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Turnabout’s Fair Play

“When I count to three, you will awaken. Ready? One. Two. Three!”

I opened my eyes, shaking my head to clear it. I looked up at my darling wife and beloved slave. I was just a bit nervous, as one could be expected to be. In our playtime, we had started incorporating hypnosis into our routine. We’d both gone to classes and studied long and hard before even attempting anything like this, and it was with relief to find out that I had done it right, without messing up Shelley’s mind. Now, however, I had a slightly bigger problems to worry about. Tonight, it was MY TURN!!

“How do you feel, Jonothan?” my wife asked me anxiously. I paused for a moment, thinking, accessing my memories, looking for anything crazy or out of the ordinary. Nope. Everything fine.

“I’m just fine, Mistress,” I said with a smile. Of course I would be fine. How could I not be with such a sweet and perfect Mistress as my darling Shelley guiding me? It was silly to even think otherwise.

“Good boy,” she said softly, and my smile grew bigger. I so LOVED it when she called me a good boy. Her good boy. If I were a dog, my tail would be wagging about now. “Now why don’t you be a good boy and go clean up the kitchen for your Mistress, while she sits back and relaxes?”

“Of course, Mistress,” I said eagerly, kneeling down and kissing her soft tender bare toes, making her giggle slightly. Oh, I almost forgot how deathly ticklish my Mistress is! I gentled my kissing a bit and her giggles turned to sighs. Rising to my own feet, I went off to the kitchen to wash dishes and clean up.

Jennifer gave me a shocked glance. “And what are YOU doing, Jonothan?” she asked as I rolled up my sleeves and turned on the hot water.

“What does it look like, Jen? I’m washing dishes? Duuhhhh!” I said with a smirk. “It’s my turn after all. Shelley’s in the living room relaxing, and I’m cleaning up. Its no biggee, it happens all the time.” Jennifer held a hand over her mouth, to keep from laughing. Walking back to the living room she turned to you and smiled.

“I think I like him this way. You’ll have to do that more often, Shelley.” Both girls went into a fit of laughter at that. I frowned a bit, but merely resumed my cleaning up. Afterwards, the three of us watched movies, rented from the store. On a lark, I had made fresh buttered popcorn in a big bowl, and brought out some Godiva chocolates I had bought earlier in the day, so it was almost like a concession stand. A Diet Coke for you, Dr. Pepper for Jen Jen, and Sprite for me, then we all settled down to watch the movie. Or at least, at first.

Getting comfy, you and Jen Jen kicked off your shoes, and put your feet up. With each of you sitting on either side of me, it was slightly distracting, which of course, being my Mistress, you knew very well. The two of you whispered a bit for a while, then nodded. Suddenly, Jen Jen pushed my back forward, sliding me off the couch into the floor.

“Hey! What’s the big idea?” I asked, looking back up at you two.

“Now, now,” you said giggling. “We just thought you might be more comfortably down there. And since you ARE down there already, you can massage Jennifer’s and my feet. Like a GOOD little boy.” My heart started racing at your words, and I felt myself getting very aroused. As my mistress, you can be so clever. Turning slightly to the side, I began rubbing and caressing both pairs of soft bare feet in front of me, kneading and working the tired muscles and tendons of each foot, until soft sighs of contentment rose from each of you. I smiled secretly. With Jen Jen living by herself now, it wasn’t often that I got the chance to pamper and play with her feet anymore, and I relished the chance to please her and my Mistress at the same time. Unable to resist, I gave Jennifer’s arches a little tickle, delighting in her scream then deep belly laughter. I knew she would command me to stop after a few seconds, but it delighted me that a person who THOUGHT she had no ticklishness in her had developed some thanks to my skilled fingers over the years. On the few times Mistress had allowed me to play with her former roommate, it had been QUITE fun, the both of us driving Jennifer into hysterics....then afterwards, driving her into deep satisfying pleasure.

“Jonothan...hhhehehehe...staahahahahappp it!!” she managed to cry out between giggled. Reluctantly, my hands stopped tickling and resumed the normal massaging.

“I’m sorry, Jennifer, sweetheart,” I said in a low, seductive voice. I winked up at my Mistress, who was trying hard not to burst into laughter herself. “You know how hard it is to resist the temptation to tickle...besides you always said you weren’t ticklish, so I have to make sure now and again.” Jen Jen rolled her eyes, but I DID wish to make amends to the tickling so I began kissing her toes softly, licking her smooth tender bare flesh, causing her to gasp, them moan in pleasure.

Not to deprive my Mistress of the sensation, I grasped her left foot, as well, and gave it a long lingering lick, ended at the toes, which I sucked greedily into my mouth. I watched your eyes roll back into your head for a moment, before doing the same to Jen Jen again...then back to you, then to Jen Jen again. I kept this up, on and on, alternating for most of the movie. Afterwards, looking a bit piqued, Jennifer announced that she had to head home, that she had had a lovely time, but really had to go. I hid a secret smile. We suspected that Jennifer had found a special someone of her own, someone into D/s as much as Mistress and I were, but we had never called her out in it. As I watched the beautiful woman depart, I thought to myself that whomever she was rushing off to see would be one lucky guy!

Tonight, however, it seemed that I was about to be lucky. After the footsie foreplay, my wife was definitely in heat. Smoldering, she grasped my hand and guided me to the room. My eyes grew wide as I saw what she had been doing while I washed the dishes. The bed had silken ropes hanging from all four posts, a clear signal of what my role was to be in the upcoming night of passion. I looked down into my Mistress’ eyes and she smiled and caressed my cheek for a moment. “Strip, slave,” she said simply, and I hastened to obey. Of course, you watched breathlessly as I slipped out of my clothes, you doing the same until we both stood naked. You pointed to the bed, and nodding I climbed on, spreading my arms and legs wide.

Okay. I was nervous again. Not because I didn’t trust you, because I did. You were my Mistress after all. I was nervous as to which method of play you wanted for tonight. It wouldn’t be the first time you decided to play with me by tickling and stroking me all over, rendering me helpless, a laughing idiot, tickled out of his mind. Or perhaps you might be in teasing mode, where you teased and touched me, stroking my hard cock until it was seconds away from exploding, only to back away and let me cool down again. I bit my lip hard, thinking about what diabolical scheme you might have in the works. But to my relief, my service and foot massage had well pleased and aroused you, and without further ado, you proceeded to mount me immediately, slipping my hardened rod deep inside you, and pumping away with reckless abandon. I closed my eyes and groaned in pleasure, feeling my loved adored Mistress riding her good good boy like a bucking bronco. And I did buck for you, arching my back as much as the ropes allowed with each thrust, forcing myself deeper and harder, as I knew you liked, until you were literally shaking with orgasm atop me.

Whether it was the spirit of the moment, or perhaps part of my training, but I slowed down gently as you came, letting you relax a bit, then kicked it back into high gear again, thrusting and bucking hard, bringing you back to the edge again. Your sighs and moans became whimpers and cries of passion as my skillful bucking brought you off again. Finally, not able to stand it any longer, you lean down and whisper in my ear, “Now cum for me, my good boy...cum for Mistress! UUUUHHHHHHH!!!”

With a massive final heave, I obeyed. I shot my pleasure deep within your pussy, growling loudly in pleasure, humping wildly against your sweet treasure, forcing you to cum along with me for a third time in as many minutes. Our mingled cries of ecstasy rose, perhaps alerting the neighbors to what was happening in the house, but neither of us cared at the moment. After an eternity, we both settled down, you crawling off of me, climbing in bed beside me, and snuggling in warm and cozy. Pulling the covers over us both, you switched off the lights and we both drifted off to sleep...

* * *

Morning. My alarm clock goes off, and I reach to turn it off only to find that I am still tied up. “Shelley,” I whisper, trying to coax you awake. “Shelley! Untie me. Or turn off the alarm clock, one or the other.” Wearily opening your eyes, you move over and turn off the clock alarm, then crawl back into bed, closing your eyes. “Ha ha, very funny, Shelley. Now untie me.”

“No,” you reply with a giggle, your eyes still closed.

“Okay, this was fun and all, loveling, but its time you untied me. Now.” I said, struggling to get free. “If you don’t untie me right now, you won’t get to hypnotize me anymore for the next three months!” That of course, got your attention. Frowning, you turned to me.

“But, that’s not fair!” you cry out, a pout on your beautiful face.

“Tough, my love. Now untie me!” I watched as you got a wicked little gleam in your eye.

“Maybe I’ll just keep you this way,” you said, moving your hands about my chest. “MAYBE, I’ll just hypnotize you right now while I have you tied up and helpless, and make you forget all about being upset with me. How about that, hmmm?”

I sighed deeply. I had known you would try this beforehand. You were my sweet, trusting love, but I also knew you had a playful sneaky side as well. So I had prepared well beforehand. “Okay then. give it a try.”

Leaning forward, you whispered the trigger phrase into my ear, to turn me again into your obedient loving slave boy. Nothing happened. Frowning, you said it again, louder, and again nothing happened. Looking up at me, confused you asked the obvious question. “Huh? Why isn’t it working? It worked last night!”

I laughed a bit. “Well first of all, you probably don’t remember, but I hypnotized YOU first, before you started, and placed it in your mind that you would forget the real trigger to entrance me after tonight, thinking it some other word. And you would only remember it once I allowed you to.” You growled in frustration, and I laughed softly. “Don’t worry love, I won’t deny you the pleasure of having your own little slave boy serving you. But I WILL make sure you remember who is the REAL Master here, and make sure you don’t abuse this gift, to get your own way whenever you feel like it.” Sighing deeply, you nod your head submissively.

“Good girl,” I say with pleasure, as my key words make you become aroused. “Now, for the last time, untie me.”

Sighing again, you move to my wrists. “Okay,” you say meekly.

“Okay WHAT?” I ask rubbing one of my freed wrists.

You look up at me, glaring angrily, that I am making you say it. But I only sit there calmly, waiting. We have played the game of wills before, and I was not going to give. Finally you lower you eyes and say the words.


<<<The End>>>