The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Tendrils in my Mind

Chapter 2

I wake in pitch blackness, a little groggy. I am in bed with Chet. In the moonlight, I can see we are both naked and the bedsheets are sweaty and twisted every which way. Chet is snoring like a grizzly.

I lay back, thinking. What the hell…? I remember I went to the lousy auditions yesterday. After that, I remember coming home to Chet, and then… we talked about something. But I can’t remember what. I was momentarily annoyed with him, but then…

But then I must have gotten into a really, really weird mood or something, because then I was bouncing around in my birthday suit front of Chet, giggling and acting like a total slut. I frown. That’s totally unlike you, Kim, I think to myself… but I do remember enjoying it.

And then, Chet and I roleplayed master and slave. I’m amazed I agreed to it. And, if I am honest, I admit to myself that it was hot. So hot. My poor vajayjay is still gasping for breath.

Superweird. I’m not a submissive girl and I don’t like that possessive master/slave stuff. I’ve had previous boyfriends who made lame jokes about doing submission, and its never lit my fire. At all.

I look at Chet, considering him. I’ve been with him for, what, seven months now? How come last night his inner dominator came out? And how come I went for it?

Because the sex was hot, I remind myself. Scorching.

But I don’t think I’ll want to do that slave thing again.

* * *

But from that day on, things are just… really weird. I start walking around our apartment in only panties, sometimes all day long. At the most random moments, I decide I had to give Chet a BJ. I don’t know where the urge come from, but suddenly I am be on my knees before him, eagerly unzipping his fly, then sucking away on Little Chet. It is like my Inner Slut took over.

Those things are whack enough. But then, something happens to top everything.

It is Wednesday. I am getting home, having just taught three back-to-back-to-back hot yoga classes. I stink and I am sore all over. I hop in the shower.

When I come out and get dressed, Chet is home. I kiss him then we settle down on the sofa. We are cuddling nonstop these days.

“Hey baby,” I say. “Whatddaya want to do for dinner?”

“Not hungry,” he says. He is eyeing me with obvious lust.

Uh-oh, I think. I need a break from all the sex.

“What if we went out for Mexican?” I ask.

“Let’s stay in,” he counters.

I don’t hide my disappointment. “Aw,” I say, “Baby, we haven’t been out since—“

With a quick gesture, he places two fingers square in the center of my forehead. “You should change into your sexiest underwear,” he tells me.

I blink. An idea has just popped into my head. I should change into my sexiest underwear, I think. What a perfect notion! “Excuse me,” I say, and slip out of his arms.

In the bedroom, I strip naked, then fish through my undies drawer. I find the smallest bra and panties in existence, the little black ones which are little more than string and tiny patches of satin. If I wear the bra and raise my arms, I’m certain to pop a nip. These babies are for in the bedroom only.

Humming to myself, I wriggle into the set. This was an awesome idea, I tell myself. Every day should be sexy underwear day.

I pull on my clothes (sweatshirt and jeans) back on and rejoin Chet in the living room. He is lounging on the sofa, legs spread, huge boner poking up under his trousers. He stares at me.

“Sit here,” he says, patting the cushion next to him. I do.

“Sleep!” he commands, snapping his fingers before my eyes. I remember nothing more.

* * *

I hear finger snaps. My eyes flutter open. I sit up, rubbing my face. I was out of it for a second.

I look around. I know right where I am. I am in the VIP Room of Spearmint Rhino, only the most exclusive strip club in the world. The walls are dark oak, draped with red velvet, which matches the furniture. Of course the lights are dimmed and incense are burning.

I am Kim, the club’s most exclusive dancer. Men come from all over the world to see my dance and play by the fistful for one of my lap dances. I totally am the hottest woman alive. Sitting next to me is Chet, the gentleman who has rented my time for the evening. Well, I got him into the VIP room. How good the show will be from here depends on how much more he is willing to pay.

I slither up to my feet, making sure to brush the outside of his leg with one hand. “Hello there, honey,” I murmur in my best Marilyn Monroe voice.

Chet is all smiles. “Hi there!” he says. He looks like a little boy about to experience all his Christmases at once.

I dance for him, really just swaying my hips side to side while running my hands over my tummy. You have to entice the customers before they’re willing to pay you the big bucks. I hope Chet is loaded.

“Is there something you want, honey?” I breathe.

“Full monty, ma’am,” Chet tells me.

“Honey,” I sigh. “To get the show…”—I briefly touch his erection—“…you’ve got to pay the admission.”

Chet nods. He dips into his wallet and then withdraws…

…three thousand dollar bills!

Whoa! Chet is rich! Now we’re in business. Not believing my luck, I snatch the cash, then go to work. Swinging my hips about, I turn my back and peel out of my top, then my bottom. I am, of course, wearing my sexy underwear. I take my time and let him watch.

My clothes on the floor, I really bust out the moves. Its pretty easy, really. I wriggle my ass at Chet, then whirl about, lean forward, and let him stare into my cleavage. I shake my shoulders.

Now for the big finish. Although his hard-on is a major obstacle, I straddle Chet and sway my shoulders. My tits bob before his delighted face. Working slowly, I unhook the bra and allow him to pull it off.

I swear his erection will push me off his lap. I guide his hand to my breasts and begin thrusting over him, again and again and again. I also begin some fake moans, licking my lips a bit, and tossing my hair back. This is why I get paid the big bucks. He’ll shortly cum in his pants—all my customers do—and I’ll be richer by three G’s. Easy money.

But Chet doesn’t cum. He laughs, big whooping, hollering laughs. “Oh my god, I had no idea you were so good,” he manages.

Of course I’m this good, I think, almost insulted. I’m the best fucking stripper in the world.

I ride him for another minute. “Okay, okay,” he cries out. “We have to stop here.” He begins to push me off his lap.

I resist. “Oh no, honey,” I coo. “My customers don’t go home with blue balls.” I start massaging his cock over his pants.

“No, you don’t get it,” he says. “I really have to fuck you, now.”

This is not what I want to hear. “Honey,” I say patiently, still servicing him, “you can see me like this, but that’s as far as the show goes.”

“I have to fuck you,” he insists. He applies his weight forward, and tries to lower me onto the couch.

“Stop!” I bark. “The fucking bouncer will be all over you—“

“Look into my eyes,” he commands, leaning closer.

I hesitate. His eyes are bright. I was about to say something angry, but not the words are gone from my mind. Chet now seems imposing and I now want to please him. I stop resisting and he lowers me onto the couch. I can’t break his gaze.

“You are my slave,” he tells me.

That sounds so perfect. “I am your slave,” I agree. I lift my hips so he can rip off my panties.

Now I am completely nude and—I am shocked—completely wet. Chet dips two fingers into my clit and I gasp with delight as he brushes my spot.

Now his pants are off and he is on top of me, kissing my neck with his groping, open mouth. I feel, but do not see, his penis enter me. I cry out with pleasure. His tip is just dipping in and out of me, teasing my clit again and again and again. It feels so good.

Now I know I am a slave for this man. Dancers are never supposed to fuck the customers, but I don’t care. I want him to penetrate me and I want it so badly. I catch myself saying, “Don’t stop, master, don’t stop!!!’

And then his cock roars into me. I feel a freight train at full steam rush up into the depths of my pussy. I cum immediately. Again and again he bangs me, harder and harder. Oh, it is so good.

We do nothing but fuck for what must be an uninterrupted five minutes. His stamina is breathtaking. I take it all, climaxing all the time. My arms are pinned at my sides and he weight bares down on me. I am so turned on to be so helpless beneath him.

After a forever, he slows, then stops. I am spent. I lie where I am, heaving for breath and sweating. He collapses on top of me. His cock is still inside me.

Only now does it occur to me that I’ll be fired from the club. I am, well, very loud when fucked. I’m sure the bouncer outside the VIP room heard me.

Oh well. It was totally worth it. I can always dance at Scores.

Chet pulls out, grunting. His penis is dripping with my cum. Hot.

Chet grins, a dopey, lopsided grin. “You are so amazing,” he tells me as he sits up. I struggle to sit up next to him.

“No, no,” he says. “Lie back.” I do so. “Good,” he tells me. “Now…. Sleep!”

I fade into nothingness.

* * *

My eyes open. I am slouched on the sofa. I am naked, and I can tell I’ve just been fucked. Chet is sitting by my head, absently playing with my hair.

“The fuck…?” I say, sitting up. I feel a little light-headed.

“Hey babe,” he tells me, nuzzling my cheek with his nose.

I’m still getting my bearings. I don’t remember taking off my clothes. “Did we just screw?” I ask.

Chet shrugs. “I got horny,” he says. “You look hot in my old sweatshirt.”

Something’s not right. I sort of remember having sex on our sofa, but I don’t really. Sort of how you feel after waking up from a vivid dream. You kinds remember the most important parts, but just in bits and pieces.

And something’s not right. I have this weird feeling that I was… a stripper? Whaaaat???

I totally remember thinking that I was a stripper of some kind. Which is so bizarre. I’ve never thought about stripping and would never do it in a bazillion years. No way. Yet I remember thinking that…

“Kim,” Chet says. “Look at me.”

I do so, and my thoughts seem to fade.

“Don’t worry about it,” Chet tells me. “Go take a shower. By the time you step into the water, you’ll have forgotten everything that we just did. You won’t remember being a dancer and you won’t remember having sex. We were sitting on the couch talking the whole time. You will forget.”

He snaps his fingers. I jump, a little.

“I’m going to hop into the shower,” I tell Chet, and hurry into the bathroom. As the water splashes over my sticky body, my thoughts turn to other matters. I love Chet. He’s such a good guy. I wonder if we’ll have sex tonight.

“Hey babe,” Chet says when I emerge from the bathroom. “Let’s go out for Mexican.”

* * *

The weirdness continues. One day later, I am home, getting off the phone with my girlfriend Kat. Chet approaches me from behind. “Hey,” he says. I look up at him.

“Sleep!” he tells me.

* * *

When I look around next, it takes me a second or two to remember who I am and what is going on. Of course! I am Snow White, the most innocent princess in the world. My wicked stepmother has dressed me in rags and enslaved me. But my fair spirit remains uncrushed.

I am in the forest. I look up to see Prince Charming, smiling down at me. I smile back. It is true love. Well…. True love, plus I am suddenly wet.

“Hello princess,” his baritone thunders.

I blush. I hope he takes me to his castle. Suddenly, I am shy.

Prince Charming unzips his trousers. As he slides off his undergarments, his erect cock springs forth. I am stunned. Being an innocent, virginal princess and all, I have never seen a man’s erect cock. It calls to me in a strange magnetic, way.

Somehow knowing exactly what the prince wants, I yank off my princess panties and recline on my back.

* * *

Later… and I’m not sure how much later… I am a high school student. I’m super popular, super hot, super spoiled. I don’t give a fuck about the world. Everyone wants to love me. Or fuck me. Whatevs.

I am in Principal Chet’s office for flipping off my Chem teacher. Again, whatevs. Bitch had it coming.

Principal Chet regards me with arms crossed. I sigh dramatically and make a show of rolling my eyes. Whatevs. I need to text my hot college-age boyfriend and bounce this place.

“You have been very naughty this time, Kim,” Principal Chet tells me. “We’ve got to correct your behavior.”

“Yeah, totally,” I drawl, pouring on the sarcasm.

“We’re going to hypnotize you into being a good student,” Principal Chet announces, and produces—I shit you not—a watch on a chain, which he swings before my eyes.

“Whatevs,” I’m about to say, when…

…I’m not sure what happens next. My mind wanders.

“Strip for me, slave,” Principal Chet demands.

My thoughts clear. “Yes master,” I say immediately, and begin wriggling out of my miniskirt.

* * *

Much later… again, not sure how much later… I am Kim the Superspy, sent to capture the evil Dr. Chet before he can release his Hypnosis Bomb and sexually enslave the people of the free world. The President is counting on me completing this mission. I’m close; right now, I’m holding Dr. Chet at gunpoint.

“Surrender, Dr. Chet,” I bark. If he tries anything, I’m ready to use my kung fu.

Dr. Chet smirks. “Agent Kim,” he purrs. “How nice to see you.”

“Save it,” I tell him.

“Look into my eyes,” Dr. Chet tells me. That seems harmless.

I do so, and…

…I momentarily lose track of the moment. I feel Dr. Chet taking my pistol from my fingers.

“You don’t need that,” he says confidently.

“No master,” I agree.

The President will understand; Dr. Chet just wants to hypnotize everyone and make them into slaves. Its quite nice, actually. I smile.

Dr. Chet unzips my catsuit and begins caressing my breasts. I kiss him, eagerly.

* * *

Still later, I wake up. I am Kim, yoga instructor, in my own apartment with my boyfriend Chet. It is three AM.

I blink a few times. I am having the weirdest dreams! I was… a princess? Stripper? Spy? I’m not sure. The visions are hazy.

As I tumble back to sleep, I forget all those images. In the morning, I’ll have forgotten everything.