The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Twisted Vines

by Penny Propofol

Charley was on a Spring Break camp out with the other girls in her sorority. She was 21 years old and the first things that people noticed about her were her big blue eyes and her lovely smile. Charley had straight blonde hair in a sexy pixie cut, a trim figure and was known for being a bit of a tomboy which might explain why she was so popular with the boys. She was a very petite girl at only 5′, 1″ tall and no bigger than a minute at just 100 lbs. What she lacked in size, she made up for in spirit. Her best friend, Brian, called her Stick. The name was short for Stick of Dynamite. All the other girls wondered about Brian and Charley, but the two were just friends. They’d never had sex and were much more like brother and sister than lovers. Brian had come along on the trip and had helped the girls set up camp. Once they were set up he went up the road to where the guys had their own camp.

The weather was unusually warm for spring; the sun was out and everything was blooming. Charley decided to take a walk and have a look around. She told her friends Tara and Brooke where she was going and that she would be back before long. The air was fresh and full of the scents of spring; Charley adored the beauty of nature around her. She could hear the birds and the breeze through the trees. Not far away she could hear a stream running over rocks. There was a sweet smell in the air, something floral but she didn’t recognize it. Everything was so peaceful there, for a moment she caught herself wondering what it might be like to have lived in the Garden of Eden. Charley loved nature. She liked to get out on her own sometimes and just relax and unwind as she enjoyed the sights, sounds and smells of the great outdoors. It was getting a little hot out so she drank from her canteen and looked for some shade to rest in. She found a great spot with some soft grass under the shade of some trees. She sat with her back against the tree, looking out over the field of grass ahead. She could hear the stream in the distance but she was too tired to walk over there right now. The sound of the stream and the breeze combined with the delicate sweet scent in the air was making her sleepy.

She woke up to a soft pair of lips kissing her on the mouth. At first she just accepted the kiss and began to return it. Then she realized with a start that she didn’t know who was kissing her. She opened her eyes to see a naked girl with long, straight dark hair. The girl had pretty blue eyes and was a very good kisser. Charley started to ask her what was going on but was silenced with another kiss. The girl’s hair, even her skin, had the same sweet scent as the air but much stronger. Each time she breathed it in, Charley felt herself becoming more and more relaxed. The girl stood her up and began kissing her neck seductively. Charley’s mind was turning to mush, her face was feeling flush and she felt herself getting wet between the legs. The strange girl began to strip Charley naked. She didn’t care, whatever was in the air was making her want to love everybody. Charley had never been into girls, but right now that didn’t seem to matter. Once Charley was naked, her legs were spread by the other girl. Then she dropped to her knees and began to lick, nibble and suck at Charley’s pussy. The sensation was heavenly; Charley had never had someone eat her pussy with this kind of skill before. After only a few seconds her pretty blue eyes rolled up and she was in a world of her own.

The naked blonde Charley felt the young woman insert two fingers into her vagina, immediately locating her G spot and manipulating it. Instinctively Charley bent over and lay on the girl’s bare back, arms dangling over her sides. Her knees were too weak to stand on her own. Her pussy was soaking wet and she was content to lay there and let this strange dark haired girl finger fuck her into orbit. Charley felt the girl’s tongue on her clitoris as her hips began to gently rock back and forth. She felt the girl’s hands grab her buttocks and spread her cheeks apart allowing a cool breeze to play on her asshole. She felt something very slippery press against her asshole and then effortlessly enter her. In the first second her eyes opened a little with a start but whatever it was felt so good with the clitoral licking and the ass cheek squeezing that she simply collapsed onto the girl’s back again and just enjoyed the buttfuck.

She felt her calves flex, extending her tip-toes like they always did when she was going to cum. The other girl felt her body readying for orgasm she eased Charley down to her knees. Then the mysterious girl lay on her back and slid underneath Charley. She took hold of Charley’s hips and made her sit down on her face. Charley had sunk to all-fours as the other girl slid under her. Once her lips were kissing Charley’s vaginal opening her legs spread open wide and she collapsed onto the other girl. As she did, the slippery vine in her ass began to reach deeper and deeper inside of her. Her entire body began to tremble as she reached her climax. With a shuddering moan she let loose and orgasmed; her eyes closed and colors exploded like fireworks in her mind. The pleasure was immense and she completely collapsed as the pleasure of the event overtook her. When she finished she was panting, sweating and spent. She felt the vine massaging her deep insides and it felt so soothing in her post-orgasmic state. As she continued to relax, she felt her body and limbs being wrapped up by more vines. Very gently she was being raised up until she was suspended just a couple inches from the ground.

The dark haired girl got up and cupped Charley’s face in her hands. She said, “My name is Shy, don’t be afraid. The tree won’t hurt you, when you wake up you’re going to feel really good. Just like the rest of us, you’ll feel peace and love and you’ll be a part of the commune.” As Shy finished, Charley felt herself being gently lifted further up into the tree. As she was being lifted, a very large pink flower on the end of a vine was placed over her mouth and nose. As she began to smell the floral scented anesthetic, the vines tipped her back into a comfortable lying position. She heard Shy’s voice say to her, “That’s it, sweetie. Just take deep breaths and relax.” Her mind began to feel very cloudy, her body went completely limp. Once she was up inside the foliage of the tree she saw something green begin to envelop her body. With one last breath her eyes rolled up into her head and her lids gently slid down and closed. The last thing she was aware of was being gently rocked to sleep. As she slept, her body was safely encased inside the green pod. In here, the tree would take over all of her bodily functions as it saturated her brain with its mind altering chemicals. When she woke, she would bend to the will of the trees as one of its hive servants. But for now, she slept contentedly as her mind was being programmed to obey.

Brooke returned from swimming with some of the other girls. She didn’t see her friend Charley at the camp and grew concerned. She knew that Charley was an avid and very capable hiker, but they were deep in the woods where anything can happen. Maybe she fell down and got hurt and it wouldn’t be too long before it started to get dark. She saw their friend Brian over by the fire talking with some of the other girls. She got Brian’s attention and beckoned him over to her. She said, “Charley left for a walk just after noon. It’s after three now and there’s been no sign of her. I think we should go look for her.” Brian’s brow furrowed as he thought about it. He also knew that Charley could find her way around in the woods, but then again it wasn’t a good idea to go alone and she knew that when she left. Brian said, “Okay, let me get a couple of lights and my backpack from the truck.” Within minutes they were on their way.

Brian had little trouble finding Charley’s trail in the grass. Before too long they found where her path ended at the strange tree. Brian studied the ground and looked a bit confused. Brooke was a very intuitive girl and she saw the look on Brian’s face. She asked, “What’s wrong?” Brian thought for a second and then began to speak. He said, “There are two sets of foot prints approaching this tree, but there’s only one walking away.” Brooke looked at the ground, in wonder and said, “How can you tell, Brian?” Brian pointed at the ground and said, “You see how that grass is bent down? It is bent down in the direction that someone was walking in. One set of those tracks comes from the same direction we did. The other comes from that direction. The one in that direction has a second set showing that they went back the way they came, but it is only one pair of feet making the tracks.”

“So what does that mean?” asked Brooke. Brian replied, “It means that Charley and someone else walked up here and one of them didn’t walk away. They didn’t grow wings and fly so we have a mystery on our hands.” Brook said, “Brian, I’m scared.” Brian answered, “Well, the feet that made the other set of tracks are small like Charley’s. I’m guessing if they aren’t Charley’s then they were made by another girl. I’m going to follow the tracks and see if I can find her and ask her if she saw Charley. I want you to stay here just in case the person turns out to be dangerous. If I’m not back in twenty or thirty minutes, you follow our trail back to camp and go get the police. Understand?” Brooke looked frightened, but she nodded in agreement and Brian went on his way and a brisk pace. Brian was an experienced outdoors man, underneath his vest he carried a .45 caliber 1911 pistol. The weapon was well-known and if there was danger up ahead he would be ready for it.

Brook stood under the tree, alone. She looked all around but there wasn’t a sign of anyone else around. She kept getting the feeling that she was being watched though. The breeze continued to blow; it was getting late in the day and air was cooling down. Brooke only had on her swimsuit since she hadn’t taken the time to change into something warmer. She squatted down in the grass, trying to get a little protection from the cold breeze. In his haste, Brian had forgotten to leave his watch with her so she had no way of knowing exactly when twenty or thirty minutes had passed. She just thought of that when she was startled by a voice behind her. She tried to spin around quickly and ended up falling onto her back in the grass. She looked up at a girl about her age stood there giggling. She was a very pretty brunette that looked very much like Brooke. Her outfit was unusual. It was some kind of short dress with swirling colors. Her belly was exposed as were her arms and most of her legs. She had bare feet as well. Her smile was very friendly and her hair had just a bit of a curl to it. The girl said, “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to frighten you, my name is Marissa. My friends call me ‘Rissa-roo, our family lives out here. Are you lost?”

Brooke got up and smiled back at the girl. She said, “No, but I think maybe my friend Charley is. She walked out this way but never came back to camp. My friend Brian walked out here with me. He followed the tracks in that direction. He should be back in a few minutes.” Marissa looked in the direction indicated and said, “If they both went that way they’re heading right for daddy’s farm. They shouldn’t be too long.” Brooke exhaled with some relief at this news. Marissa smiled at Brooke and said, “I’ll stay with you if you like. You want to smoke a joint while we wait?” Brooke was tired of being stressed out and a joint sounded very good and the girls sat down. Marissa smiled at Brooke and took the rolled joint out of the top of her dress and giggled, “I keep these just in case of emergency.” Brook laughed as Marissa lit up and took a good puff. She handed it over to Brook who took a deep drag. Within seconds she was feeling much better. She rested her back against the tree as she felt her tension melting away. As Marissa took another hit she said, “I love this stuff.”

Within a couple of minutes, the two girls were deeply relaxed and laughing back and forth. Brooke was amazed at the power of the joint which had her resting against the tree as her limbs began to feel heavy and so relaxed. She said, “Whoa this shit is strong.” Marissa giggled and said, “I know, I feel really good right now.” Brooke looked over at Marissa. She had her feet pulled up close to her own bottom. Brooke could see part of her gorgeous ass as well as most of one of her breasts in her loose fitting dress. She began to feel really attracted to this new girl with her soft brown eyes and wonderful tan. She looked so happy and healthy, Brooke found herself just wanting to sleep with her. She’d forgotten all about Charley and Brian. Marissa had been talking about something. Brooke hadn’t heard the words as she was so completely distracted by Marissa’s beauty. Marissa turned her head to look at Brooke as she laughed about something. Unable to stop herself, Brooke reached over and touched Marissa’s face gently as she leaned in and kissed the girl. Marissa was muffled by the kiss and quickly gave in to Brook’s move. She was really hot for Marissa now and eased the girl onto her back. As she did, Marissa slipped Brooke’s bikini top off and then her bikini bottom.

The naked and turned-on Brook spread her knees as she straddled Marissa with her ass arched up into the air as she began to suck on the Marissa’s breasts. Marissa moaned, her head sank back into the grass as she spread her own legs and was there for the taking. Within seconds both girls were rolling in the grass naked and turned on. Brooke finally got on top again and turned around to go down on Marissa. Marissa felt Brooke’s tongue lapping at her pussy and her legs fell wide apart. Brooke hadn’t eaten pussy before but she was a natural and so passionate. Marissa’s soft brown eyes were rolling up into her head, Brooke’s tongue had her incapable of speech at the moment.

Brooke found herself getting more and more turned on as she continued to eat Marissa’s pussy. She felt her own hips undulating, her ass poked up in the air. She began to play with her own clit as she continued to eat Marissa’s soft, pink pussy. Brooke felt herself wanting penetration from the rear in the worst way when it happened. She felt a phallus penetrate her vaginal opening and press its way deep inside her. She gasped at the girth of the thing that stretched her wide open. She froze for several seconds, her chin resting on Marissa’s soft, warm belly as the totality of the penetration sank in to her. She struggled to raise her head and see who or what was fucking her but the member inside her began to quiver. The vibration pattern stopped dead her ability to think at all. She sank back down and enjoyed being fucked as her body relaxed in submission. Marissa felt Brooke give in and began to run her fingers through the girl’s hair as she was being fucked. She felt Brooke melting in her hands under the power of the phallic vine fucking her. Marissa lovingly said, “That’s it, honey. Just relax and let it make you feel good. You like it?” Brooke moaned, “Oooooooooh, oh yeah, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.” Marissa said, “Yessssss. Just let it take you, sugar. Don’t fight it.”

Vines gently wrapped around Brooke’s body and limbs, the vine in her pussy continued to fuck her as she was rolled over. Another vine with a pretty pink blossom on it closed over her mouth and nose. For a second she thought about struggling to get free but another very slippery vine was inserted into her ass. This forced her to gulp in a deep breath of the blossom’s sleepy vapor. She immediately went limp in the grip of the vines. She felt Marissa’s fingers running through her hair again as she spoke soothingly. She said, “When you wake up, you’ll be like us, honey. You’ll feel our love all the time. Just sleep now, just let go.” Brooke felt a floating sensation as she was being raised up into the tree. She didn’t have a care in the world as she felt herself cum. Once she was hidden up in the tree she was swallowed up by a pod like her friend Charley.

The trees were aware of Brian making his way back. There was no time for Marissa to run off. She backed up to one of the vines and bent over as she rubbed it between her legs. Immediately she felt her wet pussy being filled with a phallus vine. Enthusiastically she thrust her hips, grinding her pussy into it over and over as the other vines took hold of her. She felt the slippery vine entering her as and thrust her hips back to let it in. As she did she said, “Oooooooohhh yeah, daddy. Ohhhh fuuuuuck meee...” She felt her mouth and nose being covered by the blossom. She was being lifted and cradled in the vines, being placed onto her back. The tree rocked her gently as it fucked her and pumped her full of the sleepy scent. She felt her body go limp and her insides loosen, she was now bodily under its control. In seconds her mind would cloud over and she would be put into a sleeping pod and hidden from view. She drifted away as she was enveloped by the pod. She surrendered her will and her consciousness to the tree completely.