The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


by “Hypnotits”

Phil had recently graduated and found a good job in London. Along with the job goes membership of a gym and Phil uses it a couple of times a week. He is working late tonight and it is 11pm before he finds himself on the tube ride home, much later than usual. He lives at the end of the line, a 20 minute ride. He sits back for the journey, reading the evening newspaper.

There are no other people sat at his end of the carriage as the train stops and the doors swish open. Someone gets on and he catches the movement out the corner of his eye as the person sits down opposite him. Phil looks up to see a black woman sat opposite him. She smiles and he politely returns her smile before going back to his reading.

Candy is a very special lady. Originally from the Caribbean she has been living in London for 15 years after coming here to study. These days she has no need to work as her unusual skills and natural gifts provide all she needs. She is on her way back from dinner with some friends. Candy likes the look of the young man sat opposite her and continues to look at him even as he focuses back on his newspaper. She is in the mood for some fun, it may work, it may not...but she decides to try.

You know when someone is looking at you, especially if you have just broken eye contact and they are close by. Phil began to feel Candy’s eyes on him and though he tried to ignore it he couldn’t help his eyes flicking up, back onto hers. Yes, she was looking at him, her big eyes steady and staring. You meet some strange people late at night on the tube, perhaps she was some wierdo, on drugs or something....but those eyes of hers were magnetic and up his glance went again, he couldn’t stop it, lingering slightly longer this time before darting off around the carriage, pretending to read the advertisements...then down onto the floor, trying to avoid her stare... but UP they go again as if pulled on was working!

Candy is a witch and a hypnotist. She had always had the power, it was inherited and is deeply ingrained in her culture. She maintained her concentration on the young man and she knew from those split second looks into his eyes that she could work with him....provided they were not disturbed and provided they had enough time.... The train stopped and someone got on at the far end of the carriage, but Candy knew they were OK for a couple more minutes and wouldn’t be disturbed...but where was his stop, beyond hers?...she didn’t know...and she only had two more stops before she would either be leaving with him or leaving alone. Now his eyes are on hers more frequently, his eyes keep coming back in response to her hypnotic stare.....Mmm, he is going under her spell and it feels so good. Candy is hiding her secret weapons under a baggy coat which she slowly begins to undo.

Phil just can’t seem to keep his eyes away from the strange woman’s relentless stare. He shifts awkwardly in his seat, she makes him feel uneasy yet her face is kind and re-assuring, she looks like someone he could trust, but why?...his eyes flick back and forth as the train rocks noisily along its track,,, but each time his eyes engage for longer on the dark eyes which stare back at him....they are so magnetic and he feels the magical pull which Candy has on so many people. Eventually, as if running out of energy, his eyes settle onto to hers and his whole body relaxes. He is deeply relaxed now, lost in a trance he no longer worries about trying to look away from the woman’s compelling eyes.

The train stops once more, would someone come through the door and break the spell?...No, Candy’s luck holds, but there is only one more stop before hers, less than two should be enough. Pulling the coat back from her shoulders, Candy heaves out her massive breasts in the shape-hugging top she is wearing. It is low cut, white with thin red hoops, accentuating her incredible bustline. Candy cups her hands around her heavy breasts and begins to roll them from side to side...

Phil’s eyes’ are on stalks, now switching rapidly from the massive curves and deep cleavage suddenly pushed out toward him across the aisle, and back to those hypnotic eyes. The train pulls out of the station as Candy speaks to him for the first time

“Swell!....S-w-e-l-l”” she purrs,

Her voice is barely audible above the noise of the train but the sound is magical to Phil’s ears. The word is carefully chosen and immediately Phil’s penis responds as Candy continues to talk him up

“Mmmm, coming UP stiff...S-T-I-F-F!”

In seconds Candy has established a rude, rigid pole in Phil’s pants. It makes him feel uncomfortable and he shifts around in his seat but only succeeds in making a perfect wigwam in the thin track pants.. Phil’s head is spinning, he is so aroused and his eyes are pulled between Candy’s hypnotic stare and her huge bosom. He has a girlfriend, he tries to think of her but he can’t concentrate on anything else as he watches the huge breasts roll from side to side. He realises that his girlfriend has never made his cock stand up so quickly, or so stiffly.

Candy knows she doesn’t have much time and standing up she crosses the space between them, holding on to the vertical bar beside Phil’s seat to steady herself. She looks down into his eyes, his face a blank, his jaw slack in amazement as Candy heaves her chest out over the top of him, her giant JJ cups filling the space above his head. Candy knows how effective this is, now he can appreciate just how far her huge tits jut out. She peers at him over her bust-line, not allowing him to break eye contact...though soon she would have to.

“What’s you name honey?” she asks him

Phil’s throat is dry, his voice croaks...his mind unable to resist her question.

“Phil” he replies

“You are coming with me now Phil... the magnetism of my big tits…feel it pulling on your stiff cock...Mmm, you must stay close to me Phil...Cumm with me now...Cummm”

Her eyes and her voice put Phil into a deep trance, but as the train slows to stop, Candy’s stop, she knows it is the moment of truth. Deep in Phil’s mind he knew this isn’t his stop, it isn’t where he lives and who is this woman?...but these thoughts were well supressed by Candy’s hypnotic spell and the thumping, pumping urgency in his cock.

She turns away from him and moves toward the door as the train comes to a stop. Phil’s hips jerk forward in response, making him gasp and he is on his feet. This is like nothing he has felt before, an intense sexual magnetism, pure animal. The doors open and Candy steps off the train, Phil’s hips jerk again and he follows her through the door and onto the platform. Candy zips up her coat as she walks, a rhythmic swinging of her hips and the click-click of her heels along the platform become the focus of Phil’s attention now. The platform is not very busy and he follows along two paces behind the tall black woman, his cock and balls feel massive and heavy, as if attached on a rope to Candy who is pulling him along by his swollen member.

There are not many people around in the station at this time of night, although two young women do notice a tall black woman being followed by a guy walking awkwardly along behind her as if he were being pulled on a rope. The guy seems oblivious to them or anyone else and their eyes can’t miss the protrusion in his pants and they giggle as he walks by.

Candy is confident that Phil is following her and does not look back. Her clicking heels soon get him into a rhythm and he walks along much easier now as they make their way up the escalators and out the station. She leads him along a side street, bringing him along to her lair, not far to go now. It is dark and the street is deserted as the cold air around Phil’s stiff cock begins to rouse him from his trance. He stops, Candy stops too and turns around. Phil is holding back, what is he doing? Who is this woman?…some kind of hooker!?….Candy has unbuttoned the coat and moved close to him, showing him the broadside view of he huge tits, staring at the bulge in his pants and gesturing to it with her hand.

“Come along now” she says, the voice persuasive and soft.

Phil grunts as his cock responds to her teasing and is soon moving along behind Candy again. Around the corner and up to an old terraced house, she opens the door and they are inside.

“Well, that was a struggle” she says to him as she turns on the lights.

Phil comes out of his trance, though his erection is still pointing at Candy. He is nervous

“Look, I’m not sure how I got here but…oh my g…!”

Candy has removed her top and is rolling her giant tits around in her huge white bra. Phil is mesmerised and responds by coming close up to Candy, his eyes boggling into her cleavage.

“MMmm” purrs Candy “You can’t go home with that big heavy load in your pants, let me unload that for you now”

Phil can’t seem to move when Candy speaks, he has no strength and he does not resist as Candy pulls his track pants down and releases his cock which comes bouncing out as if on a spring. Bending forward, Candy slips his bone into her cleavage, accommodating it easily while still wearing her bra…Phil moans…it is the most incredible feeling and his eyes roll in his head as the soft flesh envelops him. Just one firm squeeze is enough as Candy rolls her giant melons around his pole and says


Phil jerks and pumps as Candy takes him, taking more from him than he had ever given before…his aching, heavy load finally relieved.

The spell is broken and Phil is feeling pathetic, ridiculous…how could he be so easily led astray and made unfaithful to his girlfriend….how will he get home? Is the more immediate worry. He is expecting Candy to ask for money now. She doesn’t, just speaks to him as she wipes herself clean.

“You will call me in a few days” she says, so matter of fact…” You will need more help with your heavy, heavy load Phil”

She hands him a card with a phone number on it.

“Just call me” says Candy as Phil steps out into the cold night.

Next day Phil is daydreaming, he can’t seem to concentrate as his mind fills with Candy’s huge black bust and her voice calling in his head….he can’t sleep either and begins to masturbate. After almost a week he is tired, irritable, unable to get Candy out of his mind. He looks at the card and dials the number.

Candy’s voice is so musical, so easy to listen to. She sounds so pleased to hear from him and they chat for a while before she calls to him.

“Come to me Phil…come to me now”

Phil’s mind is a blank as he makes his way down to the tube station…..