint in their eyes. What’s going on?—Oh well, never mind!

‘Good afternoon, class,’ said Darren authoritatively, placing his lecture note on the desk.

‘Good afternoon, Mr. Roberts,’ the students greeted in unison enthusiastically.

‘Today, I’m gonna talk about DNA,’ Darren said, putting on his Georgio Armani glasses, which added that ‘intelligent’ look to his tanned, handsome face.

‘Excuse me, Mr. Roberts,’ Eddy interrupted.

‘Yes, what is it, Eddy?’

‘Just listen to this! Okay everybody? 1, 2, 3!’


All the students shouted in unison, grinning wickedly. As soon as Darren heard the word, something clicked in his head. A sense of euphoria took him over immediately. He suddenly remembered his mission. Yes! There is an important task I have to carry out, he thought. It’s absolutely essential that I do this. I don’t know why, but it’s important. I didn’t prepare a lecture note, but somehow I know how to proceed. Let’s give it a go. There’s nothing to be afraid of!

‘’Well, I was going to talk about DNA today, but I changed my mind. Im gonna lecture on male anatomy instead!’ Darren announced solemnly.

‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’ Rick yelled excitedly, pumping his fists in the air repeatedly.

‘What’s the matter, Rick?’

‘Nothing!’ Rick replied, with a big smirk on his face. ‘Continue your lecture, please.’

Suddenly, a door opened, and Todd Duncan walked into the room.

‘Hi there! I was in the neighborhood, so I thought I would drop by. Is there anything I can do to help?’

A hunky PE teacher, dressed in a wine-red training wear with a school logo ‘Sunnyville’ printed in white, said with a friendly smile. A whistle was hanging from his neck.

‘In fact, yes, Todd, I’m gonna lecture on male anatomy today. I was planning to show my body as a sample. Perhaps would you like to join me? Two samples are better than one... for our students to compare?’

‘Yeah, sounds like a good idea, Darren.’

Todd went up on a podium, and stood beside Darren. As a PE teacher, he was a beefy macho man, tanned and definitely good-looking.

‘Okay! Let’s start with upper part of the body. Would you like to remove your jacket and T-shirt, Todd?’

‘Of course!’ Todd replied with an innocent, sunny smile.

Two handsome teachers started stripping, and in no time, they were revealing their impressive bodies to their students. Todd’s torso was sculpted to perfection, whereas Darren’s was slightly less defined, yet spectacularly robust and muscular nevertheless. Chuckles, murmurs and whispers occurred all around the room.

‘Now, these are called nipples,’ said Darren, pointing at Todd’s nipples with a pointer. ‘Men’s nipples do not have any particular function, but they can be useful to arouse them sexually. Let’s experiment on Mr. Asswipe. Watch his reaction carefully.’

Darren pinched Todd’s nipple with his thumb and forefinger. A dark blond teacher closed his eyes and groaned pleasurably, shuddering his body. A big, scornful laughter erupted in the classroom.

‘Quiet, class! This is an important scientific experiment!’ Darren shouted, tapping his pointer on the desk loudly.

‘And now, we conduct a more thorough nipple stimulation experiment. Todd, would you like to pinch your own nipples? I’ll do the same here.’


Two handsome teachers pinched their own nipples with their forefingers and thumbs. Suddenly, a zany smile appeared on their faces. Crossing their eyes, they started gyrating their butts in a lustful fashion, with tongues hanging out, moaning and groaning shamelessly. Wild laughter, hoots and whistles erupted in the classroom! After the majestic performance, two teachers took their fingers off their nipples, and both instantly returned to their normal state.

‘And that concludes our nipple stimulation experiment. Did you take a note of our reaction, students?’

‘YES, MR. ASSHOLE!’ the students answered unanimously.

‘Okay, we are moving on to a lower part of male anatomy now. Todd, would you like to take off your pants?’

‘Of course, Darren!’

While the students were gasping with excitement, two handsome teachers removed their shoes, socks and pants without any hesitation, and they stood on the podium with nothing but the underwear. But what they were wearing were no ordinary. Darren was wearing the white ‘Ooh-La-La’ frilly French maid panty, and Todd was wearing a skimpy pink G-string panty, totally unbecoming of their masculine physiques! Both panties were showing a big bulge, clearly outlining a shape of their manhood. This was obviously a result of their previous nipple stimulation experiment. What’s more, Todd’s balls were squeezing out of his panty, and his cock head popping out from the top, due to his panty’s skimpy size! The classroom was filled with wild laughter, and both teachers had to shout several times to make them quiet. Todd even had to blow his whistle to make them calm down. After the noise subsided, Billy raised his hand.

‘Sirs! You’ve got nice panties out there. Do you wear them every day?’

‘No,’ Darren answered with a sober face. ‘On my way home yesterday, an idea suddenly popped into my head that I should dress up for the occasion today. So I dropped by in a lingerie shop in Ploomingdale, and quite unexpectedly, I found Mr. Asswipe there! We got together and talked to a female shop attendant for help. She was very helpful, wasn’t she, Todd?’

‘Yeah, very friendly. But she looked a bit shocked when we told her the panties were for ourselves, not for our girlfriends! But I didn’t mind that. Did you?’

‘Not at all! Nor did I mind the female customers around us who were pointing and laughing at us.’

‘Me neither! Anyway, I bought a dozen of beautiful lingerie yesterday. I guess I will wear them every day from now on. They feel so smooth and good on my skin! How about you, Todd?’

‘Me too! I feel so sexy wearing this stuff! Hey, why don’t we show the back of our lovely panties to our students, Darren?’

‘Good idea!’

Two teachers turned around. Darren’s French maid panties featured row upon row of gathered lace across his derriere for that cheeky French look, whereas Todd’s G-string generously revealed those mouth-watering perfect globes, only separated by a narrow lace string. Both teachers happily poked out their butts, and shook them rapidly and coquettishly to the cheers of their students. Eddy was looking at them contentedly. Poor teachers were completely under his hypnotic control!

‘Okay, let’s continue our lecture. Let’s remove our lovely panties now.’

‘Yeah, let’s do it!’

Two macho teachers stripped off their panties without any reservation. They were now stark naked, shamelessly exhibiting their semi-hard cocks and balls in front of their own students!

With a pointer in his right hand, Darren pointed his own cock and Todd’s in turn.

‘Okay class, this is called penis. Repeat after me, PENIS!’

‘PENIS!’ The whole class answered in unison.

‘Good! Now, penis is an organ for urination. When your bladder becomes full, you expel your urine from a slit over here. But it has another important function. Namely, it’s a tool for sexual intercourse. When men get excited sexually, penis gets an erection. We’re now going to demonstrate an erection for you. Are you ready, Todd?’


‘Here we go. One, two, THREE!’

Both cocks got hard and popped up on their own instantly! Their cocks were now in full erect state, pointing their heads proudly at 45 degrees angle! Big applause occurred in the classroom. Two hypnotized teachers were beaming brightly, showing their white teeth, with their rock-hard cocks shining gloriously in front of their students!

‘Alright class, when penis gets an erection like this, you can insert it into the various holes, and both giver and receiver experience a significant erotic sensation... in other words, you feel darn good! You can insert it into women’s vagina, mouth, or even anus! Which one do you prefer, Todd?’

‘Well Darren, I used to enjoy inserting my erect penis into women’s vagina until recently, but somehow, I changed my mind yesterday. Now I very much prefer man’s erect penis inserted into my anus rather nicely.’

‘Oh yeah? That’s strange. I feel exactly the same way! And I changed my mind only yesterday, too!’

‘It’s a small world, Darren.’

‘Yeah. Anyway, let’s get back to our lecture. The size of penis varies from man to man. So let’s measure Mr. Asswipe’s erect penis. Let’s see... it’s 7 inches, and mine is... 8 inches.’

‘NO IT’S NOT!’ Todd interrupted angrily.

‘My penis is obviously bigger than yours!’

‘No way, I measured it correctly! Mine is bigger!’

‘No, it’s mine!’

Two teachers started fighting, ignoring the mocking of their students.

‘ASSHOLE!! ASSWIPE!!’ Eddy stood up and shouted sharply. The two teachers stopped fighting immediately. Somehow, they felt intimidated in front of this ebony student, despite the fact that both were older and much bigger than him in physique. And they were his teachers after all!

‘This is no time to fight, you fools! Why don’t you behave yourself!’

‘Sorry, Sir,’ both teachers answered in a small voice, casting their eyes downward, making a good contrast with their rock-hard cocks, pointing upward.

‘Stoopid teaches like you need to learn a lesson. Why don’t you write on the blackboard “I MUST BEHAVE IN A CLASS” five times?’

‘Yes, Sir!’

Two handsome teachers turned around and picked up a chalk. The students were thrilled to watch them follow Eddy’s order obediently by writing on the blackboard exactly as they were told, while exposing their bare bottoms.

‘Very well,’ Eddy said. ‘Now you DO behave yourselves from now on. Understood boys?’

‘Sorry, Sir. It will never happen again,’ both teachers answered in a timid voice simultaneously.

‘Alright, time to move on to the lecture,’ Eddy commanded. ‘We all understood the functions of penis, now it’s time to move on to the backside. I kinda enjoyed the sight of your ass, so why don’t ya turn around again and explain about your butt?’

‘Yes, SIR!’

Both teachers excitedly turned around and exhibited their mouth-watering butts to their students. Todd’s was a typical bubble butt, smooth, firm, perfectly round, and distinctively white, showing a mark of swimsuit on his tanned body. Darren’s was equally mouth-watering as Todd’s, smooth, full, and deliciously round!

‘Okay class! Did you take a good look at our buttocks?’ said Darren. ‘We will now show you what the ass crack looks like. Todd, take a crouching position for the students to observe your anus, please.’


Todd bent over with his palms and feet on the floor, with his knees slightly bent.

Darren grabbed his ass cheeks and separated them apart to reveal Todd’s ass crack, drawing students’ attention to his ass hole.

‘Now class, this is called anus. Repeat after me. ANUS!’


‘Good! Anus is an organ for defecation. However, it can be used for another purpose, namely a sexual intercourse. You can insert your finger, dildo, or erect penis in there, which causes a fantastic sexual excitement. Today, we’re gonna demonstrate a finger-inserting procedure for you, using Mr. Asswipe’s anus as an example. Now let me lick my middle finger here... and slowly insert it into his anus. Now class, I want you to observe Mr. Asswipe’s reaction very carefully.’

‘Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!’ Todd shouted loudly in a total ecstasy as his hole was invaded by Darren’s middle finger.

‘So good! This is SO GOOD! Ah! Ah! Ah! Give it to me! Please give it to me! Ah! Ah! Ah! Please don’t stop! Please don’t stop!’

His reaction made the whole class go absolutely wild!

‘Quiet! Quiet, please! This is an important scientific experiment!’ Darren shouted authoritatively, tapping his pointer on the desk.

‘Now, it’s my turn. Todd, would you like to get up and insert your finger into my anus, please?’

‘No problem, Darren!’ Todd jumped to his feet and answered cheerfully.

‘Thanks. Now class, observe my reaction carefully. And don’t forget to take a note! Pay attention to the difference between Mr. Asswipe and me. Here I come.’

Darren kneeled down on the floor facing against the students, bent over and protruded his ass high up in the air, supporting himself on his forearms. This dignifying position completely exposed his pink hole, coyly pulsing in his smooth ass crack. In the mean time, PE teacher slobbered his middle finger, and slowly inserted it into Darren’s cute little hole.

‘Aaahhhhh! Ah! Ah! Ah! Haahhhhh! Hah! Hah! Hah!’

‘Class, Mr. Asshole is feeling so good, he’s speechless!’ Todd commented.

All the students were now laughing hysterically, watching their hypno-controlled teachers humiliating themselves badly in front of their students.

‘Excuse me, Mr. Asswipe,’ Rick interrupted, raising his hand.

‘What’s the matter, Rick? I’m busy inserting my finger into Mr. Asshole’s asshole at the moment.’

‘That’s the thing, Mr. Asswipe. Would it be an idea if I inserted my finger into your anus, while you’re inserting yours into Mr. Asshole’s?’

‘Brilliant idea! My anus has been itching to be filled anyway. I’ll give you A-plus for that!’


‘Now, come over here!’

Rick walked up to the teachers with a wicked grin on his face.

‘Now, why don’t you two go up on the podium, so that students can take a side view?’ said Rick, patting on the butts of Darren and Todd.

‘Yes, Sir!’ Both teachers answered like pupils, and went up to the podium.

‘You see, this way, students can take a GOOOOD look at your facial expression! Now, turn your stupid face to the students. That’s it!’

On the podium were Darren, Todd and Rick from left to right. Darren and Todd were taking a crouch position, sticking out their bottoms. Darren’s asshole was finger-fucked by Todd, and Todd’s hole was finger-fucked by Rick. Both Darren and Todd were totally out of control, moaning and groaning shamelessly with a dorky grin, eyes crossed, tongue hanging out, and even drooling while their assholes were exploited. Only ‘Master’ Rick was maintaining a cool composure, looking down on his hypno slaves’ pathetic behavior contentedly with a contemptuous smile.

Suddenly, the door opened, and a middle-aged man dressed in a classic suit and bow tie stepped in! It was Mr. George Walden, the school principal! Standing tall and stalwart, this authority figure represented fear for every student! The room became utterly quiet, except for Darren and Todd, who were still moaning like crazy with their tongues hanging out. Rick quickly returned to his seat.

‘I heard the noise. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?’ he roared.

‘And who are those folks up there? Mr. Roberts and Mr. Duncan? Are you naked? WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING??’

Everybody was watching him in awe, unable to say a word.

‘Can anybody explain to me what’s going on here??’ said the principal with a stern face. ‘Why did you start without me?’

All the students were taken aback by his last remark, and turned to Eddy for an explanation.

‘Alright everybody, relax!’ said Eddy smiling, walking to the front. ‘There’s no need to worry, cos I hypnotized Mr. Walden as well.’

‘You what??’’ all the students shouted simultaneously in disbelief.

‘I hypnotized him. I kept this as a secret surprise for ya! Now watch this! ATTENTION, ASSCRACK!’ commanded Eddy, standing by the principal.

The school principal suddenly took a position of attention like a military private.

‘Yes, SIR!’

‘State your name and age.’

‘George Asscrack! 43 years old, SIR!’

A stern-faced principal was a handsome man in a rugged and manly kind of way. He was sturdy with copious amount of muscle on his body. His dark hair was buzz cut. His thick eyebrows, big brown eyes and enticing thick lips gave him a hint of boyish charm to his ‘man of man’ good look.

‘I command you to strip NOW!’ Eddy ordered like a military Sergeant.

‘Yes, SIR!’

The students were utterly gob smacked as they watched their strict principal obediently follow Eddy’s command and started undressing in front of his students! Jacket, bow tie, shirt, shoes, pants... everything got dropped on the floor. And even more surprisingly, the students found their principal wearing a skimpy red polyester panty with lace edging, red garter belt, and the red fishnet stockings on his big muscular legs, thanks to the post-hypnotic suggestion planted by Eddy! Having completed the strip, the principal was now standing straight with his stern face facing the front, waiting for the next command.

‘Very well! You look good, but something is missing here...’ Eddy said, while walking around Walden, inspecting his smooth muscular body with scrutinizing eyes. ‘Tell you what! Why not put your bow tie back on? That would complete the look!’

‘Yes, SIR!’

George picked up his bow tie thrown on the floor, and put it on his bare neck.

‘Order accomplished, SIR!’

‘Very good, Asscrack!’ said Eddy, adjusting his tie to make it straight. ‘Okay, that should do it. You’re now ready to entertain us as a female exotic dancer! That’s what you’re gonna become on the count of three. Is that understood?’

‘Yes, SIR!’

‘Why don’t you dance around the room provoking your customers like a cheap slut?’

‘Yes, SIR!’

‘Good! Now, time to entertain us! One, two, THREE!’

As soon as Eddy snapped his fingers, a luring smile appeared on Walden’s handsome face. He started moaning passionately, while rubbing around his body all over. His red tanga panties were making a tent from inside!

‘Okay Georgina, you seem to be in the mood. Off you go then!’ Eddy said, slapping the principal’s big ass, which was partially covered by the reverse triangle of his tanga panty.

The principal-turned slut started dancing his way forward, hands on his hip, shaking his ass to the students’ rhythmic claps, marching around the room. They were witnessing the principal as they had never seen before! As he passed by, Billy left the chair, grabbed the principal’s panty from behind and dropped it down to the floor, completely exposing his derriere magnifique! ‘Georgina’ willingly lifted his feet for Billy to snatch the panty away as a ‘special souvenir’ of the show! Billy gave a couple of good slaps on the principal’s big mound before returning to his seat.

Now the entranced principal was wearing nothing but the bow tie, red garter belt, and the matching fishnet stockings as he swirled around his hips in a lustful manner, with his erect cock flopping around. What’s more, his cock turned out to be rather ‘compact’ in comparison to his sturdy body, probably about 5 inches in erect state. The hypno-zonked principal, however, was completely unaware of his humiliation. He kept dancing around the room, proudly exhibiting his small dick, shaking his big ass, until he returned to the front of the room, where Eddy was waiting. Enthusiastic applause, whistle and hoots followed!

‘Excellent! You did a marvelous job!’ Eddy said, casually stroking his principal’s rock-hard cock. Sweat was bursting out on George’s forehead, and his face was flushed with all the excitement.

‘Now, it’s time to join the party!’ Eddy commanded. ‘When I snap my fingers, you will be back to George again. Why don’t you position yourself in front of Darren, so that he can finger-fuck your hole?’

On the podium were George, Darren, Todd and Eddy from left to right for a spectacular three-way finger-fucking session! All the teachers were completely oblivious to their dignity and poise. In fact, they were completely out of control, fingering their colleague’s holes and stroking their own cocks fervently at the same time, while moaning and groaning loudly! It’s about time they shoot, Eddy thought. He picked up a Todd’s whistle and blew it loudly. The class became totally quiet.

‘Listen up everybody! Stop the action NOW!’ Eddy shouted. ‘And line up on the podium, facing the students!’

Eddy blew the whistle again. All the teachers obeyed his order swiftly, and lined up on the podium. They were locked in a position of attention, facing straight ahead, their cocks sticking out, and waiting for the next command.

‘On the count of three, you’re gonna shoot your big load simultaneously. IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?’

‘YES, SIR!’ the three teachers responded in unison.

‘Okay! Here I come! (Whistle) One! Your cum is coming up nicely. (Whistle) Two! You are now ready to shoot. And three! SHOOT YOUR FUCKING LOAD!!!’

Eddy blew the final whistle, and without even touching their dicks, the thick white juice got erupted one after another like a fountain out of all the teachers’ cocks, making a spectacular arch in the air before splashing down on the floor, over and over again!!!

After a moment of silence, all the students went wild, hooting, shouting, whistling and jumping, celebrating their victory over their teachers!

‘Gentlemen! Gentlemen!’ Eddy shouted. ‘Calm down please! Calm down! Shhhh! Thank you. Now listen! Our class is not dismissed yet. We’ve got one more study to do! But trust me, it’s gonna be fun, fun, fun! Okay! Let’s ask Mr. Asshole to continue his lecture.’

‘Thank you, Sir,’ Darren started talking. The thick white juice was still dripping from his dick. ‘Now listen class! We’re now going to conduct a final important experiment to conclude today’s lesson. You’ve seen our fingers inserted into our anus, now it’s time for you to experiment yourselves! Today, all three of us are delighted to offer our ass for your hands-on experience! We accept your finger or erect penis in there. Also, we shall be delighted to offer a penis-sucking service and an ass-licking service as well. Now, Todd, Mr. Asscrack, why don’t we line up and take a doggy position over here, so that our students can experiment freely...’

By the time he finished talking, his dick was in a full erection mode, ready for the second round.

‘Mr. Asshole,’ George interrupted. ‘I have a suggestion for you.’

‘Go ahead, Mr. Asscrack.’

‘Here at Sunnyville High, we take a great pride in providing the utmost hygienic environment to our students,’ said George with a serious face, as if he were discussing an annual budget. ‘If we are to let our students experiment on our buttocks, we should clean it thoroughly. So why not lick each other’s ass hole clean before the experiment?’

‘You know what I think?’ said Darren, after pondering on his suggestion carefully. ‘I think it’s a brilliant idea! What do you think, Todd?’

‘I cannot agree with him more, Darren. Principal has a good point there.’

‘Very well then,’ said the principal. ‘Let me see... Mr. Asswipe, why not lie down on the floor on your back and raise your legs, so that Mr. Asshole can clean up your ass hole? And as for me, I shall give Mr. Asshole’s asshole a good lick from behind on my all fours—like a dog. Woof! Woof!’

‘Very well,’ said Darren. ‘But what about your asshole, Mr. Asscrack?’

‘Don’t worry. When I’m done with you, I shall ask you to do the job in return.’

‘I’d be delighted. Now let’s get to it!’

‘Isn’t this amazing?’ said Eddy in a small voice to Rick and Billy, looking down on their teachers getting ready for a job. ‘I’m amazed how people can get creative under the hypnotic state.’

‘What do you mean?’ asked Billy.

‘I mean I never ordered them to lick each other’s ass. All I told them was to humiliate themselves bad in the classroom.’

‘So are they doing it on their own will—against their own will?’

The students were either standing on the floor or sitting on the desks, looking down on their stark naked teachers getting ready for a job. First off, Todd lied down on his back and raised his legs in the air, so that his ass crack will be fully exposed. Darren got down on his all fours in front of him, and lowered his head further by supporting himself on his forearms, causing his ass to stick up in the air. He then started sweeping his tongue along Todd’s ass crack over and over. In the mean time, Walden positioned himself right behind Darren, got down on his all fours, and he buried his face deep into Darren’s ass crack.

A few minutes later, George raised his head from Darren’s rear end.

‘Well, that should do the job nicely,’ he said, patting on the ass cheeks of Darren. ‘Now it’s my turn. Mr. Asshole, would you be kind enough to lick my asshole clean, please?’


‘Let me see... Why don’t you lie down on your back?’

‘Of course!’ Darren complied immediately.

‘Very well. Now, let me sit on your face, so that you can perform your duty.’

George strode over Darren, and squatted himself all the way down. His almost hairless ass crack and tight bud came right in front of Darren’s eyes, close-up.

‘Is it about the right position there?’ asked the principal.

‘Um... move a little forward, Mr. Asscrack. Stop! Stay right there.’

Darren held the ass cheeks of the principal with his hands, and started lapping the throbbing pink hole of Walden.

‘Do a good job down there,’ said George. ‘Mr. Asswipe, it’s no use wasting your time watching us. Why don’t you work on Mr. Asshole’s asshole?’

‘Sounds like a good idea, Mr. Asscrack.’

‘Mr. Asshole, why don’t you raise your legs in the air? Mr. Asswipe is willing to work on you. That’s it. Now, dive in, Mr. Asswipe.’

‘It’s good to see my teachers working hard,’ said George contentedly. ‘Mr. Asshole, why don’t you twirl around the tip of your tongue around my anus? That’s it. Also, try sticking the tip rhythmically right into my hole, please. Oh—oh—oh. Yes—yes—yes. You—you—you’re doing an excellent job—job—job.’

The students were laughing like crazy now.

‘Be quiet students!’ shouted the principal with a stern face, looking them up from his squatting position. ‘Civilized people pay a great attention to hygiene. It’s important to clean your asshole thoroughly before... My goodness, Mr. Asshole! What the hell is matter with you? Your penis is in full erection!’

‘Mmmm. Mmmmmmm.’

‘What are you trying to say? You cannot speak and do the job at the same time. Stop licking and speak, Mr. Asshole!’

‘Sorry I got out of control, Mr. Asscrack. It’s just that my olfactory nerves sensed the odor of your buttocks region, and it registered as a pleasurable sensation in my brain.’

‘In other words, you love sniffing my ass?’


‘Well. That’s understandable. I know I have a very special ass. However, that doesn’t justify your erection, Mr. Asshole. You should learn to control yourself! Speaking of which, Mr. Asswipe! I simply cannot believe this! Your penis looks hard like a stone too! I mean really, both of you! You are a high school teacher, for goodness’ sake! Try to maintain your composure in front of our students! Don’t forget your dignity, gentlemen! Dignity!’

‘But... your penis is also in erection, Mr. Asscrack,’ said Todd, pointing at Walden’s rock hard cock sticking up, drizzling wet with precum.

‘Shut up, Mr. Asswipe! Can’t you see the students laughing at us? I’m the highest-ranking man at this school. I can say anything. Arguing me back wouldn’t necessarily be good for your paycheck!’

‘Excuse me? What did you just say?’

Standing in front of the principal, looking down on him were Eddy, Rick and Billy, all grinning slyly.

‘Who did you say was the highest-ranking man at this school?’

‘Oh... pardon me, Sir,’ said George in panic. ‘I may be the principal, but actually, you are the greatest at this school. I don’t know why, though.’

‘Well, don’t try to think too hard. Anyway, isn’t it about time we start an experiment?’

‘Straight away, Sir. Mr. Asswipe, that’s enough! Come over here. Quickly! Why don’t we take a doggy position for our students? Mr. Asshole, you may keep lying on your back, so that our students will have a variety of positions to choose from. Master, we are ready!’ said George, wiggling his ass on his all fours, panting like a dog in anticipation. ‘Now, what can we do for you today?’

‘Well, let’s see... How about a nice butt-cleaning service to start with?’ said Eddy.

‘Absolutely Sir! That’s what I am here for! Please allow me to lick your ass clean, Master!’

‘Please sit on my face, Master. I’m ready to do the job,’ Darren begged.

‘I’m at your service, Master! Please choose ME to lick your ass clean!’ Todd pleaded.


Laughing victoriously, the gang started loosening their belts.