The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

This story is written from the point of view of the female protagonist.



It started when I went to a magic show. It was just a stage show where the magician did some sleight of hand, standard magic tricks. At the end, he called on volunteers to step on stage. I was one of them. In fact, he picked me out of the audience. He had one of those cabinets that a person steps into and then he closes and reopens it and the person is gone. As I stepped on-stage, he whispered to me to open the back door of the cabinet by pushing on it after he closed me in. I was to step backstage. The cabinet was examined by people from the audience beforehand, including me. As far as we could tell, there was no back door. It was the back wall of the cabinet. I guess that was the trick. So, when it was my turn, I stepped in. As soon as the door closed, I pushed on the back wall. It opened like a door but that was not why I got a shock. Outside the door was a forest with the sounds of leaves rustling and birds chirping. Now I know you think I’m making this up, that I saw or read “The Chronicles of Narnia” one too many times. But it looked real. I stepped out and looked around. The door swung shut behind me and, when I spun to look at it, the door had vanished. There was no cabinet, no backstage, nothing but forest.

The first thing I noticed was that I did not look exactly the same anymore. I looked a bit younger, my hips were wider and my breasts fuller. My dyed red hair looked different as if it was now naturally red and it was longer, below my shoulders. It was as if I had become an idealized version of myself.

I was on the top of a mountainous area. I walked a ways to the edge of a precipice and saw a walled city below me in the distance. It looked ominous and I avoided it, moving north along a ridge. Within an hour, I descended and reached even ground. I walked out of the forest into a clearing and it took me by surprise. A hundred yards across a field was a building that looked like a barn or stable and, beyond that, a house. I walked over to the stable and went into it first as it was closer.

When I went in, the first thing I saw was a woman standing inside a stall, her arms bound behind her back, naked except for a body corset tightly tied, her breasts bare. There were others in the stable, all female and all in stalls. But the others behaved strangely, as if barely noting my presence. But this girl’s eyes were clear and coherent. She looked at me hopefully.

“Uh, hi, could you let me out?” she stammered.

I had no clue what was going on here.

“Am I supposed to do that?” I asked.

More than anything, I said it to bide my time and think.

“Yes, please, get me out of here.”

She moved over to the door of the stall, bumping against it, her bound arms making it impossible to reach the latch.

“Exactly where is here?” I asked.

“I don’t really know,” she said. “Maybe it’s some country on Earth or maybe another planet or another reality. I don’t know. I just went to a magic show and ended up here.”

“A magic show?” I said. “I understand. That’s what happened to me.”

“Really?” she said. “That’s how everybody gets here. A door appears in the yard and they walk through. The stablehands grab them and, next thing they know, here they are.”

“But why?” I said.

“I don’t know,” she said. “My life since I got here is nothing but being in this stable and being taken for runs. I have no idea of the reasons behind this. Please untie me before they come back.”

“Aw, poor baby. I guess I should help you,” I said.

She flushed a little at the comment.

“My name is Linda,” she said. “At least it used to be. Please, if you could just let me out.”

Linda tried yet again to reach the latch on the stall but still could not do it. She bumped against it frustrated.

“Okay, relax, baby,” I said. “I’ll help you.”

I began untying her arms. She sighed in relief.

“Oh, thank God,” she muttered.

It took a few minutes but I got her loose. She gave me full access, arching her back to help. Once she was free, she rubbed her arms.

“Oh,” she groaned.

“Feeling better?” I asked.

“Oh, yes, thank you,” she said.

She walked over to a sink with two basins and faucets and filled a glass of water, taking a long drink.

“Oh,” she sighed, “that is so refreshing. Want a drink?”

“Sure,” I said. “It’s been a couple of hours.”

As I drank, Linda said, “Must have been some glitch that caused you to appear somewhere else instead of in the yard. Mind you, I don’t know how it works. Magic? Technology? Who knows? But you sure got lucky.”

“Really?” I said. “I wasn’t too lucky getting here at all, wherever here is. Maybe I should have gone to that walled city. Probably wouldn’t have been any better though.”

“Walled city?” she said. “There are rumors I’ve heard from the stablehands about such a place. From what I gather, wherever we are, they collect women and turn them into these ponygirls as they call them. But there are a few places that don’t allow that. They are very few but I’ve heard rumors of a nearby walled city that is one of the few places that doesn’t allow slavery. There are apparently city-states and they respect each other’s autonomy so all the other cities honor the fact that any woman who manages to get to that city or its recognized territory is safe. But they don’t raid each other. She has to get there on her own. It’s been so long since it’s happened that it’s a tale they tell more than anything. Exactly where is it?”

With some coaxing for more details, I managed to describe the path to her. It was getting hard to think though. I felt woozy.

After a minute, Linda said, “What is your name, dear?”

“Um, uh, Allison,” I stammered.

I had to concentrate just to remember my own name. That felt wrong but it was hard to think at all. Linda smiled and picked up the corset she had been wearing. I did not protest as she put it around my waist. She laced it up, putting her knee into my back to really get it tight.

“It’s very tight,” she said, “and it doesn’t even cover the breasts, more lifts and exposes them.”

She pulled it as tight as she possibly could.

“You can’t imagine how much I appreciate this Allison,” she said.

The breath exploded out of me as my waist was constricted unbelievably tight. I could barely breathe. I had to take short, shallow breaths very rapidly as my ribcage could not expand. My breasts were pushed up nice and full.

Then Linda pulled my arms behind my back and eased them into an arm-binder, lacing it up and tying it incredibly tight. I felt my elbows pulled together forcing my breasts out even more. Still, I felt groggy and did not think of resisting.

Linda said, “I’m so glad you happened along. You can’t believe how mortified I was in that position. I’m not just some common whore.”

I was struggling to regain some coherence.

“Um, whore? Wh- what do you mean, whore?”

Ignoring my words, she said, “And that drink I was given- I couldn’t even think. I’m much clearer now.”

She watched as my breasts swayed when I struggled in my bonds.

“But I think you’re much more suited,” she said. “You even have that big-boobed, slutty ‘I want you to fuck me’ look just like the stupid bimbo secretaries where I used to work.”

Suddenly, she pinched my ass.

“Ouch,” I gasped in surprise.

“Hey wait a minute. Slutty? I’m not slutty. Untie me right now,” I demanded.

“Hmm,” she purred, “but then they’d notice they have a ponygirl missing. I don’t think that would be good for me, do you?”

She pinched my nipples as I started to answer. I yelped but managed to say, “But we could both escape- and stop pinching me.”

She smirked.

“Aw, now who is the poor baby?” she mocked.

“But but but but I let you go after I said that. You don’t want to do this. Let me go.”

Linda turned to the sink and returned with a glass of water. She tilted my head back pinching my nose.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm nnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnn nnnnnnno,” I wailed as I finally had to open mouth to breathe.

She filled my mouth with water and held it closed, making me drink. She moved close and whispered, “There, now you can start thinking right and forget all about telling anyone I escaped.”

Within a minute, I felt my mind clouding over. She watched and whispered, “Only able to think of being a good pony.”

She stroked my nipples.

“Good pony, good pony, not human, you whinny and neigh.”

I moaned and let out a sound like a whinny and then like a neigh. She watched as my body flushed with the effects of the drug.

“Why are you doing this? Why? Whinniiee.”

She lowered her hands to the folds of my pussy and stroked.

“Whiniiieeeiniie,” I moaned, my mind all but gone.

“Such a sight for any men coming into the stable,” she laughed. “So eager to offer yourself, ready to prance, show yourself, wiggle.”

She glanced at the stable door, realizing she had to hurry if she wanted to get out of here without getting caught again.

“And of course any women too, so ready to suck, cocks or pussies, your tongue so expert.”

She kept watching the door, distracted, but continuing to condition me. I whinnied agreement. Satisfied that I would not be a problem, she laughed and started putting on the clothes she had removed from me. I continued mindlessly whinnying and prancing in my stall, a beast of burden, human thought almost gone.

Apparently, only one big swallow of that water was only enough to cloud my mind for a little while. Within an hour, I started regaining my wits.

“What? Where?” I gasped.

I looked around, surprised to see Linda was still there. She was pushing at the door.

“What did you do to me?” I demanded. “You were going to leave me.”

I struggled in my bonds trying to breathe against the heavy corset, breasts jiggling as I strained against the sheathe

“The door,” Linda said. “It’s jammed shut. It’s heavy and much easier to open from the outside. Curse the luck, I get free and can’t get out the door. But listen, you are somewhat bigger than me and you are wearing heavy horseshoe shaped heels. If you kicked the door, I think you could force it open.”

I laughed.

“What good does that do me?” I laughed. “If I help you, you’ll just trick me again, leave me tied up so why should I kick it?”

“Please, I promise,” she said.

I scoffed.

“This is so stupid,” I said. “We could both have gotten away.”

“Wait, I know,” she said. “I’ll drink the drug. I’ll be dumb and have to follow your orders.”

She filled a glass with water and I watched her drink it all down. Within a minute, she started staring vacantly.

I smiled thinking I had her now.

“Untie me,” I ordered.

She pointed at my boots and said, “Need- boots! Door!”

“Oh, right,” I said.

I hauled off and kicked the door and then kicked it again. It broke free and swung open. As I stood looking at my freedom, a shackle was suddenly cuffed around my right ankle. As I looked down, another shackle cuffed my left ankle with only about two inches of chain between them so I could only hobble, mincing in short mini-steps, completely unable to kick now.

“What? No, untie me,” I ordered.

As I spoke, she snapped a posture collar around my neck. Now I could not even turn my head from side to side or look down, only straight ahead and up a little bit.

“No, you stupid drugged beast,” I stammered. “What are you doing? Untie me now.”

Linda picked up a ring gag. As she looked me in the eyes, she laughed as I realized she had only been pretending.

“But how?” I gasped as she put the ring gag into my mouth, strapping it tight and forcing my mouth to stay wide open.

She smirked and put a finger into my mouth, moving it in and out as my eyes widened in anger and helplessness.

“The ring gag makes you good for suckling, baby,” she said. “You can’t even bite.”

“Mmmmph, mmmmph,” I moaned.

My breasts jiggled and I turned red with anger and fear as she led me to the stall.

“Now, had you been paying attention, you would have noticed that there are two sink basins and two faucets. When you first saw me drink, it was out of the left one. That’s the normal water. Then when I drugged you, it was with water from the right faucet. Just now, I drank from the left faucet again. As I told you, I can’t have them noticing they have a ponygirl missing. I need time to reach that city. They probably won’t notice the difference, they train so many. Aw, poor baby.”

I moaned and writhed, “Nppphh! Nnnnpphh!”

She tied me into the stall bent forwards at the waist and with my collar chained to the wall above a trough. She filled it with water from the sink.

“Now dear, that is the drugged water. But it’s the only water you can reach. Of course, with that ring gag, you’ll have to suck it hard to get any. Trust me, you may want to drink it and become even dumber. I’ve left your ass wiggling and high for all to see.”

She gave my ass a slap.

I writhed and struggled, ass wiggling. I moaned helplessly, tricked again.

“Of course if you drink too much, you won’t be in much of a state to explain even if they do ungag you. But then if it’s a man he probably won’t. Ring gag’s are so suggestive aren’t they? Oh, one more precaution on the off-chance they might notice.”

She put a full mask hood over my head so my face could not be seen except the eyes and the bottom of the nose plus the lips. It was hard to hear and she covered my eyes with blinders.

“They weren’t the same color as mine,” she smirked.

I moaned in terror at what was going to happen to me. I wanted to cry but all I could manage was, “Wtttthh oppph.”

Linda laughed and patted my ass, then walked out the door. Even with the hood on, I could hear her laughter as she slapped my ass and walked out.

“Aw, poor baby. So long and thanks for helping me escape- twice,” she laughed.

I heard her steps and her laughter fading in the distance.