The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive




Just before his wedding Jo Brown is retained by a sex shop-keeper into a mindless sex thing. Brown’s best man, who was called Walker, had had him retained, but Walker had angered the shop-keeper. Now Walker too was a plaything of the shop-keeper, and his mind-controlled patrolman.

All is well till about seven week after the wedding, Brown’s best friend from England pays a visit, and sees what has happened to Brown. Over a long night Brown’s friend, called Ian White is retained. He too is now a mindless sex-thing to the shop-keeper, and his patrolman.

The shop-keeper thinks that this is the end of the matter. The day after White is retained, the shop-keeper gets a call from Brown’s pool-guy. Who said he will tell the police, about what he saw happening at Brown’s house. He tells the shop-keeper that he wants $5000, or he will tell what he knows. The shop-keeper tells the pool-guy to come to the shop that night at 9.47, to get his money.

The 19 year old, 6″3, pony tailed, blond haired pool-guy arrived at the shop, dead on 9.47 and entered the shop. Suddenly a chloroformed cloth was shoved over the pool guy’s mouth, from behind. The pool-guy fell senseless to the ground.

Training the pool-guy:

The pool-guy woke to find himself tied to a bed in the store room of the shop. He was tied to the bed in such away, that his ass and dick were on show to the world. Anyone standing between the pool-guy’s legs could get at his ass, or dick. He was also totally naked.

“What the fuck?” He cried, trying to get free of the bonds holding him to the bed. “Let me go.” He screamed to an empty room. Suddenly the shop-keeper came out of the next room.

“You lousy faggot, I’ll kill you.” The pool-guy screamed, as he stared at the shop-keeper, who remained silent, a smile on his face. “Tut, tut, and you were the one trying to blackmail me?” The shop-keeper said. “I’m going to kick your freckling head in, you hear me?” screamed the pool-guy.

The shop-keeper took no notice, instead he walked over to a black doctor’s bag on a table by the window. While the still shouting pool-guy watched, the shop-keeper took out of the bag a large yellow bottle, and a pair of latex gloves. The shop-keeper then walked back to stand between the pool-guy’s legs. He put the things down between the pool-guy’s legs. By now the pool-guy had stopped shouting, he was now just glairing at the shop-keeper.

The pool-guy flinched as the shop-keeper snapped on a pair of latex gloves, then he picked up the yellow bottle, and squeezed a glob of it’s contends onto one of his gloved fingers. “What the fuck, you going to do?” asked the pool guy.

The shop-keeper said nothing, he lent foreword, and with one of his lubed fingers, tickled the pool- guy’s dusky rosette. The tickling and poking caused the pool-guy’s dick to swell. “Oh….ohhhh….hayyyyyy.” Cried the pool-guy as he realized that he, a man’s man, was getting hard and turned on by what was happing. The tickling and pocking went on, and on.

“Ahhhhoooooooooo……fuuucckkkkkk.” moaned the pool-guy. The pool -guy’s dick started to become erect. Then slowly, buy not to gently the shop-keeper goosed his finger into the bound boy’s rectum. “Shit no, ooohh fuuckkk!” Cried the pool-guy. The shop-keeper then inflicted the most exotic prostrate examination that was ever to be performed on an 19 year old jock All that the pool- guy could now do was pant and moan. The pool-guy’s dick was now standing tall and throbbing, with his other gloved hand the shop-keeper took the throbbing organ and felt it’s girth. He then pulled his finger out of the 19 year olds, and nodded to the patrolman, who untied the pool-guy. ”What the hell, did you do to me?” The pool-guy screamed, as he tried to move, but found that he could not.

“Oh, I’ve just inserted a powerful paralyzing and arousal drug up your rectum.” Come the reply. “It will wear off quickly, but you will be immobilized just long enough to be readjusted, and for me to have some fun.” The pool-guy could feel the relaxing and arousal effect of the drug take a stronger hold. He glared at the shop-keeper with pure hatred. “Fuck you!” The pool-guy exploded. “I don’t think so. It will be the other way around before long.” replied the shop-keeper. The pool-guy glared at the shop-keeper, but said nothing.

At a nod from the shop-keeper, the patrolman brought over to the bed, what looked like to the pool-guy, a large black box with some wires leading from one side. The box was put between the pool-guy’s spread legs. From the black doctor’s bag, the shop-keeper produced a clear plastic cylinder, with a latex inner sleeve. The shop-keeper then attached a tube between the black box, and one end of the clear cylinder. “You’re not doing anything with that thing, to me!” Screamed the pool-guy, he looked down between his legs, and saw his dick was still hard. Without saying a word the shop-keeper turned the black box on, a chugging noise could be heard. The pool-guy was still shouting, the shop-keeper leaned foreword, and introduced the pool-guy’s hardening penis head into the latex orifice of the plastic tube. The pool-guy’s dick-head was suddenly slurped into the tube, he let out a yell. No one take any notice. The next intake and all of his dick was sucked into the tube. Again, and again the tube sucked, and slurped on the pool-guy’s organ.

“Ooooohhhhhh……pleasureee……noooo” Cried the pool-guy, as the machine went through intake after intake cycle. “Now don’t worry, once this machine is finished with you, you will be in no fit state to stop your readjusting.” laught the shop-keeper, as he inserted a floppy disk into the black box. “That should take care of you for a while. Enjoy the ride. It will be the last time you cum without permission.” The shop-keeper smiled, as he and the patrolman left the room, and went into the shop

“Ohhhhhhuuuuuu….awwwww….ohhhhh, coomeeee back.” begged the pool-guy, as the two men left the room. “Plleazeeee, oohhhh, musttt cummmmmm.”

Out in the shop, the two men could hear the pool-guy’s exclamations, and cries as the ingenious machine milked his 8½” cock. The shop-keeper’s mobile rung, he read the text message, and smiled. Agonized wails could be heard from the pool-guy, as he pumped his spunk into the machine for the first time.

Squeals and yelps could be heard by the two men, as the pool-guy began his second climax. “Ohhhhhhuu, ssstooppp, ahhh.” The pool-guy cried, as he felt the next orgasm building at the base of his balls. “Oooo, nnnnnoo” moaned the pool-guy, as suddenly he was shooting spunk for a second time The shop-keeper and patrolman returned to the room, just as they entered the room, the pool-guy began his third climax. But by now all he could do was whimper and moan. In no time at all it was over, the pool-guy shot his third load of cum.

The pool-guy just lay on the bed whimpering, covered in sweat and a glazed look on his young face. The shop-keeper new, just by looking at the pool-guy that he was ready for his retraining. The shop-keeper turned the black box off, and removed the tube.

The shop-keeper then pulled out his pendent, and held it out in front of the pool-guy, just in front of his eyes. It rotates, and catches a reflection , and the light hit’s the pool-guy’s eyes. “Just look at the pendant and relax, watch the pendant and let yourself relax.” Ordered the shop-keeper. The pool-guy did not stand a chance. The pool-guy felt himself falling, his mind in a spin.

“Nnnnooo ppleeazzzzz.” was all the pool-guy could moan. The shop-keeper new that he only had to give the pool-guy a few commands, and he and the patrolman could fuck me silly. “I’m your master, you will obey me. You will address me as master. Do you understand?” asked the shop-keeper.

“Yes master. I understand, I will obey.” The pool-guy replied flatly.

“Good, now I’m going to give you another rectum examination, but this time if you feel something squirt into your ass, it means that you are mine Do you understand.” said the shop-keeper. “Yes, I understand.” came the reply.

The shop-keeper unzipped his pants, his rock hard dick fell out. The patrolman handed the shop-keeper a small clear bottle, he rubbed some of the clear substance on his dick. This was not lube, but something to counter the drug given to the pool-guy. The shop-keeper positioned himself between the pool-guy’s spread legs. He lunged forward, the pool-guy gasped as he felt the intrusion.

“Arrr, fuckkk!” The pool-guy whimpered. The shop-keeper pushed more, and more of his dick up the pool-guy’s ass. The shop-keeper shoved his dick in deeper, and deeper. The pool-guy whimpered and squirmed, against the buffeting the shop-keeper was giving his rectum. The shop-keeper kept pounding his dick into the pool-guy’s ass.

The shop-keeper pulled his dick most of the way out of the pool-guy’s ass, then he lunged foreword again, the shop-keeper immediately started a hard and fast pace, thrusting in and out of the pool-guy’s ass. The shop-keeper’s dick rubbed across the pool-guy’s prostate, a bolt of pleasure, and lust burst through the pool-guy’s body. Burst after burst rusted through the pool-guy’s body, as the shop-keeper played with the pool-guy’s prostate.

“Oh god, that feels so good. Please don’t stop. Ahhh, ohhhh.” Gasped the pool-guy.

“I’m going to fuck your brains out, and you are going to fucking love every minute of it. You will fucking love it, you will fucking want to have a man’s hard dick suck in your hole. You will not be able to say no, to being fucked by any guy’s dick.” Said the shop-keeper. The hop-keeper redoubled his thrusting, he could feel his climax approaching. Finally the shop-keeper’s cock erupted cum deep into the pool-guy’s ass. Over, and over again he cum, filling the pool-guy’s rectum with his cum. When he had finished cuming, the shop-keeper pulled his dick out of the pool-guy’s ass with a “pop”. The pool-guy just lay on the bed, a dazed expression on his face.

“You are thirsty, you must drink the juice of man. You won’t to drink the juice of man!” Said the shop-keeper. “Now, suck that cock in front of you.”

By now the patrolman was astride the pool-guy’s chest, he thrust his very large hard cock straight into the pool-guy’s mouth. The pool-guy gagged, the patrolman pulled his dick out, and slapped the pool-guy’s face hard. On the next attempt the patrolman’s cock slides all the way in. The patrolman moan loudly, as he humped the pool-guy’s handsome face, his hands on the back of the pool-guy’s head, keeping it in place as he fucked the poor guy’s face.

The pool-guy tried to speak, but all that came out was muffled mumbles. As the pool-guy moaned around the cock in his mouth, it slide deeper and deeper into his mouth. The pool-guy started sucking frantically on the dick in his mouth. Before the pool-guy knew it, the person with his dick down the pool-guy’s throat was grunting, and moaning.

“Oh yeah…unnngggghhhh…I’ve got to cum! Oh yeah, you good little cocksucker.” The patrolman moaned loudly. The pool-guy felt the cock throb, as it started to cum. Gush after gush of man juice rushed into the pool-guy’s mouth, who swallowed it all hungrily. The cock was pulled out of the pool-guy’s mouth, the last few squirts of the patrolman cum fell onto the pool-guy’s face, he licked it off.

The shop-keeper and the patrolman lifted the pool-guy off the bed, and carried him over to a large wooden chair, they sat the pool-guy in the chair. The pool-guy was then bound to the chair, and the shop-keeper pushed a button on the back of the chair. A red dildo shot into the pool-guy’s ass, and started to move in, and out fast. “Ohhh…aahhhh.” moaned the pool-guy , as the dildo entered his well fucked ass. The dildo felt like a burning column of pleasure drilling into his ass. The pool-guy just moaned aloud with pleasure, he was now totally turn on by the sexual pleasure he was feeling.

A new life:

It was the day after the pool-guy’s retraining, it was a Sunday so the shop was shut. The pool-guy stood by the counter in the front of the shop, he was naked and his long blond hair had been cut into a number 3 flat-top. Standing next to him, naked and bold was Ian White, the guy the shop-keeper had retrain a few day before the pool-guy.

There was a loud knock on the front door, the patrolman opened the door Standing there was a 6/6″ man, with short cropped red hair, of a broad build. He was wearing tight leather trouser, tucked into black leather cowboy boots, a tight white t-shirt and a leather cap, he also had a bushy beard. This was Doc Sex, he entered the shop, and walked over to the two men. He looked them over, and nodded. “Why don’t you come and kneel in front of me?” he said to the patrolman.

Then the shopkeeper entered the shop from the back room, he saw that the two naked men were standing ever side of Doc Sex, both men were also bent over the shop counter. As the shop-keeper watched, Doc Sex started to force fingers from both his hands into the butts of the two men. Fingers entered the men’s stretched asses, then with one mighty push, the pool-guy and White had a fist up their ass. “Aww, yeahhh…that’s it, oh, that so fine.” cried Doc Sex. He started working his fists in and out, after twisting his fists around, he pulled them out with a pop. Both men let out a loud moan. Then the shop-keeper noticed that the patrolman was giving Doc Sex a blow-job. This sort of thing was not aloud with his stock, or in his shop. The shop-keeper opened his mouth to say something, but a chloroformed rag was shoved over his mouth, the shop-keeper fell to the ground.

Were is my stock:

The shop-keeper woke to find that he was naked, but bound in a rubber straight-jacket, with a o-ring gag in his mouth, laying on the floor of his now empty shop. He could feel a large metal butt-plug up his virgin ass.

On the floor next to him was a note it read:

Thank for your stock, you dick-head.

I also took the patrolman, White and

The pool-guy. Did you think you could

Just keep charging me those high prices,

And I would not do any thing about it.

Thank again, Doc Sex.

The shopkeeper just staired at the note, he was already forming a plan for his revenge on Doc Sex, and getting his sex-stock back. But first he must get out of this straight-jacket, and got the metal butt-plug out his ass.