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This story and others from this author should only be enjoyed in a responsible manner. If you find yourself wanting to enact anything in these stories, or feel that you might develop a fetish, please do not read any further. Sex addiction is a very real problem, and the author does not wish to encourage this kind of behavior

Under the Gun

Baronetta leapt from her midnight-black motorcycle, landing on her feet in a dead run.

Almost there, she thought, pumping her legs.

The alarms could be heard from outside the museum building, made all the louder in the dead of the night.

Baronetta deftly drew her .50 caliber modified handgun, firing off a scattershot round into a first story window. The explosive kickback cocked her arm back, almost painfully, but did not slow her down.


Jumping into the air, Baronetta’s sleek figure turned sideways midair, allowing her booted feet to crash through the now-compromised heavy glass of the outer building. She could not land on her feet this time, but the all-black reinforced skin-tight leather outfit prevented any of the shards of glass from cutting her.

Now that she was inside the building, Baronetta had to quickly find the Egyptian Exhibit so that she could stop the robbery in progress.

Within 30 seconds, Baronetta had her breathing under control, two handguns held straight out to fire at any movement. She walked into the exhibit room, seeing a security guard motionless on the floor. There was blood on his face, but she didn’t have time to check on him.

Damnit, why do I have to do this? She asked herself. Unlike her other encounters, this would one would have unclear rules of engagement.

Walking around a corner, she saw a man applying a device to a large glass case, which Baronetta already knew the contents of.

“Stop right there!” she yelled. In her peripheral vision, she could see other security guards on the floor here, as well.

The man turned his head slowly to get a glimpse at Baronetta.

Yep, that’s him, Baronetta realized. Shit!

The distinctive face mask with it’s many lenses, similar to a spider’s, certainly belonged to the vigilante hero known as Ronin. The black attire was also the same.

Baronetta could hear Ronin mutter something under his breath-

“Ronin, you need to lay down your weapons and come with me” Baronetta said firmly. She really didn’t want to fight Ronin, but if the stories were true, she may have to take him down.

There was a brief pause before Ronin spun and rolled behind the pedestal holding the glass case. Baronetta fired off two rounds before cursing herself for not shooting first.

The electric-charged bullets skidded off the tile floor harmlessly, creating sparks where they ricocheted.

Baronetta side-stepped while keeping her guns pointed in Ronin’s direction, ready to fire if the target presented itself. She was an extremely-talented marksman, but she also needed to keep her distance.

Ronin lurched from the pedestal before pulling himself back behind cover, prompting another pair of rounds from Baronetta.

“Ronin, STOP!” Baronetta screamed. He was just as quick as she remembered, and a heightened sense of danger suddenly came upon her.

Just then, Baronetta saw a rubber ball bounce quickly towards her, on the ground. She turned and dashed behind a column for cover, just before an explosion of light and sound erupted behind her.

The flashbang grenade momentarily blinded Baronetta, and the ringing in her ears almost made her lose her balance.

Just a flashbang, she told herself. She pushed herself to get from behind cover so she could see her target-

See the target, shoot the target…

The momentary distraction was enough that when Baronetta was able to scan the room, she couldn’t find Ronin- Fuck! She cursed. This was getting worse by the second…

Failing to see any movement in the room, Baronetta mapped out the likely hiding places within a second, and pointed her guns to cover those locations.

The idea of using lethal rounds came unbidden to her mind, but she pushed that thought away. Even if Ronin was mentally compromised, he was still a valuable asset to The League. Baronetta’s mission was to subdue Ronin and bring him back to base for deconditioning, not to kill him.

But he’s not making that easy on me, she thought, gritting her teeth. Baronetta’s long legs strode confidently through the room, boots thudding with each of her steps.

You are Baronetta, The League’s Gun, and formerly the Widow-Maker Assassin. Take this prick down!

Baronetta saw another bouncing rubber ball coming towards her, but this one was hissing out white smoke. Before the smoke could develop, however, she moved quickly towards the source of the throw, one of the hanging tapestries. She circled around it, expecting to see Ronin hiding behind it, and was surprised by an object thrown in her direction. She fired a shot instinctively, missing, before the shuriken landed soundly into her shoulder-

“Ah!” she yelled in surprise. As Ronin ran around the other side of the tapestry, Baronetta gritted through the pain and fired half a dozen shots, some through the tapestry, as she followed in Ronin’s path. It was only after coming around the the front again that she realized Ronin had dodged her bullets by diving along the floor, into the smoke.

“Fuck this” she grunted, holstering her stun weapons and pulling out her 9mm Glock 19’s. She took a quick look into the smoke, and once she realized she didn’t have a target anymore, pulled the metal star out of her right shoulder. She unceremoniously dropped the blood-covered shuriken onto the floor with a clang.

Firing strategically towards the floor of the ever-expanding smoke screen, Baronetta was systematically eliminating areas where Ronin would be hiding. At first the shots were close up, to make sure he wasn’t moving in her direction, but then she was shooting in order to elicit a response from Ronin- a flash of movement, a sound, anything to tell her where he was.

But nothing came from the smoke, not even a hint that someone was there.

Baronetta ran to the exhibit exit, and saw the doors were closed. She checked them quickly to make sure they were locked, and once she was satisfied that there was only one way in or out, she ran back to the entrance, avoiding the smoke.

She couldn’t hear anything else in the room, although the alarms were still blaring- The cops should be here soon, she realized, I hope that bastard’s still here!

She stopped at the entrance, seeing nothing new.

Just then, an excruciating sharpness hit her right leg, bringing another cry of surprise and pain from her. Limping into the hallway, Baronetta pulled out another razor-sharp shuriken from her body.

Keeping her left gun pointed at the entranceway, she put her weight down on her right leg, which made the pain shoot up her leg again.

Damnit! She cursed. Against someone with Ronin’s skill, any compromise in her maneuverability would be an extreme liability.

bang bang

Baronetta fired into the room blindly, not really having a plan at this point. The rage was seeping in, clouding her judgement and accuracy.

click click click

The handgun was empty, and it took a few blanks before Baronetta realized it.

I gotta get out of here, she realized. She was in no state, physical or mental, to take on Ronin. But if I can keep him here, the cops will come and deal with him. It was a cowardly thing to do, but Baronetta’s training at The League had taught her the best times to retreat, and this was certainly one of them.

With one arm pointed at the entrance, Baronetta slowly backed through the hallway, ready in case Ronin decided to take her straight on.

I wish you would, Ronin. I’m gonna kill you now, she promised herself.

In no time at all, a SWAT team armed with deadly assault rifles and body armor rushed toward the Exhibit, guns trained on Baronetta.

“He’s inside, and all the security is down” she yelled, holstering her weapon. A couple SWAT members stayed behind while the rest went down the hallway. Baronetta expected to hear gunfire and the frantic yells of surprise any second now, but as the seconds turned into a minute, she cracked a sarcastic smile-

“That fucking ninja mother fucker” she chuckled. The two SWAT with her looked confused-

“I had him in my sights, y’know. Could’ve taken him out. Fucking League protocol…” she muttered, disgusted. The sounds of SWAT members yelling “Clear!” reverberated through the hallway, and Baronetta just turned to walk away in disgust.

“Stop!” One of the SWAT members yelled at her.

“Shoot me, I don’t care anymore” she replied, continuing to limp through the museum.

Leslie’s lithe body gently entered the steamy bath water. The temperature was too hot at first, but that was kind of the point- she needed the warmth to relax her muscles.

And to just relax…

Baronetta was berating herself the whole ride back to her house in the suburbs of Los Angeles, rethinking how she could’ve handled the situation better-

Shoot first, ask questions later, was the idea she kept coming back to. Ronin and Baronetta certainly knew each other pretty well, having worked together briefly a year ago to take down some mobsters trying to get their hands on deadly weaponry. She knew what Ronin was capable of, both in terms of his physical abilities, and his gadgets.

And I bet he knew I wouldn’t shoot to kill, she mused. From beginning to end, Ronin was in control of that entire encounter, setting up moves to tip the odds in his favor. It was almost as if Ronin expected her to be there…

That thought worried Leslie enough that she felt unsafe, and entirely exposed-

He wouldn’t have followed me here, right?

Getting out of the bathtub, she stepped to the side and grabbed her Glock 19, hoping she was just being paranoid-

Even if he could find me, what would he even want with me?

At 5′10″, Leslie struck a formidable figure, even buck naked. She didn’t even worry about the water dripping down her back from her shoulder-length, straight black hair, being focused on making sure her home was safe.

Fuck, did I leave the lights off? She wondered. She had both hands on her gun, and struggled to peer through the shadows of the hallway.

Taking small, ginger steps, Leslie moved towards the living room, safety off and ready to pull the trigger. The consequences of firing a gun in the middle of suburban LA didn’t even cross her mind.


A shockwave of electricity permeated her body, blacking out her senses and causing her toned muscles to go rigid. Leslie felt the ground rush up to meet her, smacking her hard in the head.

When her senses recovered, she realized that her arms were pinned behind her, and she couldn’t pull them away-

“AAhhh” Leslie screamed, kicking and rolling on the ground to try to get up. She felt her body roll back onto her pinned arms, bare front exposed to whatever was struggling on her.

“Get the FU—”

A heavy weight landed on her diaphragm, knocking the wind out of her and preventing her from breathing. The panic of asphyxiation overcame her thoughts, and she desperately tried to take a breath.

She was spinning around, but after what felt like eternity, was able to breathe again. Before she could say anything at all, she felt her head pulled back by her straight black hair, and a cloth was stuffed into her mouth.

“Much better” she heard someone say. The tape was already in place before she could try to spit the thing out of her mouth.

Leslie realized that she was seated in a chair, but her legs were bound together, and someone was holding her to the chair to prevent her from rolling away. From the black color and feel of heavy synthetic fiber, she knew it was Ronin.

“Mmfhmmuuh” Leslie sounded through the gag.

“Scream all you like, my dear, no one will hear you” came the same voice again. Leslie recognized it as feminine, and coming from behind her.

“Huurraahhuuhrr” Leslie muffled.

“I am Selene” the woman answered, walking into view, “But soon you will call me ‘Master’”.

For a moment, Leslie blinked her eyes in amazement- a tall, well-toned and half-naked woman sauntered into view, wearing a white pencil skirt and large fan-like jewelry on top of her very large breasts-

Who the fuck is this chick? Leslie thought, as her eyes scanned this dark-skinned psycho. She tested her bonds as Selene came closer-

“Struggle all you want, my dear, but you won’t be able to fight me” Selene cooed, smiling. The nonchalant way she dealt with Leslie was unnerving, as was the distracting outfit she wore.

“Oh, I see you admiring my necklace” Selene said, looking down at her gold and jewel-encrusted broad collar. She placed her slender hand on the necklace, stroking the fine jewelry before migrating down to her underboob-

“Or were you noticing these?” she teased, now bringing both hands underneath her impressive bosom. Her hands explored every inch of her supple breasts, stroking them and working inside her cleavage.

Leslie caught herself staring at Selene’s chest, following the woman’s hands, and peeking around the necklace for a chance to see her nipples.

“Whuh-hurr-hah?” Leslie said, snapping out of it. She was looking back at Selene’s face, which was beautifully youthful and sexy all at the same time.

“What do I want?” Selene surmised, “Well, I think it’s more about what you want, my dear...or what you desire” she responded, smiling seductively.

Did this bitch think she was going to seduce me? Leslie thought incredulously, There’s no way Ronin fell for this!

Not only was Leslie not a “fan” of girls, but her sexual encounters with men were all of the fem-dom variety. Meaning she would get off tying up someone else, not herself.

Selene walked over to Leslie like a runway model, swinging her hips and clicking her high heeled sandals. Leslie had to admit that she had a fantastic body. Just not my type.

Selene spread her legs out and sat down on Leslie’s naked lap. The warmth of her lower body felt good to Leslie’s cold, damp body, but she flinched anyways-

“Gehhuhfuhahee” she yelled through the gag. Leslie leaned back to avoid touching Selene’s chest, which was eye-level. Selene’s close proximity not only brought an inviting warmth, but a pleasant aroma as well.

“I wonder” Selene started, placing her hands on the back of Leslie’s neck, “If you’ve ever been with a woman”

With her naked body restrained, Leslie suddenly realized that she was in danger of being sexually abused, and her eyes gave away her concern-

“Don’t worry, my dear, I’ll keep it a secret” Selene whispered.

I need to get away from her, Leslie realized, before she does to me what she did to Ronin…

Snapping her head forward, Leslie attempted to headbutt Selene in the chin, but only managed to make contact with Selene’s bejeweled collar.

Just then Leslie felt a slap on her cheek, a sting that caused her eyes to well up. It was a surprisingly stunning impact from such a lithe young woman.

“Behave now, my pet” Selene cautioned, as she slid herself off Leslie’s bare legs. She walked around the chair, out of view, and Leslie had to think of a plan-

Ronin’s obviously under some sort of spell, so I just have to figure out how she did it, and fight it off long enough for The League to realize I’m in trouble.

After missions like these, League members were expected to provide debriefings to inform colleagues about dangerous criminals and to help future planning. She had only provided a cursory report a little bit ago, but The League would be expecting a full report within an hour-

That’s a long time, Leslie realized, I’ll need to rely on my anti-interrogation training-

If they want information, I’ll need to be silent. Silence is my friend. As a last resort, lie.

If she’s trying to be my friend, would a friend kidnap me? Leslie remembered the slap she felt on her face, imagined that pain again.

Pain is only temporary. You can take whatever they give you. You are Baronetta, the motherfucking gun of The League. You got this.

A light in her peripheral vision caught Leslie’s eye. She glanced up to notice that Selen’s eyes were somehow glowing- How? She thought.

“Do you like my new look?” Selene asked, circling around to come face to face.

Leslie appreciated the thick black lines that framed Selen’s glowing orbs, and the dark blue eyeshadow that seemed to sparkle in the low light.

“Speechless? I’ll take that as a compliment, my dear” Selene continued, stepping closer.

Leslie subconsciously fought to close her eyes, resisting the magnetic pull of Selene’s awesome gaze.

“Don’t try to fight it, my pet” Selene cooed, straddling Leslie’s naked legs again.

Would a friend kidnap me? Leslie thought weakly. She remembered Selene had caused her pain, and the memory struggled mightily against the cobwebs slowing her thoughts.

I’m...kidnapped, leslie realized in her mind, I’m in danger!

Leslie finally shut her eyes, allowing her mind to clear itself of the cogs placed by Selene

That’s how she does it! She hypnotizes with her eyes! Don’t open them!

“It’s cute that you think you can resist me” Leslie heard her say, “No one has ever bested me in a test of wills. You will be a delicious victory to savor.”

Leslie snarled through her gag, anger bubbling up- This bitch doesn’t know who she’s dealing with!

She felt the fingers on her eyes, pulling her lids up, and suddenly the glowing orbs of power were in sight again.

Fight it! Leslie told herself, clenching her jaw. Her eyes unfocused, blurring the image of Selene’s face. The lights were still there, but Leslie would not be enthralled by them.

Suddenly, Leslie’s vision went black, as something soft and fleshy enveloped her face- Her tits, they’re suffocating! She realized with horror. The fullness of Selene’s breasts were squished against her, preventing any air from getting in.

“Hrrrhrr” she screamed into Selene’s deep cleavage. Leslie struggled with every muscle she had, but the bonds were holding her to the chair, and Selene had a tight grip on the back of her head.

“Shh, shh” she could hear her say, “Just go to sleep”

In less than 30 seconds, Leslie lost consciousness.

* * *

Leslie slowly drifted up, weightlessly drawing closer and closer to something in the distance. It was as if she was gravitating towards it, towards an enormous mass that could not resisted. Staring straight at it, it appeared as a light at the end of a dark tunnel, looming larger and larger with each passing moment. Drifting, up and up, she kept creeping closer, and the light seemed so...beautiful. Leslie could not help but want to move closer to the light, to learn more about it.

The light was so powerful, so immensely strong that she could not tear her eyes from it. It held her complete attention, her devotion.

Whispers emanated from the light, messages that she absorbed into her being. Messages of servitude, of obedience to the light. She accepted these words as truth, and hungrily waited to learn more-

“You love it when you obey my commands” Selene continued, holding Baronetta’s rapt attention. The naked brunette was still tied to the chair, eyes wide and entranced by Selene’s hypnotic gaze.

“You love to serve me, to be my slave” Selene said. She knew at this point that all was lost for the hero nicknamed The Gun of The League.

“And you crave my approval, don’t you my pet” she crooned, placing a hand on one of Baronetta’s pale but pert breasts. Baronetta breathed in sharply from Selene’s erotic touch, a trigger that had been programmed into her mind.

Selene started untying her captive- “Your will is mine to control, and you love this feeling of submission”

Baronetta’s newly freed legs opened wide and curled around the chair legs. Selene recognized this as Baronneta being aroused.

“From now on, your only thoughts will be ones of obedience and servitude”

“Yes, master” Baronetta replied. Hearing Baronetta’s timid voice was a welcome sound to Selene’s ears.

“You shall have no allegiance besides me, my slutty pet” Selene commanded, “And you will divulge all your secrets to me.”

Baronetta nodded in agreement, “Whatever you ask, master”

Selene felt a tingle in her own genitals- “You will betray your friends at The League, and take pleasure helping me destroy them.”

“Oh, yes master” Baronetta moaned. With each devious command, Baronetta experienced a new wave of pleasure. Selene was smashing through each of Baronetta’s inhibitions one by one, releasing Baronetta from her old responsibilities and morals. “Prove yourself to me, slave. I desire to enthrall all of your superhero friends, one by one.”

“As you wish” Baronetta replied with a shudder. Selene watched Baronett’s pert round breasts jiggle with renewed interest.

“But first, I desire you utmost attention” Selen said wickedly, unraveling her skirt cloth. Baronetta watched with adoring eyes as her master presented a cleanly shaved and smooth slit, a truly great wonder for her to behold.

“It would please me greatly for you to service my clit” Selene remarked crudely, opening her legs. Instantly, Baronetta leapt from her chair onto the floor, kneeling in front of Selene’s glorious pussy. She only took a moment to admire the puffy, healthy outer lips before gingerly applying her tongue.

Selene flinched at the feeling of Baronetta’s wet tongue on her nether region, then bent down to grab Baronetta’s hands and place them on Selene’s smooth, muscular ass cheeks. Baronetta responded by gently pulling Selene’s hips toward her mouth, which enveloped Selene’s genitals fully.

Selene rolled her eyes back when Baronetta’s roaming tongue quickly found the nub above her vagina, and started applying pressure from different angles.

“ pet” Selene encouraged between breaths. Baronetta was much more skilled at cunnilingus than Ronin, who she remembered was still standing at attention, waiting.

Like a horny dog, Selene thought, seeing Ronin’s stiff erection underneath his pants. Glancing at her other servant with half-closed lids, she commanded Ronin to kneel and take his member.

Ronin instantly did so, pulling out a fully engorged penis. “Good boy” Selene said, biting her lower lip. The pleasure coming from her clitoris was intensifying.

“Your master’s pleasure is...your own” Selene commanded. Ronin was now waiting expectantly for any kind of touch on his erection.

As another wave of pleasure rolled through her, Selene placed her hand on top of Baronetta’s head, steadying herself from falling over while also giving Baronetta the encouragement to continue.

“Stroke for your goddess” Selene spoke, and Ronin complied. Even with the mask on, Ronin’s attention was obviously directed squarely toward Selene’s radiant eyes. There was absolutely nothing he could do except what she commanded.

“Oohh” Selene moaned from excitement. She was already getting close to an orgasm less than a minute into her slave’s physical devotion.

A metallic chirping noise could be heard periodically from the study, but Selene ignored it. She was having too much fun to be bothered with one of Baronetta’s phone calls.

“Oh, fuck me...that’s good” Selene groaned between labored breaths, “...slave”. It was getting harder for her to concentrate, as the fuzziness started to build in her mind.

The feeling of Baronetta’s tongue on her clit was indescribable- left, right, circling every which way. Light pressure, deeper pressure. The constant stimulation from different angles was exhilarating, pushing her past the point of no return.

“Oh, oh, oh” Selene cried, tilting her head back and placing both hands on Baronetta’s head. She felt the urge to somehow smash Baronetta’s head inside her genitals.

The pressure on her clit intensified as Selene pulled Baronetta’s face deeper into her pussy, pushing her to orgasm-

“AAahhh” Selene breathed out with a pant, as the intense orgasm started wracking her body with pleasure. Her legs twitched from overstimulation as her brain exploded in a flood of endorphins, her mind numbed to the point that she lost control of her senses.

Watching his master in the throes of climax, Ronin orgasmed himself, releasing the offerings of his lust and obedience to the floor.

Long after Ronin’s orgasm, Selene eventually slipped into her fuzzy post coital state, numbly observing her loyal and obedient slaves- They are totally mine, she thought happily.

Looking down at Baronetta’s wet face, Selene smiled in appreciation. Baronetta’s face also had a look of contentment, despite the fluids caused by Selene’s red and engorged pussy.

I’m looking forward to working with this one, she thought.