The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Third Man

It had taken three attempts to find just the right person. Twice before I had called the escort agency and requested a dark-haired, dark-eyed young man. The first two had been good-looking and willing but they had not been good subjects. The third man was.

My name is Brad . I am not a good-looking man. I am not overweight, I’m not tall or short, but am rather nondescript. The type of man that turned me on would never have given me a second look. So, finally, I thought about using the escort agencies. In most communities now they were perfectly legal and probably pretty safe.

When each of the men had arrived, I explained that I had a fetish about hypnosis and that I was a particularly good hypnotist. If they were open to being hypnotized I would increase their pleasure and they would find it a very enjoyable experience. The first two had thought about it long enough for me to offer them a little more money for the “extra” effort. Both had agreed but they were not particularly good subjects. In fact, I was very careful to use the hypnosis to make them both feel very good afterwards. That way, if word got back to the escort agency that this was a “kinky” guy who liked hypnosis, they would also say that it was an okay experience and pleasurable.

The third man was Tony. He was an incredibly good-looking young man with a great body. He obviously worked out a little and his body was well toned without looking too buff. I did not find him particularly outgoing, and, it seemed , in fact, that Tony had not been doing this for very long.

“Hi. Come on in.” I smiled at the boy.

“Hi. I’m from the escort service. Well, uh... I guess you know that, don’t you?” He smiled then, and the room lit up. Uh... what do you... I mean, where would you like me to go? Oh, I’m Tony, by the way.”

“Hello again... Tony.” I put out my hand and Tony shook it. Very firm, I thought. “Let’s go into the living room.” Tony followed. “Have a seat. Can I get you a drink or anything?”

“, thanks. I’m fine.” Again the smile.

I sat down and looked Tony over. I really liked what he saw. I took out a cigarette and offered one to Tony. “Cigarette?”

“ no thanks.”

“Hope you don’t mind if I do. I love it.” I didn’t give Tony time to answer that question. “So you never smoked?”

“Tried it. Couldn’t see anything in it. Didn’t like it at all.” He smiled again.

“Well, Tony, I believe in being up front, so I have a proposition for you. I am really turned on by putting guys under hypnosis and having sex with them. Now, before you get scared by that—let me tell you that it is perfectly safe. I will do you no harm in any way—in fact, you will feel terrific when I’m done. I can also increase your pleasure in the sexual act or help you with anything else you might want as well. For example, I notice you bite your nails. I could cure you of that.”

Tony was just about to bite into the nail of his forefinger but stopped in mid action. “Really. You could do that?”


“What do I have to do?”

“Nothing, Tony. Just sit there and let me do the work. You can just relax and enjoy. I know it’s a bit weird but that’s how I get my pleasure.”

“Sounds okay to me.” His smile lit up the room once more.

Putting Tony under proved to be quite easy. He was an excellent hypnotic subject. He succumbed to all the tests. For a final test I regressed Tony to the last time he tried smoking.

“How old were you when you last tried smoking, Tony?”


“And where were you?”

“I was at the park with my two friends.”

“What are your friends’ names?”

“Gary and Michael”.

“Who had the cigarettes?”

“Gary did.”

“Very good, Tony. Now I want you to go back there again. You are fifteen again and you are in the park with Gary and Michael”

“I’m in the park.”

“Describe what is happening to me.”

“We are sitting under a tree and we just came back from playing softball. Gary pulls out a pack of cigarettes and gives us each one. He tells us he has been smoking for a month and that it is really great. He reaches over and lights the cigarette for each of us. I feel a funny bitter taste in my mouth and I blow out the smoke. Gary says that I’m not doing it right and that I have to take the smoke in like this. I am watching Gary as he pulls the smoke into his mouth and then breathes it in. I try to do the same thing but I end up coughing. The other guys are laughing.”

“No, that isn’t how it happened at all Tony. You are watching Gary and then you try to imitate how he does it. You get the smoke in your mouth and then you take a breath in. You can feel the smoke going down into your lungs and it feels so good. You don’t cough at all—the smoke just feels right there. You exhale a large amount of smoke and even ask you ask Gary “How’s that?", smoke is still billowing from our mouth. You feel so grown up, so good. The nicotine is relaxing you so much. You feel alight buzz and everything seems just about perfect. You decide that you love this feeling. The other two guys are very impressed.”

I watched the smile on Tony’s face grow as he brought him through the scenario.

“Now, Tony, we are moving back to the present again. We are here right now in my apartment and you are feeling very good, very relaxed. You are doing very well. Tell me, Tony, have you ever tried smoking?”


“And how do you like smoking, Tony.”

“I like it very much—it’s very relaxing.”

“That’s good, Tony. Whenever you smoke you will find that you won’t have to bite hose nails any more, either. Now we are going to work on enhancing your feeling, Tony. Every time I touch you, Tony, you are going to feel intense pleasure. My hands will be like bolts of lightning going right to your cock. You live for the moments when I am touching you. I am going to unbutton your shirt and place my hands on your chest now, Tony.”

I carefully unbuttoned the front of Tony’s shirt and reached my hands in, cupping both his breasts. Tony shuddered immediately and let out a gasp. “You have never experienced such intense pleasure.” I looked down to see that his cock had grown large and rigid and was barely contained in his pants. Reaching down I unbuttoned his pants button and slowly lowered his fly. As his immense cock started revealing itself, pushing out of his underwear, I grabbed hold of it. There was a loud cry from Tony and his body started to quiver and then to shake.

Slowly I finished undressing Tony and each time my hands touched another part of his body he cried out with pleasure, Now I told him the ultimate pleasure would be in his touching my cock—that my cock was a magic rod that connected right to his pleasure centres and that he would never be turned on as much as by touching my cock. The moment he touched my cock, he literally cried with pleasure and the second it touched his lips, he exploded, only to get immediately hard again.

After an hour of playing around, Tony had come five times. His balls were still sore from the intense pleasure. I now suggested that just looking at me would get him hard—that he wanted to watch me all the time. If I were doing anything, like smoking, he would be enamored of every gesture and would only want more. Then I had him dress and I told him that he would awaken forgetting that he had been hypnotized but that all the suggestions would became part of his being.

He awoke, looking a little stunned, and asked when we were going to get down to business—that he had another appointment later on. I walked over to him and kissed him on the lips. Once again I felt the shudder go through him and, in return, got the deepest, wettest, strongest kiss I had ever had. In minutes we were down on the floor and Tony was like a starved animal feeding on a fresh warm victim. It was the most intense sex I had ever had.

Afterwards, Tony was like a puppy. He couldn’t do enough for me. He lit my cigarette (taking a goodly drag, I noticed), bathed me, dressed me and took his time getting ready to go. At the door he took my face into his hands and kissed me hard. “This has been just great. Look, I really hate this job and I’m probably not going to do it much longer.. Uh..would you consider seeing me again. I mean... cost or anything. I really like you and...”

He stopped as I was blowing a ring of smoke. As he watched you could see in his face that he was once again getting hard and it was painful for him. We kissed again and he left.

At seven the next night Tony was at my door. I watched him come up the street. He was smoking a cigarette just as I thought he would. He was so receptive to suggestion! We had wonderful sex again, and I hypnotized him again—just for practice and to keep him in shape.

I worked on his smoking so that he became even more addicted than I was. Let’s face it, I love smoking and I love watching Tony smoke, especially knowing I started him. I had him blowing incredible rings and smoking many packs a day, each cigarette turning him more and more into my love slave. He would do anything I asked him to do. And I demand a lot.

So that’s the story of my third man—and it doesn’t matter that I am old or ugly. I have the cutest, sexiest guy who thinks I am the whole world. Who would want it any other way??