The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Under Your Spell

by J. Darksong

“So. You guys are playing Dungeons and Dragons, hmmm?”

Four heads popped up simultaneously to glare at John as he stood in the lighted doorway, leaning casually against the doorjamb. He smirked, stepping into the room, closing the door. “Sorry. Don’t mind me. I’m just gonna do some homework over on my side of the room. So please... don’t let me stop you.”

“Yeah, thanks, John,” Phil said with a sigh. To the others, he merely shrugged. “Sorry, guys. I didn’t expect my roommate to be back this early. So, do you wanna call it a night, or do you wanna keep going?”

“I say we keep going,” Anne said immediately. “We made it all the way through the Crensor Mines to the hidden chamber, by the skin of our teeth! I wanna finish this crawl before we call it a night.”

“I agree,” Phoebe piped in. “No way I’m stopping after going through all that just when we get to the good part! Keep going!”

Phil glanced at the third player. “What about you, Steve?”

He shrugged. “Okay, I’ll make it unanimous. Let’s push on.”

Phil grinned. “Alrighty then!” Pressing the PLAY button on his portable CD player again, he began to read as the mood music started to play softly in the background. “The dust slowly settles as you step through the dark opening. The torch carried by Tolvar dimly illuminates the edges of the rough hewn cavern walls several feet away. On the outer edges, you can just make out the cave walls widening out into a much larger chamber. Unlike the rest of the cavern, this chamber reeks with the stench of rotten things and freshly dug earth.”

“Oh great, more undead,” Steve groaned slightly. “Gee, what were the chances of that?”

“Well, considering the fact that we had to fight our way through about a couple hundred zombies and skeletons to get this far,” Anne replied, “I’d say pretty good.”

“Well, there’s an easy way to find out,” Phoebe said, flipping through a few papers in front of her. “I cast Detect Undead.”

“Hmmm. Smart move. Let’s see...” Phil taps a few keys on his computer, scrolling through his notes. “Detecting... Undead... umm... huh. Ah, here we go. Your get the sense that there are...” checking his notes “seven undead creatures in the chamber ahead of you.”

“I concentrate on the spell longer. About how powerful are they, compared to us?”

“Uhhhh... six of them are weaker, but one of them is at your level or higher.”

John shook his head from his desk. “Yeah. Of course it would be,” he muttered without looking up from his book.

Phil glared over his shoulder for a moment, before returning to the game. “Anyway... seven undead in the chamber ahead of you. What do you do?”

The three players consulted. “Okay,” Phoebe said, “I think we should start with my casting Shield of Faith on us all for the AC boost, then using ‘Prayer’ to give us all an attack boost.”

“Sounds good,” Steve agreed. “Then I’ll lead the charge. Guess I better equip that +2 holy mace we picked up back in the other vault. It’s not as big a damage dealer as my greataxe, but the holy effect will more than make up for it.”

“I guess that just leaves me,” Anne said with a frown. “Well, my sneak attack doesn’t work on things that are already dead, so I guess I’ll be support. I’ll start by taking an Invisibility potion, and then I’ll use Kara’s cure light wounds wand and heal you two when needed.”

Phil smirked. “Sounds like you guys have a plan. So... who’s going in first?”

“I guess I will,” said Steve, sliding his miniature forward. “I’ll take the lead, Ahlia should follow me, and Kara should bring up the rear, to help out as needed—”

“Your funeral,” John muttered again, cutting through Steve’s words.

“Okay, so just what is THAT supposed to mean?” Steve said, standing up from the table. John just shrugged, which only made him angrier.

“You think you know more about this game that we do?” Phoebe challenged, standing up as well. “You keep making those little smug comments from over there across the room like you’re a fucking expert or something! Don’t you have something better to do that annoy us?”

“Sorry,” John said with a sigh. “I was just wanting to give you some friendly advice, that’s all. Like... putting your thief first, letting her scout the area ahead and check for any booby traps. Not that being invisible will do much with undead—skeletons and zombies won’t really have working eyes anyway. They sense your life essence more than actually see you, so they’ll know you’re there anyway. And for offence, since she can Use Magical Devices pretty well, she can cause some pretty good damage with the healing wand, since positive energy hurts undead.” He shrugged. “Not that it’s any of my business if you wanna simply charge ahead blindly into whatever traps await you.” He turned back to his book, smirking slightly.

Silence greeted him, as four jaws dropped. “Yanno... that’s actually... kinda smart,” Steve grudgingly admitted. “Hey Phil, I thought you said your roommate didn’t play D&D?”

“He said he didn’t,” Phil answered, staring over at his roommate. “But he must have been looking through my notes on the campaign if he knew about the traps.” He frowned. “Is that it? Did you snoop through my notes while I was out with Karen the other day?”

John sighed and put his book down. “Okay. First of all, I DON’T play ‘Dungeons and Dragons’. Not anymore. But a couple of us used to play it a few years back... you know, back when it had a really bad reputation for devil worship and all that. I don’t play anymore... but some of the stuff about the game just stuck.” He sighed. “Whether I wanted it to or not.”

“Hey, man, we’re not doing anything bad, yanno,” Phil said after a moment. “I know D&D got kinda a bad rap back in the olden days, but it’s just a board game, dude! I know, I know... you’re a good ten years older than us, and we don’t really hang out that much... but maybe you could join our game.” He glanced around at the others’ faces, and after a moment, they all nodded. “We really need four people to have a balanced party, and even at a college as large as this one, other D&D players are pretty hard to come by.”

John seemed to consider for a moment. “It’s interesting that after being here for three months now, ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ is the first bit of common ground I’ve found with you guys. Thanks, but I’ll pass.” Standing up, he reached for his backpack. “Sorry to interrupt your game. I’ll go study at the library.”

“Hey, wait, c’mon,” Phil said as John left. The door closed, and he sighed. “Well, damn. That was kinda freaky. I mean, it’s just a damned game. Why’d he have to spazz out like that?”

“Oh well, forget him,” Phoebe said, dismissively. “We were doing pretty good without him anyway.”

“Yeah, but the big battle seems a little anticlimactic now, with what he told us about the traps and how to handle the undead we’re about to fight,” Steve pointed out. “Maybe we should just call it a night and regroup tomorrow night?”

The others agreed. Sighing deeply, Phil packed up his books and said goodbye to his friends for the night. Shaking his head, he took out his notebook, and began planning a way to salvage the final battle for tomorrow night’s game.

* * *

“So, you guys wanna go grab a bit to eat at the Quad?” Steve asked.

“Naw, no thanks,” Anne said, “I’m gonna go head back to my room, maybe look over my notes for Monday’s quiz in Cal 2. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.”

“What about you, Pheebs?”

“Me? I’m going to the library. Frankly, I’m still kinda pissed about John ruining our game. I’m going to go and give him a piece of my mind!”

Steve shook his head. The spunky little blonde had one hell of a temper; he’d been on the receiving end of one of her tirades before, and he didn’t envy John in the slightest. “Um, okay... but remember that we still need to use Phil’s room to meet and play. That might be a little difficult if you punch his roommate in the nose.”

Phoebe smirked as she strode off. “Oh, don’t worry,” she called back over her shoulder. “As tempting as that might be, I just intend to put him in his place using nothing but my tongue.”

* * *

She found him in the first floor reference area, sitting alone, looking through a book on human physiology. He looked up at her briefly as she approached, then sighed, pushing back the chair across from him with his foot. “I guess the game broke up a little early, then?” he said, avoiding her gaze.

“Yeah. Thanks to you.”

“I didn’t mean to ruin your game. It’s just... well, I didn’t expect to see you guys there, STILL playing, when I walked in. I mean, usually you guys are long gone by the time I finish my last evening class.”

“So we ruined your quiet evening in, is that it?” she retorted. “And to get back at us, you decided to ruin our game to make us leave?”

“No! I mean...” he shook his head. “Maybe, a part of me kind of resented you playing THAT GAME in my room... maybe I was a little teed off that you and your friends always hang out together, and usually exclude me—”

“And THIS was your retaliation!” Phoebe cut in. “Because we didn’t ask you to play, because you weren’t having fun, you decided to ruin it for the rest of us! Back when we first started playing, Phil asked if you wanted to play. I was there. You just turned up your nose, turned away and said, ‘I don’t play D&D’. Huh. And you wonder why we don’t want to hang out with you?”

John sighed, closing his eyes. “You don’t understand.”

“Oh, I understand just fine. You thought you were too high and mighty to spend your time playing with a bunch of kids half your age... like you were too mature to hang out with us or something! And tonight, when you saw what you were missing out on, you decided to screw with us, ruin our game, then just say ‘sorry’ and walk out! You arrogant son of a bitch!”

John grunted. “Look. I said I was sorry, alright? There’s a very good reason why I don’t play that particular game anymore! I’ve gone the last fifteen years without rolling any dice at all, and believe me, it hasn’t been easy! This game...” He leaned forward, looking at her, entreatingly. Willing her to understand. “’Dungeons and Dragons’ isn’t just a game, alright? Not for ME, anyway...”

Phoebe rolled her eyes. “You know what, John? You’re full of shit. If it’s such a big inconvenience for us to use your room, we’ll just find somewhere else to play. Thanks for nothing, asshole!”

John sighed silently, saying nothing for several moments. Then, as she turned to walk away, he stood up. “Fine. I see this is something I just can’t escape from. Maybe it’s fate. Maybe’s it destiny. All I know is... I’m sick and tired of trying to fight it.” He stared at her hotly, with such intensity that Phoebe blanched, taking a step back. “You think it’s all a game, do you? Fine. I’m ready to play.”

Phoebe backed further away, fear prickling at her spine as she realized just how empty the library was tonight. “You’re fucking crazy, that’s what you are! I’m outta here.” She turned to walk away.

John smiled wickedly. “No, I don’t think so.” He pointed a hand towards her, gesturing strangely with his fingers, before making a fist. “Stop.”

Yeah, right! Phoebe thought to herself. As if. I’m getting as far away from you as I can, you psycho... huh? wha? WHAT THE FUCK? Why can’t I move? Why can’t I move?!? I’m stuck!

John walked slowly in front of her, still smirking. “No, you’re not stuck. Just paralyzed for the moment. You might recall a certain arcane spell listed in the Player’s Handbook known as Hold Person? Well, my dear Phoebe, you’re experiencing it right now.”

Hold Person?!? she thought wildly, panic rising within her. Oh God. He IS crazy! He actually thinks he’s a fucking wizard, like in the game!

“No, no, Phoebe. Not a wizard. Sorcerer, actually. I always pictured a wizard as a withered old reed thin man with long white hair and spectacles, ready a bunch of dusty old books.” He laughed, holding up the book in his left hand. “Oh, but this doesn’t count. You see, a sorcerer has all of the same power as a wizard, just a bit less of an inventory to choose from, and much less of the stereotypical denotation. Basically, we bypass all of the unnecessary shit and perfect the essential spells.” He grinned wider. “And if case you’re wondering, I cast Detect Thoughts when you first walked in to tell me what you thought of me.”

Oh my God. Phoebe thought frantically. This can’t be happening! This isn’t real!

“Oh, but it is, and it is,” John insisted. Reaching out to grab her arm, he turned her unresisting form back towards the table. “A long time ago, my friends and I were into D&D. I mean, REALLY into it. You know all those stories about kids holding dark rituals, smoking incense and sacrificing animals to gain power? Well, ninety-nine percent of it may have been complete bunk and hogwash, but my pals and I lucked up and came across that one percent.” He maneuvered her gently back into her seat, pushing the car up to the table once more. “Totally rocked our world. Talk about making the impossible possible. Just imagine it, Pheebs. Imagine being able to point your hand, whisper a few words, and create something out of thin air. Or throw fireballs and lightning bolts from your bare hands.”

Walking back to his own seat, he sat down. “Then imagine those same people getting bored, having all that power, being able to do virtually anything that wanted. Suppose you wanted to rob a store. Imagine the police trying to catch you when you can turn invisible, or trying to stop you when you can shoot fire from your fingertips like a flamethrower.” He sighed. “Luckily for us, it never got to that point. In a way, I almost wish it had... that would have been better than what eventually happened... us turning on one another. Each one getting paranoid about the other taking his power, viewing former friends now as rivals. As enemies.”

John gestured again with his hands, and a small round globe appeared, floating a few inches above his hands in midair. “Since that day, I promised myself that I would never use these powers I gained... that I would never play that game, never even THINK about Dungeons and Dragons again. It hasn’t been easy, let me tell you. You have no idea... what it’s like. The rush. The power.” He tapped the globe, and it began to glow, spinning slowly at first, then faster and faster, dancing before Phoebe’s eyes. “It’s a slippery slope. Once you start, it’s hard to stop. It’s like making a Will save against yourself, fighting your own nature. It’s a drug... and until now, I’d forgotten how addictive it can be.”

What’s... happening... to me? Phoebe wondered, dazed, her wide eyes locked on the glowing spinning ball of colors before her.

“I’ve decided to play your little game,” John answered, “but we’ll be playing by MY rules. So just relax, and let my Hypnotic Pattern do its work and burn its way into your mind. You can try and fight it, if you want, but it’s no use. Your will isn’t strong enough. You couldn’t even break free from my physically. You have NO HOPE of resisting me mentally.”

I... have... no hope... Phoebe’s dazed mind responded, I... cannot resist...

“Good. Very very good.” He gestured again, and the ball began to spin and glow even more. “Now then. Your mind is emptying out. Your thoughts are frayed, and torn. Let my words fill the gaps within your mind. Let my words become your thoughts.” He nodded as his suggestions sank firmly into place. “It would be a good idea to have John run the D&D game tomorrow as Dungeon Master. That way, Phil could play a character the way he’s been wanting to, and the game could run more smoothly...”

* * *

“...and since he knows so much about the game by heart, anyway,” Phoebe explained to Phil over the phone, “it just makes more sense. He’s up for it, if we still want him. And I for one, want him to play.”

“Well, I guess it’s okay with me,” Phil said slowly. “We were pretty much done with this campaign once you guys fought through the undead and made it through to the tomb. I guess I’m a little bummed that we didn’t get to finish it out, but I am kinda stoked at being able to play an actual PC this time.” He shook his head. “I still can’t believe you got that old geezer to agree to play with us, considering the way he walked out on us.”

Phoebe smirked. “He was a bit of a hard sell, but I guess I shamed him into it. I met him in the library and laid into him about ruining the game last night.” She laughed haughtily. “By the time I was finished with him, he was practically BEGGING to make it all up to me.”

“That’s why you’re my favorite, Pheebs,” Phil said with a chuckle. “I only pray you continue to use your powers for good, and not evil.”

“So, you’re okay with it, then? Starting a new campaign tonight when we play?”

“If everyone else is, then yeah.”

“Great. I already talked to Steve, and he’s on board, and Anne talked to John herself, and agreed to go along with it. Looks like we’re all set.”

“Alrighty then. See you tonight, Pheebs!” Phil said, hanging up.

Phoebe smiled, sighing softly. Things were going just as she’d planned. It seemed a little strange, though... she’d never really liked John very much. At thirty-eight years old, he was easily old enough to be her father, and the thought of spending time ‘hanging out’ with her dad was more than enough to give the svelte twenty-year old blonde the shudders. Glancing at the clock, she stood up and walked to the door, and opened it.

“Ah, twelve-fifteen on the dot,” John said with a grin, walking inside. “Perfect. I do like a girl that’s punctual.”

“John?!? What the hell—what are YOU doing here?” Phoebe asked, angry and more than little confused. “What are you doing here in my dorm room?”

“You invited me, of course,” John said, nonchalantly, sitting down on the bed. “I guess you forgot. Oh well. I trust that your roommate Mary is gone for the weekend as usual?”

“Yes she is... but it’s not really any of your business!” Phoebe shot back. What was going on here? She felt a strange urgent feeling of building panic, but she couldn’t quite figure out why. “Everything’s all set to play D&D tonight... in YOUR room. Why did you come here?”

“Well, because you and I have some unfinished business,” John said casually, leaning back, lying down flat on the bed. “I had a lot of fun with you last night, Phoebe... and frankly, I’m looking for a repeat performance.”

Phoebe bristled. The bloody nerve! “I don’t know what the HELL you’re talking about, John,” she hissed, “but you’re making me regret ever wanting to have anything to do with you, let alone spend time playing D&D with you! Get the fuck out of my room right now... or I’m calling campus security!”

To Phoebe’s surprise, he laughed. If John felt in any way threatened, he hid it well. “You think this is some kind of game?!?” she yelled.

“Exactly!” John said, sitting up. “This is a game... a role playing game. Right now, you’re playing the role of an indignant, angry, and confused girl on the brink of violence against me, the object of your angst.” He smirked. “But its strange. As much as you’d like to claw my eyes out right now, as much as you’d love to pick up the phone and dial security, you’re doing neither one. You’re just standing there, stewing in your own juices. Now... ask yourself why that is.”

Why? What a stupid question! she thought furiously. Because that’s... the role... my Dungeon Master assigned me?!? What the... oh. Oh. Oh shit. OH SHIT!

John’s grin grew wider. “I see the memories have returned. You know, you can do so very much with such simple spells these days. It’s all about how you use them. Back when I first got these powers, I tried to control people with my Hypnosis spells and make them do what I wanted. Half the time it didn’t work. Of course, I was just a teenager back then... I didn’t know about Psychology. Demanding someone do something like a lot of power, a lot of force. Suggesting that they like or dislike something, making them believe what you want them to do is what THEY want to do, is much easier, if a bit more complicated.”

Phoebe walked quickly over to the door, spending several agonizing moments trying to turn the doorknob and escape, before finally giving up. “Okay. Okay. So... you have me. I’m your fucking puppet. What are you going to do now, oh Great and Powerful Dungeon Master? You can’t hold me captive in here forever. Eventually, someone’s going to wonder where I am. Mary will be back tomorrow, and Phil, Anne and Steve are expecting us there in your room at 2PM to play the game. What do you plan to do then?”

“Why, play, of course,” John answered, kicking off his shoes, and unbuttoning his shirt. “But, in the meantime, we have two hours to kill, and I have been itching to try another spell in my repertoire... one that I’ve actually been casting for the past several minutes, since I first walked in the door. I’m actually rather interested in seeing how this works out.” Smirking, he pointed a finger at Phoebe and uttered a low deep phrase she couldn’t understand. A wave of dizziness swept over her momentarily, and she glanced over at her tormentor in suspicion.

“What was that?” she said accusingly. “What the fuck did you just do?”

“Tell me, are you familiar with the term ‘Geas’?” he said, taking his shirt completely off. “The word, or the spell, either one?”

Geas?” Her eyes widened. “You didn’t? Oh... fuck me...”

John laughed. “I’m planning to, in case you hadn’t noticed,” he said, unzipping his pants. ”Geas will compel you to obey the specific compulsion that I wove into the spell when I cast it over you. It’s much more powerful than what I used before, but at the same time, you’re fully aware of what’s happening to you. You have at least the illusion of free will, if not the real thing... and while the compulsion is unbreakable, there are ways around it, within limits, if you’re very clever.” Clad in just a pair of boxers and some socks, he lay back down on the bed.

Phoebe let that bit of information sink in. “So... why are you telling me all this? You have to know I’m going to try my damnedest to break out of this and escape from you... one way or another.”

“It’s not really much of a game without an element of risk, is it?” He shrugged. “By the way, the specific compulsion I created is that you will perfectly play out any role that I, your Dungeon Master, assign you. So, for the next two hours, you are going to play the role of my very sexy, very horny, very submissive love slave.”

No sooner did the words leave his mouth than Phoebe felt something inside her shift. Where before she’d looked on him as a tormentor, she now saw him as a lover. She now saw him, not as old and creepy, but as mature and captivating. Instead of reminding her of her father, he now reminded her of every Hollywood heartthrob, singer, and actor she’d even been infatuated with. Her heart began to thud in her chest, and she felt her cheeks burn hot. The sudden and powerful arousal took her completely by surprise, and when her knees suddenly hit the floor, she couldn’t tell whether it the compulsion making her act the part of a slave or weakness from the overwhelming need threatening to consume her.

Shit! First he fucked with my head, now he’s fucking with my feelings! Phoebe thought dismally. I have to fight this! I can’t let him do this to me! Then she noticed her hands, which has crept forward of their own accord, caressing and stroking the growing bulge in John’s shorts. Noooooo! This spell, this...whatever it is... it can’t be THAT powerful, can it? Dammit... I hate him. He’s old, he’s arrogant, he’s disgusting... so why the hell is stroking him through his underwear turning me on?

Aloud, she purred in a soft seductive growl. “Mmmm. Looks like Master’s gone and gotten himself all hot and bothered. Maybe your sweet little slave girl should help you... relieve some of that tension. Would you like that, Master?” She batted her eyes playfully, lowering her head, glancing up shyly at him through her eyelashes. “Please? May your sweet little slave girl be allowed to serve you?”

John chuckled softly, nodding his assent. “But of course, dear Phoebe. Hmmm... I think I’ll settle for just a blowjob for now. We have to be mindful of the time, after all.” He chuckled again, hearing the inner monologue going on inside her head. Despite the anger and humiliation she felt at being used this way, her outward appearance and expression was all smiling seduction. He was quite pleased; she was following his command perfectly, and acting every bit the submissive love slave.

For her part, Phoebe felt understandably torn. She was keenly aware of what was going on, and what she was doing, but instead of helping, that knowledge only reinforced her feelings of helplessness. Freeing his cock from its confines, she found herself staring at it with fascination, and a little awe. Wow... I didn’t expect it to be so... big. Before she even realized what she was doing, she’d sank her lips over the tip. Momentary disgust and revulsion soon gave way to surprising pleasure as her geas-induced role as a love slave starting flooding her system with endorphins.

Ohhhh gaaaaawwwdd... mmmmm, it feels so... so good... she thought dreamily, sucking and slurping away with a skill she didn’t realize she possessed. How? How... can it feel so fucking good?

Because you’re serving your Master, her slave persona answered back. You’re serving His please like a good girl, and it always feels good to serve and obey your Master.

No! He’s not my Master! she thought back desperately. It’s just... just... it’s that spell... it’s making me... making me FEEL this way! It’s not real... not real!

But it FEELS real, her slave self countered. It doesn’t matter why... all that matters is that right now, you’re Master’s sexy submissive slave, and pleasing your Master makes you feel good. You’re a love slave. That is your role.

That is my role, Phoebe repeated, feeling her pleasure spike sharply. Ohhhhh fuucckk! Mmmmmm... I’m a love slave. That is... my role. she groaned around John’s cock, speeding up her movements, a hand sliding down between her own spread thighs. Ohhh FUCK that’s good! I’m a love slave. That is my role. I’m a love slave. That is my role...

“Ohhhh, yeah, yeah...” John panted, going stiff. “I’m gonna... CUM!”

Phoebe fought her natural reaction as she felt her mouth fill, letting her throat relax as his seed ran down it. A split second later, she let out a muffled scream as her own orgasm blasted its way through her, twisting her mind and body inside and out. Her vision went white, and only the fact that her body was still in ‘slave girl’ mode and out of her control kept her from slumping to the floor. Breathing hard through her nose, still sucking lightly on John’s softening cock, she knelt there in a daze, the mantra still running through her head.

I’m Master’s love slave... that is my role... I’m Master’s love slave... that is my role...

* * *

“Ah, so glad you could join us,” Anne said sarcastically, glancing up as John and Phoebe walked in. “Can we get this thing started? Rolling up new character stats takes forever, and I would like to get some actual playing done tonight—”

“Don’t worry about it,” John said smoothly, walking over to the corner, kneeling down. “You can use your characters from the last campaign. Same levels, same equipment, same everything.” He smirked, pulling out an old box from underneath his bed. “A good DM knows how to be flexible, and can alter the game to suit the situation. So... that just leaves Phil.”

Phil shrugged. “I didn’t play anyone this time, I was too busy running the game... but I do have a couple of characters made up from an old campaign a few years ago that I never erased. They’re about the same level...”

John nodded. “Well, you already have a thief, a fighter, and a cleric. You’ve covered most of the basics. I’d say you could use a little more help in the ‘firepower’ department—”

“I have a tenth-level bard, and a tenth level ranger.”

“Well, not exactly what I’d call ‘powerful’,” John muttered, shaking his head, “but I’ll let you choose. Or, you roll up stats for a Wizard or a Sorcerer real quick—”

“A wizard?” Phil snorted. “I’ll go with the Ranger, thanks.”

John sighed, shaking his head. “Oooookay. At any rate, from what I gathered talking to Phoebe, you’d just made your way through the depths of a cave, and fought your way through a horde of undead seeking a mystical amulet... of some kind...”

“The Amulet of Gh’nesh,” Anne supplied. “An old man in the last village told us it was the key to breaking the curse over the King’s City of Faermont.”

John nodded, noting it for later. “Yes, indeed,” he replied, changing his tone of voice. “And it was thus, that you adventurers strode forth to do battle with the creatures that had taken the amulet, making your way through arduous perils to reach the final chamber—”

“Only to have an unwanted visitor come along and ruin everything,” Steve grumbled under his breath.

John smirked. “Exactly. At the last moment, there was a loud explosion, a flash of light and smoke, stunning the adventurers. When you come to your senses, you find the chamber devastated, as if a huge battle had just taken place. All of the undead minions were destroyed, and the undead overlord locked in battle against... the old man from the village.”

The others jerked in surprise, looking up. John chuckled, turning the lights down low as he moved to the front of the table with the miniatures. “Yes. As the dust settles, all four of you clearly make out the familiar form of the old man fighting a Dread Wraith, one-on-one. Before your astonished eyes, he stretches out his hand, sending forth a ball of white light... which strikes the Wraith full on... completely dispersing it back into the aether.”

“What? Wait, wait, wait, hold the phone!” Phil said, standing up, nearly knocking over the miniatures.

“What the hell?!?” Steve asked. “A Dread Wraith? No way we could have taken on something like that!”

“Fuckin’ A!” Anne replied, shaking her head. “What the hell kind of old man is this, anyway?”

John cleared his voice loudly, waiting until everyone else fell silent to continue. “The old man turns to face you all, then, and his appearance changes. No longer resembling an ancient withered old man in peasant garb, he now looks merely middle-aged, sporting a short grey beard. He is now clad in blue robes with silver trim. In one hand, he holds an ironwood staff, and in the other... he holds the Amulet of Gh’nesh.”

“Ahh! Son of a bitch!” Anne grunted, smirking. She was starting to like how the story was coming together. “I get it, now. I finally get it.”

Steve and Phil glanced at her. “Huh? What did you just get?”

“Don’t you see?” Phoebe said, speaking up for the first time. “We were played. That ‘helpful old man’ that sent us here to retrieve the Amulet used us. He was probably following behind us the entire time, letting us clear the way so he wouldn’t have to lift a finger. He conserved his power ‘til we got to the final chamber, then he stunned us, beat the monster guarding the Amulet, and took it before we could get to it!”

John nodded. “Very good. You figured out my plan.” Changing his voice, he spoke again, idly running his fingers lightly across the palm of his hand. “Merry met, travelers. My name is Jerrick, and I thank you much for your assistance in helping me retrieve my amulet.”

“Your amulet? I don’t think so, old man,” Steve said, moving his miniature forward a space. “We busted our hump getting all this way. We need that trinket to break the curse. We’re sure as hell not going to let you just walk right out of here with it?”

John smirked. “So, you mean to fight me, then? You saw how I dispensed with the creature guarding this chamber. Do you wish to test your mettle against the likes of me?”

Phil smirked. “Oh, please. This guy’s a wimpy wizard. I don’t care what level he is, wizards and sorcerers have pretty much NO hit points. At the best, he’d take out one of us before the other three kicked his ass—”

“Stay in character, please,” John said, sharply, glaring at Phil, causing his smirk to fade. “Save your OOT comments for the break.”

“Yeah... sorry. Um... ahem. Okay. My ranger guys steps forward as well, and he notches an arrow in his bow. ‘Um, yeah, I agree with Tolvar, here. Just give up the amulet, and we’ll let you live.”

John merely nodded. “And what of you comrades,” he said, gesturing to the two girls. “Do you support your companion’s proposal to take my amulet away by force?”

Phoebe seemed to consider for a moment. “I... think maybe we should discuss this a bit more before we rush into anything...”

Anne snorted. “Typical. The cleric is all about ‘talking things out’. Hell with that... I say bring it on! Four-to-one odds in our favor, pal. If you want to walk out of here on your own two feet, you’ll drop the amulet and get the hell out.”

John merely nodded again. Peering briefly down at the stack of papers from his box, he announced, “Everyone except Kara the cleric, give me a Will save.”

“Huh? Are we being attacked?” Phil asked, rolling his die. “We haven’t even rolled for initiative yet. You didn’t say he was making any threatening motions or anything either.” He sighed. “I rolled a 2. That brings my grand total up to an 8. Whoopee.”

“You’re an elven ranger, right?” John said, swirling his hands slightly over the paper. “Add two to your Will save.”

“Oh yeah. Forgot about that. So, I have a ten.”

“I didn’t do much better. Eleven total for Tolvar the fighter,” Steve replied.

“Ha! The crafty thief sneakes by yet again!” Anne said smugly. “Eighteen on the die, so my total is twenty-three.”

John chuckles softly, braiding his fingers together, then pulling them apart. “Perfect. For, as soon as the thief finishes with her threat, a strange swirl of colorful lights descends upon trio. She averts her eyes, closing them tightly from the sudden brightness, but the fighter and ranger are both caught ‘spellbound’, so to speak.” With one final gesture, the room fills with small sparkles of rainbow colored light, focused entirely on Steve and Phil. The two boys stared straight ahead, mouths agape, as stunned as their characters. Anne, likewise, seemed dazed, swaying slightly in her seat. She opened her mouth, as if to speak, but John cut her off. “The thief, however, other than being temporarily disoriented, is unaffected by the colored lights.” Blinking, shaking her head, Anne sat up, focusing back on the table again, all but ignoring the colorful sparkles floating in midair around them.

“Wow. Huh. Not sure what just happened there, but this old geezer is toast! We’re fighting him now!”

“Alright then. I’ll need initiative rolls.” Both girls obediently rolled, while Steve and Phil continued to stare ahead, stupidly. “Since the fighter and ranger are temporarily... out of commission,” he said with a chuckle, “their initiative count drops to one. When they snap out of it, they’ll go last. Okay... as one would expect, the quick and clever thief is the fastest. You go first, then the cleric, then Jerrick.”

“Alright! Just the way I wanted it! I’m going to move up to him and stab him before he can react, and catch him flatfooted.”

John nods, smirking. “Okay. Go for it. Ahlia moves, swift as the wind, moving as if to strike the unwary wizard with her short sword, feinting left, then striking suddenly at his unprotected right flank.”

Anne nods, her eyes half-lidded as his words sink deep into her mazed mind. She can almost see it happening as he’s describing it, can almost feel the blade in her hands as her arm rears back to strike. When he calls for her to roll her d20, her body responds on its own, her mind fully involved in the fantasy. Time itself seems to slow to a crawl, then stops as John glances at her sheet and the die roll, calculating the result. Then:

“And the blade scores a hit!” he announced still grinning strangely. “The short sword strikes true, scoring a slashing cut in the wizard’s side. Now, thief, I require another Will save from you.”

Anne blinks rapidly, stepping back from her Ahlia persona long enough to roll her d20 again and call out its result. “Twenty-one total. Why? What’s going on?”

“Twenty-one, eh? Not bad. Ahlia, as you pull back following your attack, you notice to your astonishment a complete lack of blood on your blade. Indeed, there is no blood, despite having no armor aside from his blue silken robes, which do not seem to be damaged even slightly.”

“What the hell? I thought I cut you!” Anne/Ahlia cried in outrage.

“Then the truth hits you an instant later,” John continued on, smiling smugly. “You’ve been mislead. The image of the wizard before you is merely that, his image, an illusion to distract you while he attacks the group from somewhere else within the cave. Indeed, he took out the fighter and the ranger with a surprise attack, casting a spell while the three of you were threatening an illusion. Once you’ve realized this, the image fades away into nothingness.”

“Dammit!” Ahlia swore, glancing around, sword at the ready. “Wizard? Where are you hiding?” She glanced at her companions. “Kara! He’s hiding here somewhere, possibly invisible. Cast something that we can find him!”

“And it’s the cleric’s turn. Kara, what will you do?”

Phoebe frowned, biting her lip. Unlike the others, she was well aware of what was going on. Since they’d first walked in, they’d all been dancing to John’s tune. Still under the spell of his Geas, her role had been changed to that of ‘unwilling accomplice’, and her duties had been clearly spelled out. Helpless to interfere or warn the others to what was really happening, she nevertheless felt a keen sense of betrayal for what was about to befall her friend Anne. She almost wished John had let her stay in her role as his slave; at least then she wouldn’t have had the illusion of having a choice in the matter.

Some choice. I can go along with John’s plan, set Anne up to fall, and condemn her to the same fate as myself... or I can fight him, screw with his plan in the small little ways I’m allowed to... and not make any damned difference in the end, except to piss him off. She sighed, closing her eyes. Making her decision, she opened her eyes and turned towards her friend.

“Kara smiles slightly,” Phoebe said, matching action to her words, “turning to her friend, and gestures with her hands. ‘I cast Hold Person on Ahlia.”

“What?!?” Ahlia cried out in alarm. She glanced back at her friend, accusingly. “What are you doing, Kara?”

“Will save, please,” John said, reverting back to his DM voice. Without taking her eyes from the board, Anne rolled her d20.

“Seventeen total,” she responded softly.

“Interesting... but not completely unexpected. Anne feels her body stiffen as the magic washes over her body... but at the last second, she breaks its hold, retaining her ability to move.”

“What the hell, Kara?” Ahlia growled angrily. “Did you think the wizard was pretending to be me, or what?”

“Of course not, girl,” John replied in the wizard’s higher, gravelly voice. “She is following orders... MY orders! I have dominated her will, and now she is my puppet... as you shall now become!”

“NO!” Ahlia cried, swerving left and right, her sword at the ready. “You can’t do this! Kara, Tolvar... um... Felnar, someone do something! Don’t let him cast that spell!”

“Alas, it’s too late,” John intones, gesturing again with his hand, pointing fingers towards Anne. “It is the wizard’s turn, and he has cast his spell... Dominate Person. Another will save, if you please.”

Anne’s eyes flutter slightly as she picks up the die, dropping it onto the table rather than actually rolling it. It lands on a 1. John smirks.

“Critical failure, hmm? Ahlia has just enough time to gasp in defeat as the spell hits... her thoughts slowing, then stopping altogether, as the wizard’s spell drains away her will, leaving her mind open and vulnerable.”

Anne sighed softly, her eyelids slamming shut, her head slumping forward. John chose that moment to stand up, moving around to the other side of the board. Winking at Phoebe, he turned his attention to Steve and Phil.

“Tolvar and Felnar, you are both locked in a hypnotic trance. It is your turn now, and, if you wish, you can try to break free. Your companions have been attacked, after all, and so you’re allowed another Will save to break free and notice what’s going on.” John’s voice went deeper. “Of course, because you are already DEEPLY hypnotized, you will has already been weakened... it is very very hard to break out of your trance. VERY hard.”

“Very... hard...” Steve repeated in monotone.

“So... hard...” Phil replied, a drop of drool running down his cheek.

“Yes, very hard. You can now make a will save to regain your senses... but with your will already weakened, I’m going to impose a penalty of... -20. Will saves now, if you please.”

Two hands slowly moved, picking up and rolling their twenty-sided die.

“Two,” Steve said numbly.

“Negative four,” Phil answered.

“Tolvar and Felnar, you failed to break free. You spend another turn blissfully entranced, and completely unaware of everything going on around you.”

“Cool,” Phil said, staring stupidly at the rainbow colored lights.

“Radical,” Steve agreed, swaying slightly in place.

John nodded. “Good. And, since no one else is currently able to act of their own free will, the wizard acts again, casting another spell on the fighter and the ranger: Mass Suggestion. And I suggest that the both of you sit over in the corner for the next several hours, twiddle your thumbs, and continue to ignore everything going on around you.” The two men rose from their chairs and went obediently to a corner of the room and sat back down.

Turning to face Phoebe, he shrugged. “Well, seems to me that the party has been defeated, at least at the moment. The ‘evil wizard’ has them all completely in his power, and can obviously do anything with them he wishes.”

Phoebe sighed. “All part of your Master Plan. So... what will the ‘evil wizard’ do with his helpless slaves now, hmm?”

“Well... luckily for you all, this particular wizard happens to be a rather nice guy. Sure, the party pissed him off a bit with the way they acted, and their general bitchy attitude... but he’s not the kind of guy that holds a grudge. So, I believe he’s going to entertain himself with the two females while the males are otherwise occupied, and then, once he’s done amusing himself, he’ll likely release them.” He grinned at her. “Who knows? If the females do a good enough job, the wizard might even reward them with the trinket they’ve been searching for.”

Phoebe’s face colored slightly. By now she’d gotten good enough at reading between the lines to figure out what John meant. Until he tired of the ‘game’, she and the others had no choice but to dance to his tune. And though she was loathe to admit it, a strong part of her actually relished it. Her experience as a helpless love thrall in service to him had dramatically changed her view of the situation, and though she still very much disliked not having control over her life, she couldn’t deny the mind-blowing pleasure she’d experienced at his hands.

“Anne?” John said, gesturing to the catatonic young girl, still seated at the table. When she didn’t respond, he groaned. “Ahem. ‘Ahlia’.” Anne instantly opened her eyes, and turned to face him. “Geez... and I thought I took my characters seriously,” he muttered softly. “Ahlia, listen closely. You are completely enspelled by the wizard’s power. You will do whatever he wishes of you. You have no will, but his will... thoughts but his thoughts. Do you understand?”

“Yes. I understand.”

“Good.” Moving across the room to his bed, he kicked off his shoes and began removing his clothes. “Ahlia, the wizard has magically transported you and Kara to his bedchambers. You are to serve him sexually, in any and every way he deems fit. Moreover, as his sexual toy, you will perform every act with enthusiasm and seduction, performing every task to the best of your ability, as if your very existence depended on it.”

Phoebe snorted, turning her head away in contempt as her friend rose gracefully from the chair, the vacant empty look in her eyes replaced by a sexual hunger. She’d known it would come to this, eventually, that John would make use of Anne as well as herself, but she hadn’t expected to feel so... what? Angry? Well... yes, she was angry at what was going on... but strangely, she felt more anger towards Anne than John! Jealous? Was she actually feeling jealousy?

That’s crazy. Yes, I can... grudgingly admit that it felt... well, kinda good... fuck, pretty damn awesome, actually... but, it wasn’t real. It was just something he put in my head with that damned spell of his. Against my will! So... how the hell can I be feeling jealous of him doing the same thing to Anne instead of me?

By now, Anne/Ahlia has stripped completely, sauntering across the room on bare feet, undulating enticingly towards her Master, intending to serve his every sexual whim, when John held up a hand. He shook his head, still grinning. “No, Ahlia, dear. I have something else in mind right now. The one I want you to satisfy right now... is your dear friend and companion, Kara.”

Phoebe’s eyes widened in surprise. “What?” she blurted out as Anne reached out, grabbing her hand, pulling her into a deep tight embrace. Phoebe’s gasp was cut off as Anne’s warm soft lips connected to her own, and as Anne’s tongue slid gently over her own, any protest she might have made died before it was even uttered. When their lips parted, her breath was ragger, her voice raspy. She glanced over at John’s amused face to ask, “Why?”

“For a lot of different reasons,” he said after a moment. “I’ve had Detect Thoughts up for a while now, and I’ve been getting a few signals that hinted that you both might enjoy this... though neither of you would have done this on your own. And its sexy as hell to watch. Anyway, this is YOUR turn; just relax, and enjoy yourself. My turn is coming up next.”

“But... I’m not really... into her, Anne... that way,” Phoebe protested lamely, barely containing a moan of pleasure as Anne’s hands slid underneath her shirt, touching heated flesh as she began taking off her clothes.

John chuckled. “I see. Then maybe you need to be forced to enjoy yourself. Alright... consider this your new role, as part of tonight’s entertainment. Now, enjoy yourself... so I can enjoy watching.”

Phoebe groaned, feeling the invisible strings in her mind being tugged. Her new ‘role’... she was to enjoy herself, for HIS enjoyment. She smiled softly. She didn’t have a choice in the matter now. It was all out of her hands, really. Her smile grew.

Once Anne finally got the rest of her clothes off, her smile grew even wider. And by the time the night was over, she thought her face would split apart from smiling so much.

* * *

“So, um, good game guys,” Steve said, packing up his notes and papers, several hours later. “Are we playing again next Saturday and Sunday?”

“Sure,” John said nonchalantly, back at his desk. “If you all want to.”

A chorus of affirmatives settled the matter. “I know I certainly do,” Anne said cheerfully. “I know you kinda took it easy on us this time, since the wizard didn’t actually kill us off when he could have... but I hope you don’t plan to hold back any the next time.”

“Oh, don’t worry, Anne,” John said with a chuckle. “Next time, I plan to give you everything I’ve got. Trust me. You won’t know what hit you.” Anne laughed softly, feeling a strange sense of foreboding, but shook it off as she left the room.

“Well, I have to hand it to you, roomy,” Phil said, shaking his head in amazement. “I’ve been playing this game for a while now, but I never had an experience quite like that. Usually, you either kick the crap out of the bad guy, or he kicks the crap out of you. Can’t say I’ve ever played a game where the bad guy zaps your brain, puts you into a stupor... then leaves you and runs off.” He frowned, scratching his head, as if trying to remember. “I thought for a minute there was something... more...” he shook his head “but never mind. Good game, man. Good game. I’m actually gonna have to read up some more on wizards and arcane magic before we play next week.”

“I have to agree,” Steve commented as well, stopping at the door. “Yanno, I always kind thought you were of an ‘old fogy’... but you really know your stuff. I gotta give you your props, man. Your wizard dude kicked our asses.”

“Yep. Well, better luck next week.”

“Count on it.”

John waved to them all as they all walked out, including Phil, who had packed a bag to spend the night with his girlfriend Karen, leaving him in the room alone. He counted thirty in his head, then opened the door just as Phoebe reached for the door handle. Smiling sheepishly, she stepped back inside the room.

“Did you forget something, Pheebs?”

Glancing down at her shoes, clearly uncomfortable, she muttered something unintelligible. “I’m sorry,” John replied, barely containing his smile, “could you repeat that?”

Sighing dramatically, she forced herself to look him in the eyes. “Okay. We both know what’s going on here. You’ve done something to me... changed me, somehow. You’ve made me feel things... think things... you altered my memories. Hell, tonight you even altered my sexuality!”

“True, all true. What’s your point, dear?”

Phoebe growled. “My POINT, John, is that I’m tired of playing games with you, alright? You’ve taken away control of my life, here! I can’t even go back to my own dorm room because you’ve put it inside my head that I’d rather spend the night here with you in your room!”

John blinked, caught off guard. “You would? And... why exactly would that be?”

“You know damn well why!” Phoebe seethed. “You fucking toyed with me, put all those thoughts of submission and lust and... and... all of that shit, IN MY HEAD! You’re the DM after all. You’re fucking role playing here, and you changed my role into a lovestruck, sex-addicted subbie slut for your amusement! You’ve fixed it so that I WANT to be around you, NEED to be around you, so much that the thought of going back to my room alone tonight is practically unthinkable! Well, forget it! I know it’s all in my head, that what I’m feeling isn’t real, and I’m done playing by your rules! If you want me to fucking sleep here tonight, you’re going to have to make it into a direct command! I’m done being manipulated!”

John stood there for a long moment, not saying anything, just staring at her, his expression something akin to shock. Finally, not getting the response she’d expected, Phoebe turned to leave.

“Phoebe, wait a second.”

Something in his voice stopped her. Still angry, still seething, she turned to face him. “What is it now?” she growled.

“I... all that stuff you said...” he started. Stopping, regrouping, he tried again. “You said... you said I changed you. Inside. That I made you... want to be around me. Need to be around me, you said.” He took a deep breath. “Phoebe... I ended the spell I had over you when I woke everyone up at the end of this gaming session.” Seeing the doubtful look on his face, he continued. “I used Geas on you, remember? The spell’s effect and limit lasts as specified when the spellcaster initiates it. Do you remember my exact words? ‘The specific compulsion I created is that you will perfectly play out any role that I, your Dungeon Master, assign you.’ And you did, perfectly. Yes, you fought it at first, but eventually, you started to just roll with it, have fun with it.” He sighed. “And despite what you might personally think of me, I’m not a bad guy. Yeah, I was pissed at you and your friends for excluding me, for shunning me, then flinging my ultimate temptation in my face... but after I’d had my fun at the end of the night, I released you from the spell the same as everyone else.”

Phoebe blinked. “That... that can’t be true. Geas lasts...” taking out her Player’s Handbook, flipping through the pages, “ ...damn, ‘same as lesser geas except for’... and that one lasts...”

“It lasts one day per level of the spell caster, or until discharged,” John recited from memory. “And if we went by the book, I’d be about level eighteen sorcerer, so you’re thinking eighteen days. But you missed the part where it says ‘or until discharged’. I ended the spell voluntarily when I ended the game, when I was no longer the DM.” He looked her square in the eyes. “When I turned to you and said, ‘I am no longer YOUR DM’.”

Phoebe went silent. Now she remembered, just before the game ended, after he’d used the effect of mass suggestion to implant false memories about how the game went into Steve, Phil, and Anne. He’d looked at her just the same way he was looking at her now, when he’d spoke those exact same words. She’d felt momentarily dizzy, but she hadn’t had time to think about what it had meant at the time as the others had suddenly come to like, waking up out of their trance state. Now, it made sense. But... if that was true, then that meant—

“All these feelings,” she whispered softly, disbelieving, “everything I’ve been feeling since the game ended... it’s all me?”

John sighed, sitting back down on his bed. “I’m as stunned by all this as you are. I mean, I played around with my powers a lot when I was younger, doing the same sort of thing to beautiful girls that caught my eye... but there was never any lasting effect! Once the spell ended, they woke up and went on about their lives, not even knowing what had happened to them.”

Phoebe sat down on the bed as well, thinking for a moment. “You said, earlier, that you’d never used Geas before,” she pointed out. “You said you’d always wanted to try it out but had never had the chance. Maybe that spell has some... unknown lasting effect?”

John shook his head. “I don’t think so. One of my other friends, from, you know... back then... he used it once on a girl he liked. When it wore off, she didn’t suffer any lasting adverse effects. I don’t know Phoebe... but it wasn’t the spell.”

They sat in silence for a long moment before John spoke again. “Maybe...” he said slowly. “Maybe... it was you. A part of you that was attracted to this kind of thing... a D/s lifestyle that a hidden part of your mind was secretly yearning for but had never allowed yourself to even consider let alone explore.”

“And... despite what I used to think about you,” Phoebe said softly, looking up into his eyes, “that we had nothing in common just because you are a lot older than me... once I actually spent time talking to you, getting to know you, becoming... intimate... with you, I guess I discovered that I’m actually attracted to you.”

Another uncomfortable silence. Then:

“So, what do we do now?” Phoebe asked expectantly.

“Hmm? What do you mean?”

“Well, we ARE planning to play again next week,” she said lightly, avoiding his gaze. “Knowing what we both know, it’s bound to cause a bit of tension. And, of course, there’s the fact that I know what you are, and what you can do. Obviously, you can’t take the risk of me exposing you, or telling Phil, Steve, and Anne what really happened here tonight.” She smirked. “I guess the only way to really be safe is for you to put me back under your control again.” She turned to see him making gestures with his fingers again. “Wh... wait! I was just joking! I didn’t really mean... what are you doing?”

“Hold on a second,” he said, completing the hand signs. “Ah. Okay.” He closed his eyes for a moment, then laughed ruefully. “Well, alright. I get it now.”

“What do you mean? What did you cast just now?”

Detect Thoughts, what else?” he said grinning. “Young or old, I’ve never known a woman that could simply come right out and ask for what they really want. Fine. You want me to put you back under Geas? I can do that... but not tonight. I used up a lot of spell energy today, having fun with you then putting everyone else under during the game. I’m going to have to rest and recover my energy before I can cast it again. I guess I’m just going to have to trust you to keep quiet until then.”

Phoebe sighed softly, considering, then, having made up her mind, began stripping out of her clothes once again. “Oh, you don’t have to worry about that,” she said, grinning as his surprised expression. “I’m not going to betray your... I mean, OUR little secret. It doesn’t matter if your Geas has worn off or not. You already have me under your spell.”