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The Training of 5834

Mike had worked for the Organization for five years now, and finally he would be the senior trainer at the New York facility. If he succeeded at this position he would make Master trainer in three years and at thirty he would be the youngest Master in the Organization’s history. The International slaveMaster’s Organization had been training male slaves for almost ten years now and had quickly come to be a large part of the S&M community. The published a monthly magazine called HypnoMaster and they had published The HypnoMaster’s Manual of course the as far as the government was concerned this was all just fantasy, but Mike knew better.

Mike left the conference room and headed towards the cells, this would be his first training without supervision. The slave’s name was John but soon he would only respond to the name slave or his number. John was 22 with black hair and blue eyes. He resisted strongly when he was abducted so he was now drugged, not to the point of being unconscious but would not resist. As Mike walked the row of cells he wondered how anyone could really live in these. The cells were 3 feet wide by nine feet deep, each had a cot and something that might qualify as a toilet. He approached John’s cage he took a good look at him. John had to admit he was really hot, he would have alot of fun with this one, especially after he was processed.

“Hello there 5834.”


“Say SIR when you are addressing me slave.”

5834 just sat there and said nothing. Mike took the boy out of his cage and down to the slave showers. After three enemas Mike washed the outside of the slave and shaved off all of his body and facial hair. He then put on rubber gloves and applied a creme that would kill the hair on the slaves body so that it would never grow again. After rinsing the boy off, He looked at his work. The slave was now hairless as he should be. He had a hot body, but soon he would become really muscular.

5834 was next brought to the tattoo room. Because many Masters did not like the way tattoos looked on a slaves body. The slaves were tattooed on the bottom of their right foot. the slave’s tattoo read “NsMO, If found please call, 1-800-555-NsMO, sb5834”. This was to ensure that if the slave was lost the organization would be able to locate him.

The next room that 5834 was brought to was the most important. He would spend many hours here until he was ready to go up for auction. The room had a reclining, adjustable chair in the center and a device that hung from the ceiling. The device, called a Processor had what looked like goggles and earphones. In one corner of the room there was a small desk with a computer console. Mike put 5834 into the chair and locked the steel restraints. 5834 had not yet been processed and therefore was considered a flight risk. Mike knew that the drugs were still in his system and would interfere with his processing. Mike left the slave locked in the chair and went to go get something to eat.

When Mike returned he could see that 5834 was awake and trying to escape. “Don’t try so hard 5834, you’ll soon enjoy those restraints.”

“My name is John.”

“Not anymore slave, just try to relax it will go much easier.”

Mike went over to the computer and typed something. The Processor lit up and positioned itself in place covering 5834’s eyes and ears. Mike inspected the processor to make sure it was fit securely. He typed something else on the computer, and began the process.

Suddenly 5834 was looking at a strange light pattern, and a voice began. “Hello there slave, you are about to experience the most amazing feeling in your entire life, you are going to feel more relaxed than you have ever been.” 5834 thought the voice was very soothing, He wanted to relax, that was all he could think about.

The voice continued the induction until 5834 was in the deepest state of hypnosis, that the Organization called total control. Fifteen years ago Dr. Jake Doyle discovered that using this specific light pattern in conjunction with verbal induction would put a subject into a state of hypnosis so deep that the subject’s personality, beliefs, and actions could be controlled. These were no longer post-hypnotic suggestions, but commands. Memories that were erased could never be returned. Jake knew that this was powerful information could be harmful if it fell into the wrong hands, so he never published his work. He had plans for his discovery, the Organization.

The voice continued in 5834’s ears. “You are going to forget everything that has happened to you until now. It is unimportant to you how you got here, the only thing that is important is your mission. Your mission is to serve as a slave. Your name is 5834, sometimes you will be called slave. You are very happy here. All you want to do is serve. You will act very submissive at all times. You will always obey others because you are the lowest form of life, a slave” The voice droned on and on about what 5834 would do, how he would act in a large variety of circumstances. When the first session ended 5834 was convinced he was and always had been a slave and he was most happy when he was serving. He still had not been programmed for commands, but he was now very submissive. The process ended and 5834 was brought out of the trance.

“Well slave are you ready to behave now?”

“Yes SIR, i will serve SIR.”

5834 was brought to a new cell, this one was not much larger than the previous one but this one had a television monitor in it. The entrance to the cell was a door made of metal bars, The walls and floor were simply unpainted concrete. The layout of the cells was such that he could not see or talk to any of the other slaves. 5834 lay down on the cot and instinctively turned on the monitor. There were three channels. The slaveboy channel was very popular with new slaves, The S&M channel ran 24 hours of S&M porno and real training videotape, and the Master channel, which just reinforced the slave programming. 5834 was watching the slave channel, which was now running a show called “The Cock Worshiper”. This was a daily show which taught slaves how to pleasure a man’s cock. Each day new techniques were discussed, and of course the slaves were taught, subliminally, to live for cock. When the show was finished he turned to the Master channel as he was taught and went to sleep.

The next morning(or was it) 5834 awakened to a shrill noise coming from the television. Since there were no widows, clocks, or watches in the complex 5834 had no idea what time it was. A guard came to the door of the cell and opened it.

“Slave its meal time”

“Yes SIR”

The guard placed a bowl, that looked like a dogs bowl, on the floor. It was filled with what looked like oatmeal, but 5834 didn’t care. He instinctively knelt in front of the bowl and put his hands behind his back and began to eat his food. He finished the food rather quickly and licked the bowl clean. When he was done he placed the bowl by the door and washed off his face. He lay down on the cot and put on the slaveboy channel. The slaves were discussing each of their experiences with slavery. Each of the slaves talked about how much slavery has improved their life, how happy they were now that they had a Master. 5834 wished he had a Master, but he also knew that he was not ready for it, he still had much training to go through. As that thought left his mind, His trainer Mike appeared at the door to his cell.

“Hello slave, ready for another day of training?”

“Yes SIR”

“Good boy, come with me.”

Mike led the naked slave to the processing room and placed him into the processor and turned it on. As soon as the voice began Mike saw a smile come to the slave’s face.

“Hello 5834, today you are going to learn your first 500 commands. I need you to relax completely.” As soon as the slave was in “total control”. Mike started the first command program. “I am going to teach commands, I will give you the command word and the appropriate response. When you hear the command word you will helplessly respond in the appropriate manner. When you hear “kneel” you will approach the master who said it, kneel at his feet, and bow your head.” The computer continued until it had taught him 500 commands. Mike then shut the processor off and took the slave back to his cell.

“You have three hours of sleep 5834.”

“Thank You SIR.”

Mike knew that they staggered the sleep schedules to confuse the slaves biological clocks. The slave soon would become unaware of the passage of time. This was just one of the subtle ways in which the organization controlled the slaves. Mike couldn’t wait, in just three hours he would be able to use 5834 for sexual testing.

Mike went to his room to lie down for a little while. Mike came to work for the Organization Five years earlier. He didn’t think much about his life before he came here. His father beat and abused him, but Dr. Doyle saved him from that. He brought him here and Mike was eternally grateful for it. He would do any thing that Dr. Doyle asked him to do. After all he worked for nothing but room and board.

Mike had work to do. He had to introduce the boy to the pleasures of a serving another man. Soon the slave would live only to please anyone who would use him. Mike went to the slave’s cell and brought him to training room 151. The boy had a very submissive air about him. He was keeping his head bowed, his hands were always at his sides or behind his back.

“Kneel!, Feet!”

5834 Knelt before his Master and began to lick his feet. Mike was smiling. The boy reacted to the commands perfectly. If he was this reactive to all the commands he could be ready in a week. Mike knew this would make Dr. Doyle really happy so it became his new goal.

“Suck Cock!”

The slave immediately had his mouth around Mike’s erect cock, and began bobbing his head up and down. It was obvious to Mike that the slave was gagging on the cock, but he didn’t stop. It just didn’t phase him. He just continued.

“Present ass!”

5834 stopped sucking the cock suddenly, stood up and turned around. He bent over and grabbed his ankles. Mike lubed up his finger and began fingering the slave’s ass. Next he went to two fingers and eventually worked up to three. When he felt that the hole was relaxed enough, he took a condom and placed on his throbbing cock.

“Fuck 12”

5834 moved into fuck position 12. He was bent over with his hands flat on the ground up near his head. 5834 felt a twinge of excitement, as he anticipated the feeling of a cock inside of him for the first time. His programming taught him that someone fucking him was the greatest gift that a slave could receive. Mike gently placed the head of his cock into the slave’s ass. He eased himself in until the boys ass had swallowed his entire 8″ cock. He rammed the boys ass for about five minutes until he felt like he was going to cum. He pulled out of the slave’s ass and came all over the floor.

“Lick Cum!”

5834 turned around quickly and dropped to the ground. He greedily licked every drop of cum off the floor. Over the next ten days 5834 was further processed with a total of five thousand different slave commands. Mike made sure that he tested each one. He had also started a body building regimen, he had a nice body now, but in six months he would be a true muscle slave. At the end of the tenth day 5834 was informed that he was going to be sold at an auction that night. Mike brought the slave back to his cell and told him that he had two hours until the auction.

5834 looked around at what has been his home for all of his life that he remembered, he would miss it, but he would finally have what he had always wanted, a Master.

5834 was brought to a holding room behind what seemed to be a stage. For the first time since he arrived at the Organization he saw other slaves. Even though his programming prevented him from talking to them, he was still happy to see other people like him. He was next, and two trainers dressed in leather took him out onto the stage. The he saw Dr. Doyle holding a microphone. From where he was standing he couldn’t make out any of the faces of the audience. Dr. Doyle began speaking.

“Here he is, sb5834. This slave is 22 years old, has a hairless body and face, and he is programmed with 5000 different commands. We’ll start he bidding at $5,000”

One of the Masters in the audience bought 5834 for 15,000, which was considered quite high. Mike to 5834 to back to the Processor for his final programming. After the slave was secured in the processor. Mike let the new Master into the room.

“Hello 5834.” This voice was different , it wasn’t the voice of the processor. 5834 could now see in the video goggles what the man speaking looked like. “I’m your new Master, You will obey me now, do you understand?”

“Yes Master, i will obey you Master.”

“Good boy. You love me very much and you would do anything I ask you to do. Your new goal is my pleasure. It is all you will think about.” Master took his new slave out of the processor and left the building. When they reached his car He put 5834 into the trunk of his car. As they drove off all that 5834 could think about was how lucky he was to have a Master.