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Description: A hypnodomme attempts to steal a trance script from MzDominica, and is unusually impressed by the results.

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Trance Thief

Brenda looked at the screen. She was pleased; she had sold 6 recordings that day. She had managed to parlay a weekend hypnosis course, reading a bunch of fantasy stories, and observing other hypnodommes, and was making a good living as a hypnodomme herself. Se was especially pleased at her ability to convert subs from other hypnodommes. She went after the most loyal, most needy subs, knowing they had proven themselves to be good hypnotic subjects. She offered them teasers, free trances, and pulled them over to her side. She had even grabbed a few domain names similar to those of her rivals, so that she could siphon off their traffic. Why go through trouble developing your own subs, when it is so easy to just take over theirs.

Mistress Brenda. That’s what she called herself, online. She loved to hear her subs jump at her commands. “Yes, Mistress Brenda.” “I obey, Mistress Brenda.” Or, her favorite, “I must obey Mistress Brenda.” She used tried and true marketing techniques. She looked at the sites of other hypnodommes, saw what trances sold well, and made similar ones for herself. She had a great web site. All done by slaves, who had worked on the websites of other hypnodommes. No amateurs for her. Well, sort of amateurs, since she didn’t pay them. They paid her. Which was right and proper. She laughed at the thought.

Her best source was MzDominca. Every trance idea she had stolen from MzDominica was a real success. But she had heard, from some of MzDominca’s subs that she had stolen away, that MzDominca had help. Several of her slaves were also dominants, who would make their own private hypnotic sessions, and give them over to MzDominica, so that she might put her special touch to them, and use them to bring in even more slaves. Brenda wished that she could take over one of those. Even better, have him still pretend to serve MzDominica. She would have him create a trance for her. After she made her own recording, he would give it to MzDominica. But, just before MzDominica was ready to release it, she would come out with her own version first, and then MzDominica can be called the trance thief. That would be so satisfying. She laughed again, at how incredibly clever she was.

And she had already started. She had contacted someone who she suspected was one of these sources. One of her own female subs had told her what a great hypnotist this guy was, and he made no secret that he was one of MzDominica’s subs. One of her main subs, based on his activity on the web. Brenda couldn’t believe that this guy was not one of MzDominica’s sources. She had been already been shot while trying to recruit one of Dominica’s female sub/dommes, but this guy, John Waters, was being very polite with her. She had written to him if he would be interested in seeing her latest work. It was a combinaton of audio-visual influences that she had gotten from several sources. She had done her research; she knew what his fetishes were. She figured that he could not resist this. And in fact, he did take her bait. She was almost rubbing her hands in anticipation.

“Sure I’ll try it out. What kind of review are you looking for?” he had written. She wrote back, oh so innocently, “This trance is more a relaxation trance than a control trance.” Yeah, like hell it was. “I just want to see how it works for you. Just write back your experiences. I really appreciate this.”

And he took the bait. It fed right into his fetishes. Within a day or two, he’d be worshipping her, and not MzDominica. And, sure enough, in her email, the very next morning, was the email he was triggered to leave.

“I worship and obey Mistress Brenda. I have no other Mistress. Mistress Brenda is all-powerful. John Waters is a total slave to Mistress Brenda. I must obey Mistress Brenda.”

She was ecstatic. But the work had only begun. Now, she had to turn this relationship into something, more, well, profitable. Over the next week, she gave extra attention to Waters. She tranced him each night in chat, showing herself on her webcam. He was fascinated with breasts and pantyhose, so she made sure he got plenty of both. By the end of the week, he had clearly become her drooling slave. She had even managed to get rid of those dom urges as well, which even MzDominica hadn’t succeeded in doing. He was her total slave. But, of course, that was not all. Just as she had planned, she had him pretend to still serve MzDominica. She asked him to write the script, send it to her, let her record it, send it to MzDominica, and, finally, to let Brenda know in advance the release date.

By the end of the next week, Waters had delivered the script. Wow! This was incredible. Better than anything she had seen from MzDominica. It was a script that would create a feeling of total subservience in a slave. Whoever heard it would have no thought in his head except to worship and obey MzDominica. Make that Mistress Brenda. Brenda started working on the changes.

First, she put it through her word processor, changing all the references from Dominica and MzDominica to Mistress Brenda. She then printed it out, and read it into her computer. She even put in a few extra audio features, to increase its power. Boy was this hot; she almost slipped into trance a couple of times while reading it. She had visions going through her head. This would turn her into the number one hypnodomme. She would be considered an original, no longer a fake. And she would let Waters hear his own work first. After hearing this, she wouldn’t have to give him any more freebies. He could pay like the rest of them. And he would keep writing trances for her, as her adoring slave.

She went into the editor, and turned on the playback. She wanted to make sure that she had read it in properly. She can’t have any errors on this one.

John Waters, siting at home, looked at his watch. Time to give MzDominica a call.

“Yeah, that’s right,” he said. “She bought the whole thing. Thought I was her total slave. She’s so pathetic, I didn’t even need the resistance suggestions you gave me. She even thought that she had, get this, CURED me of my dom tendencies. Like THAT’S going to happen any time soon.”

“You never know,” said MzDominica.

“Well, I do know that you wouldn’t do that to me if I wasn’t ready, and I’m absolutely not ready. But I still can’t believe that she thought I wrote your trances. I wonder if she would believe that you’re the one who trained me in hypnosis, and that I base all my trances on your ideas.”

“Don’t worry your little head about it, my slave,” MzDominica replied.

“Must obey Dominica” replied John, as he was triggered to do.

“If Brenda is following true to course, she will be listening to the recording she made of our little script.”

“Well, she wanted complete subservienece, and she got complete subservience. And her slaves will indeeed serve her, with complete obedience.”

They both laughed.

Brenda listened to the recording. She didn’t notice when she stopped looking for errors, and just started relaxing. Her mind was fogging up, but she didn’t notice that, either. She never realized when the good feeling of triumph turned into the pleasure of trance. But she slipped into a trance of her own making, listening to all her commands. When the trance said to open her eyes, she caught her reflection in the mirror. There, in the glass, looking right at her, was her Mistress.

“I must obey Mistress Brenda,” she said, obediently. She looked at her Mistress in the glass, and had to worship and obey Her.

She walked towards the mirror. “I muust obey Mistress Brenda,” she repeated. She was enthralled by the image she saw. It was her Mistress, and her Mistress had to be worshipped and obeyed.

She got to the mirror. She felt compelled to get down on her hands and knees. She started bowing down. “I must obey Mistress Brenda,” she repeated, again and again, while worshipping her Mistress. She couldn’t stop. She didn’t want to stop. All she wanted to do was worship and obey her Mistress.

At one point, she had a need to relieve herself. She almost got up, but she saw the image of her Mistress. “I must obey Mistress Brenda,” she said, and relieved herself where she she was kneeling.

She started getting tired, but had not received permission to stop worshipping, so, of course, she had to continue. Finally, she fell asleep, exhausted. While the recording kept on playing. When she woke up, she thought, “What the hell is happening to me?” But she caught a glimpse of her Mistress in the mirror. And the feeling of panic was replaced by a feeling of pure pleasure. “I must obey Mistress Brenda. I must obey Mistresss Brenda.” She ignored hunger and thirst. After all, she was complete. She had her Mistress, and she only had to obey. Forever.