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Trophies — Chapter 4

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Ed took a moment to gather himself. With the slightest miscalculation, Roger could have frozen Karla and there would have been no telling the damage he could have done. But now Ed had the little bugger right where he wanted him. He put the frozen Roger on the floor and had Karla pin him with her body with clear instructions to keep him down at all costs. As an additional precaution, Ed stepped back to create distance between them. When he felt there was enough room to safely react, he unfroze the college kid.

“You little shit. This is exactly why I didn’t trust you. Freezing random civilians. How did you think that was going to play out?” Ed asked. “Even if I didn’t catch you, someone would have.”

“Fuck you.” Roger said.

“Which of these people are aware and which are unaware? You tell me that and I’ll let you go.”

“You think I’m stupid, man. Like hell you’re going to let me go.” Roger said.

“You can make this easier on yourself if you just tell me who’s aware that they are frozen.”

It made a huge difference to know who was aware and who was unaware. Unaware people were not a problem. They could just be returned to their original position and unfrozen. They would have no memory of being frozen and being used by Roger. The aware ones were the problem. Once unfrozen, they would remember everything done to them and they would remember seeing Roger, Ed, and Karla. That would make them the three prime suspects right off the bat. Surely Roger couldn’t be that stupid. However, his choice of venue already revealed how little he had thought things through.

“You’ve got one last chance.”

“Or you’ll what?”

Ed froze Roger again. He had Karla stand against the wall and then froze her too. It wasn’t ideal, but if Roger wasn’t going to voluntarily give up information, then Ed was going to command it out of him. Ed took the mind-controlling Kollar watch off of Karla and put it on Roger. Once Roger was set up in the App, Ed could safely unfreeze him. It was weird seeing a blank man responding the same way he had already seen his wife, his daughter and the twins respond. The only change Ed made was that Roger had to answer all questions with the truth.

“Roger, since you’ve had the camera, who did you freeze that is aware?”

Ed remained on edge. Despite having control of Roger, the kid could be faking it and pounce at any moment. But he stood still, and his blank monotone voice filled the room.

“The daughter of your boss, Cali, the store owner, my mother, and my sister.”

“Everyone else is unaware?”


Ed froze Roger again immediately, fearing he was faking it. For good measure, Ed slapped Roger and was finally at ease when there was no reaction or retaliation. With all the damage done so far, he couldn’t afford any more mistakes. Ed took the watch off Roger and put it back on Karla to make her help. Until Ed had more devices, he couldn’t leave any witnesses. Unfortunately, that meant taking his boss, Olivia, and her daughter, Megan, with him. He could just take Megan but, having her mother on the loose looking for her was going to cause way more problems. At least with both of them, he could buy some time. There was also Roger’s sister and mother which he had to admit, made damn fine trophies. Until he probed all their memories, it was best to play it on the safe side.

For a short time, Ed was going to realize his dream of owning a collection of trophies until he found new devices or had time to erase the memories of Roger’s freezing joyride. With his plan set, there was only one person left to deal with. The frozen store owner, Cali, was in the same place that Roger had left her. Ed had seen her many times before with his brother Michael’s fiancé, Samantha and from his understanding, they were close friends.

Without hesitation, Ed unfroze her. Cali gathered her senses and then charged for the camera, but Ed froze her in place again.

“Look. I’m Michael’s brother. Samantha’s Michael. My daughter’s stupid boyfriend stole this from my office after I agreed to help Michael test it. I didn’t mean for this to happen, but that idiot is frozen now. All I want to do is chat.”

Ed waited a moment and unfroze Cali again. She didn’t attack this time.

“You’re Mike’s brother.” Cali said.

“Yes. My name is Ed.”

“Well Ed, there are multiple people frozen in here. I don’t think you realize how serious this is.”

“All of them are unaware except for one.”


“Yes, there is a prototype unaware camera. That’s what I was testing. So as long as we put them back in certain places before we unfreeze them, everything will be fine.” Ed said.

“And what about the one who is aware?”

“Well, we can hope that little punk did nothing to her.” Ed paused to ponder how much detail he should give away. Maybe less was better. “Or I can take her back home and use another device that Michael has to erase anything.”

“Hold up. You’re going to erase her memory?”

Or maybe the truth was the best way to go to provide clarity.

“When I said ‘hope nothing happened’, I already know something did. You can go ahead and unfreeze her, but there’s going to be a sexual lawsuit against the guy and this store coming right after.”

Cali took a moment to think. The way Ed painted the picture, he hoped she saw it as a problem not worth having.

“And you’re sure only that one person was aware?”

“Besides you. Yes.”

Cali looked in the first two changing rooms and saw the various women frozen. It was enough of a mess to deal with on its own, but Ed was hoping that the women having no recollection would relieve Cali enough to not worry about the one aware girl.

“If any of those women says anything, I will report it to the police immediately. Do you understand?” Cali said.

Ed nodded.

“You take care of that one person, and I will deal with the rest.”

“Thank you, Cali. My daughter and I will help you and then unfreeze them when you are ready.”

“You’re lucky you are Michael’s brother.” Cali said and then disappeared into the first stall.

While Cali was busy moving women back into the store, Ed drove his truck around to the back area and stealthily hauled out the frozen Roger, Megan and Olivia. Cali was too distracted with her own problem to notice that Ed had taken two women and not one. Afterward, Ed and Karla helped Cali set everything back to normal before unfreezing the group of women. There was confusion initially, as expected, but Cali was in the vicinity of everyone acting natural, so they resumed their normal shopping. The time loss was the only real issue, but even then, it was less than an hour. The rationale of losing time while shopping would work to their favor.

Ed and Karla left with their new set of trophies and a new set of problems to deal with, hoping to never hear from Cali again.

* * *

The garage door opened, and Ed pulled in, happy to have something that kept his business away from neighbor’s prying eyes. In the kitchen he was unexpectedly greeted by his wife, Kendra. He had assumed she would be frozen by her control watch in his man cave.

“Hello honey.”

“Kendra. What are you doing up here?”

“We kind of got a problem downstairs.”

That weaselly lawyer just couldn’t leave them alone. Ed instructed Karla to wait for him before hauling anyone in from the truck. To Ed’s utter dismay, in the man cave was a tied-up police officer who was very much awake. It was the same police officer that had interrupted his dinner. After making eye contact, there was no plausible deniability now.

“Shit.” Ed muttered under his breath.

Ed confronted Kendra on what had happened and was relieved to hear how his wife had reacted. Having the cop escape would have been far worse. But now his trophy problem just got larger. Out of precaution, Ed froze the cop and then helped Karla haul in the 5 new trophies, which included Roger’s mother and sister. With everyone frozen and accounted for, before Ed dealt with the serious matters, it was time to have some fun at the expense of the man whom Ed had graciously let fuck his wife. What was life without a little friendly revenge?

* * *

The marker was tough to get off, but Ellie did her best to scrub her body clean from the night at Decor. It wasn’t like she could walk around with vulgar words on her face, and it was also preventing her from posting anything on her social media. In this day and age, she had to post every day to stay on her fan’s radar or she risked losing followers.

Once she was out of the shower, Ellie grabbed her phone and immediately went to Niki’s page. There was nothing there. Probably because Niki had to keep up the charade that she was Ellie. As soon as she posted to her own page, the con was done.

The only way Ellie would ever know what went on that night after her sister and Ellie’s boyfriend left Décor was through Mac or Niki themselves. It was time to give her sister a piece of her mind. Ellie barged into Niki’s room and saw her identical twin fresh out of the shower with a babushka on her head while sitting at her desk and texting.

“You bitch.” Ellie said from the door.

Niki ignored her and continued texting.

“Are you seriously going to ignore me now?” Ellie said. She marched over to her sister and before she saw it, it was too late to retreat.

Niki stood up with the Décor camera in hand and smiled at her now frozen sister. Much like the night before, Ellie was completely unable to move but still aware of everything going on.

“Men are so stupid. One flash of my tits and one of the hosts was happy to part with the camera.” Niki said. “This is going to be so much fun.”

Niki posed Ellie so she was stand straight with a blank face. All Ellie could do was watch in the mirror as her sister did whatever she wanted to her once again. Niki stepped back.

“I’ve always wanted something like a live mirror. For example.” Niki grabbed a tube of lip gloss from her vanity table. “Let’s see how this lip gloss looks on me.”

Niki put the lip gloss on Ellie and stood back. She wasn’t too thrilled with the color and wiped it off. For the next hour, Ellie remained frozen while her sister tried different make-up and outfits on her. She was a carbon copy of Niki, giving her sister a 360 view of how anything would look like on her. Niki finally settled on an outfit.

“God this is so much more fun than trying to angle my body with mirrors.” Niki said. “I am so fucking hot.”

Ellie took it as a compliment and agreed. But now her sister was using her like an object instead of treating her like a sister.

“Anyway, I’m going on another date with Mac as you. When I get back here with him, I’m going to need you to be hidden.” Niki looked around her room. “Where could I put you?”

The frozen bliss had taken hold and Ellie was trying to remain alert and not be distracted by the pleasure building below. By the time Niki returned from her hiding place hunt, Ellie had orgasmed and her mind refocused on her sister prancing around and impersonating her life.

“You know what, I think just putting you in the corner like a frozen, naked statue would do the trick. Let’s be honest, we’re too pretty to just hide away.”

And so Ellie was moved to the corner and posed in an erotic position. Niki spread her sister’s legs and arched her back so that she leaned forward. Guiding Ellie’s right arm, she snuggled it under her twin’s tits and brought the left hand to delicately touch her cheek. With her makeup done up, she must have made a beautiful statue. Niki added heels and some gold rings, necklaces and bracelets to further accentuate Ellie’s beauty.

“Since you’re playing me, I really need to play up your beauty.” Niki said. “Because while he’s with the real Niki, he won’t be able to take his eyes off the fake Niki. That’s like a double Niki boner.”

Niki couldn’t wipe the grin off her face, either from her joke or from how everything was going her way. When she was happy with her creation, Niki continued getting ready and Ellie stood beautifully and helplessly by like a collector’s piece in her sister’s bedroom.

Eventually Niki left and Ellie was left in the darkness of her sister’s room. Once again, Niki was going to have fun and Ellie was stuck like a statue. The frozen bliss took over and Ellie rode the pleasure hoping it would distract her from her current predicament.

* * *

Ed waited in his office with Roger frozen in a chair beside the bookshelf near the door. It was a shame that Ed didn’t have more devices to have fun with, but it was a problem he planned on solving soon. Roger’s sister, still dressed as Wonder Woman, burst through the door and then stood with her hands on her hips in the classic superheroine pose.

“Your reign of terror is over Doctor Hypnosis. Now let my friends go!” Her voice was intentionally made as campy as the television program was. It had been one of Ed’s favorite shows growing up, especially with the different mind control aspects it occasionally portrayed.

Ed stood up and matched her performance with his own over-the-top theatrics.

“You’ll never stop me Wonder Woman. I have your lover right where I want him. And now I have you.” Ed said, adding an evil laugh to further dive into his fantasy.

Wonder Woman looked to her right and saw Roger ‘tied-up’. In reality, he was actually sitting in a chair frozen and without restraints. As punishment, Ed had made sure he was aware of everything that was happening. Roger’s sister rushed over and gave him a big, long kiss that only lovers would do.

“Babe, I’m here to save you.” she said as she broke the kiss. But her lover didn’t move. The superheroine turned her attention back to Ed.

“What did you do to him?” Wonder Woman demanded.

“The same thing I am going to do to you.”

Wonder woman ran at him but stopped in her tracks at the sight of a diamond pendant. Ed swung it back and forth, enthralling the beautiful amazon warrior. Her eyes followed the swing, mesmerized by it. Controlled by it. Entranced by it. Of course, it wasn’t the pendant doing the mind controlling, but from the outsider perspective and like the television show depicted, it was hard to tell the difference. For having not acted before, the Kollar watch was certainly making Roger’s sister, Diane, give an incredible performance.

“That’s right Wonder Woman, fall under my spell.”

“No, I must resist.”

“But you can’t. No one resists Doctor Hypnosis.” Ed said in a campy voice.

Wonder Woman’s eyes fluttered as they darted back and forth until they finally rolled back into her head. Acting and mind control aside, the girl was a perfect hypnosis subject with the way she responded and Ed was already hard from the encounter before he even saw what was underneath her costume.

“That’s right my slave. Completely under my control.” Ed said. He stopped swinging the watch and wrapped the chain up before pocketing it. Snapping his fingers, Wonder Woman’s eyes returned to normal.

“What did you do to me?” She asked trying to move, but only her eyes and mouth could.

“Like your lover, I have enslaved you. Now you will do my bidding!”

“No, I must... fight...” She tried and tried, but the effort was futile.

Ed walked over and pulled down her top while staring into her gorgeous blue eyes.

“First you’re going to worship my cock, and then I’m going fuck you in front of your lover.” Ed said as he tucked a piece of jet-black hair behind her ear. “And then I am going to do what none of your other adversaries have done. I’m going to add you to my collection.”

Wonder Woman struggled to get free. Ed pushed her to her knees and pulled out his already erect cock.

“Isn’t it beautiful?”

“Please Doctor Hypnosis. Please let me go. I will stay out of your way. The city is yours.”

“When I snap my fingers, your only desire in life will be the cock in front of you.”



Her facial reaction still reflected how she felt inside, but she moved forward and engulfed his cock like it was the best thing in the world. Occasionally her eyes wondered up to meet his and through the desire, he could see the superheroine trying to resist. But she would never break the technology wrapped around her wrist.

Ed looked over at Roger, who was now subjected to watching his sister blow and fuck the man he had tried to screw over. It was a bittersweet moment and Ed had one more surprise planned for his captive. Once Ed was ready to blow, he moved Wonder Woman’s head off his cock, aimed and exploded onto her face, hitting her in the left eye, forehead and lips.

Ed then ripped open a hole in her costume and the cum covered superheroine was bent over Roger’s seat. With her hands holding the arms of the chair and her head pulled back so she could make eye contact with Roger, Ed entered her from behind. With only the sound of his cock stretching her pussy and his pelvis slamming into her behind, Ed decided to liven it up by ordering Wonder Woman to happily cheer him on while he fucked her ‘powers’ away.

“Oh yes, make Wonder Woman your little bitch. Fuck this super pussy.” Wonder Woman’ screamed in between moans of pleasure. “I’m so weak for your cock. Take my powers away, I don’t deserve them.”

It was like being at the end of an episode, except this time, the villain was going to win. His cock was draining her of her powers, and she was completely under his control. Ed grabbed a hold of her long black hair and pulled it back without any regard for her comfort. He fucked her like the whore that she was. The sight of the iconic uniform and Diane’s struggle to cheer while being manhandled made Ed lose control and he came inside her. At the same time, she climaxed, but before she could finish, Ed instructed her to freeze, and the room went silent.

Ed walked around and was delighted to see that Wonder Woman was frozen in the middle of her orgasm so that her ‘O’ face was on display for both himself and Roger to see. The one eye that wasn’t covered in cum was also closed. Her eyebrows were raised, and her mouth was open fully with a slight smile as a result of the pleasure that had coursed through her body.

Initially, Ed had intended to clean her up and put her on display like the episode “Art of Crime,” but the statue before him was so much more degrading and appropriate. Her cum-covered ‘O’ face, disheveled hair and leaking pussy while she remained inches away from her brother’s face, was exactly what Roger needed to remind him of his mistake of fucking with Ed.

Ed slapped Roger on the shoulder while he admired the view.

“Your sister is one hell of a fuck.”

After taunting Roger a bit more, Ed froze Diane with the camera and took off her watch. He placed the watch on Roger and instructed to him to remain frozen. Ed then brought in Roger’s mother, stilled dressed in a princess Leia slave bikini, and laid her on the couch like a frozen sex doll.

“Now here’s the deal, Roger. I know you’re a horn dog. I let you have my wife and you always wanted more. So, what I am going to do is turn your sex drive way up and not allow you to leave this room.” Ed said. “You’ve got one gently used sex doll and one brand new one on the couch. You don’t have to, but if the urge is too strong, don’t say I never did anything for you.”

Roger remained still. Ed planned on giving him free autonomy, with a few restrictions, so he wanted to be out of the room when the boy came to life. Ed closed the door and locked it. The room was on the second floor and although Roger was instructed through the app not to leave the room, it gave Ed comfort knowing that if Roger somehow bypassed that, he wouldn’t risk jumping out of a two-story window. All he could do was satisfy his sexual drive either through masturbating or by fucking. The choice was up to him really. Ed activated Roger’s watch and walked away, leaving Roger to his own devices.

* * *

Once Roger felt control return, he pushed past his sister and ran after Ed. But he was too late as the large wooden door closed in his face.

“Fuck!” Roger yelled in frustration.

He looked down at his wrist and saw the watch that was controlling him, which included preventing him from taking it off. Then out of nowhere, Roger felt the incredible horny urge to get off. Turning around, Roger was greeted by the shamefully beautiful sight of his mother and sister in the sexy costumes he had dressed them in before Ed brought them here.


Roger pulled out his cock and couldn’t help but stare. He didn’t need to do anything with them, all he needed to do was use his imagination. It wouldn’t be the first time that he had masturbated to his sister’s ass. Despite jerking his cock for more than five minutes, it just wasn’t doing the trick. Whatever Ed did, he made sure that solution was inevitable.


The decision became whether to choose his sister or his mother. Roger chose Wonder Woman, who was already in the perfect posture. Like Ed before him, Roger took up position behind Diane, but he entered her tight asshole. Words could not describe the pleasure that coursed through Roger’s body. It was like a nirvana moment as he watched his sister’s hot body bounce back and forth on his cock. When it came time to cum, Roger kept going and opted to release inside her asshole. Why should he worry about making a mess anywhere else?

After he pulled out, to Roger’s dismay, the sexual appetite returned.

“No, no, no.”

To test his theory of what was going on, Roger put his cock back in his sister’s dripping hole and immediately felt relief. Ed didn’t make it so that Roger had to get off, he made it so that Roger always had to have his cock in one of their holes.

Roger pulled out again and the sexual urge returned. Instead of moving to his mother, Roger sat back down in his chair and stared at his sister’s ‘O’ face covered in cum. It was extremely hot to see her frozen pleasure even if it was the work of Ed. To make her more accessible, Roger took his shirt off and wiped the cum from her face the best he could. When he was finished cleaning her up, to quench his sexual urges, Roger lowered her wide-open mouth onto his cock and was met with immediate relief.

With his thoughts clear, he had a chance to think. Ed had intended this to be a punishment but fucking two hot women was far from that. And Ed didn’t dare risk them being aware. What Roger really had was free access to his hot sister and hot mother, both of whom he had occasionally fantasized about, especially since they indirectly taunted him by prancing around in their underwear at home. It was like living out his favorite fantasy that was supposed to never be a reality. But now he could do whatever he wanted without the consequence of them remembering. He could explore every inch of their perfect bodies unhindered by their judgmental eyes. This wasn’t a punishment, this was heaven.

With his newfound appreciation, Roger grabbed his sister’s head and held it still while he fucked her face. It’s not like she was going to remember. Like his experience with her ass, this one was short lived as well. His cock released another load down her throat, and he pulled her mouth off to reveal a drooling dripping mess. With whatever program Ed had placed onto Roger, he didn’t have to worry about ruining his horniness. For the time being, no matter how many times he came, it wasn’t going to go away.

Afterwards, Roger stood his sister up to reveal her amazing perky tits. Perky tits that he had fantasized about sucking and groping and … Roger dove in, pushing them together and motor boating without a care of judgment. The scantily clad body that had tortured his mind every day was now his to explore. Glancing up, her blank face and open mouth only added to his excitement. While his mouth was licking and sucking at her nipples, his right hand found the holy grail below. She was already wet from the frozen bliss which made it nice and easy for his fingers to slip in.

Roger couldn’t believe he was finger fucking and motor boating his drop-dead gorgeous sister. Every weekend he had to watch her get dolled up and dressed to the nines only to bring some douche bag home to fuck her. Now she was all his.

After penetrating her with his fingers, he pulled them out and fed her own juices to herself.

“You like that sis. You like tasting yourself.”

Of course, she didn’t respond, but that didn’t stop Roger from expressing himself.

“I’ve been waiting for this for so long. But don’t you worry, I’m going to share this experience.”

Roger picked his sister up and brought her over to the couch where his mother lay. Looking equally as sexy in her princess Leia costume, Roger had an idea to get the best of both worlds.

It took him five minutes to set them up but when it was finally done, it was well worth it. His sister’s pussy and ass were perched over his mother’s face, who’s mouth was wide open with her tongue out and ready to lick Roger’s cock as it penetrated her daughter.

Guiding his cock in, Roger felt the wet sensation lubing his cock up as he fully entered Diane. He grabbed his sister’s hips and took in the moment, admiring her beautiful curvy body and perfectly smooth skin. It was time to fulfill his fantasy.

The thrusts started slow so that Roger could feel the wet tongue cleaning his cock after each penetration. But the lust took hold of Roger and he threw caution to the wind. Even if Diane was unaware frozen, he wanted to give her a fuck so good that she’d remember it anyway.

With the command given by Ed, having his cock inside Diane gave Roger pleasure beyond the normal experience. His own personal fantasies further fueled his wild fucking. Pushing and pulling her hips back and forth, resulting in her hips bucking, was the moment that broke the dam. Simultaneously, Roger let out a loud moan, as his sister’s hips shook with satisfaction. He could feel both his cum and hers racing to the exit as he pulled his cock out. The resulting mess poured from Diane’s pussy and onto the face and into the mouth waiting below. To clean his cock off, Roger let it also fall into his mother’s mouth, giving her a few thrusts of his own.

When he was done, he took a step back. Diane’s cunt dripped down below and both women remained frozen like two sex dolls. It was by far the best fuck Roger had ever had and he knew nothing would ever top it. But he wasn’t going to waste his opportunity to have the other pussy. Before he switched ends, Roger gently lowered Diane so that her ass rested just on their mother’s chin.

As me moved to the other end, Roger’s cock was so lubed up, he could barely grip it. Once in position, he entered his mother’s pussy and the comparisons to his sister immediately began. His mother was looser, yet somehow more pleasurable. Maybe because he was still riding the high of having Diane. Either way, the routine was the same. Slow thrusts. Buildup. Then hit her with all he had.

While he plowed his mother, there was one sight distracting him. The sight of his beautiful sister’s face. Having wiped the cum away earlier, her beautiful blue eyes and luscious lips stared back at him. He knew as he thrusted that her ass would be rubbing against their mother’s face, which only made the situation even more hot.

Having explore most of her body, it only made sense to explore the intimate side of her as well. Increasing the pace inside his mother, Roger leaned forward and locked lips with his sister. To his surprise, despite all the cock and cum she received, her lips still tasted like cherry. A flavor he would never forget.

Ed could leave him in the room as long as he wanted. It was a fantasy with no consequences and Roger was just getting started.

* * *

Before Ed could deal with the cop, there was a mandatory work meeting he had to attend. Not that he was complaining with his new office set-up. With the unaware camera available, Ed was comforted knowing that his boss and her daughter would not remember anything. The video call started and Ed was greeted by the familiar faces.

“All right, I don’t think Mrs. Wellwood is going to make it. Shall we begin then?” One of the well-dressed men said.

Everyone agreed in unison.

“Ed, why don’t you start us off.”

“Thanks Clarence. I know Mrs. Wellwood is a little busy right now, but I’d like to give an update on the Decor request.” Ed said. He pushed Olivia’s frozen mouth back and forth on his cock while she knelt under his desk. “The reception has been highly favorable among most executives although there’s always the negative public perception of sexism and objectifying women. However, I would like to point out that due to our diverse executive group with many women and homosexual men, we may actually be one of the companies with more men serving as Decor than women.”

Some of the elder female leadership scoffed at the idea, but the majority of the executives nodded their heads in agreement.

“That is great news.” Clarence said. “I will set up a meeting with Mr. Lawson next Friday.”

Ed nodded and grabbed a sharpie. He wrote down Friday on the dangling tits hanging on either side of the webcam. The smiling Megan stared back at him.

“I’ll note that. Thanks.” Ed said.

The meeting continued and Ed made sure to ease the blow job when he was about to cum. Once the meeting was finished, he let his load loose down Olivia’s throat and left her frozen with cum dripping down from her mouth. The smiling Megan stared down at him. What was the point of having toys if you couldn’t play with them?

A loud bang pushed the thought from Ed’s mind. Did Roger’s actually manage to escape? Ed pulled up his pants and rushed from his home office to the guest room that Roger was locked in. He could hear the college kid moan in pleasure, likely getting off with the help of his mother or sister. Another bang confirmed the noise was coming from downstairs.

Ed ran past his daughter’s room and confirmed she was still frozen and smiling on her bed where he had left her. Into the kitchen, past his wife curled up on the table with an apple in her mouth like a center display, it became apparent that the noise was coming from his basement man cave.

Slowly creeping down the stairs, Ed left the camera upstairs in case there was any funny business. He crept through the halls, passing closed doors to ensure an element of surprise. When he reached the end of the hall, he peeked his head into the man cave and found the chair where the cop had once sat, was empty. There was no one in the room and no indication of what made the noise.

A sudden bang at the end of the hall drew Ed’s attention again. Throwing caution out the window, Ed ran back down the hall to the basement door at the top of the stairs which was now shut. He tried to open it, but it was locked. Somehow, someway, the cop had escaped. There was only one way out of this. Ed pulled out his phone. He needed back-up.

* * *

Having no distractions like there had been at Décor, Ellie could focus on the sensations throughout her body. She could feel herself touching her breasts and cheek, but she couldn’t move. Then her mind wandered to the unlikelihood of someone breaking in and having unrestricted access to a beautiful Influencer model.

Those fears were quashed by the sound of the door opening and some familiar laughter. Her sister had returned home with Ellie’s boyfriend, Mac, and both sounded a little tipsy. Niki turned on the light and revealed her new room Decor. Mac stood speechless, like he had suddenly sobered up.

“Woah, El. Is she frozen again?” Mac asked.

“Yep. I managed to convince someone from Decor to give me a camera and Niki begged me to use it on her again in her room.”

“Really?” Mac asked. “You know I always pegged her as the dominant type.”

“Yah, it really surprised me too.” Niki said.

Niki threw her purse on the bed and then wrapped her arms around Mac. She pressed her lips against his and started passionately making out. Mac went along with her, but his eyes constantly wandered to Ellie’s frozen body until he finally broke the kiss.

“Do we have to in front of her?”

Niki looked back at Ellie and winked before turning back to Mac.

“But it’s so exciting.”

She pushed him onto the bed and jumped on top of him. Despite being uncomfortable, Mac continued to appease his supposed girlfriend. Ellie watched them make-out until Niki went to unzip his pants. It was then that Mac gently pushed her away and stood up.

“You know what, I need to relieve myself first.” Mac said. “I shouldn’t have broken the seal back at the restaurant.”

“Well don’t take too long, you don’t want to kill the mood.” Niki said.

Once Mac left, Niki turned to her sister and got close so that only she could hear.

“I hope you enjoy the show. Because I know I will.”

Niki did her trademark wink with her tongue between her teeth in a cute smile. But she didn’t stop doing it. It was like she was frozen. Then Mac popped into view with the camera in hand. He saw the frozen face of Niki with her signature expression and put his hand on his face. He turned to Ellie.

“I’m so sorry, El. I didn’t know.”

Mac unfroze his girlfriend and Ellie felt control return. One thing she had while being frozen was time to think about how angry she was at Mac. However, her conclusion was that from what she had seen, there was no indication that Mac could have known the truth. He was clueless until enough clues presented themselves, including a feisty insistence to have sex in front of her sister.

So instead of slapping her boyfriend, she hugged him for releasing her from her frozen prison. But there was still something to clear up.

“You guys didn’t sleep together, did you?”

Mac shook his head. “I got sick the other night. She was surprisingly angry, which should have been my first clue.”

Ellie turned to her sister and instead of angry, all she felt was lust. Instead of wanting to screw around with her, Ellie wanted to screw her. It was a foreign feeling and one that she didn’t know how to respond to.

“So, what do you want to do with her?” Mac asked.

“Honestly.” Ellie paused. She couldn’t explain the feeling, but she had vowed to never to lie to Mac. “I really want to taste her pussy.”

Mac’s eyes widened. He had no idea how to respond and Ellie had no idea how to explain herself. But the thought ruled her mind. She dropped to her knees and ripped down Niki’s skirt and panties. Like a lustful animal, Ellie dove face first into her sister’s pussy right in front of Mac.

Once the initial shock wore off, Mac pulled Ellie back.

“Ellie, what the hell are you doing?” Mac said, holding Ellie back.

“I don’t know.” Ellie said confused. “I’ve had this feeling since the day Niki and I blacked out from that weed.”

“You...well Niki, never really explained what happened.”

Ellie brushed her hair behind her ear, the glare from her unfamiliar ring catching Mac in the eye. “That’s the thing, I have no idea. One minute we’re getting weed, and the next we’re at home.”

“Where did you get that ring?”

Ellie looked at the ring and couldn’t answer.

“I don’t know.” Ellie said. She tried to take it off but couldn’t. “I think it’s stuck.”

Mac gently grabbed her hand and easily slipped the ring off. It felt like a tidal wave of emotions hitting Ellie all at once. Her knees buckled as her brain tried to sort out the confusing feeling of her strange sexual attraction to her twin sister. Before she could process it, Ellie’s world went black.