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There’s Somthing in the Water

Chapter 8

In the past, confidence was never Linda’s thing. She had gone from being a quiet, pretty young woman to a round, earnest housewife and mother. She deferred to the men in her life, even her two sons. She still couldn’t say no to men, but recently she’d had a taste of control with her houseguest, Olivia Green. And Linda liked it.

Late Monday night, Linda crept into her son Ryan’s old room where Olivia slept. She looked down at the woman, breathing gently under the covers. Olivia’s brown hair spread itself on the pillow and her soft, pale face looked so peaceful in the moonlight flooding in through the window.

“Wake up, Olivia.” Linda reached down and shook Olivia’s shoulder. “I have some more chores for you.”

“What?” Olivia’s brown eyes opened. “Linda?” She sat up and looked at the older woman standing over her. Olivia relaxed when she saw Linda’s warm, dimpled smile. Linda stood in her long, blue nightgown, her magnificent breasts pushing at the silky material. “What time is it?”

“It’s late, sweetheart.” Linda sat on the edge of the bed and put her hand on Olivia’s knee. “Bill and Davey are sleeping. But we’re going to go wake Davey up.”

“Oh?” Olivia stretched her arms over her head and yawned. She sat up, holding the covers over her small breasts even though she wore her own nightgown underneath. “What’s going on?”

“Let me show you.” Linda took Olivia’s hand in hers and gently pulled her out of bed. She led her out of the room and into David’s room. Their feet quietly padded on the carpet. Linda closed and locked David’s door behind them. “From now on, you’re going to help me with Davey.” Linda dropped Olivia’s hand and stepped over to the bed. David lay on his back under the covers, snoring softly.

“How?” Olivia watched Linda’s shapely behind. Not for the first time, she wondered how Linda had managed to take her away from her life in the city.

“Let me show you.” Linda pulled back the blanket and sheet. David was sleeping in flannel pajamas, and his massive, soft penis was outlined distinctly under his bottoms.

“You can’t be serious?” Olivia’s eyes widened and she stared at the lump. As a modern woman, Olivia had some experience with men. But she’d never seen anything like the lump in this boy’s PJs. “Is that …?”

“Yes.” Linda bent down and pulled down David’s bottoms. “He has the most wonderful penis in the whole world, and he needs help taking care of it.” Linda grasped the heavy, limp thing in her hands and stroked it, breathing life into the sleeping giant. She could feel it growing, and stiffening, in her hands.

“No way.” Olivia wasn’t sure if she was denying the request that she touch that monstrosity, or the reality of what Linda was doing with her son.

“Mom?” David looked down at his mother manipulating his dick in the dim light. She was bent at the waist and he could see her pale cleavage hanging down under her nightgown.

“I have a surprise for you, Davey.” Linda looked over her shoulder to where Olivia stood behind her. “Olivia will help you with your penis while she stays with us.”

“No.” Olivia looked down at the ring on her left hand and took a step backward. “I’m engaged. Robert and I are faithful.” She shook her head and looked at the now fully hard cock, the corners of her mouth dipping in revulsion. “I’d never …”

“Come now, Olivia.” Linda let go of her son’s penis, straightened, and turned toward Olivia. “That ship has sailed. You already lapped at my vagina like a little puppy. Remember?”

“What?” This was news to David. What was even happening anymore? All he wanted was to get into his mom’s panties again and again and now she was offering up this woman to him? David grabbed his penis and stroked slowly. A light sheen of sweat formed on his forehead. He sighed. Of course, he would take the offering.

“You asked me to.” Olivia took another step backward. “I didn’t … I didn’t …”

“Shh.” Linda quickly moved over to Olivia, pulling her own nightgown over her head in the process. Her large, pale boobs hung free. “It’s okay, sweetheart. Robert won’t ever know. You’re doing this as a favor to me.”

“Linda, I can’t—” Olivia was cut off as Linda cradled the back of her head and brought Olivia’s mouth down to Linda’s left nipple. The young woman bent at the waist and automatically began sucking when the first hit of milk touched her tongue.

“There, there.” Linda stroked Olivia’s brown hair and slowly walked backward toward David’s bed, making sure to keep her nipple in the woman’s mouth.

“Wow.” David stroked faster, watching his naked mom treat this grown woman like a baby. “That’s really something. She’s sucking you really good.” With his left hand, he propped the pillow under his head to get a better view of the women.

“Don’t be crude, Davey.” Linda sat down on the edge of the bed, pulling Olivia down to her knees as she continued gulping down milk. “How do you want her?”

Olivia’s eyes fluttered open when she heard that question. But the warmth of the milk spread through her body and carried her off again. Her eyelids fell. There was a smell in that room. Something dark, devious, and compelling. Thoughts about trying to cram that enormous cock into her tiny pussy flooded her mind.

“Put her on top.” David reached down and pulled off his bottoms.

“Okay, sweetie.” Linda pulled Olivia off her boob and guided her onto the bed so that she straddled David. “This might hurt a little at first, but once you adjust, it’ll be the best thing you’ve ever felt.” Linda pulled Olivia’s nightgown up over her head exposing her slender body and small breasts.

“She looks so different from you.” David had only seen two women naked before that moment. His mother, of course, and Mrs. Gooden when he and Patrick spied on her and her son Ralph from behind their house. “She’s so small.”

“Do you like her?” Linda cupped Olivia’s right boob. It was small, but it had a nice weight, and a gentle curve. Linda frowned, worried this wouldn’t work out.

“Yes.” David nodded and let go of his dick. He smiled up at Olivia, who looked down at him with distant eyes, lost in a fog of lust.

“Great.” Linda put her left hand on the small of Olivia’s back and her right hand on David’s penis. She guided it into the waiting vagina. “I think we’ll all get along swimmingly.”

“Oh, gosh.” Olivia rolled her eyes as David resized her tight pussy. “Wait … wait … oooohhhhhhhhhhh.” She was so wet, and the cock just kept inching its way in. “Robert … I’m sorry …” Olivia could already tell this would be another tectonic change in her life. The second she’d laid eyes on Linda, she’d had one life-shattering change after another.

“Whenever you’re ready, Davey. Just spray it all inside her.” Linda maintained steady pressure on Olivia’s lower back, forcing her hips down. David’s penis was almost all the way inside Olivia now.

Olivia turned her head to Linda, her mouth hanging open as pain turned to pleasure and in horror at the suggestion that David would breed her.

“But I want to spray it in you, Mom.” David reached up and held Olivia’s tits. They were firm and perky. He liked them.

“Oh, Davey. There’s time for that later, sweetheart.” Olivia hit bottom and Linda grabbed her hips and rocked her on David’s tool.

Olivia looked back and forth between mother and son. He’d already inseminated Linda? With all the surprises piling on top of one another, it was hard to figure out what was most shocking.

“Okay, Mom.” David tugged at Olivia’s tits, getting her to bounce her hips up and down. He listened to her squeak and grunt like a little mouse.

“Great. You can do me after. We just have to keep it down.” Linda looked over her shoulder at the closed door. “I don’t want to wake up your father.” Linda let go of Olivia’s hips and shoved her boob back into Olivia’s face. “Not so loud, Olivia.”

“Mmmmmmhhhhhhmmmm.” Olivia took the Riles family from both ends. Her pussy stretched around David’s monster cock, and her mouth drank from Linda’s monster boob.

“He has the perfect penis, doesn’t he?” Linda held the back of Olivia’s head to keep her firmly clamped on her boob. “Just wait until you feel his orgasm, sweetie. You’ll never want to go back to your fiancé.”

“Aaahhmmmmmmm.” The idea tugged at her heart. Poor Robert. But even now, she doubted she’d ever want to go without David’s cock. “It’s … good,” she mumbled around the nipple in her mouth.

“Here it … aahhhhh … comes, Ms. Green.” David closed his eyes and let loose inside her.

Olivia’s muscles spasmed and shook. The boob pressed into her face thankfully muffled her scream. Her body overflowed with ecstasy as David’s warm cum splashed inside her. She could feel it in there, filling her up.

Once David was done, Linda pulled Olivia’s trim hips off him, dislodging his penis. It came out with a plop. Linda then pushed the still trembling woman to the side of the bed, up against the wall. “Okay, Davey. My turn.” Linda mounted her son.

David opened his eyes. To his right, Olivia lay on her side, her eyes vacant and a little drool dribbling from her open mouth. Above him, Linda got ready to put his hard dick inside her. “Turn around, Mom. We haven’t done it that way yet.”

“What’s with you and your positions, mister.” Linda raised an eyebrow, but turned herself so that she was facing David’s legs. “I never dreamed … uh …” She put the magnificent penis inside her and it slid right in. It was awkward at first, like so many of David’s sexual schemes, but she placed her hands on his knees and started bouncing her hips. “… of some of the things … ah … ah … ah … you’ve done to me.”

Some life returned to Olivia’s eyes as she recovered. She looked over at the handsome boy next to her, and then down at his mother’s ass, bouncing as it rode that incredibly long shaft. How did she fit all that cock inside her?

“Kiss me, Ms. Green.” David smiled and with his right hand, pulled her closer.

And so, Olivia found herself making out with a teenager, while his mother mated with him. Only a few days ago, she was on a date at the drive-in with her then boyfriend, wondering if life would ever get interesting. In the present, she passionately swirled her tongue in the boy’s mouth, cheating on her now fiancé. If only she could warn her past self not to wish for interesting.

* * *

Pale morning light cast Patrick’s room in cool hues. Donna sat up in bed. Her legs were entwined with the young man she’d coupled with all night. She gingerly freed herself as Patrick breathed softly. He was also naked, but he still had his glasses on. They were crooked and pressed into the pillow. Donna tenderly removed them from his face and set them down on the nightstand. She then picked up her own glasses and put them on.

The house was still silent. That was good. She might escape without running into Patrick’s parents. Crawling out of bed slowly, so as to not wake the eighteen-year-old, Donna saw her clothes strewn on the floor. She stepped onto the carpet and bent over. There were some stains on her dress. She held the dress to her nose and inhaled, to test for freshness. Donna’s knees trembled. It was not fresh and the smell nearly made her climb back in bed with Patrick. But no, she shook her head. She needed to get back to her husband, Mark.

Donna dressed as quietly as she could, retrieved her purse, and snuck out of the room. She closed the door behind her and tiptoed down the stairs. It was early enough still. Nobody about. Just the tick tock of the mantle clock.

Outside, the air was crisp and cold. Donna hugged herself against the chill and walked. It was about a mile before she found a payphone.

“Mark? You need to come pick me up,” she said when he answered.

“Donna. My God, I was worried about you. When I saw what happened to the car—”

“I investigated, like you asked.” Tears welled in Donna’s eyes.

“Of course, of course. Capital, my lady.” Mark was so proud of his wife for making the best of their situation. “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine.” Donna looked around at the empty street, the first golden rays hit the tree tops as the sun crested the horizon. “Did you fix the car?”

“Yes, the spare is on. Where are you?”

Donna gave her location and Mark quickly hung up and ran out the door. He thought about asking her what had happened, but there was no time. He would find out all the details once they were together again.

* * *

Susy spent a restless night, hoping that the hussy of a tutor would leave during the night. Around three in the morning, she left her sleeping husband and pressed her ear to Patrick’s door. She could hear them still going at it in there. Susy was of a mind to burst in there and slap both of them silly, but couldn’t bring herself to break them up in the midst of their fornicating. Instead, she went back to bed.

In the morning, Susy waited in bed as long as she could. Finally, with light in the sky, she heard a floorboard creak out in the hall. Susy threw on a dress, left her room, and went down to the kitchen. She peered out the window and watched the woman walk away from their house, hugging herself against the morning chill. The tutor was a beautiful woman with red hair flowing in the breeze, and a comely figure. What was she doing with Patrick?

Breakfast wasn’t going to make itself. Susy worked through her morning chores and sent off her son and husband to school and work. She decided she’d start the day cleaning Patrick’s room. Just to see the state of it. She entered slowly and took in the chaos that was his bed. There were stains on his sheets and blankets, he hadn’t even bothered trying to hide the mess he made. One pillow was on the floor, the other had a stain on it. And the smell. The odor was so quintessentially Patrick, but also something else. As if he had mixed himself with the most heavenly elixir. And Susy could smell the woman’s secretions too.

Before Susy knew it, she was laying on the bed, her skirt around her waist, furiously rubbing her clit with her right hand. With her left, she held Patrick’s sheet up to her face, licking the dried semen from the cotton. It was just too much to resist.

* * *

Mark, dressed impeccably in his gray suit, bow tie, and fedora hat, picked up his wife at the phone booth. The second she sat in the passenger seat, he detected the reek coming off of her. “What happened?” He took off his jacket, put it around her shoulders, and then drove them back toward the hotel.

“I … I …” Donna shivered from the cold and the surge of adrenaline at the thought of telling her darling husband that she’d let the Lannit boy take her over and over with his monster penis.

“What are you covered in?” Mark glanced at her and then back to the road. “Did you see something … out of this world?”

“Yes, Mark.” She looked at him with her big green eyes and adjusted her glasses. She wanted to say, and he possessed me body and soul. Instead, she did something unusual. She lied to her husband. “Young Mr. Lannit saved me from that ruffian we interviewed. The boy, Mr. Sumner, seemed crazed and his skin oozed a substance that got on my clothes.”

“Egad.” Mark nearly swerved the car in excitement. “Was this at the library? How did I get back to the hotel?”

“No, it was at the hotel.” Donna shook her head. “Patrick rode along on his bike just in the nick of time and knocked our assailant to the ground. We then took you back to the room as you were in one of your states.”

“Hm. It’s odd I didn’t get any of the stuff on my clothes, if I was there.” Mark scrunched his chin in thought. “We’ll need to bag your clothes for evidence. And get you in a shower in case the stuff is somehow toxic.”

Donna shuddered, thinking about her husband carefully preserving Patrick’s cum as evidence. “Yes, I need a shower.”

“Then what happened?” Mark turned the car to the right. They were now close to the hotel.

“Well …” Donna looked out the window, trying to collect her thoughts. “Patrick and I followed the ruffian and he exuded more of the seepage as he ran from us. We spent all night searching, but gave up the search at daylight. And I then called you.”

“That’s why you walked up to the car with a slight limp? Too much walking all night?” Mark turned the car left onto the hotel’s street. “I was worried you were injured.”

“Yes.” Donna wouldn’t tell him that it was because her once-tight pussy had been battered all night by a giant cock. “One other thing, my lord.”

“Yes, my lady?”

“I’ll need to check in on Patrick this afternoon.” Donna could feel the heat in her cheeks as she said the words.

“Very good, I’d like to thank the young man in person.” Mark parked the car outside the hotel.

“No, dear.” Donna slowly shook her head. “I’ll need to visit him on my own. I’m worried you’ll have another of your spells. Perhaps I should do the majority of the investigating while we’re in Portsmith, and I’ll bring you the evidence.”

“Like your dress?” Mark shut off the engine and looked at his wife with earnest pride.

“Yes.” Donna couldn’t look him in the eye. “Like the dress. There may be more such evidence in future.”

“That’s my gal. No matter the danger, we’ll solve the mystery.” Mark smiled his easy, we’re-on-the-case smile. “I knew you’d warm to the Portsmith riddle. I’ll sequester myself with our books. Maybe you and Patrick can get more reading material for me at the library. When you have time.”

“Of course, dear.” Donna tried her best at a reassuring smile.

* * *

“You’re already late, Roy.” Amanda knocked on Roy’s bedroom door and straightened her blouse. These days she always felt nervous when she was about to talk to her son. She never knew where it might lead. “Your father and sister have already left. You need to go to school.”

“Leave me alone, Mom. I’m sleeping,” Roy yelled through the door.

“I’m coming in.” Amanda took a deep breath and opened the door. It was dark in there, the curtains were closed, and the room had a funk to it. Amanda could guess what he’d been doing. She wondered at her boy’s stamina; that his mother’s mouth, vagina, and butt weren’t enough for him. And he’d even mentioned sleeping with other women. Good God, her little, chubby man was a force of nature.

“Go away.” Roy pulled the blankets over his head.

“Now, Roy. If you don’t go to school and apply yourself, I’m going to cut you off from our … our … fun. You don’t want that, do you?” Amanda looked at the space girls and cowgirls on the walls and then looked down at her own bust. They had nothing that she didn’t have. Except for maybe youth. “Now get up.” She crossed the room and pulled the blanket off her naked son. There stood his morning wood. Seeing those chiseled veins and the dark knobby head took her breath away every time. Her vagina leaked into her panties. The funk in the room seemed to intensify.

“You’re not going to cut me off, Mom.” Roy opened his eyes and looked up at her. She was so pretty in the darkness with her pale skin and black hair. “You want it as bad as I do.”

“Roy, you need to get to school.” She frowned at him.

“Everyone thinks Dad is so great, but he doesn’t do it for you anymore. Does he?” Roy reached out and held her left hand. He slowly pulled her wedding ring from her finger.

“Don’t do that, darling.” She let him pull the ring from her finger and pull her into bed with him.

“Dad never saw this coming.” Roy laughed and reached under her skirt, pushing her panties to the side.

“What are you?” Amanda felt a little pressure on her butthole. “Oh, my. Roy? Are you?” Her sphincter gave way and she felt the ring enter her butt. The hole then tightened behind it. “You put it in my butt.”

“Yeah.” Roy laughed harder and rolled her onto her back. “I just like the idea …” Roy was giddy with laughter. “… of Dad getting down on one knee …” His laughter increased as he moved her panties further to the side and pushed his dick into her. “Dad on one knee, asking for your hand in marriage, and pushing those pretty diamonds up your butt.” Roy enjoyed the dumb expression on her face as he thrust in and out of her. She looked so lost. “I mean …” Roy couldn’t stop laughing. “From now on, you and I …” Roy put her feet over his shoulders and really started giving it to her. “We’ll know that your wedding ring was once … in your butt. But Dad won’t know. He might even kiss your ring, or do some sort of gallant shit like that.” Eventually, Roy’s laughter trailed off as he concentrated on nutting inside his mother.

“Roy. You can’t do it inside my vagina. Remember?” Amanda’s face twisted in lust as her orgasm built.

“I can’t do it in your butt … Mom … your ring’s in there.” Roy looked down at his helpless mother and pounded away. His chubby belly shook as he landed hard, punishing strokes with his dick. Her boobs shook under her blouse.

“Oh, Roy.” Amanda turned her head to the side and bit the pillow. A marvelous orgasm took control.

“You’re … going to give me a baby, Mom.” Roy was almost ready.

Those words caused Amanda to have another orgasm even before the first one subsided. She knew it was true. She would give Roy a baby.

“Every woman … in Portsmith … will give me … a baby.” And with that Roy drenched her pussy in cum.

When his sperm hit her insides, Amanda’s second orgasm accelerated into a third one, bigger than the first two.

Minutes later, as Amanda wobbled out of her son’s room, she blinked in disbelief. There were no lines Roy wouldn’t cross.

“Call the school, Mom,” Roy called after her. “Tell them I’ll be late today. You wouldn’t want me to cut you off from this dick.”

Amanda turned her head slightly and nodded. She made her way down into the kitchen. First, she’d call the school. Then she’d go to her washroom and clean the gallon of cum that oozed out of her. After that, she’d see about retrieving her wedding ring.

* * *

The women they interviewed all seemed a little off to Dr. Gertrude Cobb. It was something, but not enough to call in reinforcements. Given the literature on the meteorites, Gertrude was expecting an infection that decimated the populace. Or maybe gross mutations. What she got instead, was funny looks and lots of attention to the breast area. These women were pulling at their blouses, or constantly smoothing the front of their dresses, or in some cases even rubbing their own breasts when they thought no one was looking.

What could it mean? Something nefarious or benign? Gertrude didn’t have enough evidence yet. Maybe she’d order some protective masks for her and her staff, just in case. Something like surgical masks.

The more time they spent in Portsmith, the more Gertrude felt her intuition had been right to avoid the young males. But also, the less she trusted her intuition that the women in this town posed them no harm.

* * *

“Can I call my fiancé? I haven’t telephoned since I first got here.” Olivia stood in her maroon housedress, hands clasped in front her, fingers fidgeting.

“I’m surprised you want to telephone him after last night.” Linda looked up from the counter where she was making them some lunch, a pretty, warm smile on her face. She looked stunning with her blue blouse and white circle skirt.

“Please don’t say that.” Olivia bit her lip, thinking about the things she’d done last night. She’d opened herself up to this family completely. It was surely unforgivable. And the worst was that she knew she wanted more of that tall young man with the enormous cock and his bouncy, round mother.

“Well, it is long-distance, so don’t be long.” Linda put down the knife on the counter. A devious thought slithered into her mind.

Olivia walked over to the phone, picked it up, and dialed Robert’s work number. A man answered on the third ring and she asked for Robert. The man said he’d get him and there was a pause. She turned, fiddling with the cord, and watched as Linda lowered herself to the linoleum floor and crawled toward her. The way her butt stuck out in that position under her skirt was so provocative. And the way Linda’s shoulder blades moved was somewhat sinister. Olivia felt like she was being stalked by a large cat.

“Hello, Liv?” Robert was panting, he’d obviously raced to the phone.

“Hello, Robert.” Olivia watched in awe and horror as Linda crawled right up to her and slid under her dress. “Darling, it’s so good to hear—” Olivia sucked in her breath as Linda pulled her panties aside and licked at Olivia’s pussy. No one, not even Robert, had done that for her before. “Good to hear your voice,” Olivia squeaked.

It was only fair, Linda thought, that she taste Olivia. The young woman had done almost nothing but taste Linda since they’d met. Linda liked this new act. She lapped some more and realized that she enjoyed it very much.

“Are you still at your parent’s house?” Robert didn’t like to hear the stress in his fiancée’s voice. “Is your father doing better?”

This was the lie Olivia had told him over the phone the day she left. “Yes …” Olivia couldn’t help it. She widened her legs to give her hostess better access to her pussy and leaned back against the wall. “… he’s much better than you. I’m sorry … I mean, and … you?” She looked down at the lump Linda’s head made under Olivia’s dress. Olivia was going to have to hang up soon, or Robert was going to hear her cum on this woman’s tongue.

Robert talked on about work and his buddies. Olivia tried to listen.

More naughty thoughts occurred to Linda. While sliding her tongue slowly up and down between Olivia’s open lips. She slid her right hand up, wet her index finger in Olivia’s vagina with a quick poke, and then moved her hand around back.

“Oh,” Olivia blurted, interrupting her fiancé.

“What?” Robert again worried about his sweet girl.

“Nothing, Robert. I just … I just …” Olivia’s eyes shot wide as Linda’s finger entered her butthole. She hadn’t known that was a thing people did. “Cardinals … how are they?” Olivia knew that no topic interested him more than his beloved Cardinals.

“They’re struggling in the outfield right now.” He talked on and on about baseball while his fiancée further succumbed to Linda’s wiles.

Linda moved her mouth up and nibbled on Olivia’s engorged clit.

“Very busy. Have to go,” Olivia interrupted Robert just as he was explaining the shortstop situation. “Love you.” And she slammed the phone down. Olivia wailed and came. My God, she could feel herself squirting something into Linda’s mouth.

Linda felt a sense of euphoria as Olivia sprayed her chin with her orgasm. What control she had over her new, little friend. When the young woman stopped trembling, Linda came back out from under Olivia’s dress. “Well, that was quite something. I didn’t know women did that. You spayed me like a man.” Her face was shiny and slick, and the front of her blouse had a dark stain spreading across it.

“Me either.” Olivia slumped to the floor, her eyes fixed on this mesmerizing woman.

“Well …” Linda slapped her hands together, like she’d just finished a job well done. “I need a shower. Care to join me?”

The two women put off lunch for a little while longer, while they got each other off in the washroom upstairs.

* * *

“What are you saying?” David leaned over his lunch tray, studying his small, nerdy friend.

“I’m no longer a virgin.” Patrick smiled and sipped at his milk. “It happened last night.” His smile broadened. “And last night, and this morning, and this morning, and this morning.”

“Awesome. Well done, Pat. I’ll take you out to the malt shop to celebrate after school.” David’s smile had a shadow of doubt in it. Did Patrick do it with his mom? When they saw Roberta getting it from Ralph, had that given Patrick the confidence to take Suzy Lannit? “What about it Roy, you want to come along?”

“No.” Roy looked down at his chicken sandwich. “I’ve got other plans.”

“Don’t you have basketball practice?” Patrick raised an eyebrow at David and adjusted his glasses.

“It’s crazy. They cancelled our season. Boys started missing practice, then a bunch dropped the team.” David scratched at his short blond hair. “I thought we were going to be good this year, too. I guess we add that to the mystery pile, huh?”

“Strange.” Patrick thought it over and shook his head. “I want to go to the malt shop, I really do, but Mom’s picking me up early to see that doctor again. Tomorrow?”

“Yeah, sure.” David nodded.

“So, who is it?” Roy turned his head and gave Patrick a sharp stare. “The doll you banged. Who is it?”

“You can’t tell anyone.” Patrick leaned his head in and the other two boys did the same. “It’s the lady detective. She spent the night and it was the most incredible thing ever,” Patrick whispered.

“The older woman we saw in the library with the shapely backside?” Roy looked like he didn’t believe Patrick.

“Yes.” Patrick nodded emphatically.

Roy snorted a laugh. “You?” He chuckled a little harder. “I thought it was just me, but I bet it’s all of us that got bigger dicks.”

Patrick and David exchanged a glance.

“What are you talking about Roy?” Patrick was genuinely at a loss.

“You think you’re so smart with your books and your glasses.” Roy’s laughter came to an abrupt halt. “Did you fuck your mom yet, Pat?”

“What?” Patrick’s cheeks flushed and his fists clenched. He was ready to defend Susy’s honor.

“How about you?” Roy turned his attention to David. “You nail your hot little package of a mother yet?”

“Shut up, Roy.” David stood, his face darkening.

“It’s the sweat poindexter.” Roy looked back to Patrick. “I fucked his mom and I’m going to fuck yours. As long as I’m sweating, I can fuck whoever I want. There’s something happening to all of—”

Both Patrick and David leaped toward Roy, competing to see who could punch him first. Despite being on the other side of the table, David won.

The fist fight only lasted a few seconds, as the three boys were dragged apart by teachers. Roy had a bloody nose and the makings of a black eye. The other two boys escaped with only bruised knuckles.

The boys were all taken to the vice principal’s office where they had to stay until their parents picked them up.

* * *

Linda picked up David first. The other two boys watched him go with his head down.

Next, Susy showed up for Patrick. She scolded him right there in the room and led him out holding the collar of his shirt.

Roy was still crying when Amanda picked him up. She breezed into the room, head held high, took her son by the shoulder, and whisked him out to the car. He was still crying in the passenger seat when they pulled away from the curb.

“What happened?” Amanda glanced at him.

“Patrick and David punched me, Mom.” Roy wiped at his eyes with the back of his hand.

“Oh my, well I’ll certainly talk to their mothers.” She patted his thigh. “Don’t cry, darling. I know what’ll cheer you up.”

“What?” Roy sniffled.

“There’s an abandoned parking lot just over here.” Amanda turned the car right, then left, and then another left down an alley. “We should …” They pulled into the parking lot, but it wasn’t abandoned. Linda Riles’s auto was parked at the far end of the lot. Amanda couldn’t see anyone in it. She slowed her car and parked. Linda’s car was rocking back and forth. Amanda looked closer and she could see a pair of kitten heels wobbling up in the air above the back seat. “Oh, my word.” She put her right hand over Roy’s eyes.

“Stop, Mom.” Roy pushed her hand away, and his tears dried up. He looked at the car and it was very clear that Linda Riles had had the same idea as Amanda. David was doing her in the back seat.

“She’s a good Christian woman. I can’t believe …” Amanda couldn’t take her eyes of the rocking car. “Is her son in there with her?”

“Don’t look so surprised, Mom.” Roy reached over and pulled up her skirt. He pulled her panties to the side and slid a finger into her pussy. She was already wet. “We do it, why wouldn’t they?”

“Not now, Roy.” Amanda turned the car around and pulled out of the parking lot. She let her son finger her the rest of the way home.

When the car was safely in their garage with the door closed behind them, she shut off the ignition. Amanda turned to Roy and kissed him deeply. “Are you feeling better, darling?”

“I wanna do it in the back of the car, like David did with his mom.” Roy fondled her right boob through her blouse.

“Really?” Amanda thought that maybe it wasn’t the best idea, but she found herself climbing into the back seat. “What is this world coming to? Linda and her son. Her tall, handsome son.” The thought of another mother falling the way she had sent tantalizing chills up her spine.

“Stop talking about David.” Roy climbed into the back seat and positioned Amanda on her back, legs spread, kitten heels up in the air. He released his dick and without ceremony, shoved it in.

“Oh. Don’t worry, Roy. Ooohhhhh. You’re my … handsome boy.” She reached up and touched his face with her fingertips. “I only have eyes … uh … uh … uh … for you. I … love you … so much.” Her first orgasm washed over her.

“I … love you … too … Mom.” Roy reached under her and grabbed her ass for leverage. “I’m going to cum in your pussy again. I want a … baby sister. Give me … a baby sister.” He slammed into her with long, powerful strokes.

“Yes, darling.” Amanda squealed and her car rocked back and forth. Just like Linda’s car. They were both good, Christian mothers and wives and yet, they both had given it up to their sons. Amanda wondered what her life would have been like if she’d had twin daughters instead of Annie and Roy. She wondered if Roy would give her twin daughters now. “Oooooohhhhhhhh.” Amanda screamed and quivered as Roy emptied himself in her vagina.