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This Is Our Story

Chapter Three

“You fucked Hefty Hailey?!”

“Did I say I had sex with her? No! I said we… messed around some.”

“Well I must say I’m certainly glad to see you seem to have retained your same basic shape,” said Owen. When Conner looked at him quizzically, he explained. “You know. Because of smushing.”

“I got it. Shut up.”

“How much, would you say? Deuce, deuce and a half?”

“You don’t… she’s not… just shut up!”

Owen cackled, and went right on teasing. Conner tried turning up the radio, but he had to focus on driving so his friend had ample opportunity to shut it back off and resume the insults. It was maddening! To have gotten a blowjob from one of the hottest girls in school, only to be ridiculed! And she was smitten with him, too—she’d texted him the night before and again this morning to point out what a good time she’d had, but here was Owen yucking it up. Conner tried mounting a defense—she’s a nice girl, she’s cuter than you think, what difference does the body make in a blowjob—and finally distracted him with that detail.

“Wait, so she went down on you?”

“She did. She sure did,” Conner said, finally allowing himself a smirk.

“They say fat girls give the best head. They need to, basically, to make up—”

“I get it. And she was definitely pretty good.”

“Did she swallow?”

Conner eyed his friend askance. “That’s kind of personal, don’t you think?”

“I got nobody sucking my schwanz, so I gotta live through yours. At least until it goes spelunking in Mammoth Cavern. Now answer the question: did she swallow?”

“Well… no.”

“Ha! I knew it. Chick who’s too grossed out by a little man-spoo definitely won’t be making a habit of it. Fuckin’ spitters, man. Can’t trust ’em.”

“She didn’t exactly spit, either. It was more… look, this is really personal to talk about, OK?”

“Wait, now you got me curious. She didn’t swallow, she didn’t spit… is it still in her mouth or something?” Owen laughed.

“Ew, Jesus man, no! Just… well, she… she sort of coughed it up. All over herself. But she meant to swallow.”

“Oh man, so she was all… covered in it? That poor spunk.”

“Shut up, Owen.”

“So you got it out of your system? Or you gonna start maining Hefty?”

“Maining Hefty?” Conner repeated. “Is that even a thing people say?”

“People just said it, baby.”

Conner rolled his eyes as he pulled into a spot in the school parking lot. “I don’t know. I mean, we had a good time, she’s a nice girl. I told her we’d go out again sometime. It doesn’t mean we’re boyfriend girlfriend.”

“Yeah, but some stink doesn’t wash off easy, and I’m not just talking about cankle sweat.”

“OK, now that’s definitely not a thing people say.”

“I’m serious, man! You’re always on about how into Heather Blake you are… it’s a long shot as is, and if word gets out that you’re on the level of Hailey McManus, you can bet your long shot is gonna go from miles to parsecs.” He adopted a falsetto, imitating Heather’s reading of the morning announcements. “This is Heather Blake, voice of the Northside Nighthawks, and these are today’s announcements. First off, I’ll never ever let Conner Fishers hook up with me, because if you fuck someone who’s fucked a pig, you’ve fucked every pig he’s ever fucked!”

Conner punched Owen in the arm, but it did nothing to diminish his satisfaction with his hilarity. As the two parted ways to go to their respective lockers, Conner frowned pensively. Owen was spot on about his crush on Heather. She was beautiful, and the only reason she wasn’t firmly enshrined in the It Crowd was because she was too much of a brainiac. The girl had too many demands on her time to be able to devote herself to publicly wasting it. Worse, as he thought it out, he was probably right about the rest of it. Reputation was everything in high school. If people knew he and Hailey McManus were a couple, they’d assume something was wrong with him. If he were honest with himself, it was probably part of the reason he’d never given her a shot to begin with.

Of course, Hailey wasn’t actually unattractive any more, unbeknownst to all but him. Maybe that was it—he could see if he could find a way to show everybody her transformation. Somehow. Only… if she knew how hot she was, why would she be any different from Hayleigh McKnight? Even if he could make her new body public information, all it would do to their blossoming romance would be to throw a hundred other guys into her list of options. She’d forget about him in an instant. Plus it could well alert Miss C about what he’d done, and what he might be able to do again. So no, finding a way to reveal things was out.

What then? Was he supposed to dump her? Try to reverse the change and let life go back to normal? That was a nonstarter. This was the best thing that had ever happened to him, and no amount of peer pressure was going to make him give up the new Hailey. Not even for a chance with Heather, unless it was a sure thing. That was almost unfathomable; Heather wasn’t as popular as Hayleigh, true, but that was a matter of having deliberately opted out. Nevertheless, she was a hot commodity.

For now, it seemed there was nothing to be done but to keep things under wraps. He returned Hailey’s wave when he saw her in the distance in the hallway, but didn’t alter course. He wasn’t done with her yet, but he wasn’t off the market yet, either.

* * *

Conner received his first ever sext during lunch. Unable to decide between sitting with Hailey and jeopardizing his social standing, or sitting with Owen and jeopardizing things with Hailey, he’d simply gone to the editor’s office to hide. It was set in a corner of Miss C’s room, opposite the small computer lab on the far side of the room. It was his teacher’s lunch period, too, but she’d given him a key (and a hell of a threat if it were abused) so he could get in to work on evenings and weekends, as needs be. He’d been just about to get back to exploring the TIOS software when his phone buzzed. When he saw Hailey’s name, his reflex was to set the phone down, but when he saw the notification that she’d attached an image, he stopped himself.

The picture looked to be in a bathroom stall in school. Hailey had lifted her t-shirt over her chest and snapped a selfie. He couldn’t see the face attached, just the ends of her auburn hair hanging down to her shoulders. A white lacy bra contrasted beautifully with her copper-toned skin, and served to remind him of the similarly white boobs underneath. As he was still staring, a follow-up text came that read, a preview of our next date! ;)

Miss C always ate her lunch in the faculty lounge, but still he glanced to make certain he was alone. Once he was sure, he responded. Oh, and here I was hoping to get you out of that bra again. He added a crying emoji to complete the pout. Conner felt a lot more comfortable trying to be charming via text, where he could put his editorial skills to use.

He resumed ogling the pic, but was soon interrupted when a new one appeared. This time, there was no bra—or rather, it was been pulled down around her belly and the top was just barely visible. Hailey’s tits, zoomed in so there was nothing to distract from them. Conner was no expert, but her tiny nipples looked pretty damn erect to him. His brain conjured the memory of their taste, how they’d felt in his hands, in his mouth.

Then he realized he’d been sitting there staring while this topless girl was no doubt awaiting a response. What was the right thing to say? Thanks, nice tits? He pondered for a moment, then got lost staring for an even longer moment, and decided to go with a simple, honest response. I can’t wait to get at those things again.

Are you in the caf? Mr. Rodriguez never pays any attention to my corner, so maybe we could… :D

Merciful maker, she was right. Her whole area was a quiet little nook that was populated by geeks, loners and the voluntarily isolated. Conner could be in the cafeteria, making out with Hailey, right this minute. Miss C’s classroom was just upstairs and down the hall from the cafeteria; he could have his mouth on her in sixty seconds.

But then, Owen’s admonition echoed back to him. However delightful he might find Hailey’s body, anyone else who saw wouldn’t appreciate the difference. High school being high school, rumors could start that he might not be able to undo. He grit his teeth and sent an excuse, trying to ignore the tits staring him in the face as he typed.

Sorry, got a yearbook project I’m behind on, working in the editor’s office thru lunch. Once more the crying emoji joined his words, more sincere than ever.

Can I help? I’m a pretty OK writer. I had Miss Coszic-Lewandowski (sp?) sophomore year so I know the way ;)

Her writing skills were indeed above average. They’d been in the same honors English classes all through high school up until this year, when they’d picked different electives. Still, since he’d been lying, and the whole point had been to avoid being seen with her…

Wait. What was he thinking? Here in the editor’s office, nobody would see them. He could shut the blinds, on the extremely off chance someone popped in Miss C’s room during lunch. Then they’d be alone, and tits…

Sure, come on down, gorgeous, he replied.

He’d been wrong about sixty seconds; Hailey was standing there in front of him in forty-six, and wasn’t even out of breath. He supposed Hayleigh’s track-star body didn’t get winded as easily. Conner had barely had time to close the blinds and sit back down before she was standing in the doorway. “Hey, Conner. You look nice today.” She smiled that same shy smile she always had; it was all the more absurd coming from a girl who’d sent him a half-naked picture mere minutes ago.

“You look amazing, Hailey.” He wondered what effect the program had had on her wardrobe. Obviously her old self wouldn’t have fit into these clothes at all; had her t-shirts had always possessed v-necks sure to show a deep line of cleavage? Had she always come to school with the top three buttons undone?

“Oh, whatever, it’s just jeans and a blouse. And a little makeup.” Still, she was obviously pleased to be flattered.

“Can you close the door?” he said, trying not to sound too obvious about what he intended.

She agreed instantly. It was now just the two of them, in total privacy. She perched on the edge of his desk, her back to the door. “So what’re we working on?”

Conner’s hands were on her hips in an instant, and he pulled her to sit in front of him, his laptop now out of reach behind her. “We’re picking up where you left off,” he said.

If she hadn’t already been so tan, she’d be bright red. “Really? Here in school?”

“Unless you were just teasing,” he said.

“N-no. Um. I can, you know.” She took a deep breath. “Show you. I mean, I want to show you. If you want me to… You know. Show you. Them. My boobs. Is it OK if I call them that? Sorry. Talking, you know, dirty, is like… a turn-on for me. Sorry. You know, why don’t I shut up and just…”

Not a foot away from his face, Hailey lifted her shirt up to expose her white lace bra again. Adorably, she got the bottom of her shirt caught on one of the pieces of the front clasp, and had to stop and try again to pull it back up to her neck. This close, he could see those tiny little nipples of hers jutting outward, begging to be touched.

“Do… do you like it?” she said softly.

It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen was what he wanted to try to get out while lunging mouth-first into those perky peaks. But something from his musings earlier spoke to him in that moment—that if Hailey knew how hot she really was now, she’d lose all interest in him. He had to keep the upper hand, play it cool.

“So far,” he answered.

Rather than smile, she just nodded like she was expecting to have to work to earn his affection. With fumbling fingers she worked at the bra’s clasp. Realizing she couldn’t remove it without taking off her shirt the rest of the way, she started there. “You’re sure nobody will come in?” she asked, pausing short of fully removing the undergarment.

“If they do, just get under the desk—and feel free to make yourself useful while you’re down there.” He was being facetious, though he supposed the way the desk was oriented perpendicular to the doorway, it actually would prevent anyone from seeing someone crouching down there.

Hailey returned his smile, then slipped off the bra and set it on the desktop beside her discarded top. “Is this better?”

“It’s a good start,” Conner said, sliding his hands up from her hips to her bared waist, then onto her bared tits. With those tan lines, they were only slightly less white with the bra off. “Was it a matching set?”

Hailey’s eyes closed as the editor-in-chief rolled her nipples between his thumbs and index fingers. “M-matching?”

“Your underwear.” He gave a short chuckle. “Distracted, are we?”

Hailey nodded vigorously. “Uh huh.”

She was so flustered that it made it all the easier to keep that upper hand. “Uh huh you’re distracted, or uh uh they match.”

“Yeah. I mean, distracted. No, I mean they match. Both. Oh geez.” She squinted her eyes shut, a shuddering gasp escaping her lips.

“Show me.”

Her eyes opened after a moment—after he stopped, that is—and she licked her lips nervously. “Wait, you want me to… take off my pants? Here in school?”

Since the second he’d inhaled her perfume, that’s all he’d been able to think. He’d always thought himself more of a boob man, but primitive portions of his brain now were screaming their need for her pussy. He couldn’t blame them. A woman this hot deserved to have her pussy used.

He chose his words carefully; their English teachers would have been proud. (Maybe not Miss C, since he was having a girl strip for him in her classroom.) “No, it’s fine. We can just get to work on the article. I shouldn’t have brought it up.” Not an apology; a waning of interest. Interest she’d never had but for one night in her life, and which she was desperate to have again.

“It’s OK, I don’t mind,” she said too eagerly, undoing the button and zipper on her jeans, then easing them over wide hips. “I was just being stupid. Forget what I said. I want to, all right? And they totally match, see? They match, just like you wanted.”

They certainly did. A pair of bikini-cut lace panties, dazzling white against sun-darkened skin. But whereas the black panties she’d worn under her dress on last night’s date had obscured the answer to his question, these did no such thing. Hailey pressed her legs tight together, but with her natural thigh gap, there was simply no hiding the darkened wet spot at her crotch.

“Wow. You’re really…” With one of his hands on each of her knees and only a little bit of pressure, her thighs slowly split apart until her calves hit either side of the edge of the desk.

“Wet? Yeah, I know. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to… you know, to be all… I don’t know.” A shiver ran through her entire body as his hands slid gently up her slender thighs. “Oh my gosh I don’t even know what I’m saying right now,” she babbled.

Conner was barely listening. He saw this barely concealed pussy, and with a single breath, took in the scent of it as well. He’d never smelled an eager pussy before, and like most men, he fell in love with it instantly. His caress continued up her bronzed skin until his fingers were touching the waistband of her panties, his thumb resting not an inch from her gushing slit. He allowed himself a moment to tease her, gently caressing her inner thighs.

Then, quite suddenly, she burst into giggles. He pulled back, confused, and for a ghost of a moment he feared that he’d been right to begin with, that this whole thing had been an elaborate prank, that Hayleigh McKnight had gotten him worked up into a frenzy, let him come a hair’s breadth from her pussy, then commenced peals of mocking laughter. Every muscle in the boy’s body locked up, and his budding erection shriveled away in an instant.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Hailey insisted once she got a chance to take a breath, seeming to pick up on his reaction to her laughter. After all, his demeanor was screaming displeasure in at least three languages. “I’m so sorry. That tickled like crazy! I couldn’t help it. It wasn’t bad, just surprising. You were doing amazing. You’re so sexy, and I didn’t mean to laugh, and I’m so sorry, and I understand if you don’t want to any more. Oh gosh I can’t believe I…”

That momentary shock of laughter had been jarring, but the Hayleigh-cunt was still right there waiting for him. Conner just put a finger to her lips—and when she fell silent, moved the same finger down to her other lips. She offered no resistance as he rubbed at the front part of her panties; when he slowed his descent, she grabbed his wrist and thrust him further downward until he was touching the warm, damp fabric. She was good and wet, all right; he was millimeters from having his hand inside an actual pussy. And not just any pussy, but Hayleigh McKnight’s! (Basically.) As his index finger slipped between her moistened folds, she inhaled with a slight hiss, her hands suddenly gripping the edge of the desk like she meant to tear it off the frame.

“You like that?”

He’d meant it as a sincere question, utterly unsure of what he was doing. But Hailey nodded, swooning like he was some stud, teasing her. “Y-yes. Oh my gosh, yes.”

Her response told him to keep trying to pretend to boldness. “You said you’re a good writer, so use your words. Tell me what you like.”

She seemed hesitant, but after a little pressure on her slit, she did her best to comply. “Y-your hand. On my, um, privates.”

Conner was so nervous he couldn’t believe this girl couldn’t feel his hand trembling (or if she did, she probably thought it was deliberate, to titillate her.) Unsure of what to do, he channeled his inner Owen. The guy might be full of crap, but he definitely talked a good game—and, he remembered, Hailey had said dirty talk turned her on.

“Privates? Come on, you can do better.”

She sighed deeply. “My… my pussy. Sorry, I never call them ‘privates’ like that. It’s my pussy.” Her voice warbled softly as she spoke.

Conner tried to keep his own steady. “Makes sense. After all, they’re not very private now, hm? Looks like they’re open to the public.” Hailey didn’t respond except with a quiet whimper of longing as he continued to tease her through her panties. “And what do we call a girl who opens her pussy to the public?”

“What?” Hailey asked, clearly reeling from her first ever fingering. She still definitely looked happy, though. Nothing told him he was going astray with this tactic. “I don’t… I’m not…”

“Tell me what you are, Hailey, and…” Conner paused, abandoning her pussy to grab either side of her panties, ready to tug them down. “…I’ll get these out of the way and keep going.”

She whimpered, eyes bulging in panic as she realized she’d let her needfulness be heard. “Conner, I don’t… I’m not sure what you mean, what you want me to say.”

“I want you to tell me what kind of girl has a public pussy. That’s all. Just say it, and I’ll let you come.”

She shivered. “But… oh please, just… I’m not…”

“Say it. You’re a…”

She frowned; he began to worry he’d pushed her too far, and used a thumb to press down softly on where her clit was. He was pretty sure, at least, if anything he’d seen in pornos was the least bit accurate. (Was it?) But the gasp of pleasure she released confirmed it. “I’m a slut! OK? I’m a slut!”

“Atta girl, Hailey,” he said. Her thighs slammed shut to allow him to peel down her panties, and she kicked them across the room, landing on the arm of the cheap two-seater couch Miss C set in here for ambiance, and the occasional nap. Conner grinned at the sight of his first ever pussy—and none other than Hayleigh McKnight’s neatly trimmed landing strip. She was pale here too, another gap in her tanning, but the pussy itself was pure pink prettiness. It was glistening with wetness, and made a soft little thwp sounds as he resumed stroking its outer folds.

Little by little, Conner probed deeper, Hailey responding to every advance like his fingers were electrified. Soon he could actually see her clit, a glistening roseate nub at the crest of her slit. Owen had once tried to give him a seminar on how to finger a girl properly, and while at the time he’d been grossed out by his friend’s crudeness, to say nothing of being dubious about Owen’s actual depth of knowledge, he now clinged to what he remembered of it like it was the Bible. Gentle moves, make her want it before you give it. That’s what he’d said.

Then Hailey grabbed his hand and slid his index and middle finger up inside her in one fast push, convulsing on his desk top as he did so. It felt bizarre inside, far more textured than he’d imagined, minuscule bumps and lines along its surface. But then, something in him, that same something that had warned him not to let her realize her power over him, asserted itself once again.

He withdrew his fingers.

After a stunned moment, Hailey opened her eyes and looked down at him. “Don’t stop! Oh please don’t stop! I’m a slut, OK? I’m a huge slut! Please keep going, oh pleeeeeease!”

Conner pressed his fingers to her slit. She wriggled her hips, slumped down to try to get him back inside her, but he wouldn’t let her get more than his touch. “Would you let anyone—anyone at all—touch you like this?”


“Who can finger you? Who has total access to your pussy, Hailey?” This gambit was something he’d actually seen on the internet, and while he remembered thinking it was ludicrous, Hailey sure seemed to be taking it seriously.

She didn’t seem to know the answer for a long moment, but finally hazarded a desperate guess. “You? You! Conner Fishers!”

He slipped the tips of his fingers back inside her, ignoring her moan, muted as she bit down on the back of her hand to muffle it. “So then, if you’re a slut, but only for me, then that makes you…?”

Her mouth alternated from one rapid heartbeat to the next, vacillating between panting in lust, grinning in delight, and eagerly babbling more filth to earn his fingers’ place inside her. “Your slut! I’m your slut! Oh gosh, just let me come, please! I’ll be your good slut, OK? Please, Conner, please!”

He slipped in to the knuckle. “That’s right, you’re my slut. And good sluts, Hailey? They ask for permission before they grab things.”

After a moment, comprehension dawned on that beautiful face. “Please, Conner? Please put your fingers in me? Finger your little slut, please? I’ll be a good slut from now on, promise!”

Conner smiled. “Good girl.”

Then, just as he was about to give her what she’d asked for—begged for, really—he heard a voice in Miss C’s classroom, just outside the office. “Yeah, hang on, I just gotta put the camera back or our d-bag editor freaks the fuck out. One sec.” Conner recognized the voice; even if he hadn’t, the raw contempt would have betrayed his identity.

Jordan Lyons.

Hailey must have heard it too, because her tan face went white. In a flash, Conner shoved his chair back against the wall, and Hailey dove off the desktop and under the desk. The door was opening as he grabbed Hailey’s top and bra and swept them down below with her. Jordan walked into the office even as she was tugging her jeans out of sight.

Jordan looked surprised to see his editor-in-chief. “Dude, do you just live in here or what?”

“I was just working on a spread. For, um, the, you know. Academic decathlon.”

The other boy walked past him, sneering as usual. Conner had no idea what it was about him that inspired such dislike, but boy did he ever. “Oh yeah, that’s right. You had to give up your weekend to watch a bunch of dorks have themselves a dork-off. Good times?”

Thankfully, Jordan had opened the cabinet where the photography equipment was stored and thus had his back to Conner when, suddenly, Hailey began undoing his fly. He’d never had much of a poker face, and having a naked girl under his desk trying to get at his cock was far from low stakes. “Oh. Um, yeah, it was… it was good. Really interesting. Nice people. Nice people, and really, actually, really interesting.”

By the time his incoherent rambling ceased, Hailey had eased his chair to the lowest height setting and eased his cock out of his pants. Thanks to a file cabinet that was meant to sit under the desk but had been moved from the editor’s office into the classroom, she had just enough space to turn her head to the side and begin running her lips up and down the length of it.

Jordan arched an eyebrow over his shoulder at Conner’s behavior. “Am I interrupting something?”

Hailey’s tongue joined her lips, softly licking at him, like his dick was a popsicle, and her favorite flavor. “No, just, ah, organizing some notes. Want to make sure everything is perfect.”

It dawned on him then that Hailey—and Hayleigh’s body—was wet as hell and dutifully sucking him off under his desk on a joking suggestion, all in the presence of the closest thing Conner had to a nemesis. Any blowjob was a power trip, but this was like a shot of adrenaline to the heart. As Jordan fumbled around looking for the right case for the camera, having failed to sign it out by number, Conner scribbled a hasty message on the pad of sticky notes on the desk, then stuck it to his own stomach. Hopefully Hailey would be able to read it. If he leaned back enough to check, Jordan would have too good of a chance of seeing a wisp of red hair on the editor’s exposed lap.

Finally, Jordan found the right case and secured the equipment. “Remember to sign it out next time and you won’t have to hunt for the case,” Conner pushed. It was the gentlest possible push, but a push nonetheless. Hailey’s unflagging enthusiasm for his cock had him feeling bold.

Jordan stopped mid-stride in front of his desk, heedless that not two feet away, a stunning redhead was stealthily sucking the cock of the man he so casually looked down on. “You know, I’ve been wondering something for a long time. What the hell do you get out of yearbook, man?”

At the moment, the truthful answer was that he was getting a heavenly blowjob from the divine lips of Hayleigh McKnight. Since he couldn’t say that, he gave the answer that was true at any other time. “They say these years go by too fast, Jordan. Somebody has to try to preserve this part of our history.”

“Preserve history? Yeah, ’cause the world would fall apart if people could forget the dipshit outfits their parents made them put on for picture day. Just imagine the fallout if we left high school without a bunch of pictures of the basketball team.” Jordan scoffed. “You think this shit has meaning, but you’re throwing away your life on it.”

“Well I couldn’t exactly entrust it to you, now, could I. I remember you cheating off me back in middle school, and now here we are, and you’re still riding my coattails.” He hoped his voice wasn’t trembling too much; maybe there was something to what Owen had said about fat girls and blowjobs. (Not that Hailey was fat any more, thanks to him.) Her head gently bumped the underside of the desk, and Conner began drumming his fingers on the desktop to help cover it.

Jordan looked surprised to be talked back to by a guy who normally could be pushed around with impunity—but only for a moment. “You know something, man? You’re right. You’re smarter than average. Mr. Nice Guy. Honestly? You’re not ugly, either. Hell, you could have a real shot with Heather… if only you weren’t such a little pussy.”

“I… don’t know what you mean. I’m not even interested…” How did Jordan know?

“That’s right, Fishers. Don’t think I don’t know about your little crush on her,” Jordan continued. “The whole staff knows—Heather, too. And notice she hasn’t given you the go-ahead. That’s because she knows what you know too. That, deep down, you’re just a little. beta. pussy.” He loomed closer with each word. Conner clenched his jaw shut. It was the only reply Jordan got before he turned and left, shutting the office door behind him.

Conner failed to notice a final, puzzled double-take before the door shut, but shut it did, and clenched his jaw remained.

He assumed Jordan attributed the clenching was tarnished dignity, but really, it was the release of a fountain of cum onto Hailey’s naked tits. Conner slumped back then, his chair drifting back against the wall, where he saw the fruits of Hailey’s labor glistening on her untanned chest. She had apparently been able to read his note after all—play with yourself, but be a good slut—because she was following it precisely.

“Is it OK th-that I got it on my boobs? Y-you s-said you… ungh… like it, um, last night,” she panted. “I… I like how it feels. W-warm, but c-cool.”

“I love it,” he said coolly, enjoying the sight of the redheaded hottie knuckles deep in her pussy, keeping herself on the ragged edge of orgasm without crossing it. “I’d love it more if you’d get rid of those tan lines, but this is an improvement.”

Hailey smiled, but only for a moment before her mouth opened back into the same “O” of unrestrained lust. “I’ll fix them. Tonight. After school.” She spasmed, her orgasm nearing. “Ask me what I am.”

He grinned. “What are you, Hailey?”

She whimpered. “A slut. A good slut. Your slut. Conner’s good little slut.”

She seemed to be enjoying the game, so he kept it going as best he could. It was feeling more and more natural to take charge over her by the minute. “And what do good sluts do?”

Her whole body was shaking, she was so close. “Ask p-permission.”

“So ask me, Hai—”

PLEASE!” she howled.

He tilted her chin up to look him in the eyes. “Come for me, slut.”

Conner only got a glimpse of the rapture on his face as her body responded to his bidding. Then she was doubled over in an extended burst of raw pleasure, her body slumped to the ground and trembling uncontrollably while she did her best to keep quiet. Not that it would matter this time. She was too far gone now to hide if the door opened. If someone came in now, they’d be treated to the sight of Conner Fishers’ naked slut quivering on the floor.

No one came in. But the bell rang, and lunch was over.

“Oh gosh—oh gosh! I have to, um…!” Conner handed her some tissues from the box on his desk to clean herself up from both of their juices, quickly tucking his deflating package away as she hastily gathered her clothes.

“Leave the panties, Hailey. I want something to remember this by. To remember the hottest experience of my life.”

She beamed. “OK. You can have them.”

He’d never seen someone get dressed so fast; she nearly tripped twice getting her jeans on. Good thing, too, because students from Miss C’s next class were already filing in, and while they weren’t likely to open the office door uninvited, it wasn’t an impossibility. “So… I’ll text you later? And sorry if I didn’t do everything right. I’ll do better next time.”

Conner nodded. “You were amazing. I hope I didn’t freak you out or anything.”

“You were perfect. Text you later.” And she was gone.

He was already going to be late to his next class by the time he ran back to his locker, but he didn’t care. The moment Hailey was gone, he double-clicked the icon labeled This Is Our Story on his laptop. As soon as he logged in, he went to the class picture spread. Side by side, but in the reverse of their real order, were the faces of Hayleigh McKnight and Hailey McManus. He’d switched them…

And he had to switch them back.

As the cloud of lust lifted and the light of normalcy returned, he looked back in disgust—and more than a little shock—at what he’d just done. What had come over him?! He’d heard the old saying about absolute power a million times, but here was proof positive. He got a chance to take a beautiful girl and use her, and he took it without hesitating. Every time she’d dragged her feet, he’d pushed her. Every time he’d been sure she didn’t want to do something, he manipulated her into doing it. He’d used her, demeaned her, treated her with shame and contempt.

Had she really liked it? Surely she had simply pretended to in order to maintain his interest. Worse, now that his head was clearing, he had to acknowledge other thoughts he’d been having. Wondering just how slutty he could get her to be. Fantasizing what other girls he might superimpose on Hailey’s body. Heather? Heck, Miss C? She was his teacher, sure, but she was still quite attractive. There were a dozen others, and he was sickened with himself to admit that even Angelica’s face had popped in there for a moment.

This was wrong. It was time to set it right before things got worse. He clicked on Hailey’s round-faced photo, mislabeled currently, and dragged it on top of Hayleigh’s, just like he’d done Sunday.

Error: Limit exceeded Code 0014002


He tried dragging Hayleigh to Hailey. Same error. Hailey to Hayleigh again, over and over. What the hell?! It had worked instantly the other day, and now it was stonewalling him! Conner didn’t even know how to look up error codes in this infernal software. There had to be a way to reverse the changes. There just had to! Whatever it was, though, it wasn’t as easy as doing the damage in the first place had been, and finally Miss C paused her class for a moment and poked her head in.

“Get your butt to class, Conner! I get enough heat from the faculty for you guys wandering the halls as it is without you ditching class!”

“Sorry, Miss C, but I need to—”

“You can do it this afternoon. Go. Now.” The young teacher gave him an uncharacteristically hard look—then a moment later, her eyes widened. “Is that a pair of underwear?!”

Conner followed her gaze to where Hailey’s sodden panties were still draped over the arm of the little couch, and he suddenly understood Jordan’s parting puzzlement. “Oh wow,” he said, channeling his inner Clark Kent. He’d have pushed his glasses up his nose if he had any. “Who on earth…?”

“Who on earth indeed,” she said darkly. “You and I will sleuth this mystery later. For now, go to class, do not pass go, do not collect $200.”

Never more glad to be underestimated, he hurried out of the office and through her classroom. The inquisitive stares of two dozen sophomores who’d just learned of a pair of discarded mystery panties followed his every step.