The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Training School

Steve looked at the clock, almost 2:30—“got to get moving to class” he thought to himself. The last class of the day, last class before the weekend on a Friday afternoon. Life in general was turning out great. Being a junior in college was an experience, old enough to know where all the good things were, parties, women and fun and young enough to enjoy every minute of it. The semester was only 3 weeks old. Some of the classes were starting to role out tests and quizes to start sharpening everyone’s wit. Steve’s class load was a thing of beauty, nothing early—His first classes on Monday were at 1 in the afternoon so there would be plenty of late nights without worry and the last class was over at 4 on Friday—perfect to start the weekend.

Grabbing his backpack and a soda, Steve headed out of his apartment, a short walk and he would be on campus, headed to the last class of the week—psychology of advertising. Steve had just decided on his minor—advertising/marketing and this was one of the first classes he had to take. The professor, Dr. Jefferson, was in most respects average in all regards. Nothing remarkable to look at—mild mannered and tended to blend in. The students called him Dr. J. as a sign of acceptance....Dr. J. was alright to the students because they knew he was approachable and would help students improve their grades.

Steve entered the classroom, wearing his typical clothing for a school day—t-shirt, nylon workout pants and sneakers. Comfort and style were important and he was in good shape from his days as a high school athlete. Just over 6 feet, Steve had continued the workout routine from football camp but there was no way he could compete at the college level, a knee injury in high school had seen to that. Fully recovered, the speed was not there, but Steve didn’t miss it, there were plenty of other distractions—namely women—to keep him busy in college.

Some of the girls in class were regulars at the campus gym, and Steve had mental notes of each one—who had checked him out during his workouts and who looked good in tights. Shannon was the pick of the crop and Steve had already begun to work on becoming better acquainted with her.

“Hey woman, how are you?” Steve asked as he motioned to the chair next to the young woman.

“Hi Steve, how’s it goin?” She smiled as Steve sat down.

“Last class before the weekend and then it’s on, already found out about 2 killer parties tonight—what are your plans?” Steve offered, hoping to get Shannon to meet him.

“I’m going with my roommate to a party—over on Sullivan Street” Shannon said but quickly following up by saying: “Maybe you could come with us? If the party’s lame, we could try one of your parties?” She had a smile that made his knees weak as she enticed him with the thoughts of being more than just classmates. Steve tried to play it cool as she offered him this in.

“Cool, give me your number, and we’ll set it up—maybe a few drinks before going out?” Steve unpacked his notebook and took down Shannon’s number. What an easy move this was, Shannon was sexy and smart. Long brunette hair and legs that didn’t quit. Sitting back in his chair, Steve tried to contain his smile as he knew the weekend held a ton of promise.

Just then, Dr. J entered and everyone in class straightened up—“ok class, I know most of you are in the home stretch for the weekend, just pay attention for the next 60 minutes, and most of you will be free to go and do the things that make college weekends what they are.” Dr. J said as he unpacked his briefcase. The class gave a rumbling of approval, and a smattering of “yeahs” and “party!".

For the next 30 minutes, class proceeded as normal. Steve, Shannon and the rest of the students took notes, trying to pay attention as the minutes dragged. As the lecture by Dr. J continued, he spoke of the idea of a “keyword”—which some called a “tag-line” for products which in advertising was the signifyer of a particular company—like: “you deserve a break today”.

Dr. J offered many keywords as examples—then he mentioned one that seemed very obscure, it was for an old soda pop—“That special velvet feeling” was the keyword. Strange, Steve thought as he heard the words...but somehow comforting. A wave of warm feelings swept over Steve as he thought of the words and he became acutely aware of something that he hadn’t noticed before, something on his skin felt different. Steve’s legs felt awkward, like they were encased in the spandex bike shorts he had worn before. Letting his hand touch his nylon workout pants, he gently rubbed, yes....he was wearing something under his pants which was very strange. As he thought about the strange material, he then realized that he could feel something else, string no, straps...yes straps that were on the front and back of his legs. They seemed to conect to the material on his legs. Even his underwear felt awkward, it was not like his normal felt soft, the material was very soft—Steve was growing nervous, what the hell am I wearing he thought to himself as he realized he was wearing something that he normally didn’t wear under his pants.

Shannon broke him of his short lived concern “something wrong?” she whispered. Steve almost jumped “Oh, uhm, no. I just, was thinking about something else” Steve said as he started to come back to reality. Silently, he thought to himself: “It’s ok, just have to go about 15 more minutes and I’ll get back to the apartment and figure out what is going on.” He continued to lightly rub his pants....wondering what he was wearing.

Again, Dr. J. mentioned “That special velvet feeling”—and Steve felt a warm sensation again, as if a warm blanket surrounded him. His body tingled, especially in his lower body as he felt as if his skin was lightly electrified by whatever he was wearing. Steve thought “God, what is happeneing to me?” Steve also noticed that instead of panic, he felt a sense of relaxation and even.....pleasure. Whatever he was experiencing, it was a good thing as he again looked at the clock.

Dr. J. broke into Steve’s thoughts when he asked a direct question of him. “Steve, can you tell us about any other good keywords you’ve heard—Did you like that special velvet feeling?” Dr. J. asked as the class turned to look at Steve. The words sent another wave of warmth, and now pleasure over Steve—somehow, the words had a special affect over Steve. Turning to look at Dr. J.—Steve stammered: “Uhm....I uh”. The class let out some laughs at Steve’s state of obvious confusion. Dr. J. smiled: “Seems that someone has already left for the weekend.” The class laughed as Steve blushed at the embarassment of being caught not paying attention. “That’s enough for making fun of Steve class, but—Steve, see me at the end of class..ok?”

“Yes sir” Steve said—knowing he was busted.

Shannon leaned over and whispered: “Nice going, hope he goes easy on you”

Steve tried as hard as he could to pay attention until class ended. Now he had to go see his prof before he could figure out what he was wearing.

Class ended and there were at least 3 more references to “That special velvet feeling”. Steve was in a semi-daze as he left the class, Shannon looked at Steve, wondering if he was on something.

Dr. J. motioned to Steve to come up front. “Come up to my office in about 15 minutes, let’s talk in private...ok Steve?”

“Yeah, sure, 15 minutes—I’ll be there.” Steve said as he could only focus on the words that Dr. J. had said and the feelings of the clothes on his skin. Enveloped by a sensation that bordered on erotic pleasure, Steve’s body tingled with sexual charge that made him dizzy with pleasure. It felt so good, and he didn’t question how or why it was happening, he knew that it was good and didn’t want to fight it.

In a short time, Steve walked to Dr. J’s office. In a far corner of the teachers offices, it was lonely—especially for a Friday afternoon. Steve knocked on the closed door.

“is that you Steven?” Dr. J asked.

“yes sir”

“Why don’t you come in and close the door behind you Steven/”

Steve opened the door to the small office, closing the door just as he had been asked. When he turned to see the professor he saw a sight that shocked him. There was Dr. J. sitting in his office chair, pants down around his ankles and his hand gripping his hard cock, nearly 6 inches long. Steve stood there, transfixed—Steve was straight, never had a gay experience in his life, never sought out a man for physical pleasure before. Dr. J. looked at Steve and smiled.

“do you have that special velvet feeling?” he said with a knowing look.

“oh” Steve Paused. “Yes....yes I do.”

“Good, then you’d like to stay for a while and see how special it gets then?” Dr. J. said as he sat back in his chair, gently stroking his hardon.

Steve wanted to run, this was weird, but his body did not listen to his thoughts. And the longer he thought about it, the less concerned he became. His mind opened and his will melted. He felt the warm feelings of pleasure as he had before and a desire to follow Dr. J’s instructions.

“Steven, you are my slave. You have been picked to do my bidding and I have trained you to respond to the commands I give you. Do you understand Steven?”

The words came out but they were not of his will, Steve felt like a passenger, more of a watcher than a participant: “Yes sir”

“Good—now you are a good student but you are also the kind of young man that I am turned on by.” Dr. J. said as he stroked and displayed his cock. “Can you see how much I like you?”

Steve’s eyes looked at the hard cock “yes sir, you look like you enjoy it.” Steve wrestled with the thought of complimenting a guy for having his cock hard and jacking it for him to see. Steve should run or at least deck Dr. J but he was no longer in control.

“Steven, are you wearing the panties and garterbelt as I last instructed you?” Dr. J asked.

Steve responded by pulling down his pants, revealing pink stockings, panties and garter belt. His mind raced as he realized he was dressed like a sissy. He then realized that he had put this on earlier, part of a command from Dr. J—he was helpless.

“Excellent—you respond well Steven.” Dr J. told Steve to take off his other clothes and before long, Steve was only wearing the lingerie.

A knock came at the door. Dr. J. asked who it was and allowed another man to enter. This was a campus police officer. The officer entered a room with a man jacking off his cock and a young man only in lingerie. He stood for a moment, then Dr. J asked about “that special velvet feeling” to which the officer knelt down and started to jack off Dr. J’s cock.

Moaning in pleasure, Dr. J gave gentle instructions to the officer as he fondled his cock, balls and thighs. Dr. J then told Steven to take a camcorder from the desk and video tape the cop as he played with his cock.

Steven responded, becoming a sissy cameraman, taking video of the cop as he knelt and fondled this professor. Unable to contain the feelings he had, Steven felt his cock get hard in the soft lace and satin panties. He kept the cock in frame as the cops strong hands jerked him up and down. Dr. J then took one hand to the back of the officer’s head and guided him to his cock. “Suck” was the only word given and the cop opened his mouth, taking the professor deeply down his throat. Moaning deeply, and approvingly, the professor was now receiving a first rate blow job from a big strong police officer.

Steve continued to tape as this had become a white-hot scene. Moaning, Dr. J. would tell the officer to suck deeply, play with his balls and lick his balls, tongue his ass—whatever would please him. The officer was entranced, Steve could tell that the feelings that he had were as strong in the cop. They were both slaves.

“Steven, come over to me” Dr. J moaned as he was now humping the officers hungry mouth. Steve walked closer, continuing to film. “Steven, you are now my slave.”

“I am your slave”

“You will do whatever I ask—won’t you Slave?”

“I will do whatever you ask”

Dr. J’s hand moved to Steve’s pantied cock—feeling how hard he was, gently rubbing it. Steve moaned to his touch. Dr. J let out a deep moan, he was obviously cumming, and the officer continued to suck as the cum shot out of his cock. Dr. J kept pumping the cops face as he fondled Steve. Finally spent, Dr. J told the cop to stand and had Steve give him the camera.

The officer took the camera and started shooting as Dr. J, still sitting kept playing with Steve’s pantied cock. Eventually, pulling out Steve’s cock, Dr. J licked and sucked on it.

“Steve, you are a little sissy aren’t you?”

“yes I am sir” Steve moaned

“you like having a man suck on your cock?” Dr. J asked as his tongue danced on the sensitive cockhead.

“Oh yes sir”

The confession being caught on video.

Dr. J sucked Steve, his new slave and then thought of a better idea. Dr. J stood, took the camera from the cop and ordered the macho cop to suck this sissy boy. The officer was on his knees, sucking the young slave like a pro. Steve enjoyed the pleasure that he was feeling.

“Steven, Slave, you will become gay if you let this officer make you cum. You want to cum don’t you? You want to become gay don’t you?” Dr. J asked as he taped.

“Yes master, I want to become gay.” Steve moaned as the officer’s mouth worked him.

“Good boy, you will become gay shortly, now taste this cops dick.” Dr. J ordered.

Steve stepped back, slid to his knees as the cop stood. Without hesitation, the power of suggestion made him work quickly, he had no remorse, no second thoughts. He undid the officers pants and started sucking—knowing that it was all being filmed. Sucking like a pro, dressed like a sissy as this butch cop held his head, fucking his face. Steven was now a true slave, under his masters spell.

“Ohhh that’s good” the officer moaned.

“Cum in his mouth Officer” Dr. J ordered. And immediately, cum spewed out. Steve had no choice but to swallow all of it. Something he couldn’t fathom just an hour ago. But the planted words, planted over the last 2 weeks of school, made him helpless—he was under the control of his master.

“Yess Steven, very good, you will be rewarded boy.” Dr. laughed.

“Steve, you haven’t cum yet, I think it’s time you get back at this cop. You’re gonna fuck his butch ass.....fuck him good sissy boy.”

The officer turned around, his pants already around his ankles, as steve got behind him, bent him over the desk and began positioning his cock on the cops willing asshole. Entering him, Steve was filled with sexual energy. Dr. J continued to give words of encouragement, telling his slaves how good it felt to fuck and get fucked. Steve didn’t last long, shooting cum, dressed as a sissy, fucking a cop. And it was all on tape.

Dr. J laughed as he watched his slaves do it on his desk. Turning off the camcorder, Dr. J told both of his slaves to get dressed and go home to take showers. Then they would meet at his home at 8 and stay for the entire weekend.

Steve thought of Shannon for only a second—as the thought of serving his master wiped any independent thoughts from his mind. The panties felt so good on his sticky cock.