The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Nia looked up from her textbook to see Darnelle making a beeline for her through the busy lobby of the student union, and she immediately knew that her day was effectively over. She couldn’t gather up her things and leave before he got to her; the second her gaze locked onto his warm hazel eyes, Nia felt all the strength and volition drain out of her limbs. She couldn’t make an excuse to put off the handsome senior; Nia knew all too well that once he began talking to her in that silky baritone voice of his, her normally quick wits melted into a sea of groggy confusion. And there was absolutely no way she could resist his suggestions. Every time she tried....

Just thinking about it led Nia back down into the inescapable groove worn into the center of her mind. The harder she tried to resist, the quicker she exhausted herself. The more exhausted she became, the weaker she was. And the weaker she was, the easier it was for Darnelle to bind her up into his unbreakable control. Nia blinked heavily, the warmth of trance stealing over her even before Darnelle had a chance to so much as whisper in her ears. Her broad, lush lips parted in a tiny thoughtless smile as her subconscious flooded her brain with dopamine for following her programming so well. The yellow highlighter she’d been using to mark up passages from DuBois fell from her nerveless ebony fingers.

Darnelle came up to her, his lips quirking into a crooked smile as he noticed the glassy, unfocused look in Nia’s deep brown eyes. “Hi babe,” he purred, and Nia’s cunt began to slicken between her thighs at the sound of his voice. “I’m all done with classes for the day. Want to come back to my dorm and hang out for a while?” It seemed like such an innocuous offer, but Nia knew that once he had her alone, the subtle hypnotic control he held over her would become something stronger and inescapably sexual. She opened her mouth, trying to will herself to refuse....

But she knew what he wanted her to say. She knew what answer made her a good girl, and the more she struggled against it the stronger the urge to obey became. Every moment she resisted, the slope of Darnelle’s domination steepened until the word ‘no’ slipped away into the unimaginable distances overhead. Nia’s jaw went slack, her efforts now centered on simply holding her tongue still and silent as long as she could... but she knew it was futile. She knew she was only wearing herself out. And she knew that once she was worn out, once she’d exhausted herself with pointless defiance, she’d collapse even more completely into his control.

“That sounds nice,” she heard herself say. A tiny droplet of drool fell onto the page of her textbook.

Darnelle helped her gather up her things, his light brown fingers brushing against Nia’s ebony skin again and again as he put her laptop away and slid her textbooks into her backpack. He slung the straps over his own shoulders, a touch of dominance that went almost unnoticed save by the second pulse throbbing away between Nia’s thighs; even if she could somehow muster up the volition to turn and walk away instead of meekly following three paces behind him with her gaze cast down at his feet, he had all her stuff. She had to go with him. The subtle feeling of dependence undermined her already subjugated will even further, making Nia feel helplessly weak and wet as she crossed the lobby and headed out into the chill of the early spring day.

It took them a full five minutes to cross the campus over to the dormitories, five minutes that passed without a word from Darnelle, but Nia never snapped out of her fugue of obedience. It was very much the contrary, in fact; the more she told herself that she needed to wake up and think for herself instead of sinking into the quicksand trance that claimed her thoughts, the more her futile struggles tired her out and left her weak and helpless in his power. It was a paradox that defeated her before she even began to fight it, every time—the only way she could defy Darnelle’s will was to resist, but resistance only made it harder to defy Darnelle’s will. Nia went around and around the vicious circle as they walked, spiraling deeper and deeper into surrender with every loop. He didn’t even need to glance in her direction to know she was behind him.

When they entered the dormitory building, a moment of faint hope stirred within Nia’s chest—surely someone would notice her blank, affectless expression, or her heavy-lidded eyes. Someone would have to realize that there was something odd about her behavior even if they didn’t know that she’d been reduced to the status of passenger within her own body. They’d come up to her, begin chatting with her, and Nia’s programming would allow her to snap out of the trance to avoid drawing attention to herself. Then she could take her book bag away from Darnelle and—and—

The lobby was empty. Nia meekly followed Darnelle to the elevators and waited with blank, fascinated patience for the the next one to arrive.

Once the metal doors slid shut on them, Darnelle’s demeanor changed. “Good girl,“he growled, his easygoing smile freezing into a mask of sensual dominance. He pinned Nia against the back wall and gave her a long, slow, sensual kiss, pushing his tongue into her mouth and fucking her with it until she shuddered and mewled wordlessly. She’d forgotten how good it felt to be taken like that—not completely, not in the depths of her subconscious where the highlights of her submission played out 24/7 in 4K high-definition with flawless surround sound, but enough that it always surprised her when she found her cunt leaking with excitement every time he made her feel this helpless again.

He broke the kiss just before the elevator doors opened again, but there was no need; the fourth floor was every bit as empty as the lobby below. Most of the students were in class this time of day, and those that weren’t were working, studying, or still sound asleep in their rooms. There was no one who could free Nia from Darnelle’s unbreakable control, and she certainly wasn’t about to free herself. Her eyelids fluttered so hard that she could barely see the sneakers three paces in front of her. A growing part of her craved the privacy of his room simply to have a chance to slump onto the bed and give in completely to the trance that sapped her strength and energy more with every passing moment.

And then they were inside, and Nia’s eyelids slammed shut with irresistible force. Her head slumped forward onto her chest, and her soft dreads slid gently across her skin to hang down in front of her face. Anyone looking at her now would be instantly certain that she was deeply hypnotized and utterly powerless to resist her programming... but there was no one there but Darnelle. And he already knew. “That’s my good girl,” he husked out, pushing her jacket off her shoulders before guiding her gently over to the bed and laying her down on her back. “That’s my very, very good girl.”

Nia let out a wordless whimper. Inside her head, she struggled her way through a tiny eternity of feeble, futile resistance—she wasn’t a girl, she told herself, she was a strong and independent woman who was going to graduate with a gender studies degree and become a public policy analyst for the MacArthur Foundation. But the more she tried to resist the subtle, insidious pleasure of Darnelle’s praise, the weaker and wetter Nia could feel herself becoming. The more she tried to insist that she was powerful, the more powerless her programming made her, until the whimper emerged in less than a second of real time as she admitted defeat and surrendered to the arousal she felt when she accepted Darnelle’s suggestions.

Nia felt his strong hands tugging at the waistband of her jeans, and she raised her hips to help him undress her. “I see my good girl knows how to dress pretty now,” he purred, his fingers pressing against the lavender fabric of her panties, pushing them into the channel between her pussy lips to soak up her musk. Nia’s mind flashed back to the first moment she pulled them on, the soft whispering caress against her flesh teasing her into arousal and the vivid contrast between light purple silk and ebony skin captivating her gaze as she stared into the mirror. Did she know she was following a hypnotic suggestion? Or did she fool herself into thinking it was all her own idea? Nia was losing track of where she ended and Darnelle’s control began, and that only made her even wetter.

His left hand remained between her thighs, rubbing and teasing her pussy through her panties, while his right slid under the waistband of her shirt and slowly, sensuously pushed it up to reveal her full, heavy breasts. “And you’re picking out the right kind of bra to show your pretty titties, too,” Darnelle murmured, tweaking and tugging at the nipples revealed by her open cup brassiere. Nia’s cheeks prickled with an invisible blush; she’d spent days feeling embarrassingly exposed every time she came in out of the cold, her long, stiff nips rubbing against everything she wore until they stood up like bullets under even the thickest sweatshirt. And yet she hadn’t been able to make herself dress in anything else.

Nia remembered now what she’d forgotten so many times before—those moments of gazing into the mirror, frozen in indecision with one hand reaching out to the laundry basket that passed for a wardrobe in the week before midterms, trying to decide what to wear each day... that wasn’t indecision at all, was it? That was an inexorable, irresistible descent into deep trance, her mind struggling and struggling until she slid down the sheer unscalable wall of supremacy that was Darnelle’s hypnotic control and picked out the clothes she was told to wear. Those little moments where she was lost in thought, that was Nia’s subconscious rewarding her with blank and thoughtless pleasure for her obedience to his will. Every time she fought, she failed, and every time she failed, she forgot. Because forgetting made her weaker still.

“Gnnh!” Nia squealed, grinding her hips into his rubbing fingers as the depths of her powerlessness became clear to her. Even that arousal was part of her programming, she realized. Darnelle had twisted around her mind and her thoughts until she got off on making herself weaker, turning resistance into subjugation and helplessness into desire. He didn’t have to brainwash her anymore. He didn’t have to even be there. The web of suggestions he’d woven around her mind over the last few months made Nia want to brainwash herself.

Darnelle chuckled. “That’s my pretty girl,” he cooed, his smooth voice going straight to Nia’s clit and making it throb with ecstasy. “She’s my good little pet, isn’t she?” Nia felt her mind bristle with momentary defiance, but the gaps between resistance and defeat were getting shorter and smaller and she barely had the chance to protest even in the privacy of her own head that she wasn’t anybody’s pet before the aching tingles of arousal between her thighs made it clear that oh yes she absolutely was. She nodded rapidly, her dreads tangling on the pillow as her head went up and down with an urgent, eager need to demonstrate her compliance.

“That’s right, sweetie,” Darnelle said gently, his mouth so close to Nia’s nipples that she could feel his breath against her skin. He leaned in and suckled at her tits for a long moment, the pleasure making her grunt and whimper with helpless need, and his hands moved away from her body for just long enough to remind her that she had become almost pathetically desperate for his touch before they returned to pull her panties over to the side as he climbed onto the bed with her. Nia knew what had to be coming next... but she couldn’t stop herself from wanting it.

Because every time Nia thought about Darnelle’s cock inside her, her mind slid past resistance faster and faster and went deeper and deeper into his control. Every time she thought about his thick shaft sinking into her pussy, the suggestions in her head twisted her defiance around until she found her determination making her that much more eager to be fucked. Every time she tried to tell herself that giving in would only make it easier for him to control her the next time, and the time after that, and the time after that, Nia found herself turning that into a reason to spread her legs and welcome him into her soaking cunt.

“My good little slut can’t fight it, can she?” Darnelle murmured softly in Nia’s ears, and there was barely even an infinitesimal gap between the moment she heard his words and the moment she pushed herself onto his hard, throbbing cock.