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In a town called Garnet Hills, a new specialty ice cream shoppe opens up.

Two Scoops!

Alexa sat down for her interview. The “Two Scoops” ice cream shoppe wasn’t exactly her dream job, but she was desperate after being kicked out of school. She smiled her best “I’m happy to be here” smile and put her resume on the table in front of her.

The door opened and a well-dressed man entered the room holding a small cup with two scoops of ice cream in it. “Hello, Alexa. I’m Mr. Smith and I’ll be conducting your interview today.” He pushed the ice cream toward her, “Here you go; it’s policy that prospective employees get to sample an unreleased flavour during their interview. Two scoops, like the name. It’s kind of our gimmick. Everyone gets two. And don’t worry, this isn’t some kind of a trap. Please enjoy it.”

The brunette nodded and picked up the cup, “Thank you. That’s actually really nice.” The ice cream was awfully generic looking. A soft white with pink sprinkles on top. She scooped a bit and her eyes shot wide. It was delicious. “Wow, this is great. What’s it called?”

“It’s not named yet. It’s actually part of the interview. When you’re done, I’ll ask you what you’d name it and why. In the meantime, why do you want to work at Two Scoops?”

“Well,” she began, taking another small bite to give herself time to think, ”as a kid, I always loved ice cream. It was a treat... it made me happy.” She smiled, genuinely this time. “I guess I want to recapture some of that happiness.”

Mr. Smith returned her smile, “That’s a cute answer. Very nice. Next, we pride ourselves on having a very outgoing staff. Can you tell me about a time when you were very outgoing?”

Two Scoops!

Alexa paused. Outgoing was not really how she’d describe herself. She was friendly, sure. But she needed to warm up to people before she let her guard down. “Good question. Admittedly, I’m not sure I’d describe myself that way.” She took another bite and noticed the pink bubblegum inside. She made sure to get a piece of it with her next bite. The candy popped in her mouth. “But I really, really want to be and I feel like working here will totally help me get there.”

“I appreciate your honesty. Thank you, Alexa. We pride ourselves on our positive at ‘Two Scoops’ so I’m sure you’d catch on quickly.”

She smiled and shrugged her shoulders, pressing her breasts together slightly. Why not give him a bit of a show? After all, he needs to like her, right? Nothing wrong with selling herself a little. She finished the first scoop and a wide smile crossed her face, “Wow, that’s yummy.”

“Next question,” he continued, “how would you help a customer that isn’t sure what they want?”

“Oh,” Alexa began twirling a strand of hair around her finger, “Well, I’m good at helping people so I’d, like, try to ask them what they’re like. Like... really excited people probably want something like cotton candy, right? Or like, if they say they’re kinda boring, they might want vanilla!” She beamed as the answer came to her, “Like, that’s a good answer, right?”

Mr. Smith nodded, “It’s a great answer, Alexa.”

“Yay!” she bounced in her chair, her large breasts jiggling with her. Her boobs were spilling out of her top. “Oh em gee, sorry! My boobies are outta control!”

“It’s quite alright. The ice cream is working as intended. By the way, what would you call it, Lexi?”

Lexi thought for a moment, “Ummmmm, well the bubblegum, like, reminds me of, like, how I’m kinda fun and cute on the inside too.. So, umm, maybe like ‘Bubblefun?’”

Mr. Smith smiled, “Not bad. We’ll run it by R&D. Well, Lexi, I think it’s safe to say you’re definitely ‘Two Scoops’ material. Welcome aboard.”

“Like, really!? Oh my gosh, yay! Thanks Mister!” Lexi hopped up and gave her new boss a big hug, “Soooo when do I start?”

* * *

A few days later, the bell above the door chimed as two laughing people entered the shop.

Lexi bounced with excitement as she greeted her new customers, “Heya! Welcome to Two Scoops! I’m Lexi! What’s your name?”

The girl, a stunning brunette with beautiful curls and bright blue eyes, returned Lexi’s smile, “I’m Serena and this is my husband, Kevin.” Serena looked up her husband and smiled as he put his arms around her waist and hugged her.

“Oh my gosh, you two are, like, the cutest!”

The couple was fresh off their wedding and subsequent trip to wine country. Serena’s usually pale skin boasted a gentle, bronze tan which made her eyes pop even more. It was obvious from the way she stayed close to Kevin that they were clearly in love. Kevin held her tight and kissed her on the cheek.

As pretty as Serena was, Kevin was the perfect partner for her. His short brown hair matched his deep, dark eyes. He embodied the words “tall, dark, and handsome.” He wasn’t overly built, but Lexi could tell he kept himself in shape.

It made the large-breasted ice cream girl so happy to see two cuties like this, “Like, you two could totally be in a movie!” Lexi said.

Kevin chuckled at the compliment, “Thanks. We just got back from our honeymoon and heard that this place opened up. It sounds like you guys are doing really well so far.”

The bimbo giggled, “Well, ummm, I think so. I help lots and lots of people and it’s super fun!”

“Working here would be really cool,” Serena said. “Though I’d probably eat so much ice cream.”

“Yeah, there wouldn’t be anything left to sell,” Kevin teased her and received a smack on the shoulder for his efforts. “Ow! Rude.”

Serena shot him a look, “Watch it, mister!”

Her husband threw his arms up in mock surrender, “Okay, okay, you win.”

Lexi laughed along with them, “Wow, you two seem like a lotta fun! What can I getcha?”

Kevin and Serena looked over their options as Lexi bounced along with them and told them all about her favourites.

“And this one is my super duper fave! It’s called Bubblefun and I totally named it! Like, isn’t that just the coolest!?” she asked them in her happiest, sing-song voice.

“You named it?”

“Yep yep yep! So, Mister Smith is the boss man and he asked me to name it and it’s sooooo yummy. I totes rec.. ummm, you should totes try it!”

“That is pretty cool,” Serena answered her, giving Lexi a big smile, “and, I’m not gonna lie, Bubblefun does sound amazing. I think I need this in my life. Don’t you, Kev?”

Kevin gave Serena’s shoulder a gentle squeeze, “Whatever you want, babe.”

Lexi was practically vibrating with excitement; she loved it when customers picked her flavour, “Oh my gosh, really!?”

Serena nodded, “Absolutely!”

The couple couldn’t help but notice how much the bimbo’s boobs jiggled as she cheered with glee, “Oh em gee, you’re soooo gonna love it! I promise!” Lexi happily dropped the first scoop into the cup. She was about to scoop out the second when Serena asked her a question.

“Actually, can we mix flavours? I feel like we need to try more than one.”

“Uh huh! I can do that!” Lexi chimed, “So, whatcha want next?”

Serena glossed over the selection again, “How’s Cheery Cherry?”

“Ummm,” Lexi had to think about the question for a second, “I like it, like, a lot! I had some and it made me super happy!”

“Okay, I’ll get a scoop of that too, then,” Serena said.

“Comin’ right up,” Lexi beamed as she scooped the pinky-red ice cream into the cup. “Oh, these look really really cute together too!”

Serena giggled softly; she supposed pink did look nice beside white, but most things did. Still, she appreciated the girl’s enthusiasm for her job. “Thanks so much,” she said with a smile.

Now that she had served the perky brunette, Lexi turned her attention to Kevin, “Okay, your turn!”

Having had time to look over the flavours, Kevin knew what he wanted. A self-professed chocolate lover and sports fan who loved a good pun, his choices were obvious. “Sure, I’ll take the ‘Are You Ready for Some Fudgeball’ and the ‘Mars Valuable Player’ please,” he asked, excited to try one of his favourite chocolate bars in ice cream form.

“Okie dokie,” Lexi said as she scooped his ice cream into the cup. “Here ya go!”

“Thank you very much,” he replied as he paid the pretty blonde.

“Have the best day, okay!?”

Kevin and Serena both smiled at Lexi.

“You too,” he said before turning his attention to his beautiful bride. “Well, do you want to eat it now or bring it home?” he asked her.

Serena’s face scrunched up as she thought about it, “Let’s bring it home, I think. I’m kind of exhausted and just want to eat this and watch garbage television.”

“It’s a date,” Kevin said, putting his free arm around her as they left the shop.

* * *

Back at home, the happy couple had finally made it to their couch after a long day of errands.

“I am so happy to be home,” Serena said. “The trip was amazing, for sure, but I miss just cuddling up to you and relaxing.”

Kevin responded with a kiss, “Me too. You know I’m a homebody.”

They turned on the TV and started binging the latest Netflix series everyone was talking about. It wasn’t quality programming by any stretch of the imagination, but they both wanted to just unwind.

“Oh. My. God.” Serena exclaimed, “This is so good. That girl was right; Bubblefun is legit.”

“Oh, let me try,” Kevin said, his spoon already on route to his wife’s ice cream.

“No way; like, I love you but this is mine,” she teased as she pulled her cup away from him. “Better luck next time, babe.”

He rolled his eyes and took a bite of his own ice cream. “Ooooh my gawd,” he teased her, “this is soooooooooooooo good. Too bad you don’t get to try mine either.”

Her fear of missing out on delicious food kicking in, Serena pouted. “Aww, c’mon. Fine. You can have a bite,” she attempted to negotiate.

“No no no, you insisted. What was that you just said? ‘Better luck next time?’” he said, sticking his tongue out at her.

“Ugh, fiiine. Then we’re not having sex tonight,” she crossed her arms in mock protest.

Kevin laughed, “Uh huh, I’m sure. We’ll see how long that lasts.”

As they continued to watch the show and put significant dents into their ice cream, both Serena and her husband began to change slowly.

The punny English teacher’s body filled out as his muscles grew and became more pronounced. His shoulders broadened and his arms became larger, the definition clear and impressive. His toned stomach transformed into rock hard abs. If he was in shape before, he was nothing short of an adonis now. His hands grew larger, a necessary trait for any top-level quarterback. And that’s exactly what he had become. Kevin McCaffrey was the star quarterback of the New Garnet Galaxy and reigning MVP of the league. He was intelligent, athletic, and pure magic with the ball when the ball was in his hands. He took another bite of the ice cream as his wife nestled her head against his shoulder and hugged his bicep.

Meanwhile, Serena’s natural brown curls slowly faded from their original dark chestnut to a sandy brown all the way to a shiny, platinum blonde. Her curls themselves became the defined and voluminous ringlets that only frequent trips to the salon could provide. Soon, the rest of her followed suit. Her lips plumped up into soft, kissable pillows and her eyelashes lengthened. Her makeup, which had worn off as the day had progressed, was now picture perfect.

Her body began to change as well. Her perky D cups swelled against the fabric of her bra. She adjusted them accordingly, totally unaware that she was now sporting a very impressive set of F cups. Her top stretched around them and managed to show them off despite being covered up. Her tummy toned and flattened as her waist drew in a few inches. As the changes continued down her body, her hips widened and her butt rounded into the perfect bubble to cap off her undeniable hourglass body. Her legs lengthened and toned, leaving her an absolute picture of beauty.

She giggled as her mind began to change as well. Moments prior, Serena had been a middle school science teacher. But, like her husband, her career had changed. She was nothing more than a cheerleader. Former cheerleader, to be specific. She had quit the squad to be with Kevin. Team rules. It wasn’t ideal and she missed being part of the Gals, but she still kept in touch with all her besties and went to every game.”

Instinctively, she picked up her phone and took a selfie. “Chilling with ice cream and bae,” she captioned it before posting it to her story. She showed the picture to Kevin, “Oh, this is a good one. The squad is going to love it.” Before she could finish her sentence, likes began to pour in from her teammates and various other fans.

Kevin smiled, “Damn, if only I knew you were super hot when I married you.”

Serena giggled, “You mean you didn’t, like, figure it out while I was shaking my pom poms for you?”

“Oh, don’t worry, sexy; I noticed right away.”

The transformed couple continued to relax on the couch as the changes continued. Kevin’s already strong knowledge of the “Xs and Os” grew deeper and more impressive as the thoughts of essays and poems receded to the back of his mind. He still liked to read, but playbooks and defenses took precedence over novels.

Serena’s changes were more drastic. Her IQ dropped from an impressive 140 to a considerably lower 85. She was easily distracted and, well, a total airhead. Long, complicated words fogged up and vanished from her vocabulary completely. She didn’t need long, silly words; she was pretty! The biochemistry degree that sat on her wall was now a picture of her and her college cheer team. Sure, she had managed to graduate from college with a degree in Business Studies, but only because the school insisted the captain of the cheer team get a 4.0 GPA. Forged grades and getting others to do the work for her had made her days on campus easy and, most importantly, fun.

The reality of the situation was that Serena was the prototypical cheerleader; bubbly, ditzy and really sexy. Any understanding of organic chemistry or how to balance an equation was completely erased and replaced with the latest trends in beauty and fashion.

Her life got even easier when she met the man that had once been her highschool sweetheart. He was drafted 1st overall by the team during her first year with the Gals and the connection was instant. Of course, it helped that she really really wanted to be the super hot trophy wife of a pro athlete.

The team had asked her to resign from the squad when their relationship became the worst kept secret in sports. To be honest, as much as she missed it, she was totally happy to just be Kevin’s hot little housewife. Besides, now that their relationship was public, Serena was at the top of every “Hottest WAGs in Sports” article written. She had even picked up a couple random modelling gigs. Being a cheerleader was fun, but being famous was way funner.

“Well babe,” Kevin stretched out as the show’s credits rolled on the screen, “I have a film session tomorrow. I should probably get to bed.”

Serena giggled, “Oooo, wanna see if you can score on me? Betcha ya can’t!”

Kevin smirked, “Bring it on, pompoms.”