The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

To Serve Master

At the count of three you will awaken, rested and refreshed, ready to begin another day of service to your master and mistress. 1....2....3.”

My programming tape ended, and I awoke quickly. I removed the headset and placed it on its holding post and rose on tiptoes to step off my sanitary saddle. the cup covering my penis pulled away, and the enema tube retracted from my anus. The saddle lowered and I stepped away. The door to my rest center rotated back, and I stepped out.

I examined myself and saw no marks or imperfections. Satisfied I was prepared for the day’s work, I walked slowly to Master and Mistress’ bedroom.

They lay in bed, bodies stiff and straight. I folded back the covers and exposed their nude forms to the sunlight entering the window. I examined the diagnostic panel; both were operating normally, and had completed their recharge period. I was pleased-they had come home after I went to my rest station, and I feared they would not be ready for their day.

Obediently, I climbed onto the bed and straddled Master’s legs. His penis was flaccid, laying against his smooth leg. I stroked his crotch gently, my fingers barely touching the plastic smoothness of his skin. I stroked the penis, urging it to stiffness. Soon at half-mast, I sat back on my heels, lowered my face to him, took him into my mouth and began my service. Pinning it against my tongue and the roof of my mouth, I sucked it gently, feeling it grow and lengthen, slowly creeping back in my mouth. I worked it deliberately, eager to serve my master. I stayed in my kowtowing pose, head bobbing up and down on Masters now erect member. After a moment, his eyes snapped open. His hand rose slowly, stiffly, bit by bit. He tapped the back of my head, and I sat up immediately.

“” His voice was flat and precise. He looked at me with wide eyes, staring up from a flawless face, even in skin tone and color. His lips were red, a thin slit when not speaking. I quickly glanced down to his crotch to make sure I had performed well. Apparently I had; his penis has stiffened well, his smooth plastic shaft rising firmly, angled toward the top of the bed. The sight of him filled me with adoration and pride at my service to him.

“Yes master.” My voice is not as emotionless as theirs. I rose off my Master and walked slowly around to Mistress’ side of the bed. She too was functioning normally, but as I stood beside her as she lay on the bed, she had yet to stir. I nudged her legs open with a hand, exposing her sex. Unlike Master, Mistress prefers a slightly more human appearance, and as I ran my fingers through her bright red pubic hair, I could see her vagina already beginning to react. I placed my other hand on her breast, her nipple ever stiff against my palm. I massaged her both above and below, slipping my finger into her and stroking her within as well.

After a moment or two, her eyes snapped open as well. She looked up at me with her doll like face and watched me as I massaged her. Soon she lifted a hand stiffly and tapped my chest, her silent signal to stop. I did so, standing up straight and placing my hands at my side.

“” she said, a slight metallic buzz in her girlish voice. “”

“Yes mistress.” I turned and walked towards the door. When I reached it I turned back towards them and dropped to a kneeling position, knees apart, sitting on my heels. I lay my hands upon my thighs and waited for their commands.

Master rolled towards Mistress, his member smooth and erect. She opened her legs to greet him, and he entered her with practiced precision. They locked eyes, and their faces grew even more blank then before. He was propped up on his arms, his hips pumping into her with a perfect rhythm. She responded with equal perfection, her hips rising to welcome him, her breasts quivering with each thrust. I am occasionally asked to observe as they make love; I believe it arouses them. I watch impassively, asked to do no more.

Until...“You.may.mas.tur.bate.Pe.ter.” The actions halts for a moment, Mistress turns her head towards me, utters her command, and returns to her private world with her lover and my master. On command, my penis swelled and stiffened, and I began to feel arousal at the site before me. There is nothing more arousing than the site of my master and mistress, and my hand rose to my stiffening member.

As they pumped, so did I. My fingers flew across my shaft, desire and arousal swelling as did my member. Soon I was not able to restrain myself, and I spasmed, spilling into my hand. My task finished, I said “I have come, Master.”

As quickly as they began, their motion ceased. Master rose and walked toward me, his feet sliding smoothly across the floor with soft whispers of friction. “” I thanked him, raised my hand to my mouth and lapped off my come. He stepped in front of me, standing in between my open legs. His smooth member stood in front of my face. I could smell him; the lightly candylike scent of Mistress’ lubricant, barely hiding the antiseptic scent of his plastic skin.

“” he commanded, and I happily licked him clean, washing away spare drops of lubricant and the white creamy fluid that is his stand-in for semen. The taste and smell was pleasing to me-I was conditioned to enjoy it, as well as all the other services they require of me.

“” I stopped and Master slid backwards and turned away. “”

“Yes master. Thank you.” I rose and left the room.

As I walked to the kitchen, Mastered and Mistress prepared for the day, as they did every day. Master stepped into the shower, and as distilled water sprayed over him, he ran his hands over his smooth chest and stomach. He had no nipples or navel-his torso was as featureless as his penis, preferring a more streamlined look to Mistress’ more “human” look, as I mentioned earlier. Soon he was dry and exited the shower, and Mistress entered after him. As she was cleaned, Master would select his clothing for the day-usually something formal for a day at the office, more casual at home. Today was a workday, so he selected a blue suit with matching shoes. The applicator placed the pattern on him, and thousands of nanomachines knit the clothing upon him, bonding it to his skin. Soon he was fully dressed in a perfectly tailored suit, actually bonded to his synthi-skin and every bit as sensitive to stimuli as his bare body.

Mistress preferred “real” clothes, as she called them, and as she exited the shower, she selected an iridescent blue pantsuit, with a plunging neckline and red fringe. Master complimented her style, and she returned the compliment on his. They leaned towards each other, kissed briefly and headed towards the kitchen.

I had prepared a light breakfast, fashioning their CHON-based fuel rations into a synthetic breakfast of pancakes and sausages, (no butter or syrup for master, whipped cream and powdered sugar for Mistress) with coffee and juice. They ate very neatly, with almost no waste-it was very easy to clean up after them. They thanked me for breakfast and I thanked them in turn, and Master left for the office. Mistress was expecting some friends over, so she remained home today. I placed the dishes in the recycler and began programming the system for small tea sandwiches, a lunchtime dish Mistress had read about and was anxious to try.

“My name is Peter. I am an employee of LiveDolls Inc. I am a human being programmed to serve my master and mistress perfectly and without hesitation. I take great pride and pleasure in obeying their every command.”

I recited my speech as I was asked. Mistress’ friends all loved to hear it, and since there was always one new member of her group of friends, they enjoyed watching them react at hearing about me.

They asked all the usual questions, which I answered readily. Yes, I really am human. I chose to become an employee of LiveDolls of my own free will. No, I have no memory of my life beforehand, and no, I do not miss it.

Yes, I am capable of sexual function.

That always gets a chorus of titters. The ladies always ask to borrow me, Mistress she could never do that. Her friends, a mix of human and android are always amazed that she could afford a LiveDoll. She likes her secrets, and never mentions that Master is a programmer there, and receives a sizable discount. One knows when to brag over a deal, and when to pretend you can afford to pay retail.

Many of her robotic friends also have human servants; it’s quite trendy for androids these days. “Acting Human” is all the rage, hence my Mistress’ choice of decoration and dress. I speak with the other servants on occasion, but I find it difficult to speak with them; they often speak of what they do in their off time, and I have little to none of that, nor do I wish it. They seem to find me a bit off-putting as well; my LiveDoll programming makes me more robotic than human, they say, a sensation I enjoy but they seem to find odd.

Everyone but Katy. She seems very interested in the process. I tell her what I know, and she listens with interest. We get along very well. She was over today with Miss Amanda-22, and we had a nice talk while I recycled the dishes.

“Amanda has this idea that extra arms would make her more pleasing to her customers. I think she’s nuts.”

“I admit that most hum...people...prefer the normal human form. Extra appendages might be unpopular.” I do that sometimes-being around mostly androids I have developed the habit of referring to people as “humans”. Perhaps I should mention it during my next check-up.

“That’s what I said to her.” She watched me as I closed the recycler. “ like the human form?”

I looked at her. “Yes, of course. I was programmed to enjoy the likes and dislikes of my...”

“Do you like mine?”

I was startled by the question. Katy blushed, covering her face, as if she couldn’t believe she asked the question. “Well, yes Katy, I do. You are a fine example of the female form.”

Still blushing, turned back towards me. “Do you think you’d like to make love to me?”

“I’m sorry Katy, I am not permitted to perform...”

“Unless they say so, I know, I’m not asking, really,” she babbled. “I mean...if you could, would you want to?”

I went over my programming. Since she was asking a rhetorical question, I decided it was within my operational parameters to answer, so I examined her with an unbiased eye. She was a few inches shorter than me, a little curvier than the average magazine model that was put forth as the norm by the ad agencies. She wore a black maid uniform today, with a short skirt and long stockings. She had flats on, but her legs were still quite shapely. She was certainly attractive, but I sensed that she wanted more than that in an answer. With an effort, I allowed my emotions to come to the fore for a moment. She was a lovely girl, and there was something else...something I wasn’t quite able to place...

“Yes Katy.” I said. “I would be happy to make love to you.”

A tear welled up in her eye, and she rushed forward to kiss me. She threw her arms around me and lifted her leg; I stood still. She pulled away, half ashamed half giggling. “Thank you...I needed you to tell me that. I’ll see you soon.”

She ran from the room, and I returned to my cleaning up.

Mistress asked me later what Katy and I were talking about, and of course I told her.

“” she asked as I leaned down to brush up some crumbs.

“Who, Mistress?”


“She is a very nice girl.” I paused. “I think she is attracted to me, though. Have I upset you in some way?”


I returned to my cleaning.


I rose and turned towards Mistress. She had removed her top, and stood there with her bare breasts pointing at me. “”

I responded instantly. “Of course Mistress. Your body is the perfection, all others are pale shadows. The honor of gazing upon your beauty is like a...”

She silenced me with a finger to my lips. “” I did as bidden; her blue eyes were wide and twinkled at me. The sparkles grew brighter, growing to a steady flashing. Soon I felt woozy, and my eyelids began to flutter...


I understood. Silent memories and training from countless moments like this rose to take control. My arms and legs grew stiff, my member swelled against my black briefs. I opened my eyes...wide. I saw my...lover.

“Dar.ling.” I looked at her with a blank face and spoke with a blank voice, but behind it, like the invisible colors of the flowers only seen by the beasts of the field, was a lust and passion that screamed silently. “”

My lover swooned into my arms; I caught her and pulled her into a hug. She stood again and stroked me, guiding me out from under my briefs. She took my cock and led me to the bedroom. Our stiff legged gait was too too slow; I wanted her NOW, HERE, before another moment passed.

We fell to the bed. We were two automatons, two artificial beings, yet our love was something animal. She moaned and buzzed and did all the tings she could not do with her husband, things he would find unbecoming. She couldn’t bring herself to actually cheat on him, some human habits didn’t interest her. But this, her secret lover, a robot from a human trained to act like a was enough to drive a cyberpsychologist to drink battery acid, but she was able to justify it to herself, and she loved it.

We explored each other for some time, playfully testing each other’s operational parameters. Soon we were spent, and I lay next to her. She rolled over, kissed me with her ruby red cupids bow, and told me to sleep, and forget, and to return to my duties. I rose, dressed and walked from the room. She lay in the bed breathing heavily. She felt exhausted, and guilty, and confused, and... she thought... she felt what might feel like to be human.

Master and Mistress were in their room dressing. I was taking the last of the squab from the oven. Many of their human friends were to be at this party as well, and I had been told to prepare their meals manually. I enjoyed it-I rarely get a chance to use my culinary training. The bell rang and I pulled of my apron to get it. I checked myself in the hall mirror; black tie and tails, no briefs-Mistress had requested my remain available below for a performance later. Satisfied, I opened the door.

“Good evening, Miss Amanda, Master and Mistress are still dressing. May I show you in?”

“ Peter.” She handed me her wrap and walked into the main room.

I followed, making conversation “I hear you have had your voice upgraded. I was not aware the service was ready yet.”

“Why, thank you for noticing, Peter. I happen to know someone, and was able to get to the top of the list” I noticed a slight buzz to her “s”’s, but decided not to mention it.

“And how is the family?”

“Very well. We are expecting a son.”

“Congratulations, madam. When is he due?”

“June 15. There was a delay-they were out of Spanish language modules.”

“Well, I am sure he will keep Katy on her toes.”

Miss Amanda was silent a moment. “Katy is no longer in our service.”

I was taken aback for a moment. “I am sorry, I had no idea.”

“No, you wouldn’t, no need to apologize.” she shook her head and changed the topic. “Have you made your special appetizers?”

I responded to the positive. “I have an extra tray for you, madam. I recall you enjoyed them so last time.” tactfully not adding, “that you ate them all before the other guests arrived, and I had to make do with whipped CHON paste and Ritz crackers...”

“Peter, you are too kind to me.”

“Not at all, madam.” I placed the tray on the table and returned to the kitchen.

I was saddened to hear of Katy’s departure. As I mentioned, I enjoyed her company, and the incident from several weeks ago was still fresh in my mind. Could she have been trying to say good bye?

The bell rang again, and as I went to get it, I saw Master and Mistress enter from the bedroom hall. Master had selected one of his natural fiber smoking jackets, complete with pipe. Mistress wore a lovely evening gown that covered her completely, but the top was so skin tight, is still far from modest.

I continued to admit guests, and soon the party was well underway.

Yes, I really am human.

No, I have no memory of my life beforehand, and no, I do not miss it.

Yes, I am capable of sexual function.

As I served, the more playful, bold, or drunk partygoers took their opportunities to pat my bottom or play with my flaccid member. I had been instructed to permit this but not respond, so I continued with my duties. Soon Master went to the front of the room and signaled that the entertainment was about to begin.

“ our.ser.vant.” I looked toward the stage. “” The crowd laughed, a few people snapped their fingers jokingly at a missed opportunity He motioned me to join them at the front, and I obeyed.

“” Mistress asked.

“Yes Mistress, I enjoy my work.”

“We.are.glad.” From the side of the room, two men were wheeling a figure in on a hand truck. It was covered with a sheet, so I could not see it. “”

“That is very kind of you mistress, but I don’t...”

Master held up his hand, and pulled aside the sheet with the other. It was a LiveDoll. A female. She was made up like a china doll, skin shiny and plastic, hair in tight copper curls. She wore a tiny black maid’s uniform, and no panties under the short skirt....

And her name was Katy.

“I...I do not understand...”

“She wanted to be with you.” Miss Amanda explained from the crowd. “When she told me she was leaving my employ, I was quite upset, but...I suppose you can’t explain humans.” The crowd murmured their agreement.

“” Master said “”

Mistress continued, “”

“But she did this for me?” I shook my head. “I do not understand.”

“You.will.” Master pulled a remote control from his pocket and pointed it at Katy. Her eyes opened, she looked around and began to speak.

“Hel-lo. I am Ka-ty the dol-ly maid. How may I serve you?” She had a playful, childlike voice, with that little tick to make her sound more mechanical.

Everyone applauded. I stood there staring. She was attractive before, but now...I didn’t know the words anymore...

While I stood there, Master pointed the remote at me and tapped in a few commands. Like a rush of heat, my mind filled with unfettered emotion. I DID know the words. She was beautiful, radiant, a perfection...and I loved her. I saw now I had loved her since we met, but my conditioning prevented me from knowing. I raced toward her and hugged her.

“Oh Pe-ter...” she sighed “I love you.”

“I love you, I love you, I didn’t know...” I whispered to her, hugging her tightly.

“I did...I always knew. That’s why I did be with you.”

We hugged and cried and kissed forever. And after a few moments of forever passed, Master tapped the remote again, and we both froze. Taptaptap, and we stood apart again, our emotions locked away, but the knowledge of our love there.


“Yes Master” we replied in unison.


“Yes Master.” We both picked up trays and made sure the guests were well fed and happy. It was like before, but different. I had someone else now, it was a lovely feeling. As we passed each other in the room, the guests smiled and patted us, some squeezed Katy’s breasts. We did not mind. An odd thought passed through my mind.

“Play with us all you like. At the end of the day, we will have each other,.”

My rest center was gone. There were two there now, next to each other, and a large bed.

“Good.night.” Mistress said after she showed us our room. “”

“Thank you Mistress” we said. She left and we looked at each other.

Katy looked at me. “What hap-pens now?”

“Well, she said we could...”

I saw her eyes go fuzzy just as I felt the rush hit me. I looked at her again and filled with desire. Her face showed the same. We rushed into each other’s arms, kissing passionately. Mistress must have unlocked our emotions from the hall.

I felt like I was drowning in a flood of emotion. I was hot and horny and in love and I wanted Katy, my love, my dolly lover...

She seemed on the verge of tears at any moment. She could barely speak, she was so happy. We hugged and kissed and stroked each other as we strained to pull our few clothes off. Her breasts were full and shiny smooth, her nipples two hard rosebuds. I suckled at one, then the other. She moaned and stroked my head. The actual act of penetration came much later; we were having too much fun exploring each other. We came together, fell to the bed kissing and touching each other, gazing at each other’s eyes.

“I am so glad you are here” was all I could say.

“I am so hap-py with you.” was all she could reply.

I am sure that in the future we will be asked to perform with them, and for them, and perhaps even at a future party. But this time, this first time was all ours.

Soon we knew it was time to rest, and we pulled apart. I entered my rest center, she entered hers, and as the probes rose from the sanitary saddles and entered us, we looked at each other and blew kisses. Properly fitted, I felt the warm fluid enter my bottom, washing me. I relaxed and let myself empty into the receptacle. Katy did the same, a look of relaxation and involuntary arousal coming over her. We both reached for our headsets. I waited a second, and the last thing I saw was Katy placing the set over her head, her body locking to attention and her nightly programming begin.

I placed mine on, and as the buzzing and the words began I dropped away, to return in the morning, a perfect obedient servant.

“You have done well today. It is time to rest, to rest and listed to the words that will teach you to be the best you can for your master and mistress. You love your master and mistress...and your wife.”