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Total Package Dentistry

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It was early in the evening and Mike was on his way into the dentist’s office. He had just changed jobs so his health insurance was new and this was his first visit to “Total Package Dentistry.” When he called to make an appointment, the receptionist had claimed that they not only fixed dental problems, but they addressed the entire body. Mike didn’t care about all that, but he was happy that they were close to his apartment and could schedule his appointment for the next day after work. Mike had been suffering from a mysterious toothache in one of his molars and was eager to get some relief. If they helped cure the ‘total package,’ all the better.

Mike was surprised to find that he was the only person in the waiting room, but the receptionist was friendly and she informed him that he was the last appointment of the day. Dr. Kim would be right with him. Mike assumed that Dr. Kim was an Asian man and was quite surprised with the sight before him when the door opened to the inner office. Dr. Kim was a gorgeous woman!

“Michael Smith? Good evening, I’m Dr. Kim Reklimmuc. Most people call me Dr. Kim. It says here that you have a severe toothache. Please come into my office and sit in the examination chair. I assure you that here at Total Package Dentistry we are most thorough with our patients and soon you will be feeling no pain.”

Mike nodded blankly as he walked towards the examination chair. He was distracted by Dr. Kim’s appearance and hadn’t really been listening. Dr. Kim was a striking woman, with blond hair, blue eyes, and a perfectly symmetric face. Her flawless skin and tight figure were that of a woman in her mid-twenties, but the air of confidence and authority in her voice suggested that she was a bit older. She was taller than most women, and as such her impressive cleavage was quite noticeable from Mike’s perspective. Mike was never a good judge of bra sizes, but he guessed that her breasts were 38DD, if not larger. He had a decent view of her breasts, as she wore a green outfit that resembled a nurse’s costume, with a zipper running up the front and a low cut that revealed the tops of her massive globes. Mike absent-mindedly wondered if Total Package Dentistry referred to the dental care or to Dr. Kim herself. He quickly felt his own package stirring and was very much lookin! g forward to the rest of his examination.

Mike sat down in the examination chair. It was a bit bulkier than a typical dentist’s chair but extremely comfortable. Dr. Kim reclined the chair and turned on the lamp to look in his mouth. As he opened his mouth, she leaned over to examine his teeth, inadvertently (or so it seemed) giving him an excellent view of her cleavage.

“Open wide for me. That’s a good boy. Let me see here. Ooh, that does look painful. Let me take a closer look. Ah, yes. I think I know just the treatment for you. A thorough draining along with a sealing should do the trick. I have a great deal of experience with this type of procedure. I assure you, Mr. Smith, that once I am finished you will have no more concerns.”

Mike again nodded absent-mindedly, not noticing her strange choice of words as he continued to ogle her breasts. Already he was feeling less pain just being in her presence and he was sure that Dr. Kim was the best possible cure for his ills. As she turned and walked over to a canister, he admired her shapely, athletic legs and tight butt. She wheeled the canister next to him and bent over again. Between the pain and Dr. Kim’s striking beauty, he wasn’t thinking clearly, but he wondered if the zipper between her breasts wasn’t a little lower a minute before. He stared into her deep cleavage and visualized that zipper continuing to drift further downward. She held up a gas mask next to his face and again began to speak.

“Before I drain you I need you to take a few breaths of nitrous to serve as an anesthetic. This procedure is very thorough and time-consuming and I want you to be feeling as good as possible throughout the process. Now take a few nice, deep breaths and try to relax. That’s a good boy.”

Dr. Kim pressed the mask against his face and started the flow as Mike inhaled deeply. After a few breaths his eyes glazed over and he began to feel quite relaxed. He continued to stare at her massive breasts in her tight latex uniform and his large erection strained against his pants. Dr. Kim glanced down at his crotch and smiled.

“Very good. Continue to breathe deeply and relax as the gas takes effect. You’ve had so much pressure building up recently and it has been causing your pain. Relax your eyes and stare anywhere you like while your mind goes blank. Let any stress or inhibitions go and allow your body to continue to respond naturally to me. You already begin to feel better, just letting go and allowing your body to relax and go limp. I am the doctor and letting me take charge of the situation makes you feel good. The more I take control, the better you feel. Don’t you agree? Say, ‘yes, doctor’.”

“Yes, doctor.”

“That’s a good boy. I know you like how I am making you feel. Continue to relax and let your mind go blank. Listen to my voice and let me guide you away from pain and into pleasure. I see you are enjoying the view in front of you. That’s very good. Many men find my breasts to be quite intoxicating. It is very easy for you to stare at them and let your mind empty. You are so relaxed and are beginning to feel a little bit sleepy. Do you see the zipper deep in my cleavage? It is so shiny as the light dances off of it and catches your attention. Let your mind flow to the zipper, sparkling between my breasts. Watch as I wrap my two fingers around it, beginning to guide it downward as I am guiding your mind. My breasts are so big and there is so much pressure on the zipper, straining to contain my ample chest. As I count backwards from ten I will guide the zipper downwards, taking you down deeper between my breasts and relieving all pressure.”

“Ten. Very good. You love to stare at my breasts. They are so full, soft, and round. I am the doctor and my breasts are part of your treatment. They take away your pain and replace it with pleasure.”

“Nine. You no longer have to hide your desire. You have always wanted to stare at big, juicy breasts and now I am ordering you to do so. Your inhibitions are melting away, being replaced by my commands. My commands give you pleasure. Obedience is pleasure.”

“Eight. Good boy. You are yielding so well to me. Follow the zipper down and see more of my breasts. The more of my breasts you see, the deeper my control grows.”

“Seven. So is so easy to just relax and obey. I am the doctor and I am in charge. Your body is so heavy and my commands are so irresistible. You have no desire to resist. My breasts and your obedience give you pleasure.”

“Six. You feel so good. My breasts are so big and your pain is growing ever smaller. Before there was so much pain, stress, and confusion. Now there is only pleasure, relaxation, and obedience.”

“Five. Good boy. Let your whole body sink into the chair. Let your body sink into my control. As you stare at my chest, my voice wraps around you and you continue to submit to me.”

“Four. The zipper is getting so low now. My cleavage is so deep and you imagine yourself enveloped by my breasts. My breasts surrounding you into warm, soft submission. The more you give into me, the more pleasure you feel.”

“Three. My breasts are beginning to burst free. This uniform can not contain them. Your mind can not contain my will, my commands. Soon my nipples will reveal themselves to you. Your eyes will be drawn to my nipples like magnets.”

“Two. Good boy. Your eyes are fixed on my nipples now, back and forth between them and the zipper. You want to suck on them, to drink the milk of my control. My breasts are your world now. Everything else slips away, and there is only submission, obedience, and pleasure.”

“One. You and the zipper are both at the bottom now. My breasts are totally free now, and they control you. Freedom is pleasure, and the pressure of your clothing is limiting your pleasure. You need more pleasure to complete your treatment. I am the doctor in charge of your treatment, and you want me to remove your clothing so you can join my breasts in pleasure. Say, ‘yes, doctor’.”

“Yes, doctor.”

“That’s a good boy. I know you like how I am making you feel. Continue to relax and let your mind go blank. I will remove your clothing so you can be one with my breasts.”

Mike stared ahead mindlessly, his eyes fixed on Dr. Kim’s breasts as she began to remove his clothing. She quickly but gently removed his shirt, shoes, socks, pants, and underwear. As she slid off his underwear, his engorged cock sprung free, throbbing and pointing straight up in anticipation. Dr. Kim smiled, as her favorite part of the procedure approached and her arousal grew along with her anticipation. She pressed a button and the chair reclined further so that it was nearly horizontal. The part of the chair beneath Mike’s hips curled upward, prominently displaying his erect cock.

“Very good. You can feel the pressure melting away from your body now. You feel loose and limp and so very, very good. All the pressure and tension from your body is flowing towards your cock, making you so hard and horny. My big nipples are hard, just like your cock, and they are throbbing with pleasure just like you are. You desperately need me to continue the procedure and drain your pressure. My breasts have seduced your will away and you follow all of my commands. Say, ‘yes, doctor’.”

“Yes, doctor.”

“That’s a good boy. Now I’m going to have to restrain you so that no unexpected movements will interrupt the procedure. Let me just clamp your arms in this device right here. Just lift them up, put them in the clamps, and I will close them. Good. Now spread your legs and I am going to clamp them in these devices around your ankles. Very good. Now that you are unable to move I will proceed and drain you.”

Dr. Kim moved over and began to lightly stroke Mike’s erect cock. It stiffened further and began to throb and drip precum. She continued to stroke at different speeds to coax out more precum, and Mike’s cock became more and more lubricated. As Mike began to moan with pleasure, she leaned over and wrapped her huge tits around his cock.

“As I wrap my large breasts around your cock, you submit totally to me. My breasts own your body and your mind. With every stroke of your cock between my breasts, you give more and more of yourself to me. You want your cock to be even closer to my breasts; you want me to milk your cock. I am your mistress now and I own your cock. Say, ‘yes, mistress’.”

“Yes, mistress.”

“That’s a good boy. Now, as I milk your cock, you will drink the milk from my breasts. My milk will heal your tooth and your body will feel wonderful. The more you drink in my milk, the more you drink in obedience to me. It will be inside you and will be a part of you forever. You will no longer be able to resist me or my commands. After I am through with you tonight, you will be addicted to my breasts and will want to make additional appointments so you can see them and taste them again and again. Don’t worry though, this procedure has just begun.”

Dr. Kim pressed a button and a large milking device emerged from between Mike’s legs. She attached the suction tube to his lubricated cock and it began to pump him rhythmically. She attached a large cup around his balls, with a device in between to separate his balls and expose them. She then attached individual devices to each of his balls. The devices surrounded his balls, massaging, squeezing, and stimulating them to produce more cum. Mike moaned as his cock and balls were being expertly milked. The machines were relentless and his pleasure only increased. Dr. Kim leaned over his face, nearly smothering him with her massive globes. She guided one of her ripe nipples into his mouth, and he began to suckle at her tit.

“Very good, my pet. Suck on my large tit. This is what you wanted since you first saw me, and now that your fantasy is being fulfilled, your mind can drift into total emptiness. No worries, no concerns, only submission and pleasure remain. Feel the milk coating your mouth, going down your throat, becoming one with you. My breasts control your body. My will controls your mind. Suck on my other tit and feel the joy of my milk. You love my milk. You are addicted to my milk. You are addicted to milking. The cum is being milked from your cock and balls, and you want to give it to me. Your one desire is to be milked, it gives you such pleasure. Cum for me now!”

Mike’s cock exploded into the milking machine, which pumped him furiously. The devices squeezed down on his balls, making sure to milk every last drop of cum. Mike felt wave after wave of orgasm as he was thoroughly drained. His entire body writhed with pleasure, pulling against his restraints. As his orgasm began to subside, Dr. Kim removed her tit from his mouth and walked over to inspect his cock. She gently ran her fingers over his captive cock and balls.

“That’s a good boy. The procedure has successfully drained you and removed all pressure and pain. Now you feel only submission, pleasure, and obedience. However, the procedure is not yet complete. Unless you are sealed properly, the pressure might return again and reach unacceptable levels. After you are sealed, I will continue to drain you and monitor you for a 24-hour period until I am sure that the effects have taken a complete hold. Then I will release you temporarily, but you will of course return for additional follow-up appointments to reinforce the procedure and for additional testing. You will be completely addicted to my procedures and you will long to spend more time with me. Now I will begin the sealing process.”

Dr. Kim pressed another button and the chair whirred to life in a flurry of activity. A helmet emerged from the head of the chair and lowered on to Mike’s head. A screen displayed naked images of Dr. Kim and her breasts along with spirals and subliminal messages designed to reinforce his submissive obedience. The effect was amplified by audio playing through headphones over Mike’s ears. The program began a loop that would continue the deepening for 24 hours. A gas mask at the bottom of the helmet sealed around his nose and mouth, providing the right mixture of air to encourage hibernation. An IV tube emerged from the side of the chair and Dr. Kim inserted it into Mike’s left arm. The fluid would continue to sedate him, as well as providing a mixture of nutrients and hormones to fuel his balls for further milking. Another button released the restraining devices and began to warm the special material of the operating table. The material began to liquefy, surroundi! ng Mike’s body as he slowly sank downward. After a couple minutes, his entire body was enveloped by the latex-like material, with the exception of his still-hard cock and balls, which were being relentlessly pumped and prodded by the milking machine. Dr. Kim switched off the heater, allowing the material to cool and harden around Mike’s body. She surveyed the scene unfolding before her with great delight, the nipples on her naked breasts remaining erect the entire time.

“Very good, my pet. If you could still hear me, I would tell you how pleased I am that you were such a good patient. The procedure has been a complete success, as you have been thoroughly drained and sealed. The milking machine will ensure that your pain will be replaced by intense pleasure. I’m sure you will be most productive for me for the next 24 hours. Your body and mind will be thoroughly conditioned during that time, and each visit will strengthen your addiction and increase your production. If you are exceptionally responsive, perhaps I will send you to our master facility for the next stage in your processing. For now, though, I need to wrap you up and put you away. I’m sure you will have a very good night.”

Dr. Kim zipped up her top and pulled one final lever before leaving the office. The lights darkened as the devices and the latex cast that encased Mike’s body retracted into a container in the wall. A new chair emerged from an adjoining compartment to take its place. The helmet and the milking machine would continue to process Mike for the next 24 hours. As the box compartment around Mike’s body closed, a small screen on its side lit up with the following words: “Total Package: Michael Smith”