The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

There’s Somthing in the Water

By Rawly Rawls

Chapter 16

Ten women, all teachers, lined up in the science room. All stood naked in front of a table still decked out in Bunsen burners and beakers. The science class had been dismissed early. The students must have left in a hurry, eager to end the school day early before their teacher could change her mind. Some of the teachers trembled with nerves or anticipation. Some stood, with dilated pupils, breathing hard, addicts ready for their fix. All the teachers were married and showed hourglass figures to varying degrees. Some of the older ones looked years younger than they had a few weeks before. None of them were thinking about their husbands.

“This is the life, eh Davey?” Roy also stood naked and sweaty, overseeing his kingdom. His long, dark cock stood out straight before him.

“David Riles.” David stood naked, too. His stupid grin still on his face. He looked up and down the line of women.

“You’re damn right, David Riles.” Roy laughed, his belly shaking before him. He turned to look at Caroline Rogers, her hands clasped before her blond pussy. She looked quite calm and ready to Roy. He had ridden her hard over the past few weeks and tamed her completely. “Nice work, Mrs. Rogers. Just think, you’ve brought all these women to me. You seduced them every bit as much as me. Well, maybe not as much.” Roy chuckled again and looked down at his waiting cock. “I’m the one that bred them.”

“Yes, Roy.” Caroline looked down at the floor, her large breasts got in the way. She was immersed in a world she could not have believed or foreseen, but here she was. “Does your friend have to join?” She looked up at David. “You’re a good kid, David. You don’t want to do this. Do you?”

“I want.” David’s tall, muscular frame heaved as he panted.

“Oh.” Caroline looked at his penis. She would have thought Roy was a one in a million freak, but his friend’s gadget was just as big as his. She rubbed her growing belly. “Okay, then.” She dropped her blue eyes again. “Well, um …” The next question wanted to bubble out of her. She tried to contain it, but she blurted, “… do you want to take me first, David?” She turned away from the eighteen-year-old boys and put her hands on the table. The beaker in front of her contained some green liquid. It smelled acidic. She stuck her ass back at David and wiggled it, trying to entice him.

“You want, too?” David took a couple steps over to Caroline and bounced his dick on the globe of her right ass cheek. He watched the ripples.

“I do.” Caroline knew Roy and all the other women in the room were watching her closely. She shuddered as David touched her, and gasped when his bloated head parted her entrance. Once, that entrance had been a sacred place for tender love consecrated by her church and fortified by her vows. Now she freely gave it to the most powerful, lurid, and animalistic young men at school. “Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. David, you’ve speared me with your …” She bit her lip hard enough to draw blood and let the little lightning bolts of pleasure travel through her. That was what she lived for now.

“Like … husband?” David firmly took control of her hips and slammed into her. He had to bend his knees quite a bit to keep at her level, even though he’d raised her hips as high as they’d go.

“Yes … I still like him.” Caroline knew this was a line of questioning quite popular with Roy, and wasn’t surprised that David was interested, too. She was a bit confused by his stunted speech, though. He was usually such a gifted speaker. Maybe it was lust. The new kind of sex she now had with Roy and David certainly clouded her brain. “I … love … my husband. I just … can’t resist … this.”

“No … I … like … husband.” David practically roared the words. Several of the women in the room flinched as they watched him take their friend.

Confused, with another orgasm on the way, Caroline looked back at the savage youth with questioning eyes. What did he want? “You’re better than him. Is that what you want to hear? You’re much better than my poor Bernard. I … ugh …” He hit a spot deep inside her. “I thought it was … ugh … good with him but …” She hunched her butt back at David and screamed out an orgasm.

“Good … good,” David panted.

“Nice.” Roy clapped his hands. “I like you better this way, Davey, you big dumb lug. We’re going to fuck all of them today, aren’t we?” He stuck his hands on his hips and surveyed the unclaimed nine teachers.

“All.” David nodded enthusiastically, looking down at the squirming teacher before him.

“Well, that’s settled then.” Roy kept his hands on his hips. “Mrs. Bennett? Mrs. Hendrickson and …” He pointed to a short, brunette teacher at the end. “… Mrs. Stapleton. Start me off with a blowjob. We got all afternoon.”

“But …” Fiona Bennett stepped forward. She was ready. She’d wasted most of her life without realizing what pleasure really was. Now, whenever Roy called on her, she dropped whatever she was doing and practically ran into his chubby arms. “How can three of us give you one blowjob, Mr. Ackerman?”

“Figure it out, you dumb broad.” Roy watched the three women drop to their knees and crawl across the linoleum floor toward him. He was so impressed with the way Fiona looked. Every day seemed to bring her more into her prime. “The rest of you can finger each other, or watch, or whatever. Just be ready. My friend is hungry.” To his right he heard David roar out his climax and then toss aside the nearly comatose Caroline Rodgers. Roy could see her eyelids fluttering as she slumped to the floor, like she was a Caddy with a busted piston.

“Done.” David moved to the next teacher in the row, Mrs. Brown, lifted her up in the air, and pinned her on his long cock. “More … more … more …”

“Oh, my … oh, my …” Pamela Brown was used to rough sex since Roy had got his grubby hands on her. But that aerial pounding was something else entirely.

“See. I told you he was hungry.” Roy looked down as the three women sorted themselves out on his dick. Fiona opened wide to suck in his head, looking up into Roy’s leering eyes. The other two women alternated between licking the shaft and slurping on his ripe balls. Neither of them would look up at him. It was quite a sight. “That’s good … unlike Davey, I like to get warmed up.”

Hours later, nine of Portsmith’s most upstanding citizens lay strewn around the science room. Each of them had cum on and inside them. Some had their pussies filled to capacity. Some leaked the teenagers’ stuff from their butts. All of them, were exhausted, satisfied, and a little jealous of the tenth, Edith Stapleton.

On his knees, Roy plowed Edith’s butt from behind. He knew it was the first time she’d ever let a man enter her there, because he’d asked her just before he put it in. He wondered how she liked it, but he couldn’t ask her because her mouth was full of David’s mammoth cock.

“Mmmmppph … mmmmmmmm … gggggpppphhhhhhhh,” Edith said as she shook her way through the second anal orgasm of her long life. Married thirty years, and nothing had prepared her for that moment. She was a plaything for two students and she wanted nothing else. Her hands pressed into David’s hips and she tried not to choke on the penis that pushed into her throat every time she absorbed a shock from the back.

“Take … prize.” David grasped her brown hair with both hands, watching her full lips strain into thin lines around him. He had a flicker of recognition for a brief second. This was his history teacher. A nice woman. He looked up and saw his friend, or was he an ex-friend, sodomizing the poor woman only a short distance away. “Roy?”

“Do it, Davey. Destroy her.” Roy cheered.

David wanted to say no, but his hips bucked, and he erupted in her mouth. He heard her trying desperately to gulp him down. The last thing David thought before his mind turned back to mush was that he needed to get away from Roy. He needed to get home.

“How’d you like my women, Davey?” A little while later, Roy stood out in the school hallway. He was sure they were the only ones left at school.

“David Riles.” David had that wide grin on his face again as he turned and wandered off down the hall.

“Share and share alike. Right?” Roy called after him. “I nailed your mom before. I’d love to do it again. And sample some of those dames she’s boarding.” He saw David’s head twitch when Roy said the thing about his mom, but otherwise, the dumb lug just kept on walking. “Okay, maybe tomorrow.” Roy turned and opened the door to the science room.

Ten disheveled women dressed slowly, looking around at themselves in bewilderment.

“Who wants to give me a ride home?” Roy said to the room.

Several hands shot up. Roy smiled. The eager ones were the women he’d broken in first. He wanted to drive one of their cars home while they gave him a blowjob. That sounded like the perfect thing after a long hard day. “Mrs. Bennett, get your shoes on. I’ve got a special treat for you.” Roy laughed as the woman raced across the classroom, hopping on one heel as she tried to put the other on.

What was left to conquer? As Roy drove home, the sounds of slurping filled Fiona’s old car. He let his mind wander. He really did want to take Linda Riles again. But more than anything, he wanted what he couldn’t have. Stupid Patrick and his stupid mom had both given Roy the cold shoulder. He’d show them. Portsmith was Roy’s town now, and it was time everyone learned their place.

* * *

“Do you feel any different?” Donna held Patrick to her naked, sweaty breast. Her whole body buzzed from the hour she’d just spent with her legs spread for her boyfriend.

“I feel good.” Patrick sighed and nuzzled her nipple. He noticed that it wasn’t as pink as before. It seemed a darker shade than what he was used to.

“No, silly.” Donna ruffled his hair and looked at the hotel ceiling. “I mean, since we haven’t been drinking the water. Any changes?”

“I don’t think so. My mom still glazes over when I sweat around her. And I … um … so does my sister. I did it with her again.”

“Your oldest sister or the one visiting?” Donna tried to keep the excitement out of her voice.

“They’re both visiting, but it seems like Sally’s moved in. It was Sally.” Patrick reached for his glasses and put them on. He looked up at Donna. “She was all sweaty from working with mom in the garden. One minute I was reading a comic, the next I had her bent over the couch. Hopefully, Addy will leave on Monday. I don’t want to … you know … do all the women in my family.”

“I understand.” Donna imagined Patrick humping his older sister in their living room. She was sorry she’d missed it. “I perspired before returning to Mark last night. Even though he’s on a milk only diet, he glazed over as always.”

“Maybe it takes a while to get the stuff in the water out of our bodies?” Patrick looked at her hopefully.

“Or maybe, we need to stop the thing at the source.” Donna put on her glasses and sat up in bed, pulling her knees up to her chest. Her breasts spilled around her thighs.

“About that. I had an idea.” Patrick looked away from her, so her beauty wouldn’t distract him. “There’s that building on the far side of the lake. The one without windows.”

“It must be the pumping station.” Donna nodded. “But even if we shut it down, that thing will still be in the lake. And don’t forget the squirming bubbles.”

“I haven’t forgotten.” Patrick shivered. “I don’t want to shut it down. I want to use it. The thing must use electricity to pump all that water. Lots of electricity. So …”

“So?” Donna thought about the time Mark had electrocuted that shapeshifter with a 240-volt line. “So, maybe there’s enough juice to sizzle whatever’s in the lake.”


“We’ll need help.” Donna didn’t like any of their options for help.

“David was acting really strange. I could ask him again, but …”

“Maybe it was just shock from what happened with that poor woman, but I agree. Not our best option, but we should try. We’ll need to be careful with him. I’ll go with you to ask tomorrow.” Donna pushed Patrick onto his back. “But first …”

“How can you want more at a time like this?” Patrick smiled up at her as she mounted him.

“This isn’t my first rodeo, cowboy.” She slid him in. “Danger is my middle name.” Her hips rocked back and forth slowly. She built up to speed. “Plus, you seem eager and ready, too.”

“I can’t believe we’re going to save the world with my stuff inside you.” Patrick laughed at the beauty and absurdity of the moment.

“Me … neither … ugh …” Donna leaned her head back and let out a long groan as she orgasmed on top of her young boyfriend.

* * *

“Wow, Nanna, you look great.” Roy stood in the entrance to the kitchen, looking in at the four women seated around the kitchen table. Dark, fresh sweat stains marked the pits of his shirt as he put his hands about head level on the door frame. It was true, his grandmother looked like she did in those old fuzzy pictures from the 20s. Except, maybe, she filled out her dress more now. Her hair was dark again, and her face was pretty and composed. Aunt Peg sat next to her with a dreamy look on her face. The smell of sweat was already hitting her. Their resemblance to Roy’s father was uncanny. He wondered how anything so alluring could share traits his father.

“Hello, Roy.” Maybelle looked at her grandson, and then looked around the room. “Um, Amanda, are you using some sort of new cleaner? If you are, you must tell me the name. It smells rich, and full, and makes me …”

Amanda exchanged a look with her daughter as they sat next to each other. “Maybe you should run along to your room, Annie darling.” Amanda didn’t want her to witness what she knew was coming.

“Nah, Annie, I want you to stay.” Roy unbuttoned his shirt and slid it over his head. His pudgy belly wobbled into view.

“Good Lord, stop that Roy.” Maybelle turned to her daughter-in-law. “Amanda, control your son he’s … um … not behaving.” But her voice carried little conviction.

“I haven’t been able to control him for a good long while.” Amanda reached out and gripped her daughter’s hand and squeezed tight. Was she looking forward to seeing her husband’s mother and sister fall under Roy’s spell? Maybe she was.

There were some cries of disbelief in the kitchen when Roy dropped his pants and his penis swung out stiff and proud. Whatever Maybelle and Peg had thought an invitation from Amanda had meant, this wasn’t it. It would have been just as likely if Roy had turned into a cosmonaut, as it was seeing that horrific, massive penis in the bright, clean kitchen swaying before them.

“I have to … go.” But Peg didn’t move from her chair. Instead, her dark eyes fixed themselves on her nephew’s gadget like a steel ingot to a magnet. “Bob is expecting dinner and I should really go,” she mumbled. The smell in the kitchen, which Peg suddenly doubted was a new cleaner, opened up every pore of her being. She felt so receptive and passive. She leaned forward across the table to get a better look at the crisscrossing veins standing in stark relief to the smooth skin on Roy’s thing. She would have never guessed that the snotty little teenager would be so well outfitted. Heck, she wouldn’t have guessed that any man would come packaged so, given her experience with her husband.

“So, Nanna, and Peg, what do you think?” Roy wiggled his hips and bounced his dick around. His fat, heavy balls flopped between his legs. A malevolent smile played on his lips as he looked at their shocked, hungry faces.

“I never.” Maybelle seemed to gather herself a little. “In all my years, I have never seen such impudence. Put that thing away this instant and—mmmmmmppppphhhhh.” She was cut off as Roy stepped up to her and forced the knobby head past her lips.

“That ought to stop your yammering.” Roy put his hand on the back of her head to keep her from spitting him out. She struggled for a few seconds, still trying to talk around the wide invader. But he could feel her tongue swirling around him soon enough. And after a minute, she experimented with moving her head to lurch maybe an inch of his dick in and out of her wet mouth. “So, Aunt Peg, you didn’t say what you thought.”

Peg’s mouth hung open in shock, about as wide as her mother’s. “Am I … dreaming?”

“No, jeez.” Roy shook his head. “Just tell me you like my dick.”

“It’s terrifying.” Peg couldn’t bring herself to look away. It seemed that her mother was now trying to bring him pleasure. She watched in horror as Maybelle’s hands reached up and tenderly cupped those giant testicles. Even in a dream, Peg should be running. But she sat glued to the chair. She realized her vagina was leaking profusely.

“Nah, you just have to get to know it better.” Roy hated to pull out of his nanna’s mouth, especially now that she was so eagerly squeezing his balls with a soft, rhythmic motion. But he could tell that Aunt Peg wouldn’t wait around forever. He let go of Maybelle’s head, pulled out of her mouth, and slapped her cheek playfully with his heavy dick. He then turned to his aunt, stepped over to her chair, and slid his dick right into her mouth. Her mouth was still so wide from shock that he didn’t even have to tell her to open up.

“What’s … happening …?” Maybelle looked over at Amanda and Annie. She could see no surprise on their faces. Just the most odd mixture of revulsion and longing. “I don’t … understand.”

“Look.” Amanda pointed to Peg.

All eyes turned to the gagging woman struggling at the kitchen table. Peg’s eyes bulged and her nostrils flared as she sucked in oxygen through her nose. Her hands flailed in the air like she didn’t know where to put them. Roy, grunting, forced more and more of his cock into her mouth. He was now more than halfway.

“Shit … I’m going to own … all of Dad’s women.” Roy held her firmly by her brown hair.

At those words, Maybelle stood and made for the door.

“Mom, Annie, ah … don’t let her leave.” Roy wasn’t going to give up on Peg so soon, but he couldn’t have his nanna running either.

Without a word Amanda and Annie sprung up and intercepted Maybelle before she could get to the door. The old woman didn’t struggle much as they held her in place. They turned and looked back at Roy and Peg to find that Roy looked just about ready to burst. His face was red and his brow furrowed. He moved his hips so that most of his long penis slid in and out of poor Aunt Peg’s stretched mouth.

“Mine … mine … all … mine.” Roy’s shoulders gave a violent quake and then he erupted.

“GGggggppppphhhhhh.” Peg’s eyes bulged even further and rolled back in her head. She kicked her heels at the kitchen floor. All the fight left her completely as she got her first hit of the pure ecstasy that Roy’s sperm brought.

“That’s … good …” Roy pulled out of her and watched the flood cascade past her lips, down her chin, and land on the bosom of her dress. “More.” Roy pulled the woman out her seat, roughly turned her around, and bent her over the table. Much to his delight, she reached back of her own accord and lifted her dress up over her pale butt. She then dropped her panties about halfway down her thighs. “She wants it.” Roy looked back at the other three women clutching each other near the door. “Aunt Peg wants it, Mom.” He smacked her exposed ass and laughed at her squeak of surprise. “Tell me you want it, Aunt Peg.”

“I … I …” Peg’s mind was in a fog. She still hadn’t come down from the high of Roy’s semen.

“Don’t …” Maybelle could see that her daughter had already given in. How could she? She watched in awe as the young delinquent thrust into Peg from behind and the room was filled with a pitched keening. Peg took his great length inside her. The room resounded with Roy’s grunting, the slap of his skin on his aunt’s, and Peg’s mindless wailing.

“Oh, my … oooooohhhhhhhhhh, my.” Peg’s nails dug into the tabletop. It was clear that she was quite enthusiastic about this new experience.

Happy with her taming, Roy suddenly withdrew from Peg. He left her gasping on the table and sat down in the one of the kitchen chairs, turning it toward the other three women. His cock glistened under the room’s electric light. He knew his father would be home soon, but he didn’t care. He could see the sweat on the back of Aunt Peg’s neck. And Nanna was about to start perspiring big time. Roy had it all under control.

“What are you going to do?” Maybelle sounded faint. Her son would be home soon. Hopefully, very soon to put a stop to all this. Nathaniel would really have to knock some sense into Roy. The young man was completely out of control.

“Hey, Mom?” Roy winked at his mother.

“Yes, Roy.” Amanda tried to hide her excited smile. She didn’t want to seem like she was enjoying any of this.

“Can you please have Nanna sit down on my lap? It’s time.”

“Do you want her facing you, or …?” Amanda raised her eyebrow as if this was a normal question between mother and son, and she was only mildly curious.

“What do you think?” Roy watched Maybelle closely. She wasn’t trying to get away from Amanda and Annie, but she didn’t look thrilled about her prospects either. That would change quickly. He heard Peg moan, still bent over the table and he leaned back and slapped her ass again.

“Don’t make me chose, darling.” Amanda took her mother-in-law by the shoulders and led her to Roy. Along the way, Annie pulled off her grandmother’s dress. Maybelle stood there in her sensible bra and underwear. Everyone could see Maybelle’s breasts overflowing the bra that was clearly too small for her. “This must be uncomfortable.” Amanda unclasped the bra and let it fall. Maybelle offered no resistance. There was a collective gasp shared between Annie, Amanda, and Roy. Maybelle’s breasts hung, but at the same time stood out proudly. She did not look her age at all. Her panties fell to the floor next.

“I made up my mind.” Roy smirked. “I want her facing me. I want to see those tits bounce.”

“You can’t.” Maybelle turned her face toward Amanda, but was met with an indifferent smile.

“I must.” Amanda’s hands ran down Maybelle’s curves and settled on the woman’s hips. She guided her onto Roy’s lap, took his cock in her hand, and slipped it into the matriarch.

“Eeeeiiiiiiii.” Maybelle gave a shrill scream. Whatever she had expected, it hadn’t been that the wide thing would enter so easily. She hadn’t had sex with her husband in years, but somehow, she found her entrance had become quite pliable. “Aaaaggghhhhh.” With a grunt, her body took over. Maybelle’s hips shook wildly at first, and then they rocked back and forth. Those great big balls rubbed at her butt. She had seen how much he had stored in there when he’d unloaded in poor Peg’s mouth. Surely, he must have spent all his seed. But those sacks still felt supple and full. Suddenly, Maybelle didn’t want her son to come home at all.

“All right, Nanna.” Roy laughed and grabbed a fistful of heavy boob in each hand. He pulled and pushed on her boobs to encourage her to move with more vigor. She complied. “You want it, too. You all want it.” Roy held his head to the side to see around his grandma. His mother and sister looked on with wide eyes. He looked over to Aunt Peg, who was still clutching the table. Peg had her head turned toward them and her dazed eyes gazed at them. Her lipstick was smeared and drool trickled out of the corner of her mouth onto the tabletop. Roy laughed again.

Outside, Nathaniel pulled into the driveway. He parked next to his sister’s car. How nice, he wasn’t expecting a visit. She probably brought along his mom, too. They lived just on the other side of town, but he saw them so infrequently. He hummed as he walked to the front door. He opened it and heard the most odd sounds, like someone was torturing a ferret. And then, his mind clouded over. “Not again,” Nathaniel murmured.

Inside the kitchen, Roy had coaxed his grandmother into bouncing on his lap. “Check on the … ugh … door, Mom. I think Dad’s home and didn’t … close it.”

Amanda nodded and hurried into the hall. She closed the door and pushed her dazed husband down the hall until they were both in the doorway. “What should I do with your father?” Amanda knew her son very well by now. She didn’t even really need to ask the question. Roy would want him present.

“The old man’s off his rocker again?” Roy looked around the heavy tits flopping in front of his face and saw his stupid dad standing there with a blank look. “Put him in the corner. I want him here when I take all his women.”

“You’re going to put it in … all of us?” Annie didn’t want to sound too eager, but she’d thought he would be too busy with their aunt and grandma to give her some, too.

“Would you like that?” Roy looked over at her avid, pretty face.

“Yes, Roy.” Annie nodded.


“My butt, please.” Annie said the words without even thinking them.

“What about Bobby … ah … Connors?” Roy was just about ready to unload in Maybelle.

“Who?” Annie hadn’t really forgotten about her boyfriend, but she knew what Roy wanted to hear.

“Oh, yeah. It’s all me. Take it … Nanna.” Roy let go and exploded inside his grandmother’s pussy. He could feel her clutching him, pressing all that boob-flesh into his face, practically smothering him.

Maybelle had been listening to all of it. Her poor son was there, but somehow unable to see them. Roy, it seemed, had worked his way through all of them. She had always known he was a dark seed. But nothing could have prepared her for this. Or, for the pleasure that took hold when his hot stuff hit her in waves deep inside. Sex with Roy had been a revelation, but taking his essence was something she would trade anything for. She now understood the hungry expressions on her daughter-in-law’s and granddaughter’s faces. She screamed out this new feeling and gave herself over to Roy completely.

They went at it all evening. None of the women ate any supper that night, but they did all gorge on Roy’s seed. Eventually, just after eleven, Roy finally ran out of steam. He stumbled to his feet after letting out his final load in Peg, who was still trembling on all fours on the linoleum. “Let’s make this a … regular thing,” Roy said, as he lurched toward the door. He stopped to pat his deaf and dumb father on the shoulder. “Thanks for letting me have your women, pops.” Roy chuckled to himself and left the others to clean up his mess. As he headed to bed, he wondered how many times he’d cum that day. Was it eight? Nine? Where did it all come from? He didn’t much care. Even as he crashed onto his mattress, he was already looking forward to what the next day would bring.

* * *

The sun blazed into Patrick’s room when he woke with a hand running down his skinny back. He rolled over and looked up. “Mom?” Without his glasses, she was a blur. But he could still make out her high cheekbones and dainty nose, just barely.

“Rise and shine, sleepy head. I thought that I …” Susy paused. “Well, I was going to make an excuse for taking care of your precious big thing this morning. But, I suppose, I don’t need one. Do I?”

“Mom, you don’t have to. I think I found a way to stop all this. There’s a pump station at the—”

“Shh.” Susy put her finger to his lips. “I don’t need to hear about your games right now. This isn’t a chore like washing your dishes, Pat. I like helping in this way.” She pulled down the blanket, and smiled at the stiff rod that stood so proudly for her. But before reaching for his manhood, she fetched his glasses from the nightstand and lovingly settled them on his face. “There now, I know you wouldn’t want to miss this.” Susy slipped out of her dress. She was naked underneath. Her smile broadened when she took in Patrick’s happy expression.

“You’re so pretty, Mom.” Patrick tried not to stare at the teardrops of her boobs, but he figured she wanted him to see, so it was okay to stare a little. He looked her up and down, enjoying the way the sun played off her olive skin and the dark triangle between her legs.

“Thank you, young man.” She bent over, her boobs hanging straight down under her, and took hold of the warm penis in front of her. It looked pink, hearty, and ready for the day ahead. “What do you want me to do with this?”

“Where’s Dad?”

“He’s golfing.” Susy glanced at his face and read the next question there. “And your sisters are off on a long walk. We have the house to ourselves.”

“I should really get going. I have to save the world today.” Patrick made an attempt to rise but his mother leaned over and met his lips with hers, softly pushing his head back to the pillow with a kiss. Soon enough, they were eagerly kissing while she bounced her pussy on his cock.

“Oh, Pat. Oh … sugar. You reach so far,” Susy said between kisses. “You’re … touching my soul … with the tip … of your thing.”

“Mom … mmmmppphhh.” And the rest was lost to kisses, their tongues intertwining. He knew he’d been right. There really was no time to waste. He needed to save the world. But that could wait an extra hour or two. The thing in the lake wasn’t going anywhere.

A half-hour later, Patrick held his mother’s hips from behind as he plowed her like a dog. He banged into her soft ass with aplomb, watching the ripples spread out from each impact. It was so easy to lose himself in her. So easy to fall into the trap of love and ecstasy and not even care to find his way out. A shriek at the door brought his mind into somewhat clearer focus. He looked to see both his sisters standing there. His hips stopped with his dick all the way inside his mother.

“Mom … Pat … What are you doing?” Adeline didn’t know what else to say. The act that her brother and mother were committing was so outside Adeline’s worldview that her brain rebelled when she tried to comprehend it. Of course, she knew they weren’t dancing or playing bingo. But she couldn’t make the act concrete in her mind. When she asked what they were doing, she really wanted to know. Because her eyes couldn’t accept what they were seeing.

“They love each other, Addy,” Sally said tenderly. She smelled that familiar scent and suspected that her repressed sister was feeling the same tingling that she was.

“You shouldn’t … ah … see this …” To Susy’s horror, her son moved again behind her, and she pushed back at him. “Leave … you two. Right … now.” Susy’s left eye blinked uncontrollably as Patrick found the perfect spot inside her. Her face screwed up with pleasure.

“It’s time we behaved more like a family.” Sally pushed her sister into Patrick’s room. “No more hiding. No more pretending we can’t hear what’s going on in the next room.” She put her hand on the door.

“Sally?” Adeline and Susy said at the same time. Although Adeline’s was a high squeak, and Susy’s was more a grunt of a question.

“No, Sally. Leave Addy out of this.” Even as he said the words, Patrick’s hips kept a steady rhythm and his fingers tightened on his mother’s hips. “I have to go.”

“That’s not what it looks like to me.” Sally swung the door shut. The sound of it echoed throughout the house. More percussions echoed soon after.