The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


For one terrifying moment, Kelly thought that the door wasn’t going to open, but then she realized that the handle had simply slipped through her sweaty hands. She wiped her palms on her sensible dark gray business skirt, not really caring if she left any marks at this point, and turned the knob again. This time, it rotated easily in her grip. She opened the door to Mark’s office, darted inside, and closed it quickly but carefully behind her.

She gave a quick glance to see if Mark was in—this was all a big waste of time if he was at lunch or something—then turned back to the door and craned her neck from side to side. Her eyes strained to see any telltale approaching shadows through the frosted glass, but it appeared that nobody had noticed her heading to have a little chat with the boss. She didn’t know what they would do if they did, but given what she’d already seen today, Kelly wasn’t taking any chances. She locked the door and drew the shade before she did anything else. Finally, the tension in her chest easing slightly, she turned to Mark and said, “I think something weird is happening to the other employees.”

Mark didn’t seem particularly fazed by Kelly’s words, or her disheveled appearance or the way she kept darting nervous glances at the doorknob as if expecting it to rattle any second. He gave her a warm, confident smile and patted the chair next to his enormous oak desk as though she came into his office every day with strands of copper hair sticking out of her ponytail and her glasses slightly askew and sweat stains visible all the way through to her jacket. “Why don’t you have a seat and tell me about it,” he said smoothly. “Looks like it’s giving you a hell of a time, whatever it is. Did Bob come up from accounting again to eat in the IT break room? Because I’ve talked to him, and—”

“It’s not Bob,” Kelly snapped. She took a deep breath, realizing that nothing good could come of antagonizing her boss, and let it out in a sigh. “Sorry,” she continued, heading over to the chair and flopping into it with an exhausted air. “But I need you to understand, this isn’t normal everyday weirdness. This is...” She looked over at the door again, convinced she saw the handle starting to turn. Maybe she shouldn’t have drawn the shade. It meant that nobody could see in, yes, but it also meant that she couldn’t see out.

“There’s something really funny happening to all the other women in the office,” she said at last. “They’re acting...” She paused again, knowing that she probably sounded like some kind of weird conspiracy theorist but unable to find the right words to describe the situation professionally. “Odd,” she finally finished, settling for a hopelessly inadequate description. “Distracted. Confused. And very inappropriately for an office setting.” Internally, she winced at the description. She sounded like a fucking nun or something.

But Mark didn’t seem to be dismissing her, at least not yet. He leaned forward in his seat, his brow furrowed with concern. “Could you please give me some specific examples?” he asked. “I know you don’t want to get anyone in trouble, but if there’s really a problem that’s affecting productivity, I need to know about it.”

“Well,” Kelly replied, “it seemed to start around three in the afternoon, right after that company-wide email went out announcing Project Kyrios. I was just heading to a meeting with Dan and Linda after I saw it, and Linda got there maybe a few seconds before I did. She opened the door to the conference room, and she got this very strange look on her face, like she’d forgotten why she was there... and she did this sort of full-body shudder, all over. Just for a second. And then she smiled, and then... and then she dropped to her knees.”

Mark nodded. “Could you maybe show me what it looked like?” he asked, reaching down and undoing his fly to pull his cock out of his trousers.

Kelly’s jaw went slack, her gaze becoming glassy and unfocused behind her chunky glasses. She took a long, deep, shuddery breath, one that seemed to radiate all the way out from her chest down along her arms and legs to her fingers and toes. She blinked heavily, once, then twice. “Um... it looked kind of like that, I guess?” she said, a wide smile spreading contentedly across her face as she slid out of the chair and dropped to her knees. “That’s the best impression I can do, at least, without whatever happened to Linda happening to me.”

Mark nodded, his curiosity seemingly satisfied. He slid his pants down around his ankles and took the base of his cock between his thumb and forefinger. It was already hardening as Kelly watched, and she wiggled her hips seductively as she crawled over to take a closer look. “So what happened after Linda was triggered?” he asked, concern dripping from every word.

“Well, as I say, I hadn’t quite gotten to the conference room yet,” Kelly continued, her hands reaching out to encircle Mark’s thickening shaft. “I was maybe a few feet behind Linda, but she hadn’t bothered closing the door, so I could see what was going on as I approached. And when I saw what was happening, well... I didn’t exactly feel comfortable going inside. Linda was still on her knees, and Dan was... well, he was exposing himself to her, sir.” She felt his cock pulse under her fingers as she spoke. “And she was... I mean, she seemed perfectly comfortable with it!”

Kelly paused, momentarily lost in thought. “No, not just comfortable,” she said at last, her fingers lightly stroking their way up and down Mark’s penis as she spoke. “She was actively interested. She reached out and started playing with Dan’s, um...” Kelly could feel a blush beginning to spread across her pale cheeks, but it seemed somehow impossible to avoid using the words. “With his cock, sir. She looked like, like she was enjoying it a lot. I didn’t think it would be appropriate to watch further, but I think she was planning to give him a blowjob in the conference room.”

Mark sighed heavily, shifting restlessly in his chair. “I see. Well, it’s certainly not work-appropriate behavior, and I’ll definitely have a talk with them about confining activities like that to their off-hours, but... you said ‘all the other women’? Did you see anyone else, um... making a pass at one of their male co-workers?”

“Mhhfmmmfhhmm hmmm mmfhhhfmmm,” Kelly mumbled, nodding her head eagerly as she tried to respond with Mark’s cock in her mouth. He smiled indulgently and wrapped her ponytail in his hand, pulling her up and off of his throbbing shaft. “I, um, sorry, yes sir. I did kind of an about-face after seeing Dan and Linda, um, enjoying each other’s company, and decided it might be best to go back and email HR about their... activities.” Her hands reached back out, eagerly seeking Mark’s saliva-slick penis once more.

“And on the way back, I ran into Sally in the hallway.” Kelly squirmed her way out of her skirt as she spoke, revealing a pair of plain white panties that already had an obvious damp spot over the crotch. “Not just Sally, you understand. None of the women I saw were alone. She had Tom with her from Accounts Receivable, and he was standing behind her. She, she was leaning up against the wall, completely naked. Tom was...”

Kelly’s eyes rolled back in her head as the memory floated into her mind with picture-perfect clarity. “He was fucking her, sir. From behind, really giving it to her very hard. I didn’t see her clothing anywhere, she must have thrown it into one of the cubicles or something. She was pushing back against him with every stroke, and her, um... her tits were swinging back and forth. Really shaking.” Kelly felt her blush deepening, spreading all the way down her neck to her exposed chest as she fumbled with the buttons on her blouse with her free hand, but she felt like it was important to give Mark an accurate picture of the situation.

“And... she didn’t seem to notice, thir,” Kelly said, her words momentarily coming out in a lisp as her tongue flicked out to tease a droplet of precum out of the slit at the tip of Mark’s cock. He gave her hair a playful tug, pulling her back out of range, and she continued. “She looked over at me and said, ‘Hi, Kelly, happy Friday,’ like she didn’t even realize that she was getting pounded doggy-style by a co-worker. I mean, I didn’t really stop to talk, I don’t know whether she really didn’t know what was happening to her or just that she didn’t find anything unusual about it, but... she was completely oblivious, Mark. She was having sex right in the middle of the office and she acted like it was totally normal.”

Mark nodded slowly, stroking his salt-and-pepper beard with one hand while he used the other to pull Kelly up to wrap her tits around his cock. “I see,” he mused, his expression slightly distant. “And Tom? Did he seem unusual to you?”

Kelly shook her head, or at least she waggled it back and forth and shivered at the electric tingles of pleasure at the base of her scalp where Mark still held her hair tightly in his hand. “No, not... well, I mean, not as much as Sally did. He clearly knew he was fucking her, he was panting and moaning and saying things like...” She trailed into embarrassed silence for a moment, but the impulse to continue was too strong. “Like, ‘Oh, fuck, Sally, your cunt feels so good wrapped around my cock,’ and, ‘That’s it, you horny little slut, take me like the bitch you are.’ You know, um. Dirty talk, sir.”

Mark let out a long groan, his slick shaft popping out of the valley of Kelly’s cleavage over and over as his hips rose and fell relentlessly. “And... and seeing his cock didn’t do anything to you?” he asked, his eyelids fluttering with the strain of controlling his pleasure. “You weren’t compelled to, to join in or anything? You didn’t feel like you needed to pleasure him with your lips, or your cunt, or your ass, or...?”

Kelly gave her head another waggle, her fingers teasing her nipples as she held her tits together to form a perfect, slick tunnel for Mark’s cock. “No, sir. I was completely unaffected.” Another streamer of drool dripped from her lips to land in her cleavage, smoothing the way for Mark’s constant thrusts. “And I think I know why.”

“Because subconsciously, you knew that Tom already had a slave girl?” Mark muttered distantly, another gush of precum dribbling from his cock and spreading over Kelly’s silky-smooth tits.

Kelly blinked in confusion. “N-no, sir,” she replied in slightly shocked tones. “I don’t, I mean... I don’t even think I could be like, um.” Her mind flashed back to Josie, wandering the hallways with a dazed expression and her face smeared with semen, asking Kelly if she knew where ‘Master Harold’ had gotten to. Then to Alison, down on her hands and knees begging for Jim Fielding’s cock in her ass. It felt astonishingly vivid, almost like she could feel the helpless arousal that pummeled the girls’ brains into submission.

“Um. Like that,” Kelly finally managed to finish, blinking heavily as she returned to reality. “Not with any man, sir, even you.” She tried to lean down and kiss the tip of Mark’s cock as it emerged again, but he held her hair too tightly for her to get a lick in. “No, I think it didn’t affect me because I knew what was causing it. Remember that contract we took for the Department of Defense a few years back? The one about machine-assisted learning?”

Mark smiled distantly, his thrusts becoming irregular and his breathing quickened. “Oh, yes...” he sighed, his voice thick with arousal. “You, you had a few concerns with that one, didn’t you? You thought—”

“I thought it had a lot of potential for abuse, sir,” Kelly interrupted. She rolled her hips up and down, squeezing her tits tighter around Mark’s cock. “The program we designed had the potential to bypass critical thinking faculties, allowing users to insert information directly into the subject’s mind to be accepted as true. I believe I described it as ‘the perfect brainwashing system’ at the time?”

“Mhmmm,” Mark moaned, his eyes seemingly unable to look away from the sight of Kelly’s glistening tits. “And we, we’re very grateful to... ohhh, fuck... to you for bringing that up to us.” His whole body quivered, hips straining up in the air until Kelly could see his twitching cock pop up out of her cleavage.

“Exactly, sir,” Kelly said, rotating her hips from side to side to massage Mark’s shaft with her breasts. “I think that’s why it didn’t work on me, M-Master. Because I knew what to expect. When I read the email—” She felt a sudden flash of memory explode in her brain, a memory of staring helplessly at her screen and scrolling down vacantly through a detailed description of Project Kyrios. A description that slipped out of her thoughts the second she remembered it, leaving her with only a vague and foggy recollection of an important new company-wide initiative. Just like all the other times.

Mark’s cum jetted out, splattering all over Kelly’s face and tits. She licked it off her lips without even realizing it.

“Um... so yes, Master,” she continued, spreading her legs wide to give Mark a good view of her cunt as she spread her labia and began to masturbate for him. “I think I was mentally prepared to shrug off the brainwashing effect because I knew how it worked.” She smiled, a splatter of semen dripping off her glasses to land in her cleavage. “It probably didn’t hurt that I’m very strong-willed, too.”

Mark chuckled, leaning back in his chair to stare at Kelly’s fingers swirl and dance on her clit. “Of course you are,” he said indulgently, his eyes hungry with excitement as he watched Kelly’s cunt slowly drip and dribble her juices onto the carpet. “You’re a very bright girl, and you’re pleasing me perfectly.”

Kelly’s eyes rolled all the way back until only the whites showed, an inexplicable surge of pleasure racing through her entire body as she grunted out, “Oh thank you Master—” Kelly felt an intense, powerful orgasm rip through her harder and faster than she thought possible, choking off her words and leaving her a whimpering, squealing mess of desire on the office floor. Her mind went blank for a moment, desperately trying to reconcile her behavior with the conviction that everything was perfectly normal and shutting down when it utterly failed.

After a moment, she opened her eyes again. Mark was still staring at her. His cock was hard once more. “So, now that we know what’s happening around here,” he said, “what do you think we should do about it?”

Kelly sighed heavily. It was a thorny question. Certainly, they couldn’t rely on any of the other women in the office to help—they were all thoroughly convinced that everything they did, even sexually servicing their co-workers, was entirely reasonable behavior. Nothing could break through their seamless delusion of normality; they’d cheerfully create the most ludicrous rationales for their actions, and not even realize they were doing it. But Kelly did have one idea she wanted to try. “I was thinking I might climb into your lap and bounce up and down on your cock until you came again, Master,” she purred, leaning forward to nuzzle her cum-smeared face against his balls.

“I thought you’d never ask, slut,” Mark growled. He pulled Kelly up to her feet and guided her hips to straddle his crotch. With a sigh, Kelly lowered herself onto him. She felt her smile widening, becoming fixed and plastic just like Linda’s. Just like Sally’s. Just like Josie’s. Just like Alison’s. Just like all the office girls held helpless in the grip of Project Kyrios.

There but for the grace of God... Kelly thought, her hips rising and falling endlessly onto her Master’s perfect cock.